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Full text of "Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross: Taken from Diocesan and Parish ..."

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w. / • 















VOL. I. 





• ' 





Mt Lord, 

The &your and condescension which I experienced from 
your Lordship while you so ably presided over the united 
diocese of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, — the readiness with which 
you listened to my plans for publishing these records,«-and 
the aid you afforded me by giving me access to the Visitation 
Books and other documents in the registries of Cork and 
Cloyne, — call for some acknowledgment on my part 

I therefore beg your Lordship to receive this dedication of 
a work which you have in some degree yourself encouraged, 
as a slight token of my gratitude for your kindness and admi- 
ration of the high qualities which distinguish you as a scholar, 
an author, and a divine. 

But I am warned not further to express my sentiments or 
attempt your praise by the words employed by a learned man 
in reference to a &mous writer and speaker of old. '* Nemo 
ilium satis ex merito laudare possit, aut de illo digne dicere, 
nisi qui illi in dicendo par sit aut similis.*^ I am too conscious 
of my inferiority to become your panegyrist ; and, therefore, 
I content myself with being 

Tour Lordship's 

Humble and obliged Servant, 

W. Mazisre Bradt, i>.i>. 


SS.'JC. o 









Abbott, Key. E. S., a.m., Rector of St. Mary*a, Dublin. 

Adams, Rev. Benjamin William, a.m., Cloghran, Swords. 

Aldwortb, the Lady Letitia. 

Aid worth, R. 0., l^q., D.L., Newmarket House. 

Ardfert, the Very Rev. J. G. Day, Dean of, Blennerville. 

Armagh, the lat€ Most Rev. Lord J. G. Beresford, Archbishop of. 

Lord Primate. 
Armagh, the Most Rev. Marcus Gervais Beresford, Lord Archbishop 

of, Lord Primate. 
Armagh, the Very Rev. Brabazon William Disney, B.D., Dean of. 
Ashtown, the Right Hon. the Lord, Woodlawn, county Galway. 
Atkinson, Alderman Richard, lately Lord Mayor of Dublin. 

Baggs, Henry, Esq., Mallow. 
Barry, Captain James, d.l., Ballydough, Fermoy. 
Battersby, Francis, Esq., j.p., Bobsville, GrossakieL 
Becher, Lady, Ballygiblin. 


Blackbarne, Bight Hon. Francis^ Lord Justice of Appeal^ Merrion- 
square, Dublin. 

Blacker, Rev. Beaver, M.B.I.A., Blackrock, Dublin. 

Bond, Mrs. W. Shawe, London. 

Borrowes, Rev. Sir Erasmus Dixon, Bart., Lauragb, Fortarlington. 

Bowen^ Robert Cole, Esq., j.p., Bowenscourt 

Brady, Antonio, Esq., Maryland Point, Stratford, Essex. 

Brady, Cheyne, Esq., M.B.I.A. 

Brady, Edward, Esq., Philadelphia. 

Brady, Francis William, Esq., Q.a 

Brady, John, Esq., m.d., m.p., 1, Warwick-terrace, Belgravia, Lon- 
don, S.W. 

Brady^ Miss Amelia. 

Brady, Rev. John Westropp, Aghadoe, Killarney. 

Brady, Right Hon. Maziere, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 

Brinkley, Richard Graves, Esq., j.p., Fortknd House, Dromore West, 

BuUen, Rev. William Crofts, Hatfield, Broad Oak, Harlow, Essex. 
Burke, Sir Bernard, ll.d., Ulster. 
Butcher, Rev. Dr., Reg. Prof. Div., T.C.D. 
Byam, Edward Samuel, Esq., 15, Victoria-place (South), Clifton. 
Byam, Rev. Richard' Burgh, Petersham, Richmond, Surrey. 

Carson, Rev. Joseph, d.d.,, 18, Fitzwilliam-phice, Dublin. 

Cashel, Very Rev. John Cotter Mac Donnell, d.d., Dean of. 

Cashel, Ven. Henry Cotton, D.O.L., Archdeacon of. 

Carbery, Right Hon. Lord, Castlefreke. 

Caulfield, Edward T., Commander, r.n., 20, Lansdowne-crescent,Bath. 

Caulfield, Richard, Esq., m.a., F.aA., Cork. 

Chatterton, Hedges E., Esq., Q.O., ll.d. 

Chetwode, Edward Wilmot, Esq., j.p., Woodbrook, Fortarlington. 

Clarendon, Right Hon. the Earl of, The Grove, Watford, Herts. 

Clarina, Right Hon. Lord, Elm Park, Clarina. 

Cliffe, Rev. Allen Robert, Mallow. 

Cliffe, Antony, Esq., d.l., Bellevue, county Wexford. 

Clogher, the Very Rev. Ogle W. Moore, a.m., Dean of. 

Gloyne, the Very Rev. James Howie, a.m.. Dean of. 

Cloyne, the late Ven. W. Ryder, Archdeacon of. 

Cloyne, the Ven. R. M. Evans, Archdeacon o£ 

Colbome, Hon. and Rev. Graham, Dittisham Rectory, Totnes, Devon. 

Collis, Rev. Maurice A. Cooke, d.d., Qneenstown. 

Conner, Rev. Richard L., Innoshannon. 

Connolly, Rev. John. 

Corcor, James Richard, Esq., Cor Castle, Innishannon. 

Cork, the Right Hon. the Earl of^ Marston, Frome, Somersetshire. 

Cork, the Ven. S. M. Kyle, Archdeacon of, v.o. 

Cotter, Rev. G. E., Rookforest 

Crosthwaite, Rev. Charles, y.a. and Canon of Eildare. 


Darell, the Rev. Sir Lionel, Bart, Fretherne Bectojy, Ston^ooae, 

Darell, Lady. 
Daunt, Rev. K Synge Townsend, St. Stepheiift-by-Lafiiieertown, 

Daunt, T. Townsend, Esq., 11, Windsor-plaoe, Plymouth* 
Deasy, the Right Hon. Baron. 
De Burgh, Henry, Esq., Belcamp, St Doulough'& 
Delacour, Rev. Robert William, Bandon. 

Derry and Raphoe, the Right Rev. William Higgin, Lord Kshfop o£ 
Devereux, Rev. Nicholas, d.b., Ballyrankin House, Ferns. 
Devonshire, His Grace the Duke of, Devonshire Hoose, Piccadilly, 

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Dickson, S. F., Esq., Olarina. 
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Downed, the Right Hon. Lord, Berl House, Athy. 
Drewe, Rev. Pierce W., Youghal. 

I)ufferiu, the Right Hon. the Lord, Dufierin Lodge» Highgate. 
Dungannon, the late Viscount 

Dunscombe, Nicholas, Esq., J.P., King William's Town. 
Dunscombe, Rev. N. Colthurst. 
Durham, Mrs., Loudown House, Ryde, Isle of Wight 

Echlin, Rev. J. R., Broningt n Parsonage, Whitchnrch, Salop. 
Evans, Rev. Thomas E. 
Eyre, Rev. Giles, Westport 

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Fitzgerald, the Hon. Mr. Baron, 50, StephenVgreen, East^ Dublin. 

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Forsayeth, Thomas, Q.C., Recorder of Cork. 

Freeman, the late Rev. R. Deane. 

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Qabbett, Rev. Joseph, Kilmallock. 
Gabbett, Rev. Robert John, Foynes. 
Garstin, Rev. A., j.p., Bragganstown. 
Gkrstin, John Ribton, Esq., A.1C., ic.B.i.1* 
Gbrstin, William, Esq. 
Gaynor, Captain, Killiney Honse. 
Gibson, Rev. C. B., Cork. 
Gore, Vice-Admind John, 9, Tork-plaee, Clifton- 
Grant, Rev. J. A., Litter. 



Graves^ Very Eev. Charlee, Dean of the (Siapel fioyal, %nd. President 

of the Eoyal Irish Academy. 
Graves^ Rev. Dr., Mitchelstown. 
Greer^ James^ Jna,, Bn^., Omagh. 

Haines, OharleSy fisq., Mallow. 

Hare, the Hon. Bobert, Ballymore, Qneenstown. 

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Henn, T. Rice, Esq., q.o., Chairman of Quarter Sessions, county 

Carlow, J.p. for county Clare, 48, Upper Mount-street, Dublin. 
Hoare, Edward, Esq., Glenanore, Castletownroche. 
Hone, Nathaniel, Esq., j.p., St. DoulougVs, county Dubh'n. 
Hutchins, Emanuel, Esq., j.p., Ardnagashel, Bantry, county Cork. 
Hyde, John, Esq., i).l., Cregg, Fermoy. 

Inchiquin, the Right Hon. the Lord, Dromoland. 

Eeane, the Right Rev. Dr., Roman Catholic Bishop, Cloyne* 
Kenny, Mrs., Clifton. f 

Eer, David S., Esq., d.l., m.p. 
Kildare, the Marquess of, Carton, Maynooth. 
Killaloe, the Right Rev. William Fitzgerald, Lord Bishop of. 
Kilmore, the Right Rev. Hamilton Yerschoyle, Lord Bishop of. 
Eilmore, the Very Rev. Thomas Carson, Dean of, Danesfort, Cavan. 
Kingston, Rev. John, Chaplain to H. M. the King of Hanover, and 
Rector of Catti stock, Dorchester. 

Lansdowne, tbe Most Noble the Marquess of. 

Leader, Nicholas P., Esq., m.p., Dromagh, county Cork. 

Leahy, Francis R., Esq., j.p., Shauakiel House, Cork. 

Lee, Rev. Alfred T., m.r.i.a., Ahogbiil. 

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan, Esq., Merrion-square, Dublin. 

Le Fanu, William Richard, Esq., Fitzwilliam -square, Dublin. 

Lefroy, Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Chief Justice of the Queen*s 

Bench, 18, Leeson-street, Dublin. 
Leinster, His Grace the Duke of. 
Listowel, the Right Hon. the Earl of, Convamore. 
Luby, Rev. Thomas, d.d., 8.f.t.o.i). 

Marmion, Rev. R. W. 

Marsh, Francis, Esq., Springmount. 

Massey, Sir Hugh Dillon, Bart. 

Maunsell, Rev. W. F., Kildimo. 

Meade, Rev. John, Ballintober. 

Meade, Rev. Robert Henry. 

Moylan, Alderman, late Lord Mayor of Dublin. 


Naper, J. L. W., Esq., D.L., Looghcrew, oountj Meath. 

Kewell, W. H., Esq^., ij..d. 

Newenham, Rer. £• H., Coolmore, Carrigaline. 

Newman, Mrs., Dromore. 

Nobk^ Bev. Bobert, Newmarket. 

Norreys, Sir Denham, Bart., Mallow Oastle. 

0*Gallaghan, Captain Charles G., d.l., Ballinahinch, oonntj daio. 

O'Connell, Daniel, Esq., Fiintfield, Millstreet. 

O'Grady, Be v. Thomas, Magonmej, Coachford. 

O'Hea, the Bight Bey. Dr., Boman Catholic Bishop, Boss. 

Ontario, the Bight Bev. J. Travers Lewis, Lord Bishop of, Kingston, 

Canada West. 
Orpen, Bichard John Theodore, Esq., ArdtuUj, Eenmare. 
Orpin, Basil, Esq., Marston, Balljdnff, Lismore. 
Oxford, the Bight Bev. Samuel Wilberforce, Lord Bishop of, Oud- 

desden Palace, Oxon. 

Peel, the B|ght Hon. Sir Bobert, Bart, Chief Secretary for IreUnd, 

<kc., 4lc, 
Perigal, Frederick, Esq., London. 
Perrin, Bev. Louis, Blarney. 

Phillipps, Sir Thomas, Bart, f.b.8., Middlehill, Broadway, Worcester. 
Pigot, Bight Hon. D. B., Lord Chief Baron, 52^ Stephen's-green, 

East, Dublin. 
Pilkington, Henry M., Esq., Q.O., 35, GardinerVplace, Dublin. 
Plunket, Bight Hon. and Bight Bey. Lord, Bishop of Tuam, &c. 
Prior, Bey. John, Kirklington Bectory, Bipon, Yorkshire. 

Badcliff, the laU Judge, Q.O., v.a. 

Beeves, Bev. Dr., m.b.i.a. 

Bibton, Sir John S., Bart 

Bobinson, Bev. J. L., Treasurer of Cloyne. 

Boden, the Bight Hon. the Earl of, Tollymore Park, Castlewellan. 

Bogers, Bev. John Cecil. 

Boss, the Yen. the Archdeacon of, Aghadown, Skibbereen. 

Bowland, Mrs. 

Byder, the late Ven. W., Archdeacon of Cloyne. 

Byder, Miss, Ballinterry, Bathcormac. 

Sandes, Bev. Samuel D., 1, Lansdowne-park, Cork. 

Saunders, Bev. William Herbert 

Shirley, Evelyn Philip, Esq., m.p.. Lough Fea, Carrickmacross. 

Shortt^ Bev. Francis, Whitegate, county Cork. 

Spring, Bev. Edward. 

Stawell, Bev. Francis, Kilbrack. 

Stevenson, Bev. James, Brinny. 


Stuartrde DecieS) the Bight Hon. the Lord, Dromana, Cappoqain. 
St. Qennans, the Right Hon. the Earl of^ 36, Dover-street, London. 

Talbot-de Malahide^ the Right Hon. Lord. 

Thompson, Ohas. Ferguson, Esq.^ Hjde Lodge, Ardwick, Manchester. 
Tierney, Rev. Matthew. 
Todd, Rev. Dr., s.f.t.o.d., Ex-President of the Royal Irisli Academjip 

&c., &c. 
Tooker, Richard Beare, Esq., j.p.. The Mardvke, Cork. 
Tottenharo, Henry Loftus, Esq., Biackrock, Dublin. 
Townsend, Lieut. John, B.N., Lona^ Weston-super-Mare. 
Townsend. Rev. Aubrey, b.d., Lona, Weston-super-Mare. 
Townsend, Rev. Maurice Fitzgerald, Thornbury, Gloucestershire. 
Townsend, Rev. Somerset Lowry Corry, d.d., Louth Rectory. 
Townsend, Rev. William C, Ardcotton, Ballysodare. 
Traill, William, Esq., 3, Ely-place, Dublin. 
Trinity College, the Provost of. 
Triphook, Rev. John. 

Vernon, Charles, Esq., 21, Royal York-crescent, Clifton, Bristol. 
Vigors, Captain Philip Doyne, 38th Regiment. 

Wall, Thoma?, Esq., M.D., 41, South Mall, Cork, and Wallstown. 

Webb, Rev. Francis. 

Webster, Rev. George, Chancellor of Cork. 

Wharton, James H., m.d., 27, Upper Merrion-street, Dublin. 

Williamson, Benjamin, Esq., f.t.g.b. 

Wood, Benjamin Shaw, Esq., J.P., Sidney-place, Cork. 

Wright, Rev. Richard Henry. 

Wrixon, Rev. Nicholas, Ballygiblin. 

N.B, — The NameB of oulditioTud Sub$criher9 mil appear in the next 




The Ecclesiastical Records of Ireland have recently, in some 
degree, attracted the notice of the learned. Dr. Reeves, Db. 
Todd, Mr, E. P. Shirley, the late Dean Butler, the Rev. 
J. C. Crosthwaite, Mr. R. Caulfield, and others, have 
severally published works illustrative of the history of the 
Church, and have rescued many interesting and valuable 
documents from oblivion and decay. The succession of all 
Bishops and Cathedral Dignitaries in Ireland from ancient to 
modern times has also been recorded in a permanent form 
by Archdeacon Henry Cotton, in his "Fasti EcclesiaB 

But no attempt has yet been made (except a few meagre 
lists of Incumbents in Mason's " Parochial Survey") to trace the 
Parochial Clergy of Ireland from the period of the Reforma- 
tion to the present time, or to extract from her own records 
the history of the Church. 

Sad havoc among the materials for such a work was occa- 
sioned by the disturbances of 1641 and 1688, and since then 
the ignorance and carelessness of their custodians caused the 
destruction or loss of many a Parish Register and Visitation 
Book, which the wars had spared. Nor is it easy always to 
search the Diocesan Registries. Inquirers, armed with the 
permission of the Bishop, may yet be baffled by surly officials, 
or disconcerted by the want of proper catalogues and indexes, 
or driven away by dust and dirt before the musty and ill- 
scented documents be fully examined; besides, for the most 
part, the Visitation Books afford little information, save the 
names of the clergy, and their absence or attendance in parti- 
cular years ; the Books of Titles are very defective, and the 


Parish Registers are not, in general, of date more ancient than 
the latter part of the past century. The wills and marriage 
licences have, perhaps, been somewhat better attended to, for 
obvious reasons ; and from them, as also from the Chapter Books 
of the Cathedrals, much valuable matter may be extracted. 
The Act-Books of the Episcopal Courts contain some items of 
intelligence respecting the clergy not of an agreeable nature, 
which may be gleaned by those who have patience to wade 
through a mass of rapidly-written lawyers' Latin, from fre- 
quent abbreviations always difficult, and sometimes impos- 
sible, to decipher. 

More easy of access, though not easier to read, are the First 
Fruit records, or returns of spiritual promotions made by the 
Bishops to the Barons of the Exchequer, and now preserved 
in the Custom-house, Dublin, under the able care of Mr. 
Harding. Of these, as well as of the Regal Visitation Books 
now in the libraries of Dublin University and of the Royal 
Irish Academy, an accurate description has been furnished by 
Archdeacon Cotton, who has likewise, in the preface to his 
*' Fasti," given a useful account of the ** Liber Munerum 
Hiberniae," a book which contains, besides various other mat- 
ters, a list of presentations made by the Crown to benefices in 

I now proceed to explain the plan which I have adopted in 
this work, which, it will be remembered, embraces only the 
clergy and parishes of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross. 

With regard to the clergy ; — I have given their succession 
to benefices, as far as it is now possible to trace them, with 
the dates of their admission or institution, specifying in every 
case the source from which the information has been derived. 
In very many parishes the succession of Incumbents appears 
to be complete for more than two centuries and a-half. The 
parentage, birth-place, college-matriculation, and university 
degree of the clergyman, have been stated in numerous in- 
stances, as well as his ordination and clerical appointments, 
his marriage, issue, and death. The published works and the 
charitable bequests of the clergy have been duly recorded, and 


in some cases brief genealogical accounts have been compiled. 
In order to show at a glance the clerical career of each cler- 
gyman, I have set down in one place, usually the last prefer- 
ment which he held, all that I have collected concerning him 
from various sources ; but as I had nothing except similarity 
of name and agreement of date to guide me in noting his pre- 
ferments in other dioceses^ I have been unable to secure abso- 
lute certainty in this respect. I must also warn the reader 
that I have purposely abstained from any effort after unifor- 
mity in the spelling of names, and have frequently written the 
name of the same person differently in the same page, just as 
my authorities gave it. I have not altered the Latinity luid 
grammar of the ancient documents, nor have I suppressed a 
single fiict therein recorded from any wish to conceal what 
might be judged discreditable to the Church. 

With regard to the parishes ; — ^I have extracted all the infor- 
mation I could concerning them from a variety of sources. Their 
ancient names, their value, their population, their unions, the 
state of their churches, the services celebrated, the particulars 
of glebe-houses and lands, the amount of rentcharge and com- 
position for tithes — all these matters have been faithfully ex- 
tracted from the proper authorities, both ancient and modem. 
I have transferred to my pages the whole of the valuable Visi- 
tation Books of 1591, of 1615, of 1634, of 1639, and of 1669. 
The Diocesan Returns, made in 1693, agreeably to Mr. 
Secretary Aldworth's letter from the Council, have been 
obtained, through Dr. Reeves, from Armagh Registry by 
the kind permission of His Grace the Lord Prihate, and 
are now printed, those for Cork separately, those for Cloyne 
and Ross under their respective parishes. The whole 
of Bishop Dive Dowkes' Tour through the dioceses of 
Cork and Ross in 1699 and following years, has also been 
incorporated into this work, as well as tiie Parliamentary re- 
turns printed about 1807 and 1837. The accounts of the 
several parishes of the diocese in 1860 have been furnished 
partly by the clergy themselves, in answer to printed queries 
sent to every Incumbent, partly by other trusted correspond- 


ents, and in part has been the result of my own personal 
observation and inquiries. The amount of tithe-rentcfaarge 
may sometimes be a little under or over stated, by reason of 
the shifting value of the corn averages; but, on the whole, 
these statistics will be found sufficiently correct for all public 

In a publication like this it is evident that no amount of 
care can exclude errors and omissions. I shall thankfully 
receive notices of both from any of my readers, and I shall 
print corrections and additions along with the concluding por- 
tion of this work. 

It now becomes my pleasing task to offer my cordial thanks 
to those persons who have aided me in this laborious and ex- 
pensive undertaking. I need not, of course, mention, what 
is now so well known, that the visiter to the Bodleian at 
Oxford, the Museum, State Paper Office, &c., in London, 
the Libraries of Trinity College, and of the Royal Irish 
Academy, in Dublin, will meet with civility and attention, 
I will merely say, that in my case I was assisted most mate- 
rially, and was spared much time and labour, by the unex* 
pected personal kindness which I met with in my researches. 
To the Rev. Dr. Todd, s.f.t.c.d., my thanks are especially 
due, for his help in considting various manuscripts ; as well as 
to Sir Thomas Phillipps, fiaronet, f.r.s., of Middle-hill, 
Worcestershire, for the opportunity which he gave me of 
examining several MSS* relating to Ireland. Sir Bernard 
B0RKE, Ulster, afforded me access to the valuable records in 
his department, and obliged me with particular facilities. 
The Lords of the Treasury also gave me liberty to consult, 
free of charge, certain documents in the Dublin offices under 
their control. 

I have to thank the present Bishop of Killaloe, William 
FiTZOBRAXD, lately L<»rd Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, 
for admission to the registries of the diocese, as aJso for liberty 
to make extracts from the valuable MSS. of Bishop Bennet 
Without his aid and approval I should not have been able to 
compile these records. 



The Veitebable S. M. Kyle, v.o., Abchbeacon of Cobk, 
the Venebable Robebt Maunsell Eyaj^b, Abchdeacon of 
Cloyne, the Yenebable Alsxandeb Stuabt, Abchdeacon 
of Ross, and the Rey. W. Rogebs, Registrar of Cloyne, haYe 
kindly, from time to time, sent me Yarious items of informa- 

I am indebted to Da. Gbayes, of Brigowne, for the oppor- 
tunity of making extracts from a copy of the Chapter Book of 
Cloyne, which was written by Rey. James Hingston, a.m., 
and by him left among the Parish Records of Brigowne. 
This copy of Cloyne Chapter Book was particularly serYice- 
able, as it so happened that, from causes not necessary to 
specify, I could not obtain access to the original Chapter 
Books either of Cork, or Cloyne, or Ross. 

I am also indebted to John Ribton Gabstin, esq., a.m., 
M.B.I.A., for his assistance on scYcral occasions during the 
progress of this work. 

Mr. W. B. Kelly, Bookseller, of 8, Grafton-street, Dublin, 
Yery kindly placed at my disposal for examination the manu- 
script papers of the late James Fbedebick Febguson, esq., 
of the Exchequer Record Office, Dublin, which contain most 
Yaluable information, chiefly relating to ecclesiastical affairs, 
such as advowsons, impropriations, and the property of monas- 
teries and other religious foundations in Ireland. 

To my Yery numerous correspondents, whose names are 
not mentioned for obYious reasons, I am indebted for the 
courtesy and patience with which my genealogical inquiries 
haYe been, in most cases, entertained. 

It would be unjust, howcYer, not to offer my most grateful 
thanks to the following gentlemen : the Rey. Aubbet Towns- 
end, B.D., of Westop-super-Mare; John Nicholas Cbofts 
Atkins Dayis, f.b.c.s.i., m.b.c.s.l., Deputy Inspector-Gene- 
ral of Army Hospitals, &c., of 20, Waterloo-road, Dublin ; 
the Rey. Samuel Hayman, of Ardnegihy, Cork; Denis 
O'Callaghan Fisheb, esq., of Brunswick-street, Dublin ; and 
RiGHABD Caulfield, b.a , F.S.A., CoiTesp. Mem. Soc. Antiq., 
Normandy, &c., &c., of Cork. They haYe been ever ready 



to afford me the aid of their sympathy, counsel, and know* 
ledge. They have contributed largely of their genealogical 
and antiquarian lore to these pages, and on- every occasion 
have shown unselfishness and liberality in imparting the most 
valuable information. 


Jviy 8, 1863. 


The following Taxations of the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne, 
and Ross, are Hbken from the MS. T.C.D. £. 3. 14. 

Extent' dignit' et Benefici' in 
commiss' et per Arthur Hyde et 
Reginse Elisabetbae. 

dioc' Oorke noviter taxat' virtute 
Arthur Bobbins et alios Ano 31^ 

Epatus Corkensis 

Archdiac ibm. 
Preb. de Lisleydereg 
Pr. de Killenullye . 
Pr. de Eilbrettan 
Ra. de Rynouran 

Laghmonye . 

rye . 
Rath laugan . 
Decanatas Corkensis 
Precentor ibm. , 

Gancellarius ibm. 
Thesanrarins ibm. . 
Preb. de Dysertraore 

£ 8. d. 














Preb. de Inskynye . 
„ Kilneglory . 
V. de Einsale • 

Rinrone . 


fianlobbyshe . 

Shandon . 


Insula parTa . 


Canboy . 

Eccla. de Moylnmery 

Eccla. de Racony 
Ra. Sim Trinitatis 

Civtis. Cork . 
Ecca. Sti. Micbaelis • 
Eccla. de EiLshenan 
et capla ejusdem • 





£ «. 


2 6 

2 5 



1 10 

1 10 

3 10 

1 10 






1 10 

1 16 




Extent' dignit' et Benefic' in Dioc' Clonen' noviter taxat' yirtute 
commiss' et per Arthur Robbins et Arthur Hyde ut ante% &c. 

Epatns Clonen • 

£ s. d. 

. 16 

Guardianus Vill et ) 100 
CoUegil de Tough- > marks 
ell . . • ) sterling. 
Preb. de Qknnore .600 
Ra. et Vic de Brig- 
owne . . .12 

Archdiac' Clonen' 
Precentor ibm. • 
Preb. de Ballyhowlye 
„ Dounogh* 
more , 




6 8 


y. de Clonroell • 

Capla Robin . 

als. Laban . 
Ballymartr • 
Belahathye als. 

Carrigtowill • 

Kilcourseye • 







£ 8. d. 


1 5 

6 8 






Extent* dig' et Benefio' in Dioc' Bosseus' noyiter taxat* virtnte 
oommiss* et per Arthur Bobbins et alios, ut antea. 

£, 9. d. £ 8. d. 

Epatofi ibm. . 


R de Eilloconenagh . 






„ Scmbbery als 

Decan' ibm. 







Precentor ibm. 


„ Eilkerran 


Oancellar. ibm. 


„ Insula man 




Arcbdeac. ibm. 



„ Tullagh . 


Thesanr. ibm. . 



,f Eilmalouda . 


Prebend, de Insula 

Oorke EccL de Oros- 

man • . 




senhare als. Balli- 

Oork dioo. Preb. de 

mony . 




Eccl. de Eilmyne 



Preb. de Timolegge . 


Beet, de Tullagh 


Vicar de Lesley 


Becta. Templeomalis 


„ Bosse 


Eccla. Kilnegrosse . 



Taxat' per Arthur Hyde et fulton Morrisone commiss. Lew (or 
Hen) Harrington, Will Oonnell, dat' prime Junii A® 26 BeginsD 

Extent' dignit' et Benefic' Dioc' Clonensis noviter taxat' per Arthur 
Hyde et Fultonem Horrissone virtute commiss' et in — retomat in 
anno^ 33^ Begni Begime Elisabeths. 

£ s. 


£ 8. 


Eccla. de Garriclone . 


V. ibm. . 

. i 10 

„ Benycarana 


Y. de Aghadda 

. 1 10 

y. de £ylmaglM»oue 

5 10 

„ Corkbegg 

. 2 

„ Bellegoume 

1 10 

,, Bostillane 

. 1 10 

B. de Nenshie • 


Y. Oapella de Bathe. 

. 1 

£ B. 





p. de Timloghie 


Y. de Tullaghe 


Bector de Donagh- 

Un. Bector in Kilterve 


more . 


Y. ibm. . 


Vic' ibm. 


Y. de Aghadowne . 


V. de Templekynkne 


„ Oleere . 


^ Dyaert . 


B. de Kylcowye 



y, KiUegarye 


Y. ibm. . 


„ Ardee . 


B. de Eylkatheren . 



„ Oastrorente . 

1 10 

Yic. ibm. . 



„ Kilfiiuna 
Unns Bector in Myrus 


Y. de Eylcaskyn 
Bee. de Glanbarrig- 


Vic ibm. 

6 6 


hane . 


B. de Greaghyhe 

2 10 

Yic. ibm. . 


V. ibm. . 

2 10 




£ 8. 


£ «. 


Ecclade Gasstro chorii 


V. de Rosskeyne 

1 10 

Capla de Insheneba- 

„ Eylsbome 

1 10 



„ Grenenougbe • 



v. de Eylkridane 

1 10 

„ Garreston 


Re de Titeskin 

1 6 


., Donnaghgibie 



V, ibm. . 



„ GlanbirkyB . 



R. de Agbecarren 


„ ACatbeba 


V. ibm. . 

1 10 

Preb. de Inniskarrye 

2 10 

Ecola. de Bellagbe . 


V. de Agobolygbe . 
R. de Aghinagne 


,, Dongori . 



Preb. de Cowill 


V. ibm. . 


R de Inisbcnllan 


V. de Clondretbe 

1 10 

Eocla. de Clenuore . 

5 5 

„ Ballevomie 


v. de Rathgogan 


„ KyloolmaDe . 


„ Ballaghan 

1 10 

R. de Eylnodonogbe 


„ Ferskethe 



Decanatus Clonen. . 


Preb. de CouUenye . 

2 10 

Precentor ibm. 


R. de Shandrome 

7 6 


Oancellar. ibm. 

6 6 


Vic ibm. 

3 13 


Thesaurar. ibm. 


V. de Kylbolane 

2 10 

R. de Eylgullane 


„ Tyreleshe 


V. ^usdem 

V. de Martelstowne . 


R. de Ballyvorane 



Vic. ibm. 


„ Clondallan 


Eccla. de Kylmacle- 

„ Oarrighonan . 

6 10 




„ Gastlelyons 

B 1 

V. de Dromdonye . 

2 10 

„ Walestowne 


„ Caatlemagner . 


„ Brigetowne 


Preb. de Subalter 


„ Oaetletowne . 


V. de Liscarroll 

5 10 

„ Nohaurie 

5 10 

Preb. de Lackyn 


„ Oariglebamle- 

R. de Broabeny 



2 10 

V. ibm. . 


V. de Ratbcormack . 

5 10 

V. de Bregogbe 


R ejusdem. 

5 10 

R. de Kylcorkorane . 


V. EDockmoryne 

1 11 

V. ibm. . . 


R Maggely . 


R. de Letter • 

3 6 


V. ejufldem 


V. ibm. • . 

3 6 


Epatus CloneDBis 


R. de Drysbane 

5 6 


Qoatuor Vica^ Cho- 

V. ibm. . • 

5 6 


rail ibm. 

13 13 


V. de Clonfartye 

5 10 



Extent* SepaV functioDs' spnali' infra diocess* Oorkagens' taxat' p* 
p'fitt' Arthur Hyde et Fulton Morrissone. 

Quatuor Yicar Gborall 

de Oorke 
Ecca. de Ejlkone . 
Pr. de de Kylasbeg- 

Eccla Integra de Ga- 

therlagher . 
Bee Integra de Tem- 
ple uskj 
R. insulad paryas 
R. de Sbandon . 
Stfe. Trintis de Cork 
Eo. Integra deTexaste 
E. Integra de Downe- 

y. de Lighmonye 
Claryn . 
Doughe . 
Disert sergys 
Skull . 







£ 8. 


V. de Kylcrogban . 

2 10 


„ Durrus . 

1 6 



„ Eylmocomogbe 


E. de Catberaugbe . 



V. ibm. • 


V. de Lisclearye 



„ Rossebeg 



„ Ballaforde 

5 6 


„ PoUeplicke 

1 10 


„ Clontede 



„ Kylbrogan 

1 10 


„ Enokville 

2 10 


„ Insbonan 

2 10 

„ Brounee • 

1 40 


,, Kylnaran 



„ Movid* . 

1 10 


Tin. Rect. in m'clo- 





V. ibm. . 



y. de Insbikylagbe . 
fy Eilmicbell 








Statb of Cork and Boss Dioceses in 1693. 

The following account of tbe Dioceses of Cork and Boss is taken 
from the general returns made in 1693 by the seyeral Diocesans, in 
compliance with Mr. Secretary Aldworth s letter from the Council. 
The original returns for Cork and Boss, occupying ten sheets oblong 
folio, written fcusie for tbe most part, are certified under the hand 
and seal of the yicar-Qeneral, Bey. Walter Neale, and are endorsed 
'* Status Diceces' Corcag* et Bossen' transmittebatr Honorabil' Do- 
minis Capital' Justiciariis Hibniae Anno Domini 1693." Tbe tran- 
script from which they are now printed was made from the originals 
in Armagh Begistry, by Edwanl Bogers, Esq., under the guidance 
of Dr. Beeyes, and with the permission of His Grace the Lobd 


I I 
E .S 

S "a 


'£■1 s 










11 11 










cj' a 


<j <s 












: = 

jd ca 



= 3 




'* a 









2 a 






■2*= is 


a w »■ J 


















.— > 











" § 




























»; S 


09 V 



aw o 


^ fl 

S a 









R 'd 



s ^ 

to *»• 
fl *5 o 

fl S;^ 



to ^ bo 

2 S © » 

fl P >-5 ^^ 

• »H fl O fl 




a ^" 


5 s 

'E i 



s s 





i i 





^ ^ 










.S ." 

C'._ c« 



"8 "i 




» H 







s s 

3 1 

3 S 

3 s : 




a. cl. 





Ed » 





s s 

S c 





ft ft 












































.5 ii i 




4 flB 





3§ i 

aS g 

I: H. 

is .§ 


i g 



O O 














H M 





I 3 

a a 





a s ^ 

^ &4 ^ 

<D «d aj 

a a a 












'3 5? 














a 0^ 




a j: J 






•a .2 


t 1 



1 1 









E3 9 C 












i s = 


1." 11 

K ; M 

S3 3 






























►^•^ ^ 


' ^ 


1 - 



•a ■s 







1:: = 


il s 









9^ a a 

0) M N 

^ d d 
"^ 08 « 

% O O 

g i 




^ 08 


-§ s 

1.3 a 

^ S^ oB 

'5 S I 

13 a 

(2 t^COQQ S(S 


3 8^ 





•9 J 

lis i 



"^ fc «« S a 

3. (D CO 

OO 00 

9 9 

Sao « CO 00 
PPP pp 


fi^ 04 04 


S 3 S S 

«2 d 

ppp pp 

• ■ 
eo eo 





9 S 





















S It 

8 "^"S 8 ' 8 





















11 i 




> !ei 


































■ a*- 



2 i- 







a = 


"1 -■ 








• r4 










^ eo « 

« " 

J? i p § rf 


• P4 





























S s 

13 (2 






g JB-3 

ii J 

I n do 





a 9 

:r* 'S '5 •£? -S 



s i 

a a 










« is 

I g H bo 



s • 



00 OB 

p p 

P P 

P 00 


p p 


S S S S S 3 












^w4 n d »M 








•<1 (4 


It ft 

1- 1 





-J d£<M^ 
lUll " ' 



B 5- 



SS|3 I 







1 1 





>^ 5"^ 





Si 3 I 


Is I «"? .ill 


















o o o 

•73 "^ "w 

a c s 









N I 

mwm •*" "^ 
















1 is I 



J a 

■*S CD 

a s ft R .5 



S s ft 







1 & 


•ts ® 

OQ .. 








«> -^ 



Bishop Palliser's Remarks on the State of the Diocese of 
Clotne, a.d. .1694, with his Plan for Unions of Parishes.* 

[^ This is tbe first sheet of the Return, and is entirely in Bishop 

Palliser's handwriting." — W. E.] 

The Right Honourable the Lords Justices of this kingdom having 
been graciously pleased to allow me to take mine own time in re- 
turning to their Lordships the present state of the diocese of Olujn, 
I have been the more diligent in drawing a full representation of 
the same, and with much ado at length, by gentle means (and I was ^ 
unwilling to use any other), have generally prevailed on the clergy 
(a very few excepted), to give in the present value of their several 
livings. I suspect I may be guilty of mistakes in some particulars, 
being a perfect stranger in this diocese (country), till abont nine 
months ago ; but I have endeavoured to be exact, and believe the 
main substance of the following account to be very true, and for 
clearing some particulars which may seem liable to exception, I 
humbly desire these few things may be noted. 

1. That many livings of this diocese being very mean, there's a 
necessity of conferring four or five on one person, to afford him 
but a very ordinary subsistence. But if the numerous impropri- 
ations in this diocese were restored to the Church, this incon- 
venience might be in a great measure remedied. 

2. That the present poverty of the people is the great reason why 
divers churches in this diocese are not rebuilt and repaired ; but if 
it please God to continue peace in this country, I doubt not but in a 
few yean most of the churches that are fallen to ruin, necessary to 
be rebuilt and repaired, will be made fit for divine service. 

3. That the clergy in giving in the present value of their livings 
have made deductions for what they yearly pay out of them, which 
IS a considerable sum. And the present value of many livings 
amounts not near to what it was before the late war, much land 
still lying waste, several parts of this diocese being much infested 
by rapparees. 

4. That there has been a great neglect in this diocese of making 
unions of contiguous livings before the expiration of the Act of 
Parliament in King Charles II.'s time for that effect. But I have 
at the end of this paper drawn a scheme of convenient unions, which 
it may be fit to consider when it shall please their gracious Majes- 
ties, their Parliament, to take this matter into consideration. It 

• Thi« paper, as also " The State of the Diocese of Cloyne,'' incorporated 
into the body of this work, was procured through the kindness of I)r Keeves, 
and was copied from the original in Armagh Registry, by Edward Rogers, 


would be a great service done to this church to redress that ecclesi- 
astical grieranoe, that one clerygman should possess several benefices 
with cure in the same diocese, which are so far from being contigu- 
ous that they are sometimes at ten or twenty miles distant. 

5. That the Bishop of Oloyn, in February last, received a letter 
from Secretary Aldworth, by order of the Lords Justioes, that he 
should give no disturbance to Mr. William Jephson, Dean of Lismore, 
as to those livings he holds in this diocese, upon occasion of his ab- 
sence, now near a whole year in England. Unto which order the 
Bishop hath paid that dutiful respect which became him, but humbly 
tenders the truth of the case to their Lordships* consideration, that 
the said William Jephson has several livings in other dioceses to the 
ralue of near £300 a-year, and yet resides upon none of them ; and 
that above three years ago he obtained a patent for some consider* 
able benefices with cure in this diocese, named Ardagh and Clonpriest, 
and yet to this day never came to the Bishop to take institution 
and induction upon his patent, so that these livings are still in law 
void ; and it is in the power of the Chief Governors to give them 
unto them that will personally serve the cure, and not run away 
with the entire profit of these livings, and do nothing for it, as Mr. 
William Jephson, for above these three years, has done. Moreover, he 
is as yet no actual Chaplain to any regiment, but (as the Bishop is 
well informed), only designed to be a Chaplain to Colonel Colthorpe's 
regiment, which is to be raised here in Ireland. It is certainly no 
slender abuse in the church, for a man who never did nor ever is 
likely to do any service to the church to run away with the profit 
of two considerable livings upon a bare presentation which gives 
no legal title ; and when he is required by the Bishop to come out 
of England (which he is not so sick but he might very easily do) 
and be admitted into those livings, pursuant to his patent, to pre- 
vent the Bishop's sequestration, instead of complying with the 
Bishop's most just order, he gets an injunction from the Govern* 
ment, upon a false suggestion, to tie up the Bishop's hands, that he 
cannot handle such a man as he deserves. 

6. That the two livings of Ardagh and Clonpriest (which Dean 
William Jephson has had a patent for above these three years, yet 
hitherto has neglected to be inducted, and instituted into them) 
ought, in all reason, to be otherwise disposed of, Ardagh to go along 
with the curacy of Youghall, and Clonpriest with the deanery of 
Cloyne, as will appear by the following state of them both. 

The 8tatb of the Rbctobt of Abdagh, yearly value about 24 
pounds, now legally void in the King's presentation. 

The rectory of Ardagh was formerly a member of the Collegiate 
Church of Youghall, being contiguous thereunto, until, upon the disi- 
solution of that college, it was divided from it, with the rest of the 
parishes thereunto belonging ; and though all the parishes thereby 
came to be in the Ring's presentation, yet it was still thought fit that 

€ 2 

zxxvi BISHOP palliser's remarks on clotne. 

the parish of Ardagh should be giyen to the Curate of Youghall (whose 
cure is yeiy great, much the greatest in the diocese, and his mainte- 
nance otherwise inconsiderable), and by him it was constantly en- 
joyed in a continued succession of Curates from this said dissolution 
unto the year 1672, or thereabouts, when falling void upon the ces- 
sion of the then Incumbent, and the succeeding Curate of Youghal) 
being negligent in taking out the King's presentation to it, Mr. 
William Fitzgerald, then Dean of Cloyn, passeil his Majesty's patent 
for it ; thereupon was instituted, inducted into it, continued ever 
since in the possession thereof, until he was promoted to the bishop- 
rick of Clonfert, by which promotion it became vacant again, and 
so continues to this very day, Mr. William Jephson, Dean of Lis- 
more, having only a bare presentation thereunto. The inhabitants 
of the parish of Ardagh all go to divine service in the Church of 
Youghall, so that nothing in all the diocese of Cloyn is so proper 
to be perpetually united to the cure of Youghall, if a vicarage were 
endowed there, nor in the interim so convenient to be given to the 
Curate of Youghall, for his maintenance in that great cure ; all the 
maintenance he at present has for serving that cure being given 
him by the Bishop out of the revenue of the bishoprick, which is 
itself so small that ^tis scarce able to support a Bishop according to 
the dignity of his place and station. Upon these considerations, 
in all humility offer'd to the Government, the Bishop of Cloyn 
earnestly begs that the Lords Justices would be pleased to grant 
this rectory of Ardagh, now legally void, and in their disposal, to 
the present Curate of Youghall, Mr. Mathew Jones, for his better 
maintenance in discharging much the greatest cure in the whole 
diocese of Cloyn, especially the Curates of Youghall having ever 
enjoyed the said rectory of Ardagh by the favour of the Government, 
until of late years it was wrested from them. 

The Stats of the Reotory of Clonpriest, usurped also by Dean 
William Jephson, but legally void in the Ring*8 presentation. 

The rectory of Clonpriest, in the diocese of Cloyn, no slender 
cure, worth about 70 pounds, yearly, has, for above three score years, 
gone along with the deanery of Cloyn (the deanery is a very incon- 
siderable Uiing without it); but filing void by the promotion of the 
late Dean of Cloyn, Mr. William Fitzgerald, to the bishoprick of 
Clonfert, Mr. William Jephson by subtile artifice pass'd a patent 
for it, wrested it from the deanery, when his Majesty really intended 
it for the present Dean of Cloyn, Mr. Henry Scardeville, Chaplain 
to Duke 8chomberg ; but Mr. William Jephson having only a bare 
presentation to the rectory of Clonpriest, and hitherto neglecting to 
be by the Bishop instituted and inducted thereunto, it is still void 
in law, and ought, in great reason, by the gracious pleasure of the 
Government to be reannexed to the deanery of Cloyn (to which it 
long appertained), to render it somewhat considerable. 




A List of Unions to be made in the Diooese of Cloyn. 

Rectoria et Vicaria de Shandrom. 
Vicaria de Clancore. 
Prsebenda de Cooliae. 
1. ^ Vicaria de Rathgogane. 
Vicaria de KillboUane. 

Sitque ecclesia apad Charlevile in parrockia de Bathgogane 
huic union i parochialis. 

' Rectoria integra de Ballinourane, als. Agliss Dradrinagh. 
Rectoria de Brewhenny, als. Ball in temple. 
Preobenda de Ballyhay. 
Prsebenda de Lackeen. 
Particola de Carrigloher. 
Vicaria de Ardskea. 

Sitque ecclia apad Barton in p*ocLia de Ballintemple huic 
unioni p'alis. 

Vicaria de Kilbrin, als. Rogeri Calvi. 
Vicaria de Oastlemagner. 
Vicaria de Bally Clogh. 
Prasbenda de Subolter. 
Prsebeuda de Eilmaclenyn. 
Vicaria de Roskeen. 
^ Sitque ecclia de Castlemagner p'alis. 

r Rectoria et Vicaria de Clonfert als. Newmarkett. 
I Rectoria et Vicaria de TuUalesh. 
4. <^ Rectoria de Knocktemple. 

Vicaria de Killmeedie in diocesi Aghadoensis. 

Sitque ecclia de Newmarkett p*alis. 

Rectoria de Moyallow. 
Vicaria de Drom downy. 
Vicaria de Killbrowny. 
Vicaria de Carrigemleary. 
Vicaria de Rahane. 

Rectoria de Mourne, als. Temple Michel 
Rectoria de Olenor sive Cancellariatus 
Ecclia Cath'alis Olonensis. 
Sitque ecclia de Moyallow p*alis. 

! Vicaria de Killdorrery. 
Vicaria de Villa Marescalis. 
PrsBbenda de Brigown. 
I Vicaria de Ballydology. 
J Vicaria de Killygolane. 
L Sitque ecclia apud Michlstown in parochia de Brigown p'alis. 



' Yicaria de Castleleliane. 
Vicaria de OloDdulane. 
- PrsBbenda de Coole. 
^^ Rectoria et Vicar de Aghern. 
Yicaria de Brettway. 
Siiqae ecclia de Castlelehane p'alis. 

i Yicaria de Temple Bealagh. 
Yicaria de Enockmourn. 
Rectoria de Mogealy. 
Rectoria et Yicar de Balljoioe. 
Sitque ecclia de Mogeallj p'alis. 

r Rectoria de Rathcormock. 
Rectoria de Gortroe. 
Yicaria Ibm. 
9. i Rectoria de Desert. 
Yicar de Templebodan. 

Prsebenda de Eiilaspagmnllaii, in dioces Corkagienaia. 
^Sitqae ecclia de Rathcormuck p'alis. 

f Rectoria de Dongonrnej. 
I Rectoria et Yicar de Mogealy. 
.^ J PrsBbenda de Cafairultan. 

' I Yicaria de Ballyinarter, ale. Ballyutra. 
I Sitque ecclia apud Castlemartyr in parochia de Ballymartyr 
[ parocbialis. 

f Rectoria de Killegh. 
, , J Yicaria de Clonmult. 

J Yicaria de Dangedonovan. 
( Sitque ecclia de Killegb p'alis. 

! Rectoria de Ighteromorrogfa. 
Prebenda et Yicar de EilLnodonogL 
Yicar de Eillcredane. 
Yicaria de Garrivoe. 
Yicaria de Eillmagban. 
Yicaria de Bohilane. 
Sitque ecclia de Eillcredan p'alis. 

'PrsBbendade Donagbmore. 
Yicaria de Aghabolloge cum magna pticula de Magourna. 

13. < Rectoria et Yicar de Agbena. 
I Yicaria de Eillcoleroan. 
t Sitque ecclia de Magourna p'alis. 

r Yicaria de Clondrohid. 
I Yicaria de Macromp. 

14. i Yicaria de Killnamartyrra. 
Yicaria de Ballyrouma. 

^ Sitque ecclia Macromp p'alis. 






Prsebenda de Glanour, 
Ecclesia de Aghaliultie. 
Vicaria de Kil lathy. 
Rectoria et Vicaria de Litterr 
Vicaria de Derrivillaue. 
Vicaria de Carrigdownan. 
Ecclesia de Killenemer. 
Sitque ecclesia de Killathy p'alis. 

Rectoria et Vicaria de Macrony. 
Rectoria et Vicaria de Letreim. 
1 ^ ^ Rectoria et Vicaria de Killcrumper. 
* I Rectoria de Killyard, als. Killworth. 

Prsebenda de Ahelane (sic) ia diocesi Lismoriensi. 
Sitque ecclesia Killworth p'alis. 

Vicaria de Kill Shanig. 
Vicaria de Clonraeen. 
Vicaria de Killcomeyean. 
Vicaria de Dromtarriff, et 
Vicaria de Drishane in diocesi Aghadoensi. 
^ Sitque ecclesia de Clonmeen p'alis. 

Fiatquoque EnockmoumePrsebendaecclias Cathalis loco Eillene- 
mor unitse cum praebend* de Glaunore ecclise de Killothy ; Macromp 
loco Lackeen unitaQ cum prcebenda de Ballyhay eccliaD de Burton, 
alias Ball in temple; Aghadda loco Aghahulty cam prsbenda de 
Glanore unitgp ecclisB de Killathy ; Villacastri loco Killm' Cloneyn 
cum prsebenda de Subultr unitse ecclia^ de Castlemagner. 

Sit quoque Rectoria de Ardagh unita in perpetuum ecclioB de 
Youghall, atq' Vicaria de Killgrohanbegg eccliaB de Iniscar, et Rec- 
toria de Clonpriest Decanatui ecclize Cathalis Colemani Olonen. 

The endorsement of the return is as follows, in the Bishop's 
handwriting : — 

"The state of the diocese of Gloyn in the year 1694, with the 
humblest and most dutiful observance, presented to the Right 
Honourable the Lords Justices of Ireland, by William, Bishop of 

The returns for Cloyne occupy fourteen sheets, oblong folio, and 
folded, written only (with one exception) facie. Each page is 
divided into six columns, headed respectively : — Prsosens annus 
valor Beneficiorum — Beneficia — Incumbentes — Valor — Patroni — 
Ecclesiarum Status. 


The Miscellaneous Papers of Bishop Dive Downes, pre- 
served along with his ** Tour," in the Library of T.C.D * 

Lavds belonging to the See of Robs, with extracts out of the Book 
of Surrey of the County of Cork, remaining in the hands of the 
Treasurer of the said county. 

The site of Sir Emanuel Moore's house, with all the cabins, houses, 
and gardens in or belonging to the town of Rosscarbury, in the 
barony of East Carbery, and county of Corke, and diocese of Ross, 
let to Capt. Freake, in the said books of survey of the county of 
Corke, in the hands of the Treasurer of said county. 

R^Msetown, ^Oa. 3r. 16p. ; the three glebes, 14a. 2e.; the six 
gneeves of Laoken-robbin, the six gneeves of Bnrgeesha, the Six 
gneeves of Clounebane, the six gneeves of Ballynegeragh, the six 
gneeves of Larchagh, the six gneeves of Crogonoleene ; in all, three 
plowlands, lying in the diocese of Rosse, and county of Cork, let to 
Capt. Freake. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Rosscarbeiy: — Lacken- 
robbin, 45a.; Burgeskagh, 121a.; Clonebaune, 44a.; £allinegerah, 
56a.; Larekagh, 50a.; Creganeleen, 75a. 

The six gneeves of Drumgoone, the six gneeves of Goltra, the six 
gneeves of Rinivanane, the six gneeves of Downings, the six gneeves 
of Curragh, the six gneeves of Enockaroagry, and the gneeve of 
Gorty Cljle, being in all three plowlands and one gneeve, in tlie 
diocese of Rk)ss, and county of Corke, let to Mr. John Smyth. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Rossecarbnry : — Downings, 
204a. 2r. ; Currahine, 34a. Query whether the same with Currah 
above said. 

Ballinagorhaghnamerrigree, six gneeves; query whether the same 
with Knocknamogry above said; all in the same parish. Barony of 
Barryroe, in the parish of Ardfield — Bishopslaud, Reneene, 17a. 2r. 
Query whether the same with Rinivanane above said. 

The plowland of Caharmore, the plowland of Frehane, and the 
nine gneeves of Mauloregan, lying in the diocese of Ross, and county 
of Corke, let to Mr. Thomas Uungerford. 

In the aforesud books, in the parish of Roscarbury : — Cahirmore, 
387a. 2r.; Frehane, 1 pldL, 237a. 2r. ; Mauloregan, 9 gn., 280a. 

The nine gneeves of Glanbracky, the nine gneeves of Maultana- 
vally, the nine gneeves of Carrickgreenane, the nine gneeves of Car- 
rickfadda, containing in all by estimation three plowlands, lying in 
the diocese of Ross, and county of Corke, let to Gideon Delane. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Rossecarbery : — Glanebrack, 

* These papers, and the Bishop's ** Tour through his Dioceses of Cork and 
Boss,** were presented bv Samuel Moore Ktlb, ll.d., Archdeacon of Cork 
and Vicar-General, to the Library of T.C.O., on I9th March, 1849. 


453a.j Maallenevalljy 272a.; Carrickgrenane, 230a. Is.; Carrick- 
fadda, 380a. 

The Island of Incbidenny, als. the Isle of Man : — The three 
gneeves of Garhoo Duffee, on the north of the said island, and the 
three gneeves of Eeneene, lying on the south-west part of the said 
island, in the diocese of Kosse, and county of Corke, let to Richard 
Hungerford, in the aforesaid hooks, in the parish of Inchydowney, 
als Island. 

Inchedowney, an island near Clonakelty, 287a. 2b. 20p. Karl of 
Cork, propr. Land covered with sand, 23a. 2b. Cahirduffe, 24a. 3b.; 
Rinne, I 9a. 2b. ; all in the same parish, in the harony of Carhery. 

The lands of Eilsillagh, containing hy estimation one plowland, 
lying in the barony of Ibaune, in the diocese of Rosse, and county 
of Cork, let to Mr. Robert Travers. 

In the parish of Lislee, in the two paper books of survey, Ballin- 
rokig and Eillsallagh, 2^ plowlands, arable and pasture, 278a. 2b. 
Zachar Travers' property, in the parchment booke of survey, Bal- 
livroky, l-j^ plowland. 

The plowland of Drisheene and Rosse na Goss, containing by 
estimation two hundred and seaventy acres, lying in the diocese of 
Rosse, and county of Cork, let to David Dennis. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Aghadowne: — Drishane, 
4 gneeves, 78a. Ib. 24p. ; Rosnagosh, in the same parish, 4dA. 32p., 
in the baroHy of Carbury. 

Tbe two plowlands of Aghadowne, the plowland and a-half of 
Callstrummore and Callstrumventry, the plowland of Kilekilleen, the 
half plowland of Drowine na Caharagh, and the three gneeves of 
Lisheen Onghtera, containing by estimation 800a. or thereabouts, 
lying in the barony of West Carhery, in the county of Corke, and 
diocysse of Rosse, together with the benefits of the fairs and markets, 
let to Thomas Becher, esq. 

In the aforesaid books in the parish of Aghadowne: — Aghadowne, 
2 plowlands, 325 a. 32p. ; of the same (towne), 22a. ; bog, i 16a.; 
Callastrummore, 123a. 2b. 16p.; Callastrumbeg, 85a.; Eillkilleen, 
131a. 2b. 16p.; Dromnacaharagh, 58a.; South and North Lisheen, 
124a. 3b. 8p.; Tounebog, 38a. 32p.; all in the same parish. 

The lands of Ardagh, in the parish of Aghadowne, in the diocese 
of Ross, and county of Corke, together with the chief rents of the 
diocese of Corke and Rosse, let to Thomas Dyer. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Aghadowne: — Ardagh, 
120a. 1b. 24p. 

The lands of Ardralymore and Ardrallybeg, being by estimation 
one plowland and a-half, lying in the diocese of Rosse, and county of 
Corke, let to Mr. Benjamin Bonsfield. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Aghadowne : — Ardralye, 
164a. 1b. 24p.; bog part of the same, 120a. 3b. 8p. 

The island commonly called the East Calf, containing by estima- 
tion 9 gneeves ; one other island, called West Innis Eane, being by 


estimation one half plowland or thereabouts, Ijing in the barony of 
West Oarberj, diocese of Rosse, and county of Corke, let to Sir 
Richard Hull. 

In the aforesaid county books East Calf is 37 a. in the parish of 
Skull ; West Innis Ejune, 16a. 1b. 24p., in the parish of Aghadowne. 

The two plowlands of Innishbeg Clevi, containing by estimation 
two hundred plantation acres or thereabonts, lying in the barony 
of West Oarbury, in the diocese of Rosse, and county of Cork, let 
to Hull. 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Aghadowne : — Innispike, 
als. Clare Island, 200a. 

The two plowlands of Gfarrancore, TuUogh Geehy, and Farran- 
eantry, lying in the diocese of Rosse, and county of Cork, let to Mr. 
Cornelius Hignett 

In the aforesaid books, in the parish of Rosse Carbnry : — ^Gfar- 
rancore, 155a. ; Farrannocantry, 50a. 2r. 

The plowland of Ballynykgeap, the plowland of Dizart, and the 
half plowland of Drocombeg, lying in the diocese of Rosse, and 
county of Corke, let to the Earl of Cork. 

In the aforesaid books, in the barony of Carbery, in the parish of 
Inchidowney : — Desart, 2 plowlands, arable and pasture, 226a. Ir. 16p. 
Earl of Corke, proprietor. Query whether this be the same with 
Dizart, let by lease to the Earl of Corke. 

Note. — All the acres mentioned in this paper are reckoned as 
profitable in the books of survey, unless when it is otherwise ezprest 
m this paper. 

Lands belonging to the See of Corke, with Extracts relative 
to them, taken out of the Books of Survey of the County 
of Corke remaining in the hands of the Treasarer of said 

Parcel, or quarter of land, called Eilcroghane, in the barony of 
Carbury, which is in common estimation three plowlands, set to 
Will. Hull, esq. In none of the county books is there mention 
made of Kilcroghan lands, or of any glebe. 

The two plowlands of Ballinaspug, be they more or less than the 
common estimation, lying in the diocese of Corke, within the county 
of the city of Corke, let to Mr. Edward Synge. In the county 
books of survey it is 436a. 6p., in the parish of St. Finbarry. 

The lands of Ballinaspig-beg, beinfi by estimation one plowland, 
lying in the diocese and county of the city of Corke, be the same 
more or less than the common estimation, let to Alderman James 
French. In the county paper books, without maps, and in the 
parchment books of survey it is 133a. in the same parish of 
St Finbarry. 


• The half plowland of Farrenmacteige, lying in the parish of St. 
Finbarries, and in the diocese and conoty of Cork, be it more or 
less than the common estimation, let to Mr. Matthews French. In 
the connty books of survey it is 60a. in the parish of St Finbarries. 

The half plowland of Inohigaggon, and one grist mill, with 20a. 
of land or thereabouts, to the said mill belonging, lying in the 
diocese and county of the city of Corke, be the same more or less 
than the common estimation, let to Charles Baldwin, esq. In the 
county books of survey it is 151 a. in the parish of St Finbarry's. 

The lands of Gortenaspug, containing by estimation thirty En- 
glish acres, be it more or less, lying in the parish of St Finbarry, and 
in the diocese and oonnty of the city of Corke, be the same more or 
less than the common estimation, let to Mr. Edward Webber. In 
the county books of survey is no such name as Gortanaspag. Query 
whether Hicgar's be not the same* This land is in the lx>oks said 
to be 25a. In the same books, in the parish of St. Finbarry*s, is 
Gortigowlane, 234a., but I suppose that cannot be Gortenaspug, this 
being but about 30 English acres. 

The three plowlands of Nedineah-beg, containing by estimation 
300a. or thereabouts, lying in the barony of East Carbery, in the 
county of Cork, let to Sir Richard Coxe. In the county books of 
survey Nedinea is 544a. in the parish of Fanlobbish. 

The lands of Nedineah-more, being by estimation three plowlands^ 
lying in the barony of East Carbury, in the diocese and county of 
Uork, and the benefit of the fairs kept on the premises, let to 
Jane Blocksom, of Dublin, widow. No more mention is made of 
Nedineah in the said books, but as above is set down. 

The lands of Farranivergan, being by estimation one half of a 
plowland, lying in the parish of Mackdoneagh ; and the half plow- 
land of Kineagh, als. Cargallallan, in the parish of Eineagh, lying 
in the diocese and county of Cork, let to Roger Lewis, and skfter- 
wards to Wallace Warren. In the county books of survey Farra- 
^B^vane is 72a. ; Kineagh, in the said books, is 63a. 1b. 24p. 
There is also Kineagh- beg, 247a. 3s. 8p. 

The nine plowlands of Scooll ; the Island of Mananesh, con- 
taining one plowland and a-half ; the two islands, called the West 
Calves, containing one plowland and a-half ; the one plowland and 
a-half of Crookhaven (of which the parcel of ground called the 
Glebe of Crookhaven is part); the one plowland and a-half of 
Ballivoige ; the three plowlands of Dough, Litter, and Barrahill, 
and the plowland and a-half of Carneglovane, being in all by estima- 
tion nineteen plowlands and a-half » lying in the barony of West 
Carbury, and lu the diocese and county of Cork, let to Sir Richard 
Hull. In the county books of survey West Calf is 28a. ; Middle 
Calf is 31a. ; Skull is two plowlands, 262a. arable and coarse 
pasture. Capt. William Hull is said to be proprietor. Part of 
Skull, rooky nature, 66a. 2b. ; same proprietor. Corriderigan, one- 
half plowland^ part of' the 9 plowlands of Scull, 155a. ; same pro- 


prieior. Skeagb, 1 plowland, of the 9 plowlands of Scull, 259a. 
Meenevane, 1^ plowland, part of the 9 plowlands of Skull, arable 
and pasture, 93a. 2b. ; of the same, 28a. 2b., rocky, mountainous, 
and unprofitable. Mananesh is the same with Castleisle, which 
Castleisle, in the aforesaid books, is said to be 68a. In the parch- 
ment books of survey Skull is said to be 9 plowlands, 1,788a. 

All that land commonlj called Poleherdick, also all those lands 
and tenements of Carigynearig, adjoining to the lands of Poleherdick, 
near Gillabbej ; also a parcel of meadow ground, called Inchingan- 
gary, lying in the great island, called Cloghave, belonging to Gill- 
abbey, over against the lands of Poleherdick, and Oarrigyneary, 
containing by estimation eighteen Irish acres or thereabouts ; also 
all the devanes and wear, called Beallakilly, Oarrigrone, Oarrogon- 
apoge, and also one meadow, called Monamullcu, beiug by estimation 
three Irish acres, over against Gillabbymill, with the benefit of the 
watercourses running through the said meadow to Droope's mill, 
let to Oapt Travers, in trust for Dean Davys. 

The three plowlands of Eilmacomoge, lying in the barony of 
Beare and Bantry, in the county and diocese of Cork, containing by 
estimation 400 plantation acres, be the same more or less, let to 
John Hull. In the county books of survey, Eilmocomoge, 3 plow- 
lands, is 279a. profitable ; more boggy pasture in the same, 14a.; 
Glebe in the same, 2a. 1b., in the parish of Kilroocarooge. 

The three plowlands of Kilbrogan, Knockbrogan and Eillbeg, 
containing by measure 1,200a. of all sorts, be it more or less, being 
part of the manor of St. Finbarry, being in one continent, in the 
parish of Kilbrogan, in the county and diocese of Corke, let to 
Kichard, Earl of Oork. In the county books of survey Kilbrogan 
and Knockbrogan are said to be 333a. 2b. 12p. ; and Kilbeg, I 
plowland, 168a. 2b. ; the Earl of Oork is said to be proprietor. In 
the parchment book it is thus : — Kilbrogan and Knockbrogan, 396a.; 
and Kilbeg, 242a. 2b. 16p. ; ail these in the parish of Kilbrogan. 

In the aforesaid books of the county Oorke. — Land lying on the 
south side of Cork, a part of which is set to Dean Davys :----State8- 
land, a parcel of Bishopsland, 9a.; Statesland, another parcel of 
the same, 35a. 2b.; a parcel of meadow and marsh land, called 
Bishopsland, 20a. 

In the said books of survey of the county of Cork, in the parish of 
Kilmoe; proprietor, Capt. William Hull : --The island of Crookhaven, 
131a.; of the same, Glebe, arable, 3a.; part of Ballyvoige, 106a.; 
part of the same, 4^ gneeves, 40a. 1r. In the parchment book ; 

Eroprietor, Capt. W. Hull : — Dough, 1 plowland, 6 gns., 77a. 2b. ; 
litter, 6 gns., 40a.; Braghill, 4 gns., 24a. Unprofitable moun- 
tain, belonging to adjacent town, 248a.; Curran Iglavrint,52A.; Mal- 
tevoige, 1 plowland, arable and pasture, 81a. 1b.; of the same, rocky 
and bog, 58a. 2b.; Gastlemegan, 1^ plowland, 100a.; of the same, 
rocky and bog, 184a.; Canavoy and Farraglline, 1^ plowland, half 
mountain, mo', pa*, 59a. Kilbarry (12a. 3b. 20p., unprofitable); 1^ 


plowland, arable and paetore, 87a. 20p.; Lynane, half plowland, 
arable and pasture^ 53a.; Eillcan, 1 plowland, arable and pasture, 89a. 

Note. — All the acres mentioned in this paper are reckoned as 
profitable in the books of survey aforesaid, unless when it is other- 
wise exprest in this paper. 

In the hands of the Treasurer of the county Oorke are three books, 
each of them containing an account of the lands in the several 
baronies of the said county Corke. There are also two other books 
in his custody, containing copies of the presentments made by grand 
juries : one of them containing copies of the several presentments 
made by Grand Juries at the general assizes and general gaol delivery, 
held for the county of Corke, commencing the 27 th day of July, 1 676. 
The other contains the several presentments made by the Grand 
Juries at the several general sessions of the peace, commencing the 
4th day of April, 1676. The original presentments are kept by the 
Deputy Clerk of the Crown for the county of Corke, in a chest in 
his lodgings in Corke. He also keeps in the same place the court 
books, which contain the names of the several criminals, with the 
substance of their indictments, with names of the prosecutors, <&c. 
By the same person, in the same place, are kept the original indict- 
ments, together with the examinations and depositions taken before 
the Justices of the Peace, and the recognizances entered into by 
the prosecutors, and by bails, &c 

ExTBACT out of the Paper Book, without Maps, in the hands 
of the Tbeasurer of the County of Corke. 

Mudcerry Bcanmy. 
In Desertmore parish :*— 

9 A. R* P. 

Ohurchlands, . . . . 24 

In the South Liberties of Corke : — 

Statesland, a parcel of Bishopland, • .900 

Another parcel of same land, • • 35 2 

Statesland, a parcel of meadow and marsh 

land, called Bishopsland, . . • 20 

A parcel, formerly belonging to St. John of 

Jerusalem, . . . .600 

Farrenmacteige, • • 60 

Inchiguigane, . . • . 151 

Ballinaspugmore, .... 436 
Ballinaspugbeg, . . • • 133 




Barony of Filnalmeaki/. 

In the parish of Eilbrogan ; proprietor, Earl of Cork : 




Kilbrogan, . 


. 333 



Kilbeg, 1 plowland, . 


. 168 


Id Lislee parish ; proprietor, Earl of Cork :— 


Ballivrokig and Kilsallagh, 2^ plowlands, 

. 278 


Carbury Barony, 

Id Eilmalody parish : — 




West Skcagh, 6 gneeves, 


. 279 



East Skeagh, half plowland, 


. 215 



Id Desart parish ; proprietor. Earl of Oorke :- 


Maalebrack, 8 gDeeves, 


. 149 

Part of the same, 4 gaeeves, 


. 49 


Id Fanlobish parish : — 



. 544 

In Island, ale. InchidoDny parish ; 


Earl of Oorke : — 

InchidowDj, als. Island, near OIod 


. 287 

2 20 

Jjand covered with sand, 


. 12 

More of the same, 


. 11 


In Rosscarbar^ parish : — 



. 45 



. 121 



. 56 



• 155 



. 204 


Gulline, and West Ardagh, . 


. 476 


Ross Towne, 


. 50 





. 387 




. 237 




. 280 



. 453 



, 272 

Ardagh, 2 plowlands, 


. 402 

In Kilfaughnal)eg parie^ : — 

Drishane, 1 plowland, 


. 112 


In Miros parish : — 

Part of Ardagh, 


. 159 



Part of the same, 


. 30 

Part of Ardagh, 


. 90 

Part of the same, 


. 53 

In Oreagh parish : — 



. 293 





. 260 

Part of Drishanebeg, belonging 

to Abbey- 

strowrj parish, 


. 816 



In Tdlogh parish : — 

In Affadowne parish : — 
East Eniskane, 
West Eniskane, 

Ardralejs, • 
Bog part of the same, 
South and North Lisheens, 
Inishpiok, als. Clare Island, 
Affadowne, 2 plowlands, 
Of the same, 
Tonne's Bog, 
In Abbystrowry parish : — 

In Burrows parish : — 

Litterlicky, besides boggy mountain, 
In Skull parish : — 
Castle Isle, 
West Calf, 
Middle Calf, 

East Calf, ... 
Proprietor, Capt W. Hull; Glandengovane . 444 
„ „ Skull, 2 plowlands, 262 

Statesland, Litterlicky, 
Said Hull, part of SkuU, 

part of Ardmonagh, 

of the same, 

Meeneyane, 1-| plowland of Skull, 

Corriderigane, half plowland of 

Skeagh, 1 plowland of the 9 plow- 
lands of Skull, 
In Eilmoe parish : — 

CuUeriwoughtra, .... 
Carraugglavins, .... 
Fart of Ballivoige, • . . . 

Lacken Mt. eoge, .... 
Capt W. Hull; Mallivoige, 1 plowland, 

The Island of Crookhaven, . 
Dough (184a., bog), 
Ballidillik, 3 plowlands. 








R. P. 




































































Barony of Beare and Bantry, 
Id the parish of Eilmacomoge :— 

Bog part, in the same^ 
Glebe, in the same, 
In the parish of Durrows : — 

Garteen, . . • • 194 









County of Cork Grand Jury Presentments* 

1679. (Fo. 23.) March 17. We find and present that there ought 
to be a free school erected within the diocess of Oorke, and 
that a convenient place be agreed on between the Bishop of 
Corke and city of Oorke for the same, and that the city and 
liberties of Oorke are in the diocess of Oorke, and therefore 
are obliged to contribute to the bnilding the said school. 
We therefore find and present that one hundred pounds be 
raised on that part of the diocess of Oorke which lies within 
the county of Oorke, and the summe collected be paid to 
Alexander Piggot, esq., &c., provided alwais that the said 
Figgott shall not issue warrants for the collection of the same, 
until first the city and commonalty of Oorke shall raise an 
equal summe to wnat is raised on this county, &c. — ^as also shall, 
under their seal, convey to the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of the 
diocess the ground pitched on for the said school^ as also 
oblige themselves to keep the same in perpetual repair, the 
which, if they shall fail of doing, <bc., the said Figgot shall desist 
from issueing out the warrant aforesaid. 

An. 1679. (Fo. 23.) A receiver or accomptant for the county is 
appointed. Will. Hull, of Burdanstown is made receiver. He 
is allowed 12(21 per pound for all that he shall receive over and 
above what he shall lay out for warrants. 

1680. (Fo. 24.) The Olerk of the Grown and Peace's fees settled. 
He is to have 2«. 6c2. for one warrant for moneys raised for 
the county's use by one presentment, and shall sign the rest 
gratis for all the money not exceeding 4c^ per plowland ; and 
lor moneys exceeding 4</. per plowland, his usual fees of 
2<. 6(2. for every warrant issued to the several baronies in the 
said county. Warrants for money for prisoners to be signed 
by him rrfttis. 

1680. (26.) We desire the Bishop of the diocess and the High 
Sheriff of the county to meet, and to pitch upon a convenient 
place for building of a school in the diocese, according to the 

(27.) Sixty pounds to be raised out of that part of the 
county of Oorke that lies in the diocese of Oorke, for the 


erecting of a school, according to act of parliament, to be ap- 
plotted according to the deficiency of the year's valae. 

The Bishop of Oorke, Will. Mead, esq., &c., are made over- 
seers of the work, provided that, before the said summe be 
raised or applotted, a place where the school shall be built be 
made over to the Bishop of Corke and his successors for the 
perpetual use of the said school, and also that the same be kept 
in repair by the said city of Corke. 

1680 (fo. 28). No person to act as Attorney, Clerk of the Crown 
or Peace, &c., but such as are of the Protestant religion, and 
take the oaths of allegiance and supremacy. 

1681 (fol. 29). Baising money by theplowland is thought unequal ; 
we, therefore, present that, for the future, all money be raised 
in this county according to the deficiency of the year's value. 

Eillmeen church to be repaired. 

Fo. 32 eodm. an. That John Langton, esq.. Clerk of the 
Crown, deliver the rolls of presentments of this county, made 
at the assizes for these six years last past, to Mr. Hull, the 
County Receiver, to be by him fairly engrossed, and to redeliver 
them to Langton aforesaid. 

CuUen and Nohoval. Whereas the several parishes following, 
of Kilmeen, DrLshane. Drumtariffe, Cullen, and Nohoval, in the 
countj' of Cork, and diocess of Aghadoe, have agreed that the 
churches of Eillmeen and Dryshane be rebuilt, &c ; we, there- 
fore, have agreed that 68. 6d. per plowland in Dryshane, Cul- 
len, and Nohoval, be raised for repair of church of Dryshane, 
&e, ; and that 4«. 6d. per plowland be raised in the parishes of 
Killmeene and Drumbarry, for rebuilding the church of Kill- 

1682 (fo. 35). All overseers of public works presented by name 
for not bringing their accounts. 

(Fo. 36). Fees of High {Sheriff, Clerk of the Crown and 
Peace, to be stated and hung up in Court. 

(Fo. 38). No money to be raised at the Sessions for new 
works, but only for repairs, and with moderate summes, and 
upon baronys only, and not upon the county. 
1683, Aug. (51 fo.) We present that James Woode and Cook are 
vagrants, going about to seduce his Majesty's subjects, under 
pretence of religious meetings ; and that they congregate several 
phanaticks in Youghal and Moyallow, to the scandal of the 
Protestant religion, and in contempt of the Government. 

(Fo. 52). A salary of sixty pounds per ann., given to the 
Treasurer of the county, in lieu of 12 J. per pound formerly paid 
1687 ann. (fo. 97). We present that the Protestant clergy, under 
color of law, exact from the Roman Catholick subjects several 
suinmes of christening, purification, burying, and book mony ; 
and sue them in their spiritual courts, and commit them to 



prison, so dispeopling the conntrj, &c. ; tliat^ therefore, your 
Lordships would £skyourablj represent the same to the Govern- 
ment, or otherwise make such order that may hinder these incon- 
veniences ; and the rather, because the like duties are not de- 
manded in any other Christian country by the clergy, nor from 
any other but the Roman Gatholicks, who, by his Majesty's 
proclamation for liberty of conscience, are equally freed from 
all exactions and penalties, with all others differing from the 
Church of England. 
1688 (fo. 103). April. An infant, left in a house by a person 
unknown, is to be allowed by the parish 40«. per ann. tUl it is 
fit for service. 

(Fo. 109). That no presentments for assessing mony on the 
county at large, or on particular baronys or parishes, be made 
at the Quarter Sessions, but at the Assizes only. 

(Fo. 118). 12th March, 1688. We present that four hun- 
dred and twenty pounds be raised in the countv of Corke, to be 
paid to George Crofts, esq., who is forthwith to furnish the 
French fleet with fifty fat oxen, and four hundred fat weathers ; 
the same to be given to the Admiral, officers, and seamen of 
the said fleet, as a small acknowledgement of the universal 
thanks that is due to tliem from this kingdom in general, but 
from us more particularly, for transporting his Majesty hither, 
we having the first blessing of his Majesty's presence in this 
county, for which we and our posterity shall ever praise God ; 
George Crofts to be satisfied for grazing the said cattle till the 
return of the French fleet 
1690 (fo. 122). The next Assizes or General Gaol Delivery were 
held the 9th December, 1690. 

That the inhabitants within four miles of Bandon do contri- 
bute their labours towards the erecting and securing the walls 
of the said town thrown down by Papists. 

For the preventing the transportation of provisions. 

For due keeping of watch. 

That all Papists be committed who shall refuse to deliver 
their arms. 

That all cabins in the Irish quarter be demolished — ^the 
Leapwood to be cut down. 

A certain quantity of ha^, oats, and straw to be sent to their 
Majestys* stores, and satismction to be made according to their 
Majestvs* proclamation, 14th November, 1690. Upon refusal 
to send pay, <&c., the High Constables are to levy the value 
by distress. 

(128 fo., 23rd March, 1690). Against making Papists Petty 
Constables where there are Protestants fit to serve. 

(129 fo.) The Protestants of each parish to watch, and to 
levy 6d. for each man per night from the Popish inhabitants, 
by distress, if need be. 


1691. September. That every male inbabitant above sixteen years 
old to pay 6d, per week, and I2d, out of each inhabited plow- 
land, per week, for twelve weeks, to be disposed of as the 
Governor of the county, Sir Richard Cox, or the Commissioners 
of Array appointed to manage the Militia, shall think fit. 

Mr. oullivan presented as a fit person to be Treasurer, in the 
room of Mr. Hull, deceased. 

16th March, 1691. All persons that have received any of 
the public mony are to account for it ; and if they refuse they 
are to be committed to the county gaol. 

1692. 18th July, 1692. Edward Riggs having disbursed £1,337 
13«. 7d,j and received from the county, by pole and land 
tax, according to former presentments, but £1,212 14«. ll^d., 
the ballance due so, is to be raised out of the county. 

The arms brought in to the Justices of the Peace to be sent 
to the stores. 

1692. March 21. 12^. per week for each prisoner in bread, and to 
inquire of the Assize of Bread. 

Application for a commission of Oyer and Terminer monthly. 

One peny per mile forward, and Id, per mile back, to be 
paid the Constable that conveys prisoners to gaol. 

Against John Topham, and Lieutenant Dove, of Col. Boe's 
regiment, for levying mony on the lands of the parish of Kil- 
mocamoge, on pretence of an order for pressing horses to carry 
timber to Einsale. 

Against the town of Tonghal for refusing to raise their pro- 
portion of the publick mony of the county. 

Applications to the Government to prevent quartering of 
soldiers only in Corke^ Einsale, Bandon, Youghal. 

1693. July 20. Application to the Government for suppression of 
Bapparees and Torys. 

Coroner to take inquisition of them that dye in gaol. 
1693. September. Prisoners allowed but one penny per d!ay. 

Against John Folliott, esq., High Sheriff of the county of 
Corke, for setting at liberty David Barry als. Gnavee. 

1693. 12th March. Against Richard Hutchins for receiving printed 
news sent by a privateer, and superseding two Torys sent by 
mittimus to gaol. 

1694. August. That a capias issue against the Mayor of Tonghal, 
upon his refusal to pay the full applotments of assizes lEtnd ses- 
sions of Oyer and Terminer. 

An address to the Judge concerning the Popish clergy 
coming from beyond sea, and for suppressing Popish schools. 

A^inst several persons for not appearing npon the High 
Sherifi^s summons to pursue the Torys. 

The acknowledgements of the county to the Bev. Dean 
Davys, Will Ballani, John Raynes, esqrs., for their great ser- 
vices against the Toiys. 



Yougbal, Einsale, and Cloghakilty's proportion of mony 
assessed at the sessions to be raised, the said towns alledging 
thej are not subject but to the assizes presentments. 

1695. July. Against burning any land but such as is covered with 
matty furze, heath, kc. 

Against several persons that had left the kingdom and gone 
into France. 

Against Earl Olancarty, and others, supposed to be in this 
kingdom, who lately came from France, and others in this county 
ready to join them. Curia advizat. — That all records of the 
Clerk of the Crown, and all other records and papers of the 
county in the Treasurer's hands, be kept in the place under 
the Grand Jury room. 

1696. Aug. Against trespassers in the forfeited woods of this 

An old arrear of X700 is remitted to several baronies, and 
they are to pay instead thereof £180, which has been advanced 
by the Treasurer for the public use of the county. 

X303 ]9«. llc^. to be raised for several uses. 

Sir St. John Broderick and L. Clayton traverse the £70 on 
the county for Macrony bridge. 
Sir B. Cox and Sir Henry Echlin, knight~19th March, 1696. 
That John Mulconry, an Irish Priest, dec, are out on their 
keeping, and cannot be taken by warrant : we therefore pray 
they may be ordered to render themselves by a certain day to 
a Justice of the Peace, or that they may be proclaimed as 
rebels and traitors to the Government. 

Mony raised for 113 foxes — viz., £5 13«. 

1697. July. We present that Cornelius Crowly, als. Maddery, of 
Skibbareene ; Owen M'Owen, Sullivan, of Eilcaskin parish, 
&c., all Irish Papists, have taught school, and continue to do 
so, contrary to the Act. 

1698. April. The dispute between the county of Corke and the 
towne of YonghaUi be referred to the Judge at Cominons» 

The determination of the Judge in common, — (who determines 
that the town of Youghall is chargeable with their proportion 
of all summs of money raised on the said county of Corke by 
presentments at the assizes), is confirmed by the Judges, as 
well as Clonakilty, or any other town or barony for bridges, 

We present that P. Mnrrough, titular Vicar-General, and 
Dr. John Slyne, titular Bishop, remain in this kingdom, con- 
trary to the late Act. 

1699. 4Ui April. Names of above 60 persons indicted at this said 

Against several persons for destroying the spawning salmon, 
with torches, wisps, &c., by night. 
1701. 13th August, 1701. We present that John Connelly, for- 


merlj Vicar of Rossecarbery, still remains in this kingdonii 
contrary to the Act. 

£216 If. 9d, to be raised on the county for several uses, 
yiz., bridges, <lrc. ; Treasurer's salary, £30 ; Clerk of the 
Grown, for discharging of poor prisoDers, who were a great 
charge to the county. 

Several prisoners sentenced last assizes and reprieved — it is 
desired the Government would order them to be transported by 
Daniel Pierce, merchant, who is willing to transport the same. 
1702. 27th July. Certain fees to be taken on robberies, executions, 
&c., viz. : — ^Attorney, for drawing and reading the petition, 
3«. M, ; Counsel, IDs. ; Clerk of the Crown for warrant, 2<. 6d 
The constables before applotraent are to give notice to the 
principal inhabitants of the respective baronys. 

£20 to any person that shall bring in or kill a proclaimed 

Presentment concerning the trees to be planted throughout 
the county, according to the statute — the proportion of this 
whole county is tweuty-five thousand eight hunared, according 
to which computation and direction, nine trees is the propor- 
tion to be yearly planted on each plowland within the respec- 
tive baronies and parishes of this county. 

We present that John Slyne, titular Bishop of Corke, re- 
mains still in this kingdom, exercising ecclesiastical jurisdic- 
tion, contrary to the late Act 

£40 to be raised and levied of the goods and chattels of 
Charles McCarthy and Donogh MacCarthy ; £20 of it to be paid 
to Frances Parker, widow of Will Parker, who killed Callagh- 
ane M'Callaghane, a proclaimed Tory, and lost his life in the 
service ; the other £20 to be paid to Newel for bringing in a 
Tory. These Tories were the followers of Charles and Donagli 

Pbesentments of the Grand Jury of the County of Corke 
at the General Sessions of the Peace, held at Bandon, 4th 
April, 1676. 

We present that Marcus CuUane have 2d. per plowland out 
of the baronies of East Carbery, <&c, to be collected by the 
High Constables as a reward for discovering thieves. 

11th July, 1676. Against a person for presenting a bridge 
against the able men of the barony. 
1683. 17th April, 1683. Against a common Barreter. For way 
wardens to be appointed by the minister and churchwardens of 
each parish. 

10th July, 1683. We present Will Grady, a person excom- 
municated, outlawed, and a Roman Gatholick, for carrying 


about him a case of pisioUs^ ^c, to the terror of his Majesty's 
liege subjects. 

A retom to be made of all such as are fit to serve at assizes 
and sessions by two persons in each barony. 
1683. 8th January, 1683. Three persons named as fit to serve as 
High Constable in the barony of Orrery and Kilmore : one 
person of the three pitcht on by the Bench. 

Several other High Constables appointed. 

1685. 28th April, 1685. A salary to the High Constable of Mus- 
kery for his service and extraordinary sufferings. 

12th January, 1685. Ben Cottrell not to be summoned to 
assizes nor sessions by reason of his age and poverty. 

3d, per plowland to the Clerk of the Peace for his care in 
his office. 

1686. October. 4J. per plowland through the county for the army 
taking outlawed persons. 

XI 6 raised on the county, being honour mony lately paid by 
Laurence Clayton, High Sheriff, to the officers of his Excel- 
lency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in his progress through 
the county of Corke. 

1687. Macromp, 4th of October, 1687. £6 138. Ad. for the Coroner, 
for inquisitions taken on several persons that were poor, out of 
the parishes where the inquisitions were taken. 

Macromp, 10th January, 1687 (qu. 1688). 2<. 6d, per plow- 
land through the barony of Muskery and Barrets, be raised 
for a free school to be kept at Macromp, and that Dr. Donagh 
Swyny, Dr. in Divinity, Civil and Canon Law, Apostolical Pro- 
tonotary, and Tiege 0*Conor, priest, are fit persons to instruct 
children in humanity, philosophy, divinity, and French, and to 
be absolute masters of the said school— -curia — this present- 
ment to continue during the pleasure of the county only. 

1688. Macromp, April, 1688. Several Petty Constables appointed 
in the barony of Bear and Bantry. 

No beggar to wander, bnt to abide in his own parish, men- 
dicant fryars and other religious persons and orders alwaies 
excepted and fore prized. 

10th July, 1688. Whereas by a presentment at the Court 
Leet about May last, at Killerea, in the barony of Muskery, 
1«. Gd. per plowland throughout the said barony was found 
by the body of the said barony for the High Constable for his 
service; we present that the said Constable doth well deserve 
the said 1$. 6d, to be collected for him by the High and Petty 
Constables of the said barony. 

p. curian referred to the assizes. 
No sessions till 
1690. 3rd January, 1690. On order of Kuben Huddy from the 
Lords Justices and Council, we present that the summe of one 
hundred and seaven pounds in lieu of sixty-nine oows and 


sixty heifers^ taken by rapparees since the 19tli of December, 
be levy'd on the Popish inhabitants of the barony of Killnatal- 
loon, &c. 

For strict keeping of watch. 

That every Irish man bring in his arms within 10 daies, or 
otherwise to be accounted rebels against the Government. 

1691. 11th May, 1691. Every male inhabitant above sixteen years 
to pay three half-pence per week from the 15th of April laat^ 
to be disposed of by order of the Governor of said connty, or 
the Crommissioner of Array. 

The militia to have liberty to graze their horses in meadows 
— com excepted. 

14th July, 1691. Every male inhabitant, «fcc., to- "pay ^x 
pence per month, and 28, 6d. per plowland inhablti^^eekly. 

The Lords Justices letter : — We have received an account 
that the Irish who were in arms, and have submitted, or are 
included in articles granted, are ill-treated, contrary to publick 
fjEkith and justice, and many of them desire to go to France, 
who designed to stay at home ; we, therefore, require yon to 
call a publick sessions where you are to declare, that it is their 
Majestys* pleasure that the Irish that have submitted, &o., 
shall enjoy their Majestys* protection, and that justice be done 
against all that shall commit robbery or violence upon them. — 
19th Nov., 1691. Tour loving friends, Obarles Porter, Tho'. 

At a Special Sessions of the Peace at Corke, 10th of Decem- 
ber, 1691, Colonel John St. Leger presented for the forcible 
detaining of the lands of Ballinemony, and that Sir Mat Dean 
be forthwith restored to the possession of the said lands. 

The pole mony to cease, and the last tax on the plowlands 
to be restored to the chief tenants, there being no necessity for 
the militia. Limerick being reduced, and the war at an end. 

The persons under protection to enjoy the benefit thereof, 
and that two Justices in each barony compose all trespasses 

12th of January, 1691 (qu. 1692). That Capt. Edw. Bourke 
and his Irish soldiers be represented to the Government for 
plundering the inhabitants of Duhallo, more than their Ma- 
jestys* army did heretofore. 

1692. April, 1692. Against several persons for not delivering their 

Persons appointed as way wardens 

10th of January, 1692 (qu. 1693). A watch to be kept at 
the beacons, erected near the sea side, to be set on fire upon 
an invasion of this kingdom. 

1693. January, 1693. High Constables to retnm a list of those that 
are fit to serve at assizes, and of such as are fit to serve at 

Ivi BISHOP D0WNE8* M88. 

1694. 10th Jan. 1694. Three hundred pounds to be raised out 
of the county, to be disposed of as Rowland Davys, Dean of 
Rosse, Edward Hoare, kc, shall order for the publiok use, and 
particularly for rewarding those that are employed in reduc- 
ing and destroying the Torys. 

1695. April, 1695. Desiring the court to address the Govemment 
for the execution of Crowley, formerly condemned. 

July, 1695. Prophauers of the Sabbath to be punished. 
October, 1695. Alex. Barrington presented for levying more 
money on his barony than he had warrant for. Traversed. 

1696. April, 1696. That there are four fryars in the Abby of Timo- 
leage, and two fiyars in the Abby oi Bantry. 

12th of Jan. 1696. That Britton, the present High Con- 
stable, is necessitated to go out of the kingdom, therefore we 
S resent Edm. Cook, &c., as fit persons for High Constables of 

Fiat quoad Cook, if Britton leave the kingdom, to be sworn 
before Col Ja. Barry. 

1698. May, 1698. To pull down several wears made cross the river 
Ballineboy, in the parish of Ballineboy. 

July, 1698. That Tiege Dash had a harper playing in his 
house on the Sabbath day, contrary to the Act. 

That Will Barret is a common swearer and blasphemer. 

1699. July, 1699. Against N. Green for stopping a high rode. Cap. 
to issue, and the nuisance to be remov'd. 

Against Eliz. Dennis for being a whore, and keeping a com- 
mon bawdy house. 

1700. April, 1700. For making up the walls of Bandon by the labour 
of the Papists, inhabitants of the parishes of Kilbrogan, Aw. 

)701. July, 1701. We present that John Barry, als. Snavee, of 
Ballihoura, &c, are Torys in arms, and abroad on their keeping, 
and we desire your Worships to represent it to the Government, 
that they may be proclaimed according to the Act. 

The Widow Jeffer*s house, in Bandon, presented as dangerous 
to passengers. 

1702. 12th of Jan. We present that Richard Gaiy, late of Moy- 
alloc, tanner ; George Davys, yeoman, &c., are Torys in arms 
upon their keeping. We desire, therefore, your Worships 
would represent, &c., that they may speedily be proclaimed. 

Oonceming Pet Murragh, Tit. Vicar-General, December, 

Peter Murragh was formerly, upon a Commission of Oyer 
and Terminer, tried for staying in the kingdom, contrary to 
the Act for banishing the Titular Archbishops, &c. 

He was charged with being Vicar-Genend of Corke. The 


evidence against him not being strong enough for his convic- 
tion, he was discharged. This happened about three years 

Some months ago Peter Mnrrogh, by vertue of a warrant, 
with a mittimus contained in it from Alaerman Newinham, was 
seized by a Constable in Corke, and committed to the city gaol, 
as P<^ish Yicar-General of Oorke. 

'Tis said that Peter Murrogh since his tryal did own to 
Alderman Newinham that he had been formerly Yicar-General 
of Oorke, and that this was the ground of his commitment. 
He owned also he was Yicar-General to the Constable. 

An Account of Lands belonging to ye See of Corke. 

The Book of Reference to the Map of Survey of the Barony of 
East and West Carbury, whereunto are annexed two Alphabetical 
Indexes. The first, of the several denominations of the lands ; the 
second, of the names of the respective Proprietors, in the year one 
thousand six hundred and forty-one ; the third, of particular obser- 

This is called the Estimate Survey, and was taken (a.d. 1653,) 
by Commissioners in each barony, according to information given 
upon oath by the people of the country. 

The Commissioners for East and West Carbury were Henry 
Becher, esq., &c. 

The first draught of this survey remains in the hands of Thomas 
Becher, of Inniskirkin, esq. 

Parish of Fanlobish, Neduneh, Bp. of Corke, 6 plowlands, 1,000a. 
arable, 200a. pasture, 50a. unprofitable. Five plowlands of Neduneh 
are situate on the north side of the river Bandon, and the sixth on 
the south. Parish of Inchidunnig, Dizart, Bp. of Bosse, propr., 2 
plowlands, 600a. 

Same parish, Benian, Bp. of Bosse, but claimed by Capt. Hull, 
in lease, 3 gneeves, 32a. The same parish, Cathirdufie, Bp. of B., 
but claimed as above, 3 gneeves, 33a. Same parish, Drumbeg, the 
Earl of Corke is said to be propr., 6 gneeves, 150a. Observation, 
qu. : whether Droumbeg be or be not Bishop's land. 

Parish of Bosse belongeth to the bishoprick of Bosse : — 1 plow- 
land of Gurrancore; 6 gneeves of TuUoghgeehy; 6 gneeves of Far- 
ranacantry ; 2 plowlands, 600a. ; Downings, 3 plowlands, 888a. ;. 
Gnllane, 1 plowland, 294a. 

Upon the 3 plowlands of Kiloroghan is a church and 2a« of 

Upon the 9 plowlands of Skull are the walls of a church, with 
4a. of glebe. 


In the parish of Eilmoe : — Claimed by Oapt. Hnll, E.P., 18 
gneeves of Doagh; 9 gneeves of Letter; 4 gneeres of Birraghill; 

3 gneevee of Immelagh; and 3 gneeves of ; 3 plowlands, 

1 gneeve, dOOx. Gapt. Hull said to be Lessee. Belongeth to the 
brick, of Oorke, Crookhaven, 1 plowland, 6 gueeves. Captain 
Hull claimeth 1 plowland, 14 gneeves, E.P.; Derm Bag, 4| gneeves, 
I.P. ; Ballivoige, 1 plowland, 6 gneeves, 180a. Belongeth to the 
bishoprick of Corke, but claimed by Capt. Hull, in lease, Carreny- 
glavin, 1 plowland, 6 gneeves. 

In the parish of Skull : — Belongeth to the bishoprick of Rosse, 
but claimed by Capt. Hull, E.P., 3 plowlands of Skull in islands, 
viz., Castle Island, and the two western Calves, 3 plowlands ; total 
acres, 129. Belongeth to the bishoprick of Rosse, but claimed by 
Capt. Hull, E.P., Skull, 9 plowlands, 330a. arable, 1,430a. pasture, 
550a. unprofitable, nil wood. 

In the parish of Kilmoe : — Don. G'Mehighane, I.P., but mort' 
to Dominic, 1^ plowlands, I.P. ; 1 plowland, 6 gneeves of Castle- 
mehigan ; 1 plowland, 6 gneeves of Eilbarry ; and 5 gneeves of 
Maultercormack ; 3 plowlands, 5 gneeves j total, 470a. — 20a. arable, 
270a. pasture, nil wood, 180a. unprofitable. 

In the parish of Rosse : — 1 plowland of Cahirmore, 1 plowland 
of Treahane east of that, 9 gneeves of Maulireagan north of that, 9 
gneeves of Glaunbrack north of that, 9 gneeves of Maultenevally 
west of that, 9 gneeves of Carrigrehane west of that, 9 gneeves of 
Carigfaddagh north of that ; 5 plowlands, 9 gneeves ; total, 2,330a. — 
450a. arable, 1,050a. pasture, nil wood, 800a. unprofitable. 

In the parish of Fanlobish : — ^Nednneah, 6 plowlands, nil gneeves ; 
total, 1,250a. — 1,000a. arable, 200a. pasture, nil wood, 50a. un- 

Humphry Crowley pays 6«. an acre for part of the Downings 
which lies near the town of Rosse, for 30a. 

The other tenants pay £3 per gneeve for the Downings. Merigoe 
pajB for the 3 plowlands of Doogh Letter and Barroghill, and for 
the 1 plowland and 1^ gneeves of Ballivoige, to Mr. Hull £28 per 

There are three books of the county Corke. In the custody of 
the Treasurer of the county of Corke, is (1) a large parchment 
book, in folio, intituled — '' A Survey of the county of Corke, ab- 
stracted out of the Survey remaining upon record in the Surveyor- 
Generars Office, subscribed by Vin. Gookin, Surveyor-General." 
This seems to be the oldest and most unperfect of the three books 
of Survey in the said Treasurer's hands. It seems to be abstracted 
out of the Survey of only the forfeited lands taken in CromwelPs 

2. A large book of maps, describing the nnforfeited lands in the 
county of Corke. Two or three parishes are usually described in 
one map. On the opposite side to the map, are in several oolumns 
set down, the proprietors* names, denominations of the lands, quantity 



of acres by admeasurement, lands profitable, and lands unprofitable. 
On the other side is a transcript of the first page of this book. This 
admeasurement was made ann. 1659. 

3. A paper book, in folio, which contains a description of all the 
lands forfeited and unforfeited in the county of Corke, without 
maps. As for the unforfeited lands, it agrees for the most part with 
the parchment book aforesaid, so that it does in a manner contain 
both the above said books. On the third page of this paper is a 
transcript of the first page of this book. 

P&rt of this book contains the admeasurement made by a resolve 
of the Commissioners of Assessment for the county of Corke, 
bearing date Sept. 6, 1659. 

An Index of the Baronies' Names, and Quantities of Acres 
in each of them, is in the Book (No. 2) of Maps of Unfor- 
feited Lands. 

No. Baronies Names. 

1. Toughal Liberties, 

2. Immokilly, 

3. Barrimore, 

4. Killnatallone, . 

5. Condon and Olangibbons,. 

6. Armoy, als. Fermoy, • 
7; Orrery and Kilmore, 

8. Duhallo, 

9. Mallo Manor, • 

0. Barretts, • 

1. Muskery, 

2. Blarney Manor, 

3. N. k S. Liberties of Oorke, 
5.JKirricurrihy, • 
T.jEinsale Liberties, 

8. Einealmeaky, • 

9. Ibane and Barriro, 

20. Carbnry, 

21. Beare and Ban try. 

Profitable Lands. 
































































































































1 33 



No. Baronies^ Names. 

1. YoQghal Liberties, 

2. Immokilly, 

3. Barrimore, * 

4. EilleDatallooDe, 

5. Condons & Glongibbons, 

6. Armoy, als. Fermoy, . 

7. Orrery and Kilmore, . 

8. Duhallo, 

9. Mallo Manor, • 

10. Barrets, 

11. Muskery, 

12. Blarney Manor, 

13. N. & S. Liberties of Cork, 

14. Kinalea, 

16. Kirricurrihy, 
,g fCouraey, 

' [Einsale Libirties, 

17. Kinalmeaky, . 

18. Ibane and Ibarriroe, . 

19. Carbury, 

20. Beare and Bantry, 

The total is, « 

>f Gorki 

s in 

the Nc 

). 3 Paper Book. 

Profitable Lands. 
































































































































The Paper Book, without Maps, in the hands of the Treasurer 

of the County of Cork. 
Part of ye Barony of Barrymore : 

Containt Olebe. 
A. A. 

Little Island Parish, 965 3 

Kilnilane p., 




ConUint Olebe. 

Temple Qsqne, 






26060 13 

Aglish parish, . 0971 
Owens, . . 0393 

Kilnaglory, . . I486 
Desart, . .0138 
Bridget's parish, . 0189 
St. Pinbarry's parish, 0538 

Part of Barrett's Barony: 

Profit Glebe. 


Of mount. 

. Profit 

Eerrigroghanemore, 0489 
Innishkerry, als. 

Desart^ . 0450 






Part of the Barony of Muskery : — 



Profit. Olebe. 





Ovens parish, . < 



. 1736 


St. Finbarry's 

i Kilbonane, 

. 2138 


parish, . 







Desartmore, • 



• of Muskery :— 



Profit. GlebCL 





Moviddy parish, « 












Kanaway, • 
Maclonehy, . 














Kilmichel, . 





North Liberties of Corke : — 



Profit. Glebe. 





Carraghkippan, . 




. 4314 





Shandou par.. 

. 2705 


Lands on the South of Corke : — 

Profit < 




Statehinds, a parcel 


of Bishop's land, 

South Liberties of Corke : — 

. 0064 



Profit Olebe. 





Finbarry*8 parish, 


Ballinobny, . 

. 199 

Garrigoline, . 


Kilnoglory, . 

. 409 

KillinuUy, . 



. 1035 


Inskenny, . 


Barony of Einalea : — 



Profit Glebe. 





Part of DunderroWj 







. 0436 

Part of Innishonan, 



. 2356 






. 1304 

Part of Tazaxon, . 



. 1246 






. 1892 





.. 1343 



Part of Carigoline, . 206 




. 1180 


Part of Dunderrow. 

, 6615 


. 2061 



Traoton Abby, part, 2558 



Kirecurrihy Barony: — 


Templebredj, . 1746 
The Impropriation 

of Monketown, . 82i 

Profit Glebe. 




Ballineboj, . 
Kilpatrick, • 
Byrnihely, . 

The Liberties of Einsale : 

Profit Glebe. 

Dunderrow, . 


Part of Ballimartel, 249 





Clonefead, . 
Rincurraue, . 

Einalmeakj Baronj : — 

Profit Glebe. 

Breenee, part, 







Ibaune and Barriroe Baronj : 

Profit Glebe. 

Timoleage, • 









Eilkerane more, 

Profit Cffebe. 
A. A. 

. 1568 


. 235 

. 158 

. 3307 

. 1792 


Profit Gleb«. 

A. A. 

1727 5 


868 3 

Profit Glebe. 

A. A. 




Profit Glebe. 










Extract out of the Books of Survey of the Coitntt of 
CoBKK, kept in the hands of the Treasurer of the said 

Barony of Eericurreby : — 

The Impropriation of Monkstown ^* 

Monkstown, • • • . . 828 2 

A parcel in controversy with Robertstown, . ] 14 


Byrnehehy parish : — 

In two parcels. 

842 2 

A. B. P. 

. 238 



Riniskiddy parish : — 

AnUo * paat. 

Arable & past 

A. R. P. 

A. ] 

a. p. 

Francis Boyle, esq^ proprietor — 

Part of Ballybrian, 

. 25 

1 10 

Riniskiddy, als. Ri ns- 

•f ' 

kiddy, part of Bal- 


1 10 

ly brian, . . 133 

Barony of 

Oarbury : — 

Profit Glebe. 
A A 



Ballymodan, . 1815 12 

Temple-o-malns, . 




Rathdarin, . 5481 



KUmalody, • 3074 10 



Fart of Timoleagae, 350 



Desert, . 6009 

Kilfangfanabeg, . 


Kenneth, . • 8694 19 



Fanlobish, . .21209 



Part of Kilmahil, 2371 



Drinagh, . . 5696 



Ballimony, . 4112 27 

Capeclear, . 


Kilmine, . . 4088 

Affadowne, . 


KiJgarriffe, . 2483 



Islands, als. Inchi- 



donie, . .1074 



Castroventry, . 1855 



Temple-m'quinlan, 580 




Bear and Banti 

ry Baronies : — 

Profit. Glebe. 
A. A 



Kilmacomoge, . 25672 3* 






Eillahaninagh, .22122 



Kilkaterine, . 4065 13 

Barony of 

Goorsey : — 

Profit. Glebe. 

A A 



Ringrone, . . 3307 





Killroane, . . 502 


'* Letter to the Lord Archbishop of Cashel concerning the Guardian 

of the Spiritualtyes." Not. 13, '94. 

My Lord — As to the Queeres, my present thoughts upon them 
are these — ^that the Archbishop is Guardian of the Spiritualties in 
the vacancy of the Bishoprics in his province ; this the authorities 

* In two paroelB. 


cited bj Godolphin seem to prove ; unless tbere be some particular 
constitution to the contrary. [Godolpb., Abridge., p. 41 — Sed Queere.] 
And, besides, T think I have heard that it is so in the province of 
Ardmagh, and I do believe it is so in this province, but I have not 
time now to enquire particularly into it. I suppose he has by some 
act acknowledged you to be Guardian of the Spiritualties. 

As to the second. — I suppose the power of the Vicar-General 
ceases upon the vacancy of the Bishopric — so says Barbosa de jure 
ecclesi., de vicar., et coadju. epi. No. 44 ; and I know, that Sir 
John Topham, upon the vacancy of the See of Dublin, takes out a 
new commission from the Beans and Chapters of Ghristchurch and 
St Patrick's, as Guardians of the Spiritualties, and besides a Vicar- 
General has very rarely the power of institution granted to him in 
his commission. 

As to the third. — I suppose he may be cited and censured in your 
court, and the institution be declared null unless there be some par- 
ticular constitution or prescription in the diocese of Cloyne, which 
makes the Deane and Chapter Guardian of the Spiritualties, and 
that he acted by virtue of a commission from them ; and I dou*t 
know what other court can properly take cognizance of it. [6th 
Dec., de off. vie. c. p. Amana Ecclesia.] 

As to the last — I suppose there lyes no appeal from Cashel to 
the Primate, that provence being no way subordinate to the See of 
Ardmagh, the Primate having no authority but in his own province, 
unless it be in wills and faculties for as much as I know of the 
matter, so that if there be any appeal it must be to the King in 

Tourpredecessor, Marsh, told me, that in the last vacancy of the 
See of ETillalloo, he granted a commission for the administration of 
the Spiritualties. The Primate was Guardian of the Spiritualties 
when Dromore was last vacant. 

If neither the Archbishop of Cashel nor the Dean and Chapter 
shew any precedents nor prescription, the question will then be — 
to whom of common right the Guardianship of the Spiritualties 
does belong ? The books generally say, that the Dean and Chapter, 
of common right, are Guardians of the Spiritualties — sede vacante, 
custodia spiritualium et temporalium de jure communi pertinet ad 
capitulum. [Lyndwood.] 

The lawyers say the common law of England is the same with 
the common law of Ireland. 

When there is a controversy between a Bishop and Archbishop 
concerning jurisdiction, the King is to declare their bounds. [Godolp., 
p. 18.] 

The Archbishop may not exercise his jurisdiction over the sub- 
jects of his suffragan but in certain cases. Hostiensis enumerates 
twenty-one cases. [Godolp., p. 19.] 

The King's letter [is necessary] to stop any patent ; so that, I 
suppose, your patent will remain of force. 


But the case of the institution is not altered, but is voyd now if it 
was 60 before ; and the person that instituted maj be proceeded 
against for meddling with a thine that he had no riffht to meddle in. 

The persons that had grants of the lirings hare been deky'd, it 
seems, so long, that there has been opportunity given to defeat 
their grants. 

Stat, concerning citations out of the diocese— -Archiep. potest 
ezcommunicare Vicarium Epi., si deliquit circa officinm commissum 
— si peccaret in iis quie sunt jurisdictionis. [Barbossa de archiepis. 
sen metrop' no. 30.] 

Archiepus. potest punire crimina notoria subditorum suffinganei. 
[Spala., YoL i., p. 454.] 

Ex ecclesiastica consuetudine et jure canonico non jure dirino 
metropolitanus est episcopus animarum suornm suffraganeorunu 
[Spalatensis. vol. i., p. 455.J 

Metropolitanus judex ordinarins sufiraganeorum. [Spa!., p. 456.] 
Convocata Synodo ex Gregorii magni responso ad Inter Auffust — 
A rchiepi Cantuarii ne Arelatensis palliatus privetur authoritate in Epo. 

Canon apost. 33 Epi nihil prseter conscientiam capitis gerant poanie 
a metrop. illatse Epis. Ric. Gantuar' suspendit a diyinis Ep. ob turba- 
tam alterius Epi jurisdictionem [p. 458] [p. 459] — Quidquid potest 
ecclesia tota in episcopos id potest Metrop' in suffraganeos ipsius, 
enim nomine inter comprovinciales Epos, ille pneest. [p. 464] — 
Cone. Sardicensi — Qui ejicitur facultatem habet confiigiendi ad 
Epum. metropolis ut ipsius causa diligenter cognoscatur. 

Causas devolvi ad metropol. per appellationem etiam nova jura 
confirmant — de offic. Leg. c. cum non. 

Ex negligentia Eporum. etiam caus» subditorum derolyunt ad 
metropolitanum. Unusquisq. Epns. est universalis jure divine sed 
jure eccleaiastico ordinarie metropolitanus solus debet supplere 
negligentiam Epi nnllo negotio excepto. 

Notoria crimina subditor — suor — suffrag. libere corrigat Metro- 
poll decens 0. Romana 6. Quod Abbas intelligit non solum in 
visitatione. [Spal., p. 465.] 

Patriarchie metropol itanorum consecrationem habuerunt [p. 480], 
etiam jurisdictionem in illos. 

Non omnes ecclesiae subjectse sunt patriarchis [p. 487] sed illfld 
BolsB qufe erant illis subjectsB tempore Concilii Nicsani. 

At the end of Bishop Dowhbs' manuscript is stuck in a printed 
copy of Letters Patent of King William III., dated 7th of April, 
11th of the King [a.d. J, addressed to the Archbishops and 

Bishops of Ireland, authorizing and directing a collection in aid of 
the Yandois inhabiting the valleys on this side of the River Cluson 
(whose distressed state is set forth at length) to be made after the 
5th of May, which was appointed for a day of General Fastiug and 

Dublin : Printed by Andrew Crook, xdczoix. 



This is endorsed on the Inside: — ^ Brief to collect money for 
the Yaudois, 1699. Collected, £380 5s. ed. dear." 

And on the back Is the following note : — " The account on the 
other side was retnmed to me by Dr. Walter Neale, Yicar-General 
of the dioceases of Gorke and Rosse, on the 6th day of this instant 
September ; and the summe of three hundred eighty pounds five 
ehilla. and aixpence (being the whole summe coUected upon the brief 
for the Yaudois and other refugiez therein mentioned, in the dio- 
cesses of Oorke and Eosse, over and above the apparitor's fees 
allowed by the said brief), according to order of the Commissioners, 
was paid by me to Warham Jemmet, esq.. Collector of the Customs 
at Corke, on the said 6th day of this instant September. As wit- 
ness my hand, this 8th day of September, 1699. 

« D. C. R. 
'* To the Right Honourable John Methuen, esq.. 
Lord High Chancellor of the kingdom of 
Ireland, and the rest of Uie Commissioners 
appointed to receive the money collected 
npon the brief for the Yaudois, io/* 



The Ancient and Modern Names of the Parishes of Clotnb, 
taken frora the Diocesan Register, written bj the Right 
Reverend Matthew M^Kenna, R.G. Bishop of Cloyne and 
Ross, in the year 1785.* 

Names, Modem. Ancient. 

Aghada, consisting Ahada 
of — Rostellan. 









Ahioa . 

Ballinamona . 

BallydoaghandKil- Ballyclogh and 

Patron Saints. 
St. Erasmus. 

Dedicated to Purification 

of B. V. 
Dedicated to Nativity of 

Dedicated to the Holy 

St. Rnan. 
St Nicholas. 
Ste. Cranette. 
Ste. Maiy Magdalen. 
St. Michael. 


Cooline and Dri- Dedicated to the Holy 

Dedicated to B.y. 


Blarney and White- 


Oastlelyons . 



Kilmacdonog . 

Qarrivow . 
lochtermorow • 
Whi teOhurch and 


Temple-Mary . 

Britbway . 
Cool • * 

Ahabollog . 

St. Mathew. 
St. Michael. 
St. Peter ad Yincula. 
Dedicated to the Holy 

Dedicated to the B.Y. 
Dedicated to the B.V. 
Dedicated to the B.V. 
Ste. Gobineta. 

Ste. Bridget 
Dedicated to B.V. 

St. Nicolas. 
Ste. Bridget 

Dedicated to the EV. 
St. Colman. 
St Eohw. 

* This document was kindly given to the author by the present B.C. 
Bishop of Cloyne, the Bight Reverend William Eeane, d.d. 



Names, Modern. 

Ballyhooly . 

Charleville . 


Goyne . 

Gonna or Oariglas • 




Glan worth 







Glonmeen . 
Kilcorny . 
Eilteskin . 

Doneraile • 







. Eilballano . 

Tnllaleas . 
. Glanworth 

• Eilsanig • 

Grenach . 
Mogeely . 
Glonmmt . 
Gloon-Roe . 

Patron SainU. 
Dedicated to B.Y. 

Dedicated to Nativity of 

Dedicated to Exaltation of 
the Holy Gross. 

St FurssBua. 
St. Nicholas. 
St. Golman. 
St. Nicolas. 
Dedicated to B.V. 
Ste. Machua, sister to Mac 
Gon or Golman. 

Ste. Gatherine. 
Ste. Golumba. 

Dedicated to the Nativity 
of the B.V. 

St. Rouanus. 

St. Lactine. 

St. Molaisse. 

Dedicated to the Assump- 
tion of B.V. 

Dedicated to the Purifica- 
tion of B.V. 

Dedicated to the Assump- 
tion of B.V. 

St. Benignns. 

St. Michael. 

Dedicated to the Invention 
of the Holy Gross. 

St. Bernard. 

Dedicated to the B.V. 

Ste. Gatherine. 

St. Sannagh or Bennagh 

St Lactine. 
Dedicated to the B.V. 
St Lawrence. 
St Peter. 
Dedicated to the Holy 




Karnes, Modem. 


Patron Saints. 


Eildorrery . 


St. Bartholomew. 


St Golman. 


St Molagga. 


Dedicated to the Immacu- 
late Gonception of B.Y. 

St. Nicolas 

St Nicolas. 


EiUeah . 

St Farrel. 


St Glassine. 


St James. 


Eilworth . 

St Martin. 

Macrony . 

Dedicated to the B. V. 


As supposed to the B.y. 

Eilmurry . 

Dedicated to the B.y. 



St Lactine. 

LisoarroU, and 

LiscarroU • 

Dedicated to the Parifica- 
tion of the B.Y. 

Oharchtown . 


St Nicolas. 


Lisgoold . 

St Macodom. 


Dedicated to the B.Y. 

Temple-Beodan • 

St John the Baptist 






Dedicated to the Nativity 
of the B.Y. 


Marsfaalstown . 

Dedicated to theB.V. 

Brigown . 
Midleton . 

St Finachin. 


Dedicated to the B.Y. 

Ballynachtracb . 

St GaUachan. 





St John the Baptist 

Newmarket . 


St. Brandin. 

Qaeenstown . 


St John the Baptist. 



Dedicated to the B.Y. 

{Shandnim^ Patron 




Yoaghal . 

Dedicated to the Assump- 

tion of the B.Y. 



The Parishes of Ross, with 
Saints, as kindly furnished 
Rev. Michael O'Hea, d.d., R. 


1. Timoleague, and 
Eilmaloody . 

2. Abbeymahon, and 

3. Rathbarry, and 

4. Eilgarave . 

5. Kilmeen, and • 
Oaetleventry • 

6. Rosscarbery • 

7. Kilmaoobea . 

8. Oastlehaven, and 
Myross . 

9. Skibbereen (as believed), 

and Creagh 

10. Tullagh . 
Cape Clear 
Sherkin . 

11. A&down 
Kiicoe . 

the Names of their 
to the author by th( 
C. Bishop of Ross. 

Patron Saints. 

Nativity of B. V.M. 

St. Mulooda, 

St. Bernard. 


St. Michael. 

St. James. 

Nativity of B.V.M. 

Dedicated to the Holy Cross. 

St. Malis. 

St. Quinlan. 

St. Marine 

Dedicated to the Holy Trinity. 

St. Faughnan, son of Mongach* 

St. Eieran. 


St. Faghna. 

St. Barrachane. 

St. Brigid. 

St. Patrick. 



St. Kieran. 

St. Connail. 

St. Congallns. 






Ab. or Abb. 
ad. or adm. 
Burke's L. G. 
Gaulfield MSS. 

C.B. • 


coll. Epi. 



E. Ecca, Eccia, or Ecclia. 

Imp. improp. impropriata 
Lib. Man. . 
M.B. or Mar. Bond . 
M.L. . • 


MS. T.C.D. 

P. or Preb. . 



B. Rec. Reet. 

R.V. KI.A. 

R.V. 1615 . 
R.V. 1634 . 

Tax. P. Nic. 


V. or Vic . 


V.B. D.R. . 

V.B. 1699. D.D. 

Vic. Chor. . 

Abbas or Abbatbiam. 
Admittitur, or admissns fait. 
Sir Bernard Burke's " Landed Gentry." 
Manuscripts of Richard Caulfieldi esq.. 

Chapter Book. 

Chorum or choraL 

Collatione Episcopi. 

Cotton's " Fasti Ek^clesise Hibemic»." 

Diocesan Registry. 


Family Papers. 

Impropriator, impropriate. 

Liber Munerum Hibemiaa. 

Marriage Bond. 
„ Licence. 
,, Settlement 

Manuscript in Trinity College Lib- 
rary, Dublin. 

Prebend. Prebendary. 

Perpetual Curate or Curacy. 


Rectory or Rector. 

Royal visitation in the Royal Irish 

Royal Visitation of the year 1615. 

Royal Visitation of 1634, now in the 
Consistorial Office, Dublin. 

Taxation of Pope Nicholas. 

Ulster's Office. 

Vicar or Vicarage. 

Visitation Book. 

„ in Diocesan Registry. 

Visitation Book of 1699 by Bishop 
Dive Downes. 

Vicar or Vicarage Choral. 



Tho Deans of Cobk will be found at page 326^339 


























YiOARB Chokal 







15 — 1 Debmitius M'^Eolivob. 

1581. Feb. 3. Donatus Edmund Moboohen (vice M'Eglinge de- 
pnyed) was admitted V. de Maall als Aglish. 1 give the 
record of his admission entire : — ^* Idem Epos (Matheus 
Shejn) oontulit vicariam EcdisB Beatse Marie de Maall als 
Agalis Donate Edmundi Moroghen Corcagen dice, clerico per 
deprivationem dermitii mtt Eglinge tunc vacantem cum dis- 
pensatione de non premovendo ad septeniam studiorura causa 
3 fiebruariiy 1581^. Inductub in pOem dictus donatns per Archi- 
diaconum. PhiL Gold^ Registrar." [Ist Book of Cork Registry^ 
fol. 51.] 

1591. DoHATvs O'MoBOUOH laicus Vicar de Aglis propter defec* 
turn sacrorum ordinum et manifestam contumaciam deprivatus. 
[MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1615. July 12. TuoMAS Datibs adm. Vicar de Aglis. [F.F.] He 
was also P. Inskenny, q. v. 

Agglis Hectr. Magister de Mora et Preb. de Eilbrogan. 
Spectat ad Hospit. de Mora. Ecclesia et cancella in minis. Y ic. 
Thomas Davies, Min Legens. Val. 4 li. [R.V. 1615. B.I.A.] 

K de Aglis spectat ad Abb. de Grany et Preb. de Eilbrogan. 
Cormack Sonagh Carty et John Snary Cllcus firmarii. Value 
to Cormack Donogh, 7 li. per an. Vicarius ibm. Thomas Davies. 
Val. 7 H. per an. [R.V. 1634.J 

1634. Decem. 19. Moboan Mubdyn. B. Eilnemartery et V. 
Aglish [P.P.] 

Una Bectoria de Aglis spectat ad Mora, altera ad P. de 
Eilbro^n John Snary* Ecclesia ruinata, Desunt omnia. 
Vicar. Morgan Mundyn. [V.B., 1639.1 

1663. May 21. Bbbbabd rAOKiBoroN, d.d., V. Moviddy, Eilbonane, 
and Aglis. [F.F.] And also Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1674. May 27. KiohabdSino, V. Moviddy, Eilbonane, and Aglish, 
and EilottUy ; also V. Whitechurchy in Cloyne. [F.F.] And 
Archdeacon ^ Cork, q. r. 



1688. Sept. 5.ZA0HABIA8 Bsalt, a.b. (per mort-SingX V. Moviddy, 
EilbonaDe, and Aglis, quibus yieariis rect. imp. unitae sant 
per Itras Dni. Regis. [p.B.] 

In 1691. Braly eat m Anglia. [V.B., D.R.] 
Vide Gurrograngemore, Boss. 
1697. Ang. 27. John Wetevhall (per mort. Bralj), V. Moviddy, 
Eilbonane, et Aglis, et P. Oorrograngemore, Ross. [F.F.], 
quibus Yieariis rectorias improp&taa de Moviddy et Aglish, 
per Itras patent. Regis unite sant cam clansnlaonionis. [D.R.] 
He was also Archdeacon of Cork. 

Moviddy cbarch in repair. Sermon every Sunday. Sacra- 
ment three times a year. [y.B. 1699, D.D.] 

''Oct. 16, 1700. Saw Aglish Church. (Aglish means 
charch in Irish.) It stands on the top of a hiU. 

''Aglish Church built with stone and lime. South wall is 
down. It lies north-east of Moviddy Ohnrch. • • . The 

ehurch-yard contains at least an English has been 

cut off n*om the west end about half • • • . by a . . . 
flax was sowed in it. Memorand. : to speak to the Arch- 
deacon. There seems to be the foundation of a house in the 
west part of it. 

''About five English acres of glebe on the S. of the charch 

near it ; belongs About seven or eight 

Protestant families in this parish ; they go to Moviddy Church, 
which is at least three miles distant from Aglish Church. 

"About thirty plowlands in this parish, of indifferent good 
land. The lands of this parish belonged to the Earl of Clan- 

carty and Colonel Macarthy, of Aglish. Croneen was 

Popish Priest of this parish, and of Ballivoumy. Dermot Mur- 
phy is now Priest. He lives in AghabuUog parish ; he was 
formerly in the diocese of Cloyne ; he has now also the parish 
of the Ovens. 

"The Prebendary of Eilbrogan has in this parish one rectory. 
Part of this parish lies north of the River Lee. The Incum- 
bent's proportion of the tithes of it was worth £40 per annum. 
Mr. Harrison received it formerly, in Archdeacon Synge's time.** 
[Dives Downes* Journal.] 

Archdeacon Wetenhall died in 1717. 
1717 to 1740. GxoBGE M'Cobmiok appears at visitations as R. V. 
Moviddy, Eilbonane, and Aglis. [V.B., D.IL] He was also 
R. V. ialnemartery, Cloyne, q. v. 

On 16 May, 1739, Thomas Blennerhasset, a.m., was admitted 
to one R. Aglish, vacant by voluntary resignation of William 
Jackson, P. of Eilbrogan. This R. was, in 1746, restored to 
Eilbrogan. [D.R.] 
1740. November 4. Samitbl Bbomb, a.m. (per mort. George 
M'Cormick), Tie. Eilbonane, B. V. Moviddy, and Y. A^idi. 
[D.R.] He was also Chancellor of Cork, q. t. 

COBK.] AaUSH. ft 

1768. July 20. Eoiwaed KmrsY, A3, [per death of Samnel Brome, 
D.B.J, B. and V. Moviddy, V. Kilbonane and Aglish. [F.F.] 
He was also P. Inskenny, q. y. 

1 770. Jane 1 6. Edward Kenny memorials to bnild at MoYiddy, 
and again in 1771, Sept 27. Both memorials being approyed, 
&c., the Bishop issues a commission to yalne, Oct 28, 1791. 
The return dated 19 Deo., 1791, finds £379 2«. 1^. to be the 
expenditure of Kenny, which sum is certified by the Bishop, 
and the yearly value of R. and V. Moyiddy is certified at 
£371 6s. 6d. [D.R] 
1818. June 20. Thomas 8t. Lawbeitcb, a.m. (per mort. Kenny), 
K y. Moyiddy, Kilbonane, and Aglish. [F.F.] 

Certified to be under £300 per an. in yaloe. 

1831. Protestant population 31. 

Vide Gurrograngemore. 
1833. March 28. John Hbkbt Madbas, a.b. (per mort 8t Law- 
rence), v. Aglish. [F.F.] Certified under £400 per an. 

In 1833, April 17, a Petty Sessions house in this parish was 
licensed for Diyine Service. [D.R.] 

1834, January, the present parish Register commences. 

John Henry Madras, son of Bev. John Madras (B. V. Kil- 
cully, q. v.), by Alice Baldwin ; was bom in the city of Cork, 
and entered Trin. Coll., Dub., in 1791, where he graduated a.b. 

Deacon, 1797, July 25 ; Priest, 1797, Dec. 21, both at Cork. 

1797 to 1798 Curate of Kilmichael; from 1798 to 1801, 
Curate of Durrus ; 1801 to 1813, Curate of Kinneigh ; 1813 
to 1833, P. C. Nohoval. 

He married in 1801, Martha, d. of Richard Evanson, Esq., 
of Friendly Cove, co. Cork, by whom he had issue: Alice, 
John, P. Donoghmore Ross, q. v. ; Richard, Robert-Conner, 
Alleyne -Evanson, EUsabeth, and Anne-Connor. He died on 
6 July, 1852, and was buried at Desertmore. 
1852. July 15. William Colbusv, a,k. (per mort. Madras), V. 
Aglish [P.F.] 

In 1852, Aglis was certified by Ecdes. Commiss. as of the 
net annual value of £257 ISs. Sd. [D.R.] 

On 24 July, 1856, a new church, with church-yard, built 
on a new site, was consecrated by name of St James. [D.R.] 

1837. Aglish. A vicarage with cure, 5 miles long^ 4^ 
broad, containing 6,665 acres 1 rood and 39 perches. Gross 
popuhktion 2,782. No Curate employed. Income, composi- 
tion for vicarial tithes, £310. Seven acres of glebe demised 
at 10«. per acre, £3 10«. Subject to visitation fees, 8«. 6d. ; 
diocesan schoolmaster, 9«. No G. H. Incumbent is non-resi- 
dent, but resides near the parish, and pays £30 a year for 
house rent. No church. Divine service is celebrated once on 
Sundays, and on Christmas Day and Good Friday, in a house 
licensed by the diocesan for the purpose. The Sacrament is 



administered eight timee in the year. Th# rectorial tithes of 
five townlands in this parish, ooinpounded for £120, are im- 
propriate, and ckimed by Major Philip Cross, as lessee of the 
impropriator ; and the rectorial tithes of three denominations, 
compoanded for £39 2s, per annum, are appropriated to the 
Prebend of Kilbrogan. [Par. Bep.] 

1860. £236 annual ralne. The church, &c., in good order. 

There is no Glebe-house, and the glebe of seven acres is set. 

The Incumbent resides in adjoining parish, within a short 
distance of the church. 

There is Divine Service every morning on Sundays, and 
on Good Friday, Ascension, andChristmiw Day. Evening ser- 
vice during summer. 

Sacrament monthly and on festivals. Ten communicants. 

Children are catechised every Sunday in the church by the 
clergyman. Explanation oral. There is no school, nor are 
there children to attend one. There are sixty-eiffht Protestants. 

William Colbume, third son of William Colburne, of Cork, 
esq., by Sarah, d. of William Heard, esq., also of Cork, was 
bom in Cork city, in 1797. He entered T.C.D. as f.o. at the 
age of seventeen, on 6 Nov., 1815 ; and graduated B.ii. in 1819, 
and A.M. in 1832. 

He was ordained Deacon on 1 June, 1823, and Priest on 21 
December same year, both by Bp. of Cloyne. 

From 1823 to 1827 he was Curate of Killaspugmnllane ; and 
from 1827 to 1852 he served the cure of Blackrock, near Cork. 

He married in 1835, Julia^ d. of Robt Coghlan, esq., of 
Cork, and by her has issue Elizabeth, Charles-Freeman^ Sarah- 
Louise, and Joseph-Capel. 


1291. Ecclesia de Garthenegeythe is rated at 4 marks. The Vicar 

receives a half. [Tax. P. Nic] 
1591. E. de Garrinaghihy locns vastatus et desertus vacoe THOMiS 

Wood non admiss. TMS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] Wood appears 
1 as P. St. Michael's, q. v. 

in 1591 as P. St. Michael's, q 
1615. Garnehihie, Bector Thomas Davibs, Minister legens residens 

at inserviens cune. Val 4 li. per an. Tenet etiam Vic. de 

Garrycloyne, valor 5 li, et V. de Aglis val. 4 li. per an. 

[B.V., KLA.] 
Davies was abo P. Inskenny, q. v. 
1634. Sept 5r Urban Vigobs, B. Ardnegihy, and V. Grennagh, 

Cloyne. [F.F.] 

a. de Ardnegihio Urbanus Vigors Clious. Predicator est in 

Anglia. Valet X li. per an. [V.B. 1634.] 


In 1637 Vq^ors became V. Hanhalstown, Clo3nie, q. v* 
1637. Feb. 17. Betan Roohb, R. Ardingihy. [P.P.] 
In 1640 he became Vicar of Lisclerj, q, y. 

1639. Barnabbus Roohb appears, ^' excuaatar'* [V.B., D.R.] Per- 
haps Bamardus is the same with Bryan Roche. He (foes not 
appear elsewhere. 

1663. May 1. Peter Manbib, R. Ardnegihie. Preb. and Vic. 
Lisclery, and Vic. t!annaway. [P.P.] Vide Lisclery. 

1666. This Rectory is vacant, with Peter Manbie's name crossed 
ont [V.B., D.R.] 

1665/6. Feb. 14. Pbteb Hkwit, R. Ardnegihy, per desertion of 
Peter Manby, [V.B. of 1669, D.R] 

He appears as R. Ardnegihy from 1667 to 1675. [V.B.,D.R1 
In 1675 Hcwit became Chancellor, and in 1710 Precentor of 
Cork, q. V. 

1675. Feb. 25. Hugo Jenkins, R. Ardnegihie, V. Ballymodan, 
Rathclarin, and Cannaway. [P-P*l 

Jenkins appears until 1679 in V.B. [D.R.] He was again 
admitted in 1681 V. Ballymodan and Bathclaren, q. v. 

1680. Vacant [V.B. of November 3, D.R.] 

1681. June 14. John Tom, a.m., R. Ardnegihy. [F.P.I 

Tom appears in V.B. 1681 to 1685 [V.B., D.R.] In 1686 
he became V. Einsale, and in 1693 P. Desertmore, q. v. 

1686. Mr. Andrew Stmes appears with the remark '' nulls, tituls." 
in V.B. [D.R.] He was instituted to R. Ardnegihy on 7th 
September, 1687. [P.P.] And he is thus noticed in V.B. of 
1689 — " Mr. Andrew Symes debet fceda quffidm. ult visit, et 
non extraxit Itras ordinum.'* [D.R.] He appears from 1686 
to 1691. [V.B., D.R.1 

In 1691 ne became V. Fanlobbns, and in 1718 became Pre* 
center of Ross, q. v. 

1691. Dec. 7. Alexander Ogilbt, a.b., R. Ardnegihy, per resigna- 
tion of Andrew Symes. [D.R] Ogleby, or OGilby, or 
Ogilby, in 1694 became P.C. Ballinaboy, &c., q. v. 

1693/4. April 3. Christopher Sheares, a.b., R. Ardnegihy, per 
cession of Alexander Ogilby. [D.R.] He was also P. Killas- 
pngmullane, q. r. 

1694/5. Feb. 7. Daniel Smith, a.m., R. Ardnegihy, per cession of 

Christopher Shears. [D.R.] 

In 1696 Smith became also P. Cahirlag, q. r. 
1696. Nov. 3. Vacant. [V.B., D.R.] 
1696/7. January 7. John Dewet, a.b., R. Ardnegihy, per mortem 

Paniel Smith. [D.R.] 

Dewey was ordained priest at Cork on 23rd September, 

1694. He became a Vicar Choral, Cork, in 1694, and V. 

£ilcnlly, and R. Ardnegihy in 1696; all which he retained 

until his death in 1697. 


1698. Sept 19. Solomov Foley, R. Ardn^hy, md R.V. Eilcullv. 
[F.F.J per mortem John Dewey. [D.fL j He was also P. 
kilnaglory. Appears 1698 to 1704. [Y.B., D.R.] 

No Protestants^ except 2 fBimilies. They go to Kilcoan. 
Ruins of a chorch, No churchwarden or panah clerk, [V«B« 
1699, D-D.] 

** Oct. 1, 1700. I saw Ardnegihy Church, which was built 
with stone and clay ; the walls are almost all down, except 
the west end ; this church is about two miles distant from Tem- 
pleusky Church, to the north of Templeusky Church. There is 
a ditch about the ohuroh-yard of Ardnegihy, The lands of this 
and the adjoining parishes are for the most part heathy moun- 
tain ffround. In this parish is a plowland called Dishop's 
Island, on the left hand of the road from Cork to Rathcormock ; 
it is the estate of Mr. MitcheL This parish is worth to the 
Incumbent about £30 per annum. This parish exteuds from the 
church towards the north-west, to within three or four miles of 
Moyallo. The Earl of Barrimore, the Brodericks,andMr. Mitchel, 
Prots. and Mr. Roche, Pap. have the greatest part of the estates 
in this parish. Mr. Richard Wakeham, Prot. David Terry, Pap. 
who gives the seventh part of his milk to the poor, and Mr. 
Sarsfield, of Sarsfield Court, on a £Eurm under Mr. Coppinger, of 
Dublin, live in this parish. 

''This parish is an entire rectory. It is worth about £25 or 
£30 per aonum to the Incumbent. 

" tfames Barry is Popish Priest of this parish, and of Eilcoan 
and Eilshanughan, and Ardnegihy, and Killvulane. Mr. Foley, 
catechist at St. Ri^rry's, is rector of this parish ; he has the 
profits of it in consideration of his office of catechist. Mr. 
Sheares had this parish in his titles. The people of this parish 
so to church either at Rathcormack or Rathcony. No glebe 
in this parish.'' [Downes* Tour.] 
In 1704 Foley became P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 
1704/5. January 5. John Pomeboy, R. Ardnegihy, and R.y« Eil- 
cuUy. [F.F.] 

He appears in y.B. of 1723. [D.R.] He was also Chan- 
cellor, and afterwards Archdeacon, of Cork, q. v. 
1724. Nov. 3. No name appears at this visitation. [Y.B., D.R.] 
1724/5. Feb. 13. Thomas Rubsbll, am., R. Ardnegihy, and Arch* 
deacon of Cork, per mort. Pomeroy. [D.R.] 

He appears 1725 to 1744. [Y.R, D.fiJ Vide the Arch- 
deaconry of Cork. 
1745. May 10. John Thomas Atxiv, a.k., R. Ardnegihy. [F.F.] 
Per mort. RusseU. [D.R.] 

John Thomas Atkin, son of Walter Atkin, Treasurer of 
Qoyne, q. v., was baptized at Middleton, 26th Feb., 1701/2, 
and entered Trinity College, Dublin, as a pensioner, on 2nd 
May, 1719, beiug then eighteen years old. He graduated in 


thftt TJnir&aby ai A.B., and afterwards AM. He was or- 
dained priest at Olojne on 27tli Febrnary, 1728. 

1727y Augnst 9, lie car. of Christ Church. 

1730 to 1745, P. St. Michael's. 

I7i5 to 1765, B. Ardnegihj. 

1747 to 1765, Vic. Chor. Cork. 

1752, May 14, lia car. of St Nicholas. 

He married in 1728 (M.B., dated 30th October), Margaret, 
d. of Bey. Mathew Jones, by Bridget, d. of Sir B. Ken- 
nedy; and by her, who was also a niece of Edward Jones, 
Bishop of Cloyne, left issue at his death in 1765 one son, 
Walter, ancestor of the Atkin family of Leadington, county 
Cork, for which see Burke's L. G. 
1765. Feb. 14. Edward Browne, A.M.9 B. Axdnegihy. [F.F.] per 
mort. Atkin. [D.B.] 

Browne, being absent in Great Britain at the time of his 
preferment to Ardnegihy, obtains a prolongation of the period 
for reading his assent and consent until 14th May, 1765. [D.B.] 
He was also P. Killaspugmullane, &c., &c., and Archdeacon of 
Boss, q. y. 
1777. Dec 15. Wiluam Jephson, a.k., B. Ardnegihy, per mortem 
Brown. [F.F.] He was Archdeacon of Cork, q. y. 

From 1777 to 1796 Ardnegihy was held with the Archdea- 
conry of Cork, q. y. 

1796. June 2. Charles HbwitTi a.b. (per mort. Whetham), B. 
Ardnegihy. [F.F.] 

On 1st June, 1797, the Lord Lieutenant and Council order 
the site of the church to be changed, in compliance with a 
memorial of incumbent and churchwardens, stating that there is 
no church, the old one being many years in ruins, and incon- 
yeniently situated, and that Edward Hudson had, on 19th 
April last^ granted one acre of the lands of Glenyille to the 
churchwardens for eyer, for a new church and churchyard. 

In 1803 Hewitt became V. Ballymodan, q. y. 
1803. Aug. 1. William Lewis Beaufort, A.M., B. Ardnegihy [F.F.] 

1804. Tho present parish registry begins. 

1807. Beaufort resides near Cork Cathedral as Preacher 
Besidentiary. [Bep.] 

In 1814 he became P. Cahirlag, q. y. 
1814. Sept. 2. HovouRABLB George Gorb, a.m., B. Ardnegihy. 
[F.F.] Certified to be under £500 per annum in yalue. [B.B.] 

Mr. Gore was seyenth son of second Earl of Arran. He was bom 
in 1774, and died 27th August, 1844, and was buried at EillaJa. 

He resigned Ardnegihy June 26, 1817, on becoming Dean 
of Killala. 
1817. July 19. Thomas Philip LEFAHn,A.M.,B. Ardnegihy. [F.F.] 
Certified under jC500 per annum. [D.B.] 


Thomas Philip Le Fann was ordained deacon on 30th April, 
1809, by Bp. of Clonfert ; and priest on 16th September, 1810 
by the same Bishop. He was appointed Assistant Chap- 
lain of the Lying-in Hospital, Dublin, in 1809, and was after- 
wards one of the Curates of St. Mary's, Dublin, which lab<^ 
rious post he continued to occupy until 1815, when he was 
selected by Lord Whitworth, the Lord Lieutenant, as Chaplain 
of the Royal Hibernian School in the Phceniz Park. In 1817 
he was promoted to the Rectory of Ardnegihy, and in Novem- 
ber, 1823, to that of Abingdon, Emly dioc. He was made 
Dean of Emly in 1826, but retaining Abingdon. He died on 
24th June, 1845, and was buried at Abingdon. His talents as 
a preacher were of a high order, and he was of refined manners 
and cultirated mind. His amiability endeared him to his 
friends, and his benerolence to the poor. He was A.M. and 
LL.D. of T.O.D. 

He was the representative of a noble Huguenot family of Nor- 
mandy, possessing in that province, and chiefly in the genera- 
lit^ of Caen, many estates, among which were Mondeville, 
Sequeville, Cresserou, &o. The certificate of Noblesse, offi- 
cially signed by Guy Chamillart, bearing date 1671, and now 
in possession of J. S. Le Fanu, esq., of Merrion-square, Dublin, 
proves their nobility by charter to the year 1595. 

On the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, they were deprived 
of their estates ; but having relatives of influence in the Court 
of Louis XIV., they were permitted to leave France with their 
personal property, without molestation. Two members of this 
family, John Le Fanu de SequeviUe, and Charles Le Fanu de 
Cresseron, held cavalry commissions in the army of William 
III. Charles was upon the King's stafi^, a brave and excellent 
officer, and distinguished by being presented from William's 
hand with his portrait. He afterwards served as major of 
dragoons under Marlborough. Early in the last century Wil- 
liam Le Fanu was the sole representative of this family. He 
married Henrietta Raboteau de Pnggibaut^ the only surviving 
daughter of a Huguenot fiftmily, also noble. Her escape from 
France, when still a child, was accomplished under circum- 
stances of romantic danger, and by the aid and contrivance of 
a Roman Catholic uncle, who held a considerable post in the 
Court of France. Of this marriage there were issue several 
children, sons, who, with the exception of Joseph, all entered 
the army or the church. 

Joseph held the office of Clerk of the Coast in Ireland, and 
was the eldest of these sons who died leaving issue ; by his 
first marriage to Anne Franklin, he had one son only, William 
Le Fann, csuled to the Irish Bar, who died unmarried in 1817, 
and is very honourably recorded in Warburton's History of the 
City of Dublin. 


■ ■ 

Joseph Le Fan a, married secondly, Alicia, daughter of Thomas 
Sheridan, and sister of the Bight Honourable Bichard Briosley 
Sheridan. Of this marriage there were three children, who, 
except the eldest, Thomas Philip Le Fan a, the subject of this 
notice, died unmarried. His (Joseph's) brother, Captain Henry 
Le Fanu, of Leamington, co. Warwick, married Elizabeth, the 
only other sister of B. B. Sheridan. 

Dean Thomas Philip Le Fanu, married, in 1812, Emma 
Lncretia, daughter of the Ber. William Bobbin, and 
D.D., Bector of Finghiss and of St. Mary's, Dublin (by his 
wife Catherine, youngest daughter of Bobert Coote, esq., of 
Ash-hill, CO. Limerick, and aunt of Sir Charles Coote, of 
Ballyfin, bart.) Of this marriage there were three children, 
Catherine Frances, who died unm. ; Joseph Sheridan, barrister, 
who m. Susan, d. of the late George Bennett, Q.G., of Merrion- 
square, Dublin, and has issue two sons and two daughters; 
and William Bichard, cItII engineer, who m. Henrietta, youngest 
d. of the late Sir Matthew Barrington, baronet, and has issue 
three sons and one daughter. [F.P.] 

1822. Edward Hudson, m.d., of Dublin (&mous for his skiU in 
dental surgery), who had, in 1797, given the site of the church ; 
by his will, dated 9 Sept., 1816, and proved 14 Feb., 1822, in 
Dublin, bequeathed ^500 to assist the public in erecting, in 
GlenviUe (Ardnegihy) church-yard, a hollow cone or pyramid 
for performing his experiments on the pendulum, and for 
elucidating the phenomena of comets, planets, &c. He desired 
to be buried in a vault beneath this pyramid. He was lather 
of Edward Gnstavus Hudson, Dean of Armagh. 
1823. Novem. 18. Bichabd Deakb Frseman, a.b., per cess. Le&nu, 
B. Ardnegihy. [F.F.] This appointment was by the Marquess 
Welleslev, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to whom the nomination 
was yielded bv the Bishop, in courtesy, as the former Incumbent 
was promoted by the Crown. 

1831. Protestant population, 98. 

1837. Ardneffihy. A rectory entire, with cure; 12 miles 
long by 8 broaa, containing 15,546 acres and 3 roods. Gross 
population, 3,715. One Curate employed, at an annual stipend 
of £69 4«. 7f^d., British. Composition for tithes, £438 9«. Zd. 
64 acres, 3 roods, and 7 perches of fflebe, valued at £20. 
Subject to visitation fees, 10«. 6(f. ; diocesan schoolmaster, 
IZs. 2d. No glebe-house. Incumbent is non-resident, from 
inabilitv of procuring accommodation in the parish : he resides 
at Charleston, near Middleton. One church, capable of accom* 
modating 200 persons, built about the year 1798, at the cost 
of £461 10<. 9\d. Brit, granted as gift by the late Board of 
First Fruits, ao charge on the parish in 1832 on account 
of the church. Divine Service is celebrated once on all Son* 
days, and on the principal festivals. The Sacrament is 
administered on the three great festivals. [Par. Bep. j 


1860. Value £321. The dmreb in good repair* A restiy 
was built for this church by the Bey. Samuel Dickson Sandes, 
formerly Curate of the parish. There is no font. The Com- 
munion plate consists of a cup and flagon gUvered, the former 
gilt inside. 

There ii^ no glebe-house nor glebe. There was formerly a 
glebe of 40 acres, for which a fine of J&200 was paid by Board 
of First Fruits, and a rent agreed on of £30 per an. ; but as the 
agreement was made on an insufficient stamp, the proprietor 
(Dean Hudson) enclosed these lands in his demesne, and the 
Incumbent of Ardnegihy was thus deprived of a site on which 
he had arranged to build a glebe-house, with the help of a loan 
from Board of First Fruits of £900. Incumbent resides at 
Fermoy, 10 miles ofi*, and frequently officiates in his church. 
Curate is constantly resident Service is celebrated at noon 
on Sundays^ and the four chief festivals. Sacrament monthly. 
Average of communicants is 7, Ko school. Protestant popu- 
lation, 40. 

Richard Deane Freeman, third son of Edward Deane Freeman, 
of Castlecor (for a full account of the ancient families of 
Deane and Freeman, and their alliances to noble houses, 
vide Burke*s L. G.), was bom at Castlecor, oo. Cork, on 11 
August, 1789, and was a fellow-commoner of T.C.D., where 
he graduated with distinction in ISl 1, and subsequently be- 
came A.M. 

He was ordained Deacon by Bp. of Cloyne,ou 30 Nov., 1811 ; 
and Priest in 1812, by Bp. of Limerick, on letters dimissory 
from Cloyne. 

In 1812 he was Curate of Mallow ; and in September, 1813, 
was licensed to Middleton curacy* He was domestic Chaplain 
for some time to the late Earl of Shannon. , 

He nuurried, at Kilkenny, in 1812, Ellen, d. of Rev. Rowland 
Davies, by whom he had issue, six sons (of whom but three, 
Edward, Rowland, and Richard, now survive), and five 
daughters, Elizabeth, Mary Jane (died 1861), Ellen, Frances, 
and Wilhelmina. The youngest son married Miss Rush, d. of 
Ambrose Rush, jjp., of Taylor^s Hill, Galway. One of the 
daughters, Ellen, is wife to Captain Hamilton Thompson, 59th 
Regt. Another, Frances, married Major Henry Robert Crew 
Godley, late of H. M. 28th Regt. [F.P.] 

Rev. R. D. Freeman died at Clinon, near Fermoy, on 12th 
of January, 1 863. 
1863. Feb. 17. Samuel Haiman was appointed by the Bishop R. 
Ardnegihy. His collation will be hereafter mentioned. 

S. HjByman (eldest son of Matthew Hayman, esq. of South 
Abbey, Youghal, by Helen, third dau. of Arundel Hill, esq. of 
Doneraile), was bom at Youghal on 27th July, 1818. He was 
educated at Youghal by Rev. Thomas Nolao, ^d afterwards 
at Clonmel by Rev. Robert Belli d.i>. He entered T.C.D« as a 


Fellow Oommoner on 18th October, 1885| and gndiukted a.b. 
on 2nd Joly, 1839. 

He was ordained Deacon at Cork on 19th September, 1841, 
and Priest at Eillaloe on 14th August^ 1842. 

From 1841 to 1847 he was Curate of GUnworth ; from 1847 
to 1849 Onrate of Qlanmire ; and from 1849 to 1863 Curate of 

He married, at St. Anne's, Bel£EUBt, on 26th September, 
1854, Emily, dan. (by his first wife, Henrietta, dan. and co- 
heiress of Samuel Jackson, esq.) of the Eev. Marcus Cassidy, 
ObanceUor of Kilfenora, and Incumbent of Newtownards, co. 
Down ; and by her has issue an only child, Emily-Henrietta- 
Aline Haynufcn. 

For an account of the yery ancient family of Hayman vide 
Sey. Atkin Hayman, Y. Ballyclogh, Cloyne, who was the 
great grandfiither of Rey. Samuel Hayman. 

The pen of the Bey. Samuel Hayman, during the interyals 
of parochial duty in the important parishes where he laboured 
so faithfully as a Curate, has not been idle. He has con- 
tributed articles, in prose and yerse, too numerous to mention 
in detail, to yarious periodicals, including the Dublin Urmemty 
Maffcuine, the Chrigtian Examiner, the Oentleman^s Maganne, 
and the Patrician; of which latter work the fifth yolume was 
inscribed by the editor, Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster, to the 
Bey. Samuel Hayman, as ''one of the ablest contributors to 
the pages of the Fatridany and a constant coadjutor in the 
author's genealogical works." He has also published the fol- 
lowing works : — 

1. " The Bible, the Wisdom of a Nation." A Sermon on 
Deuteronomy, iy. 5*9. (In the Church of England Magadne, 
yoL xtm) I<ondon : Edwards and Hughes, 1846. 

2. ''The Annals of Youghal." First Series. Youghal: 
J. W. Lindsay, 1848. Medium 12mo, pp. 44. 

3. "A Farewell Sermon, preached in GUnmire Church, 18th 
February, 1849." Cork : The Beligious Tract Depository, 
1849. Medium 8yo. pp. 32, and Appendix. 

4. "An Account of the Present State of Youghal Church 
(including Memorials of the Boyles), the Colleffe, and Sir 
Walter Baleigh's House." Youghal : J. W. Lindsay, 1850. 
Medium 12mo, pp. 62. 

6. " The AnnaLi of YoughaL" Second series. Ibid. 1651, 
Medium 12mo, pp. 20. 

6. "The Annals of Tougbal." Third series. (The Hand- 
book for YoughaL) Ibid. 1852. Crown 8yo. ]9p. xvi. and 96, 

7. " Notes and Becords of the Ancient Foundationsat Youghal, 
county Cork, and its Vicinity." Youghal : John Lindsay, 1854. 
Medium 8yo, pp. 60. [^Beprinted in 1855, and again in 1859.] 

8. " To-day : its Dnties and its Supplies." A Lecture deli- 

12 ABDNS0ldT--ATHll6WEN. [oOBK. 

vered before the Cork Yonng Men's Association, 27t1i January, 
1857. Dublin : George Herbert, 1857. Small 8vo, pp. 31. 

9. "The Annals of Youghal." Fonrth series. (The new 
Hand-book for Yonghal.) Yonghal: John Lindsay^ 1858. 
Medium 8yo. pp. xxxvi. and 76. 

10. ^'Time and Teaching : A New Yearns Address to Sun- 
day-School Teachers." London : Church of England Sunday 
School Institute, 1860. Small 8yo, pp. 22. 

11. ''Guide to Youghal, Ardmore, and the Blaekwater.*' 
With a Map and Sixty Illustrations, f oughal ; John Lindsay, 
I860. Foolscap quarto, pp. 90. 

12. ** The Illustrated Guide to the Black water and Ard- 
more.** With Twenty-five Illustrations. Ibid. 1861. Small 
quarto, pp. 44. 

13. ''The Illustrated Guide to Saint Mary's Church, and to 
the other Ancient Religious Foundations at Youghal." 1862. 
Small quarto. 

14. " Memorials of Youghal." Foolscap quarto. {In the 


1581. April 4. William FsLi>,or Field. "Vicariaecclesisd parochialis 
beats MariaB de Athenow3m, Corkagen dioc. concessa est per 
collationem EpI et Inductionem Archidiaconi Willmo feldio 
cierico dictae dioc. cui unacum pre£&ta vicaria dispensatio de 
non premovendo et de non residendo per quinquennium autho- 
ritate EpI data e«t 4 Aprilis, 1581." [D.R.] 

1591. R. de Athnowin Abb. Momc et Granie. Vic ibm, 
WiUmus felde. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14]. William Field was 
also P. Holy Trinity, q. r, 

1611. February 8. William Hralt, V. Athnowen. [R.V. 1634.] 
1615. Ecclesia de Athnowen, Rectors Magister de Mora et 
Grany. Vicar WiUiam Healy Minister legens. VaL 3 li. 
Church and chancel in ruins. [lt.y., R.I.A.J 

" William Hialyhy (Healy) noe graduate. His wife and 
children goe to Masse. Hath V. Athnowen in kpse. VaL 
14 li." (MS., Probate Court, Dublin.] Healy was also Chan- 
cellor of Cork, q. t. 

1632. June 5. Jambs Clxlakd, Vicar. Athnowen, inducted 14 
June. [R.V., 1634.] Cleland became, in 1635, Vicar Eil- 
maccabee, Ross, q. t. 

1634. Jambs Holland appears as V. Athnowen. " R. de Athnowen 
spectat ad Abb. de Moume et Graney. Cormack Donogh Carty, 
et Peregrinus Spencer firmarii. val. 14 li* per an.. Vicar 
James Holland, sed sub lite. EpOs confert. Val. £14 10»* 
per an." [R.V., 1634.] Holland does not appear elsewhere. 


1639 JoHH NxwTov, p. Eillasj^ngmnllane and V. Atlt*' 

nowen. [F.F.] B. de Athnowen pertinet ad Mora et Oranj. 
Vio, ibm. John Newton. Ecdesia bene et ornata* [Y.B. of 
Not. i, 1639, D.R.] Vide Killaspu^uUane. 
1661? .... Phbli]iyFitzbtmomi>b,Y. Athnowen aad Precentor 

of Cork, q. v. 
1664. Jane 10. Biohabb Clbbke, Precentor of Cork and Y. 
Athnowen [F.F.], per mortem Phelimj Fitzsjmonds [V-B.* 
D.B., 1669], appears to 1685. [Y.B., D.B.] Vide the Precen- 

In 1670, Hugolinns Spenser appears as Firmarius of the R. 
Athnowen, and of B. Brinny and KilTojnan. [Y.B., D.B.] 
1686. Waltbb Nealb appears as Precentor and B* Y. Athnowen* 
[Y.B., D.B.] Vide the Precentorship. 
He appears in Y.B. 1706, Nov. 3. [Y.R, D.R.] 
1699. No church. Two Protestant £unilies, who go to Oar- 
rigrohane. [Y.B. 1699, D.D.] 
1706, Feb. 11. Evan Daties, B. and Y, Athnowen, [F.F.] 
He appears in 1715. TY.B., D.B.] 
He was also P. Templebryan, Boss, q. y. 
1717. BiOHABD Baldwin, Altera B. Y. Athnowen, appears 1717 
and 1718. [Y.B., D.B.] 

In 1720 he became P. Kilbrittain, dec, q. v. 

1720 to 1724. Thomas Bussbll appears in Y. B. as Precentor, and 
B. Y. Athnowen. [V.B., D.B.] 

In 1724 he became Archdeacon of Oork, q. y. 

1724. Feb. 13. Jbmmet Bbowvb, B. Y. Athnowen and Precentor of 
Cork. rO.B.] 

In 1732 he became B. Y. Little Island; and in 1733, Dean 
of Boss, q. V. 

1732. March 19. Thomas Bussbll, a.m., ad nnam B. et Y. Ath- 
nowen, per resignation of Jemmet Browne. [D.B.] Vide 
Archdeacons of Cork. 

1745. Jnne 1. Chbistophbb Dohvkllav, d.d., ad nnam B. Y. 
Athnowen, vacant per mort. natural. Thom» BusselL [D.B.] 
and same day to P. Kilnaglorj, on a second collation to the 
Prebend. [D.B.] 

From 1745, the B. Y. Athnowen has been held with the 
Prebend of Kilnagloiy, q. ▼. 


The sttooessions to the curacy of Ballinaboy and of all the other 
impropriate parishes in this diocese, are irregular, and for some 
periods of time not accounted for : when the curacy was yaoant, the 
duties were performed by the neighbouring clergymen. 


1391. Eoclesia de Boye is rate<f at 12 marks, 

Ecclesia de Belachssrihrad, rated at 10 marks. [Tax P. Nic] 
Between Onllen and PoUyplicke. Could this be Ballin- 
1091. Eninmi) McBbbah is Curate. ''E de BallinobojyWillm.Gogan 
ffir, spectat ad Ab. de Antro. Impr. Edmundus mcbrean cur. 
nuUas exht. Ir&s ordm. iuterdicitnr." [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 
McBrean was also Curate of Carrigaline. 

1615. RiOHAED Allen is Carato. ^' Ecclia de Balliboy, Hector Abb. 
de Antro. Spectat ad Gilleabby. Bichardus Boyle, miles, fir- 
marius. Bicnardus Allen, minister legens inservit cura). Ec- 
clesia et cancella in ruinis. Vicaria est indotata per antlqnos 
rotulos sed nullus vicarius.*' [B.V., B.LA.] Allen does not 
appear elsewhere. 

1634. WiLUAH Robinson is Curate. '^Eoclesia de BaUynaboy 
Spectat ad Abb. de Antro. Comes Cork, integer impropriator. 
Valet 60 li, per an. Curatus Willmus Robinson habet pro 
inserncione 50«. per an., and the boke-monej 50^.'' [BhY. 

Wm. Robinson is still Curate in 1639, at which time the 
church is noted as '^ bene et omata." [V.B. 1639.] Robinson 
appears also as Rector of Templemichael de duagh in 1639. 

1666. Huoo SoAKPE appears as Curate of Balliuaboy, Barnahely, 
Eilpatrick, Tracton, and Inskenny. [V3., D.R.] 

He was also V. Aghadowne, Ross, q. v. 

1667. Pertinet ad Comes Shandon. Cottbell, curatus. [V.B.] 

1669. John Harrison appears as Curate of the nine parishes of 
which, in Cork diocese, the Earl of Shannon is Impropriator — 
^'nuUi vicarii indotati** — ^namely, the Rectories of Ballina- 
boy, Eilmoney, Barnahely, Eilpatrick, Tracton, Ballyfiard, 
Pollypleick, Clontide, and Einure. [V.B. 16690 

Harrison appears as Curate up to 1679. [V.B., D-R>] 
He was, in 1689, V. Cannaway, q. y. 

'' 1676. BaUineboy (fo, 7), 13<. 3d per plowland raised for 
walling the church-yard of BaUineboy parish. Benjamin Cot- 
terel and Edward Porter, overseers." [Cork Presentments.] 

1680 to 1687. THOMAfii Dbnt api^ears^ Curate of Ballinaboy, Eil- 
morey, Barnahely, Eilpatrick, and Tracton. [VtRf D.R.] 
Dent was also from 1682 P. Eilnaglory, q. y. 

1688. Mr. Barry Loyb appears as Curate of £^inaboy, Eilmor^, 
Baroahely, Eilpatrick, Tracton, Clonteade, and Einure. [V.B., 
D.R.] He was ordained Priest at Cork on 28 September, 1687. 
He does not appear elsewhere. 

1692. July 14. Jambs Wade, a.b., is admitted Curate of Ballina- 
boy, iBamahely, Eilmoney, Tracton, Eilpatrick jnxta Tracton, 
Ballyfiard, Pollypleick, Clonteade» and Einure. [D.R.] H« 
was also Via Ohor. Oloyne^ q* t. 


1693. Hay 12. AuaAinDXE 0<hlby !s admitted Oazate of Ballina- 
boy, barnahelj, Eilmonej, TractoO| Kilpatrick jozta Traoton, 
BaUyfiard, Clonteade, and Einara [D.B.] 

He appears 1699. rV.B., D.R.] 

1699. No church. Many Protestants, who go to BallimarteL 
The inhabitants made a proposal for building a church in this 
parish. [V.B. 1699, D.D.] 

^'1699. Angust 18. Ballinebuiy, upon the rirer half way 
betwixt Corke and Einsale; the church ruinous; the walls 
were built without lime. Major Bigg's monument there : this 
church is conreniently situated for several parishes." 

*^ Sept., 1700. I saw Ballinebnry church ; Was rebuilt this 
last summer with stone and clay, and plaister'd within 
and slated, but not glaz'd; they were about finishing of 
it. This church was rebuilt by a voluntary contribution of 
the parishioners. I ^ve £5 towards it It is about 30 foot 
long, and 18 broad. It stands on the south of the river Buiy, 
at about 200 yards distance from it." 

" Sept. 28, 1700. Saw Binmahon Church, on the south of the 
river Lee, a mile and a-half below Oorke. The church stood 
about 200 vards distant from the village called Ballintemple, 
upon the rising around. The walls of the church are almost 
quite ruinous, and the bounds of the church-yard are hardly dis- 
cernible. BaUintemple is one plowland in the parish of Bin< 
mahon. All the tythes of this parish belonff to the (economy 
of St. Barry's, worth about £30 per an. The lands of this 
parish belong to Mr. Coppinger, Mr. Boch, Major Clayton. 
Mr. Coppinger forfeited, in the late rebeUion, his interest, 
being two plowlands. Mr. Synge, as Prebendary of Christ 
Church, has one plowland, where the black rock is, in this 
parish, set for about £30 per an. The people of this parish go 
to Divine Service at St. Barry's, Corke. Captn. Hayes, 
Hammond (Quaker), at Dundanion, live in this parish — all the 
rest are Papists. Coleman is Popish priest of this parish, and 
all St. Barry's parish ; his mass-house is near the Bed Abby ; 
be has been here three or four years ; one Dooly, a priest, 
assists him." 

^'Oct 1700.1 saw BarnBhely church, which was built with 
stone, lime, and clay. The^ walls are above half down. It 
was about 28 foot long, and 17 broad. The bounds of the 
church-yard are hardly discernible. There is but one plow- 
land in this parish. This parish is the estate of the Ld. Lanes- 
borough; Mr. FoUiot is tenant to it. Henry Gostry, Prot., 
and John Nevill, Pap., live in this parish. About two English 
acres of glebe near the sea. The glebe and tythes of the 
parish belong to Dean Sam Synge, as Impropriator; nothing is 
allow'd by him to any olerg3rman for serving the cure; I don't 
know his pretence for it. The tythes and glebe are set for £6 


per an., by lease to Gapt. Folliot. The people go to Garricko* 
fine to church. 'Tis thought something ought to be allowed for 
serving the cure, tho' it does not appear that they formerly 
paid tyth. The Ooghans, who were the old proprietors, were 
very powerful, and 'tis likely ihey withheld the tythes with a 
high hand." 

''Oct. 1700. I saw Ringskiddy and BaUibricken. Rings- 
kiddy and Ballibrickan are one plowland and 15 acres. 
Ringskiddy makes the point betwixt Carrickoline bay and 
Baphine brook. There is a heap of rubbish in Mr. Abraham 
Dickson's orchard at Ballybrickan, which was a church here- 
tofore. Captn. Hayes remembers the walls standing. 'Tis 
said by the inhabitants that Ringskiddy and Ballibrickan 
belongs to the parish of Eilgarvan, in the Great Ishind. 
Sed Qu." 

'' The people of both these places pay their tythes to Mr. 
FoUiot, tenant to Dean Synge. Nothing is allowed to any 
clergyman. Island Greagh, Island Gore, and Island Gahill, in 
the harbour of Gorke (being almost unprofitable) belonging to 
the lands of Ringskiddy. Hallboling Island is the estate of 
the Grown. There is an old fort on it, built in Queen Eliz. 
time, now out of repair, formerly the Earl of Gorke was 

fovemor of it. All these islands, together with Spike Island, 
elong (as 'tis said) to the Great Island. Ringskiddy and 
Ballibrickan are the estate of Dean Saml. Synge. Mr. Abra- 
ham Dickson liyes at Ballybrickan. All these tythes of Ring- 
skiddy and Ballibrickan were formerly enjoyed as mensal 
tythes belonging to the Bishoprick of Gorke or Gloyne, by 
Bishop Synge, and were by him set to Gaptain FoUiot, about 
thirty years ago, for about £4 per an. Gaptn. Hayes, Qvu 
Dean Davies." 

'' Bollibricken, 'tis supposed, is the same with Temple* 
bracknany in the Visitation Books." 

" The people go to Garrickoline to church. Rinmahon par- 
ish contains 8 plow lands to the east of Blackrock. The church 
stood near Gaptn. Hayes* house, and near the village of Ballin- 
temple, so called from the church near it. Roch and Goppinger 
had most of these lands which they forfeited in the last rebellion 
to the king. Gaptn. Hayes and George Series live in this parish. 
No glebe. A plowland in this parish belongs to the Preben- 
dary of Ghrist Ghurch, worth about £40 per an. All the 
tythes belong to the OKSonomy, worth about £30 per an." 

'' The people come to St. &,rry's Ghurch. This parish has 
been supposed to be united to St. Barry's for these forty years 
last past. They pay tythe of turf and potatoes, <kc., in kind, 
in this and the adjacent parishes." [Downes' Tour.] 

Alexander Ggilby, a literate, was ordained Deacon by Bp« 
of Cork, on 14 Junoi 1685. 


In 1686 lie was licensed to teach giammar in the parish of 
the Holjr Trinity, Cork ; and same year appears as Vic. Chor., 
Cork, which post he occupied in 1695. From 1691 to 1693 
we find him Sector of Ardnegihy, and in 1693 he was Curate 
of Ballinahoy and other impropriate parishes near Cork. He 
was licensed to the curacy of Ballyfeard in 1696. His name 
disappears before 1704. 
1704. MiOHASL BusTBAD appears as Curate of Ballinaboy, 1704 to 
1709. rV.B., D.R.1 

In 1715 Bustead became V. Ballyfeard, q. v. 
1715 to 1729. Edmond Mollot appears as Curate. [V.B., D.B.] 

Molloy was Vic. Chor., Cork, q. v., and died in 1735. 
1730 to 1744. No mention of Ballinahoy in Visitation Books, but 
in Cork registry there is an entry, dated 12th June, 1743, to 
the effect that Eliza Meade "recants" on that day in the 
Parish Church of Ballinahoy, before James Delacourt, Clk. 
1744 to 1755. Mr. James Pelaooubt appears as Curate. [V.R, 

James Delacourt (the eldest son of John de la Court, of Cork, 
and brother to Robert^ ancestor of the Delacour family now in 
CO. Cork), was born at EilJowen, co. Cork, in 1709 ; and when 
eighteen years old, entered T.C.D. as pensioner, on 29 Janu- 
ary, 1727, and graduated subsequently a.b. and a.m. 

He was ordained Priest on 24 July, 1737, at Cork. 

He held the curacy of Ballinahoy, from 1744 to 1755. 

He died unmarried. He is noticed by Smith in his History 
of Cork, as a poet, and author of the '' Progress of Beauty,'* and 
the " Prospect of Poetry." [Smith's Cork, vol. ii., p. 427.] 
1756 to 1760. John Wrixon appears as Curate. [V.B., D.R.] 

He was also Vic. Chor., Cork, q. y. He died in 1764. 
1766. April 4. John Corkeb, a.b., is licensed to be Curate of Bal* 
linaboy, on nomination of Charles, Duke of Dorset, Impropria* 
tor of said parish, at stipend of £20. 

In 1770 he became V. Eillaconenagh, Ross, q. y. [D.R.] 
1805. Oct. 7. Thomas Fobstbb Saundsbs, a.b., is licensed to be 
Curate of Ballinaboy and Tracton, at ^70 per an., on nomina- 
tion of Henry, £. of Shannon ; and he is again licensed, to 
curacy of BiJlinaboy only, on nomination of the same Earl, 
at £25 per an., on 5 Jany., 1809. [D.B.] 

Thomas Forster Saunders was son of Mr. Richard Saunders, 
of Cork, by Rebecca, d. of George Forster, of Cork, merchant. 

He was ordained Priest at Cloyne, on 24 August, 1800. 

He married, at Christ Church, Cork, on 12 March, 1807, 
Barbara Morgan. 
1814. August 15. James Stbwabt, a.b., was licensed as Curate 
assistant at £25 per an., on nomination of the E. of Shannon. 
FD.R.] In 1817 Stewart became P. Desertmore, and in 1825 
V. Lislee, Ross, q. y. 

18 fiALLnrABor; [csork. 

1617. January 20. Hbvey Theophilvs Hoddib, Ad., is licensed to 
be Ourate at £25 per an*, on nomination of E. of Shannon. 

5D.B.] Hodder became, in 1818, B.V. Leighmoney, and in 
836 Precentor of Cork, q. y* 

1819. March Id. Thomas Beamish, a.b., is licensed to be Oniate 
at £25 per an., on nomination of the Earl of Shannon. [D.B.] 

1831. Protestant population, 124. 

1837. Balliilaboy. A perpetual cure, with spiritual duties 
annexed, erected within the impropriate parish of the same 
name; 3^ miles long, by 2f broad, containing 7,084 acres. Gross 
population, 2,887. No Assistant Curate employed. Stipend 
payable by the Impropriator, £23 Is. 6^d* Augmentation 
allowance payable by Ecclesiastical Commissioners out of 
Boulter's fund, £46 4d. No glebe-house. Incumbent is resi- 
dent, and pays a rent of £25 for a few acres of ground, on 
which he has, at considerable expense, erected a house for his own 
convenience. One church capable of accommodating 100 persons, 
built more than a century ago, but at what cost unascertained. 
No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church, 
divine service is celebrated twice on Sundays, generally, in 
summer, and once during the rest of the year, and on the prin- 
cipal festivals. The Sacrament is administered monthly, and 
on Christmas Day. The tithes of this parish compounded for 
£500, are wholly impropriate, and belong to the Earl of 
Shannon ; but it is reported that for the last forty years the 
parish has not paid tithes, the parishioners having, occasionally, 
during that period, been engaged in giving resistance to his 
lordship, and alleging that they are at present ready to do so, 
should he act on the suit still pending, conceiving that there 
exists, on his lordship's part, no legal claim. [Pari. Bep.] 

Thomas Beamish was eldest son of George Beamish, esq., of 
Clogheen, near Clonakilty, co. Cork. 

He was ordained Deacon on 28 February, 1819; and Priest 
on 7 March, 1824, both at Cork. 

1841. Ambrose Hioket, P. 0. Ballinaboy. 

1860. Annual value^ £69. Church and everything requisite 
for divine service in a satisfactory state. No glebe-house or 
land. Service once each Sunday, and on Christmas and Good 

Sacrament monthly^ and at principal festivals. Average of 
communicants, 12. 

Curate catechises every Friday and Sunday in the usual way. 

Sixteen children attend a Ch. Ed. School The Protestant 
population is 37. 

Ambrose Hickey, youngest son of Bev. A. Hickey, B. 
Murraghy married, in 1843, the only daughter of Captain 
Archbold, who was first-cousin to the preMnt Lord Bellew. 


BALLINABEE,— Tbbasusebs. 

1291. Eoclesia de Dowach, rated at five marks. E. de Kylyban at 
six marks. E. de Bathdruohtin at four marks. [Taz r. Nia] 
1337. J is the initial of the Treasurer. [Plao. Oom. Banc. Hib.] 
1370. WiiLiAM Gall, Treasurer. [Cod. Olar. 36.] 
1591. DflBMiTiirs LoNO, Thesaurar, non exhibuit ohartas ordinum. 
Interdiotus et suspensus ab offioio et benefioio^ frnotus seques- 
trat. defectn sacrornm ordinnm. [MS. T.G.D. E. 3. 14.] E. 
de Dowanghe als Balljnedy vacat sequestrat. pro Begina^ the 
name D. Ix»ng beinff crossed out. [lb. J Particnla de Gortna- 
grosse seqnestrat. [^^0 ^* ^® Kiigobban vacat per resigna- 
tionem Dermitii Long et sequestrator ex Scaccario pro primi- 
tiis Begineis. Vicar ibm. MAUBicitrs Gontib. [Ib.1 E. de 
Bathdrontin D. Longe eequestr. pro Begina^ vacat. [Ib«] 

Dermot Long, in 1591, had nine livings, namelj, the Trea- 

surership, B. KiUanuUy, Templemichael de duagh, V. Oanna- 

waj and Eilmichael,in Cork, and P. Timoleague^ B^ Tallaghand 

Greagh, and B. Eilnagross, in Boss. 

1607. November 28 • • . OwBir, B. Dowaghe, dioc Gork. 

(Lib. Mun.l This was probably Bichard Owen, who, in 1613^ 
became P. Ailnaglory, q. v. 
161d. JoHK Bbook, Thesaurarins, in artibus Magister. Valor 4 11. 
Tenet etiam locum vicarii choralis in Ecclesia Gathedrali, 
valor duodecem librarum, et prebendam de Inskyne in Ecclia 
Gorcag. valor qninque librarum. Prseterea ipse est Lndima- 
gister et docet scholam publicam et recepit stipendinm viginti 
librarum annuatim. homo dignus. [B.V. B.I.A.] Dowagh als 
Ballinedyn Bectoria spectat ad Tracton. Ecclesia et cancella 
bene rep&ntur, cum libria et aliis necessariis. Val. 7 11. per an. 
Vicarius Bobbbtus Sutton, a.m., Predicator, residens, et in- 
serviens curse. Val. 7 li. per an. Tenet etiam Vicarias de 
Kilbrogan et Disertserges per unionem. [lb.] 

Bathdrowen, Bector, John Hussbt (B. Templetrine), parcella 
de Ballineddy. Vicar ibm. Hbnby Hussby. Kilgobban Parti* 
€ula de Killanedy ; but from records it appears to be an entire 
rectory. Henry Hussey, a.m., is Bectorand Vicar. He is also 
V. Bingrone, and B. Templetrine* [IbJ 

1618. Dnus EpQs univit et ami exit Thesauriatni Gofcagen. 
vicarias de Macloneigh et Beatas Mariaa de Shandon Gorcagen. 
dioc. January 20, 1618. [B.V. 1634.] 

Brock was ordained Deacon on 30th October, 1608, and 
Priest on 31st March, 1610, both by Bp. Gork. 

From 1610 to 1634 he appears as vie. Ghor. Gork j from 
1615 to 1626 as Treasurer; from 1615 to 1634 as Vic. Ghor. 
Gioyne ; from 1615 to 1618 he is P. Inskenny ; and from 1615 
and 1616 Vi Mackkneigh and Bhaiidoii« 



Brock, in 1616, took the degree of a.h. in T.C.D. He wafl 
married, and his fourth son, Richard, bom in Oork citjr, entered 
T.O.D. as a pensioner, on 26th JvHj, 1641, at the age of 18 
1626. Jane 22. Helshias (or Hilkias) Hitbsbt, Treasurer of Cork, 
per cession of John Brock, with P. Ballindeighie et capellis de 
kildarrarie, Ologhane, et Bathdrontine et E. de Kilgobane, et 
Y. Ringroane, united by Bishop to the Treasurersbip. In* 
stalled 24th June. In 1627 he receives also the R. Temple- 
trine, and in 1628, July 5, the Archbishop of Armagh giyes him 
a dispensation to hold all these benefices together. [ R. V. 1 634.] 
[1628. March 20. John Jeffbat is presented to Parsonage 
of Ringroane, Ballynidea als Rathdreuton, Eilgobbane, and 
the • . . .of Oar. diocese Cork, with clause of 
union pro hac vice tantum. [Lib. Mun.] Perhaps this appoint* 
ment never took effect. He does not appear elsewhere.j 

1634 E. de Kilgobban spectat ad Thesaur. E. de Ratli* 
drenton similiter. Particula de Kildarrere et Cloghane simi- 
liter. E. de Dowagh als Ballynedy similiter. rR.y. 1634.] 

1639. Ecclesia de Ballynadighy spectat ad Thesaurm. idem 
Hussey curatus. Ecclia bene et omata. Kilgoban (ruinata) 
spectat ad Thesaur. Rathdrenton (ruinata) similiter. Parti- 
cula de Eildarrerie et Cloghane similiter. [Y.B. D.R. 1639.] 

In 1641 Hussey was plundered by rebels of property to 
amount of £1,270, besides the loss of Treasurersbip and 
Templetrine, worth £300 " communibns annis." rM.S. T.C.D. 
F. 2. 16.] 

Hilkias Hussey, a.b., T.C.D., in 1623. Afterwards a.h. 
and s.T.D. 

Deacon and Priest on 26th January, .1624, by Bp. of Cork. 
He was, in 1626, Treasurer of Cork and Y. Ringrone, and in 
1627 R. Templetrine. He held these livings (except Ringrone, 
which he resigned in 1634) until 1666, when he was deprived. 
He was alive in 1683 and afterwards, for the court books of 
Cork of that date contain records of proceedings against "Hil- 
kiam Hussey, s.t.d. in casu substr. saUarii sive feed," for 
which the sentence of excommunication was decreed by the 
Ecclesiastical Court. 
1666. Dec. 21. Thomas Goodman, Treasurer of Cork [F.F.] per 
deprivation of Hilkiah Hussey. [V.B. 1669, D.R.J 
He appears as Treasurer, 1666 to 1680. [Y.B. D.R.] 
Rectoria de Ballynadee particula et membrom Thesauriatus. 
[V.B. 1669.] 

Goodman was also Y. Garrydoyne, Cloyne, R. Bathcony and 
Bhandon, and Templetrine, and in 1675 Precentor of Ross, q. v» 
1681. April 29. Walteb Nealb, a.m., Treasurer. [F.F.] 
He appears 1681 to 1685. [Y.B. D.R.] 
In 1686 he became Precentor of Oork. q. v. 

CORK.J BALLiNAl>fi&, — tttfiASUttSAS. 21 

1686. March 29. Hbrbt Btdbb, A.M., Treajsarer. [F.F.] 

Henry Ryder (whom I suppose to have been the son of 
Thomas Byder, Secretary to the English Embassy at Paris, who 
was second son of John Byder, Bishop of Eillaloe, 1613 to 
1632)^ was born at Paris^ and was educated at Westminster, 
Cambridge, and Dublin. He was King's Scholar at Westmin- 

1681. September 26, to 1692, P. Mayne, Ossory. 

1683. September 17, to 1693, P. Malahidart, Dub. 

1685. October 29, to 1686, P. Holy Trinity, Cork. 

1686. March 29, to 1687, Treasurer of Cork. 
1692. March 30, to 1693, Archdeacon of Ossory. 

1692. April 9, to 1693, R. Attanagh and Ahamey, Ossory. 

1693. June 11, to 1695, Bishop of Eillaloe. 

He died S.P. on 30th January, 1695/6, and was buried at 
Clonmethan, county Dublin. His will, dated 12th January, 
1695/6, was proved in Dublin on the 12th April following. 
He was uncle to Bev. Thomas Byder, P. Brigowne, Cloyne, q. v. 

1687. June 30. BiohardLapp, a.m., Treasurer. [P.P.] 

In 1688 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1688. Nov. 2. Jonathan Falknbs, a.m., of Magd. Oxon, Treasurer. 

1 699. The church not in good repair. Divine service weekly^ 
every Sunday. [V.B. 1699, D.D.] 

'^1699. Ballinadehy Church is in pretty good repair, pulpit 
and seats in half of it." [Downes* Journsd.] 

1701. July 8. The Bishop certifies that Jonathan Falkner 
did, since 1690, erect one good dwelling-house, out-houses, gar- 
den, orchard, and other necessary improvements, on the glebe 
lands of Ballynadee, fit and convenient for him and his succes- 
sors, at the cost of £250. [D.K] 

Jonathan Falkner, a.m. of T.C.D. in 1684, was from 1684 to 
1710 P. Cooline, and from 1684 to 1693 V. Bregoge, and from 
1684 to 1699 V. Liscarroll. 

He married, firstly, in 1693, Jane, d. of White, esq., 

of Doneraile [Cloyne, M. B.] ; and secondly, Grace Masters, of 
S. Pinbar's, spinster. [Cork, Mar. bond, Aug. 7, 1708.] His will, 
without signature or date» was proved in Cork 9th Feb., 1710. 
In it he wishes to be buried in the chancel of the church of 
BalJinadee, " close by his late wife, Jane ;" and leaves his pre- 
sent wife, Grace Falkner, universal legatee. [Cork Wills.J 
1711. Jane 30* John Moobb, jun., a.m.. Treasurer. [F.F.] 

John Moore, jun«, a.m., was son of John Moore, Archdeacon of 
Cloyne, and belonged to the ancient family of More or O'Moore, 
of Leiz, in Queen's county, now extinct in the male line. 

He was firsts in 1690, Curate of Innishannon, and in 1698 
to 1699 was B. Templemichael de Duagh. In 1699 he was 
made P. Kilbrittain and T. Ballyfeard, which he resigned in 


171 1| on becoming Treasurer of Cork. He beld^ in addition to 
the liyings which he obtained in 1699, the Vicarage of Rath- 
darin, from 1701 to 1714, the Y. Innishannon from 1702 to 
1738, the B.y. Mackloneigh from 1712 to 1749, the R. Tern- 
plemichael de Duagh from 1715 to 1746, and the Bectory of 
Innishannon from 1729 to 1749. 

He married Anna Maria FoUiott (daughter of Captain John 
Folliott, by Joane, fifth daughter of Edward Synge, £p. Cork, 
sister to Edward Synge, Abp. of Tuam), of St. Finbarry's, in 
1700, by whom he had issue Rev. Charles (Rector of Innish- 
annon, q. V.) (born 1717, Pens, T.C.D. 1734), and Pierce; 
besides daughters, Anna Maria, wife of Boyle Travers, esq. ; 
another daughter, wife to Thomas Corker, of Innishannon, esq., 
and Catherine, the youngest daughter, wife to Rev. John Meade, 
of Ballymartle, q. v. He also mentions in his will (dated 1748, 
and proved at Cork, 1749), Dr. Joseph Leadbetter as a son-in- 
law. He bequeathed £40 to the poor of Innishannon, Leigh- 
money, Templemichael, and Ballinadee. He died in 1749. 
1749. Jane 2. John Smith, a.m.. Treasurer. [F.F.] The corps of 
the Treasurership consists of R. integ. Elilgoban, Rathdowlan, 
Ballinadee, and one R. Macklonagh. [D.R.] 

In 1755, John Smith obtains a commission to view a dwell- 
ing-house, barn, and other improvements at the glebe of Bal- 
linadee, which commission is returned on April 8th, and a cer- 
tificate is granted for £201 lOd. id-., on May 19, 1756. 

By this return it would appear that quarrymen at Ballina- 
dee worked for 8cL a-day ; labourers at 6d, ; a man and horse 
for Id, per day. Twenty-five dozen of floor tiles cost £1 Off. lOd. 
Three tons and one and a^half f. balk timber, £6 7«. 6d. 
3,000 brick, delivered at Ballinadee, came to £1 I2s, Sd. 
Thirty single deals cost £2 12& 6d. Lime for plastering cost 
2», per barrel. Slate, 3^. per 1,000. '^ Bought a horse for 
£3 158,, and sold him again for £2 58. 6d. ; allowed £1 2«. 9d.'* 
Hair for plastering, Sd. per barrel. The total return is 
£201 lOs. \d. ; and the certificate states that the house, &c., 
is very fit and convenient for the residence of John Smith and 
his successors. [D.R,] 

John Smith, A.M., Scholar, T.C.D., in 1736. 

Ordained Priest at Cork on 19 December, 1742. 

He appears as Curate of Ballymodan, in 1747, and was 
Uoensedto that curacy in 1751. 

From 1749 to 1770 he was Treasurer of Cork. 

He married Elisabeth Lucas, of Deserteerges [Cork. Mar. 
bond of June 5, 17421. He had issue by her a daughter, 
Elisabeth (vide the will of Hart Smith, his brother), and died 
in 1770. 
1770. Got. 9. James Webks, a.b., Treuurer (per mort Smith), and 
B* Kilgoban, Bathdowkn, Ballinadee, and Madoni^h. [F.F.] 


Junes Weeks, on 24 Feb., 1769, had been licensed to th^ 
curacy of Holy Trinity, Cork. He died in Dec, 1775, leaving 
his widow, Mary Weeks, otherwise Hughes, sole executrix. 
[Cork Wills.] 

I find that a James Weeks, fil. James '^ generosi," was bom 
in Cork, and obtained Sizarship, T.C.D., on 3 June, 1734, 
being then sixteen years old, and that the same, or another 
James Weeks, graduated in the same Uniyersity, in 1750. In 
1668, a Nicholas, fil. W^iiliam Weeks, born at Loughgur, co. 
Limerick, entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner. 

1775. Dec. 11. Joseph Wbld, A.M., Treasurer. [F.P.] In 1776 he 
became E. V. TuUagh and Creagh, and in 1777 became Arch- 
deacon of Ross, q. y. 

1776. March 25, John Dbnis, a.m., Treasurer. [F.P.J 

1777. August 26, John Denis memorials for permission to 
lay out £40 on the out-offices of Ballinadee, and the £p. con- 
sents, Sept. 3, 1777. In 1778, Noy. 2, a commission to yiew 
issues, and the return is made 1778, December 17, finding that 
Denis had expended £40 10^. Id, In this return mason's 
hire is charged at la. 7^d. per diem, and labourer's at 7d. per 
day. [D.R.] 

John Denis, a.m., T.O.D., was from 1750 to 1776, V. Ballymo- 
dan, and from 1776 to 1787, Treasurer of Cork. He died 1787. 

Among the Cork marriage bonds is one for the marriage of 
John Denis, Clk., with Mrs. Elisabeth Beyen, of Kinsale. 
1787. April 25. Hon. Pebgt Jooblyn, a.b., Treasurer. [F.F.] 
He was 3rd son of 1st Earl of Roden. 

1787, April 25, to 1795, Treasurer of Cork. 

1788, Noy. 22, to 1790, IL Tamlaght, Armagh. 
1788, Deo. 5, to 1790, Archdeacon of Boss. 
1790, March 18, to 1809, Treasurer of Armagh. 
1796, January 12, to 1809, P. Disert» Lismore. 

1809, August 2Q, to 1820, Bishop of Ferns and Leighlip. 

1820, April 3, to 1822, Bishop of Clogher. 

He was depriyed of his Bishoprick in 1822, and died in 
Deo., 1843, and was buried at the New Cemetery, Edinburgh. 

Jocelyn resigned the Treasurership of Cork on 4 July, 
1795. [P.P.] 

On 15 July, 1795, Bey. Wm. Herbert Saunders is appointed 
Sequestrator of the yaoant Treasurership. [D.B.] 
1795. Sept. 1. Yxrnbi LoysTT, a.m.. Treasurer* [D.B.] The date 
of his institution, according to P.P., is July 4, 1795. 

1807, Dr. Loyett resides partly at Lismore, where he has a 
prebend* [Bep.] 

On 10 January, 1809, the Bishop certified that Loyett had 
spent on the glelie, &e», £60 I6s. 2d, [D.B.] 

In 1815 he became P. Eilbrogan, and in 1818, B. Kilna- 
gross, Bosfi^ q. y. 

24 BAIXIKAD££, — tBEASUBSHd. [cO&K. 

181£^. Feb. 11. EnwABB St. JiAwsAROE^ a.m.^ Treasurer [F.E], cer- 
tified under £500 per an. in yalne. [D.R.! In 1818 he be- 
came V. Eilmaccabee, &c,, and V* iunlobbus^ and in 1825, 
Archdeacon of Ross, q. y. 

1818. April 25. James Stewart, a.m., Treasurer [F.F.], certified 
under £500 per an. in yalue. [D.R.] In 1825, Stewart be- 
came V. Lislee, Boss, q. v. 

1825. August 24. Joseph Jbbyois, a.b., Treasurer. [F.F.] 
In 1831 he became K Ardagh, Clojne, q. v. 

1831« April 20. Sombbs Patke, a.b., Treasurer. [F.F.] He was 
presented by Crown, sede yacante, on letters patent, dated 15 
Feb., 1831. 

1831. Protestant population, 129. 

1837. Ballinadee Union, with cure consisting of : — 1. Bal- 
linadee rectorj. 2. Eilgoban rectory. 3. Bathdowlan rec- 
tory. £xtent of union not stated, as the parishes are not con- 
tiguous, consisting of 8,466 acres. Gross population, 2,800. One 
curate employed, at an annual stipend of £75, with the use of 
the glebe-house and glebe. Tithe composition of Ballinadee 
par., £581 11«. 9d, ; 8 acres and 15| perches of glebe, yalued 
at 30«. ; per plan, acre, £7 10«. Tithe composition of Bath- 
dowlan parish, £35 ; ditto of two ploughlands in Eilnaglory 
parish, £35 ; subject to yisitation fees, 9«. 6d. ; diocesan 
schoolmaster, £1. Ballinadee glebe-house is a condemned 
building, and unfit for residence ; bat at the expense of Incum- 
bent, it has been rendered a tolerably comfortable residence 
for the Curate. Incumbent resides in a neighbouring parish, 
within three miles of Ballinadee parish, on his own property. 
One church, situate in Ballinadee parish, capable of accommo- 
dating 150 persons, built so many years ago that the date 
and cost of its erection unknown. No charge on the union in 
1832, on account of the church. Diyine Seryice is celebrated 
twice on all Sundays and on the principal festiyals. The 
Sacrament is administered on the first Sunday in the month 
and on the festiyals. The benefices constituting this union 
are rectories. [Pari. Rep.] 

On 22 August, 1853, a commission condemns the old glebe- 
house, and recommends a new one to be built on a new site, 
the yalue of the old materials being only £30. [D.K] In 
1857, Dec. 23, Bp. certifies that Rey. Somers Payne expended 
£1,160 on glebe-house and offices; that net yearly yalue is 
£481 lis. lOd. ; that £165 3s. 6d. is necessary to complete 
the glebe-house and offices ; and that £798 6s. 2d. is the sum 
of right chargeable on benefice, being two years* income less 
by the sum of £165 3^ 6cf., necessary to complete said house, 
&c. [D.R.] 

Somers Payne was ordained Deacon, 1809, Sept 24, and 


Priest, 1810, Sept. 23, both at Cork. He was liceDsed to the 
curacyof Kilmiohaelyin 1809. In 1823 he was R. Ardagh, which 
he held uaiil he was appointed Treasurer of Cork, in 1831. 

He died on 29 May, 1857, leaving issue three sons, Somers 
Hennr (Vicar-General of Eillaloe and B. Dunkerrin), James 
and «fohn Warren, besides a danghter, Marj, wife of Mr. Nash. 

1857. Jnlj 27. Thomas Townelt Macav,' a.b., Treasurer, certified 
to be of the net annual value of £517 68, 7d, [D.R.] 

1860. No vestry in this church. The glebe-house and 
offices are in good order. 8 acres of glebe in Incumbent's use. 
John-Harding Cole is Curate. 

Service twice each Sunday in church for eight months of 
the year ; for the other four months it is held once on each 
Sunday morning in church, and on Sunday evenings in the 
glebe-house. Service is also held on the principal church 

Sacrament once a month, and at Christmas and Easter. Usual 
number of communicants, 11. 

The children are catechised every Saturday at school, and 
every Sunday at church, by the Incumbent and Curate. 

A Church Ed. School. On rolls, 23 ; average attendance, 13. 

Protestant population, 120. 

Thomas Townely Macan, bom in co. Armagh, son of Robert 
Macan ; when eighteen years of age entered T.C.D., as Pen« 
sioner, on 19 Oct., 1829. 

In 1839 he was licensed to the cununr of Knockavilly. In 
1850, P. C. MarmuUane. In 1855, P. KiUnully, and in 1857, 
Treasurer of Cork. 

He married Belinda, d. of Rev. Thomas Waggett^ of Bath- 
claren, and died in 1860. 

1861. January 5. John Mubpht, a.b., Treasurer, certified to be of 
the net annual value of £451 15^. 2d, [D.B.] 

John, son of John Murphy, esq., of Newtown, co. Cork, by 
Elisabeth, d. of Samuel Jervoise, esq., of Brade, was bom at 
Newtown, iu 1795, and entered T.C.D. in 1813. 

He was ordained Deacon at Cloyne, on 10 April, 1825, and 
Priest at Kildare, on 25 Feb., 1827. 

He was curate of Rilbrogan from April to 1 November, 1825, 
and from that time until 1842 was Curate of Murragh. From 
1842 to 1861 he was V. Kilmocamoge, which he resigned for 
the Treasurership of Cork, in 1861. 

He married, in 1826, Alicia, d. of Rev. Charles Smith, Vicar 
of Kilmocamoge, and has issue by her four daughters* 

26 BAxxTPBLOiraHT. [cork. 


1291. Ecolesia de Balydaffloythir, [rated at] 6 marks. The Yicar 
reoeiyes a third part. [Tax. P. Nic] 

ld91. E. de Ballidolohir spectat ad Abb. de chore Impr. [MS. 
T.OJ). E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Balljdolohir. Bectoria impropriata Johea Fitig^rald fir- 
marius. Ecclesia et cancel la rainosa. Nullus curatus. Yicaria 
vacat et usnrpatur per firmarium Bectoriae. [B.Y. B1.I.A.] In 
the Y.B. of 1622, in Marsh's Library, it is called Ballidolloghire. 

1627. March 20. Biohakd Jebmtn. Beet, integ. de Kilroan et Y. 

de Ballylogher. [F.F.] He was again admitted to B. Y. Bal- 
' linloghie, dioc Cork, 28 May, 1633. [Ferguson's MSS. vol. i. 

p. 97.] Jermyn was also Y. Bahan, Oloyne, q. v. 
1634. E. de Ballydelohir als Eilroane. Bex est Beotor. Johes. 

Fitzgerald miles tenet. Nullas curatus. [B.Y. 1634.] 
1639. Ecclia de Ballylogher als Eilroane. Bex est Bector. Oara- 

tus Thomas -Wbstmore. Ecclia bene, desunt omamenta. [Y.B., 

D.B.] Westmore was B, Bretway, Cloyne, q. v. 

1666. Eccliam de Balliloghie als Kilroane Ed, Ffitzgerald tenet. 
Yicar Samuel Bonneb, oegrotat. [Y.B. D.B.] Bonner was P. 
St. Michael's, q. y. 

1667. Yacant per mortem Samublis Bonneb. [Y.B., D.B.] 

1668. John Bayly appears as Yicar, and in 1670 as Bector de 
Ballydeloghy als Kilroane per litteras pat. dni. Begis. [Y.B. 
D.B.] On 11th July, 1669, he was instituted to the other 
benefices vacated by the death of Bonner. Bayly appears in 
1696. Yide St. Michael's Prebend. 

1697. June 17. Yalentine Fbench, P. St. MichaeFs, B. Eilooane, 
Templeusky, Ballylogher als Eilroane et Insula parva. [F.F.] 
French was afterwards Dean of Boss, q. t. 

'' Oct. 1700. I saw BallideloQghy Ohnroh als Eillroan. Bal- 
lideloghy church, built with stone and clay ; half the walls are 
down ; the churchyard is fenct with a ditch. About ten plan- 
tation acres of glebe on the south side of the churchyard be- 
longing to the Incumbent. This church is a mile from Bacony 
Church, to the east of Bacony. About four and a half plow- 
lands in this parish. The greatest part of this parish was the 

estate of Barry, of Baliideloughy, who forfeited in the late 

rebellion. Will. Harding, and all the rest of the inhabitants of 
this parish, are Papists. Cahirlag Church is a mile distant from 
this church, on the south of Baliideloughy Church. 

'^ Baliideloughy is a yillage in this parish. The parish is com- 
monly called Baliideloughy, from this yillage. All the tythes 
of this parish belong to the Incumbent, worth about £20 or £15 

fer an. Bacony is the next church, in repair, to this parish," 
Downes* Tour.J 


^ lu 1704, French beeame Prebendary of KiUaspngmullane, 
moe which time the R. V. Ballydeloghy ab Eilroane waa held 
with that prebend nntil 1842. 

In 1730, Ecdesia rainata. [Y. B.] 

In 1830 the Protestant population of Ballydelohar waa 136. 

1842. Sept 2. William Augustus Bsaufobt, a.b., B. Ballydelohar 
and Templeusky. [F.F.] The Act of Consolidation of these 
benefices was dated at Council of Dublin 12 Dec, 1846. The 
total value is given as £390 2a, 6d, ; being thus made up :-^ 
Ballydelohar, otherwise Kilroan, reut-charge, £133 2s» 6d, ; ten 
acres of glebe, £2Q; Teropleusky rent-charge, £237. The 
Protestant population of Ballydelohar was 73, and of Temple- 
usky, 63. One church at Ballydelohar. On 24 September, 
1850, the Bishop certifies an expenditure of £840 on the glebe- 
house ; the annual value of the benefice being £420. [D.B.] 

1860. Church, &c., in good order. A glebe-house and ten 
acres of land in Incumbent's occupation. 

Morning and evening service throughout the year on Sundays, 
and service on principal holydays. 

Sacrament monthly; average of communicants, 15 ; at Christ- 
mas, 24 ; at Easter, 30. 

The children are catechised weekly at the school by Incum- 
benty in Catechism, Scripture, and Liturgy. 

A Church Ed. Soc. School, to which the Ladies' Hibernian 
Society give also £5, About 15 children in course of instruc* 
tion. Protestant population, 84. 

W. A. Beaufort (son of Bev. W. Beaufort, P. Cahirlag, q. v.), 
entered T.O.D. on 19th October, 1829, being then seventeen 
years old. He was ordained Deacon on 28th June, 1835, and 
Priest on 1 1th September, 1836 ; both at Cork. From 1836 to 
1842 he was T. Brinny. 


1591. B. de Ballefiard speotat ad Ab. de Tracton. Vic. ibm. Johes. 
Cbomin j Ire ord. sunt cobuste. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14]. Oromin 
held also the curacy of Nohoval in 1591. 

1615. June 2. Maroub PAasTT, P. Lisclery, & Eilmedye als Mar- 
telstown, and Y. Ballifiard. [F.F.I 

1615. Bdlefyard spectat ad Anb. de Tracton. Thomas 
Daunt finnarius. Curatas Marcus Paget, minister et predi- 
oator, idem vicarins. VaL £6 ISs, M, Ecdesia et oancella 
repantnr. [B.V. BsLA.] 

38 BilXT]^ABD. [conn. 

1634. R. de Balljfiard spectat ad Abb. de Ttacton. Oomes 
Cork Impropriator. Yal. £13 IBs, 4d^. per an. NuUus curatns. 
Vicarius ibm. Marcus Paget. Yal. £13 ld«. 4:d. Epus Gonfert. 
[KV. 1634.] 

1639. Pagett appears as Vicar, and Jobn Stukely as curate 
of Ball jfiard, the Rectory belonging to Tracton. Ecclesia bene, 
desunt omamenta. [V.B. D.B., 1639.] 

Paget became Dean of Boss, q. v. Stukely became, in 1640, 
R.V. Glanbarrahan, Ross, q. v. 

1666. John Butlbb, V. Ballyfeard ; also marked " vacant." FV.B. 

Butler was also P. Eilbrlttain, q. v. 

1667. June 29. John Moobe, P. Eilbrittain, R. V. Innishonane, R. 
Ballymartle, Templemichael de Duagb, Leighmoney, and V. 
Ballyfiard [P.F.] per desertionem Johannis Butler. [ V ,B. 1669.] 
Moore was also Archdeacon of Cloyne, q« v. 

1695. Not. 6. Moore '' suspenditur ob negligentiam cune.'* 
And in 1696 the visitation book contains this entry, '^Suspen- 
sus ult. visit, ob negligent, decrevit sequestrare ad supplendam 
ouram." [V.B. D.R.] On 22nd February, 1696/7, Alexander 
Ogilby, A.B., is licensed to be curate. [D.R.] 

Moore appears as V. Ballyfiard to 1698. [V.B. D.R.] 

1699. April 14. John Moobk, junior, P. Kilbrittain, and Vicar of 
Ballyfiard. [F.F.] 

He appears 1709. [V.B. D.R.] In 1711 John Moore, junior, 
became Treasurer of Uloyne, q. v. 

1699. No churchwardens or parish clerk ; two or three Pro- 
testant fisimilies ; they go to Tracton, only sometimes Mr. Moore 
preaches in a house in the parish of Ballyfiard. [T.B. D.D. 

" 1699. August 18. Ballyfiard Church is ruinous, within half 
a mile of Tracton. Mr. Moore, Vicar." [Downes' Tour.] 

''June, 1704. As we go to Tracton from Oorke, a long mile 
on this side Tracton, are the ruins of the Church of Kilpatrick. 
A long mile to the west of Tracton stood the Church of Bally- 
feard ; the walls are almost level with the ground. To the 
south of Tracton, half a mile beyond the great village of Knock- 
mannag h, stood the Church of Bealfoyle ; the walls are ruin- 
ous. Two long miles to the S. W. of Tracton stands the Church 
of Noghavale ; the church is in good repair, and fumish't with 
seats ; the late Bishop of Corke contributed to the repair of it 
when he had the Archdeaconry of Corke. Divine service is 
performed here once a fortnight, and once a fortnight at Trac- 
ton by Mr. Ogilby. To the S.W. of Tracton, at four miles dis- 
tance, stood the OhuTch of Kilmehenoge, on the eaat side of 
Oysterhaven, near Monntlong, the church is ruinous." [Downes* 


1711 1 MiCHABii BvsTEAB^ V. Balljfeard. 
He appears in 1715. [_Y3. D.R.] 
Michael Bustead was also R. Templemichael de Duagb, q. y, 

1751. April 1. Peteb Bbistowe, a.m., V. Ballyfeard. [F.P.] 

ifow yacant by ye nat. death of Rey. Michael Bustead. [D.K] 
Bristowe was also B. St. Paul's, Cork, q. y. 

1769. March 16, MathiasSpbead, a. m., per mort. Bristowe. [F.F.] 
Spread was abo V. Einsale, q. y. 

1771. Feb. 19. John Cliffb, a.b. [F.F.] per mort. Spread. rD.BJ] 
John, son of W. Cliffe, of New Ross, county Wexford, esq., 

was born in 1736, and graduated iu T.O.D. 

He was licensed to curacy of Oarrigrohane on 14th Jannary, 

1771, and to that of EillaspugmuUane on 17th February, 1772. 

He became Y. Ballyfeard in 1771, and P. Termonbarry, Elphin^ 

in 1775. He held both these liyings until his death, on 14tb 

February, 1816, at the age of eighty-three. 

1816. March 28. Nioholas Cole Bowen, a.b., Y. Ballyfeard, per 
inort. Cliffe. [F.F.] 

1831. Protestant population, 78. 

1833. May 7. A school in yillage licensed for Diyine seryice, 

1837. Ballyfeard, a yicarage, with cure, three miles long by 
two broad, containing 3,000a. Gross population, 1,337. The 
occasional duties of this benefice are discharged by the Curate 
of the adjoining parish, at a stipend of X20 per annum. Tithe 
composition, £130 ; 9a. 2r. 35p. of glebe, valued at 20& per 
plantation acre, £6 ; subject to visitation fees, 15^. 5d. Ko 
glebe-house ; Incumbent is non-resident, from his delicacy of 
health ; and as he requires constant medical aid, he resides in 
the town of Bandon, at a distance of twelve miles from the 
parish. No church. The rectorial tithes of this parish, com- 
pounded for £100, are impropriate, and reputed to belong to 
the Earl of Shannon. [Pari. Rep.] 

Nicholas Cole Bowen was ordained Priest at Cloyne on 6th 
July, 1806. 

Li 1816 he became Y. Ballyfeard, which he held nntil his 
death, in 1837. 

1838. Feb. 15. Suspended by Ecclesiastical Commissioners, 
there having been no Divine service celebrated for the three 
years ending 1st February, 1833, and a stipend of £75 per 
annum allowed to a Curate appointed by the Bishop. [Board 
Minutes of Ecclesiastical Commissioners.] 

1860. The Curate is the Rjsy. Robbet Henby Meade. An- 
nual yalue, £103. 

There is no church in this parish, nor any trace of one in the 
graye-yard, which contains a tombstone of great antiqaity, but 
without any inscription. There was no parish register pre- 


yioos to appointment of present Ourate. There u no ^ebe- 
house, although there are fire acres of glebe in the possession 
of the Ecclesiastioal Conunissioners, The Ourate resides in his 
own hoose^ within three miles of the parish. 

Divine service is performed once each Sunday, and on chief 
festivals; and evening service during summer in a school-house 
duly licensed. 

There is a monthly administration of Sacrament. Average 
of communicants^ 6. 

On Sundays and week days the children are catechised by 
Ourate and master of the school, which is supported by sub- 
scriptions, and in which the books of the National Board are 
used. The children are 10 in number. 

Protestant population, 18. 

Robert Henry Meade, fourth son of Bev. Richard Meade, 
Rector of Ballymartle, was born 25th September, 1809, and 
graduated in T.Q.D. as a.b. in 1832. 

He was ordained Deacon at Oloyne on 14th July, 1833, and 
Priest, at Oork, on 21st July, 1834. He was Ourate of Ardfield, 
Ross, in July, 1833, and in October of same year was Assistant 
Ourate of Ballyfeard. On the death of the Vicar, Mr. Bowen, 
in 1837, he was appointed Ourate of Ballyfeard. 


1291. Ecclesia de Eylmy, eight marks. [Tax. P. Nic] 

1591. Edward M*Bbiamt appears as R. de Martelstown als £il- 
medye, V. Inchigeelah, and also ¥• Inchinabacky. PMS. T.O.D. 
B. 3. 14.] 

1591. July 31. DoMiNUS Jaoobub Mubicb (qu. Maurice) clericus 
Vicar Ballymartle als Kilmedy. [Fergueson MSS. voL i. 110.] 
Mnrice does not occur in the Oork records. 

1611. May 29. Nioholab Bright, or Bbrght, is presented to R. 
Martelstown and Rathclarin. [Lib. Mun.] In 1615 he appears 
as V. Lisclery, q. v. 

1615. June 2. Marous Paortt, R. Martelstown als Kilmedye, P. 
Lisclery, et V. Ballyfiard. [P.F.] 

1615. Eilmiddie als Martelstowne (non residens) B. and V. 
Mark Paget. rR.V. R.I.A.] 

1634. E. de Martelstowne als Kilmiddy, Mark Pagett. Val. 
£26 6s. Sd. Vicecomes Eilmallock patronos. [R.V. 1634.] 

1637. The advowson of Martelstown was claimed by Pierce, 
fil. Adam Gold. [Inqois. at King*8 Old OMtle^ Cork, No. 415, 
Idih April, 1637.] 


1639. Mark Pageti, Tioar^ "Eoolenia bene. Desant caliz et 
baptisterianL" [Y.B. D.B.] 

Paget became Dean of Boss, q. r. 

1662. Feb. 6. John Btttlieb, R. BaHjinartle als Kilmeedy, and B. 
Innishannon. [F.F.I 

The B. Ballymartle appears in Y.B. 1666 as vacant, Mr. 
Bntler^s Dame being struck oat by pen. 

Batler was also P. Eilbrittain, q. y. 

1667. Jnne 29. John Moobe, P. Eilbrittain, B. Ballymartle, and 
B.y. Innishonane, B. Templemichael de Dnagh, and Leigh- 
money, and V. Bally fiard. [P.F.] 

This admission to Marshalstowne als £ilmedy was per deser- 
tion of John Batler. [Y.B. D.B. 1669.] Et in presentatione 
Dni. Begis eo qaod Sarsfield patroaas est papista. [Y.B. 1670.J 

Moore was also Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 

1679. April 8. Thomas Msade, B. Ballymartle, and B. Eilmalooda, 
in Boss. [F.F.] On letters patent from CrowD^ dated Feb. 
17th. [Lib. Man.] 

Id 1 692 John Hemlock, parish clerk, did not takeont a licence. 
[Y3. D.B] 

1699. A church served once a fortnight [Y.B. D.D. 1699.] 

''1699. Ballimartell Church, betwixt Ballinbuyand Kiusale, 
about three miles from Kinsale. The church is in good repair." 
[Downes' Tour.] 

Thomas Meade was also P. Inskeuny, q. v, 

1709. June 9. William Meabb is presented to Bs. Ballymartle and 
Dunderrow. [Lib. Mnn.] He was son of his predecessor, who 
resigned in his fiavonr. 
William Meade became, in 1736, Dean of Cork, q. t. 

1751. May 14. John Meade, a.m., is presented to B. Ballymartle 
[Lib. Mnn.] vacant by the vol. resign, of Wm. Meade, Dean of 
Cork. [D.B.] Admitted 20th May. 

Id 1746 John Meade had been licensed to the curacy of 
Ballymartle, Dunderrow, and Onllen. 

Bfe was the eldest son of Dean William Meade, and was bom 
in county Cork. He entered T.O.D. as Pensioner on 23rd 
Nov. 1738, aged eighteen, and took the degrees of a.b. and 
A.M. in that university. 

He m. firstly, in 1748 [M. L. dated 20th April— Cork 
M.B.] Eatherine, d. of Bev. John Moore, B. InnishaonoD, 
by whom he had no issue ; and secoDdly, in 1768, Susanna 
(d. of Bev. Horace Townsend, P. Donoghmore), who died S.P. 
1820. [P.P.] In 1787 the Bev. John Meade purchased from 
his cousin, John, first Earl of Clanwilliam, the family estates 
of Ballymartle and Ballintubber. He resigned his rectory of 
Ballymartle in 1794 j and died in 1800, leaving his nephew, 
Biehard) the Beetor of Ballymartle, hie beir. 


1794. Feb. 19. Biouabd Meabb* a.b., R. Ballymartle. [P.F.] 
Pat dated Feb. 15. [Lib. Mun.] He was nephew to his pre- 

Bichard Meade was eldest son of Rot. William Meade, B. 
Bincarran, and heir to his ancle's estate of Ballintabber. 

He was ordained Priest at Clojne on letters dimissorj from 
Cork, on 29th September, 1786, having been licensed curate 
of Ballymartle from 24th March, 1785. 

He married Dorothea, d. of Adam Newman, Esq., of Dro- 
more, by whom he had issue two daughters, Mary Townsend 
and Susan Helena; and six sons — 1. William Bichard, of 
Ballymartle, barrister, and representative of the family; 2. 
John, F.T.OB., 1832, died 29th June, 1835, S.P.; 3. Bichard 
Newman, Capt. H.E.l.C. fell at the battle of Meanee, in Scinde, 
1843 ; 4. Bobert Henry, Curate of Ballyfeard ; 5. Horace 
Townsend Newman, M.I)., of Churchill House, Queenstown ; 
6. Adam Newman, m. 1859, Louisa, d. of Daniel Conner, of 
Manch, Esq., and has issue. The will of Be v. Bichard Meade 
was dated 24th January, 1807, and proved in Dublin 20th 
April, 1815. He died on 11th December, 1814. 
1815. July 21. Albxanbeb M'Clintocr, A.M. [F.F.] Pat dated 
June 2. [Lib. Mun.] per death of Bev. Bichard Meade, ll.b. 

In 1824 M'Clintock became B.V. Glanbarrahan, Boss, q. v. 
1824. March 18. Honoubablb Biohabb BorLB Brbnabb, b.b., B. 
Ballymartle [F.F.] on letters patent, dated 18th February, 

Mr. Bernard was second son of the first Earl of Bandon. He 
was born in 1787, and in 1822 was made Dean of Leighlin. He 
resigned Ballymartle on 29th July, 1826, but retained his 
deanery until his death, at Leighlin, on 1st March, 1850. He 
bequeathed j£l,000 to the Church Eklucation Society. 
1826. August 12. John Stottb, a.b., K Ballymartle [F.F.] on let- 
ters patent, dated 3rd August, 1826. [D.B.J 

1830. Protestant population, 99. 

1837. Ballymartle, a rectory, with cure, three miles long by 
three broad, containing 8,828a. Ob. 15^p. Gross population, 
1,706. No Cuiate employed. Tithe composition, £424 12«. 2d. ; 
8a. Ob. 15|p. of glebe, valued at £5. Subject to visitation 
fees, 17<. 4d. Diocesan Schoolmaster, 17«. No glebe-house. 
Incumbent is resident within the benefice during summer, in a 
cottage, which he built at his own expense ; and during winter 
in a house in the town of Kinsale, for which he pays a rent of 
£34 per annum. One church, capable of accommodating 100 
persons, but so old and decayed that no record exists of the 
date and cost of its erection. No charge on the parish in 1832, 
on account of the church. Divine service is celebiated once on 
all Sundays, and on the principal festivals. The Sacrament is 
administered monthly. The benefice is a rectory. [ParL Bep.j 


1860. Church, &c., in good order. Annnal ralne, £323. 
No glebe-house ; three acres of glebe in Inonnibent*s use. 
Divine service once on Sundays and festivals. Evening service 
during summer months. Sacrament monthly ; average of com- 
municants, 10 ; on festivals, 25. 

The Rector and his assistants catechise the children on Sun- 
days in Testament, Catechism, and Collects. 

There is no school or school-house. 

Protestant population, 79. 

John Stoyte (sou of James Stoyte, esq., of Gloucester-street, 
Dublin, by Martha, d. of Andrew Moore, esq., of Dublin), was 
bom in 1800, and was educated at Castledawson, Blackrock, 
Dublin, by Rev. Dr. Leney. He graduated a.b., T.C.D., in 

He was ordained Deacon in 1825, and Priest in 1826, both 
by the Bishop of Eilmore. From 1825 to 1826 he was Curate 
of Eilleshandra, Kilmore. 

He married, in 1844, Elizabeth, d. of William Bleazby, esq., 
of Ballinacurra, Einsale, and has by her three sons. 


1291. Ecclesia Ballybudan, rated at seven marks. [Tax. P. Nic] 

1536. Ballymodan was held in commendam with the Bishoprick of 
Cork. Vide Shandon, under the date 1536. 

1591. Rector de Ballymodan, Nicholas Thorniby^ Vicar John 
Newman. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] Newman was also V. 
Brinny, same date. 

In another MS. of this date there is the following entry — 
^' Rectoria de Ballimodan spect. ad Ab. de Tracton* Vicar ibm. 
Nicholaus Tompkins." [R.V. R.I. A.I But in another part of 
same MS. there appears — ''Ecclia de JBallymodanNich. Thom- 
kyns. Vic ejusdem Richd. Newman.'' 

In 1610 the Earl of Corke and Burlington endowed a clas- 
sical school at Bandon, with £20 per annum. [D.R.] New- 
man was also V. Brinny. 

1615. Robert Sutton is Vicar. " Rectoria spectat ad Abbathiam de 
Tracton. Ecclesia et cancella bene repantur cum libris et aliis 
necessariis; val. 7 li. Vicarius ibm. Robertns Sutton, a.m., 
minister et predicator residet et inservit curso ; valor 7 li. 
Tenet etiam vicarias de Eilbrogan et Disertserges per unionem." 
[R.V. R.I.A.] For Sutton, vide Eilbrogan. 

1628. August 31. Thomas Weight, Vicar de Ballymodan. [R'V. 


1634. B. Balljmodan speotat ad Abb. de Tracton ; valet 
40 li. per annum. Gomes Cork, Impropriator. Vicarins 
Thomas Weight predicator; valet 40 li. per annum. Epus 
oonfert. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. Weight is still Vicar. ^'Eoclesia bene." [V.B. 1639.] 

Weight was also P. Eilnaglory, Cork, q. v. 
1662. Feb. 6. Hbnrt Pabb, Y. Ballymodan, KV. Rathclarin, and 
y. Templequinlan, in Ross. [F.F.] 

Ue appears in V.B. in 1666. He became BT. Skull and 
Eilmoe in 1767, and was also Precentor of Roes, q. v. 
1666/7. Feb. 14. Petbr HbweTjY. de Balljmodan, per resignation 
of Henry Parr. [V.B. D.R. 1669.] 

He appears 1667 to 1675. Hewett became in 1675, Chan- 
cellor, and in 1710 Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1675. Feb. 25. Huao Jenkins, V. Ballymodan, Ratholaren, Canna- 
way, and R. Ardnegihy. [F.F.] 

He appears to 1679 [V.B. B.K.], and in the margin of that 
visitation there is this remark opposite his name, '' Itne ord. 
desunt." In 1681 he was again admitted to Ballymodan and 

1680. July 28. John Tom, a.m., Y. Ballymodan, Rathclaren, and 
R.Y. Cannaway. [F.F.] 

He appears in Y!B. 1680. In 1681 he became R. Ardne- 
gihy, and in 1693 was made P. Desertmore, q. v. 

1681. July 30. Huao Jenkins, a.m., Y. Ballymodan and Rath- 
ckreu. [F.F.] 

He appears 1681 to 1685. [V.B. D.R.] 

From 1675 to 1680 Jenkins held R. Ardnegihy, Y. Bally- 
modan, Rathclaren, and Cannaway ; he again appears as V. 
Ballymodan and Rathclaren from 1681 to 1685, when he was 
deprived for some cause. 
1686. March 26. Paul Duolos, a.m., Y. Ballymodan, vacant per 
legitimam privaconem Hugonis Jenkins. [D.R.] 

He appears 1686 to 1691. [V.B. D.R.J In 1688 he was 
made P. Island, Ross, q. v. 
1692. April 22. Richard Goodman, a.b., Y. Ballymodan, per cess. 
Paul Dnclos, and same day V. Rathclaren. t^*^ 

In 1736 Goodman is marked '' excusatus.*' [^-^0 ^^ ^^ 
also, in 1718, P. Desertmore, q. v. 

1695. In this year the parish register commences. 

" Church in good repair in Bandon. Sermon every Sunday. 
Very few Papists. Sacrament four times a year. £20 yearly 
promised by the Earl of Corke to a schoolmaster." [1699. 

In 1812 this endowment was inereased to J&40 per annum 
by the Duke of Devonshire. [D.R.1 
1737. May 5. William Rbadeb, a.m., Y. Ballymodan, per mort. 
Kchard Goodman. [D.B.] 


He appears 1737 to 1740. [V-B. D.R.1 In 1741 he became 
v. Einsale, and in 1745 Arehdeacon of Cork, q. y. 
1741. March 26. Pibbot Mbabb, a.m., V. Ballymodan, per resig- 
nation of William Kead^. [D.E.] In 1745 Meade became 
V. Einsale, q. v. 
1745. April 4. William Mabtin, a.m., Y. Ballymodan [F.F.] per 
resignation of Piercy Meade. [D.R.] 

1747. Dec. 29th. Mr. William Martin, and his Cumte, Mr. 
John Smyth, appear at the Palace, when, after hearing both, 
the Bishop decreed that £45 be in fature paid by quarterly 
instalments to Mr. S. the Curate, the stipend heretofore being 
too small for so laborious a care. [D.Ii.] 

William Martin (son of James Martin, merchant), was, bom 
in Bandon, and on 3rd June, 1722, entered T.O.I), as Peop 
sioner, being then eighteen years old. Be was a Seholar in 
1726, and aiter wards a.m. 

He was, in 1731, Curate of Templeomalus, Templequinlan, 
and Eilnagross; and in 1737 was Curate of Abbeyraahon, which 
latter impropriate cure he held, along with v. Ballymodan, 
until his death in 1750. 

In his will he mentions his brothers, Edward and Richard ; 
and administration of his will was granted to his brother-in- 
law. Rev. William Ellis, P. Island, Ross, in trust for Ann, dau. 
of Edward Martin, the brother of testator. 
1750. March 18. John Dbnib, a.m., V. Ballymodan, per death of 
William Martin. [D.R.] 

In 1776 Denis became Treasurer of Cork, q. r* 
1776. May 3. John Lobd, a.m., Y. Ballymodan, per cess, of John 
Denis. [D.R.] 

John Lord was probably of the same &mily as Daniel Lord, 
P. of Eilbrogan in 1692. I find a John, son of Edward Lord 
an apothecary, bona in Dublin, was Sizar^ T.CJ). in 1734. 
The v. of Ballymodan died in 1795. 
1795. June 17. Hbnbt Hewitt, a.m., Y. Ballymedan, vaosnt by 
death of John Lord. [D.R.] 

Henry Hewitt was, in 1767, licensed Curate of St. Feter^s, 
Cork; m 1768 Curate of Carrigaline; in December, 1768, 
Cumte of St. Mary Shandon ; and in 1770 Threshei^B Lec- 
turer in Cork. In 1771 he was made Y. Killaeonenagli, &e*, 
in Roes ; and in 1795 Yicar of Ballymodan. In his wiU,£lated 
in 1792, he is described as of Clancoole, and mentions his wife, 
Susannah Judith Browne, otherwise Hewitt (mater of Rev. 
Thomas Browne, P. Templebryan, Ross, q. v.), and his brother- 
in-law, Warham Jemmett Browne, of Einsale. He mentions 
his late brother, Isaac, and his fcvother, Rev. Ohariee, who suc- 
ceeded him in Ballymodau. He wiahes to be buried in Bally- 
modan, near the wall on the outward part of the 'drnxcli, close 
adjoining the fiunily tomb, with this inscription orar his re- 




muns — " Hie jacet corpus Bevgndi Henrici Hewitt sed anima 
cum Sanctis." He died in 18(>3. His widow, Sosan Judith, 
''of Mallow," mentions in her will, dated 1826, and proved in 
Dublin in 1828, her brother, Warham Jemmett Browne, and 
her sisters, Sarah Hare and Eliza Latham. 

1803. July 11. Ohablrs Hewitt, a.b., Y. Ballymodan, by death of 
Henry Hewitt. [D.R.] 

Charles Hewitt, the brother of his predecessor, was ordained 
Deacon at St. Luke's. Dublin, by Bishop of Limerick, on 8th 
March, 1767, and Priest at Cork by Bishop of Cork, on 25th 
January, 1768. He was Curate of Desertmore in 1767, and of 
Murragh in 1775. In 1796 he became R. Ardnegihy, and in 
1803 was removed to Ballymodan. His sons, Charles, Isaac, 
Frederick, and Thomas, and his daughter, Letitia, are men- 
tioned in his brother 8 wilL He died at Clancoole, near Ban- 
don, on 31st March, 1809. 

1809. June 15. Bobebt Montoombbt, Y. Ballymodan, by death of 
Charles Hewitt. [D.B.] In 1813 Montgomery resigned this 
preferment, and his name is not entered elsewhere in the Cork 

1813. August 13. Joseph Jebyois, Y. Ballymodan. [F.F.] He was 
afterwards R. Ardagh, Cloyne, q. v. 

Jervois gave X22 15«. on August 5th, 1813, towards a fund 
for erecting in Bandon a Presbyterian meeting-house; and 
towards the same fund Dr. Kenny, the Yicar-General, gave 
£34: 2s. ed.; Rev. E. Kenny, of Moviddy, £11 Is. 6d; and 
Dr. Lovett, £11 7s. 6d. [Cork IntelL] 

Jervois was Provost of Bandon in 1817. [Cork Intell] 

1825. August 26. Abthub Knox, a.b., Y. Ballymodan. [F.F.] 

He resigned on 16th Nov. 1835, and appears no more in 
these dioceses. 

1831. Protestant population, 2,264. 

1835. Nov. 17. Hbnet Fitzallbn M*Clintock, a.b., Y. Bally- 
modan. [F.F.] 

In 1 846 he became R. Y. Kilmichael, q. v. 
1837. Ballymodan, a vicarage, with cure, 3^ miles long by 
2 broad, containing 7,820 acres. Gross population, 9,969. One 
Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 per annum. Composi- 
tion for vicarial tithes, £400. Nine acres of glebe, valued at 
25s. per acre, £11 5s. ; subject to visitation fees, 17«. id. Dio- 
cesan schoolmaster, lis. Ko glebe-house. Incumbent is resi- 
dent, and pays an annual sum of £23 for lodging-money. One 
church, capable of accommodating 800 persons, built about 200 
years ago, and enlarged and repaired at different times since 
by means of parochiad assessment, but at what cost not stated. 
No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. 
Divine service is celebrated thrice on the first Sunday in every 
month, and twice on all other Sundays, and on the principal 


festiTals. The Sacrament is administered twenty-six times in 
the coarse of the year. The rectorial, consisting of one moiety 
of the tithes of this parish, compounded for £400, are impro- 
priate, and helong to the Duke of Devonshire. [Pari. Rep.] 
1846. May 26. John Blbaklbt, a.m., Y. Ballymodan ; certified to 
be of the net annual value of £'207 5s. 3d. [D.R.] 

1849. August 30. The new church was consecrated to divine 
uses under the name of St. Peter. [D.R.] 

1860. John Bleakley, Rector ; G. E. Smyth, Curate. The 
church in good order. No glebe-house. Ten statute acres of 
land set to a tenant The rector resides in the town of Ban- 
don. Divine service twice on all Sundays, and thrice on the 
third Sunday in each month. There is service also on all Fri- 
days. Sacrament twice each month ; average of communicants, 
65 ; and on the three great feasts ; average 114. The children 
are catechised twice a week by the clergymen ; 48 boys, and 
76 girls and infants, are on the rolls of schools, besides 38 on 
the rolls of another school in the country part of this parish. 
The Protestant population is 1,550. The rent-charge is £300, 
and the value of glebe is £8. Total income, £308, without 

J. Bleakley (a.b., T.C.D. in 1826, and a.m. in 1832), was 
ordained Priest at Cork on 18th December, 1831. He was 
Curate of Kilgarufle, Ross, in 1831, and of Holy Trinity, Cork, 
in 1843. 

He married Jane, dan. of the late Colonel Gibbings, of 
Monkstown, Cork. 


1591. £. de Ballimoney. Cob. Donati, idem Y. de Kinneigh. [MS. 

T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 
1610. Feb. 12. Robert Snowswell, R. Crossenhare als Ballymonej 
et Y. Fanlobbus. [R.Y. 1634.] 

1615. Robert Snowswell, R. et Y. Crossenhare ab Ballymonej 
et Y. Fanlobbus; ipse inservit euro. Yal. 12 li per an. 
Ecclesia et cancella bene repantur cum libris. [R. Y. R.I.A.] 

1634. Robert Snowswell, Rector. Yalue 15 li. per an. 
rR.Y. 1634.] Snowswell appears in 1639 aa Rector, with 
Thomas Keilly as Curate. " Ecclesia bene, desunt qusdam 
omamenta prteter parvam supellectilem linteam et baptiste- 
rium.'' [Y.B. 1639.] 

1632. A silver communion cnp, weight 9 oz., has this legend, 
" Ex dono Hellens uxoris Antony Stowell gen. mort. August 
9th, 1632." 

Robert Snowswell, literatus, was ordained Deacon by Qeorge, 



Bishop of Chester, on 12th June, 1609, and Priest by William, 
Bishop of Cork, on 23rd September, 1610. In 1610 he was R. 
Ballymonej and Y. Fanlobbus, and in 1614, R. Kilmaloday 
Ross. He held all these liyings until his death, in or before 

1661 ) N'icHOLAS WnrrBRBUENB, R. Balljmoney, Y. Fanlobbus, and 
Einneigh. He was afterwards Treasurer of Ross, q. v. 

1664. January 2. Rdbbrt Qolbobne, R Ballymoney, and Y. Ein- 
neagh and Fanlobbns. [F.F.] In Y.B., D.R. 1669, Qolbome'e 
admission to these benefices is given as on January 7th, 1664, 
per deprivation of Nicholajs Winterbume, by Convocation at 

Robert Golborne was seventh soil of William Golbome, 
Bishop of Eildare, by Elizabeth, d. of William Pils worth, also 
a Bishop of that See. He died unmarried, in or before 1674. 

1674. May 2. Isiio Mansfibld, R. Ballymoney, Y. Einneaghand 
Fanlobbua [F.F.] 

He appears, 1674 to 1688, Nov. 3. [Y.B.D.R.] He was 
also P. Inskenny, q. v. 

''An. 1679. (fo. 22.) We do present, that whereas upon a 
former presentment, anno. 1675, an order was granted to raise 
j£*20 upon the parishes of Baltymony and Fanlobbish, which 
are and were united time out of mind, for the repair of Bally- 
mony, and that the parish of Fanlobish did not contribute any- 
thing to the work ; and that therefore the parish of Fanlobish 
ought to pay the summe of ten pounds towards the said work, 
Ac ; and that Brian Wade, <fec., &c., are fit persons to oversee 
the work, and to applet the said snmnie.** [Cork Present- 

1688. Feb. 6. Andrew Stubs, a.b., R. Ball3rmoney, vacant per 
mortem Isaac Mansfield ; and on 4th Dec, 1691, Y. Fanlobish 
per mort. ejusdem Isaac Mansfield. [D.R.] Symes appears 
from 1689 to 1718. [Y.B.] And in 1718 he became Pre- 
centoi^ of Ross, q. v. 

'* Church in repair; sermon once a fortnight; sacrament 
thrice a year. About twenty Protestant fiimilies. An English 
school.'* [Y.B. 1699, D.R.] 

" 1699. About seven miles to the west of Bandon, on the 

south side of the river, is the parish of Ballimony ; except one 
plowland of the parish which is on the north side of the 
river. The church is large, and the walls and roof are in 
pretty good repair. Seats in the east end, but not in the 

** The west end was repaired when Eineigh and Fanlobish 
were united to it. Contention about a seat gave occasion to 
the building Eineigh and Fanlobish churches, and dividing 
the parishes." 


*^ Usaally eigh ky persona at eliurch. Mr. Synge preaches one 
Sunday at Murragh, the other Sunday at Desert. About 
tventy-six plantation acres of glebe round the church of 
Ballymony, divided into five fields.'* 

" A little vicarage house, in good repair^ with the glebe well 
improved. A good garden and orchard. A plowland on the 
north of the river Bandon is in this parish." 

''Drinagh and Kilminewere united pro hacvioeto Balliniony. 
The Vicars Choral have half the tythes of Drinagh. Eilmine 
lyes to the south-west of Ballimony ; Drinagh lyes to the west 
of Eilmine. Mr Symmes preaches one Sunday at Ballymony, 
the other at Eilmine.** 

*' 1700. Saturday, May 25, 1 went from Cork to Balli- 
mony. Sunday, May 26, I preach't at Ballimony, and con- 
firm'd about 62 persons in all, viz. : about 36 persons that 
came out of the neighbouring parishes of Murragh, Dizert^ 
Eilmine, Eineigh, and Fanlobish, and about 26 persons of 
Ballimony parish. I administered the holy sacrament. About 
20 received. There were abont 150 persons at church. 

'^ Ballimony Church is in good repair, but a register book 
ia wanting, which Mr. Symmes undertook to get before next 

"In the parish of Ballimony are 19 plowlands, and 9 
gneeves. About half the land of this parish is the estate of 
Mr. Harry Boyle, brother to the Lord Corke. Sir Eichard 
Cox, Counsellor Bernard, Mr. Wade, and Mr. Peter Hewit, are 
proprietors of all the rest of the lands. Mr. Wade, Mr. 
beamish, Mr. Woodroff, Mr. Barrington, Mr. Trench, Mr. 
Germain, live in the parish. There is a Popish Priest of Fan- 
lobish parish, oalFd Charles Oarthy, and another at Eineigh, 
call'd Teigue Murphy. These two divide Ballimony betwixt 
them. Usually one Priest serves two or three parishes in these 
parts. About Ballimony there are four Papists for one Pro- 
testant In Fanlobish parish there are ten Papists for one 
Protestant The further you go westward, the disproportion 
betwixt the Papists and F^testants is greater. In the most 
western parts of the diocese of Corke there is usually twenty 
Papists K>r one Protestant About Bearehaven there are not 
abore five or six Protestant £unilies, most of which aro 
Dissenters. About forty English acres of glebe lye round the 
church of Ballymony ; good land, and well improv'd. There 
is a small Rector^s house. Mr. Symmes designs to enlarge it 
by building on the old foundations. There are two church- 
wardens sworft. A chalice, flagon, table-cloth for the Com- 
mmiion table, a Bible, two Common Prayer books. Here, and 
in the places hereabouts, tyth is paid for potatoes. And for 
mills. Agistment tythe, viz., a tenth part of the rent of the 
milL The clergy dou't think it worth the while to demand 


tythe of turf. Balliniony does not pay first fruits, but it pays 
2s. per an., twentieth parts. Two Protestant women teach 
school. Balljmonj is worth to the Rector about £50 per an.** 
[Downes* Tour.] 

1719 to 1740. Samuel Bromb appears as R. Balljmony and R. 
Eilmeen, Ross. [V.B.] In 1731 he became also Chancellor 
of Cork, q. v. 

1737. July 13. The Bishop certifies that Brome expended 
in improving the glebe-house, £98 11«. 2d. [D.R] 

1740. March 26. Samubl Woodroopfe, a.m., K Ballymouey and 
Eillmeen, both vacant per resignation of Brome. [D.R.] 

In 1746 WooJroofie became P. Dromdaleague, and in 1762 
was made Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1746. October 25. Joseph Pratt, a.m., R. Ballymoney and Kilmeen, 
in Ross. [F.F.] He was probably of Oabra Castle, co. Cavan* 
He resigned these livings in 1752. 

1752. August 14. Chablbs Wtb,a.m., R. Ballymoney and Kilmeen, 
in Ross, per cessionem Pratt. [D.R.] In 1753, he was also 
licensed to the curacy of Kin neigh. 
1782. The parish Register commences. 
Charles, son of Rev. Mossom Wye, born at Dnnleer, co. 
Louth, when sixteen years old, entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 
28th March, 1710, and was Schokr in 1712. His will is dated 
11th April, 1765, and was proved in Cork 16th August, 1784. 
In it he mentions his son, Francis Wye, and two daughters, 
Mary, wife of Quin, and Elizabeth, his executrix. 

1784. August 6. Ambsose Hioket, a.b., R. Ballymoney, vacant by 
death of Wye. ( D.R. | In 1796 he became R. Murragh, q. v. 
1785. March 21. Hickey memorials to build a new glebe- 
house ; and on 3rd March, 1788, obtains a certificate for having 
expended £752 Ss. Hd.y the yearly value of Ballymoney being 
£315 per an. Hickey reserves his right to a chimney-piece 
of Italian marble, in the north parlour, and excludes it from 
his account of expenditure. In 1799, Hickey obtains another 
certificate for having expended £89 1 Os. 3d. in a garden wall, 
and £1 6<. on two farm-yard piers. The tithes of Ballymoney 
are now valued over £400, and the glebe is valued at £60 
per an. [D.R.] 

1796. May 4. Thomas Ho&e, a.b., R. Ballymoney, vacant by 
resignation of Hickey. [D.R.] In 1798 Hore became Vicar- 
Choral of Boss, q. V. 

1798. March 1. Robert Meade, a.b., R. Ballymoney, vacant by 
resignation of Hore. [D.R.] 

1802. January 13. Meade obtains a certificate of having 
expended, in additions to the glebe, £295 14«. 5d., and that 
the y^ftrly value of Ballymoney is £643. [D.R.] 
1830. Protestant population, 512. 
1837. Ballymoney. A rectory, with cnre. Seven miles long 


by five milea brood, English measore, containing 6,66S acres. 
Gross population, 3,802. One Curate employed, at a stipend of 
£75 per annum. Tithe composition, £785, Forty-two acres of 
glebe, valued atX63 ; subject to visitation fee8,£l IBs. Diocesan 
schoolmaster, XI 5<. Ballymoney glebe -house built under the 
old Acts, in 1788, at the cost of £673 16«. lid. Brit., whereof 
£92 6s. I ,d. was granted as gift by the late Board of First 
Fruits, and the residue of £581 10«. 9^d. was supplied out of 
the private funds of the builder. In the year 1 798, a further 
sum, to the amount of £83 I6s. G^d, was expended on garden 
wall and piers, under certificate of improvements. The present 
Incumbent is second in succession to the original builder, and 
having paid his predecessor £540 I2«. 2^<f., and since ex- 
pended a certified sum of £272 19<. 5}^., Brit., he will be 
entitled to receive from his successor £565 2<. 8j{/., on account 
of the building, and in improvement charges. Incumbent is 
constantly resident in the glebe-house. One church, capable 
of accommodating 150 persons, but so old a building, that the 
date and cost of its erection unascertained. No charge on the 
parish in 1832 on account of the church. Divine service is 
celebrated twice on all Sundays and once on the principal 
festivals. The sacrament is administered on the second Suncmy 
in every month, and on the three great festivals. The benefice 
is a rectory. [ParL Eep.] 

1849. Sept. 3. A. new church was consecrated under name 
of St Paul. It was built on a site given by the Rector. The 
ruins of the old church are still in the grave-yard. 

Robert Meade, born, 1768 ; was fourth son of Rev. William 
Meade, R. Rincurran. • 

He was ordained Deacon on 1st August, 1790, at Cloyne, on 
letters dimissory from Cork, and on 26th Sept., 1790 was 
ordained priest at Cork. 

In 1791, he was Curate of Tracton, and in 1796 became 
Vicar-Choral of Ross, which he held until he was made R. 
Ballymoney in 1798. 

He was, also, from 1796 to 1811, P. Dunsfort, Down ; and 
from 1812 to 1826, R. Templemichael de Duagh. 

He married Eliza, daughter of Robert Travers, Esq., and by 
her had issue, Wm. Robert, (V. Einsale, q. v.) Robert, died 
num., and two other sons and two daughters, who died unm., 
besides three daughters, of whom the eldest, Barbara, was the 
wife of Rev. Wm. De Courcy Meade, V. Fanlobbus, q. v. Rev. 
Robert Meade died 19th March, 1852. 
1852. May 27. William Albxakdbb Willock, a.m., R. Y. Bally« 
money j certified to be worth £604 14«. id. [D.R.] 

On 3rd Sept., 1853, Mr. Willock obtains a certificate of 
dilapidations against his predecessor, to amount of £427 12#. 9d. 


Mr. Willock was a Fellow of T.O.D., and on 29th June, 
1854^ became B. Oleenish, Glogher diocese. 
1854. Dec. 21. Samuel Butohbb^ p.p., B. Ballymoney, on presen* 
tation of Primate and Archbishop of Dabhn. [&B.] 

On 9th May, 1855, Dr. Batcher obtained a certificate of 
dilapidations against his predecessor, to amount of £504 5s. lOd,; 
and on 3rd May, 1859, he obtained a certificate of charge on 
the beDefice for £1,046 18s. 6d», the net annual value being 
£523 95. 3d. [D.B.] 

1860. Bev. Dr. Batcher, Bector ; Be v. W. Mangan, Curate. 
The church and glebe-house in good order. The Bector is 
resident whencTer his ofilcial duties as Begins Professor of 
Dirinity in T.C.D. allow. Divine service twice each Sunday, 
and afternoon service from March to November in a licensed 
place of worship at Ballinacarrigy. Sacrament monthly; 
average of communicants, 31 ; and at Christmas, 81 communi* 
cants. The children are 'catechised on Fridays and Sundays. 
109 children are on roll of schools, maintained by Bector and 
Church Education Society. The Protestant population is 256. 
The rentcharge amounts to £588 15s., and the land is worth 
£63. Total value is £651. 

Samuel Butcher (grandson of Thomas Butcher, Esq., of 
Northampton, and son of Yice-Admiral Samuel Butcher, by 
Elizabeth-Anne, eldest daughter of Bichard Herbert, Esq., of 
Cahimane, co. Kerry), was educated at home, and at a public 
school in Cork. He was Sohohir of T.C.D. in 1832, Fellow in 
1837, Professor of Ecclesiastical History in 1850, and Begins 
Professor of Divinity in 1852. He graduated a.b. in 1834, 
A.K. in 1838, and d.d. in 1849. 

He was ordained Deacon in 1839, by Mant, Bishop of 
Down and Connor, and Priest in 1840, by Plunket, Bishop of 

He has published several occasional sermons, and introduc- 
tory lectures as Professor of History and Divinity. 

Dr. Butcher is married, and has issue six children. 


1291. Bcdesia de Bryn is rated at 5 marks. [Tax. P. Nic] 
1591. BiOHABD or JoHV NxwMiN is Vicar. *^ B. de Brinny spectat 

ad Ab. de Grayne. Yicarios ibm. BichCis Nueman. seqnestrat. 

oro Begina." [M& T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] In another eopy John 

Newman spears as Vicar. Bichard Newman was also V. 

1615* BioHAKD Wbitb appears as Vicar. ^Brinny B. spectat 

ad Grany. Capt. Tent firmarius. Vicarius Bichardos White, 

oOrk.] brinht. 43 

minister legens et inserviens cane. Val. 4 li. per an. [R.yr 
H.I.A.] White wbs, in 1634^ R. Kilmine, Ro88^ q. v. 
1622. May 4. Rakdol Holland, V. de Brinny. (VJE. 1669.] 
He appears in 1671 as Y. Brinny and EnoekeviUy, and was 
also P. KillanuUy, q. v. 

1634. R. de brinny speetat ad Ab. de Grany. Yal. 18 li. 
per an. Peregrinus Spencer finnarins. Vicarias Randolpbns 
Holland. Yal. 18 li. per an. [R.Y. 1634.] 

1639. •* Bcclia bene-" [V.B.] 

Hugolinns Spencer appears from 1668 to 1694 as Rector of 

Brinny. In 1689 **procuracones 4 an. debet.*' In 1695 Mr. 

SuUevan succeeds Mi*. Spencer as Rector impropriator. [Y.B.] 

1672. April 2. Pmbok Butlbb, P. de KillaDully, R. Knockavilly^ 

and Y. Brinnie. [F.F.] For Bntler, vide Killanully. 

In March, 1663, Pierce vel Peter Batler, Y. Brinny, was 
aocosed of adultery sive forDication with Julia Lyde and with 
Anna Humphreys, and also ^' de tenendo privatim conventum 
sive coDgressum abditnm in domo suo in impedimentum 
Diyini cultus publici," &<u [Court Book, l^R*] 
1685. May 2. Joshua Wabbbk, a.m., P. Killanully, K. KnockaTilly, 
and brinny. [F.F.] For Warren, vide Killanully. 

1685. An attempt of Lord Clancarty to present a Clerk to 
Knockayilly is thus recorded in the Registry : — ^ 1685, Sept. 
28. Presentatio Richi Browne, clici, introducta in officium 
Reeistrari Corcag. die et anno supra diet, sequitur sub tenore 
veiborum sequentum. Revendo in Cbristo Patri et Dno Dno 
Edwardo divina providentia 0>rcag. Epus Donatine Comes 
Clancartby verus et indubitaius patronus reetorisB integrsB pcuro* 
chiae de Knockanilly in Cum. Cork. Salutem in Dno sempi- 
temam et cet. Ad eecliam de Knockanilly pnedict. yestne 
dioc modo per resignationem Pierce Butler ult. ibm incumb. 
jam vacant, et ad nram presentat. pleno jure spect. Dilectum 
mihi in Xto RicbQm Browne, elk. in Art. mag. yestne paterni- 
tati presento, humiliter rogans quatenus prefatum RiehOm 
Browne ad diet, eecliam admittere, ipsumque Rectorem ejus 
eeclia institnt. et induci &oere, oum suis juribus et pertinent* 
nnireisis, coeteraque pemgere et adimplete qun yestro in hao 
parte incumbent officio pastorali gratiose dignemini cum fayore. 
In cujus rei testim. siffill. meum apponi feci decimo quarto die 
calendar. October A^. Beg. Dni nri Jaoobi 2 di. Anno 
Domini 1685. Clancarty. (loc sig.) 28 Sept. 1685. Pre- 
sentatum fuit hoc instrumentum Rendo Dno Edwardo £po per 
RicbCira Browne, elk* intronominatum, cui Diet. Dnus Epus 
reqM>nsnm dedit Ecdiam esse plenam." [D.R.] 

16^* Darnel Oomoge is eited "de non fungendo officium 
QnardiaaH" Ac. ; ^ his child, christened by a Plipisl Priest, 

Soeth not to church*" [Y.B. 1695. D.R. Marginal note at 
[nookavilly parish.] 


1696. August 25. Richard Goodman, P. Eillanully, K. Knockayillj, 
and V. Brinny^ vacant per cessionem Warren. [D.R.] In 
1718 Goodman resigned Eillanully for Desertmore, q. y. 

1699. " Every Sunday divine service at Brinny." [V.B, 
1699.] "Two Protestant families (at Knockavilly) go to 
Brinny. ** [I^-] ** ^^^ ^i^^^® churbh of Brinny, in repair^ stands 
within two miles of Bandon." [Downes* Tour.] 

1721. A flagon now (1861) in Brinny Church bears this 
legend : — '* Deo sacrum. In usum Ecclesis parochialis de 
Brinny. Ex Dono Bichi Goodman ibidem Yicarii. Anno 
Bedemptionis 1721." A paten, also, has a similar inscription : 
** impensis Richard! Goodman." 

1737. June 28. Perkins Crofton, a.m., P. Desertmore, R. Knocka- 
villy, and V. Brinny, per mort. Goodman. [D.R] For Crof- 
ton, vide Desertmore. 

1768. Dec 13. John Barrt, a.m., P. Desertmore, R. Knockavilly, 
and V. Brinny, per mort. Crofton. [F.F. and D.R.] For 
Barry, vide Desertmore. 

1778. The silver chalice now (1860), in use in Brinny 
Church bears this inscription : — '* Deo Sacrum. In usum 
EcclesisB parochialis de Brinny. Anno 1778." 

1794. June 17. John WHETHAH,R.y. Brinny, and R. Knockavilly, 
per mortem Barry. [D.R.] He was Dean of Lismore^ and 
Archdeacon of Cork, q. v* 

1795. Feb. 21. Hon. Thomas St. Lawrbnoe, a.m., R. and V. 
Brinny, and R. Knockavilly, per resignation of Whetham* 
[D.R. and F.F.] St. Lawrence was also Dean of Cork, q. v. 

1806. Feb. 24. Robsrt Avbten, d.d., R. Y. Brinny and Knocka- 
villy, vacant by cession of St. Lawrence ; worth £600 per an. 
([D.R.] Austen was afterwards Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. 

1807. Dr. Austen resides at Brigowne,in Cloyne dioc, which 
he holds by liMulty. [Pari. Rep.] 

1809. June 10. Austen takes a second collation to this 
nnion on receiving also the nnion of Castletown and P. 
Code, Cloyne. [D.R.] 
1810. August 21. William Lewis Beavfort, a.m., R. V. Brinny^ 
and K. Knockavilly, certified under £800 per an. in value. 

In 1836 he resigned Brinny, but retained Knockavilly. He 
was also from 1814 P. Cahirlag, als Rathcony, q. v. 

1830. Protestant population of Brinny^ 249 : of Knockavilly^ 

1832. Brinny Union, with cure, consisting of: — 1. Brinny 
rectory and vicarage. 2. Knockavilly rectory, 6 miles long 
by 5 broad, containing 11,163 acres. Gross population, 4,133. 
Two Curates are employed, one for each parish, at stipends 
to each of £75 per ann. ; with the use of a house and 9^ acres 
of glebe^ rent free^ and the surplice fees, if any, to the Curate 


of Brinny parish, in addition. Tithe composition of Brinny 
parish, £400 ; 9^ acres of glebe, in said parish, valued at £18. 
Tithe composition of Knockavilly parish, £625 ; 45^ acres of 
glebe, in said parish, valued at £43 10«. ; subject to visitation 
fees, £1 6«. 5d, ; diocesan schoolmaster, £1 8«. 3d, No glebe- 
house. Incumbent is non-resident, he resides on his other 
benefice, in this diocese, which he holds by faculty. One 
church, situate in Brinny parish, capable of accommodating 
300 persons, built about 100 years since, but at what cost un- 
known, and enlarged in 1813, at an expense of £369 4«. 7^d,, 
whereof £276 18<. 5^fL was granted in way of loan by the 
late Board of First Fruits, and the residue was raised by sub- 
scription, and the sale of some trees in the church-yard. Of 
the loan aforesaid there remained £76 3^. 0\d. chargeable on 
the union in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of £5 28. 6d. 
Divine service is celebrated in the church twice on Sundays in 
' summer, and once in winter, and on the principal festivals ; as 
also in a private apartment fitted up for the purpose, for want 
of a church, in Knockavilly parish. The sacrament is admin- 
istered thirteen times in the year. The benefices constituting 
this union are rectories ; but a portion of tithes in Brinny 
parish compounded for £5 is appropriate, and belongs to the 
Dean of the Cathedral Church of Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

1836. Dec. 29. William Augustus Bbaufobt, a.b., B. and V. 
Brinny. [F.F.] 

In 1842 he became B. Ballydeloher, als Eilroan, q. v. 

1842. Sept. 2. James Gollook, a.m., B. and Y. Brinny, per cess, of 
W. A. Beaufort. [D.R] QoUock became in 1850 V. Desert- 
serges, q. V. 

1842. Dec 16. Mr. Gollock memorials to be permitted to 
build at Brinny; and on 21 May, 1844, obtains a certificate of 
charge for a new glebe-house, to amount of £621 lOs, ; the 
annual value of Brinny being £310. [D.R.] 

1846. April 14. The earliest entry in present register. 

1850. Oct 16. Gbobgb Busbowbs, a.m., B. Y. Brinny, certified 
value, £309 10«. 6d. per an. [D.R.] He was also P. Curro- 
grangemore,^oss, q. v. 

1860. The church and glebe-house in good order; 9^ acres 
of glebe in Rector's use. Divine service twice in summer, and 
once in winter on Sundays, once also on Christmas Day, Good 
Friday, and Ascension. The children are catechised on Sun- 
days and Fridays. 23 children attend a Church Education 
School. The Protestant population is 178. The rentcharge 
is £300. The land is worth £18. Total value of the benefice 
£318, with residence. 

1861. October 17. James Stevbksov, a.m., R. and Y. Brinny^ vacant 
by death of Burrowes. [D.R.] 
James Stevenson (son of Rev. William Stevenson, Rector 


of Kilclonbrock, and Curate of Maryborough, in Leighlin 
diocese) ; was bom at Monntratb, Queen's county, on 20 Dec 

He was educated at the Clergy Sons* School, at Lucan, and 
graduated b.a., T.C.D., in 1849, and ila. in 1861. He was a 
Scholar of T.C.D. 

He was ordained Deacon on 29 August, 1852, and Priest on 
19 Dec. 1852 ; both at Cork. 

He was, in 1852, Curate of Bruhenny and Lackeen, in 
Cioyne, and in June, 1860, was Curate ot Mogeesha. 


1317. Deo. 28. Gjsoffbbt Fits John de Cogan is presented by the 
King (by mandate to the Bishop of Cork), to the church of the 
Blessed Mary de Catheragh, in the King's gift, by reason of his 
wardship of the land and heir of John de Cogan. [Tuckey's 
Cork Remem. p. 18.] 

1591. R. de Caheraughe spectat ad Colleg. YoughelL [MS. T.C.D. 
E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Tadeub M'Dovnell O'Svllitan is Vicar. ''Cathragh : Reo- 
toria spectat ad Coll. de Youghall. Yicarins Tadeus McDon- 
nell O'SuUivan, minister legens. Yal. 8 li. Oancella repata ex 
parte vicarii, ruinosa ex parte rectoris." [R.Y. 1615.] O'Sul- 
livan was also Y. Durrue, q. y. 

1616. April 12. Antoniub Risdov, Yio. de Cara^h. [F.F.] 

In 1623 he became Y. Carrigaline, q. v. 
1623. Sept. 8. Thomas Wat, Y. de Caragh, inducted 8th October, 
1623. [R.Y. 1634.] 

1634. R. de Caragh epect. ad Coll. de Yonghall. Yal. 
£13 13«. 4(2. per an. Yioarius Thomas Way. YaL£1313&4d 
[R.Y. 1634J 

In 1 639 Edward Clare appears as Reotor, with Thomas Waj 
as Curate of Caheragh. ''Ecclia bene, desont ornamenta." 
[Y.B. 1639.] 

Way was also Y. ScuU, q. y. 
1640. May 15. Edwabd Claeb is admitted Rector of Caheragh, on 
letters patent of the King. [F.F.] 

Glare, in 1 637, receiyed letters patent for another Hying. He 
was probably the same Edward Clare, who was of KiUinean, 
county Carlo w, and who married Susan, dan. of Thomas Mun- 
day, Porter of Her Majesty's Castle of Dublin, esq. This 
Edward was second son of Robert Clare, of Dublin, by Joane, 
dan. of Edward Searle, of Abstain Hall, Herts, England. [U.O.] 
1662. April 5. Michael Delaune, Clericus, R. de (£heragh, stu- 
dendi gratia. [Y.B. D.R. 1669.] 


From 1666 to 1670 Michael de Laune appears as Hector, 
« stiidendi graliar [ V.B.] 

On 15th Nov. 1672, Michael Delanne receives a patent to 
B.y. Caheragh, dice. Cork. [Lib. Man.] 

Michael Delanne (born in London, son of Henry Delanne, 
" GhiliarchsB," and afterwards of Gurtmore, countj Cork, by his 
wife, a dan. of Richard Boyle, Archbishop of Tuam), was edu- 
cated at Kinsale, under Dean Boyle, and, when twenty years' 
old, became a Sociorum commensalis, T.C.D. on 6th May, 1660. 

He was ordained Priest on 20th Dec. 1668, and was in that 
year made Precentor of Ferns and Rector of Enniscorthy. In 
1670 he was also Archdeacon of Dublin, having resigned 
Caheragh. He held his Archdeaconry, and the Precentorsfaip, 
with Enniscorthy, until his death, on 3rd November, 1675. 
He was buried in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. He men- 
tions in his will his elder brother, Richard, of Charleville, 
county Cork, and another brother, Gideon. [U.C] 
1670. Nov. 25. NioHOLAB Bolton, R. Caheragh, and R.V. Tullagh, 
R. Eilsillagh, Y. Aghadowne, Cleere, and Donoghmore, in Ross. 
[F.F.] In 1674 he became also Chancellor of Ross, q. v. 

He appears 1671 to 1682. [V.B. D.K] 
1683. Sept. 6. John Patkiokbok, a.h., R. Caheragh, per mort. 
Bolton. [D.R] 

" In Anglia et sub censura.** [V.B. 1691.] " Sub censura." 
[V.B. 1692.] 

1695. Dec. 23. Johes Patriokson, ^.m., adm. ad R. Caheragh 
per nupras calamitates forsan vacant, necnon Y. Kinneigh 
vacant, per cess. Andres Symes, et Y. Fanlobish per cessionem 
Johis Fortune. [D.R.] Patrickson was also Precentor of 
Cloyne, q. v. 

No church. Three Protestant families go to Drumdaleige. 
[Y.B. 1699, D.D.] 
1718. Nov. 6. Mr. Samuel Bbome appears as R. Caheragh, Mr. 
Patrickson^s name being crossed out. [Y.B.] Brome was, in 
1731, Chancellor of Cork, q. v. 
1720. MiOHABL Philpot appears as R. Caheragh. [Y.B. D.R.] 
And on 17th January, 1727, he is again collated, receiving in 
addition the P. Dromdaleague. [D.R.] 

From 1727 to 1818 Caheragh was lield with P. Dromda- 
league, q. V. 
1818. May 13. Richabd Fbanois Wbjib, a.b., R. Caheragh, vacant 
by resignation of Richard Webb. Certified under X300 per 
an. [D.R.] R. F. Webb became, im 1853, R. Dunderrow, 
q. V. 

1825. The Bishop grants a licence to Webb for three years' 
non-residence, there being no glebe in the parish. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 131. 

1837. Caheragh, a rectoiy, with cure, 10 miles long by 8 


broad, containiDg 16,521 acres. Gross population, 6.999. 
One Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 per annum. Tithe 
composition, £650. Subject to visitation fees, 9«. ; diocesan 
schoolmaster, 18^. No glebe-house. Incumbent is resident ; 
and considers £45 a-year a reasonable sum to be allowed for 
house- rent One church, capable of containing 160 persons, 
built in 1829, at the cost of £650, British, granted as gift by 
the late Board of First Fruits. No charge on the parish in 
1832 on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated 
once on all Sundays, and on Christmas Day, Good Friday, and 
Ash Wednesday. The sacrament is administered monthly. 
The benefice is a rectory. [Pari. Rep.] 
1853. Feb. 17. James Somebyillb Bebtbs, a b , B. Caheragh. Cer- 
tified to be of the net annual value of £437 Ss. [D.K] 

I860. The church, &c» in good order. A communion cup 
and paten of silver. A Flagon and basin plated. No glebe- 
house or land. Divine service once on all Sundays, and on the 
usual feasts and fasts. The Sacrament monthly, and at fes- 
tivals. Average of communicants, 1 4. The children are cate- 
chised on Sundays. Evening service is held during four 
months of summer ; 20 children attend a Church Education 
school. The Protestant population is 107. The rentcbarge 
amounts to £487 10«. 

J. S. Beeves is descended from Bobert Beve, of Sussex, who 
came to Ireland temp, Chas. I. Vide Burke's L. G. — article, 
Beeves of Vosterburg. The Bev. Mr. Beeves is son of Thomas 
Somerville Beeves, esq. by Bebecca, dau. of Isaac Morgan, esq. 
of Cork. He was ordained in 1849. 


1291. Ecclesia de Cathirlage is rated at 7 marks. [Tax. P. Nic] 
1349. In this year Cahirlag was made a prebendal church by John 

Boche, Bishop of Cork. One MacCottyr anciently presented 

to it. [Smith's Cork, B. I. ch. 2.] 
1591. E. de Cahirhig als Catherlagg : David Tibbt incubens, yioa* 

rius insulsa parvae, interdicitnr donee prob. se esse ad ordines 

promot. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] Tirry is also P. Lackeen, B. 

Bretway, Y. Oarrigtohil, and Y. Templebodan, in Cloyne. 
1615. June 19. William Thomas is presented to P. Gahirkgy and 

B. V. Shandon. [Lib. Mun] 

On July 12, 1615, he was admitted P. Cahirlag, B. V. 

Shandon. [F.F.] 

1615. P. de Cahirlag William Thomas, Bector, a.m., et Pre- 

dicator; val. 8 li. Ecclia in repacoe, cancella ruinosa; Bector 

obligatur pro reparatione. Tenet etiam B. V . Shandon ; val. 


12 11. ; et P. Oabirultan, Clone ; val. 6 li. ; et V. Ballimarter ; 
val. 6 li ; et V. Corkbeg, val. 6 li. per an. [R.V. R.I.A.I 
1616. Feb. 28. John Thomas, R. de Oahirlag, and P. Gahirultan, 

Cloyne, q. v. 
1618. Nov. 17. Nicholas Hall, Rector de Cabirlag, and Vicar de 
Christcborch, Cork. [F.F.] In 1619 be became Arcbdeacon 
of Ross, q. v. 

1634. P. de Cabirlage Nicbolas Hall, predicator. Valet 
22 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.1 
1639. John Hall appears as r. Oabirla/;. "Ecclesia non bene, 
desunt ornamenta." [V.B. 1694, D.R.] 

In 1642 be depones to loss of £137 in rebellion of 1641, and 
bis cburcb living, value i'76 per an. FMS. T.C.D. F. 2. 17.] 

Jobn Hall, from 1638 to 1640, was K. V. Innisbannon. 

He married, in 1639, Julian Ryan [Cork M. B. of 20tb of 
November, 1639], wbo was niece to Dermod O'Ryan, of Sal* 
lugbode, Master of tbe Rolls. Jobn Hall was an Englisb gen- 
tleman, and be left issue by Julian Ryan, a son, Jobn, wbo 
married Joanna Stout, of Yougbal, and bad a son, Ricbard, 
wbo, by Jane Blennerbassett, had issue a son, Jobn, bom in 
1725, and two daughters, Mary and Joanna Hall. Ricbard 
Hall was of Ballycunningbam, county Cork. [MS. penes 
1661. James Cox appears as P. Cabirlag. [V.B. D.R.] He was 
instituted on June 16tb, 1663, as Rector de Cabirlag per moT'- 
tern Nicbolai Hall. [V.B. 1669, D.R.] He was on tbe same 
day admitted P. Eilmaclenine, Cloyne, q. v. 

He appears 1661 to 1683. [V.B. D.R.] 
1684. Sept 5. Jaspbb Coz, a.m., r. Cabirlag, per resignation of 
James Cox [F.F. and D.R.] 

He appears 1684 to 1692. [V.B. D.R.] 

Jasper Cox was tbird son of Rev. James Cox, P. Kilmacle- 
nine, Cloyne, q. v. 

He was ordained Deacon on lltb July, 1679, and Priest at 
Cloyne on 23rd Deo. 1683. 

From 1683 to 1693 be was P. Coolstuffe, Ferns; and from 
1693 to 1713 be was P. Kilrusb, Ferns. He also beld, from 
1684 to 1694, P. Cabirlag; and from 1688 to 1713 tbe P. 
Killrossantie, Lismore. 

He died in 1713. He was married ; and bis tbird daughter, 
Bridget, was wife to Rev. Edward Tottenham. No male de- 
scendant exists of this line of tbe Cox family. [Davies.] 
1694. Oct. 6. Evan Jonbs, a.m., P. Cabirlag, per cession of Cox. 

He appears 1694 and 1695. [V B. D.R.] 

Evan Jones, son of Jobn Jones, was bom in Wales, and 
obtained a Sizarship in T.C.D. on 4th Sept 1677, being then 
twenty years old. 


In 1692 ho became Y. Templebodane, and in 1693 Y. Glon- 
mel and Templerobin, in Olojne. In 1 694 he became P. Gahir- 
hig ; and he retained all these livings nntil his death in 1696. 

He left a son, Evan, who, in 1711, entered T.C.D., and died 
in 1743 P. Kilmainmore, Tuam. 
1696. June 15. Danibl Smith, am., P. Oahirlag, per mort Jones 

Daniel Smith was a Sizar, T.C.D. on 17th Noyember, 1672, 
and afterwards was a.m., T.O.D. 

In 1692 he was Curate of Wljdeloughy. In 1794 he 
became R. Ardnegihy, and in June of 1696 was P. Oahirlag. 
He held both livings up to his death, in or before August, 1696. 

He married, in 1686, Anne Hewitt, who, as well as her hus- 
band, is described in the Cloyue marriage bond as ^' of GasUe- 
1696. August 25. Biohasd Roffbv, a.m., P. Cahirlag. [B.K] 

He appears 1696 to 1724, November 3. [Y.B. D.R.] 

''October, 1700. I saw the Church of Cahirlag, which is on 
the top of a hill, on the left hand of the road from Corke to 
Youghal, built with stone and claj ; the walls half down. A 
ditch about the church -yard. About four acres of glebe, near 
the church, belong to the Incumbent Major Clayton, Baron 
Worth, and Mr. Murragh, have the greatest part of the lands 
in this parish. About five plowlands in this parish. Alder- 
man Here and Mr. Gk)ugh, Protestants, live in this parish ; the 
rest are Papists. The people of this parish go to church in the 
Little Island. All the tythes of this parish belong to the Pre- 
bendary j they are worth about £45 per ann." [Downes* Tour.] 

Richard Roffen entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner on 8th May, 

In 1696 Rofien became P. Cahirkg, and Y. Templerobin, 
Clonmel, and Templebodan, in Cloyne; in 1698 Y. Carrigto- 
will; in 1713 P. Coole, also in CJoyne. He held all these 
livings up to hijs death in 1724. 

On 11th January, 1696, he signed a bond for marriage with 
Barbara St. Leger, of Rathcony, spinster ; and on 3rd January, 
1718, he signed another bond for marriage with Dorothy 
House, of Ballymodan, widow. [Cork Mar. Bonds.] In his 
will, dated 18th Sept 1724, and proved in 1725, he styles him- 
self " Rev. Richd. Roffen, oi Rossmore," and mentions only his 
wife, Dorothy, dau. of Capt. Thomas Gookin. [U.O.] His 
first wife, Barbara, was dau. of Warham St Leger, of Hey- 
ward*s Hill, by Mary Gregory. In 1777 a Richard Rofien 
(probably a descendant) was (jnrate of Lisgoold, in Cloyne. 
1724/5. Feb. 15. Thomas Sombrville, a.m., P. Cahirlag. [D.R.] 

He appears 1725 to 1732, November 8. [Y.B. D.R.J 

In 1732 Somerville became R. Y. Myros, itoss, q. y. 
1732/3. Feb. 16. William Rbadbs, a.m., P. Cahirlag, per cession 


of Somerrille. pD.B*] In. 1745 Reader became Aithdeacon 
of Cork, q. v. 

1734. May 14. William Reader givea 5Ai 2b. 27p. of glebe 
to Edward Uoare, of Dud kettle, in ezcbange for 7 a. 1b. 6p. of 
the lands of Kilcolish for a future glebe, dire. [p.R*] 

1745. May 10. John Buroh, P. Oahirlag. [P.F.J In 1749 be 
became P. Holy Trinty, q. v. 

1749. June 22. William Jao&son, a.m., P. Oabirlag, R. Little 
Island, and R. Ratbcony. [F.F.] 

William Jackson (son, I think, of Rev. William Jackson, 
B.D.), was born in Dublin in 1713, and became a Pensioner of 
T.O.D. on 26th April, 1730, when seventeen years old. He 
was ordained Priest at Cork on 24th July, 1737, for the 
Curacy of Desertmore, Knockavilly, and Brinny. From 1738 
to 1739 he was P. Kilbrogan. From 1739 to 1749 he was P. 
Templebryan, Y. Templequinlan, R« Tempi eafnalngf and Kilna- 
gross, in Ross. He was also, from 1745 to 1749, P. Holy 
Trinity, Cork. In 1749 he resigned his other livings, and 
became P. Cahirlag and R. Ratbcony, which he held ufttil his 
death in 1767. 

He married, in February, 1738, Mary Nash, of Brinny, to 
whom he bequeathed all his property by his will, dated 19th 
Feb. 1750, and proved 19th May, 1767. 

1767. April 27. Chambbb Cobkee, a.b., P. Cahirlag als Raherlag- 
hem, and R. Ratbcony [F.F.], vacant by death of Jackson. 

[D.R.] In 1769, May 12, he took a second collation to Cahir- 
ag and Rathconey, on receiving the R. and V. Insnlea 
parrae. [F.F.] 

1784. July 12. Robert Rogers, esq., of Lota, conveys to the 
churchwardens half an acre and two perches of land, for ever, 
for a new church and church-yard at Glanmire. [D.R.] 

1784. July 14. The Bishop recommends the Lord Lieutenant 
to change the site of Ratbcony Church to Glanmire. [D.R.] 

1784. Nov. 15. The Bishop consents to the nnidfi of RaUi- 
oony, Cahirlag, and Little Island ; their united valile being as 
follows :— Ratbcony, £140; Cahirlag, £100; Little Island, 
£60; in all £300 per an. The union is confirmed by the 
Privy Council, 3rd March, 1785. 

1786. Oct. 24. The new chnreh built in Glanmire is conse- 
crated by the Bishop of Cloyne (the Bishop of Cm^ being 
absent in Great Britain for health, dEC.), under the name of the 
Parish Church of Ratbcony. [D.R.] 

Chambre Corker was sen of Thomas Corker, of Cork, by 
Alice Neville, and was nephew of the Rer. Robert Corker, of 
St. Bnrian's, Cornwall. [U.O.] 

He was ordained Deacon on 14th April, 1765, and Priest on 
19th January, 1766, both at Cork. 

He waa licensed to be Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of 



Cork (Jemmett Browne), on 26t1i March, 1766. He became 
P. Cahirlag and B. Rathcony in 1767, and in 1769 B. Y. 
Insulse parvse, and in 1778 Archdeacon of Ardagh. He held 
all these livings (to which he was collated by his father-in- 
law), until his death in 1790. 

He married Elisabeth, dau. of Jemmett Browne (Bishop of 
Cork and Archbishop of Tuam), and left issue (besides four 
daughters, Eliza, who married in 1794 Rot. Philip French ; 
Catherine, wife of Rev. Horatio Townsend ; Anna- Maria, and 
Isabella), two sons, Thom8«, who died unmarried ; and Cham* 
bre, in the army, who was of Dundaniel, and afterwards of Cor 
Castle, Innishannon. This last Chambre, by his wife, Caroline, 
dau. of J. Badham Thomhill, of Thomhill Lawn, county Lime- 
rick, had issue, inter aJios^ a son, James-Richard Corcor, now 
the representative of the family, who married, in 1840, Sophia, 
dau. of John Tonson Rye, esq. kite of Rye Court, county Cork. 
The present £Ekmily of Cor Castle have resumed the ancient 
spelling of their name, " Corcor.** They have a patent, dated 
1696, which enables them to add a ducal coronet to their 
armorial bearings. 
1790. March 18. John Chbtwode, a.m., P. Cahirlag, R. Rathcony, 
and R. Y. of the Little Island, united by Act of Council, Srd 
March, 1785. [F.P.] 

John Chetwode was a member of a family which can bo 
traced to the Lobds Chbtwode, of Chetwodb, in Doomsday 
Book. The barony of Wahull was claimed by a Chetwode, 
temp, Jamss I. Vide Burke's Extinct and Dormant Peerages. 
The Rev. John Chetwode, or Chetwood, was son of Crewe 
Chetwode, esq. by Anna-Maria, dau. of Allan Holford, county 
Chester, and relict of Ralph Sneyd, esq. county Stafford. 

He was a Scholar of T.C.D. in 1760, and graduated a.m. in 
1799. He was ordained Deacon on the 1st, and Priest on 11th 
of June, 1762, for the stipendiary cure of Desertmore and 
Brinny. From 1762 to 1799 he was Treasurer of Ross, and 
from 1799 to 1814 Yicar Choral of Cork. He was also, from 
1767 to 1780, R. V. Scull; and from 1780 to 1790 Precentor 
of Cork i and from 1790 to 1814 P. Cahirlag and R. Rath- 

John Chetwode was of a highly literary turn of mind, yet 
nerer published any work. 

He wrote many small pieces in prose and rerse, and was an 
intimate friend of Malone. See Prior's *' Life of Malone** for 
some of his letters. He composed the following lines, not for 
publication, but as an expression of his feelings upon the death 
of his young friend, Mrs. Sturgeon ^dau. of J. P. Curran). 
They were intended afterwards to be inscribed as an epitaph 
on her tomb at Newmarket, but the intention was never car* 
ried into effect. 


" So late adorned with every grace of mind. 
Here gentle Sarah lies, to peace consigned. 
Thou soul of harmony 1 Thy harp unstrung. 
Rests the sad emblem of thy tuneless tongue ; 
Thy pensive grace, thy tasteful genius gone, 
Thy wit, thy playfulness for ever flown I 
Awhile, to charm the earth, thy^ powers were given, 
But now sublimed they own their natire Qeaven 1" 

John Ohetwode married Elisabeth, dau. of William Hamilton^ 
esq. and bad a son, John^ Captain in 33rd Begt who married 
Eliza, dau. of G. Patton, Governor of St Helena, and died, 
leaving an onlj daughter, Eliza-Constance, wife of Peter Aiken, 
esq. of Clifton. [B. L. G.l He had also several daughters, of 
whom the eldest, Elisabeth-Hester, was wife to Robert Wilmot, 
and bore to him (besides two daughters, Constance- Julia and 
Anna-Maria), a son, Edward Wilmot, who became heir to the 
estates of his kinsman, Jonathan Chetwood, of Woodbrook, and 
took the name and arms of Chetwood by royal licence in 1839. 
This last-named Edwaed-Wilmot-Chbtwodb is now of Wood- 
brook, PortarlingtoD, and has issue by his wife (the Lady Jxan- 
Janbt Ebskine, younger dau. of John-Thomas, Eabl of Mar)^ 
who died in 1661, a son, Eniohtlet- Jonathan, and three 
daughters, Alice-Agnes, Fanny-Elisabeth-Isabella, and Janet- 

Among the yoanger daughters of Bev. John Chetwode were 

Henrietta-Margaret, Lucy, wife of Hawkshaw; and 

Mary, wife of William Thompson, Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

The Rev. John Chetwode died on 13th April, 1814, and was 
buried, by his desire, in Rathcony church-yard. 
1814. July 15. William Lewis Bbaufobt, a.m., P. Bathcony ab 
Cahirlag. [P.P.] 

1830. Protestant population of Bathcony, 174 ; of Cahirlag, 
217 ; and of Little Island, 44. Total, 435. 

1837. Bathcony union, 5 miles long by 2\ broad, with cure, 
consisting of — 1. Bathcony rectory and vicarage, 3^ miles 
long by 2^ broad ; 2. Cahirlag rectory and vicarage, 3 miles 
long by 1^ broad ; 3. Little Island rectory and vicarage, 1^ 
miles long by j broad. The union contains 10,100 acres. 
Gross population, 5,907. One Curate employed, at an annual 
stipend of £75, with surplice fees. Tithe composition of Bath- 
cony parish, £500 ; 14 acres of glebe in said parish let for 
£18. Tithe composition of Cahirlag parish, £300 ; 7 acres of 
glebe in said parish let for £7. Tithe composition of Little 
Island parish, £180. Subject to visitation fees, £1 Is, 6d. 
Diocesan schoolmaster, £1 Ss, 3d. No glebe-house. Incumbent 
is resident, and pays a rent of £100 a-year for the house he 
occupies. One church, capable of accommodating 300 persons, 
built in 1784 by means of private subscription, but at what 
cost unknown. No charge on the union in 1832, on account 


of the church. Divine service is celebrated twice on Snndajs 
during the greater part of the year, and once during the rest 
of it, and on the principal festivals ; and a lecture is delivered 
every Wednesday. The sacrament is administered twelve 
times in the year, and on the great festivals. The benefices 
constituting this union are rectories. 

William Lewis Beaufort, a.m. and ll.d. of T.G.D. was or- 
dained Deacon on 99th Sept. 1796, and Priest on 25th July, 
1797, both at Cork. 

In 1797 he was Curate of St. Nichoks; from 1803 to 1814 
he was B. Ardnegihy ; and from 1814 to 1849 P. Cahirlag. 
He was also, from 1810 to 1836 V. Brinny; and from 1810 to 
1849 R. Knockavilly. He died on 11th December, 1849. 

He married, in 1805, Emma-Anne, dau. of Thonms St. 
Lawrance, Bishop of Cork, and by her had issue, William- 
Augustus (Rector of Ballydelogher, q. v.) ; Francis, Thomas 
St. Lawrance, i^nd William-Daniel, sons ; besides five daugh- 
ters, of whom Frances-Mary- Anne was the eldest 

1850. January 18. Johk Nun Woodboove, a.m., P. R. and Y. Rath- 
cony als Cahirlag. [D.R.] 

1860. The church, &q,, in good order. No glebe-house. 
The glebe is set. Divine service twice on Sundays, and once 
on all Thursdays and on chief feasts. Sacrament monthly ; 
average of communicants, 66 ; and at Christmas and Easter, 
average, 114. The children are catechised on Sundays and 
two other days in the week. There are three schools, main- 
iained partly by Church Education Society, at which 8 boys, 
14 girls, and 35 infants attend. The Protestant population is 
483. The rentcharge of Rathcony is £375 ; of Cahirlag, £225 ; 
and of Little Island, £135. Total rentcharge, £735. The 
glebe is worth £25 per annum. Total value of benefice, £760, 
without residence. 

J. N. Woodrooffe was ordained Priest at Cloyne on 13th of 
April, 1834, and on 29th of November, 1834, was licensed to 
the Oumey of Batbeony. 

Fnom 1846 to 1850 he was Chancellor of Cprk. 


1318. 11. Edward II. John Wogan disputes, with William de 
WellesleVi the right of presentation to Cannaway Churchy dioc. 
Cork. [Pat Rot] 

1591. DiRiciTius LoNO is Yicar. '^ R. de Keanoevy spectat ad Preb. 
de Killaspugmullan. Yicarius ibm D. Long." [MS. T.C.D. 
£. 3. 14. J Long was Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 


1609. January 22. William Hsaly, Y. Keaowaj, Cork, and Mo- 

crome, Oloine. [R. V. 1 634.] He was Chancellor of Cork, q. v. 
1615. Keanroy Rectoria impropriata. Eocleaia et Cancella 

bene repantur. Vic. Wm. H^Mily, minister legens. YaL 30«. 

[R.Y. R.LA.] 
1618. July 7. Gborob 8t0KB was institaied to Y. Qondroyt et 

Macrome, Cloine, et Y. Can way, Cork, on letters patent of 

May 27. [Registry of Court of Prerogative, Dublin.] Stuke 

seems to have held these parishes until 1632 or 1634. 
1 634. James Tbedbhviok appears as Y. Cannaway. *' R. de Eean- 

Yoy spectat ad Abb. de Mora. Cormack Donogh Carty est 

firmarius. Yal. 5 li. per an. Yiearius Jacobus Tredennicke, 

sed sub lite. Yal. 5 li.*" [R.Y. 1634 ] Tredennick was also 

R. Shandon, q. y, 
1639. Thomas Bankbs was admitted Y. Cannaway. [F.F.] Ho 

was also Y. Holy Trinity, q. t. 

1639. '* Una R. de Cannaway spectat ad Abb. de Mora, 

altera ad P. de KillaspugmuUane. Yiearius Thomas Bankes. 

Curatus Nathaniel Gyles. Ecolia ruinata, desant singula.'* 

1663. May 1. Pbteb Manbib, P. Lisclery, R. Ardnigihie, and Y. 

Cannaway. [F.P.] 

In Y. B. of 1666, the name of Peter Manby is struck out, 

and the vicarage is marked ^* vacant." [D.R.J 
For Manby, vide Lisclery. 
1666/7. February 14. Pbtbus Hbwbt, clicus, institutus fuit ad 

Yicariam eccliee parochialis de Cannaway, per desertionem 

Petri Manby, in coll. £pi. [Y.B. 1669.] Hewet appears 

again in 1669. 
1667 and 1668. Db. Bbbnabd Paokinoton appears as Y. Cannaway. 

[Y.B. D.RJ Packington was also Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 
1669 to 1675. FsTBB Hbwitt appears as K Y. Cannaway. [V.B.] 

In the Y.B. of 1670, '^ Rectoria impropriata de Cannaway 

spectat ad Yicarium ratione confiscationis ejusdem." 

Hewett in 1675 became Chancellor, and in 1710 Precentor 

of Cork, q. v. 
1675. Feb. 25. Huoo Jshkins, R. Ardnegihy, Y. BaUymodan, 

Rathclarin, and Cannaway. [F.F.] 
He appears to 1679. fY-B. D.R.] 
In 1681 Jenkins was again admitted Y. Ballymodan, q. v. 

1680. July 28. John Tom, a.m., Y. Ballymodan, Rathclarin, and 
R. Y. Cannaway. [F.F.] 

In 1861 Tom became R. Ardnegihy, and in 1693 was P. 
Desertmore, q. v. 

1681. May 26. Jambs Mubpht, b.t.i>., is admitted ''ad unam Recto- 
riam et vicariam de Cannaway.** [F.F.] He appears 1681 
and 1682. [Y.B. D.R.] 

James Murphy does not af»pear elsewhere. 


1683. July 19. Daniel MK)we]i Sweeny is admitted seqaes- 
trator of " unae R, V. Cannaway.*' [D.R.] 
1683. April 4. John Fortune, a.b,, ^'ad unam Bectoriam et ad 
unam vicariam de Cannaway." [F.F.] In 1695 he became 
y. Glanbarrahan, Ross, q. v. 

On 9 Joly, 1683, Fortune appoints James Weekes his Proctor 
in a suit for tithes. [B.K.] He appears as Y. Cannaway 
1683 to 1688. [V.B.J 
1689. John Harbison appears as V. Cannaway, although in another 
Visitation Book, of same year, the vicarage is marked '* vacant.** 
[V.B.] In 1691 (the rest of the date is torn), '* Johgs Harri- 
son, clicus, Divini Verbi predicator, adm. ad Y. Cannaway per 
cessionem Johannis Fortune ultinii incumbentis vacantem." 

1699. ''No church; no Protestants. Mr. Harrison to con- 
verse with the peasants.** [Y.B. D.D. 1699.] 

'^ 1700. October 16. I saw Cannaway Church, which lies to 

the north-west of Moviddy Church, at about 

distance ; the way to the church is stopt, a gap is opened when 

Cannaway Church built with stone and lime, 

halfthe walls are standing . • • • . bounds of the church- 
yard uncertain, whether an inward or out (ward) ditch. Coun- 
sellor Long's lands bound upon it. There are the ruins of a 
house in the church-yard. There is a vault whole ; the Priest 
built an altar in it about a year ago, when some person of note 
was buried. About three English acres of glebe near the 
church belong to the Yicar. They lie on the east of the church. 
There are ten plowlands and a half in this parish ; they are 
pretty good. The Earl of Clancarty had, and Counsellor Long 
has, an estate in this parish. No other proprietors. No Pro- 
testants live in this parish. 

'' Moviddy is the most convenient church for the inhabitants 
of this parish to resort to. 

''The Prebendary of Killaspugmullane has half the tithes of 
the four plowlands, and half of Cannaway, and also of the mill. 
The Earl of Corke has half the tithes of two other plowlands 
in this parish. 

" Mr. Harrison, the Incumbent, has the rest of the tithes, 
worth about £40 per an. 

" Denis Sweny is Popish Priest of this parish and Macromp. 
No Protestants in this parish. I left with Mr. Harrison four 
Till. Serm. and six small pr. books. All this parish lies on the 
south of the river Lee. Mr. Harrison preaches once a fortnight 
in the parish of Aghabullog, in the diocese of Cloyne." 
[Downes* Tour.] 

John Harrison, in 1669 to 1680, was Curate of Ballinaboy, 
and of eiffht other impropriate parishes. From 1669 to 1682 
he was Vic. Chor. Cork. In 1671 he was made Y. Eilcaskin 


and Kilkaterne, in Ross, which he resigned that year. From 
1671 to 1699 he was Ourate of Kilmorry. On 26 Feb. 1684, 
he was licensed to the curacy of Mo^iddy and Aglish. 

He married Rebecca, neice to the wife of Dr. B. Packington, 
Archdeacon of Cork. 

1715. Ma. Waltbe Hbwbtt appears as V. Cannaway. [V.B.] In 
1710 ho was Ourate of Shandon. He was son of another Rev. 
Walter Hewett, and was born at Ringrone, county Oork, in 
1685, and entered T.O.D. on 24 May, 1703. 

1717. Nicholas Skolfield appears as Y. Canuaway. [V.B.] In 
1737 he became V. Kilcaskin, Ross, q. v. 

1718 to 1744. Thomas Russbll appears as Y. Oannaway. [Y.B.] 
He was, in 1724, Archdeacon of Oork, q. v. 

1729. May 26. Derby Oounellan recants in parish church 
of Oannaway, before the congregation and Randol Roberts, the 
Ourate. [D.R.] 

1745. April 9. Gborob WilsoK, a.m., is admitted "ad unam R. 
Oannaway et ad Y. Oannaway, vacant, per mortem naturalem 
Thomce Russell.*' [D.R.] 

George Wilson was, in 1747, Oct. 16, licensed to the curacy 
of Briuny. In 1743 he was Y. Killaconenagh, Ross, whence 
he was promoted to Oannaway in 1745. He died in 1754. 

1754. Sept. 25. Thomas Watbrhousb, a.b., R. and Y. Oannaway, 
per mort. Wilson. [D.R.] In 1762 he was Precentor of Oork, 
q. V. 

1757. November 5. Thomas Browkb, a.m., R. Y. Oannaway, and 
same day Precentor of Oork, q. v. 

1762. May 10. Richard BeabB, a.m., R. and Y. Oannaway, per 
mort. Browne. [D.R.] In 1768 Beare was P. Eilbrittain, q. v. 

1767. September 8. John Smith, a.m., R. Y. Oannaway. [F.F.] 
In 1779 he became P. Timoleague, Ross, q. v. 

1784. December 7. Oharles Smith, a.b., R. Y. Oannaway, per 
cession of John Smith. [D.R.] In 1796 he became Y. ^il- 
mocamoge, q. v. 

1796. May 4. Jambs Bbntlet Gordon, a.b., R. and Y. Oannaway. 
[F.F.] By resignation of Oharles Smith. [D.R.] 

1807. Mr. Gordon is also R. Killegny, Ferns, where he re- 
sides. He pays £10 for the occasional duties of Oannaway. 

He was author of " A History of Ireland," and also of '* A 
History of the late Rebellion.'* 

Rev. J. B. Gordon, held, along with Oannaway, the R. Kil- 
legney. Ferns, until his death, on 10 April, 1819. He left an 
only surviving son. Rev. Richard Gk>rdon : and three daughters, 
Eliza, wife of Samuel Robinson, of Olonroaohe, county Wex- 
ford ; Oatherine, and Harriett, wife of Thomas Jones, of Nut- 
grove, Rath&mham, are mentioned in his will, which was dated 
and proved in 1819. 


1819. May 12. Joseph Chapman, a.b., B. and V. Gannaway. [F.F.] 
He does not appear elsewhere in Cork. He resigned in 1825, 
and became Y. Agha and Dunlecknej, and R. Templepeter, in 
the diocese of Leighlin. 
1825. Jnne 9. William Gobb, a.b., B. V. Cannaway. [F.F.] 

He was son of Dr. Whl Qore, Bishop of Limerick, by a 
daughter of Michael-Prittie Head, esq. of Derrycastle, county 

rrom 1819 to 1825 he was B. Templepeter, Leighlin, and 
from 1825 to 1830 B. Y. Cannaway. In 1825 he was Curate 
of Eelliestown, Leighlin. He died unmarried, leaving his bro- 
ther, Nathaniel Gore, esq. of 5, Percy-place, Dublin, his heir. 
His will was dated from St. Aaresse, near Havre, and was 
proved in Dublin in 1854. 
1830. August 14. BiOHARi) Datibs, a.b., B. and Y. Cannaway. 

1830. Protestant population, 67. 

Bichard, son of Bev. Simon Davies, B. Macroom, was or- 
dained Deacon on 1 June, 1828, and Priest on 23 August, 
1829. He was B. Cannaway, in 1830, and resigned on 2 Nov. 
1840. He married Mary, sister of Bev. Maunsell Eyre, B. 
Innishannon, and by her had a son, Bowland, on officer in the 

1837. Cannaway, part of rectory and yicarage, with cure, 
4 miles long by 2 brcMul, containing 5,113 acres. Gross popu- 
lation, 1,518. No Curate employed. Tithe composition, 
£212 Gs. 2d. ; 6a. 1b. 36|p. of glebe, valued at £2 Us. ; sub- 
ject to visitation fees, 7s. 6d. ; diocesan schoolmaster, 16$. 
No glebe-house. Incumbent resides in the town of Macroom, 
about four miles distant. One church, capable of accommo- 
dating 150 persons, built in the year 1814, at the cost of 
£553 16«. lid. Brit., granted as gin by the late Board of First 
Fruits; and new roofed and thoroughly repaired in 1831, at 
an expense of £96 16«. lid. Brit., raised by parochial assess- 
ment No charge on the parish in 1832, on account of the 
church. Divine service is celebrated once on all Sundays, and 
on the principal festivals. The sacrament is administered six 
times in the year. A portion of the rectorial tithes of this 
parish, consisting of one moiety of the tithe composition of cer^ 
tain plowlands, amounting to £65, is appropriate, and belongs 
to the Archdeacon of Boss. [Pftrl. BepJ 
1940. Novem. 11. Bobbbt Wasksn, A.b., B, and Y. Cannaway. 
[D.IU Annual value, £161. 

1860. Church in good order. Ko glebe^bouse. Incumbent 
lives in adjoining parish. Vive acres of glebe, set Divine 
service twice on M Sundays, and once on Christinas Day, Qood 
Friday, &o. Sacrament monthly. Average of commonicants, 
11. No children to attend a scnool. The Protestant populA- 


lion is 46. Rentcharge, £159 As, T^d ; value of land, £i. 
Total value of benefice, £161 is, 7^d., wiihatU residence. 

Robert Warren (eldest son of Bey. E. Warren, R. Kilmichael), 
was born in March, 1794, and entered T.CD. in July, 1812, 
and graduated a.b. in 1816. 

He w^ ordained Deacon at Cork, oq 3 Maj, 1819, and 
Priest at Raphoe, on 16 July, 1820. In 1820 he vras Curate 
of Kilbarron, Raphoe. 

He married, in 1825, Mary, second dan. of Dr. Crawford, of 
Ballyshannon, and has issue four sons and four daughters. 


1291. Ecclesia de Beannier, with its appurtenances, viz.: — Kylne- 
glerathand Angla«se ; £33 9s. 8d. [Tax P. Nic] 

12 — ? Ralph db Killangt was inducted into the vicarage of 
Beanner, oo. Cork, on the presentation of Philip de Prendergas^ 

12 — ? Maubiob db PBBNDBBaAST was Vicar of Beanner. 

12 — ) Stbphbn db Insoobtht, Clk., was admitted in succession to 
Maurice de Prendergast, on the presentation of Qerald de 
Prendergast, son and heir of above Philip de Prendergast. 

12 — ) IvBB was admitted V. Beanner, on the presentation of 
Maurice de Rupefort, who married Matilda de Prendergast, 
daughter and heir of above Qerald de Prendergast ; and 
Maurice de Rupeford (son and heir of said Maurice and Matilda 
de Prendergast) established his right to the advowson in 1311. 
[Placita Com. Banci Hib.] 

1337. The prebend of Beanner, in St Finbarry^s Cathedral, is in 
the gift of the heir of Peter de Cogan, a minor. [Placita Com. 
Banci Hib.] 

1386. Oct. 9. Thomas Habbebo is appointed P« Beavor in ecclesia 
cathedrali St. Finbarry. [Rot. Cane. Hib.] On 16th Dec, 
1386, he was appointed Archdeacon of Ossory ; and on 24th 
June, 1388, the King ratified his estate in that archdeaconry, 
and in the prebend of Beavor. [Tapkey's Cork Remem. p. 32.] 
Harberg died in 1405. 

1408. EpMUND F^TZADAM appears as P. Carrigaline. [Rot. Cane. 

1414. Feb. 3. John Tannbb was presented by Crown to P. Beaver 
als Carrigs^ine. [Rot. Cane. Hib.] In 1399 hq was Parson of 
Youghal, an4 on 1 7th August, 1408, he was admitt^ P. Swords, 
St Patrick's. Dublin. 

1591. Edmund MoBbban is Curate. "E. de Bever speo^t ad 
CoUeg. de Toughell. Edmundus M'Bre, Cur," [MS. T.C.D. 
E. 3. 14.] He was also Curate of Ballinaboy. 


1615. Bever als Carigaline, Rector, Coll. de YoughaJl. VaL 24 
marcks. Ecclesia et cancella bene repantur. Nullus curatas. 
Antiqaa est vicaria per rotulos sed vacat et uanrpatur per 
firmariam. Dowglasse, particnla ejusdem, capella vasta. [R.V. 

1622. Oarrigaline. V. uanrpatur per firmarium. Douglass pars 
ejusdem. [ICY. 1622. Marshes Library.] 

1623. June 22. Anthony Risdon is presented to V. Oarrigaline. 
[Lib. Mun.] Risdon, in 1615, was Y. Aghadowne, Ross, and 
in 1616, Y. Oaberagh. He does not appear elsewhere. 

1634. Robert Beor is Curate of Oarrigaline. 

"R. Bever als Oarrigaline, spectat ad Coll. de Yougball. 
Yal. 40 li per an. Yicariam ibm Ooll. de Yougball tenet. 
Yal. 60 li per an. Robertus Beck est Curat us. He hath re- 
ceived, for serving the rectory and vicarage those eighteen 
years, only 40«.'' [R.Y. 1634.] In 1634 Beck is also Curate 
of Olonteid. 

Beck was, in 1639, Curate of Oarrigaline, Tracton, and of 
EilcuUy als Bride als Templebrady, &c. 

1638/9. March 26. Oarrigaline, 
on letters patent of 26th November, 1638. [F.F. and Lib. Mun.] 
1639. R. Hewlett appears as Rector, with Robert Beck as 
Curate. " Ecclesia bene, deest calix." [Y.B.] 

Hewlett^ from 19th Dec., 1635 to 1638, Nov. 28, was Rector 
of Aghalurcher, Ologher dioc. He does not appear elsewhere 
in Cork records. 

1660. Feb. 19. Roger Botle is presented to K Carrigoline. [Lib. 

He appears as K Oarrigaline in Y.B. 1666. [D.K] He 
was, from 1662, Dean of Cork, q. v. 

1667. Ecclesia de Oarrigaline als Bever vacat. [Y.B.] 

1667. November 4. John Yrasib, K Oarrigaline als Bever, vacan- 
tem per promotionem Rogeri Boyle ad Episcopatum Dunen. 
et per litteras patentes Regis. [D.R.] On same day Yesey 
became Dean of Cork, q. v. 

1673. May 5. Arthur Poverot, a.m., is admitted R. Oarrigaline, 
and same day Dean of Cork, q. v. 

" Arthur P. being cited, and not appearing or excusing him- 
self in any way, the original citation to be continued against 
him.*' [Y.B. 1689, Nov. 4.] He is admonished not to neglect 
the cure of souls in Oarrigaline on alternate Sundays. ''Sicuti 
per plures menses,** &c. 

« 1700. Thursday, Sept. 27. I saw Oarickoline Church ; it 
is above 70 foot long, built with stone and cky, but the walls 
are pretty good ; well slated, and well furnished with seats. 
In the church hangs the King's Arms and Table of Marriage. 
A good vestry built on the north side of the church, at the 
charge of the Dean of Corke. In the vestry is a chest, where 



they faave a vestry-book and registry for christenings, and 
book of canons, acts against swearing, and Common Prayer 
books, and Bible. There is linen for the Communion-table, 
a pewter flagon, chalice, paten, and basin of silver, and a 
pewter font. The school is kept in the church, by Rich. 
Codner, the clerk of the parish. A large church-yard, at least 
an English acre, well fenc't, and set round wi th sycamores. There 
are five small parcels of glebe belonging to the Incumbent of this 
parish. Not far from the church is the old Castle of Caricko- 
line, tis almost ruinous ; it formerly belong*d to the family of 
the Coghans, now it is the estate of the Ld. Shannon. 

" Near Douglas, in this parish, is a burying-place, in an open 
field ; there is still remaining the foundation of a church, but 
they were carrying away the stones of the foundation. I 
charg*d them to carry away no more. The field is part of Sir 
John Mead's, set to the Potter at Douglass. This was, about 
100 years ago, the church of Carickoline parish, before the new 
church was built, where it now is, in the centre of ye parish. 
In this parish also there is another burying-place, near a village 
caird Balliarban, about four miles distant from Corke, on the 
left hand of the road from Cork to Carickoline ; it is in an 
open field. There does not appear any foundation of a church, 
but the ground seems higher about the middle of the burying- 
place. The Irish bury in this place sometimes. It is thought 
that there was a church here." [Downes' Tour.] 

1709. April. Rowland Dayies, R. Carrigaline, per mortem Pome- 
roy. Davies was also Dean of Cork, q. v. 

He resigned on 10th September, 1717. [Lib. Mun.] 

1717. Nov. 6. Carrigaline is vacant [V.B.] On 4th August and 
on 14th Oct., 1717, Boyle Davies had letters patent from the 
Crown to this rectory, but Lord Shannon disputed the presen- 
tation. [Lib. Mun. and D.R.] 

1717. January 15. S amubl Wbbbeb^ a.m., is admitted R. Carrigaline, 
now vacant by death of Pomeroy, or by resignation of Dr. 
Rowland Davies, and on the presentation of £arl of Shannon, 
dated 17th Oct., 1717. He is inducted by the Archdeacon on 
16th January. p).R.] Webber appears 1718 to 1721. 

Samuel, son of Edward Webber, "senatoris," entered T.C.D. 
as a Pensioner on 10th May, 1701, being then twenty-six years 
of age. In 1716 he was V. Kilbiconenagh, in Ross ; in 1717, 
R. Carrigaline, and in 1723 he became P. Howth, Dublin. He 
died in 1742. 

1721/2. March 3. Botlb Datieb,R. Carrigaline. [P.F.] 

He appears in Y.B. of 1722. [D.ILJ In 1735 he became 
P. Lisclery, q. v. 

1723. The Vestry assigns the seat No. 13 in Carrigaline 
Church to William Hodder, who paid for it £3 10«. [D.R.] 


The Bishop confirms this gtant on 30th August, 176S, to the 
Hodder &mily, as they ha4 a seat for foar generations back 
in the old church, and subscribed £10 to the new church* 

1763. Feb. 6. Rer. John Hickey, Curate of Carrigoline, is 
appointed Sequestrator, Davies being dead. [D.R.] 
1763. May 16. John Oliver, a.m., is presented to the R. Oar- 
rigaline. [Lib. Mun.] He was admitted 6th September, 1763, 
per mortem Boyle Davies. [P.F.] 

John Oliver was third son of Robert Oliver, of Clonodfoy, 
CO. Limerick. He held the Archdeaconry of Ardagh from 
1762 along with Oarrigaliue. He married, in 1761, Elizabeth 
Ryder, dau. of the Abp. of Tnam. For his issue, vide Burke, 
under Olivers ofCherryrnount. He died on 23rd November, 1 7 78. 

On Nov. 27tb, 1778, His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant 
acquaints the Bishop of his intention to present to Oarrigaliue, 
now vacant by death of Archdeacon Oliver. [D.R.] Lord 
Shannon sends his caveat, Dec. 8, 1778. On Nov. 28th, 1778, 
Henry Sandiford, Clerk, is appointed Sequestrator; and 
Hon. Gerald de Courcy is licensed as Curate on Dec. 10, 
1778, at £50 per an. [D.R.] William Dickson is presented 
by Crown, on letters patent of Dec. lltb, 1778, and Lowther 
lates, by Lord Shannon, on Dec. 15th, 1778. 

1779. April 15. Lowthbr Txatbs, b.d., R. and V. Oarrigaliue. 
[F.F.] On the presentation of Lord Shannon, after proceedings 
in Ecclesiastical Courts. [D.R.] Teates does not appear 

1780. April 14. Willum Dicksoh, a.b., R. Oarrigaliue. [F.F.] 
Vacant hy the acceptance of a living in England by Lowther 
Tates. Wm. Dickson is now presented by the Earl of Shannon 
on 26th Feb., 1780. [D.R.] 

1783. June 2. The Bp. of Cork and the Rector of Carriga- 
line consent to setting out the boundaries of the cure of the 
parish church of Douglas. [Chancery Enrolments.] 
1784. Feb. 6. Thomas Brkvitob, a.m., is admitted R. Oarrigaliue, 
on letters patent from the Crown, dated Slst December, the 
last Incumbent, William Dickson, having been promoted to 
the bishoprick of Down and Connor. [F.F. and Lib. Mun.] 

Thomas Brevitor, son of Rev. Thomas Brevitor, P. Temple- 
bryan, in Ross, became a Pensioner T.C.D. on 29th June, 1744, 
and graduated b.a. in 1748, and a.m. in 1765. 

He was ordained Deacon on 21st April, 1751, and Priest on 
2nd June same year, both at Cork. 

In 1751 he was Curate to his fetther at Templebryan, and in 
1765 was Curate of Fanlobbus. He was Vicar>Choral of Cork 
from 1765 to 1768, and took the curacy of Rincurran in 1766. 
He became, in 1767, Curate, and in 1784, Rector, of Carriga- 
line. He died in 180S. 


1803. Jane 11. Horatio Townsbnd, a.m., B. Garrigaline. [F.F.] 
On presentation of Richard, Earl of Shannon. The Bishop's 
letter to institate is dated May 21. [D.R.] 

1807. Townsend lives at Courtmacsherrj, near the P. Island, 
which he holds hy fooulty. [Rep.J 

1824. January 31. Garrigaline new Charch, built near site 
^ of old church, is finished, and on 7th Feb., 1824, is licensed 
for divine service. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 642. 

1837. Garrigaline, alias Beaver, a rectory, with cure ; (also 
Douglas, a chapelry, is attached to this benefice); five miles 
long by four broaid, containing 14,000 A. Gross population, 
7,375. Three Gurates employed at stipends to each of £75 
per annum. Tithe composition, £1,080 ; 6a. of demised glebe, 
in two parcels, £13 10«. Subject to visitation fees, £1 10«. 
Diocesan schoolmaster, £2 28. No glebe-house. Incumbent is 
non-resident ; he is permitted by the Diocesan to reside at his 
own house at Rosscarberry, being eighty-two years of age, and 
very infirm. One church and a chapelry in this benefice, distant 
3i miles from each other, the former capable of accommodating 
220, and the latter 280 persons. Garrigaline Ghurch built in 1 82 3, 
at the cost of £1,846 3«. Id. Brit, whereof £1,550 15«. ijd. 
was granted in way of loan by the late Board of First Fruits, 
and the residue of £295 7s. S^d. was raised by subscription. Of 
the loan aforesaid, there remained £946 §5. 4^d, chargeable 
on the parish in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of 
£62 Os, l\d. Douglas Ghapel built m 1785, at an expense of 
£695 U ^d. Brit., of which sum £369 4^. l\d. was a gift 
granted by the late Board of First Fruits, and £325 16«. \\d. 
was raised by private subscriptions. No charge on the parish 
in 1832, on account of the chapelry. Divine service is cele- 
brated twice on all Sundays in the church and chapel, and on 
the principal festivals, as also on all Wednesdays in the church. 
The Sacrament is administered monthly, and on the great 
festivals, in the church and chapel. The benefice is a rectory. 
[Pari. Rep.] 

Horatio Townsend, a.m., was ordained Deacon on 21st, and 
Priest on 29th September, 1770, by the Bishop of Gork. He 
was, from 1770 to 1780, Gurate of Abbeystrewry, Ross ; and 
from 1780 to 1803, P. St Michael's Gork, and Gurate of Gar^ 
rigaline; from 1785 to 1786, he was R. Dungonmey» Gloyne, 
and from 1786 to 1829, P. Island, V. Kilgamffe and Desert, in 
Ross. He was, from 1786 to 1837, V. Kilkerranmore and 
Gutleventry ; and from 1803 to 1837, R. Garrigaline. 

He was also Sovereign of the Borough of Olonakilty, and 
agent to the £arl of Shannon. 

H. Townsend wrote, besides other fugitive pieces, ''A Statis- 
tical Survey of the Gounty of Gork,'* publi^ed by Edwards 


and Savage, Cork, 1813j also, " Observations on Dr. Coppinger*s 
Letter to the Royal Dublin Societv/* 8vo., Cork, 1811 ; also, 
" Observations on Criminal and Civil Judicature in County 
Cork," published at Cork, in 1817. 

The Rev. Horatio Townsend was the third surviving son of 
Captain Philip Townsend, who was the eighth son of Bryan, 
who was the second son and heir of Colonel Richard Townsend, 
of Castle Townsend: (aee Christ Church, or Holy Trinity , Cork, 
the Rev, Philip Totonsend,) Horatio's mother (Philip Towns- 
end's wife) was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Hungerford, of 
Inchydoney, co. Cork. Horatio Townsend purchased the in- 
terest which belonged to his eldest brother, Richard Townsend, 
1C.D., in the paternal estate of Derry, near Rosscarberry, and 
built a new mansion-house. He married, first, Helena, daughter 
of the Rev. Robert Meade, of Ballintober, near Einsale ; and, 
secondly, Catherine, daughter of Archdeacon Corker, Rector 
of Glanmire, near Cork. By his first wife he had one daughter, 
by his second wife he had five sons and nine daughters. He 
died March 26, 1837, aged eighty-seven years. A monument 
is erected to his memory in the cathedral of Ross. His eldest 
son, the Rev. Chambre Corker Townsend (see KUmacahea, 
Boss), succeeded his father in the estate of Derry. His second 
surviving son, Horace, succeeded him in this rectory. 

1837, May 6. Hobacb Townsxnd, a.m., R. Carrigaline [F.F.] 
On presentation by the Earl of Shannon, dated 2nd May, 1837. 

The Rev. Horace Townsend was the second surviving son of 
the Rev. Horatio Townsend, of Derry, Rosscarberry, as above. 
In 1829, January 8, he married Anna, daughter of the Rev. 
Edward Kenny (see Kilmeen, Boss) ; she died, April 2, 1830, 
without issue. In 1836, February 2, he married Jane Florence, 
second daughter of Justin M'Cartie, of Carrignavar, co. Cork ; by 
whom he had one son, Horatio, who was born April 1, 1837. 
He died at Douglas, near Cork, December 19, 1837, aged 
thirty-four years. His parishioners erected a monument over 
his remains in the church-yard of Douglas. A monument is 
also erected to the united memory of himself and two of his 
brothers, in Ross Cathednd. (See Kilmacabea, Bossj the Rev* 
Chambre C Toumsend). 

1838. January 27. John Nbwman Lombard, a.m., R. Carrigaline, 
on presentation of the Earl of Shannon, dated 22nd January. 
[D.R.] He was also P. Kilmadenine, Cloyne, q. v. 

lS5b. Nov. 22. JoHH Watkihb Bbnh, a.b., R. Carrigaline, on the 
presentation of Edward William Hartpole Lecky, Esq., dated 
12th Nov. 1855, and certified to be of the annual value of 
£661 lOs. 6id. [D.R.] 

1860. Church in good order. No glebe-house. Five acres 
of glebe set. Divine service twice on all Sundays, and on the 


nsmil feaats and fasta. EveniDg service during winter in a 
licensed school-house at Carrigaline. The sacrament monthly, 
and at chief festivals ; average of communicants, 35 ; 45 
children on rolls of school, which is maintained by local sub* 
scriptions. The Protestant population is 267. 

Douglas Chapel of Ease in good order. Rev. J. Bustead is 
curate. No glebe-house. Five acres of land set. Divine 
service twice on all Sundays, and once on usual festivals and 
fasts. In winter, evening service in a house. 150 children 
are on rolls of a school kept by local subscribers. The 
Protestant population of Douglas is 310. Total Protestant 
population of both parts of this parish is 577. The rentcharge 
IS £810. The land is worth £9. Total value of benefice, £8 19, 
without residence. 

J. W. Benn (son of James Benn, Esq.) was bom in co« 
Antrim, and when nineteen years old entered T.O.D. as a 
Pensioner, on 4th November, 1833. 

He was Incumbent of St PauPs, Portarlington, before his 
admission to Garrigaline. 

OABBIOBOHANE, Pkso8iivos& 

1291. Ecclesia de Oarrigrafian is rated at 4 marks. There is no 
Vicar. [Tax. P. Nic] E. de Gorbally, 9 marks. [lb.] 

1337. 18 the initial of the Precentor. [Pkcita Com. Band Hib.] 

1543. June 3. Wiluak Fitzhatjrioe Fitzokbali), Chaphun, is ap- 
pointed Precentor by the Crown, the place being vacant, and 
at the King's disposal ; the late Incumbent being of the Irish 
nation. [Rot Pat. 34 Hen. YIII.] 

1582. John Goldb is Precentor. [D.R.] He is called Drumgoulde 
in a Memoranda Roll of 1585. [Exchequer.] 

1591. DioHisnrs Oambill appears as Precentor. ''Null. cnr. alicui 
cur. ex Relaooe Dni EpL cont. fmctus sequestr. pro amocoe 
michaelis Dublin.'' — " E. de Corikippan et E. de Cangrowan 
speetat ad precentoriam. NuUus ouratus.** — "Prebenda Scti. 
ptri. de Cikrrickmchan — Cambell — ^nullus curatns.** — ''Rec- 
toria de Corbally : precent et Ab. Mome sunt Rectores. Vica- 
ria ibm speetat ad Via Chor. Donoohb o Cale, curatus." 
[MS. T.C.D. B. 3. 14.] 

Oambell was a Scotchman, and was Archdeacon, and after* 
wards Dean of Limerick. He was also R. Dromdiffe, EiUaloe. 
In 1588 he was appointed coadjutor Bishop of Limerick, and 
in 1603 was nominated to the sees of Deny, Raphoe, and 
Clogher. He died, however, before his consecration, in July, 
1603, in London. For an account of him and his works, vide 



^ The Misoellany of the MaiUand Clab,** vol. iv. [Lib. Mon. 
and Cotton.l 

1612. Dee. 11. John Aldbn is presented to Precentorship of Cork, 
the Arcbdea490DTj of Lismore, and the P. St. Munchin's, in 
Limerick. In 1614 he was admitted V. Cahir cnm Olonmell 
and Orange St. John, in Lismore diocese. [Lib. Mnn.] 

1613. June 3. Isbabl Tatlob» a.m., Precentor ex presentatione 
Eliiabethaa nuper Regime, on letters patent, dated in the 29th 
year of her reign. He was installeil 3 Nov. 1613. [KY. 1634.] 

161d. Precentor Israel Tajlor, a m., Minister et Predicator. 
Valor 25 li. per an. Tenet etiam R. V. Rathclareny val 25 11. 
et y< Glonmel, clonen. vaL 12 li., et R. Insnla Parvn, raL 7 li. 
per an. Homo dignus. Oarrikippane et Kyrigrohane speo- 
tant ad Precentor. Ecclesias bene repantur cttm libris et omni- 
bus neoessariis. [R-V. R.I.A.] 

1615. Garrigrohane spectat ad Precentor. Cumtos Riohus 
Allbn, Minister legens. Ecclesia et oancella repftntar cam 
libris et aliis neoessariis. Gorballj (in 1615) spectat ad Pre- 
centor. Ecclesia rap&ta. cancella in rain is. The Pteeentor 
and Vicars Choral are peremptorily ordered to provide a Curate 
and repair the chanceL [R.V. R.LA.] 

1634. Carrygrohane spectat ad precentor ; R. de Corbally ad 
Precentor, et Vicartos Chorales. VaL (of Cdrbally) 3 li. per an. 
Vicaria ibm spectat ad Vicarios Chorales. Currikippane, simi- 
Uter. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. Currikippane spectat ad Precentor. Cnratus Jaspkb 
ToMPSON. Ecclesia bene et omata. Clericus Parochtalls John 
Pratt. Carrygrohane similiter— Ecclesia bene, desunt calix et 
eo-opterum. Corbally R. spectat ad Precentor. Ecclesia rui- 
nata» desunt omniaque. Vicaria ibm spectat ad vicarios chor- 
ales. KuUus curatus. [V.B. 1639.] 

Israel Taylor, a.m., was ordained Deacon and Priest by 
" Marcum Elieti.," on 25 April, 1602. 

In 1611, April 20, he was admitted R. Ballytnount-EUigott, 
and V. Kilcummin and MoUahiffe, dieeeee of Ardfert aad 

In 1613 he was Precentor of Cork^ la 1614 R. Rathelarin, 
and Insula Parva^ whioh be held in 1639 and later. In 1615 
V. Clonmel, which he resisted in 1618, and in 1B15 also V. 
Olonftrt^ Clojme, which he held until 1630. 

He received, on 15 March, 1624, a dispensation to bold the 
Precentorship, Rathdarin and Clonfert, " mode non distent a 
seinricem ultra spaiiam 20milliaria cum clausula permutationis 
et perinde ratere.** 

In 1641, Ti^lor, the Precentor, was plundered of propefty to 
the amount of £6%Q, besides the loss of his ohurob livings, 
w#rth £250 per am. [MS. T.C.D. P. 2. 18 ] 

Hit will, dated 8 Feb. 1642, and proved 23 Jan^ 1652, is 


in Cork Registry. In it be it described as Israel Taylor^ 
GbaaDter of St. Finbarrys. He mentions his brotber Thomas, 
and his wife Persis, and says be is " readie to go to sea." 
1661. Prilehon FrrzsTMORS appears as Precentor. [V.B. D.R.] 
He graduated in T.C.D. as a.b. in 1638, and A«if. in 1640. 

He resigned Carrigrobanebeg in Oloyne, about 1630. From 
1638 to 1640 he was V. Templebodan. Ue became P. Innis- 
oarra in 1640, and held it and this Precentorsliip together from 
1661 to his death in 1664. He appears as Catste of Toughal 
in 1639. 
1664. June 10. Biohardub Olsrkb, adm. Preoentor et Y. de Ath- 
no wen, per natnralera mortem Philemii ffitnymons. Institutos 
fait Id Junii. |T.R 1669. and F.F.] 

Oarrigrohane K. spectat ad Precentors Garrikippane simi- 
liter. Qaataor yioarii sunt reetores de Corbally. Rectoria 
ecclesiae de Kinneigb est particula preceotoriatus. [T.B. 1669.] 

Richard Gierke graduated a.m. in T.G.D. in 1664. From 
1661 to 1663, P. Ballyhay, Gloyne; from 1663 to 1685, P. 
Toilagborton, Lisnore ; from 1664 to 1666, R. V. Ratbclaren ; 
from 1664 to 1685, Precentor of Cork, and P. Donogbnore, 
Gloyne ; from 1667 to 1685, Y. Garrigrohanebeg, Gloyne ; 
from 1668 to 1671, Y. Ratbclaren,- and from 1668 to 1685, 
R. Ratbclaren. He died in 1685. 
1686. Wai/trr Nralr appears as Precentor, and Y. Atbnowen. 
[Y.B. D.R.] 

He appears 1686 to 1706, Nor. 3. [Y.B. D.R.] In the 
margin <k Y.B. 1686, he is marked as *'non instit.** [D.R.] 
From 1687 to 1699, K Gorbally specUt ad Precentor, Yicaria 
ad Yicarios Ghorales. In 1699 '' the Protestants (of Gorbally) 
go to Garrickgrohane." [Y.B. of 1699.] 

Walter Neale, a.m , was from 1676 to 1686^ Arcbdeaoon of 
Ardfert; from 1681 to 1686, R. Ratbcooney ; from 1681 to 
1707, iU Y. Shandon ; from 1681 to 1684, P. Templebryan, 
and Y» Tenrplequinlan, Ross; from 1681 to 1686, TraMrer of 
Gork ; from 1681 to 1682, P. Xsland, Ross ; from 1683 to 1707, 
Ghancellor of Ross ; and from 1686 to 1707, Precentor of Gork, 
and Y. Athaowen. 

Neaie was YioaivGeseral of Gork and Ross. His nattte dis- 
appears from the Gork Records in 1706/7. I find among the 
Gloyne marriage bonds one <bited 1684, between Rer. Walter 
Neiue aiid- Elisabeth Raymond, of Whiteeburch ; aoid another 
between Walter Neale, gent of Shandon, and Frances Gbarde, of 
GeoliRM^ in the year 1692. I think the Yioar>Gheneiml was 
son of Gonstantine Neale, of county Wexford, and a relative of 
fbe Yigors lamily. A letter of the Rev. Walter Neale en the 
Gallican Ghurcb is printed in the Ghristiaii Slsminer for 1853. 
1706. Feb. 4. Rowlivi^ DATua^iiLiBL, Pteoeflter. [F.F.] He af»- 
peu* 1709. [Y.B.] He became, in 1710, Dean of Ceirk, q. v. 

f 2 


1710. Jane 2. Petbb Hbwbt, Precentor. [F.F.] 

Peter Hewet was from 1666 to 1675, B. Ardneffihy, V. 
Ballvmodan and Oannawaj. From 1671 to 1675, Y. nath- 
clarin; from 1675 to 1676, R. V.Ringrone; from 1675 to 1710, 
Chancellor of Cork. In 1693 he was Curate of Templetrine. 
He was from 1710 to 1720, Precentor of Cork j and from 1714 
to 1720, B. Templetrine. 

He married Alice Wilsbire, or Wilson, in 1672. [Cloyne 
M.B.] And in his will (dated 17 March, 1719/20, and proved 
3 Sept. 1720, at Cork) he mentions his wife, Alice, as executrix, 
and his son, Arthur, and Arthur*s son, Peter. He left to the poor 
of the Alms-house at the Docke 20«. ; and wishes to be buried 
*' close to my son, at about eight a dock at night," in the chancel 
of Bingrone Church. 
1720. June 29. Thomas Busskll, a.m., Precentor. [F.F.] In 

1724 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 
1724. Feb. 13. Jkmmet Browne, a.b., Precentor of Cork, and B. V. 
Athnowen, vacant by resignation of Bussell. Browne was again 
admitted on 11 Dec. 1730. [D.B.] In 1733 he became Dean 
of Boss, q. V. 
1732. January 1. Petbb Waterhousx, m.a., of Christchurch, Oxon, 
is admitted Precentor. [F.FJ 

1739. May 19. Daniel 0*Hea recants before the Bishop, and 
again, on the 20 May, in the parish church of Carrigrohane, U8te 
Peter Waterhouse. [D.B.] 

Peter Waterhouse entered T.C.D. as Pensioner on 27 Feb. 
1720. In 1727 he was made Chancellor of Boss, Vicar Choral 
of Cork, and B. V. Kilmichael and Inchigeelah. In 1732 he 
became Precentor of Cork, and retained all these livings (ex- 
cept the Vicarage Choral, which he resigned in 1732), until his 
death in 1750. 

He married, in August, 1730, Mabella Symes, and probably 
died without issue surviving, as his widow Mabella obtains the 
renewal of the lease from the Bishop in her own name. The 
earliest trace of the Cork Waterhonses is the following extract 
from the parish registry of Christ Church, Cork : — ^ Mary, the 
daughter of Thomas Waterhouse and Bachel, his wife, was 
bom the 21 of March, and baptised the 25 of the same, 1659.** 

Peter Browne, Bishop of Cork, mentions Peter Waterhouse 
as his cousin, and appoints him a trustee in his will. On 10 
Not. 1729, the Bishop leased to Waterhouse part of the demesne 
lands of his See, in St. Finbarry's parish, called the half plow- 
land of Farranmaoteige, at a rent of £26, and a couple of good 
hi capons at Shrovetide, or 49. in lieu thereof. This lease 
was renewed on 28 March, 1751, to Mabella Waterhouse, 
widow, for twenty-one years, at same rent. [D.B.J 
1750. March 28. Edwabd Bbowvb, A.B.y Precentor. [F.F.] He 
was also B. V. Mackloneigh, and Archdeacon of Boss, q. v. 


1752. May 15. Hohoubablb John Ohbtwtnd, k.a., of Corpus 
Christi Coll. Ozon., is admitted Precentor, the corps of which 
consists of R. Currikippane, Oorbally, Oarrigrohane, and one 
R. Kinneigh. [D.R.] 

He was second son of the 3rd Viscoant Ghetwynd. He died 
1757, and was buried in Cork Cathedral. For his marriage 
and issue, vi'le Burke*s Peerage. 
1757. Nov. 5. Thokas Browns, a.m.. Precentor. [F.F.] 

Thomas Browne, second son of Jemmett, Bishop of Cork, was 
bom in that city in 1729, and entered T.C.D. as Pensioner on 
24th Oct. 1746. He was ordained Deacon on 21st April, 
1751, and Priest on 2nd June, 1751 ; both at Cork. 

From 1751 to 1757 he was Vic. Chor. Cork; and from 1757 
to 1762 Precentor of Cork and R. Y. Cannaway. He held 
also, from 1752 to 1762, the R. V. Little Island. On 23rd 
Sept. 1754 he was licensed to the Curacy of Killaspugmullane. 
From 1755 to 1757 he held also the R. V. KilmichaeL 

He nmrried (Feb. 1750), Anne, dau. of Rev. David Water- 
house, and by her (who died in Feb. 1756), had two daughters, 
Alice; and Lydia, wife of Caleb Falkiner, esq. ; and one son, 
Jemmett, who died in 1765. 

He died on 9th May, 1762, and was buried in C!ork Cathe- 
1762. May 10. Thomas Watbrhouse, a.m., Precentor. fF.F.] 

He was Curate of St. Nicholas, Cork, in 1753. He became 
R. y. Cannaway in 1754, R. V. Eilniichael in 1757, and in 
1762 Precentor of Cork. He died on 25th Nov. 1762. He 
was son of Rev. David Waterhouse, and a cousin of the Rev. 
Peter Waterhouse. His will was proved in Dublin in 1763, 
and in it several relatives are named, but no wife or children ; 
so, I presume, he died unmarried. 
1762. Dec 2. Samuel Woodbooitfb, a.m., Precentor. [F.F.] A 
Scholar of T.C.D. in 1730. 

1765. March 4. A commission issues to value the improve- 
ments made by Waterhouse on the glebe-house of Currikippane ; 
on 12th March the return to the commission find jC59 Is. Sd* 
to be the amount expended. fp.R.] 

Samuel Woodrooffe was V. Kinsaie from 1736 to 1741, and 
R. Ballymoney and Kilmeen from 1741 to 1746. He was P. 
Dromdaleague and R, Caheragh from 1746 to 1762, when he 
became Precentor of Cork. He also held, from 1746 to 1780, 
the Precentorship of Ross. He was Vicar-General of Cork and 
Ross from 1770 to 1772. 

He made his will on 29th June, 1760, '' being to leave ye 
kingdom for the recovery of my health.** He mentions his 
wife, Dorothea (who survived him), and his daughter, Mrs. 
Catherine Mosse ; and his nephew, John, son of James Wood- 
rooffe ; also his brother, John. The will was proved in Cork, 



twenty years afterwards, and administration was granted to 
his widow, Dorotbea Woodrooffe. 
1780. June 21. Johv Chstwood, a.b., Precentor. [F.F.] 

In 1790 he became P. Cahirlag, q. y. 
1790. April 12. Hbn&t Sakbifobd, a.b., Precentor. [F.F.] 

1807. Sandiford resides partly on Ratfagogan or GharleviUe. 

Henry Sandiford, ▲.!., was ordained Deacon on 22nd Jano* 
ary, 1769, and Priest on 8th October the same year; both at 
Cork. In 1769 he was Curate of St Peter*s, and from 1770 to 
1784 seired a« Curate of the Holy Trinity. In 1784 he was 
made P. Donoghmore, io Ross, and also R. V. KilcuUy, but 
resigned both those preferments in 1785, when he became 
Chancellor of Cork. In 1790 he resigned the Chancellorship, 
and became Precentor of Cork. He held along with this Pre- 
oentorship, from 1695 to 1696, the Vicarage of Castlelyons ; 
from 1696 to IdOl the P. Brigowne; and from 1801 to 1826 
the Prebend of Ballyhay, in Cloyne. He had been Thresher's 
Lecturer in Cork from 1773 to 1785. He died in January, 
1826, and left issue (besides a daughter, Harriett, wife of Pat- 
rick Nugent Savage, esq. then deceased), a daughter, Maria, 
and a son, Rey. James Sandiford, P. KillenemOT, Cloyne, q. y. 
1826. March 11. Henbt Theophilus Moobb Hoddbb, a-b.. Pre- 
centor ; certified under £800 per annum, tiie corps being the 
same as in 1752. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population of Carrigrohane, 163; of Cur- 
rikippane, 57. 

1837. Carr^prohane union, with cure, consisting of — 1. Car- 
rigroiiane rectory, 3 miles long bv 1^ broad. 2. Carrikippane 
ffectury,2 miles long by 1} broad. 3. Corbally vicarage, not 
stated. Extent of union not stated, but containing 5,3 10 acres. 
Gross population of union, 2,961. Two Curates employed, at 
stipends, to one of £75 per annum and the surplice fees, and 
•to the oihar of £30 per annum, for occasional duties in part of 
the unaoo. Tithe compesition of Carrigrohane parish, £330 ; 
14 acres oi giebe ia said parish let for £36. Tithe composition 
of Carrikippane parish, £280 ; 3 acres of glebe in said parish 
let for £7. Composition for the vicarial tithes of Corbally 
parish, £33 6s. Sd. Surplice fees, £6 10«. Subject to visita- 
tion fees, I5s. Diocesan sdioolmaster, £1. No glebe-house, 
lacnmbent resides in the adjoining benefice, and £60 is con- 
sidered a reasonable sum to be allowed in way of house-rent 
One church, capable of accommodating 70 persons, built about 
the year 1628. No charge on the parish m 1832 on account 
of it. A military chapel, capable of accommodating 350 per- 
sons, situate in (Wrikippaiie parish, belonginff to the Ordnance 
establishment, at which the parishioners residing in the neigh- 
bourhood arenUeiPed to atlend. Divine servioe is oelehrated 


ia tbe ebureh and ohapel tw](se on Sundays in ettnuner^ and 
once in winter, and on the principal festivaJB. The sacrament 
is administered monthly, and on the great festivals, in the 
church and chapel. [Pari. Bep.] 

186Q. Dr. Hodder, Incumbent ; Bey. R. Leslie, Gnrate. Tbe 
church in good order. No glebe- house. 21 acres of glebe, of 
wbich 7 are set, the rest being in Incumbent's use. Divine 
service once on all Sundays, and on the chief festivals and fasts. 
Sacrament monthly, and at festivals ; average of communicants, 
32. The children are catechised on l^uesdays by the Curate. 
45 children attend a school maintained by Incumbent and 
local subscribers. The Protestant population is 250. The 
rentcharge of Carrigrohane is £247 10«. ; of Carrikippane, 
£210; of Oorbally, £17 lOs.; and of Einneigh rectory, 
£168 \5$. The 17 acres of glebe are worth £43 ; and a house 
in St. Finbarry's parish, belonging to the Precentor, is worth 
£10. ToUl rentcharge, £632 15«. Total value, £685 15^. 
without residence. 

In Ballincollig garrison chapel divine service is held on Sun- 
day evenings for the parishioners, and on Sunday mornings and 
flftemoon for the garrison, by the Chaplain, Rev. W. Speddinff. 

Henry Theophilus Moore Hodder, a.b. (second son of Wil- 
liam Henry Moore, esq. who assumed the additional surname 
of Hodder), was ordained Deacon on 14th Auffust, 1814, and 
Priest 22nd December, 1816, both at Cork. In 1817 be was 
Curate of BalUnaboy, in 1818 K V. Leighmoney, in 1823 
Ghanoellor, and in 1826 Precentor of Cork. He is married. 


1846. July 27. Thomas Oldbit was licensed to be Curate of Oollen 
by the Incumbent, the Dean of Cork. [D.B.] 

1847. May 6. Cullen is erected into a perpetual oare, under 
11 lynd 12 0. IIL, chapter 16. The endowment is the entire 
glebe of nineteen acres, save one acre set apart for a school- 
house, and tithes to amount of £55 and three fiuthings Brit. 
K«B.-<--In act of Council, Cullen is said to be o^pved with all 
the tithes, great and small, arising within the parish. 

1849. Sept. 8. Cullen new church was consecrated under 

ttie name of Christ Church. [D.B.] 

Olden is now Y. Tullilease, Cloyne, q. v. 

1860. Aiigaat23. TnoiiAS DowAirisadmitted P.C. of Cullen. [D.B.] 

1860. The Dean is Incumbent ; Thomas Dormaa, Curate. 

The church in good order. A new fflebe-house and offices, 

And eighteen acres of land in Curates occnpaUon. Divine 

service onoe on Sundays, and in summer there is also an evening 


serWce. Sacrament montiily ; areiage of commanioants, 4 ; 
and on chief festiyals average 14. Eighteen children attend 
a Church Edacation School. The Protestant population is 43. 

T. Dorman (son of John Dorman, esq.) was horn at Kinsale, 
in 1821, and graduated a.b., T.QJ),, in 1847. He was 
ordained Deacon in July, 1847, hj Bp. of Tuam,and Priest in 
1848, by Bp. of Killflkloe, both on letters dimtssory from 

He was Curate of Holy Trinity in July 1847, of Qtaty- 
doyne in 1848^ and of St. Annes, Shandon, in September^ 

He is married, and has five children. 


1591 Preb. de Desertmore. Robert Stubtov. [MS. T.G.D. E. 3. 
14J He was also Dean of Ross, q. v. 

1615. Disertmore Prebend. R. Wilson, a.m., Student in College. 
Val. £5. Church and chancel in ruins. Curate^ Thomas 
Dayies. Minister, legens. Wilson, holds also Dmmdalege. 
[RV. R.I.AJ 

In 1619, Wilson resigned his liyings in Cork. He was P. 
Kilrane, Ferns, from 1626 to 1628, and in 1628, became Dean 
of Ferns; which preferment, along with P.Donaghmore, Dublin, 
he held until 1642. He was also Vicar of Finglas, Dublin, 
where, in 1641, he lost property by the rebellion to amount 
of " twenty-five hundred pounds." [MS. T.C.D. F. 2. 3.] In 
1621 he graduated b.t.b., in T.C.D. 

1619. Oct. 26. WiLLiAK Bolton, Preb. de Disertmore. [F.F.] 
He resigned in 1627, and was subsequently Dean of Ross, q. y. 

1627. Oct. 13. Thomas Holfobd, adm. P. Desertmore, and installed 
'' per Thomas Wight, decanum Corcagen. ult. Feb. 1 627." [R. V. 

1634. P. Desertmore, Thomas Holford, Predicator. Tal. 
14 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 
In 1637, Holford became Treasurer of Clojme, q. y. 

1637. Michael Botlb (son of Bp. Richd. Boyle) was collated by 
his fikther; and this, with other appointments, is complained of 
by Bp. Wetenhall, in a letter, dated 13th March, 1693, addressed 
to Bp. T. Tennison, of Lincoln, who was then offered the 
Archbishopric of Dublin, which, howeyer, he declined to 
accept. [Lambeth, MSS. 929, p. 14, quoted by Cotton.] Boyle 
was, in 1640, Dean of Cloyne, q. y. 

1639. Holfobd appears as P. Desertmore, the name Boyle being 
crossed out Curate, Nathaviel Winbmosb, or ifiHSBMOW. 
*' Nayis eoolesi» ruiuata^ desnnt singula," [V.B., D.B.] 

COilK.] DE8BBTM0BE. 73 

1661. Vacant. [V.B. D.R.] 

1663. Bishop Michasl Botlb holds this Preb. by grant from Crown, 
dated Nov. 17. [Rot. Can. and V.B.] And he retained it 
after removal to the see of Dablin, until he became Primate. 

1678. Feb. 28. John Parkbb, Archbishop of Dublin, has a grant 
of this Prebend in commendam, and retains it until his death 
in 1681. [Ware.] 

He appears, 1681, November 3. [V.B. D.B.] 

1681/2. January 4. John Touwat, a m., P. Desertmore. FF.F.] He 
does not appear in the visitation books for this prebend. In 
1685 he was P. Donoghmore, Cloyne, q. v. 

1682. August 21. Franois Mabsh, Archbishop of Dublin, P. Desert- 
more. [F.F.] By grant from Crown in commendam. 

1689. Paul Duolos, a.m., appears as P. Desertmore. '*Nnllus 
euratus, guardianus, neo dericus parochialis." [V.B.] But 
in another visitation book of same year the Abp. of Dublin 
appears, and in 1690 the Archbishop's name is crossed out^ and 
that of Dttclos written over it. 

Dudos was also P. Island, Boss, q. v. 

1691. DoMnrus Asohispus Dub. appears as P. Desertmore in 
the years 1691, 1692, and 1693. [Y.B.] 

1694. Dec. 6. John Tok, a.k., P. Desertmore, per mortem Arcliiepi 
Dub. [P.F. and D.R.] 

1699. No church ; one Protestant family, who go to Moviddy. 
Mr. Tom preaches six or eight times in a year in Desertmore, 
at Kilcrea. Six or seven plowlands. Some Papists, married 
to Protestants, breed their children Papists. [V.B. D.D. 

John Tom, A.M., of Peter House, Cambridge [Cotton.], 
was, from 1680 to 1681, V. Ballymodan, Bathclarin, and 
Cannaway. In 1681 he was licensed to the curacy of Bally- 
deloghy, and became K Ardenegihy, which he held until 1686. 
From 1682 to 1683 he was P. Efiin, Limerick, by &vour of 
the Earl of Kildare. From 1684 to 1685 he held the P. 
Templebryan, &c., in Boss. In 1686 he became V. Rinsale, 
which he retained until bis death, holding along with that 
vicarage the P. Inskenny from 1688 to 1693, and tbe P. 
Desertmore from 1693 to his death. From 1692 to 1698 he 
held again the P. Templebryan, in Boss, being for that period 
the holder of three prebendls. 

He married, firsUy, Mary 1 and by her (who was 

buried 19th June, 1692, in Kinsale), he had issue, Susanni^, 
bom 1686 ; Winifred, born in 1687; William, born in 1688; 
and Francis, bom in 1690. He married, secondly, on 18th 
Sept, 1692, Deborah Burrows, widow, and by her had issue, 
St John, bom 1695 ; Jane, born in 1698 ; Bobert,bom 1702, 
died 1704 ; and Henr^, born in 1703. He died 17th Nov., 
1717, and was buried in Kinsale Church ; the insoription on 


74 DB8BBTM0&S. [cOftK. 

his tombstone is still to be seen. His widow, Debonh, mamed, 
in 1719, George Coates, esq. [Einsale Register and Oortc 
1718. April 12. Riohaed Goodmah, P. Desertmore. [^'P*] 

He was a native of county Cork, and son of Key. Thomas 
Goodman, Peoentor of Boss, a, y. He entered T.O.D. m Pen- 
sioner on 27th March, 1675, oeing then aged eighteen. He 
became a Scholar in 1677. 

From 1682 to 1691 he was Vicar Choral, Cork ; in 1687 he 
was licensed to the cnracy of St MichaeFs ; from 1689 to 

1695 he was K Y. Kilcnlly ; from 1692 to 1696 he was V. 
Bathclarin, and from 1692 to 1737, V. Balljmodan ; from 

1696 to 1718 he was P. Kiilanullj, and from 1696 to 1737, R. 
Knockayillj and V. Brinny. From 1705 to 1737 he was B. 
Killowen. Besides the Cork livings he held^ from 1695 to 
1696, the Prebend of Rath, in KiUaloe. He died in 1737. 

He married Hannah 9 bat had no issoe ; at least, in 

his will (dated 1736, and proved 1737) he mentions none. He 
wished to be buried near his mother, in the church of Bally- 
modan, and bequeathed £20 to the poor of that parish. 
1737. June 1. Vacant by death of Richabd Goodkav. [V.B. 

1737. June 28. Perkins Crofton, a.m.» P. Desertmore, K Enocka- 
villy, and V. Brinny. [¥.¥.'] 

1737. August 1. The Bishop leases to Archdeacon Orofton 
6a. 3a. Ip.) part of which land was formerly held by Arch- 
deacon Thomas Rnssell, and three acres formerly held by Rev* 
John Herbert, and the field called "ye Rock,** containing 
2a. 2b. 18p., all in St. Finbarr/s parish, for twenty-one years, 
at £8 per an. ; and on 10th April, 1741, the Bishop renews 
Orofton's lease of t^iements, Ac, in Rosaoarbery. [D.R.] 

Perkins Orofton, son of Rev. Henry Crofton, was bom in 
the parish of Orossmoline, Eillala diocese, and when sixteen 
years old, entered T.O.D. as a Pensioner, on 9th June, 1720, 
and graduated afterwards a.b. and A.lf. 

He was ordained Deacon at Dromore, on May 14, 1727. In 
1786 he was made Archdeacon of Aghadoe,and in 1737 became 
P. Desertmore, retaining his Archdeaconry nntU his death in 
1768. In 1745 be was Vicar-Gkneral of Cork and Roes. 

He married, in 1740, Elisabeth Uniacke, of Mount Uniacke, 
eo. Cork, [dojrne, M.B.] dau. of Oapt. James Uniacke, by 
Mary Mathew. 
17^8. Dec. 13u Jobh Baaet, a*m., P. Desertmore. [F.F.] 

He was bem in Oork, yoaaiMr son of Edwa^ Bany, icn. 
(who was created a Baronet of Ireland in 1775), by Jane, 
daughter of Antony Dopping, Bishop of Oasory. When fifteen 
3rearB of age he entered T.O.D. m Pensioner, on 17th January, 


He was ordained IViest at Cork, ob 2l8t Janaary, 1758, and 
in same year was Y. EillaooDenagh, in Boss. He resigned 
that Itrin^ in 1756, and held, from 1756 to 1768, the Y. 
Durras-Kilcrohane. He was P. Eilmaolenine, Cloyne, and P. 
Desertmore, from 1768 to 1794 ; and also, from 1776 to 1794, 
was Dean of Elphin. 

He graduated a.x. in 1753. and ll.i>. in 1768. 

He married, in May 1771, at St Mary's, Shandon, Sarah, 
dan. of John Bateman, of Oak Park, co. Kerry ; and secondly, 
in 1780, Anne Sican, by whom he had issoe a son, Edwaid, 
who succeeded to the Baronetcy on the death (without heirs 
male) of Sir Nathaniel, his undo. Dean Barry's will was 
proved on 2nd Sept., 1794. 
1794. June 17. John William Benkett, a.b., P. Desertmore, 
which being under £200 per an. in value, is now eptseopally 
united to R. Y. KilcuUy, now held by Bennett [D.R.] He 
was, in 1799, Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. 

1807. J. W. Bennett lives at Middleton, in Cloyne, which he 
holds by iacaity. [Rep.] 
1810. July 28. William Butlbr, a.b., P. Desertmtfre, per mortem 
Bennett [D.R.] Butler, in 181 7, was P. Ballyhooly, Cloyne, 
q. V. 

1815. A new church was buik on the site of the old church 
of Desertmore, at cost of £553 I60. lid., granted by late 
Board of First Fruits. [P.F.] 

1817. Feb. 3 Jambs Stewart, a.m., P. Desertmore. [F.F.] He 
was afterwards Y. Lislee, Ross, q. y. 

1817. May 27. The new chureh was oonseerated under the 
name of St. John. [DR.] 

1817 Oct. 17. Stewart memorials to build a glebe-house, at 
estimated cost of £999 18s. 7d. [D.R.] 

1817. Nov 6. The present (1861) parish register begins. 

1818. May 5. William Habvbt, a.m., P. Desertmore; certified 
under £300. [DiU He became, in 1824, P. Eilnaglory, q. v. 

1818. May 18. Harvey memorials for building, and a com- 
mission issues Slst March, 1819 ; and on Srd June, 1819, the 
Bishop certifies for an outlay of £999 18f. 7d.9 of whioh£750 
was a loan from Board of First Fruits. [D.R.] 

1824. Oct. 19. RoBBBT Pbatt, a.b., P. Desertmore, certified under 
*£500 per annum in value. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 40. 

1837. Desertmore: a rectory, with euro ; two miles long by 
nearly two broad, containing 3,844a. 2%. 23?. ; gross popu- 
lation, 1,147 ; no Curate employed j tithe oompositioB, £350 ; 
Fifty acres of glebe, valued at 20s. per acre, £50, subject to 
visitation fees, 18«. Diocesan schoolmaster, lit. 3d, Desert- 
more glebe-house built under the new aets, at ike oost of 
£1,015 6«. 4^. Brit., whereof £92 6«. IJd. was granted as 


fift, and £692 6s. I Id. as loan by the late Board of First 
'raits, and the residue of £230 14«. Id. was supplied out of 
the private funds of the builder, to whom the present Incum- 
bent is next in succession ; and having paid his predecessor 
the entire of the sum last named, he will be entitled to re- 
ceive £173 0«. 6}</. from his successor on account thereof. 
Of the loan aforesaid, there remained £408 14«. Sd. chargeable 
on the benefice in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of 
£22 lit, 2d. Incumbent is constantly resident in the glebe- 
house. One church, capable of accommodating eighty persons, 
built in 1815, at the cost of £553 16«. lid. Brit., granted as 
gift by the late Board of First Fruits. No charge on the parish 
in 1832 on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated 
once on all Sundays, and on the principal festivals. The 
Sacrament is administered monthly. The benefice is a rectory. 
[Pari. Rep.] 

Robert Pratt (eldest son of Rev. James Pratt, P. Kilna* 
glory), left issue^ three sons, James, Rev. John (afterwards 
rL Eilnagross, q. v.), and Robert (afterwards Colonel of 23rd 
Regt., and o.b., who married, in 1861, May 4, PhcBbe-Hester- 
Jane, eldest daughter of Reverend Robert Burv, of Brooklodge, 
Oarrigrenane, co. Cork), and a daughter, Elizabeth. Rev. 
Robert Pratt died on 7th February, 1856. 
1856. March 18. Johk Qxtabby, a.m., P. Desertmore ; certified to 
be of the net /early value of £279 13«. lid [D.R.] He 
became in 1859 R. Castrachore, Cloyne, q. v. 

On 16th March, 1857, he obtains £205 18<. Id. dilapida- 
tions against his predecessor. [D.R.] 
1859. August 23. Hbhby Cohstablb, a.m., P. Desertmore. The 
yearly value is certified to be £275 14«. 8d. In another cer- 
tificate of 12th Nov. 1859, the value is given as £323 lis. 3d. 

1860. The church, which was built in 1817, in good order. 
No font A glebe-house, and 54 acres of glebe, in the occupa- 
tion of Incumbent Divine service twice on all Sundays, ac. 
Sacrament monthly ; average of communicantSi 9. No school. 
Protestant population, 22. Rentcharge, £262 10«. ; value of 
land, £51 ; rent of house in St Finbarry's parish, belonging to 
the Prebendary of Desertmore, £2 15$. id. Total vsdue of 
benefice, £316 5«. 4d. with residence. 

Henry (son of Robert Constable, of Prior Park, Clonmel, 
county Tipperanr), was born in county Tipperary, and when 
sixteen years old was entered a Pensioner of T.C.i). He gra- 
duated A.B. in 1838, and a.m. in 1842. 

He was ordained Deacon by Bishop of Down at T.C.D. 
Chapel in 1839, and Priest in 1840 by Archbishop of Dublin 
at Cfhristchuroh Cathedral. 

From 1839 to 1848 he waa Curate of Kilgaruffe, in Ross ; 



and from 1848 to 1859 was Curate of Athnowen. In 1859 be 
became P. Desertmore. 

He bas published one of tbe essays in '' Gold and the Gos- 
pel*' (London, 1853) ; also '' Parocbial Sermons" (London, 
1857); also ''Essays, Critical and Theological** (London, 
1859); and two pamphlets on National Education (Dublin, 

Mr. Constable is married, and hiu issue. 


1591. R. de Disertsergis Vicar. Chor. Improp. Vicar, ibm. D. Long. 
[MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] Long was Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 

1615. Robert Sutton, a.m., appears as Vicar of Desertserges, and 
V. Eilbrogan and Ballinadee. The Rectory of Desertserges 
belongs to Vies. Choral. Robert Sutton, Minister and Predi- 
cator, is Vicar. Val. 6 li. per annum. Church and chancel in 
repair, with books. [Rw V. K.I. A.] For Sutton, vide Eilbrogan. 

1632/3. March 2. John Snary is presented to V. Desertserges, and 
r. and V. Kilbrogan [Lib. Mun.] He was institute 29th, 
and installed 3l8t March. [R.V. 1634.] 

1634. R. de Desertserges spectat ad Vic. Chor. Cork. Vic. 
John Snary. Val. £26 68, 8d. per annum. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. John Snary is stUl Vicar. [V.B. D.R.] Vide Kil- 

1661. Hugh Dunstervillb, V. Desertserges, and P. Ealbrogan* 
In 1663 he became Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 

1666. May 5. Barnabas Honxtohuroh, V. Desertserges, per mor- 
tem Hugonis Dunsterville. Rectoria de Desertserges spectat 
ad Vic. Chor. Cork. [V.B. 1669, D.R.] 
Honeychurch was aJso R. V. Murragh, q. y. 

1682. August 22. Daniel Lord, a.]i., V. Desertserges, R. Murragh, 
GkuTivoe, and Killowen, all vacant by death of Barnabas Honey- 
church. [D.R.] 

He appears 1682 to 1704, Nov. 3. [V.B. D.R.] In 1692 
he became also P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 

1704/5. January 12. John Hungerford, V. Desertserges. [F.F.] 
He was aJso P. Island, Ross, q. v. 

1723: Feb. 26. Jbxmbtt Bbowkb, a.b., V. Desertserges, per mortem 
Hungerford. [D.R.] Browne, in 1733, became Dean of Ross^ 
q. V, 

1724. Feb. 13. Hartt Smith, A.if., V. Desertserges. [D.R.] In 
1733 he became Treasurer of Ross, c^. v. 

1750. Angttst 4. The Bishop certifies that Hartt Smith, in 
1747, built from the ground a fit parsonage house and out- 
offices on Desertserges Qlebe, at an expenditure of £1 81 Oc 1 Icf. 

78 DB8BBT8RBQB8. [cORr^ 

of which the First Fruits nve XlOO ; and the value of Desert- 
eerstes Vicarage is certifiea at £145. [D.R.] 
1761. May 6;. William Pbatt, a.b., V. Desertserges, per mortem 
Hartt Smith. [D.R.] Pratt, ia 1 769, became Dean of Oloyne, 
q. r. 
1769. Jane 3. Bbllivoham Swan, a.m., V. Dceertserges. [F.F.] 
He was also, from 1768 to 1798, a Vicar Choral of Cork. 

B. Swan was son of Edwarii Swan, of Kilriske, ooantj Dub- 
lin, by Jane, dau. of Sir Daniel Bellingham, Lord Mayor of 
Dublin. He was born in 1703, and nuitriculated in T.C.D. on 
8th Sept. 1719. 

He married, firstly, Martha Atkin, of St. Peter*s, Dublin [M. 
L. 2 July, 1739], by whom he seems to have had no issue. 
He married, secondly, on 24th Feb. 1781, at St. NicholaaV 
Cork, Mary Berkeley, and by her left issue two daughters, 
Martha, and Jane, wife of Francis Harris, esq. ; and two sons^ 
Bellingham, in the Revenue, who married Mary Harley ; and 
Daniel, who died Sp. [U.O.] 

Rev. B. Swan died on 2nd Oetober, 1798, and, according to 
the dates above given, was ninety-five years old at his death. 
The statement given in ** fiaeton*s Human Longevity,** aa to 
his hiiving lived to the age of 102, is therefore incorrect 
1798. Dec. 12. Moubtifobd Lobgfibld, a.m., V. Desertserges. 

1830. Protestant popuktion, 432. 

1837. Desertserges, a vicarage, with cure, 7 miles long by 
4 broad, containing 1,400 acres. Gross popuhition, 6,629. 
One Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 per annum. Com* 
position for vicarial tithes, £730. 72 acres of glebe, valued at 
20f. per acre, £72. Sabject to visitatiea lees, 19«. Diocesaa 
schoolmaster, 19s. 6d, Desertserges glebe-house is reported to 
be unfit for the residence of Incumbent, to be small, damp, and 
incapable of being improved ; built about the year 1748, but at 
what cost unknown, further than that £92 6& l|d. British, was 
gm&ted as gift by the late Board of First Fruits for the pur- 
pose, and present Incumbent paid his predecessor £18 9s, 2]cL 
OB account of it, without having any charge on his successor. 
The glebe-house is occupied by a yearly tenant, who resides, 
and keeps the house aired. Inoumbeat is resident in the bene* 
fice. One church, capable of accommodating over 200 persons, 
built about the year 1805,at the cost of £553 ISs. llci British^ 
raised by parochial assessment and private subscriptions. No 
charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. Morn- 
ing serviee is eelebrated in the church onoe on Sundays, and 
on the principal festivals, and Sunday evening service is per^ 
formed in a sehood-honse in a remote part of the parish. The 
sacrament is administered eight times in the year. The rec-> 
turial, consisting of a moiety of the tithes of tliis parish, are 


impropriate, one-half thereof, compounded for £'315, belong to 
the Vicars Choral of Cork, and the remaining half, compounded 
for i'dl5, is claimed by Lord Kinsale, under different denomi- 
nations, as Hector of Qarrynoe. [Pari. Rep.] 

1846. Sept. 17. A faculty is granted for new pews in the 
Church of Desertserges. [D.R.] 

Mountiford Longfield (son of John Longfield, of Longueville, 
by Elisabeth Foster), was, from 1793 to 1809, P. Timoleague, 
Ross ; and from 1809 to 1850 R. Templenoe and Kilcro^han, 
in Ardfert diocese. He held also Desertserges from 1798 to 
his death, on 13th September, 1850. 

He married, firstly, Grace, dau. of William Lysaght, esq. and 
by her had issue Mountiford (now a Judge of the Landed 
States Court, and formerly a Fellow of T.C.D.) ; and Robert, 
Q.O., M.p. for Mallow. 

He married, secondly, in 1814, Mary Anne Conner ; and by 
her had issue, inter cUioB, George, f.t.o.d. ; and Richard, K. 
Mogeely, Cloyne, q. r. 
1850. Oct. 16. Jambs Gollogk, a.b., Y. Desertserges ; certified to 
be of the annual value of £615 lis, 6d, [D.R] 

1850. Dec. 2. The old glebe-house and offices are condemned 
as unfit for residence. On 29th Dec. 1852^ the Vicar obtains a 
certificate of charge for £1,231 for a new glebe-house. The 
annual value is now stated at £617 lOs, [D.R.1 

1860. The church and glebe-house in good order. The 
^lebe in Vicar's use, excepting l^acre in Mr. Longfield*s lawn. 
Divine service once on all Sunday mornings in the church, and 
on Sunday evenings in a licensed place of worship at Manlna- 
rougy, also on chief festivals, &c. Sacrament monthly, and on 
festivals ; average of communicants, 55, The children are 
catechised on Mondays and Sundays. 88 children are on rolls 
of two Church Education schools. The average attendance 

The Protestant population is 437. The rentcharge is £547 
lOt. and the land is Worth £55. Total value of benefice, 
£602 lOif. per annum, with residence. 

James GoUock graduated as a.b., T.C.D. in 1822, and was 
afterwards a.x. 

He was ordained Deacon in 1^23, and received Priest's 
Orders at Cloyne on 1st August, 1824. 

tn 1825 he was Curate of Ballymodan, and in 1827 of 
InniMarra. From 1837 to 1842 he was R. V. Oarrigrohane- 
beg ; from 1842 to 1850 R. V. Brinny ; and in 1850 became 
V* DMertserges. He is married, and has issue. 

I give an extract from the old registry of Christohurch, 
Cork, which gives a curious way of spelling Gollock : — 

'* 1660. August 23. Sarah, the daughter of robert gollage, 
and margret) his wife [was baptised.]" 

80 DOUGLAS. [cork. 


Douglas is a chapelry in the parish of Oarrigaline, and the 
instrument was dated 2 June, 1783, whioh assigns to the new 
district or chapel of Douglas, *'\)j name of the parish or 
chapelry of Douglas/' the following townlands, viz. : — Monriag, 
Monfieldstown, Roachestown, ^nocknamuUagh, Oldcourt, 
Barryarhin^ Hilltown, Ballinrea, Balliegurrie, Cusduff,BumhiU^ 
Danebrook, Grange, Montpelier, SoudoaHeen, Oastletreasure, 
Maryborogh, Menus, Ballincurrig, Ardclarig, Ardewacleahy, 
Glebe, BaUinemelagh, BoUinemalagh, Ballygarvers, and Bally- 
duhig. In this instrument is a clause, *' saving to William 
Dickson and his successors all his and their rights as Hectors 
of Carrigaline." 

1786. Sept. 17. The minister and churchwardens and 
parishioners of Carrigaline petition the Bishop to consecrate 
the new Chapel of Ease. And on the 25th October following, 
it is consecrated under the name of St. Luke, by the Bishop of 
Oloyne, who acts on behalf of the Bishop of Cork, who was ab- 
sent in England, and sick. 

1788. Sept. 5. Thomas Breviter, writing from Douglas, 
memorials to build on the glebe of Douglas, which has been 
hitherto without a house. On 6 July, 1789, he also memorials 
to build a bam and haggard on one of the glebes of Carrigaline. 
On 26 April, 1799, a commission finds that Breviter expended 
£73 I3s. 9d. for enclosing the glebe of Douglas, and £104 Ss. 
for erecting a bam and haggard on one of the glebes of Carriga- 
line. The Bishop, on 19 July, 1799, certifies for £178 U 9d., 
being the amount of both these sum& [D.R.] 
1791. Nov. 12. AsTHUB Ebilt, a.b., wajs licensed to be Curate of 
Douglas, at £50 per annum, on the nomination of Breviter. 

A. Keily was ordained Deacon in May, 1779, at Cloyne, and 
Priest at Cork, on 26 Sept. 1790. 

He married Dorothea, d. of Edward- Mansel Townsend, esq. 
by Helena Becher. 
1797. Dec 26. Jambs Sandiford, a.b., is licensed to be Curate, at 
£50 per an. [D.R.] In 1802 he became P. Eillenemer, 
Cloyne, q. v. 
1799. July 13. John Bustbad, a.b., is licensed to be Curate, at 
£50 per annum. [D.B.] In 1834 he became also P. Lisclery, 
q. r. 

For the present state of Douglas, vide Carrigaline. 



1591. D^BMionrs Donati is Yioar of Drinagh. <^ R. de Drinaugbe 
Vicar. Chor. Vicarins ibm Dermicius Donati." [MS. T.uD. 
E. 3. 14.] He was also Y. Eilnemartery, Clojne. 
1615. Gov FAB8HA]fB,an Irishman, is Vicar. '* Rectoria spectat 
ad Vic. Chorales. Vicarins Conno ffiurshme hibemas, minister 
legens. Val. 7 li. per an. Ecclesia et canoella bene repftntur 
cum libris." [R.V. R.I.A.] 
1619. April 10. Thadsus MoDohsll O'Donoyav, Vicar of Dri- 
nagh. *' Epus univit Precentoriatui Rossen. vicarias de £il- 
macabee et Drinagh, 10 April, 1619." [V.B. 1634.] 
Vide Precentors of Ross, for O'Donovan. 
1634. R. de Drinah spectat ad Vic. Choral, Cork. Vicar 
Tadeas O'Donovane. Val. X li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 
1635. July 16. Jaxbs Clbland, V. Drinah, and V. Eilmaccabee, 
in Ross. [F.F.] Vide Kilmaccabee, for Gleland. 

In 1639, James Cleland is marked " excusator." [V.B. D.R.] 
1666 to 1675. John Godfbst appears as V. Drinagh. In the latter 
year he is marked " absent." [V.B.] He was also P. Curro- 
grangemore, Ross, q. y. 

1669. Rectoria de Drinagh spectat ad Vic. Chor. Cork. 
[V.B. 1669J 
1676. Feb. 16. Zaoharias Bbalt, V. Drinagh, K Eilmeen, V. Oas- 

trnmrentrj, and same day P. Cnrrograngemore, Ross, q. v. 
1688. Sept. 24. Nicholas Bbadt, am., V. Drinagh, and It. Eil- 
meen, in Ross. [F.F.] He was also P. Eilnaglory, q. v. He 
appears 1688 to 169 1, and in the latter year is marked "In 
Anglia." [V.B.] 
1692. Sept. 23. Solomon Folbt, V. Drinagh, R. Eilmeen, and P. 
Eilnaglory, vacant per cessionem Nicholai Brady. [D.R.] In 
1 704 Foley was P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 

He appears 1692 to 1694, Nov. 3. [y.B.] 
1694/5. Feb. 14. Andbxw Symes, a.b., V. Drinagh, and R. Eilmeen, 
per cession of Foley. [D.R.] In 1718 Symes became Pre- 
centor of Ross, q. V. 

He appears 1695 to 1717. [V.B.] 

1699. No chnrch ; seven or eight Protestant families go to 
Drumdaleige and Eilmvne, in Ross. [V.B. 1699.] 

^* 1700. Drinagh parish contains 32 plowlandsor thereabonts. 
The church is ruinous. The western part of this parish re- 
pairs for divine service to Dromaleague, and the eastern part 
to Eilmine. 'Tis said there is a Popish schoolmaster in this 
parish. Ten acres of glebe adjoin to the west side of the 
church-yard. The Vicar of Drinagh has half of all the tythes ; 
and the Vicars Choral of Cork have the other half. Drinagh 
lyes more convenient to be joined to Drumaleagueor Fanlobbish 


than to Ballimoney. Drinagh is worth, to the Vicar, about 
£25 per an. Mr. Tonson and Mr. Scott live in thb parish." 
[Downes* Tour.] 
1718. Nicholas Skolfibld appears as V. Drinagh and Fanlobbish. 

He appears 1718 to 1746. [Y.B.] He was again colUted 
on 2 January, 1737, on his becoming Y. Kiloaskin, Ross, q. y. 
1747. January 27. Thomas Blsnnsbhassitt, V. Drinagh and Fan- 
lobbus, vacant by death of Skoliield. [D.R.1 

Thomas, son of John Blennerhassett, was born in Kerry, and 
entered T.C.D. when eighteen years old, on 6 May, 1718. Ho 
obtained Scholarship in 1721. 

In 1726 he was Curate of Shandon, and from 1739 to 1746 
held ''unam** R. de Aglish. From 1747 to 1767 he was Y. 
Drinagh and Fanlobbus. In 1742 he was licensed Lecturer of 
St. Anne, Shandon. 

He married Mary Frankland, of Ohristchurch, Cork, spinster. 
[Cork M.B. 8 March, 1735.] He mentions in his will (dated 
18 Dec. 1760, and proved 18 September, 1767) his daughter, 
Anne, wife of Thomas AUeyne, and a grandson, Thomas 
Alleyne. fCork Wills.] 

1767. Sept. 8. KtCHABD Bsabb, a.k., Y. Drinagh and Fanlobbus, 
per mort. Blennerhassett [D.R.] 

In 1768 Beare became P. Eilbrittain, q. v. 

1768. Dec. 21. Sib Michael Cox, a.m., Y. Drinagh and Fanlobbus, 
per cess. Beare. [D.R.] Sir Michael was son of Sir Richard 
Cox, M.p. for Clonakilty, vide Baronetage. 

He was ordained Deacon at Ardbraccan, by Bp. of Meath 
on 21 Sept. 1760. He was P. Doon, Emly, and Archdeacon 
of Cashel, both which livings, with Drinagh and Fanlobbus, he 
held until his death in August, 1772. In his will (dated 7 
Oct. 1769, and proved 2 Feb. 1773), he mentions his wife, 
Elisabeth Massey, and his son, Richard Eyre Cox, who suc- 
ceeded to the baronetcy, and T^as drowned in 1784. 
17T2. Dec. 21. Riohabd Bassstt, a.b., Y. Drinagh and Fanlobbus, 
per mort. Cox* [D.R.1 He does not appear elsewhere in 
Cork Records. He died in April, 1794. tp.R.] 

1794. August 19. Rev. Thomas Waller Evans, of Dunman- 
way, was appointed Sequestrator on the death of Bassett [D.R.] 
1794. Oct. 9. Bbodbbiok Tuokbt, a.b., Y. Drinagh and Fanlobbus, 
per mort. Bassett. [D.R.] 

Broderick Tuckey, a.b., was ordained Deacon on 3 Oct. 1773, 
and Priest on 22 January, 1775 ; both at Cork. 

In 1775 he was licensed to the curacy of Killaspugmullane, 
and in 1777 was Reader at St. Finbarry's. He was Thresholds 
Lecturer from 1786 to 1795. In 1788 he was P. Killanull^, 
which he resigned on becoming Y. Drioagh and Fanlobbus m 




He died in April, 1818. He mentions in his will jfdated 
22 October, 1806), his sons, Thomas and William and Henry, 
besides his daughters, Martha, Jane, and Mary. His wife, 
Martha, was executrix. He was buried at Christ Church, 
Cork, on 30 April, 1818. 

1818. May 13. Chaeletoh B&ownb, a.b., V. Drinagh, certified to 
be under £200, in annual value. [B.R.! 

In 1826 he became Y. Eilmaccabee ana Eilfanghnabeg, Ross, 
q. V. 

1826. July 13. Edmund Stbvbllt, a.b., V. Drinagh. [P.F.] 

1830. Protestant population, 321. 

1837. Drinagh, a vicarage, with cure, 7 miles long by 3^ 
broad, containing 12,910a. 2b. Qross population, 4,231. No 
Curate employed. Tithe composition, £220; 7a. 2&. of de- 
mised glebe, valued at 20<. per acre, £7 10«. ; subject to 
visitation fees, 9s, 6d, ; diocesan schoolmaster, 8«. No glebe- 
house. Incumbent is resident, and pays the sum of £20 per 
annum as rent for a small cottage, exclusive of some land at- 
tached to it One church, capable of accommodating 120 per- 
sons, built in 1819, by means of a gift of £830 15«. -i^d. Brit, 
granted by the late Board of First Fruits. No charge on the 
parish in 1832 on account of the church. Divine service is 
celebrated once on all Sundays, and on Christmas Day and 
Good Friday. The sacrament is administered monthly, and on 
the three great festivals. The rectorial, consisting of a moiety 
of the tithes, compounded for £220, are impropriate, and belong 
to the Vicars Choral of the Cathedral Church of St. Finbarr's, 
Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

Steveily was ordained Deacon on 27 July, 1817, and Priest 
on 1 Feb. 1818; both at Cork. In 1817 he was Curate of 
Templemichael de Duagh, and in 1819 was Curate of St Nicho- 
las. He held Drinagh from 1826, until his death, on 4 June, 
1841. He was buried at St Peter*s, Cork, on 8 June, 1841, 
aged sixty-ei^ht He married Isabella, dan. of Newbold Rus- 
sell, esq. and nad by her, two sons, Qeorge and Newbold. 

1841. July 14. John Tbi^hook, a.b., Y. Drinagh. [F*F.] In 
1847 he became R. Scull, q. v. 

1847. May 3. Robbbt Williak Molbswobth, a.m., Y. Drinagh. 
[F.F.J In 1855 he became Y. Fanlobbus, q. r. 

1855. July 23. Wtlliak Mubfht, a.b., Y. Drinagh, certified to be 
of the annual value of £154 7$. 6(f . [D.R.] 
In 1861 he became Y. Castroventia, Ross, q. v. 
1860. The church in good order. No glebe-house ; seven 
acres of glebe, set Divine service twice on all Sundays, iic. 
In winter the evening service is held in the school-house ; 75 
children are on the rolls of two Church Education Schools. 
The Protestant population is 290. 



1861. Angiut 16, William Meybbs Woolbbt, Y. DriBa^h. 
• W. M. Woolsey was a Scholar T.O.D. in 1851, and graduated 
A.B. as Third Senior Moderator and Gold Medallist in ClassiGS, 
in 1852 ; and took the degree of a.m. in 1856. 

He was ordained Deacon on 11 March, and Priest on 21 
Dec. 1855 ; both at Cork. In 1855 he was Curate of St Maiy, 
Shandon, and in 1858 was Curate of St. Anne, Shandon. 
He married Miss Frances A. Berton, and has issue. 


1591. DromdaJeague is vacant [Ma T.C.D. E. 3. U.] 
1615. BoBBBT Wilson, a.k., Is Rector, and Thadeus McDonnell 
is Curate. '* Drnmdalege : Rector non residens ; Curatus resi- 
dens. Rector, Robertus Wilson, A.if., Studens in Collegio 
Dnb. Valor 5 li. per an. Tenet etiam P. Desertmore. Curatus 
Thadeus McDonnell, minister legens. Eccleeia et cancella ruiu- 
osa. Admouit ad repandum. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1619. Sept 11. Edwaed Goodwin, P. Dromdaleague. [P.F.] 
Adm. 23rd Oct and installed 4th Nov. 1619. [MS. Consist 

Dub.] He appears again in 1630. 

1620. April 24. Thomas Wat is presented to this Prebend. [Lib. 

Way was also V. Scull, q. r. 
1630. Dec. 9. Edward Gk>0DWiN is presented bj Crown to P. Ses- 
kinan, and V. Mothel, Lismore, cum clausula unionis ad P. 
Dromdaleague, Cork, pro hao vice, dtc. [Lib. Mun J^ 

1634. P. de Drumdaleige, Edward Godwine. Val. 30 li. 
per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. "Edward Gbdwin ezcusatus. Curatus Hugo Snary 
non admissus.*' [V.B.] 

£. (Godwin was ordained Priest by "Bernard Limeric. et 
fenebor," on 10th March, 1610. 

In 1615 he appears as V. Aghadowne, Boss. He appears 
for this Prebend in 1619. 
1662. July 28. Hbnbt Rugo, P. Dromdaleague. [F.F.] 

He was also Dean of Cloyne, q. v. 
1666 to 1671. John Rogq appears as P. Dromdaleague. He has a 
dispensation in 1666 '' studendi gratia." [V.BJ 
He was also P. Eilmacdonagh, Clojme, a. y. 
1669. July 15. John Godverbt is admitted *' Y. de Drnmalag, per 
resignaconem Henrici Rugg.** [V.B. 1669.] 
Gfodfrey was P. Currograngemore* Ross, q. r. 
1672. Aug. 26. Nicholas WiNTBBBORNB, P. Dromdaleague. [F.F.] 
He was also Treasurer of Boss, q. v. 


1677/8. April 20. Samuel Synob, a.m. and ll.i>., P. Dromdaleagae. 
[F.F.] He is also R. luchigeelah and Kilmichael. 

Samael Synge, born at Innishannon (son of Edward, Bishop 
of Cork, by Barbara, dan. and co-heir of William Leatham, of 
Newplace, conntj Donegal, esq.), became a Fellow Commoner 
of T.C.D. when fifteen years old, on 26th January, 1671/2. 

From 1674 to 1676 he was P. Lisclery, and r. Inniscarra, 
Cloyne. From 1677 to 1679 P. Dromdaleague, &c. He held, 
from 1678 to 1708, the Precentorship of St. Patrick, Dublin; 
and from 1679 to 1708 the Deanery of Kildare; and from 
1696 to 1708 the P. Geashil, Kildare. 

He married Margaret, dau. of Michael Boyle, Archbishop of 
Armagh, and left issue a son, Michael, Lieut-Col. in the Army; 
and a daughter, Mary, who married the Rev. Horatio Towns- 
end. [U.O.] 

He published " A Sermon on Proverbs, xxir. 21, preached on 
30th January," 4 to. Dublin: 1707. 

He died on 30th November, and was buried in St. Patrick's 
on 2nd Dec. 1708. 
1679. June 10. Cornelius Hionett, a.m., P. Dromdaleague and 
V. Inchigeelagh and Kilmichael. [F.F.] He became, in 
1706, Chancellor of Ross, q. v. 

" 1681. Ten shillings per ploughland to be raised out of the 
parish of Drummaleigue for the rebuilding the church of the 
said parish.** [County Cork (Irand Jury Presentments.] 

*' 1699. Drummalegue lyes about six miles to the south- 
west of Dunman way. It belongs to Mr. Hignett. Very coarse 
country. Mr. Patrickson preaches there once a month, and 
Mr. Hungerford once a month. 

'* All the country, from Dunman way to Ban try, is very coarse 
mountain, especially on the right hand. 

" Caharagh lyes to the south of Drummalegue, and belongs 
to Mr. Patrickson. No church or divine service but at Drum- 
malegue. We pass through part of Caharagh as we go from 

''Mr. Trix preaches at Skibbareen twice in a month, and at 
Baltimore and Shirkin. 

'' 1699. Robert Howard, Verger of Ross, says that Caharagh 
parish is worth about £66 or £70 per annum. It is an intire 
rectory. That Drummaleague parish is worth £60 per annum. 
It is an intire prebend." 

''Wednesday, May 29th, 1700. I went from Ballimony to 
Drommaleague. Mr. Patrickson preacht ; there were no per- 
sons to be confirmed. Drommaleague Church, six miles distant 
from Dunman way to the S.W. is in repair ; only some of the 
slates are off. Divine service once a month by Mr. Hungerford 
for Mr. Hignett, and once a month by Mr. ratrickson for the 
parish of (&haragh. Abont 22 or 23 plowlands in this parish. 


All this parish, with that part of the rectory in Fanlobish 
which belongs to the Prebend of Drommaleague, is worth to 
the Preben<kr7 abpat £50 per annum. Colonel Sandford, 
Colonel Freake, Mr. Butler, Mr. Jo* Jarvys, are proprietors of 
land in this parish. A Bible and one Common Prayer-book. No 
registry. Mr. Hungerford promised to speak to Mr. Hignett 
to get one. Felix McCarthy is Priest of this parish. He was 
here before the late troubles. Mr. Anthony Butler, and Cap- 
tain Carthy, a Protestant, live in this parish. It would be 
very convenient that a minister should reside somewhere in 
Drommaleage parish, to serve that cure and the cure of Caha- 
ragh : divine service to be only at Drommaleage. No glebe in 
this parish ; no houses near the church. In West Carbery the 
clergy pay the tenth part of the land tax ; in East Carbery they 
pay the sixteenth ; and in Barriroe, the fifteenth ; and the fif* 
teenth in Ibaun." 

''A Protestant schoolmaster complains that Papists teach 
publick school in this parish. The holy sacrament adminis- 
tered four times in the year. No vessel for the communion. 
Caharagh Church, about two miles distant from Drommaleage 
Church to the S.W. lies close to the Island river, on the west 
side of the river ; 35^ plowlands in this parish, of which 29 
lie on the west side of the river, and 6-^ lie on the east of the 
said river. There are but 12 Protestant families in this parish. 
'Tis thought that there are 40 Papists for 1 Protestant in this 
parish. No glebe. Will. Guricheen, a very old man, is Priest 
of this parish. This paxish lies convenient to be joined with 
either Skibbareen, or, perhaps, rather with Drommaleage. 
Colonel Beecher, Colonel Sandford, Edward Galway, who for- 
feited in the last rebellion, and the Bishop of Ossory, have the 
lands of this parish, and Sr. Emmanuel Moore and Colonel 
Owen, als Beecher. The church is ruinous ; the north side is 
down. Caharagh parish is worth to the Incumbent about £70 
or £80 per annum. Mr. Atkins, Mr. George Wood, and Will 
White, live in this parish. I gave to Mr. Patrickson about 12 
Common Prayer and 30 small Prayer-books to be disposed of in 
Caharagh parish, &c., and Drommaleague, ^." [Do wnes* Tour.] 
1727. January 17. Miohabl PhiIiPOtt, a.]|., P. Dromdaleague, per 
mort. Hignett ; and same day to Caharagh, per cess, of him- 
self. [D.R.] 

He appears 1727 to 1746, May 7. TD.R. V.B.] 

Michael Philpott (grandson of Nicholas, who married Anne, 
sister of Sir Richard Aldworth), was son of Gregory Philpott, 
by Bridget, dau. of John Evatt, Dean of Elphin. 

He was bom in county Cork, and when sixteen years old be- 
came a Sizar, T.C.D. on 10th May, 1695 ; and a Scholar in 1699. 

From 1715 to 1718 be appears as Vicar of Kilmoe and 
Soull; and from 1720 to 1746 was B. Caheragh. He held 


also, from 1727, the P« Dromdaleague ; and from 1736 the P« 
Doaoghmore, Koss, until his death in 1746. 

He married, firstly, Marj Murray* of Scull, widow [Cork 
M. B. of 14th Nor. 1700]; and Becondly, Katherine Beamish, 
of Deeertaerges. [Cork M. B. of 14th May, 1726.] He had a 
doa, Michael, am., T.CJ). Curate of Dromdaleague in 1752, 
who died without issue, and whose relict, Mary Philpott, be- 
queathed her property to the children of Mr. Andrew Symes, 
who died in 1775. 
1746. July 19. St. John Bbownb, P. Dromdaleague and R. Oahe- 
ragh ; and same day P. Donoghmore, in Ross, all vacant by 
death of Michael Philpott. [D.R] He became, in October, 
P. Kilbrogan, q. r. 
1746. Oct. 9. Samuel Wooobofve, a.k., P. Dromdaleague, and B. 
Caheragb, and P. Donoghmore, Ross. [F.F.] 

In 1762 he became Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1762. RioHABD Fabmbb, A.1C., P. Dromdaleague and R. Oaharagh. 

Richard (son of Robert Farmer, esq. by Grace Hovell), was 
born in Cork, and when sixteen years old entered T.C.D. on 
3i'd March, 1735. He was afterwards a.m. 

He was ordained Priest at Cork on Ist Feb. 1746, and in 
1747 was licensed to Kilnaglory curacy. From 1756 to 1762 
he was V. Kinsale. 

He seems to have been married thrice — ^first, to Frances 
Henderson, spinster, of St. Mary's, Cork [M. B. 12ih Dec 
1748] ; secondly, to Elisabeth, dau. of Robert Freeman, esq. of 
Ballinguile [Cloyne M. B. 1757] ; and thirdly, to Elisabeth 
Stirling [M.S. 15th July, 1771]. In his will (dated 3rd Oct 
1777, and proved 1st March, 1781), he mentions his wife, Elisa- 
beth Farmer, otherwise Stirling, and three children by a for- 
mer wife, named Robert, Mildred, and Mary Anne. He also 
mentions his brother, Captain Edward Farmer, and a kinsman, 
Jasper Farmer, lately married to his niece, Grace Farmer. 
1781. April 25. Jobsph Wbld, a.m., P. Dromdaleague and R. Cahe- 

ragh. [F.F.I He was Archdeacon of Roes, q. v. 
1781. Nov. 30. MioHAXL Tibdall, a.m., P. Dromdaleague, R. 

Gaheragh, and Archdeacon of Ross* q. v. 
1788. Dec. 2. Riohabd Wbbb, a.b., P. Dromdaleague, and R. 
Gaheragh. [F.F.] 

1807. Webb resides in Einsale, within a mile of Bingrone, 
which he holds by fiioulty. [Rep.] 

He resigned on 10th May, 1818, retaining Bingrone, q. t. 
1818. May 15. Thomab Tuokbt, a.b., P. Dromdaleague; eertified 
under £300 per annum in value. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 567. 

1837. Dromdaleague, a rectory, with oure, Similes long by 
4^ broad, oonftaining 17,570 acres. Qross populaiioD, 4,870. 


One Curate employed, at a stipeDd of £75 per annum. Tithe 
composition, £A50. Subject to visitation fees, lis. Diocesan 
schoolmaster, 19«. No glebe-bouse. Incumbent is resident^ 
and pays £40 per annum for house-rent. One church, capable 
of accommodating 180 persons, built about 50 years, by paro- 
chial assessment, but at what cost not stated, further than that 
the sum of £169 \2s. 3id, British, was levied for that purpose, 
from 1782 to 1790. No charge on the parish in 1832 on 
account of the church. Divine service is celebrated twice on 
all Sundays, and on the principal festivals. The sacrament is 
administered mouthy, and at Easter, Christmas, and Whitsun- 
tide. The benefice is a rectory. The Incumbent has, as Pre- 
bendary, a revenue (exclusive of the benefice) of £86 7«. ScL 
composition for rectorial tithes of Fanlobbus ; and also £2 15«.5(f* 
being the rent of a house in city of Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

Thomas Tuckey (son of Rev. Charles Tuckey, Treasurer of 
Lismore), was a Schokr of T.C.D. in 1798. 

He was ordained Deacon on 1st January, 1802, at Cork, 
and Priest at Cloyne on 6th July, 1806. 

He was a Vicar Choral of Lismore from 1812 to 1828, and was 
P. Dromdaleague from 1818 to his death, on 5th July, 1852. 

He left issue, inter alios, Rev. Broderick, V. Eilbonane, q. v. ; 
Abraham John, x.d. ; and John, youngest son, who married, in 
1862, Mary-Elisabeth, youngest daughter of Rev. William R. 
Townsend, R. Aghada. 
1852. August 17. William Moobe Cbosthwaitb, a.m., P. Drumda- 
league. Net value, £362 1 Is. 9d. per annum. [D.R.] 

W. M. Croethwaite (brother of Rev. John Clerke Crosthwaite, 
Rector of St Mary at Hill, and St Andrew's, Hubbard, Lon- 
don, and author of numerous valuable publications, for which 
vide Cotton), was a younger son of Charles Crosthwaite, of 
Dublin, by Elisabeth, dau. of Benjamin Clarke, esq. also of 

He was ordained Deacon on 18th Dec. 1831, and Priest on 
29th July, 1832, both at Cork. In 1834 he was licensed to 
the curacy of Innishannon, and from 1838 to 1842 was V. 
Kilcoe and Cleere. From 1842 to 1852 he was V. Durrus, 
Kilcroghan, and from 1852 to hi84ieath, on 30th December,' 
J 854, was P. Dromdaleague* 
1855. Feb. 13. Mouvtifobd Lohofibli) Connob, a.b., P. Dromda- 
league. Net value, £363 Us, 6d. [D.RJ 

1856. January 23. Mary Collins and Jane Deasy, widows, 
and George Robinson (their tenant^ at lives renewable for ever), 
grant half an acre, statute measure, of the huids of Butlersgift, 
as a site for the new church of Dromdaleague. 

1858,. Sept 10. A new church, built by the Ecclesiastical 
Commissioners, is consecrated under the name of St Matthew.* 

1,860. The church new. No glebe or glebe-house. Divine 


service twice on all SuDdays, and once on festivals, dtc. Sacra* 
ment monthly ; average of commnnicaots, 26 ; and at festivals, 
average 62. 72 children are on the rolls of a Church Education 
school The Protestant population is 414. The rentcharge is 
£337 10«. for Dromdaleague parish, and £64 Os, 9d, for the 
rectorial tithes of Fanlobhus in right of the Prebend. There 
is also a house in Cork, belonging to the P. Dromdaleagne, set 
for £2 15b. 5cL Total value of the benefice, £404 5$. 5d^ 
without residence. 

Rev. Mountiford Longfield Oonnor was, in 1848, Curate of 

He married a daughter of Rev. Godfrey Smith, of Kinneigh, 
and has issue* 


1291. Ecclesia de Dundirrow is rated at four marks. [Tax. P. Nic] 

1591. Edmond Cobballt is Rector eccleeiss de Dundorvie. [MS. 
T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Hugh Pbrcevall is Rector. ^'R. de Dnndirrowe (non« 
residens) Hugo Percevall : ipse inservit cune. Yal. 5 li. per 
annum. Ecclesia et cancella repantur, cum libris et omnibus 
necessariis.'' [R.y. R.I A.] He was also Dean of Ross, q. t. 

1630. Oct. 9. Marcus Paobtt, Rector deDunderrowals Dundervie. 
[F.F.] per mortem PercivalL [R.V. 1634.] Pagett was 
Dean of Ross, q. v. E. de Dunderrow. Marcus Pagett, Rector. 
Alderman Richard Roche, of Cork, patronus. Vtd. 40 li. per 
an. [R.V. 1634.] '' Ecclia bene, desunt baptisterium et 
calix.''' [V.B. 1639.] 

1662. Feb. 6. Huoo DtrNSTBRViLLS, R. Dundurrow. [F.F.] 
Dunsterville, in 1663, was Archdeacon of Oloyne, q. v. 

1666. May 5. William Portm an, d.d., R. Dundurrow, per mortem 
Hugonis Dunsterville, and per presentationem Richardi Roch, 
Patroni. [V.B. D.R. 1669.] 
He appears 1666 to 1675. [V.B. D.fU 
Portman, from 1661 to 1670, was P. Eillaraght, Achonry. 
He was also, from 1661 to 1665 Archdeacon of Elphin. Me 
became R. V. Ringrone in 1665, and R. Dunderrow in 1666, 
and held both these livings until his death in 1675. He 
mentions his wife, Grace Portman, as universal legatee, in his 
will, and wishes to be buried in the church of Ringrone. His 
will was dated 12th of November, 1675, and was prored in 
Cork the 4th of January following. 

1676. April 3. Thomas Mb ADB, R. Dundurrow. [F.F.] His letters 
patent to Dundurrogh, dioc. Cork, bear date 1675, Deo. 14. 
[Lib. Mnn.1 He appears 1677 to 1709, Nov. 3. [V.B. D.R.] 
In 1693 ne became also P. Inskenny, q. t. 


1709. June 9. William Mxadb is presented to E. Dondarrow and 
BiUlymartle. [Lib. Man.] He appears at visitation of May 
6, 1752. [V.B.] 

In 1736 William Meade became also Dean of Cork, q. t. 
1752. May 20. Bobbet Mbadb, a.m., B. Danderrow, (vacant by 
resignation of William Meade, Dean of Cork) on letters patent 
of 14th May, 1752. [D.B.] 

In 1754 (Feb. 12) a writ of removal is issned from King's 
Bench against Bobert Meade (Francis Kearny, of Garretstown, 
having established his right to the presentation) ; whereupon 
Bobert Meade resigns, bat is re-appointed on the presentation 
of Kearny, on April 20, 1754. FD.K] 

Bobert Meade was also P. St. MichaePs, q. v. 
1779. June 7. John Kennt, a.m., B. Dandarrow. [F.F.] By 
death of Bobert Meade. [D.B.] 

He was also, from 1796, P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 
1815. Feb. 2. Morgan O'Donovan, a.m., B. Dandarrow. [F.F.] 
By death of John Kenny, ll.i>. [^D.B.] On letters patent of 
14th January, the appointment being in his Majesty's disposal, 
bv the incapacity of Thomas Bochfort, now a Papist. [Lib. 

18id. The Bishop approves of a memorial to baild a glebe- 
hoose ; and on 4th Feb., 1821, certifies that Donovan had ex- 
pended £845 6«. 10(f. in the erection of house, kc, the value 
of benefice being £400 per an. [D.B.] 

1830. Protestant population, 112. 

1837. Dunderrow : a rectory, with cure ; five miles long by 
two broad, containing 6,371a. ; gross population, 2,498; one 
Curate employed, at an annual stipend of X69 is. 7^. Brit. ; 
tithe composition. £474 0«. 8^e^. ; sixteen acres of glebe, valued 
at 258. per acre, £20, subject to visitation fees, 9«. Diocesan 
Schoolmaster, 7«. Dunderrow glebe-house built in 1821, under 
the new Acts, at the cost of £738 9$. 2fd. Brit., granted by 
the late Board of First Fruits, viz., £230 15<. 4^<2., in way of 
gift, and £507 13«. I0\d. in that of loan, of which loan there 
remained £306 5s. 2d. chargeable on the benefice in 1832» 
repayable by annual instalments of £19 2s. 2d. Incumbent 
is resident in the glebe-house. Exclusive of the moneys afore- 
said, Incnmbent reports that he has expended £369 4s. 7^d. 
Brit, on the hoose, without having any charge on suocessor for 
the repayment of any portion thereof. One chnreh, capable of 
acooDunodating 150 persons ; built in 1812, at an expense of 
£461 IQs. did: Brit., f^ranted in way of loan by the Lute Board 
of First Fruits, of which loan there remained £79 Qs. Zid. 
chargeable on the parish in 1832, Fei»yable by annual m- 
atidments of £6 5s. 6^d. Diviae service is celebrated once 
on all Sundays and on the great festivals. Tke Sacrament is 
administered moptblyi and on the three {Miacifal feativals* A 


portion of the tithes of the parish, compounded for £50 1 9^. S^d^ 
is appropriate, and belongs to the Dean and Chapter of the 
Cathedral Chnrch of St. Finbarr's, Cork. [Pari. Kep.] 

Morgan Donovan, or O'Donoyan (Chieftain of the sept of 
0*Donovan, of Clancahill, vide Barke s L. G.) was born in 

He was ordained Deacon at Cork, and Priest at same place, 
on 23rd September, 1792. 

He appears as Curate of Carrigaline in 1795, of St. Peter's 
in 1797; and in 1815 he became B. Dunderrow, which he held 
until his death, on 18th October, 1839. He married, in 1795, 
Alicia, dau. of William Jones, esq., of Cork, and by her had 
issue, Morgan William, now Chieftain, and several other 
children, for whom vide Burke's L. G. 
1839. Dec. 11. John Beayob Webb, a.b., R. Dunderrow. [F.F.] 
John Cuthbert Kearney, esq., Patron. The presentation is 
date<l 10th December, 1839. [D.R.] 

On 1st Sept., 1841, Webb memorials for liberty to improve ; 
and on Ist August, 1843, obtains the Bishop's certificate for 
an outlay of £600. [D.R.] 

John Beavor Webb (son of Rev. Richard Webb, R. Rlng- 
rone) was born in 1803. 

He was ordained Deacon on 23rd December, 1827, an4 
Priest on 19th December, 1830, both at Cloyne. 

In 1829 he was licensed to the curacy of Ringrone. In 
1838 he became R. Templetrine, which he resigned in 1839, 
when he became R. Dunderrow, which he held until his death, 
on 5th October, 1852. 

He married, on 5th September, 1843, Maria, dau. of Robert 
Maxwell, esq., of Charleville. [Burke's L. G., Webb of Ca- 
1853. Feb. 17. Riohabb Fbangis Webb, a.b., R. Dunderrow, on 
presentation (dated 3rd Feb., 1853) of the Trustees of the late 
John Cuthbert Kearney, esq. ; certified net value, £334 2s, 6d. 
[D.R.] Gross value, £375. 

1860. The church in good repair ; the glebe-hoose is in good 
repair ; twenty-four acres of glebe are in Incumbent's use ; 
divine service is celebrated once each Sunday and festival at 
church, and in a school -house on Sunday evenings during 
summer ; the communion is administered monthly ; average 
of communicants is eight ; the children are catechised on Sun- 
days by the Minister in New Testament and Chnrch Catechism ; 
a schoi^-house is about to be opened, if funds can be procured; 
number of children is about 20 ; the Protestant popsdation is 
89 ; the rentcharge is £355 10«. 6^; the land is worth £20; 
total value, £375"l0«. 6hi,, with residence. 

Richard Francis Webb (eldest son of Rev. Richard Webb, 
B. BingvoBe) was bom in 1794. 


He was ordained Deacon on 20th April, 1817, and Priest on 
3rd May, 1818, both at Cork. 

In 1817 he was Curate of Ringrone, and in 1818 became 
B. Oaheragh, which he resigned in 1853, on becoming R. 

He married on 17th September, 1818, Mary, youngest 
daughter of Rev. Samnel Beamish, and has issue, for whom 
vide Burke^s L. G., Webb of Oaueragh. 


1591. £. de Drnmdrinay als Downedrenan et K de denarchan als E. 

de marchan spectant ad Ab. de Antro. nuUus curatus. [MS. 

T.C.I). B. 3. 14 ] 
1615. Dundrinan Cur. residens. Rector abbas de Antro. Richiis 

Boyle, miles, firmarius. Curatus William Healt \ vicaria 

vacat et usurpatur per Armarium Rectorise. [R^Y. R.I.A.] 
1634. E. de Dundrinan spectat ad Abb. de Mome. Cormack 

M'Donogh Carty est firmarius. Valet 8 li. per an. [R.Y. 

1639. E. deDundrinanealsKilnamartryMosGAHMuirDYii in Cloine 

dioc. [Cork V.B. 1639.] 

Dundrinan disappears from the Cork Visitation Books after 

this date. 


1591. Rectoria de Durris spectat ad Ab. See Catherine Waterford. 
Vicarins ibm. Cornelius O'SuLLiyAH qui propter acceptacionem 
vicariee de Eilmo et SkoU deprivatus est. [MS. T.C.D. £. 3. 


'* Rectoria de Kilcrohan spectat ad Ab. Scsb Catherme Water- 
ford. Vicaria ibm. vacat et sequestratr.'* [lb.] 
1615. June %% Thabeub M'Donnell O'Sullitan is admitted V. 
Durris, Eilcroghane, Kilcaskin, and Killaconenagh, and R. 
Kilmanowe and Rilkatherine. [F.F.l 

1615. Rectoria de Durrus spectatad St. Eatherine de Water- 
ford. Vicarius est Tadeus McDonnell O'Sullivan. VaL 6 li. 
per an* Ecclesia et cancella repftntur. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1615. Rectoria de Eilcroghane spectat ad Ecclesiam Stsa 

Eatherine de Waterford. Vicarius Tadeus McDonnell O'Sulli- 

▼ane, Minister legens et inserviens Cune. Valor 3 li. per an. 

[R.V. R.I.A.] 0*Sulliyan was also V. Caheragh. 

1625/6. Feb. 13. Thomas B abeam, V. Domis and Eilcroghan, 

COBK.] PUBBU8. 93 

Tacant per depriTation of Tade O'SuUevaDt Inducted 22nd 
Feb. [R.y. 1634.1 On letters patent of June 9, 1625, vacant 
by lapse. [Lib. Man.] On July 10, 1630, Barbam was ap- 
pointed P. Donoughmore, Cloyne, and R. V. Rincurran, Cork, 
with clause of union to Durrus, Eilcroban. [Lib. Man.] 

1634. Bp. de Burros spectat ad Monasterium Stie Katnerinao 
Waterford. Val. 20 li. per. an. Dominus Bare de Esmond est 
firmarius. (*' N.B. This is not in my Lord Esmond's — so if it 
be not it— speak with John Sharpe.**) Vicarius ibm. Thomas 
Barham. VaL 20 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

1634. R. de Kilcroghane spectat ad Monasterium St» Eathe- 
rinsD Waterfordensis, Baro de Esmond est firmarius. Val. 17 
li. per an. Vicarius Thomas Barham, Val. 17 li. per an. 
[R.V. 1634.] 

1639. Thomas Barham appears as R. V. Durrus. ''Ecclesia 
bene, desunt omamenta.** [V.B. 1639.] But he is not Vicar 
of KUcroghane in 1639. 

Thomas Barham, a.m., was ordained Deacon by Richard, 
Bishop of Cork (probably in 1625); and Priest by Malcom, 
Archbishop Oashel, on 21st December, 1626. 

In 1625 he became V. Durrus, Kilcroghane, and Eilmoca- 
moge, which he held until his death, in or before 1663. In 
1630, July 10, he was admitted to be one of the Chaplains of 
Richard, Earl of Cobk, and was also made P. Donoghmore 
aud Kiltegan, Lismore, and also P. Donoghmore, Cloyne, and 
R. V. Rincurran. 
1639. March 29. Bolomoh Clabks, Vicar de Eilcro^hane, taxat. 
50t. [F.F.J He appears also in V.B. 1639, with Barham*s 
name crossed out, and the remark, '* Ecclesia ruinata^ desunt 
omnia." [V.B. 1639.1 
1663. Sept. 22. Thomas Holmbs, V. Durrus, Eilcroghane, and Eil- 
mocamoge, per mortem Thomas Barham. [V.B. D.R. 1669.] 

1704. ''Durrus Church stands about a mile distant from the 
head of Dunmanus bay, N.E. of the bay. The church is un- 
covered, the walls are standing, built with good, large, square 
stones, and clay. The land betwixt the head of Dunmanus 
bay and the church is indifferent good. The chnrch-yard b 
about an acre of land. There seem to be ruins of a house at 
the N. end of the church. 

The little hill on which the church stands is glebe ; 'tis good 
land. St. Faughnan is the Patron Saint of this parish. In the 
parish of Durrus, not far from Bantry, by the sea-side, are the 
ruins of an abbey, which belonged to the Franciscans. I don't 
hear that there were any other religious houses besides this in 
ye barony of Beere and Bantry." 

*' In the parish of Durrus, viz. about 4 mile water, and at 
about Blackrock, near Bantry, live above 30 Protestant £uni- 
lies. Lord Anglesey^ Mr. Bernardj Colonel Freake, and the 

94 DT7RRU8. [COUK. 

Earl of Corke hare [land in this parish 1] Mr. Eranson, Mr. 
Hutchins, .... Hr. Holmes preaohes once a month 
at Mr. Evanses house, in this parish. The Earl of Corke has 
half the tythes of 12 plowlands in this parish, in the harony of 
West Oarhery. The Vicar has half the tjthes of the said 
plowlands, and all the tythes of the rest of the parish, worth 
to the Yioar about £26 per an. In this parish are 28 plow- 
lands. Humphrey SuUevane is Popish Priest of this parish and 
of Eilcroghan ; he has been here about 12 years. In that part 
of Bantry which is in this parish there are 2 English schools 
kept by women. 

" Kilcroghan parish. Major Eyres, of Waterford, Mr. Hull, of 
Lincon, have the lands of this parish of Eilcroghan. All the 
. inhabitants of this parish are Papists. Earl of Corke has half 
the tythes of the 3 plowlands of Eilcroghan. Mr. Gideon 
' Delane has half the tythes of all the rest of the parish ; he has 
the same title that he has to the tythes of Eilmacommoge. Mr. 
Holmes has half of the tythes of the«whole parish ; the Vicar's 
tythes of Kilcroghan, with the glebe and book-mony, are 
worth £16 per an. About 30 plowlands in this parish ; all 
these lands are very coarse, except the Bishop of Oorke's lands 
of Kilcroghan. The ruins of the church are surrounded by the 
lands of Kilcroghan; the walls are standing. 'Tis about 8 
miles in length from the point of Sheepshead to Durrus parish ; 
'tis about 3 or 4 in breadth. About 12 acres of glebe are 
round the church." [Downes' Tour.] 

Holmes, in 1672, became alsoY. Killaconenaghand Kilcaskin, 
in Ross. He disappears from the visitation books in 1714. 
1714 to 1734. RiCHABB Dayibs appears as Y. Kilcroghane, Burrus, 
and Kilmacomoge, and Y. Kilcaskin, in Ross. [Y.B.] 

1729. Deo. 7. John Qalway (son of Henry Gfallwey, of the 
the town of Bantry) renounces Popery in the parish church of 
Kilmocamoge, before Richard Davies, Yioar. [D.R.] 

Richard Davies (eldest son of Dean Rowland Davies) was 
bom at Blarney Glastle, 24th Nov., 1682, and when fifteen 
years' old, entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 24th Aprils 1696/7. 
He was afterwards 

He was P. Ballvhay, Cloyne, from 1709 to 1719 ; and from 
1715 to 1736 held the vicarages of Kilcaskin, in Roas, and of 
Durrus^ Kilcroghane, in Cork diocese. 

He married Mary (dan. of Colonel Digby Foulke, by Angel, 
dau. of Sir Boyle Maynard, Baronet, of Cnrryglas, oo. Water- 
ford), and by her had issue, Rowland (son and heir) of Daws- 
town, and two daughters. Lettice, wife of Henry White, esq., 
and Martha, wife of Richard White, esq., the grandfather of 
the first Earl of Baktbt. 

Rev. Richard Davies died on 29th April, 1736. 
1736. June 28. Qbobob Lloid, 6.T.B., Y. KiloroghanOi Y. Dnrros, 


and v. Eilmaoomoge, and same day to V. Eilcadkane, in Boss. 

This was, probably, Gkorge, son of William Lloyd (Bishop of 
EiUala) who was born at Killala, and entered T.O.D. as Pen- 
sioner, on 9th July, 1716, aged fifteen. 

He was P. Errew, Killala, from 1731 to 1735, and from 
1736 to 1737, held Dnrrus, &c He died in 1737. 
1737. April 7. John Kbknet, a.m., Y. Kilcrohane, Durrus, and 
Eilmocamoge, per mort. George Lloyd. [D.B.] 

In 1745 he took a second collation on 4th Oct P^*B.] 

In 1751 he became P. Eilbrittain, q. Y. 
1751. April 1. Thomas Millbkd, a.m., Y. Eiloroghan, Durrus, and 
Eilmocamoge, vacant by resignation of John Eenney. [D.B.] 

1753. The flagon, now in use (1861) in Bantry church, bears 
this legend, "Deo sacrum. The gift of Bicbard White, esq., 
to the parish church in Bantry, An. 1753.** The obalice and 
paten hav^e each the following inscription, " Deo sacrum. The 
gift of the Ber. Thos. Millerd, Yicar of Eilmocamoge, Durrus, 
and Eilcrohane, to the parish church in Bantry, An. 1754.** 

Thomas Millerd (son of Hugh Millerd, Mayor of Cork) was, 
from 1750 to 1751, Yio. Gbor. of Cork, and from 1751 to his 
death, in July 1756, Y. Eilcroghan, <bc., (fee, He was buried 
at St. Mary^ Shandon, on 21 si July. He left a son, James, 
bom in 1754, who married Bose Tonson, widow of Lord 


1756. July 22. John Babrt, a.m., Y. Eilcroghan, Dnrrus, and Eil- 
mocamoge, vacant by death of Millerd. [D.B.] In 1768 
Barry became P. Desertmore, q. v. 

1769. March 14. John Ebnnet, a.m., Y. Eilcroghan, Durrus, and 
Eilmaoomoge, vacant by resignation of John Barry. [D.B.] 
John Eenney was afterwards P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 
1792. 27th November. Order of Lord Lieuteuant in Conncll, 
on petition of Bev. John Eenney, Yicar of Durrus, Eilcrohan, 
and Eilmacomogei stating, that in these three vicarages, con- 
tiguous and episcopally united, and in length about 24 miles, 
there is but one church, at Bantry ; in consequence of which 
the inhabitants of Eilcrohan, and of these denominations of 
plowlands, (viz., Ardoguina, Ballina, Bnihalish, Ballycomane, 
Ourrahavadera, Ooolnahama, Clasadoe) Capanabona, Mr. Hyde's 
donee, (3oomkee, Oroties, Oourcolagth, Dromreagh, Drom- 
demum, Dromatinnehan, Dromreag, Esknabreeny, tipper and 
Lower Qorteen, Gerameen, Eeiloveemoge, Eealtas, Lisaremig, 
Mnrrick, Booscagh, Bossmore, Buskinanised, Tedock, and 
Ucterglina) can't, without great inconvenience, resort to it, 
being from 3 to 8 miles away, but will be within 3 miles at 
fikrthest from the new church intended to be built at Oarrig- 
bage» in Darrns parish ; therefore the above townlands will be 
separated from Eilcrohane, and united to Durros; and per 

96 PU&BUS. [COBK. 

contra^ the following townlands of Durrna will be united to 
Kilmacomoge, viz., Letterlicky, Agagoheen, Arda, Ardevole- 
bane^ Beach, Blackrock, Barguram, Capanalogher donee, 
Dromclogh, Donbittern, Derrigrinagh, Dromaoousane, Drom- 
leigh, Gnrticlona, Glanloagh, Knockikillenj MauhbYard, Paar- 
cana, and the Scarte. As the yicarageB are now worth — Kil- 
znocamore, £200; Darros, £220, and Kilcroghan, £80, £500 
in all — 80, when the separation aforesaid takes place, Kilcro- 
bane will be worth £250, and Kilmocamoge also £250, saving 
to present Vicar his rights, dsc, for his incambency. 
1793. April 16. Edwabd Hbbbbbt Kenhby, a.b., V. Darrus and 
Rilcrohan, per cession, on 15th April, of John Eennej. [D.R.] 
E. H. Kenney was son of his predecessor. In 1799 he became 
R. Kilmeen, Boss, q. t. 
1799. Joly 19. Hbnby Jonbs^ a.b., V. Dnrros and Eilcruhan, per 
cess, of E. H. Kenney, [D.R.] 

In 1805 he became \. Lislee and R. V. Eilsillagh, q. v. 
1805. Oct 7. Mason Aloock, a.m., Y. Dnrrus and Kilcrohan, per 
cession of Henry Jones, [D.R.] 

1807. Alcock is non-resident, being infirm. [Bep.] 

Mason Alcock, from 1778 to 1805, was V. Lislee and R. Y. 
SilsilUgb, and from 1805 to his death in 1829, was Y. Dnrms. 

It appears by his will (dated 6th May, 1816, and proved 
Ist Dec. 1829) in which he is stiled Rey. Mason Alcock, of 
Bandon, that he left issue by his wife, Jadithi three sons, 
Alexander-Man Alcock, m. Martha Jane Morris; Edward Jones, 
Rector of Kilmeen, Ross, q. v. ; and Henry; besides a daughter, 
1829. Oct 10. Edwabd Jovbs Aloook, a.b., Y. Darrns and Kilcro- 
han ; certified yearly valae under £600. [D.R] In 1842 
Alcock became R. Kilmeen, Ross, q. v. 

1830. Protestant population of Durrus-Kilcroghan, 819. 

1832. Dec. 10. The Bishop certifies that Alcock expended, 
since 1st April, 1830, £980 in building a glebe-house, and that 
£490 is the annual value of the benefice. [D.R.] 

1837. Durrus-Kilcrohane, a vicarage, with cure, 19 miles 
long by 5 broad, containing 23,083a. Gross population, 8,340. 
No Curate employed. Tithe composition, £490 ; 51a. of glebe, 
valued at 20^. per acre, £51 ; subject to visitation fees, £1 ; 
diocesan schoolmaster, 12<. 6d. Durrus*Kilcrohane glebe- 
house built in 1831, under the old Acts, at the certified cost of 
£980 Br., supplied out of the private funds of Incumbent, who 
will be entitled to receive the entire of that sum from bis suc- 
cessor. Incumbent is constantly resident in the glebe-house. 
Exclusive of the moneys aforesaid, Incumbent reports that he 
has expended a large sum on important improvements, but to 
what amount not stated, without having any charge on his 
successor, for the repayment of any portion . thereof. One 


chnrch, capable of aocommodating 400 persons, built about 
1792, at the cost of £461 10^. 9{d. Br., granted by the late 
Board of First Fruits ; the greater part whereof falling a few 
years after, in consequence of its being badly built, the body 
of the church was rebuilt by the Rev. Henry Jones, Incum- 
bent, at his own expense ; the former chancel and tower still 
standing. In 1 832 the church was enlarged, by means of a 
loan of £188 Br., granted by the Board aforesaid ; the whole 
of which loan remained chargeable on the parish in 1832, re- 
payable by annual instalments of £7 10«. 6cL Divine service 
is celebrated twice on all Sundays, and once on the principal 
festivals, and on several other stated times ; during each month, 
meetings and lectures are held by Incumbent in different and 
distant parts of the parish, in the dwelling-houses of the Pro- 
testants, and in the school-houses. The sacrament is admin- 
istered monthly, and on the three great festivals. The rectorial 
tithes of this parish, compounded for £230, are impropriate, 
and belong, to the amount of £60, to Robert 'Warren Gumble- 
ton, of Cork, esq. and demised by lease renewable for ever to 
Nathaniel Evanson, of Friendly Gove, esq. ; the residue of the 
impropriate tithes, amounting to £170, belong to the Earl of 
Donoughmore, and his lessee, Alexander O'Drisooll, of Ship- 
perton, near Skibbereen, esq. [Pari. Rep.] 
1842. June 18. William Moosb CbosthwaitVe, a.m., Y. Bnrrus and 
Kilcrohan. [D.R.] 

In 18d2 he became P. Dromdaleague, q. r. 
1852. August 18. J AMISS Fbbkb, a.b., ¥» Durrns and Kilcrohan. 
Net annual value, £308 IBs. 2d, [D.R.] 

He obtained a certificate of dilapidation against his prede- 
cessor for £56 is. 5d., on 3 Sept. 1853. [D.B.] 

1860. James Freke, Incumbent ; John Harding Cole, Curate. 
The church, &c., and glebe-house in good order ; 50a. of glebe 
in Vicar's occupation, and a small glebe in Killei^hane, set to a 
tenant. Divine service twice on all Sundays in the church, 
and once at two licensed places of worship at Glen lough and 
Roosha, at the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Sundays. Sa- 
crament monthly and at festivals ; average of communicants, 
58. 132 children are on the rolls of three Church Education 
schools. The Protestant population is 536. The rentcharge 
is £367 10«., and the land is worth £50. Total value, £417 10«., 
with residence. 

James Freke was ordained Deacon on 13 Oct 1833, and 
Priest on 5 July, 1834, both at Cork. 

In 1840 he was licensed to the curacy of Ardfield. From 
1841 to 1842 he was Vicar of Ardfield ; and from 1842 to 1852 
he was V. Eilcoe and Cleere. 

He married Theodosia Elisabeth, dau. of Sir Richard St. 
George^ baronet, and has issue. 



1591. DERXXOiVft DAHfldiii is YioKr ef FanloUms* ''fiecioria de 
Fanlobbifl spectat ad yicar Chorales. Vic. ibm. Denoioina 
Daoielis, exhibiti mint titiili." [MS. T.G.D. E. 3. U.] 
1610. Feb. 12. Robbbt Showbwell is institated to V. Fanlobbas 
and B. Balljmonej. Inducted 1501 Feb. [ILV. 1634.] 

In 1615 Snowswell is described as Minister and Preacher. 
Faniobbus is valued at 6 li. per an. The church and chancel in 
good repair, with books. [ELY. R.I.A.] 

In 1634 R. de Fanlobbis spectat ad Vic Choral, Cork. Vica- 
riQS R. SnowswelL Yal. 16 li. per an. [R.Y. 1634.] 

In 1639 &iowswell appears as Yioar, with John Godfrey as 
Cuzate* ^'Ecclia bene, desont qneedam omamenta.'' [v.B. 

For SnowsweU, vide Balljmoney. 
16-^9 Nicholas Wibtbrbubnb Y. Fanlobbas, Kinneigh, and B. 

For Winterbume, vide Treasurers of Boss. 
1 664. January 2. Bobsbt Golbornb, Adm. Y. Fanlobbas and Kin- 
neigh, and Rector de Ballymonej, per deprivationen Nicholai 
Winterbume. [Y.B. 1669.] 
R. de ffanlobish specUt ad Yic. Chor. Cork. [Y.B. 1669.] 
Vide Ballymonej for Golbome. 
1674. May 2. Isaac Mansfisld, Y. Fanlobbas, Kinneigh, and Rec- 
tor de Ballymoney. [F.F.] lie was also P. Indcenny, q. v. 
He appears from 1674 to 1688 as Y. Fanlobish. [Y.B.] 
1689 to 1690. '' Yacaut." [Y.B. D.R.] N.B. No collation made 

*' propter rebellionem." 
1691. Dec. 4. Andbkw Stubs, a.m., adm. Y. Fanlobish, per mortem 
Isaac Mansfield. [D.R.] N.B. Non certificandnm eo quod 
▼ice hnjus vie. collatus fait idem Symes ad Yicariam de Kin- 
neigh. [D.R.] 

For Symes, vide Precentors of Boss. 
1692 and 1694. Mr. Johv Fobtvhb appears as Y. Fanlobbas. 
[Y.B. B.B.] 

He was institated on Ist Dec. 1693, per cess, of Andrew 
Symes. [D.B.] 

In 1695 Fortune became Y. Glaobarrafaan, Ross, q. ▼. 
1695. Dea 23. John Patbiokbon, a.m., Y. Fanlobish, per cessionem 
Johis Fortnne. [D.B.] He appears as Y. Fanlobbos 1695 to 
1717. [Y.B.] 
Patrickson was also Precentor of Cloyne, q. r. 
A church designed to be built at Dnnmanway. Sermon 
once a fortnight at present at Faniobbus. [T.B. 1699, D.D.] 
'"Thursday, August 10, 1699. I went from Ballimoney to 
Bantry. I lay at Captain Parker's hoose. Fanlobish Oinrch is 


about 3 miles bejond thai of ^baUimoney, to ih/^ west; the 
country thereabouts is Goarse and rocky. The church is corered, 
but many slates are off ; no pulpit nor seats ; about }ialf the 
church is rainons; the church-yard is well inclosed. About 14 
£nglish acres of glebe round the church. On the south of the 
church 6 plowlands belonging to the See of Corke ; 5 of them 
on the north of the river Bandon, the sixth on the other side of 
the river, called Hareagh. The tenants to the Bishop are Sir 
Richard Cox and Mrs. Moreau. The 5 plowlands contwn about 
500 English acces ; they are aet by Sir Biohasd Cox to an 
£nglishnuin for 50 U. per an. The sixth plowland is 9et, worth 
about XIO per an. These 6 plowlands are the best land there* 
abouts. Six plowlands belong to the Archbishop of Dublin ; 
they pay a chiefry to the See of Corke ; they do suit and ser- 
vice to the manor of Bosse ; these are rocky lands. 

*^ The £arl of Corke has two plowlands contiguous to the 
rest. He pays a chiefry to the See of Corke ; but these 2 
plowlands are reckoned in the Earl of Corke*s mantjr of Jnnis- 
kean. The parishioners are generally desirous to have the 
church at Dunmanway. If this church be not built the churctfi 
of Fanlobish ought to be repaired forthwith." 

" Dunmanway lyes near the centre of the parish ; near 30 
English fisimilies in the town. Divine service three Sundays in 
the month in a house in Dunmanway. There was subscribed 
£100 by Sir Bicbard Cox, and £100 by Mr. Patricksou, towards 
building a church or chappel of ease at Dunmanway^ besides 
other subscriptions." 

* ^'At a mile distant to the west of Dunmanway stands a 
chappel of ease, ruinous, called £ilbarry Chapel." 

'< Munday, May 27, 1700. I viewed Fanlobish Church. Fan- 
lobish Church is in the road from Ballimony to Dunmanway. 
The church stands near the eastern .end of the pari^ ; Dun- 
manway stands nearer the centre. The church is covered, but 
wants slating ; the walls Are not good. The ohoiioh-yard is 
largp, and well fenc't Sir Bichard Cox proposes to build a 
church at Dunmanway if it could be made the, parish church ; 
otherwise to make a chappel of ease there. The 6 plowlands 
of Nedineagh, belonging to the Bishop of Corke, lye to the 
south of Fanlobish Church ; 5 of them on the N. of the Bandon 
river, and 1 on the south of the same river; they are good 
land, and contain in all about 500 acres ; the best Und there- 
abouts is set generally for less than 2s. an acre. The 5 plofiv- 
lands of Nedineagh on the N. of the river, are held by Walter 
Plummer, terre tenant^ who holds no other land ; the sixth plow- 
land is held by Denis DuUea, who holds other contiguqus lands. 
The lands of this parish for the most part belong to the Lord 
Corke's brother Mr. H. Boyle, Sir ]EL. Cox, the Bishop of Cork, 
•the Arokbishqp of DaUiu, Sir Matthew Dean, Mr. Fenwick, 


100 FANL0BBU6. [COBK. 

Mr. Woods, and Aid. Hore, of Corke ; Lieutenant Flower, Mr. 
Fare, and Mr. Plummer, and Mr. Dant, live in tiiis parish, and 
Mr. Clerk and Mr. White." 

" Diyine service is performed every other Snnday at Dun- 
man way for the parish of Fanlobish, and on the same day Mr. 
Patrickson preaches at Kineigh. The other Sunday he preaches 
at Brommaleagne. The Vicar of Fanlobish has half of the 
tythes* The Prebendary of Dromaleague has one rectory in this 
parish, being half the tythes of 14 plowlands ; the Vicars 
Choral of Corke have half the tythes of 40 plowlands. The 
extent of this and several other parishes, according to the civil 
account, differs from the extent of them according to the eccle- 
siastical account. This parish of Fanlobish is worth to the 
Vicar of it about £50 or £'60 per an. There are two church- 
wardens. There is a registry kept here ; 12 acres of glebe 
adjoin to the east; of the ohurch*yard. No parsonage house. 
Charles McCarthy is Priest of this parish ; and 'tis said he is 
not a sober man, nor chast; he has been Priest there many 
years." [Downes* Tour.] 
1718 to 1818. Faulobbus was held with Drinagh, q. v. 

1818. June 4. Edwabd St. Lawbbnoe, a.m., V. Fanlobbns, vacant 
by death of Tuckey ; value under £300. [D.R.] He became, 
in 1825, Archdeacon of Ross, q. v. 

1822. July 21. The new church on ancient site was conse- 
crated by name of St M&rj. [D.R.] 

1823. June 7. Robebt Kings borouqu St. Lawbbnoe, a.b , V. Fan- 
lobbus. [D.R.] In 1824 he became Treasurer of Ross, q. v. 

1823. Oct 23. James M'Chbanb, a.m., V. Fanlobbus. [D.R.] 

M^Oheyne being Curate of £ilmocamoge, and his Hector 
being infirm, has his time for reading assent and consent pro- 
longed to 1st March, 1824. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 1,613. 

James M*Cheane was ordained Deacon on 18th October, 
1812, and Priest on 14th November, 1813, both at Cork. Be 
was Curate of Kilmocamoge for some time ; and from 1823 to 
his death in 1831 was v. Fanlobbus. He married Lucinda, 
sister to Robert Backas, of Butlerstown, county Waterford, and 
by her had issue. He left his freehold of Qracy, in the barony 
of Slieveardagh, county Tipperary, to whichever of his sons 
should first attain to the age of twenty-one years. [Cork Wills.] 
1831. Oct 26. WiluamMkadb,a.b.,V. Fanlobbus. rD.R.] Wil- 
liam, or William de Courcy Meade, was the V. Fanlobbus. [F.P.] 

1837* Fanlobbus, a vicarage, with cure, 9 miles long by 5 
broad, containing 32,339 acres. Gross population, 11,405. 
One Curate, employed at a stipend of <£80 per annum* Tithe 
composition, £461 10«. 9^{/. ; 23 acres of glebe, valued at 20s. 
per acre, £23. Subject to visitation fees, £1 3«. 3<l., diocesan 


schoolmaster^ 16«.8c?. No glebe-house. Incnmbent is resident, 
and pays the sum of £31 iO«. per annum in the way of house- 
rent. One church, capable of accommodating 450 persons, 
built in 1821, at an expense of £1,384 12«. 3|^. British, 
granted in way of loan by the late Board of First Fruits, of 
which loan there remaineth £753 4«. lOd. chargeable on the 
parish in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of £44 6«. 2d. 
Diyine service is celebrated twice on all Sundays^ and on the 
principal festivals. The sacrament is administered monthly, 
and on the three great festivals. 

The rectorial, consisting of a moiety of the tithes of this 
parish, compounded for £461 10«. 9^d. are appropriate, and 
belong, as to the amount of £87 7«. Sd. to the Prebendary of 
Drumdaleague ; and as to the residue,amounting to £374 Zs. l^d, 
to the Vicars Choral of the Cathedral Church of St. Finbarr*s, 
Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

1843. March 17. The sohoolhouse at Corrigscullihy was 
licensed for divine service. [D.R.] 

William de Courcey Meade (second son of Rev. Richard 
Meade, of Innishannon, by Mary, dau. of the 25th Baron of 
Kinsale), was ordained Deacon on 6th July, 1806, and Priest 
on 12th July, 1807, both at Cloyne. He was, in 1813, licensed 
Curate of Templemichael de Duagh. From 1818 to 1831 he 
was P. Inskeuny ; and from 1831 to his death, on 10th June, 
1855, he was V. Fanlobbus. He was also R. Garrivoe from 
1832 to 1842. He married Barbara, dau. of Rev. Robert 
Meade, Rector of Ballymoney, by whom he left issue two 
1855. June 27. William Robert Moleswoeth, a.m., Y. Fanlobbus ; 
certified value, £330 16«. 3d. [D.R.] 

1860. W. R. Moleswortb, Incumbent; J. W. Wakeham, 
J. M'Cheane, and J. Aldworth, are Curates. The church, &c., 
in order. No glebe-house ; 23 acres of glebe set. Divine 
service twice each Sunday, and on chief festivals, Ac, at the 
church, and also at a licensed place of worship at CarrigscuUey. 
Sacrament monthly ; average of communicants, 48 ; at Christ- 
mas, 108 ; 165 children are on the rolls of the schools of this 
parish. There are 7 Protestant teachers, paid by Church Edu- 
cation Society, &o. The Protestant population is 971. The 
rentcharge is £346 3«. Id,, and the land is worth £20. Total 
value, £366 Ss. Id. per annum, without residence. 

William Robert Molesworth (elder son of Major Bysse-Cole 
Moleswottb, who was fourth sou of Robert, the second son of 
Bysse, seventh son of the first Viscount Molesworth in the 
peerage of Ireland), graduated a.b., T.C.D. in 1829, and a.m. 
in 1832. He was ordained Deacon on 18th Dec. 1831, and 
Priest on 29th July, 1832. From 1842 to 1847 he was V. 
Ardfield, and from 1847 to 1855 was T. Drinagh, 



1610. August 30. Thoxib Dayibs is admitted R. de Garrinow et 
Killonej. He was inducted 10 August, 1611. [RY. 1634.] 

In 1618 he became also P. Inskenny, q. v. 

1634. R. de Garrinowe et Eillowen, Thomas Davies. Yal. 
8 li. per an. Baro de Coursey, Patronus. [RY. 1634.] 
1637. August 12. BjuufABAB Honstcuubgh, R. Garryoowe et Kill- 
owen. rF.P.l 

He' appears in Y. B. 1639-1681. Ld. Kinsale, Patron. 
[D.RJ He was again instituted on 2 April, 1661, '* per mor- 
tem ThomBs Davyes." [Y.B. 1669. 1).R.J 

Hooeychurch, in 1661, became R. Y. Mumu^h, q. t. 

1682. August 22. Dahiel Lobb, a.m., R. Murragh, Y. Desertserges, 
and on 23 August, R. (jarrivoe and Eillowen. [F.F.I 

On letters patent of 5 July, 1682, to Garriyoe and Killowen 
rectories. [Lib. Mun.] Vide Murragh. 
In 1692 Lord became P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 

1683. May 24. Petxb Hewitt, adm. R. de Garryyoe vacantem per 
resignationem Danielis Lord et in presentatione PrtBhouorabilis 
Almeric Domini Ooursy, Baro. de Kinsale et Rinrone. [F.F. 
andD.R.] He appears 1683 to 1718. [Y.B.] 

GkurriYoe is said to be part of Desertserges. [Y.B. 1699.] 

In 1710 Hewitt became also Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1720 to 1763. William Mba]>e appears as R. GarryYoe [Y.B. D.R.], 
vice Hewett, deceased. 

In 1736 Meade became also Dean of Cork, q. v. 
1764. April 5. GsoiMa Wood, a.«., R. Garryvoe [F.F.], vice 
Wm. Meade, deceased. 

He was ordained Deacon on 19 Dec. 1742, and Priest on 18 
September, 1743. In 1761 he appears ae Curate of Kilbrogan. 
He held from 1764 to his death the R. Garr^rvoe. 

He married, in Decemlier,- 1748, Jane Beamish, of Eilma- 
looda, and left his substance to his son, Thomas Wood, of the 
city of Cork ; his other children being provided for. [Cork 
M.B. and Wills.] 
1792. June 13. Richard Meads, A.B.,R.GfUrrytoe, vacant by death of 
George Wood, and on the presentation of Lord Einsale. [D.R.] 

In 1796 he was sbe K Innishannon^ q. t. 
1799. July 5. Hoh. Thomas db Govboxt, i.B., R. Garrynoe, other- 
wise Garriroe, and R. Eillowen, otherwise Eilcony. [F.F.] 
To Garriroe by eega. of Richard Meade,* and to Eillowen by 
cess, of Wm. I^ble. [D.R.] 

1825. Norember 9. The Right Hon. and Rev. Lord Einsale 
grants the right of presentation to Eilrowata, otherwise Eillowen ; 
Garrinne^ otherwise Garriftoe, otherwise GbLrri?oe ; Killwoney, 
other wIbo Killowny, RynrMin, or Ringrone,' unto John Meade, 


Commander of B. NaYy^ and John S. Newman, in trnst, to 
present Wni. Newman to each and every of said livings ; said 
Wm. Newman, the younger, being only son of Wm. Newman, 
esq. by Martha^ his wife, and first and second consin to his Lord* 
sbip, dee. [D.B.] 

Thomas (second son of John, 2&th Baron Kinsale), was or- 
dained Deacon on 21 Dec. 1797, and Priest on 21 Dec 1798 ; 
both at Cork. From 1799, until his death, in 1832, he was B. 
Garry voe and Eilluwenr In 1822 he became 27th Baron^ and 
died num. in 1 832. 
1832. May 15. William MeadA, a.>b., B^Ghirrivoe, >*acant by death 
of Lord Einsale. On presentation of John Meade and John 
Spiller Newman, esqjs. trustees to late Lord Kinsale. [D.B.] 
William Meade was also Y. Fanlobbns, q. v. He resigned 
Garrivoe on 22 Feb. 1842. 
1842. March 16. William Newmjlv, a.b., B. Garrivoe. On pre- 
sentation of John Meade, esq. dated 24 Febrasdry. [] 

In 1855 he became also B. Bingrone, q. v. 

1860. Garrivoe seems to be a perfect sinecure. In Knox' 
Index the rentcharge is given as £315 per an^ No church ; 
no glebe-house ; no return of Protestant population. Accord- 
ingly, the present rentcharge redaeed from that of 1830 by one- 
fourth, is £236 58. 


Glengarifie is a district cnraicy, formed by deed, dated 31 
July, 1 861, between the Incumbents of KilcasKin, in Boss, and 
Eilmocomoge, in Cork diocese, who pay to the Curate £35 per 
an., as an endowment for the new church. The Vicar of Kil- 
caskin, who pays £20 per an. of above sum, has the first, and 
the V. Eilmocomoge the second turn of the alternate patronage. 
The Earl of Bantry granted, on 13 April, 1861, 1&. 20p. 
statute measure of kknd for a new church at Glengariffe. 

1860. Divine service is at present celebrated at half-past 
twelve o'clock^ on Sundays, at the hotel, at Glengariffe. Sacra- 
ment six times in the year ; average of communicants, 5. The 
Curate is Rer* Vincent Lamb, a.b., who was, on 23 January, 
1855, licensed to this curacy at £75 per an. on the nomina- 
tion of tfce V. Eilmocomoge and the V. Eilcask in jointly. 

A new chnrch, on the site granted in 1861, by Lord &uitTy, 
is now (March, 1863), nearly finished. The designs for it were 
furnished by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and were slightly 
modified by the Archdeacon of Cork (8. M. Etlb), who origi- 
nated the idea of placing a church in this romantic locality, 
and who collected the greater portion of the funds. 



1291. " Eocia See Trinitatis XVmr." [Tax. P. Nic] 

23..) Simon db Qlandfordbbigo, an Englishman, Chaplain of the 
Church of the Holy Trinity, dies or resigns ii) 1381. [Rot. 
Cane, and Tuckey's Cork Rem.] 

1381. Feb. 17. John Kinobtoun is appointed by the King Chap- 
lain of the Charch of the Holy Trinity, vice Simon de Gland- 
fordbrigg. [Rot Cane, and Tuckey's Cork. Rem.] 

1386. July 20. Thomas ds Eybrdon is presented by the Earl of 
Oxford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the free Chapel of the 
Holy Trinity. [Rot. Pat 10 Ric. II.] 

Thomas de Everdon was, in 1375, a Canon of St Patrick's, 
Dublin. From 1396 to 1399 he was Dean of St. Patrick's, and 
was P.Clonmethan, St. Patrick's, Dublin, from 1399 to his death. 
He held several civil appointments. He was Clerk of the 
Chancery or Joint Keeper of the Rolls from 1373 to 1377. In 
1385 he obtains another patent as Clerk or Keeper of the Rolls, 
Writs, dec, and in 1401 is again appointed Keeper of the Rolls. 
He was, in 1399 and 1400, Deputy Treasurer of the Exche- 
quer. From 1406 to 1409 be was Chief Engrosser of the 

1386. Oct. 6. Thomas Barton is presented by the Lord Lieutenant 
to the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. [Rot. Pat 10 Ric. IL] 

1414. August 13. Richard O'Hedian is presented by the Crown to 
the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. [Rot Pat 2 Hen. V.] He 
took a new patent on 24th June, 1431, and in 1434 had an 
exemplification made of his old patent of 1444. [Rot Pat. 
10 and 13 Hen. VI.] He was, probably. Archbishop or Arch- 
deaooii of Cashel. Vide Cotton for his history. 

1524. September 1. Master Philip Gowll, Rector of the Church of 
the Holy Trinity, Cork, is mentioned in a deed of this date, 
<* bones memoriie." [Caulfield MSS.] 

1543. DoMDrufi Dawyb r^AOLE and Dominus Edmond Poxjohb, 
chaplayns and deservitors of Christ's Church, Cork, are parties 
to a deed of arbitration, dated at Cork, 17th Oct., 1543. 
[Caulfield MSS.] 

Dominus David Nogla, in 1538, witnesses a deed, and in 
1552, March 30, " David Nogla, capellanus de markham in 
Eoclesia StcB Trinitatis, Cork," is mentioned in an indenture. 


1545. August 3. Ororob Roohs, Archdeacon of Cork, and Rector 
of the free chap^ there, is pardoned. [Morrin's Pat Rolls.] 
This was, probably, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. 

1572. William Fbld, or Fislb, was instituted to the P. Holy 
Trinity. He appears in 1591 " Preb. Gulielmus Feld^ idem 
vicariua de Athnowen ; intitnlatuB ad prebendam anno 1572 ; 
ordinatas 1588." — " Rector sive Preb. See Trinitatis et riear. 


Atbnowen per unionem — deliberand. super nnione. Yicariod 
ScS Trinitatis Roger Skiddj." Field is noted as holding the 
two benefices, " virtute unionis vitiose." He was also, in 159 1, 
P. Inniscarra, in Oloyne, and R. St. Nicholas. [MS. T.G.D. 
3. 14.] Skiddy was P. Lisclery, q. Vi 

1615. Hugh Pbbobyall, a.m., is Rector, Thomas Bourdon is Vicar 
of the Holy Trinity, and the Dean of Cork is Curate. '' Rector 
S. Trinitatis (non residens) Hugo PerceYall, a.Mi Yal. 4 li. 
per an. Georgius LeeDecanus Corcagen inservit cunoi Vica^ 
rius, Thomas Bourdon, minister legens." [RtV. R.I.A.] Per- 
ceval was Dean of Ross, q. v. Bourdon was V. Kilbonane, q. v. 

1628. Au>?u8t 30. Joseph Fowlb, P. Holy I'rinity, P. Cahirlag et 
P. St Michael's. [F.F. as quoted by Cotton.] In 1632 Fow]0 
became Treasurer of Cloyne, q. y. 

1634. Rectoria Stoe Trinitatis yacat. Rex est Patron us. [R-V. 

1637. April 5. Jambs Mabgbtson is presented to the P. Holy 
Trinity. [Rot. Pat. 13 Charles I.] In 1639 he is marked 
'* excusatur." [V.B.] In 1660 be appears again. 

1642. March 24. Neptunb Blood was presented to the P. Holy 
Trinity. [Pat. Rot. 18 Charles I.] 

Neptune Blood, whom Bp. Ryder, of Killaloe, mentions a^ 
a *' Student in the College of Dublin, a good scholar, and 
reads the Irish tongue,'* was ordained Priest on 18th March, 
1622, and in that year was presented to the rectory of Yougal- 
Arra, with a dispensation pro quinquennio, studendi gratia. In 
1632 he became Precentor of KiUaloe, and in 1641 Archdeacon 
of Kilfenora. He deponed to the loss of £180 in the re- 
bellion, besides his church living, worth £140 per annum. 
[MS. T.C.D. F. 2. 22.] In 1642 he became P. Holy Trinity, 
Cork. In 1663 he became Dean of Kilfenora, R. Killilaye, 
Kilmora, Came, R. V. Rathblanagh, R. V. Kilkeedee, and P. 
Rathderb, in Killaloe. He received, also, in 1663, a dispen- 
sation to hold the rectories of Clonferd and Kilbridge; and was, 
in 1661, a j.p. for Clare, and in 1663 for Westmeath counties. 
In 1667 he obtained a grant under the Acf of Settlement of 
208 plantation acres of land, in the barony of Burren, co. Clare. 
He married Elisabeth, eldest dau. of Higgat Lone, Dean of 
Kilfenora, by Mary Baldry, of Suffolk. His son, Neptune, was 
also Dean of Kilfenora; and the descendants of Dean Blood still 
possess landed property in the county of Clare. 

1660. January 25. Jambs Mabgbtson is appointed Archbishop of 
Dublin, with the Treasurersbip of St. Patrick's, in commendam, 
together with the rectory of Galowue, alias Dartree, dioc. 
Clogher, and the prebend of the Holy Trinity, Cork. [Pat Rot. 
12 Charles II.] In 1663 he became Primate of Ireland. 

1663 f JoBK Easton or Estov, Prebendary and Vicar. He was 
also Chancellor of Ross, q. r* 


1664. NoY. 23. BEVjrAKiv Gbosb, lUand V. Holy Trinity, vacant 
per resignation of John Eston. [F.F. and V.B. I6C9.] On 
Utt^a patent of July 1. [Lib. Man.] Cross appears 1664 to 
1683 as R. y. Holy Trinity. Bex patronus reetorisy epis* 
oopus vicarisB.' [ V.B.] Cross was also Precentor of Cloyne, q. y. 
1676. A qtuire impedit issues, at suit of the Kin? «. Bp.ol 
Cork, in re the presentation to the Holy Trinity. [Ferguson 
MSS.ILp. 13^.} 

1684. Sept. 3. JoRir Patkiosson, A.]i.> is admitted P. and Y. Holy 
Trinity, " per lapsnmy prebenda omnino in Bege et vicaria in 
collationo Ejoi.*^ [F.F. and D.R.} Patrickson, in 1685, became 
Precentor of Cloyne, q-v, 

1685. Oct. 29. He»rV Bfnnn, a.k., P. Holy Trinity, on letters 
patent of 24th September. He was Vicar also on 5th June 
previous. [F.F* and Lib. Man. J He became, in 1686, Trea- 
surer of Cork, q. y. 

1686. June 25. Riobasd MALAonr, a.v., P. Holy Trinity, and sama 
day R. Bathconey. [F.F.^ On letters patent of Jane 1. 
[Lib. Mnn.} He became Vicar also on llth Oct., 1686. Mal- 
lory was a Scholar T.O.D. in 1679. In 1686 he became B. 
Agher and Laracor, Meathir 

1686/7. January 22. Ebwabd Stvqb^ a.m., P. and V. Holy Trinity, 

5er resignation of Mallory, and on letters patent to the prebend, 
ated 29th Dec. 1680. [F.F/ and Lib. Mun.] 

1691. Francis Hoddor, in conBid<er&tion of the bene&ctions 
of his ancestors, obtains from the Bishop a gallery or aeat in 
the north-west quarter of Christchnreh. [D.B.1 

Edward Synge (son of Edward, Bishop of Cone, Cloyne, and 
Ross, by Barbara Latham) was educated at Christ Church, 

He was, from 1682 to 1686, R. V. Laracor, Meath ; from 
1686 to 1706, Viear of Christ Church, Cork, and from 1686 to 
1714| Prebendary of Christ Church, Cork. From 1691 to 1714, 
he was R. Rathckrin, and from 1692 to 1706, was B.V. Kil- 
colman. Agabnlloge, and Aghinagh, in Cloyne. From 1692 to 
1714, he was R. Templetrine. He also held, from 1693 to 
1702 the P. Lack^en, and from 1702 to 1706, the P. Kilma- 
olenine. From 1 705 to 1 7 1 4, he was Chancellor of St Patrick's, 
and in 1714 wa9 Vicar-Gkneral of Dublin. 

He was Bishop of Rttpboe from 1714 to 1716, and from 1716 
to 1741, Archbishop of I'uam. 

H« married Anne Prond, of the connty Cork, and had issue, 
Edward (Bishop of Ferns), Nicholas (Bishop of Kilhdoe), 
Samuel) and G^i^ge, besides a daughter, who married John 
Moore, of Raheenduff, in Qoeen*s co. 

He published " The Wiwiom of being Religioos," a sermon, 
ptoached at the Castle Chapel, Dublin. Syo., 1704. . 
1714. Dec. 7. Johv Sxrh h pMsettted to the laotory of Christ- 


church, Oork. [Lib. Man.] He appearSy 1714 to 1738, Jane 9«, 

This John Smith was the same person, I preamme^ who was 
ordiuned Priest at Gloyne, on 19th Dec, 1714, and who was 
then A.u* 1 find among the Cork marriage Vends, one between 
John Smith, of Oloumel, Qoyne, Otk., aind Judith Newman, of 
Christchurch, Cork. 
1738. Sept 26. John Buroh, or BuBSit, is presented to the Prebend 
of Ohristchureb, and on 17 th October, is instituted " per mortem 
Johannis Smith." [Lib.- Mnn. and D.B.] He agaia leceired 
this Prebend in 1749. 
174l>. Sept. 14. WiLLLAM Jacksov, a. v., P. Holy Trinity, per 
resignation of Burgh. [D«^] He became^ in 1749, P« 
Gahirlag, q. v. 
1749. August 25. John Bukgr, P. Holy Trinity, on letters patent 
of 2nd August, and per resignation of Jaokson« [B.R. and 
Lib. Mun.] 

John Burgh, or Burke, was ordained Priest at Cork, on 8th 
Oct., 1738. 

From 1738 to 1745, and from 1749 to 1768, he held this 
prebend. From 1739 to 1742, he was V. Killaconenagh, Ross, 
and from 1742 to 1749, R. Rathconey. He was P. Cahirlag 
from 1745 to 1749. He died in 1768. 
1769. June 28. Edwabd Day, lup., P. Holy Trinity, vacant by 
death of Burgh, and on letters patent of June 14, 1768. [F.F. 
and Lib. Mun J 

1807. Dr. Edward Day is supposed to be resident in tha 
diocese of Ardfert, of which he is Archdeacon. [Rep.] 

Edward Day (eldest son of Rey. John Day, Chancellor of 
Ardfert, by Lucy, daughter of the Knight of KerryX was 
brother to Robert Day, Judge of the King's Bench in Lreland. 

He was, from 1768 to 1717, V. Kilsallaghan, Dublin, and 
K V. Dunmore, Tuam, &c., <fec From 1769 to 1808, he was 
P. Holy Trinity, Oork. He was also, from 1770 to 1771, R. V. 
Rincurran ; from 1771 to 1801, R. Killorglin, Kiltallaght, 
Curranee, Kilcolman, and Knockane, in Kerry ; from 1777 to 
1782, Chancellor of Ardfert, and from 1782 to 1808 Archdeacon 
of Ardfert, of which diocese he was also Ylcar-Goneral. 

He tearried Barbara Forward, and by her had issue, Rev. 
Edward Day, whose son is now Rector of 81igo, and Robert^ a 

Another brother of Judge Robert DAy was John Day, who, 
by his wife, Margaret Hewson, had issue, Rev. John Day, 
Rectbr of KiltalUgh, who, by his wife, Arabella^ dau. 6f Sir 
William Godfrey, had issue inter alias, Rer. John Day (Dean 
of Ardlirt, who married Eleanor, dan. of Sir John Gfodtey), 
Edward (deoeral in the Army), and Rer. Haoric* Fitiferald 
Day, Incumbent of St. Mathias, Dublin. 


1808. March 5. Robkbt Dalt, a.b., P. Holy TriDity, vacant by 
death of Day, and certified under £100 in yearly value. [D.B.] 
On letters patent of 29th Feb. [Lib. Mun.J The income 
arises wholly ^om lands, the rent of which is £27 I3s» lO^cL, 
and the annual renewal fine is, by agreement with the tenant, 
£369 is. 7^d. The total value is £396 IBs. dfcL [Pari. 

The Hon. Robert Daly (brother of the first Lord Dnnsandle) 
was second son of Right Honorable Denis Daly, by the only 
daughter of the first Earl of Famham. 

He was born in 1783, at Duusandle, co. Gbdway, and was 
educated at Dt. Stock*s school^ at Delgany, and at Dr. Moored 

He entered T.O.D. in 1799, graduated a.b. in 1803, a.m. in 
1832, and b.d. and d.D. iti 1843. 

He was ordained Deacon at Eilmore in 1807, and Priest, at 
Ferns, in 1808. 

From 1807 to 1810^ he was Curate of Tomhaggard, Ferns, 
and from 1810 to 1814, Curate of Newcastle, Dublin. He 
held, from 1809 to 1843) the P. Holy Trinity, Cork, and from 
1814 to 1843, the prebend of Stagonil, and rectory of Powers- 
court, Dublin, and from 1840 to 1843, was Dean of St Patrick's, 
Dublin. He resigned his three livings' in 1843, on becoming 
Bishop of Cashel, Waterford, &c. 

1843. Feb. 18. The appointment of this prebend was now 
suspended by order in Council, and the revenues were trans- 
ferred to the Ecdesiastii^l Commissioners. The Dean and 
Chapter, on 10th August, 1844, elected, as Honorary Preben- 
dary, the Rev. Charles Leslie, the Vicar of the Holy Trinity. 
And ever since the Vicars have been also Prebendaries of the 
Holy Trinity, subject, however, to the severance of the tem- 


1525. ** DoMiirus Dominig Tybbt, Vicarius Ecclesiae StsB Trinitatis*' 
is witness to a deed, dated at Cork, 17 July, 1525, anno Reiris 
Henrici 8**, xvii. [Caulfield MSS.] 

1571. July 29. Adam Gold bequeaths v marks to Christ 
Church, Cork, ** so that the old faith be set np." 

1577. John Teige M'Cartie leaves towards "the reparacion 
of Christ Church two barrels of barley ; and to every poor 
prieste of said church, xii d. '* (i^ork Wills.] 

1581. January 1. Dominus Donalvub Donati, '^saoerdos eodeeiie 

S^roohiaus Stn Trinitatis" is a witness to a deed. [Sarsfidd 


Donaldos Donati appears in 1591 as Y. Templeroan, Cloyne, 
q. V. 

1582. ^^ David Lombarde de Corke mercator," in his will 
proved at Cork, 16 Sept 1582, leaves '* corpus meam sepelien* 
dum in Oapella Beatse Maria infra Ecdesiam Sanct® Trinita- 
tis, Corke, in loco majoruni.** [Cork Wills.] 

1582. " Edmund White, thelder, cittizen of Oorcke/' in hia 
will (dated the last day of May, and proved 7 June, 1582), de- 
sires to be ''buried in St. James is chappeUe in Christes 
Oliurche, in Oorcke, wher myne ancestors lie." He gives to 
" the mayntenance of the waze of the said church, iij«. iiij{|.** 
sterling, and towards the building of the body of the said 
church, iij«. iiijd. sterling. Ue was brother to " Sr. Persevall 
Whyte." [Cork Wills.] 
1591. RoGBB Skidd7 is Vicar of the Holy Trinity. Vide the 

1615. Thomas Bourden is Vicar. Vide the Prebend. 
1618. November 17. Nicholas Hall, Vicar de Christ Church, and 
Rector de CahirUig. [F.F.] 

In 1619 he became Archdeacon of Ross, q. v. 
1631. September. 7. Richard Ashr, a.m.. Vicar de Christ Church. 
[F.F.] Inducted 9 Sept. [R.V. 1634.] 

1634. Vicar Christ Church, Richardus Ashe, a.m., diviui 
verbi Predicator. Val. xii. li. per an. Epus confet. [R<V. 

Ashe was also P. Killaspugmullane. In 1661 he appears aj9 
R. Killeagh, Cloyne, q. v. 
1639. April 6. Thomas Bankes, Vicar de Christ Church. [F.F.J 

'* Ecolesia non bene repatur^ ad repandum monit." [V.B. 

Bankes was also P. Killaspugmullane, q. v. 

1643. The old parchment Register of Christ Church was^ 
in this year, given to the churchwardens, Robert Kinge and 
George White, in consideration of their having given a seat in 
church to John Bayley, gent. And the earliest entries in this^ 
the oldest and beet preserved of the Cork Parish Registers, are 
those of the bnrial of the donor and his wife, as follows : — 
"John Bayly, the elder, late Clerke of the citty and parishe of 
Christ Church, Cork, deceased the 26 day of July, 1643.** 
" Eleanor Bayly, the wife of the said John Bayly, of Cork, 
lately deceased the 28 day of January, 1643.** The latest 
entry is dated 1668. 

1645. " Phillip, the son of phillip Spenser and of Jaene, his 
wife, waA baptized the 28 of March, 1645.*' 

1644. '* Ser Arter hide, knight, was buried the 3 of de* 
sember, 1644." 

1645. " Collonel henry Braine [O'Brien], desesed, and was 
buried the seven of Desember, 1645.'* 


164^. '' Henery Spenser, Precfaer ni iGod's word, desesed, and 
was buried the ix of Aprel, 1646." 

1646. ^Richard Sierton, who was cruel] j mordered by the 
enemy, disesed, and was buried 24 of Augost, 1646. Sr. 
Andrew Barott, knight, deoeeed, and was buried 6 NoTember. 
1646. Mr. Cornelius Gray, Predier of Qod^a worde, dacesed, 
and was buried the 28 of January, 1646." 

1647. *^ Mager-generale Evans bedng wounded in the battel 
atrt Onok-nonoss, deoesed, and was buried the 2 of Desember, 

" Sr. Williame Bridges, allso beeing wounded in the battel, 
decesed, and was likwise buried theseconde of Desember, 1647." 

1658. ^ Henery Pepper, Swordberer of the oiity of Cork, de- 
cesed, and was buried in Christcharch, first of May, 1658. 
Oateren, wife of Qcnery Pepper • • . • • was buried 21 
Oct 165a" 

1662. ^Joshua blood went to the citty of Eilfenora, out of 
the citty of Cork, with men weeping tears, the seoonde daie of 
Aprill, 1662." [Par. Reg.] 
1663 f John Ebton, or Easton. Vide the Prebend. 
1664. Noveraber 22. Bsmjamiv Cbosb, Vicar and Prebendary. 
[F.F.] He appears 1664 to 1683. [V.B. D.K.] Vide the 

<' 1664. March 30. John Tucker, being 100 and 10, was 
buried." [Par. Reg.] 

1665. ''raid Mr. Joshua Blood, Clarke of the saide church, 
for 52 weekes allowance from the said parish, determining the 
8th May, 1665, £2 12«. Mr. John Qartery, Sexton, same 
period, £1 6<." [Christ Church Parish Accounts.] 

*' 1665. May 31. Received from Mrs. Margret pridden, 
beinff for soe much left by her late husband, Mr. Richard 
pridden, by his last will, the use of it, to be distributed to the 
poore of the said parish on ye 12th of October yearely, wtt 
one yeares interest, £5 lOs." 

''1665. May 31. From Mr. Neptune Blood, deane of Kil- 
fenora, being in satis&ction of the plate he tocke away (when 
Minist^ of the said parish), belonging to the saick parish and 
church, £14." 

** 1665. March 25. Paide unto Mr. Benjamin Cross, Minister 
of said parish, for one yeares allowance from saide parish, de* 
lerminingthe 29th September, 1664, £50." 

" Paide unto saide Mr. Benjamin Cross, for haife yeares 
•allowanoe from the saide parish, determining the 254h of March, 
1 665, the sum oi £25:' [Christ Church Aoeounts.] 

*' 1666. January 10. henrie bill being nnlbrtttnately slaine 
with a great gun" (was buried). [Par. Reg.] 

'' 1676. May 6. Memorandum. — Mr. Timothy Tnckey hath 
this day paid £26, bequeathed by his faHier, Ti«iol£y, de- 

jOBfBxS\ maj[ TBnrixT, txcabaqb. Ill 

ceMed, to die poor of Ohriiteburdi parM, the uitereet thereof 
to be pud in hread, weekly, for erer. Item— We let o«t said 
sum this dKV to Bobt. Gobbe.*' [Vestry-book.] 

" 1670. Wee do hereby certifie yt wee saw tbe disposing of 
five poands ster. to tbe poore of the parish of Cbristcborcb by 
fiicfaard Pernr, being a gift of Left Sanmel QraTiener ; as wit- 
ness our hands this 3 day of March, 1670. 

•'(Signed), "Come. Covenay. 

" Bdward Tucker." 

1670. " By cash reed, of Wm. Wreen, Shreife of yeoitty, esq. 
to be let ont at interest for ye use t>f ye pooroi given by George 
fhrvell, £5 to this parish .** 

1.67<). " By cash reed, of mr. Hamball Bassett for ye use of 
^20, left by Alderman Richard Bassett for ye poore. £i for 
2 years' use. [Ohristchurch Acooonts.] 
1664. Sept. 3. Johv Pateigkson, V. and P. Holy Trinity. Vide 
the Prebend. 

1685. Jnne 5. Hxket Ribxb, or RTi>BB,iLH.» P. Holy Trinity. He 
became Prebendary also on 2 9th Octob^-, 1 685. [F. F.] Vide 
the Prebend. 

1686. May 5. Richard Higgs, V.Holy Trinity, p» resignation of 
Ryder. ri>.R.] 

Higgs does not appear elsewhere. 

1686. Oct 11. Richard MajjiORY, a.m., V. Holy Triiuty, ''per 
mortem Riohardi Higgs.** [D.R.] He was also Prebendary, 
q. V. 

1666. January 22. Edward Stngb, a jc, V. and P. Holy Trinity, 
q. V. 

1701. Alderman John Sealy, by his will (dated 6th July, 
1701, and proved 14th March following), leaves to his wife, 
Elisabeth, liis property at Goker, in Sue parish of Wandon, 
Somersetshire. All his real estate he gives to " Samuel, son of 
William Sealy, my nephew." He also gives to the parish of 
Klhrktchurch, Cork, for ever, " one silver flaggon, which at this 
tyme lies in the hands of Mr. Alexander DolamaD, in the city 
of Bristol." [Cork Wills.] 

" 1702. In Christohnrch parish, at the east end of the ohnrch, 
is a amaU almshouse (four rooms), wherein are lodged six poor 
women and the old sexton ; they have a small weekly allow- 
-aaee of 6d» or 8d. a-week, paid them by the ekarchwardens out 
of the collections for the poor.** [DowAes* Tour.] 

1707. Feb. 11. Philip Townbshd, V. Holy Trinity, per resignation 
of Synge. [D-R.] 

1712. Jonathan Serrie, of Cork oitty, gentleman j(will dated 
SOtili May, 1709, and proved 12th S^. 1712), leaves his '< body 
to be buried in my owne burying place or sepolchre in St 
Maries' Isle, in Christehureh, in Cork ;** also, ^ tweiri^ shillings 
sterling worth of bread to ye English Protestant poose of each 


of ye two parishes of Christchnrch and Shandon, to be distri- 
buted ye next day after my burial.** [Cork Wills.] 

1713. Nov. 16. At a vestry held this day, it was announced 
that John Pernr, late of Youghal, esq. had bequeathed to the 
poor of Ghristchurch parish, £100. And the minister, Philip 
Townsend, being in England, is requested to examine the will 
and receive the money. [Par. Reg.] 

1720. Nov. 27. The first sermon in the new church was 
preached by Rev. P. Townsend on this day. [Smith's Cork, 
vol. i. p. 378.] 

Philip Townsend, sixth son of Colonel Richard Townsend, of 
Castletownsend, was bom in 1664 at Eilbrittain Castle, near 
Timoleague, county Cork, and entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner 
on 20th June, 1684. He at first adopted the military profes- 
sion, and was a captain in the array, but subsequently entered 
into Holy Orders, and in 1706 was admitted by Bishop Dive 
Downes to the Prebend of Lisclexy, and by Bishop Crow, of 
Cloyne, to the R. V. Aghinagh, in Cloyne. These livings, toge- 
ther with the important Vicarage of the Holy Trinity, which 
he received in 1707, he held until his death. He was buried 
at the Holy Trinity on the 26th May, 1735. 

He married, circa 1705, Helena, dau. of John Galwey, esq. 
and by her had issue two daughters, Elisabeth (born 1709, 
died sp.) ; and Mary, born in 1710 (whom her fetther calls in 
his will his only child), who was wife to John Becher, esq. of 
Aghadowne, near Skibbereen, son of Colonel Thomas Becher, 
Governor of Sherkin Island, county Cork. Considerable estates 
were settled on that marriage, which now belong to the present 
Sir Henry Wrixon Becher, bart. of Ballygiblin, and Creagh, 
and Castlehyde, county Cork. 

Colonel Richard Townsend, the father of Philip Townsend, 
was descended from the ancient family of that name in the 
county of Norfolk ; and, having settled himself in Ireland, be- 
came the founder and common ancestor of the Townsend fisunily 
in the county oi Cork. 

In the reign of Charles 1. he was a Colonel of Infantry. In 
the civil wars of that period he would seem to have joined the 
army which served from 1642 to 1645, under the Earl of Essex, 
in support of the Long Parliament ; but refused to unite him- 
self to that new model of the army which was formed at 
Cromwell's instance early in 1645. He acted, however, with 
detached forces, which belonged to Sir Thomas Fairfiix's army, 
in the south-west of England, in the summer of the following 
year, 1646. He served at that time at the siege of Pendennis 
Castle, Cornwall, under the immediate command of the Honour- 
able Colonel Richard Fortescue ; and was one of the commis- 
sioners who were appointed on the part of the besiegers to 
treat about a capitulation, and who received the surrender of 


the castle, the 16th August. (See Sprigge, '' Anglia EediviTa, 
History of Army under Sir T. Fairfax," pp. 302-304 (London, 
1647 ; or pp. 306-313, Oxford University Press, 1854) ; Rush- 
worth, *' Historical Collections," part iv. vol, i. p. 295 (London, 

When the House of Commous caused troops to be forwarded 
to Ireland in the following year, 1647, Cromwell so arranged 
matters that only those who were opposed to his projects in 
England were sent thither. Accordingly, upon the 15th June, 
the Parliament " ordered that Colonel Townsend's regiment be 
hereby required and commanded forthwith to be shipped and 
transported into Ireland, for the service of that kingdom. (See 
Journals of the House of Commons, 1647, p. 211.) On the 
13th of the following November, Colonel Townsend commanded 
the main body of the English infantry at the great battle of 
Knockninoss, west of Mallow, in the county Cork, which was 
fought under the Earl of Inchiquin, against the Irish under 
Lord Taaffe. Subsequently, the English army being in great 
distress from the want of proper supplies, he united with Lord 
Inchiquin and others in a " Remonstrance," which was sent to 
the House of Commons early in the following year, 1648, and 
which is given by Sir Richard Cox, " History of Ireland," part 
ii. Appendix, No. 39, p. 140, London, 1689-90 ; and by Rush- 
worth, ''Historical Collections," part iv. vol. ii. p. 1041. And 
Inchiquin having shortly afterwards renounced his allegiance 
to the English Parliament, differences upon that subject of a 
serious character ensued between Colonel Townsend and that 
nobleman. (See Cox, Ibid, part ii. Charles I. pp. 198-202.) 

In the following year, 1 649, early in November, Cromwell 
having invaded Ireland, and taken the towns of Drogheda, 
Wexford, and Ross, the English garrisons in the county of 
Cork, in number about 2,500 men, not being able to " endure 
the thought of joining with the Irish against their own coun- 
trymen," united themselves to Cromwell, and proved to be of 
great service for the general subjugation of Ireland. In this 
important movement Colonel Townsend, acting with Lord Brog- 
hill. Colonel Courtney, Sir Percy Smith, and Colonels Qifford 
and Warder, took a leading part. (Cox, Ibid, part ii. Charles 
n. p. 12 ; " Life of Cromwell," p. 140, London, 1731). Crom- 
well writes, in particular, at that time, to Speaker Lenthall, 
that Colonel Townsend had come from Cork, in the " Nonsu<ih" 
frigate, to convey to him the submission of the English garri- 
son and Protestant inhabitants of that city ; and was with him 
at Ross (county Wexford), November 14, having, with others, 
" been very active for the return both of Cork and Toughal to 
their obedience." (See Despatch of that date in '^ Letters and 
Speeches of Cromwell," edited by Carlyle, vol. ii. pp. 94-96 ; 
London, 1846.) 



After the Irish war, about 1652, Colonel Townsend, it would 
seem, for a time went back to England. Subsequently he re- ' 
turned to Ireland; and, both during the Protectorate, when 
so many Irish estates were for sale, and after the restoration of 
Charles 11. in 1660, he made extensive purchases of land. He 
was seated for a time at Eilbrittain Castle, in the county Cork, 
and was Member for Baltimore in the Irish Parliament, which 
met at Chichester House, Dublin, 1661. At the instance of 
the Earl of Orrery, President of Munster, he was appointed 
Commander of Militia by the Duke of Ormonde, 1666. (See 
Orrery's "State Letters," pp. 156, 166, 170, folio, London, 
1742) ; and Smith, " State of the County and City of Cork," voL 
i. p. 6S, Dublin, 1774). And hiis purchases were confirmed to 
him by three several patents, in 1666, 1668, 1679. He finally 
settled himself at Castle Townsend, in the barony of West Car- 
bery. That site is mentioned in the patent of 1666 by its an- 
cient name, Sleugh teige. He became High Sheriff of the county 
Cork on 12th March, 1671. 

His son, Horatio, Captain of the "Lynor," sloop of war, greatly 
distinguished himself at the siege of Cork by the Duke of 
Marlborough, which took place in the reign of William III. 
September, 1690. (See Story, '' Impartial History of the Wars 
in Ireland," p. 141 ; London, 1693 ; Smith, Ibid. vol. ii. p. 207>. 
Shortly afterwards, in the same year, November 23rd, an attack 
was made by a Jacobite party of 500 men, under Colonel 
O'Driscoll, upon Colonel Townsend's mansion-house at Castle 
Townsend, which Colonel Townsend, with a garrison of thirty- 
five men, repelled, with considerable loss to the attacking party. 
(Story, Ibid. p. 151 ; Sir Richard Cox, MS. Narrative in Smith, 
Ibid. p. 211 ; Miscellany of the Celtic Society, edited by CDo- 
novan, note, pp. 396-7, Dublin, 1849.) 

Colonel Richard Townsend was married, and had issue eight 
sons and four daughters. Nearly two years after the assault 
upon his house ho died, July, 1692, aged about 84 years, and 
was buried in Castle Haven churchyard. His will is in the 
Prerogative Court of the diocese of Ross. 

His eldest son, John, had, in 1666, married Lady Catherine 
Barry, daughter of Richard, second Earl of Barrymore, by the 
Earl's first wife, Susan, daughter of Sir William Eiliigrew, 
knight. John Townsend died before his father, and left a 
daughter, Susannah. (See Scull, Cork, the Rev, Richard Towns- 
end) j and a son, Richard Fitz-John (see Colonel Townsend's 
will), who died after his grandfather's death, a minor, without 

Colonel Townsend's second son, Bryan, had, in 1666, been 
appointed Comet of Militia Cavalry (see references above to 
Orrery's State Letters, and Smith's County Cork.) Bryan mar- 
ried, about 1680, Mary, daughter of Edward Synge, ]Bishop of 

cohk.] holt trinity, ticabage. 115^ 

Cork, Cloyiiei and Boss^ and sister of Edward Synge, Arch- 
bishop of Tuam. 

In the reign of William III. in 1689^ Bryan Townsend's 
name, together with the names of his brothers, Francis and 
Kingston, appeared in the list of proscribed persons appended 
to tne great Act of Attainder, which was passed by the Irish 
Parliament under James II. (See the Act, with list, in Arch- 
bishop King's " State of the Protestants of Ireland,*' appendix, 
p. 348, Cork, 1768 ; and Macaulay, « History of England," 
chap. xii. William and Mary, vol. iii. pp. 216-220, London, 
1855.) It is not unlikely tbat Bryan Townsend may have 
been present at the battle of the Boyne, for we find him at 
Bel&st in 1690, May 21st, only three weeks before the landiug 
of William III. in Ulster, and six weeks before the battle ; and 
in that year he was made Colonel of Militia. (See Diary of 
Bichard Davies, Dean of Cork, edited by Caulfield, Camden 
Society, p. 115 ; London, 1857.) 

Five years later, in 1695, Colonel Bryan Townsend became 
Member for Clonakilty in the Irish Parliament. Upon the 
demise of his nephew, Richard Fitz-John, as abore, he inhe- 
rited the family estates. He had nine sons and fire daughters, 
who have left numeroas descendants. And, the male issue of 
Colonel Bryan Townsend's younger brothers haying failed, the 
Townsends of the county Cork trace their descent from his father, 
Colonel Bichard Townsend, in the male line only, through the 
male issue of Bryan. He died at Castle Townsend in 1726, 
aged about 78 years, and was buried at Castle Haven. 

The Rev. Maurice Fitzgerald Townsend, of Castle Townsend, 
Vicar of Thombury, Gloucestershire, is the present head of the 
family of Townsend in the county of Cork. 

See Burke, " Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland," 
Townsend, of Castle Townsend. 
1735. June 13. Isaac Goldsmith, a.m.. V. Holy Trinity, per mor- 
tem Philippi Townsend. [D.B.] 

Goldsmith was also Dean of Cloyne, q. v. 

1740. Sept. 30. '' Ordered, that great or loose coats be pro- 
vided for the bellhours of this parish by the churchwardem 
thereof. Isaac Goldsmith, Vicar." fChristchurch Vestry Book.] 

1769. May 26. William Pbatt, a.m., V. Holy Trinity, vacant by 
death of Goldsmith. [D.R.] And also Dean of Cloyne, q. v. , 

1770. March 28. William Jephson, a.b., V. Holy Trinity, vacated 
by death of Pratt. [D.R.] Jephson was also Ptecentor of 
Boss, q. V. 

1774. August 5. BiCHAED PiGOTT, D.D., V. Holy Trinity. [P.F.] 
B. Pigott was ordained Deacon in 1752, and Priest on 12th 
November, 1752, at Cork. 

In 1752 he was appointed Beader in Cork Cathedral, and in 
1755, April 7, was licensed to the curacy of St Finbarry. 



From 1761 to 1770, he was Vicar Choral of Cork ; from 1770 
to 1774, P. Lieclery ; and from 1774 to 1782, V. Holy Trinity. 
He died in Norember, 1782, and was buried in Cork Cathedral. 

1782. Not. 28. Albxandbr Lamilliebb, ll.d., Y. Holy Trinity. 
[F.F.] In 1796 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

In 1782 Dr. Lamilliere resided on White*s Qu^, Cork. 
The valuation of his houi^e was £24. [S. Nic Par. Beg.] 

1786. "Paid the bellhoars and organ blower, 52 weeks, at 
6». ed. per week, £16 18«. Od" "The two bellhours, for 
attending the churchwardens on their collection, and for distri- 
buting the weekly money among the poor, £6 I6s. 6d'* " To 
advertisements of the time of the patrole, 6«. 6d'* [Christ- 
church Vestry Book.! 

1796. June 4. William Noble, V. Christcburch, and B. Killowen. 

1804. " Two men attending to ring the bells, Sec, at 7«. 7d, 
per week, £39 8«. 8d" 

1805. Nov. 20. "At an adjourned vestry, thanks are voted 
to Bev. John Quarry, for his " strong and pathetic*' charity 
sermon, whereby the unusually large sum of £184 was col- 
lected for the poor of this parish." 

1806. April 7. "At a Vestry held in Holy Trinity, Ac, 
thanks are voted to the Bev. Alexander Kennedy, and Bev. 
Boyle Davies, for their unimpeachable and truly Christian con- 
duct while the^ have been Curates of this parish ; the former, 
during the period of 21, the latter, 16 years." 

*' Besolved^ also, that a piece of plate, of the value of 50 
guineas, be presented to each of these clergymen, with a 
suitable inscription, as a lasting testimony of the esteem and 
respect which this Vestry entertain for them." 

It was also resolved " that a memorial be presented to the 
Lord Lieutenant, the Archbishop and Bishop of this diocese, 
recommending them for promotion." [Vestry Book.] 

W. Noble was V. Kinsale from 1780 to 1796, and V. Holy 
Trinity from 1796 to 1806. He held Eillowen from 1796 to 
1806. Sept. 10. Jambs Mbaba, a.m., V. Christcburch, vacant by 
death of Noble. [D.B.] 

"1810. 23rd April. £135 17«. was paid for taking down 
part of the steeple of Christcburch." 

"Oct. 25, 1810. At an adjourned Vestiy it is resolved to 
' adjourn the consideration of the erection of a new steeple/ in 
compliance with the wishes of the majority of the parishioners." 

"1816. April 15. £9 2«. is voted for washing church linen, 
and £12 for 4 new surplices j and £34 2«. 6d. to James Ma- 
grath, for singing anthems ; £22 15«. for sacrament wine; 
£5 13«. 9d. for sacrament bread." 

"1816. June 3. An annual sum of £50 is voted to each of 


the Ouiaies, Alex. Kennedy, and Boyle Davies^ as a testimony 
of respect; but on 17th June, 1816, tliis is declined by the 

*^ 1822. April 4. Thanks are voted to Miss Sarah French, 
for her yalnable gift of a silver salver for the nse.of the charch.*' 
[Vestry Books.] 

James Meara was a Scholar of T.C.D. in 1776. He resigned 
B. Eellistown, in Leighlin, in 1782, and from 1782 to 1823, 
was P. Aghoure, in Ossory. He also was V. Holy Trinity 
from 1806 to 1823. And I think he was a Vicar Choral of 
Tnam, from 1795 to 1812. 

He died at Welbrook, co. Kilkenny, in 1823, leaving by his 
wife, Elisabeth, five sous : Eev. John, James, Qeorge, Henry, 
and Spencer ; besides two daughters : Elisabeth, wife of Rev. 
John Kearney, and Charlotte. 

His eldest son. Rev. John Meara, died at Headford, co. Gal- 
way, in 1 839, leaving issue six daughters. 
1824. January 12. Joshua Berkeley, a.m., V. Christchurch. 

1824. January 21. The Vestry arrange for a committee, in 
order to take down and rebuild the church ; and on Ist Feb., 
1825, they agree to borrow from the Board of First Fruits 
£13,500 to erect a new church. [Vestry Books.] 

Joshua Berkeley (a younger son of Rev. Qeorge Berkeley, 
Vicar Choral of Cork, q. v.) was ordained Deacon at Oojrne, 
on 24th August, and Priest, at Cork, on September 7, 1800. 

He was, on 4th of August, 1801, licensed to the curacy of 
Carrigaline, and from 1801 to 1825, was R. V. Carrigrohane- 
beg, in Cloync. From 1804 to 1825, he was a Vicar Choral, 
Cork. He died unmarried, on 26th April, 1825. 
1825* May 4. Charles Leslie, a.b.. Vicar, and in 1844, August 10, 
Honorary Prebendary of Holy Trinity. [D.R.] 

1827. Sept. 10. The Bishop issues a monition to the church- 
wardens to assess on the parish X3,500 for restoring the church, 
in consequence of the ruinous state of which the parishioners 
had been then four years without divine service in the church. 

1830. Protestant population, 2,924. 

1837. Holy Trinity : a vicarage, with cure, i mile long by 
^ mile broad ; gross population, 9,567 ; two Curates employed, 
at stipends, to the senior of £75, and to the junior of £50 per 
annum ; from Minister's money, £444; surplice fees, £12 I6s. 2d,; 
rent of glebe-house, £3 13«. 10^., subject to visitation fees, Ss.; 
diocesan schoolmaster, lis. Holy Trinity glebe-house, situate 
in St. Peter's parish, has been let for the last twenty-nine 
years, in consequence, as is reported, of its being wholly unfit 
for the residence of Incumbent from its age and situation ; but 
when, or at what cost^ built, unknown. Incumbent is resident 


in Cork city, tliongh not actually within the benefice>and pays 
the sum of £52 lOa. in the way of house-rent. One church, 
capable of accommodating 2,000 persons, rebuilt in 1828, at 
a cost of iS4,089 188. 5(f., Brit., raised by parochial assessment. 
No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. 
Divine service is celebrated in the church twice on all Sundays, 
and once on all Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and on the 
principal holidays. Early service is also performed on £he third 
Sunday in each month, and on the three great festivals. The 
Sacrament is administered thirty-one times in the year. The 
rectory of the Holy Trinity is appropriated to the prebend of the 
same name, founded in the Cathedral Church of St Finbarr's, 
Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

Charles Leslie (son of John Leslie, of Cork, banker, by 
Catherine-Mary Hyde) was ordained Deacon on 2nd May, 
1819, and Priest on 20th May, 1821, both at Cork. 

In 1819, he was appointed Chaplain to the Earl of Donogh- 
more. He was licensed on 12th Oct., 1819, to the curacy of 
Blackrock, near Cork, and on 25th September, 1822, to that of 
the Holy Trinity, which he held until he was appointed Vicar 
of same place, in 1825. 

He died on 8th March, 1846, and bequeathed £50 to the 
Parochial School, and £10 to the Infant School. His brother, 
Mathew, of Wilton, co, Cork, was his executor. 
1846. April 20. William Cottbe Williamson, a.m., Vicar. He 
was also, in 1846, elected by the Dean and Chapter Hono- 
rary Prebendary of the Holy Trinity. [D.R.] Net yearly 
value, £401 2«. [D.R.] In 1861 he became Precentor of 
Cloyne, q. r. 
1853. December 1. Johk Connollt, a.b., is admitted Vicar, and on 
12th April, 1854, is also Honorary Prebendary of the Holy 
Trinity. The net annual value of the vicarage is £663 Is, 

1860. The church, &c., in good order ; no glebe-house ; the 
Curates are, Gilbert M'Cord and Robert Norcott ; divine service 
twice on all Sundays, and on chief festivals and fasts, and, 
also on one day in the week, &c., &c. Sacrament twice a 
month; average of communicants, 118; and at Christmas, 
299, and at Easter, 276. There are three schools, (for boys, 
girls, and in&nts,) supported by an endowment of £13 16«. lie?., 
and by voluntary contributions. Number of children on rolls, 
164. Average attendance, 121. 

The Protestant population is 1,859. 

John Connolly (son of Peter Connolly, esq., by Anne Dow- 
ling) was bom 3rd Feb., 1806, and was ordained Deacon in 

1832. He received Priest's orders at Cloyne, on 14th July, 

1833, being then Curate of Gurryflass, or Mogeely. 

Prom 1834 to 1848, he was P. 0. Tracton, and from 1848 to 


1850, Chaplain of Frankfield, near Cork ; and from 1850 to 
1853, Preacher at Cork Cathedral. He was ChanceUox of Cork, 
from May to December, 1853. 

He married, in 1846, Martha^ dan. of Rev. John Quarry, 
LL.P., and has issae one son, John Quarry Connolly, bom in 


1591. Edmond M^btbn is Ticar of Inchigeelah. '<E. de Inshe- 
gewlanghe spectat ad hospit. Mome. Edmundos M^ryen 
Yicarius de Inshigulagh deprivatus propter aoceptacionem rec- 
tori» de Mortelstown." [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] He was also, 
in 1591, y. Inchinabacky, in Cloyne. 

1615. Henby Stonb appears as V. Inchigeelah. " Iiichigulagh ; 
(residens) Bectoria spectat ad Monrne. Yicarius ibm Henry 
Stone, minister legens.'' [R.Y. EJ.A.] Stone was also, in 
1615, Curate of Kilbrittan and Eathclaren, and Yic. Chor. Cloyne. 

1621. Nov. 1. Thomas Holfobd is admitted Y. Inshegulaghe, and 
on 3rd Nov. is inducted. [B.Y. 1634.] In 1637 he became 
Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. 

1634. E. de Inchogulaghe spectat ad Ab. de Mourne et 
Antro. Donogh M'Carty ffirmarius. Yal. 10 li. per an. 
Vic. ibm Thomas Holford. Yal. 10 li. per an. [E.Y. 1634.] 
'^ Thomas Holford, a Beading Minister, noe graduate, and 
honest by report, hath the vicaridge of Inshegulin in lapse. 
Yal. 10 li." [MS. Probate Court, Dublin.] 

1637. Feb. 5. William Dumville, Y. Inshegulagh and Clondrohit. 
[F.F.] Dumville took a degree in T.C.D. in 1637. 

1639. " Yacant ; William Allen, Curate. Ecclesia bene et 
omata." [Y.B.] 

Perhaps this William Allen was second son of George Allen. 
If so, he was born at Newcastle, county Limerick, and was 
educated at Crewkerne, in England. He was a Scholar of 
T.C.D. on 19 Sept 1638. [Beg. T.C.D.] 

1639 or 1640. Thadbus O'Shkaohan, Y. de Inshagulagh. [F.F.] 
Thadeus O'Shaughan, or Sheaghan was ordained Priest by 
the Bishop of Ardfert on 23rd June, 1612. He was admitted 
V. Dromtariffe, Dryssan, and Cullen, dioc. Ardfert, on 29th 
August, 1618, ex presentatione Domini Begis Jacobi per lit- 
teras patentes 28th August, anno Begni 16% quas vicarias 
Bex nnivit propter tenuitatem fructuum. Inductus est 22nd 
Sept. 1618. [MS. Consistorial Office, Dublin.] 

1663. Sept. 26. Geobob Synob per Itras Dni Begis, studendi grur 
tia, institutus fuit Y. de KilmihiU et Inshiguk in colL Epi. 
[V.B. 1669.] He appears 1663 to 1676. [V.B.] Comes 


Cork est Beotor. In 1668 Synge was absent studendi gratia, 
[V.B.] In 1674 he was P. Kilbrogan, q. ?. 

1677. Samitbl Sykoe, Altera B. V. Inchigulah and Eilmichael, and 
P. Dromdaleague, q. v. 

1679. June 10. Cornelius Hionett, a.m., V. Inchigulah and £il- 
michael, and P. Dromdaleague. [E.F.] In 1706 he became 
Chancellor of Boss, q. y. 

•' No Protestants" in this parish in 1699. [T.B. D.D.] 
^'Oct. 15. 1700. I saw Inchigeelah Church: it is 4 miles to 
the west of Kilmichael, on the north side of the Biver Lee, 
near the river ; 'tis about 70 foot long, the walls built with 
stone and lime are standing uncoyerM, the west end hangs oyer. 
A good large church-yard, a ditch about it, only three small 
windows in the church. About 100 plantat acres of yery 
coarse glebe near the church, belonging to the Incumbent, 'tis 
set at second-hand for £3 per an. About 23^ plowlands in 
this parish, the lands westward of ye church are yery coarse. 
These lands are part of the gentry diyision of the Earl of Chin- 
carty's estate. There were lately 2 or 3 Protestants in this 
parish, but now there are none. Mr. Brown did preach before the 
troubles once in three weeks for some time in Mr. Lock's house. 
Dennis Leary is Popish Priest of this parish, and Kilnemartery, 
in Cloyne diocese." 

" At Gougan Barry, in this parish, lives Dennis Mahony, 
formerly Priest of this parish, now a hermit, who has built 7 
chappels there. He was order'd at Borne to undergo the pen- 
ance of a hermit, having been guilty of fornication. 'Tis said 
that St. Finbarry from a cell in this place was remov'd to the 
bishoprick of Corke. In this parish, 2 miles east of the church, 
I saw, on the north side of the river Lee, the walls of a church 
or chappel, call'd Eillbarry, the walls built with stone and 
clay are standing uncover'a. The bounds of the church-yard 
are discernible ; 'tis said to have been a chappel of ease, built 
by the Learys. This parish was formerly worth £100 per an. 
now 'tis worth about 40 per an. to the Incumbent. More than 
half of this parish lies on the north side of the river Lee. 
There are the ruins of a chappel, call'd Agharus, on the north 
side of the river, in the north and west comer of this parish, 
belonging to this parish ; but Dean Davies did once pretend it 
belonged to the diocese of Cloyne, it being mentioned in the 
Visitation Books of Cloyne. I did not see this chappel. This 
parish is also caUed Iveleary, i.e. the habitation of the family 
of the Learys. The Earl of Corke, as Impropriator, has half the 
tithes of this parish, the Vicar has the other half ; the Vicar 
pays a crown rent of 18«. per an. for this parish. One rectoiy 
belonged to the Abbey of Moume. This parish extends to- 
wards the east from the church 3 miles, and towards the west 
from the church 9 miles.** [Downes* Tour.] 


1727. Nov. 8. No name appears. [V.B. 1^«R«] 
1727/8. Feb. 1. Peter Watbrhoubb, a.m., B. v . Incfaignila^h and 
kilmifaill, per mortem naturalem Cornelii Hignett. [D.R.] 

He was collated a second time, 3l3t January, 1732^ on be- 
coming Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1750. April 19. Patrick Elmsley, a.m., R. V. Inchigeelab and Eil- 
michael. [P.F.] Both vacant, per death of Peter Water* 
bouse. [D.R.] 

1750. July 14. The Bishop consents to a memorial for the 
erection of a glebe- house at Inchigeelah. [D.B.] 

Patrick Elmsley was from 1746 to 1749, Y. Kilcaskin, Boss ; 
from 1749 to 1750, B. Macloneigh ; and from 1750 until his 
death in 1755 he was B. V. Inchigeelah and Kilmichael. 

He does not appear elsewhere in Cork Becords. I find among 
the Cloyne marriage bonds^ one for the marriage of Patrick 
Elmsley, of Crossduff, with Bebecca Sewell, of Kilnemartery, 
dated in 1757. This might have been a son of Bev. P. Elmsley. 
1755. March 18. John Baily, a.b., B. V. Inshigeelagh. [F.E\] 
By death of Patrick Elmsley. [D.R.] 

1755. August 19. A commission issues (to view the house 
and offices erected on glebe by late Pat. Elmsley), at request 
of Francis Elmsley and Thomas Wallis, the executors of Bev. 
Pat. Elmsley. The return is dated Sept. 22, 1755, and finds 
£248 186. lid, to have been the value of the house, &c. when 
finished; and £218 3<. 9d. to be the present value ; £30 lis. id. 
being sufficient to put them in as good repair as they were 
when first completed. According to the detailed account the 
stone work of the house cost 3«. 8d. per perch ; roofing, 30«. 
per square; slating and rendering, lis, per square ; flooring, 30«. 
per square ; flagging, 2s. Sd. per yard. And the stone work 
of the out-offices, cost 3«. 6d. per perch ; roofing, 20s. ; and 
slating, 12s. a square. [D.B.] 

John (son of Theodore Baily, Medici), was born at Bandon, 
and when nineteen years old obtained Sizarship, T.C.D. on 28th 
May, 1718. He afterwards graduated a.b. 

He was ordained Deacon at Cloyne on 23rd Sept. 1728. In 
1733 he was Curate of ChriBtchurch, Cork, which post he held 
until 1752, and perhaps longer. From 1743 to 1755 he was 
B. V. KilcuUy. 

He married Mary 1 and by her had a son, Theodosius 

Baily. He left, by his will (dated 24th April, 1773), to his 
kinsman, John Nash, esq. of Brinny, a silver snufi'-box, presented 
to him with his freedom by the Provost and Corporation of 
Bandon, on account of a sermon preached before them on 23rd 
October, 1763. 
1773- April 28. Edward Weeks, a.b., B. V. Inshigeelagh [P.P.], 
permort John Baily. [D.B.] 

He became in 1791 P. Eilbrittain, q. y. 


1791. Feb. 26. Qborqb Sbalt, a.h., B. 7. Inohigeelah. [F.F.] 
In 1794 Sealy became also E. S. Faurs, q. v. 
1830. Protestant population, 54. 

1837. Inchigeelah, a vicarage^ with cure, 6 miles long by 
9 broad, containing 40,000a. Gross population, 5,783. One 
Curate employed, at an aunual stipend of £18, with the use of 
the glebe-house and glebe of 242a. Tithe composition, £400 ; 
242a. of glebe, valued at an entire sum of £80 ; subject to 
visitation fees, and diocesan schoolmaster, £2 10«. Inchigee- 
lah glebe-house, built under the old Acts, about a century since, 
but at what cost unkuown ; the present Incumbent was not 
chargeable with the payment of anv sum to his predecessor, 
neither has he any demand against his successor, although he 
expended £36 ISs, 5|<f. Brit., in covering the offices with 
slate, instead of thatch. Incumbent is non-resident, being in- 
capaciated by age and infirmities from discharging duties ; he 
resides in Bath. One church, 4»pable of accommodating 100 
persons, built in 1814, by means of a loan of £230 15«. 4fd. 
Brit., granted by the late Board of First Fruits ; of which loan 
there remained £109 16^. chargeable on the parish in 1832, 
repayable by annual instalments of £6 10«. Divine service 
is celebrated twice on Sundays, from March to September, and 
once during the remainder of the year, and on the festivals. 
The sacrament is administered monthly and on the three great 
festivals. The rectorial tithes of this parish, compounded for 
£125 58. lid, are impropriate, and belong to the Duke of 
Devonshire. [Pari. Rep.J 

1838. June 7. John Toeeens Kyle, a.b., R. Y. Incbigeelah, per 
moct^m Sealy. [D.B.] 

In 1839 he became K. Clondrohid, Cloyne, q. v. 

1839. April 11. Hbney Swanzy, a.m., B. V. Inchigeelah ; certified 
under £400. [D.R.] In 1849 he became B. V. Kilshannig, 
Cloyne, q. v. 

1840. May 14. Hbnet Evaks Sadliee, a.m., B. V. Inchigeelah. 
[D.B.] In 1849 he became P. Ballyhay, Cloyne, q. v. 

1847. Nov. 27. The old glebe-house and offices were con- 
demned. rp.B.] 

1849. June 14. James Whitb, a.b., B.y. Inchigeelah. Annual value, 
£379. [D.B.] 

1859. Dec. 20. The Bishop certified a charge of £647 U. 
for a new glebe-house. The old one to be taken down. 

1860. The church, dbc, and glebe-house, in good order; 
240a. of glebe, of which 23 are in the Rector's occupation. 
Divine service twice on all Sundays, and once on the usual 
holidays, &c. Sacrament monthly ; average of communicants, 
8 ; and on festivals, average 10. 11 children attend a school 
taught by a Piotestant mistress, and maintained by aid of 


Church Education Society. The Protestant population is 57. 
The rentcharge is £300, and the land is worth £80. Total 
value of benefice, £380 per annum and residence. 

James White was ordained Deacon on 21st December, 1823, 
and Priest on 10th April, 1825, both at Cloyne. 

In 1824 he was Reader at St. Finbarry's, Cork, and from 
1827 to 1848 he was P. C. Fermoy. 

He married, in 1837, Anne Letitia Purcell, of Charleville. 


1291. "Eccia de Tmsogenan XVmr.*' [Tax. P. Nic] 

1542. ''Philippus Barry ocke meae nacOis capitaueus et dnus de 
Kinelega ac verus patronus Eccliae parochialis de Ynyssonan 
Corcag. dioc. cum consensu omnium fratrum" grants to Patrick 
Myaghe, and his heirs, besides other things^ the advowson of the 
parish church of Innishannon. This deed is dated 15th Oct. 
33 Hen. Vm. [D.R.] 

1580. May 14. AlexanperMeaghe, or Meade, adnLKInnishonaue. 
'' Kectoria simplex de Inishohnan Corcagen. dioc. concessa 
est per presentation em patron i et admissionem Epi, facta unione 
de ^am Rectoriad simplici de Binrone quam possidet et tenet 
Alexanbeb Meaohe ad vitam tantum dicti Alexandri, cui etiam 
dispensatio de non premovendo et de non residendo per quin- 
queuium de consensu et assensu decani et capituli concessa est 
Corcagiffi 14 Maij, 1580." ro.R.] 

1591. Alexander Meagh, K. de innishannon, " propter accep- 
tacionem Rectorite InsulsB parvse depriyatus." V. Innishonane, 
John Nashe, who is also V. Kinsale. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 
In another part of this MS. Innishannon is said to be '* sequestr. 
pro primitiis Regineis." [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1594. June 22. Riohabd Gibbons is presented to the Bectoiy and 
Vicarage, or entire Rectory of Inishonane, dioc. Cork, pjib, 
Mun.] in the gift of the Crown by devolved right seu quocun- 
que alio modo de jure, &c. [Pat. Rot. Chana] Gibbons does 
not appear elsewhere. 

1615. Geobge Lee (Dean of Cork, q. v.) is R. and Y. Inishonan. 
"Curatus Miohael Mat, minister legens. Ecclesia et cancella 
repantur." [R.V. R.I.A] 

1627. Feb. 28. Joseph Tbavbbs, R. V. Innishonane. [F.F.] He 
was inducted on 24th March, 1632, and instituted on 25th 
Oct. 1629, according to the Royal Visitation of 1634, but there 
is some evident confusion as to the dates. In 1635 Travers 
became Chancellor of Cloyne, q. v. 

1634. R. T. Inishonan, Joseph Travers. Val. 60 li. per an. 
Patronus, Pat. Meagh de Einsale. [R.y. 1634.] Particula de 


Skenavisse spectat partim ad Rect. de InisboDaue et partim ad 

mensam Episcopi. [R.Y. 1634.] 
1635. August 3. Gbobge Hallth, R. V. Innishonane. [F.F.] 

Hallym does not appear elsewhere. 
1638. April 28. John Hall, R. V. Innishonane. [F.F.] He be- 
came, in 1639, P. Oahirlag, q. v. 

He appears in V. B. of 1639, with Antony Hutchins as 

Curate. " Ecclia bene, desunt ornamenta."* [V.B.] 
1640. August 24. Thomas Frith, admissus ad Rectoriam et Yica- 

riam unitam de Inishonane. [F.F.] He was also Archdeacon 

of Ross, q. V. 
1662. Feb. 6. John Butlbb, R. V. Inishonane, [F.F.] on letters 

patent, dated 29th June. [Lib. Mun.] He was also P. Eil- 

brittain, q. y. 

1666. Vacant, with a stroke through the name of Mr. John Butlbb. 
[V.B. D.R.] 

1667. June 29. John Moobe, P. Eilbrittain, R. V. Innishonan, R. 
Ballymartle, Templemichael de Duagh, and Leighmonej, and 
V. Ballyfiard. [F.F.] To lunishannon, 6io. " in presentatione 
regis eo quod Meed patronus est Papista." [D.R.] On letters 
patent from crown. [Lib. Mun.] 

He appears as Rector 1667 to 1691, and as Vicar 1667 to 
1702. [V.B. D.R.] John Moore, senior, was Archdeacon of 
Cloyne, q. v. 
1692. Sept. 1. Fbanois Moobb, a.m., R. Innishannon and Leigh- 
money, per resignation of John Moore. [D.R*] On letters 
patent, dated 5th May, 1692. [Lib. Mun.] He was son of 
his predecessor. [P.P.] 

He appears 1692 to 1728 as Hector. [V.B. D.R.] 

1699. Innishannon. Sermon every Sunday. Sacrament 4 
times a-year. Above 20 families of Protestants in this and 
Lifeny and Templemichael. The church is in good repair. 
[V.B. D.R. D.D.] At Leighmony is this entry : No church- 
wardens or parish clerk. 4 plowlands. The Protestants go 
to Innishonane. [V.B. D.D. 1699.] 

Francis Moore (son of John, Archdeacon of Cloyne), was 
bom in the Queen's county, and on 19th January, 1682/3, he 
became a Pensioner of T.O.D. He was R. Innishannon and 
Leighmoney from 1692 to 1728. He was also, from 1693 to 
1704, R. Templemichael de Duagh. 

He had by his wife, Catherine 1 two daughters, Eathe- 

rine, wife of William Caullield, Lieutenant-Governor of Inver- 
ness during the late attempt of the Pretender ; and Elisabeth, 
wife of Robert Percy, esq. of Snugborough, county Wicklow. 
1702. July 21. John Moobb, jun. a.m.. Vicar Inishonan, per resig- 
nation of John Moore, sen. [D.R.] In 1711 John Moore, 
jun. became Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 
1729. Oct. 30. John Moobb, Hector Innishannone and R. Leigh- 


money, per mort. Francis Moore. On letters patent^ dated 
Sept. 18. [D.E. and Lib. Man.] 

He am>ear8 as Yicar 1702 to 1738^ and as Rector 1729 to 
1749. [V.B. D.R] He was the Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 

1737. John Moore^ Vicar of Innoshonane, and the Bishop of 
Cork, submit their claims to the rectorial part of the tjthes of 
Skemanisk to the award of the Vicar-General^ Thomas Russell, 
and the Registrar, Thomas Weeks, who award the Vicar the 
possession of the tythes, on pa^rment of an annual head-rent to 
the Bishop of ten shillings. [I>.R.] 
1739. July 4. Charles Moore, A3., V. Inishonan and Leighmony, 
per resignation of John Moore. [B.R.] 

In 1739 the Rectory and Vicarage of Inishonane were con- 
solidated by the Archbishop of Cashel, and in same year the 
R. and V. of Leighmony were also consolidated. [D»R] 

Charles Moore, a.b., son of Rev. John Moore, Treasurer of 
Cork, was born 1717, and entered T.C.D in 1734. He was 
ordained Deacon on 24th July, 1737, and Priest on 8th Oct. 
1738, both at Cork. 

In 1739 he became V. Innishannon and R. V. Leighmony ; 
the Rectory of Innishannon being afterwards consolidated with 
the Vicarage. He became also, in 1746, R. Templemichael 
de Duagh, and retained all the said livings until his death, in 

He married Mary (dau. of Colonel Christopher Rogers, of 
Lota, by Martha, dau. of Quentin Osborne), and by her left 
issue three daughters, Martha, Anna-Maria, and Katherine. His 
will was dated 21st Nov. and proved 21st Dec. 1753. Cathe- 
rine married, in 1766, on 3rd April, Robert Waller, esq. m.p. 
for Dundalk ; and Martha married Edward Wilmot, esq. an- 
cestor of Wilmot Chetwode, esq. of Woodbrook, Portarlington. 

1754. Rectory and Vicarage vacant. [V.B. D.R.] 

1755. June 27. St. John Browne, ll.d., is presented to R. V. 
Innishannon and Leighmoney. [lib. Mun.] And on July 10 
receives a second patent, occasioned by the misnaming Charles 
Moore (deceased), John Moore in the former patent. [Lib. 
Mun.] 1760. Sept. 3. By the King's conunand. Dr. St. John 
Browne is removed from Innishonane, and re-admitted, on pre- 
sentation of Francis Kearney, by the Archbishop of Cashel. 

Browne was also P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 

1760. Feb. 20. Rev. Peter Cortez (who, on the 16th, had 
taken the necessary oaths, &c), is licensed by the Bishop to 
read service in French, preach, and administer the sacraments 
(according to ye use of the Church of Ireland, and no other) 
in ye parish church of Inishonane, or wherever else may 
be appointed for the said French congregation to assemble. 

126 nmisHAinroN. [coek. 

1796. Jane 18. Fobstkb Aboheb, a.b., R. V. Innishannone and 
Leighmonej, vice St. John Browne. [Lib. Mnn.] 

Forster Archer was ordained Deacon at Oork on 3rd Nov. 
1782, and Priest on 5th Dec. 1784, at Oloyne. 

In 1782 he was licensed Curate of St. Anne Shandon. He 
had been partner in a newspaper, and was made Inspector of 
Prisons by the Government. 
1796. July 29. Riohard Meads, a.b., B. and V. Innishonane. 
[P.F.] On presentation of James Kearney, esq. [D.R.I 

Richard Meade was, I think, ordained Deacon on 5th Oct. 
1777, and Priest on 9th November, 1780, both at Cork. In 
1787 he was licensed Curate of St. Paul's. 

From 1792 to 1799 he was R. Qarryvoe, and from 1796 to 
1808 he was R. V. Innishannon. 

He married Mary, dau. of John, twenty*fifth Bason I^inq- 
SALE, and by her had issue, Rev. Thomas Meade (R. Temple- 
trine, q. V.) ; Rev. William Meade (V. Fanlobbus, q. v.) ; and 
Major-General Frederick Meade, of Belmont. Another son, 
Michael de Courcy Meade, of the 39th Regiment, was killed at 
the battle of Vittoria. I think that the following were also 
children of the above Rev. Richard Meade, namely, " James, 
third son, and Martha, eldest daughter, of Rev. Richard Meade, 
of Tazax," who are named in the will (made 1784, and proved 
1789), of Catherine Meade, widow of David Meade, of Einsale, 
1808. April 21. Thomas Meade, a.b., R. V. Innishannon. [F.F.I 
On presentation of James Kearney, esq. and on resignation of 
Richard Meade [D.R.], his father. 

Thomas Meade, on 4th July, 1837, became R. Templetrine, 
q. V. 

1830. Protestant population, 438. 

1837. Innishannon, a rectory, with cure, 4 miles long by 3 
broad, containing 6,678 acres. Gross population, 3,840. No 
Curate employed. Tithe composition, £632 6s. 1^» Subject 
to visitation fees, £1 Ss, 6(2. Diocesan schoolmaster, £1 5«. lOcL 
No glebe-house. Incumbent is resident ; and pays an annual 
rent of £42 for the house in his occupation. One church, 
capable of accommodating 250 persons, but when, or at what 
cost, built, unknown. It was partially rebuilt in 1761, at an 
expense of about £184 12s. 3|c^. British, raised by subscriptions. 
No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. 
Divine service is celebrated twice on all Sundays, and once on 
the festivals. The sacrament is administered monthly. The 
benefice is a rectory. [Pari. Rep.] 
1837. July 4. John Roqebson Cotteb, a.m., R. V. Innishannon, on 
presentation of John Cuthbert Kearney, esq. [D.R.] 

J. R. Cotter (second son of Sir James Laurance Cotter, by 
Isabella, widow of George Brereton), was ordained Deaeon on 


20tli Jane, 1813^ at dork, and Priest on Idth Get. 1815, at 

He was, from 1818 to 1837, R. Templetrine ; and from 1837 
to 1847 B. y. Innisbannon. He died on 18tb April, 1847. 
He married, firstly, Ellen, dan. of Bev. Robert Scott, of Dub- 
lin ; secondly, Ellen, dau. of Rev. Thomas Hoare, of OastletowD, 
Cloyne; and thirdly, in 1825, Caroline, dan. of Sir Robert 
Shaw, bart. 
1847. Sept. 8. Robebt Hedges Mauksbll Eybb, a.b., R. V. Innisb- 
annon, on presentation of John Cuthbert Kearney, esq. Aug. 
9tb, 1847. [D.R.] Annual value, £474. 

1856. July 17. A new church, on new site, was consecrated 
by name of Christchurch. [D.R.] 

1860. R. H. M. Eyre, Incumbent; Alexander Waring, 
Curate. Church, &c. in order. No glebe-house. No glebe. 
Divine service twice on all Sundays, and once on chief feasts, 
&c. Sacrament monthlj, and at festivals ; average of commu- 
nicants, 45. 30 boys and 22 girls are on the rolls of male and 
female schools under the Board of Erasmus Smith. General 
and Mrs. Meade support an infant school, with 20 children on 
rolls. The Protestant population is 465. The rentcharge is 
£474 58. Id, 

R. H. M. Eyre, eldest son of Richard Maunsell, esq. by Lady 
Catherine Hare, took the name of Eyre in compliance with the 
will of his grand-uncle, Robert UEnaBS Etbb, esq. Vide 
Burke's L. G.^-ariicfe, Eybe, of Galway. 

He was educated at the Luxemburgh School, Dublin, and is 
a Graduate of T.C.D. 

He was ordained Deacon in 1834 by the Bishop of Limerick, 
for the Curacy of Ballingarry. 

He married in 1836 Anna-Maria, eldest dau. of Eyre Evans, 
esq. of Ash Hill Towers, county Limerick, and has issue fiv# 
sons and six daughters. 


1291. "Eccia de Balymolunthil, VImr." [Tax. P. Nic] 
1579. July 2. Magisteb Johannes Donaldus Cobmaous wa« ap- 
pointed Vicar of Inskenny. " Vicaria perpetua de Inskynny, 
Corkagen dioc. concessa est, per collacionem Epi, M. Joanni 
Donaldo Cormaco, cum dispensacione de non residendo et de 
non premovendo per quinquenium, modo dicta ecclesia non de- 
fraudetur interim debitis obsequiis, secundo die July, 1579. 
Inductus est quasi in poem, 23 die ejusdem. Phil. Goldeus 
Registrarius." [D.R.] 
1581. April 23. RuBioirs O'Flznn is admitted V. Inskenny. 

128 INSKEKNT. [cork. 

" y icaiiam perpetnam Eccliss parochialis et prebendalis St. Jacobi 
de Inskynn J Gorcagen. dioc. contalit Matheus Epiis domino 
Burico Offlynn presbitero^ nulla mentione facta plnralitatis 
nnionis ant alicujus . • . dispensationis, 23 Aprilis, 1581. 
Inductufi est per Archidiaconum, 24^ ejusdem mensis." [D<K] 
In 1591. Ruricus or Rory Flyn appears as V. Eilbrogan, q. y. 
1591. RiOHABD Skidd Y (or as in another MS. Skbddie) appears as 
Preb. Inskyny et Vic. St. Barry. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. U.] 

In another part of this MS. " Rectoria Integra de Inskiny 
que prebenda est^ Richd. Skiddy — Vic ibm idem Skiddy ex- 
hibuit titnlos. Per nnionem, doliberand.** [R.V. R.I.A.] 
Skiddy was also a Vicar Choral of Cork. 
1615. John Brock, a.m., Treasurer and Vic. Choral, Cork, is also 
Preb. de Inskyne, vide Treasurership of Cork. 

1615. Ballemolemihill ; cur. residens Johes Brock inservit 
cune ; Ecclesia et cancella in ruinis. rR.V. R.I.A.] 
1618. Dec. 1. Thomas Dayies is admitted P. de Ballemolemihill 
als Inskeny, cui prebendaa Epus univit R. de Dromie als Eilna- 
marterie, Cloine, et Arnigihie, et V. de Mall als Aglis, Cork. 
Installed into the Prebend 30th Dec., 161 8. [RV. 1634J 
In 1634, P. Inskeny, Thomas Davies, yal. 14 li. per an. jflb.] 
Thomas Dayies was ordained Deacon and Priest by '' nran- 
cisoum Landanen. Epum," on 30th March, 1602. 

From 1610 to 1637, he was R. Qarryyoe and Killowen. In 
1612, he was Vicar Choral of Cloyne. From 1612 to 1634, he 
was V. Ghirrycloyne. From 1615 to 1634, he was V. Aglish 
and Ardnegihy. From 1618 to 1637, he was P. Inskenny, and 
from 1618 to 1634, R. Kilnemartery. From 1632 to 1634, 
he was R. Templeusky. From 1623 to 1637, he was V. Car- 
trachore, in Cloyne^ and in 1615 appears also as Curate of 
1637. December 21. James Beuob, P. luniskcnny. [F.F.] He 
appears in V. B. 1639, with Anthony Hutohins, hjs Curate. 
"Ecclia bene." [V.B. 1639.] Hutchins was also Curate of 
Innishannon. In 1662, Bruce became R. Dungourney, Cloyne, 
1640. August 16. Thomas Robbets, Preb. Inskenny. [F.F.J He 
was, in 1661, Chancellor of Cork, q. v. 

He was plundered in 1641 of property to the amount of £275, 
and his living, worth £160 per an. [MS. T.C.D. F. 2. 17.1 
1661. Thomas Goodman, a.m., appears as rreb. Inskenny. [V.B.] 
In 1675 he became Precentor of Ross. 

1666. '^ Vacant," the name Thomas Goodman being crossed out. 
Hugo Scamp is Curate. [V.B.] 

1667. May 5. John Wbbb, P. de Inskinny, per resignation of Thos. 
Goodman. [V.B. 1669.] Webb, in 1668, became also Chan- 
cellor of Cloyne, q. v. 

He appears 1667 to 1670. [V.B.] 


1671. July 31. IsAAO Mansfield, F. de Inskennv. [F.F.] 

He appears in 1671 and 1672. [V.B. D.K.] He again ap- 
pears in 1676. 
1674. Jane 6. Rowland Daties, P. Inskenny, and E. Mogeesha, 
V. Carrigtowil cum Kilcurfin, V. Olonmell, and Templerobin. 
[F.F.] He appears 1674 and 1675. [V.B. D.R.] He was 
afterwards Dean of Cork, q. y. 
1676. Nov. 5. Isaac Mansfield^ P. Inskennj. [F.P.] 

He appears 1677 to 1688. [V.B. D.R.] 

The Bishop, on Nov. 4, 1687, admonished Mansfield, Freb. of 
Inskenny, Bector of Ballymoney, Vicar of Kinneigh, and Vicar 
of Fanlobish, to use all diligence " in supplendis respective 
suis curis." [Addenda to V.B. 1687. D.R.] 

Isaac Mansfield, son of William Mansfield, was bom in 
Middlesex, and entered T.G.D. on 10th August, 1666, being 
then twenty years of age, and in 1667 was elected Scholar. 
From 1671 to 1682, he was R. Bohillane and Kilmahon, Oloyne. 
From 1673 to 1674, V. Qrenagh, Cloyne. From 1674 to 1688, 
R. Ballymoney, and V. Fanlobbns and Kinneigh. He held, 
also, the P. Inskenny from 1671 to 1674, and again from 1676 
to 1688. He died m 1688. 
1688/9. January 26. John Tom, a.m., P. Inskenny, per mortem 
Isaac Mansfield. [D.R] He appears, 1689 to 1692. [V.B. 

In 1693 Tom became P. Desertmore, q. v. 
1693/4. January 9. Thomas Meade, a.m., P. Inskenny, per cession 
of John Tom. [D.R.] He appears, 1694 to 1709. [V.B. D.R.] 

In 1704 he was Proctor " Cleri Ross" to Convocation. 

'* June 1702. Inskeny. The church stood on the left hand 
of the road as you go from Oorke to Bandon, about 3 miles 
distant from Corke. The walls are standing for the most part, 
but are very bad ; they will be of no use ; there is no part of 
the roof standing. This church was in repair, and divine service 
in it about 40 years ago. About 9 plowlands in this parish ; 
the prebend is worth about £40 per an. Six acres of glebe 
near the church belongM formerly to the Prebendary, 'tis now 
swallowed up by Mr. Finch, of London, landlord of the adjacent 
land ; 'tis said, 2 acres more, at some distance, belong'd to ye 
Prebendary, and are now conceal'd. Mr. Piggot's house and 
Richbilstown are in this parish ; Mr. Steadfast lives in it also. 
Inskeny church is about 2 miles distant from the church of 
Ballinebuy. There is another place on the east side of this 
rArish, where the Irish bury sometimes their dead." [Downes' 

Thomas Meade (son of William ^'generosi") was bom in 
CO. Cork; and, when sixteen years of age, entered T.C.D. as 
Pensioner, on 14th May, 1669. He was Scholar in 1672, and 
was afterwards a.m. and d.d. 


In 1676 he was R. Danderrow^ in 1679^ R. Eilmaloda, in 
Ross, and R. Ballymartle. In 1682 he became R. Rincurran 
and TaxaXy and in 1693, P. Inskenny. All these six livings 
he held nntil his death, in 1710. He married, in 1687, Jane 
Edwards, of Shandon. His will was dated 16th Maj, and 
proved 3rd August, 1710. In it he mentions a son, William, 
and a daughter, Elizabeth, both younger childretn, besides another 
daughter, Margaret, wife of a '^reverend good clergyman." 
He left the Rev. George Synge his executor. Synge was R. 
Taxax, and was his son-in-law. 
1710. July 11. BotlbDavie9,a.m., P. Inskenny. [F.F.] In 1717/8 
' he took a second collation. fD.R.] 

In 1735 he became P. Lisclery, q. v. 
1735. August 23. Habt Smith, a.m., P. Inskenny. [D.R.] He 

was fdso Treasurer of Ross, q. v. 
1761. May 6. Edwaed Eekkt, a.b., P. Inskenny, vacant by the 
death of Hart Smith. [D.R.] 

1808. The union, formed by the Bishop in 1768, consists of 
P. Inskenny, R. V. Moviddy, V. Kilbonane (R. imp.), and V. 
Aglish; one rectory of Aglish being impropriate, and the other 
belonging to Kilbrogan. Kenny holds, also, Templetrine by 
fiMsulty. [Rep.] 

Edward Kenny (son of John Kenny " generosi") was bom 
in CO. Cork, and entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, when sixteen 
years old, on 4th June, 1745, and became a Scholar in 1748. 

He was ordained Deacon on 21st April, and Priest on 2nd 
June, 1751. 

In 1751 he was Curate of Kilbrittidn, and in 1752, of Knock- 
avilly. From 1757 to 1761 he was Vicar Choral, Cork; and 
in 1761 became P. Inskenny; in 1768, R. V. Moviddy, Kil- 
bonane, and Aglish ; and in 1769, R. Templetrine; all which 
he held nntil his death, in 1818. He also held R. V. Kil- 
michael from 1762 to 1777. 

He died 23rd April, 1818, unmarried, and bequeathed £10 
to the poor of Moviddy parish. 
1818. May 30. William Meade, A.B., P. Inskenny. Certified under 
£300. p.R.] In 1831 he became Y. Fanlobbus, q. v. 

1830. Protestant population, 75. 
1831. Dec. 9. Richard Lee, a.h., P. Inskenny, certified to be under 
£500. p.R.] 

1837. Inskenny : a rectory, with cure ; 3^ miles long by 
3 broad, containing 3,810a. ; gross population, 1,290 ; one 
Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 per annum ; tithe com- 
position, £369 4«. 7^(2., subject to visitation fees, 6«. ; Diocesan 
schoolmaster, 15«. ; no glebe-house ; Incumbent is non-resident^ 
from inability of procuring suitable accommodation ; he resides 
in the city of Cork, within two miles of his benefice ; one 
church, capable of accommodating 100 persons, built in 1805, 


by means of a loan of £553 16«. lid, Brit., granted by the late 
Board of First Fruits; no charge on the parish in 1832 on 
account of the church ; diyine service is celebrated once on all 
Sundays and on the principal festivals ; the sacrament is 
administered monthly and on the great festivals ; the benefice 
is a rectory ; there is no revenue attached to this prebend 
exclusive of the benefice ; the Prebendary, as such, has no 
duties except preaching three or four times a year in the 
cathedral. [Pari. Rep.] 

Richard Lee was ordained Deacon on 10th Feb., 1811, and 
Priest on 29th September same year, both at Cork. He was 
licensed Curate of St. Ann, Shandon, in 1811; and from 1831 
to his death, on 26th Nov., 1853, was P. Inskenny. He married 
Ann Lawless, of Cloyne, and had issue four sons, Paul-Giles, 
John, Richard-Thomas, and James. 
1854. January 3. William Shebrard, a.b., P. Inskenny. Net 
value per an., £248 3«. 7d, [D.R.] 

1860. The church is considered unfit to be repaired, and 
requires to be rebuilt ; no glebe-house ; no glebe ; divine 
service twice on Sundays during summer, once in winter, and 
on usual holidays ; sacrament monthly, and at the great feasts ; 
average of communicants, 13; seventeen children are on the 
roUs of a Church Education school ; the Protestant population 
is 97 ; the value of this benefice is £276 I8s, 5d. per annum 
(rentcharge) wUhaut residence. 

William Sherrard was ordained Deacon on 13th October, 
1833, at Cork, and Priest, at Cloyne, on 13th April, 1834. He 
was, in 1834, licensed Curate of Ballymoney. 


1582. July 30. Dominus Johanhbs Bbbthnaoh is admitted V. Kil- 

'' Epus contulit vicariam ecclesiad parochialis Stsa Marie de 
Eilbonneavn Corck. dioc. domino Johanni Brethnagh, pres- 
bitero, 30*^^ Julii, 1582. Inductus est quasi in poem 26° Au- 
gusti. Phil Qoldeus Registrarius." [D.R%] Brethnagh was 
Vicar of Scull, in 1581. 

1591. Rubious O'Fltnh appears as V. Eilbonane. " R. de Kil- 
voynan spectat ad Abb. de Grayue. Vicarius Roricus o'flin." 
[MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] In 1591 he whjh deprived of Knooka- 
villy Rectory for accepting this benefice. He was also V. 

1615. Thomas Boubdbn appears as Vicar of Kilbonane. " Kilvoy- 
nan residens. Rectoria spectat ad Orany. Oapt. Tent firma- 
rius. Vicarius ibm Thomas Bourdon, minister legens et inser- 



viens cui». Val. 508. per an. Ecolesia et cancella in minis.** 
[R.V. R.LA.] 

1634. B. de Eilyoynane spectat ad Abb. de Qrany. Cor- 
mack Donogb Cartj est firmarius. Val. £6 6«. ScL per an. 
Vicarius ibm Thomas Borden, predicator. Val. £Q Ss, Sd. per 
an. [R.V. 1634.] 

In 1639 Bnrden is still Yicar. '^Ecclesia bene. Hewne 
O'Harrylan et Eman. O'Gare detinent omamenta.'* rV.B. 

Thomas Burden, <* stndiosus,'* was ordained Deacon and 
Priest by Miler, Ansbbishop of Cashel, on 12th May, 1606. 

From 1615 to 1618 he appears as Vicar of Holy Trinity, and 
from 1618to 1621 as P. Kilmaclenine, Cloyne. He also was 
from 1615 to 1634, R. Insula) parvce. He took a degree in 
T.C.D. in 1618. 

1663 to 1833. Eilbonane was held with Aglish, q. y. 

1830. Protestant population, 53. 

1833. March 25. Edwabd Webber Wabbek, a.b., V. Eilbonane, 
certified under £300 per an. [D.R.] 

1833. April 19. The parlour of the Vicar's house, at Aghar< 
loe, was licensed for divine serrice. [D.B.] 

E. W. Warren was 5th son of Sib ICobbbt Wabbbn. Vide 
Burke's Baronetage. 

He was ordained Deacon at Oork, on 29th Sept. 1796, and 
Priest at Cloyne, on 13th November of same year. He was 
Curate of Templemartin in 1796. He died on 20th Septem- 
ber, 1833, leaving an only son, Robert, and a daughter, Mary- 

1833. Oct. 25. William Ritzton Nasu, a.m., V. Eilbonane. [D.R.] 
Nash seems to have been alwajrs non-resident He got three 
years* licence for non-residence on May 1, 1834, and this was 
renewed from time to time, until 1856. |1).R.] 

1837. Eilbonane, a rectory and vicarage, with cure, 2^^ 
miles long by 2 broad, contaming 4,910a. Gross population, 
1,740. One Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 per annum. 
Tithe composition, £352 3^. 9d. ; 9a. of glebe, let at an annual 
rent of £9 ; subject to visitation fees, 7^. 6d. ; diocesan school- 
master, lOs. No glebe-house. Incumbent is non-resident, by 
licence of the diocesan, in consequence of ill-health ; he resides 
at present at Cove, but generally at Blackrock, in the county 
of Cork. One church, capable of accommodating eighty persons, 
built in 1834, at a cost of £150 Brit. ; whereof £75 was con- 
tributed by Incumbent, and £75 raised by subscriptions. Di- 
vine service is celebrated once on all Sundays, and on Christmas 
Day, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday. The sacrament is 
administered nine times in the year. The church in this 
parish, in which there never had been one until 1834, is reported 


to be in want of many necessaries to complete it. The benefice 
is a rectory. [ParL Rep.] 

1844. April 30. The new church, on new site, was conse- 
crated under the name of St. Mark. rD*B*] 

W. R. Nash (grandson of Rev. W. Nash^ P. Brigowne, 
Gloyne, q. v.), was son of William Nash, esq. by Amelia Spread. 

He was ordained Deacon on 15th October, 1815^ and rriest 
on 14th September, 1817) both at Cloyne. 

In 1817 he was Curate of St. Peter's, Cork, and in 1830 was 
Thresher's Lecturer. In August, 1833, he became V. Eilcas- 
kin, Ross, which he resigned in a few months for Eilbonane. 

He married ? dau. of Henry Milward, of Cork, and relict 

of Nash, esq. He died in 1856. 

1857. Dec. 23. Bkodbiok Tuoket, a.b., V. Kilbonane, certified to 
be of the net value of £299 68. 3c/. per an. [D.R.] 

1860. The church in good order. No glebe-house ; 9a. of 
glebe in Vicar's use. Divine service twice on all Sundays and 
once on the usual holidays. Sacrament monthly ; average of 
communicants, 9. 15 children attend a Church Education 
school The Protestant population is 59. The rentcharge is 
£274 2s. 9d^ and the Und is worth £7. Total value, £281 2s. 9d. 
without residence. 

Brodrick Tuckey (eldest son of Rev. Thomas Tuckey, P. 
Dromdaleague), was ordained Deacon on 19th September, 
1841, at Cork. He was Curate of this parish in 1854. 


1579. Mr. Philip Gould appears as P. Eilbrittain in a document 
wherein Mathew, "Busshopp"of Cork and Cloyne, gives sentence 
in a dispute between Mr. Philipp Goulde, Prebendary of Eilbrit- 
tain, and a person, name illegible, " of Ballincoursay, in the 
county of Cork, gent." concerning the tithes of the " wes- 
teme half of Eylshenygyn." Date ^* consecrationis mem Sep- 
timo." (A.D. 1579.) [Roch MSS. Brit. Mus. 19, 868.] 

1591. £. de Eilbrittain et Eilshiniham, prebenda nata, Phil. 
Oolde. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] Gold was also Archdeacon 
of Cork, q. v. 

1615. Edward Beohbb appears as Prebendary, and Henry Stone 
as Curate of Eilbrittain. "Eilbrittan prebenda, Edward 
Becher, studendi gratia. Val. 4 li. Curatus Henricus Stone 
minister legens. Ecclesia et cancella repantur. Becher tenet 
etiam R. de Enocknevilly. Val. 10 li. Henry Stone inservit 
cursB. [ILV. R.I.A.] Stone was V. Inchigeeutgh, q. v. 

1617. March 16. Johh Bbadi8HE,P. Eilbrittain, and R. Y. Enock- 
avilly. [F.F.] On letters patent, dated Feb. 27. [Lib. Man.] 


Bradishe, in 1610^ was appointed V. Moyeleggy als Mode- 
li^o, and V. Kilmolash, Lismore; and in 1617 he was made P. 
Modeligo, and also P. Eilbrittain, &c. He vacated the P. 
Modeligo in 1620. In 1617 he took a degree in T.O.D. 
1627. Oct. 12. John Powell, P. de Eilbrittain. [F.F.] 

He appears in 1634 as P. Eilbrittain, " Predicator." [R. V. 

John Powell was ordained Deacon on 4th June, and Priest 
on 24th December, 1626, by ^' Theophilam Epum Landanen." 
From 1627 to 1638 he seems to have been P: Eilbrittain. In 
1628 he was made Vicar Choral, Cork ; in 1630 V. Clonfert, 
Oloyne; in 1632 Y. Eilmeen, Ardfert; and in 1634, Vicar 
Choral, Boss. 

In 1642 Powell depones to the loss of £250 by the rebellion, 
besides the loss of his living, worth, eommunibus annis, £70 
per an. [MS. T.C.D. P. 2. 18.] N.B.— The living was his 
Vicar Choralship. 

1638. Sept. 25. John Chapell, d.d., is presented to P. Eilbrittain 
by the Crown. [Pat Bot.] In 1 639 he became Dean of Ross, q. v. 

1639. This Prebend is marked vacant. Barnabas Honntohuboh 
is Curate. [V.B. 1639.] Honnychurch was, in 1661, R. 
Murragh, q. v. 

1661 to 1666. John Butler appears as P. Eilbrittain. [V.B.] 
He vacated in 1666 the P. Eilbrittain, R. V. Innishannon, B. 
Bally martle, V. Ballyfeard, R. Templemichael de Doagh, and 
the A. Leighmoney. 

1666. Vacant, a stroke being drawn through the name of John 

1667. June 29. John Moobb, P. Eilbrittain, R. V. Innishonane, R. 
Ballymartle, Templemichael de Duagh, and Leighmoney, and 
Vicar of Ballyfiard, vacant per desertion of John Butler. 
[V.B. D.R. 1669.] 

He appears 1667 to 1698, in which latter year he is marked 
'< Mr. John Moore, sen. excusat." [V.B. D.R.] 

John Moore was also Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 
1699. April 14. John Moorb, Jun., a.b., P. Eilbrittain, and V. 
Ballyfiard, per resignation of John Moore, sen. [D.R.] In 
1701 John Moore, jun. was also Vicar of Rathclaren. 

No church. Three Protestant Bsimilies near Templetrine. 
[V.B. 1699.] 

In 1711 John Moore, jun. became Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 
1711. July 31. PiBROE GooLD, A.M., P. Eilbrittain. [P.F.J On 
9th December, 1714, Qoold is presented to the Rectory of 
Bathclarin on letters patent. [Lib. Mun.] 

Pierce Gould (son of Pierce Goold " generosi") was born iu 
Cork, and when nineteen years old entered T.C.D. as a Pen- 
sioner, on 18th March, 1696. He was ticholar in 1698, and 
A.M. in 1706. 


He was ordained Deacon on 2l8t September, 1701, and 
Priest on 20th September, 1702, both at Cork. From 1706 
to 1711 he was Vicar Choral, Cork; and from 1711, to his 
death in 1715, was P. Eilbrittain, with which he held in addi- 
tion, from 1714, the Rectory of Bathdaren. 
1715. Sept. 10. Andrew Symmss, a.m., P. Kilbrittain, with B. Y. 
Rathclaren. [F.P.] In 1718 he became also Precentor of 
Bobs, q. v. 

1719. June 30. Thomas Bussell, a.m., P. Eilbrittain, and B. Y. 
Bathclaren. [F.F.] He was also Precentor of Boss in sacoes- 
sion to Sjmes. In 1724 Bussell became Archdeacon of Cork, 
q. V. 

1720. June 29. Biohabd Baldwin, a.m., P. Eilbrittain, and B. Y. 
Bathclaren. [F.F.] 

Bichard Baldwin was son of Bichard, " causidici,'* and was 
bom in Cork. When sixteen years old he entered T.C.D. as 
Pensioner, on 16th May, 1697, and in 1701 was a Scholar. 

From 1712 to 1720 he was Yicar Choral, Cork, and from 
1714 to 1720 was Curate of St. Mary, Shandon. He also held 
the Y. Athnowen froni 1717 to 1720. From 1720 to his death 
in 1742 he was P. Eilbrittain, B. Y. Bathclaren, and B. Y. 

He married Mary, sister to Stephen, and daughter of Ben- 
jamin Winthrop, of London, and by her left issue Charles, 
Winthrop (who was born 1735, and entered T.C.D. in 1741) ; 
and Stephen ; besides two daughters, Bridget, wife of Henry 
Wrixon, of Gleufield ; and Anne, wife of George Sealy, of Ban- 
don. His will was dated 1742, and proved 1743. 
1742. March 24. Thomas White, a.m., P. Eilbrittain, and B. Y. 
Bathclaren. [p^B.] He became in 1751 P. Eilnaglory, q. y. 
1751. March 29. John Eenny, a.m., P. Eilbrittain, and B. Y. 
Bathclaren, per resignation of Thomas White. [D.B.] • 

John Eenny, a.m., the elder, was licensed in 1727 to the 
Curacy of St. Peter's, Cork. From 1728 to 1737 he was Y. 
Bingrone, and from 1730 to 1737 was also P. Eilnaglory. He 
appears in 1734 as Curate of St Finbarrys. From 1737 to 
1751 he was Y. Durrus-Eilcroghane, and from 1751 to his 
death in 1768 was P. Eilbrittain and B. Bathclaren. He also 
held, from 1744 to 1768, the Bectory of Templetrine. 

He married Judith Brown, of St. Mary Shandon, sister of 
Jemmett, Archbishop of Tuam, [Cork M. B. of April 3, 
17283, by whom he had a son, Wilbam (baptized at St. Mary 
Shandon, Cork, in 1734) ; also an elder son^ Edward, P. Ins- 
kenny, q. v. ; and another, John, P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 
1768. Dec 21. Biohabd Bbabe, a.m., P. Eilbrittain, and B. Y. 
Bathclaren, vacant by death of John Eenny the elder. [D.B.] 
Beare was Yicar-General of Cork and Boss. 

Bichard Beare (member of a family settled near Cloyne in 


1633, and afterwards at Beare Forest, near Mallow), was bora 
at Mallow, being the son of Eichard Beare generosi; and when 
sixteen years old he entered T.O.D. as Pensioner, on 18th 
June, 1728. He graduated a.m. in 1759. 

He was licensed to the Curacy of St. Mary Shandon in 
1736, and to that of Einsale in 1740, and to that of St. Paul's, 
Cork, in 1747. From 1751 to 1760 he was Curate of St. 
Peter's. He wa£, from 1759 to 1762, P. St. Michaers; from 
1762 to 1767 R. V. Oannaway ; from 1767 to 1768 V. Fan- 
lobbus and Drinagh ; and from 1768 to his death in 1770 P. 
Eilbrittain and B. V. Bathclaren. He married on 14th August, 
1739, Mary, eldest dau. of Richard Sympson, of Cork, esq. but 
had no issue surviving at his death. 

His will was dated 16th June, 1770, and proved 26th April, 
1771 j and in it are mentioned an elder brother, William, and a 
younger, named John. [Davies.] 

The family of Beare derived their name from the barony of 
Beare, and were a branch of the sept of O'Sullitan Beab. A 
sister of the Rev. Richard Beare was grandmother of Riohabd 
Bbare Tookeb> esq. of Cork, who possesses the fajuily papers. 
1770. Dec. 28. Samttel Hales, a.m., P. Kilbrittain, and R. V. 
Rathclaren. [F.F.] Hales was afterwards d.d. 

Samuel Hales, from 1733 to 1762, was Curate of Temple- 
martin, holding also from 1751 the Curacies of Moviddy, Eil- 
murry, Dunisky, and Cannaway, &e. From 1755 to 1762 he 
was aJso R. Y. KilcuUy. In 1762 he was Reader at St. Fln- 
barry's. From 1762 to 1769 he was R. Y. Little Island ; from 
1769 to 1770 P. Lisclery ; and from 1770 to his death in 1782 
he was P. Eilbrittain and R. Y. Rathclaren. 

In 1745 he was a member of the Loyal Protestant Society 
at Moyallow. 

He married, in May, 1746, Helen Hingaton, of Aglish, by 
whom he had issue a son, William (f.t.o.d. and author of the 
Chronology); and three daughters, Sarah, Helen, and Elisa- 
beth. Samuel Hales died 12th Nov. 1781, aged 72 ; and his 
wife, Helen, died 3rd March, 1787, aged 61. Both lie in St. 
Anne's churchyard, Dublin, between the church and school- 
house, where a flat stone marks their grave. Sarah, the daugh- 
ter, married, in 1774, Mr. John Hill, junior, of Drogheda. 
1782. March 11. William Jephson, d.d., jP. Eilbrittain, and R. Y. 

Rathclaren. [F.F.] He was also Precentor of Ross, q. v. 
1791. Feb. 16. Edwaed Wbekes, a.m., P. Eilbrittain, R. Y. Rath- 
claren, per mortem Jephson. [F.F.] 

1792. July 17. Ed. Weekes, there being no glebe-house at 
Rathclaren, memorials to build one; and Bishop approves, 3l8t 
July, 1792. Commission to value issues 1794, May 10, and 
makes its return on 21st May, 1794, finding that Weekes had 
expended X797 Qs. S^cL and that the parish of Rathclaren ex- 


ceeds per annum £350, in addition to £50, value of house and 
twenty acres of land. The Bishop certifies for above amount. 
May 24, 1794. [D.R.] 

Edward Weekes, son of Thomas Weekes, was born in Cork ; 
and when fifteen years old entered T.G.D. as Pensioner, on 
13th May, 1746, and graduated a.b. in 1750, and afterwards 


He was ordained Priest by the Bishop of Clogher on 8th 
September, 1754. 

In 1759 he was licensed Curate of Dromaleague, in 1763 of 
Kilnaglory, in 1768 of St. Peter's. From 1771 to 1773 he waa 
R. V. Kilcully ; from 1773 to 1791 R. Inchigeelagh ; and from 
1791 to 1794 P. Eilbrittain. He was also, in 1786, licensed 
Curate of Ballinadee and Ballinaboy. He was twice married, 
and had a daughter, Elisabeth, by his first wife. By his second 
wife, Elisabeth (dau. of Edward Richardson, by Catherine 
Baillie), he had several daughters. He bequeathed to poor 
of St. Peter's, £5 ; of St. Paul's, £3 ; and to poor debtors in 
county Cork gaol, £2 5& 6d. He desired to be buried in the 
church-yard of Upper Shandon, Cork. He died 10th April, 
1794. June 26. Thomas Barbt, a.b., P. Eilbrittain, R. V. Rath- 
claren. On 13th August, 1795, he was a second time collated. 

1830. The Protestant population of the union is 140. 

1831. May 3. On death of Thomas Barry the Rev. Henry 
Somerville and Robert Barry, esq. were appointed sequestra- 
tors. [D.R.] 

Thomas Barry, a.b. (second son of Charles Barry, who was 
eldest son of Charles, eldest son of Humphrey, the youngest 
brother of James Barry, l.o.j. and first Lord Santry), was 
descended from the Barrys of Dungourney, county Cork. 

He was bom in 1744, and was ordained Priest atCloyne on 
8th February, 1773. 

From 1794 to his death, in 1831, he was P. Eilbrittain. He 
married a daughter of St. George Ryder, esq. of the county 
Cork, and by her had issue three sons, John (Captain, 36th 
Regiment) ; Robert, and St George Twho married a daughter 
of Eustace Stawell, esq. of Coolmam) ; and one daughter, 
Dorothetv, the wife of William Hamilton, esq. who had issue 
by her two sons, Thomas and Robert Hamilton. The Rev. 
T. Barry desired in his will to be buried in the church of Eil- 
1831. Sept. 15. Benjamin Swbte, a.b., P. Eilbrittain, under £300. 

1832. April 18. The inhabitants of Eilbrittain are ordered 
to attend Rathclaren Church. The Bishop wished to unite 
those two parishes, but was prevented. [D.R.] 


1834. Deo. 19. The newly erected schoolfaoase at Eilbrittain 
was licensed for divine service. [D.B.] 

1837. Eilbrittain, a rectory, with cure, 3^ miles long by 1 
broad, containing 4,651a. 1b. 38p. Gross population, 1,607. 
No Curate employed. Tithe composition, £410. 5 acres of 
glebe in Incumbent's occupation, valued at 20«. per acre, £5. 
Subject to diocesan schoolmaster, 6s. ScL No glebe-house. 
Incumbent, not being able to procure a residence in the parish, 
resides, with the Diocesan's permission, within a quarter of a 
mile of it, and pays the sum of £40 per annum for house-rent 
No church. Divine service is celebrated once on Sundays, 
Good Friday, and Christmas Day, in a school-house licensed by 
the Bishop, and during the summer months once every fort- 
night on a week-dav. The sacrament is administered 14 times 
in the year. The benefice is a rectory. The P. Eilbrittain 
has also a revenue of £7 7^. 8c^. arising from the rent of a 
house and concerns in Cork, but no duties, except preaching in 
the cathedral three or four times a-year. [Pari. Rep.] 

Benjamin Swete ^Idest son of John Swete, esq. of Flora- 
ville), was ordained Deacon at Cloyne on 24th August, 1806; 
and in 1810 was licensed to the Curacy of St. Mary Shandon. 

He married (in 1811, on July 8, at St. Nicholas, Cork), 
Eliza Jane Lennox, eldest dau. of H. Bigger, esq. of Richmond 
Lodge, by whom he had issue Hewson-Bigger, Benjamin, M.D., 
Rev. Charles John, Richard -Warren, Arthur- Warren, Sally- 
Anne (wife of Marshal N. Cummins), Elisabeth, and Lucia. 
He died on 18th November, 1849. 
1850. January 18. John Egan, a.b., P. Eilbrittain. Net value, 
£288 10«. 5d. [D.R.] 

John Egan, in 1821, was licensed Curate of St. Finbarry's; 
and in 1824 was librarian and catechist at that cathedral. 
Prom 1850 to his death on 17th June, 1855, he was P. Eil- 

In his will he desired to be buried in the vaults of Bally- 
modan Church, at a cost of not more than X40. Having no 
relative living, he gives all his effects to the two schools near 
Lucan for educating the children of the clergy. 
1855. July 23. Robebt Halbubd, a.b., P. Eilbrittain. Net value, 
£280 ISs. 9d. [D.R.] 

1860. No church. No glebe-house. The glebe is set to a 
tenant. The Incumbent resides in Ballymodan parish. Divine 
service once on all Sundays, and on Christmas bay and Good 
Friday, in a licensed place of worship. Sacrament monthly, 
and at festivals ; average of communicants, 10. Twelve chil- 
dren attend a Church Education school. The Protestant popu- 
lation is 60. The rentcharge is £307 10«. The land and pre- 
mises in Cork are worth £12. Total value, £319 10s, per 
annum, without residence. 


B. Halburd was ordained Deacon on Ist June, 1823, and 
Priest on 10th June, 1827, both at Clovne. 

In 1832 he was licensed Curate of Dunderrow, and from 
1840 to 1855 was P. KiUanuUy. 

He married, firstly, a Miss Travers ; and secondly, a Miss 


1481. " M." was Rector and Vicar of Kilbrogan. [Pipe RoU, p. 15.] 
1591. RiOHABD Newman appears as Vicar of Kilbrogan. ''Preb. 
de Kilbrogan : Ab. graine et hosp. mor. sunt Rectores. Vica- 
rius ibm Richs. Newman." [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] 

In another V. B. of same date, Rory fltnn appears as Vicar. 
Flynn was Vicar of Inskenny in 1581, and in 1591 was also 
V. Kilbonane and R Knockavilly. 
1615. Robert Sutton appears as Vicar. ^' Kilbrogan vie. residens. 
Magister de Mora et Grany sunt rectores. Geraldus Aylmer et 
Wilhelmus Sarsfield, milites, sunt firmarii. Val. 3 li. Ecclesia 
et cancella repantur. V. Robertus Sutton, ineenriens curss. 
Val. 4 11." [R.V. R.LA.] 

Sutton was also V. Desertsergcs and V. Ballinadee. 
1628. Sept. 28. Baptist Habsbll, P. Kilbrogan. [F.P.] 
1632. March 29. John Snabt, a.m., is admitted P. and V. A^ilbrogan, 
and V. Desertserges, installed 31st March, on letters patent, 
dated 2nd March. [R.V. 1634.] He was ordained Deacon on 
23rd May, and Priest on 29th of September, 1624, by John, 
Bishop of Sodor and Man. 1634. R. de Kilbrogan spectat ad 
Ab. de Mora. Cormack Donogh Carty firmarins. Valet. 20 li. 
per an. Preb. and V. de Ealbrogan John Snary. Val. 37 li. 
per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

He appears in 1639 as Preb. Rec. and Vic. Kilbrogan. 
[VJB. 1639.] 

On 11th May, 1635, Snary received a second patent, uniting 
the rectory of Kilbrogan to the P. and V. Kilbrogan and Desert- 
serges, already held by him. [Lib. Mun.] And he was a 
second time admitted, on 29th May, 1635. [F.F.] 

In 1642 he deposes before the Royal Commissioners, that in 
1636 he was molested in a rebellious manner by one Cormac 
Carthy (probably Cormack Donogh Carty, the firmarins, 
mentioned above), but was re-established by the Lords of the 
Privy Council ; yet that the said Cormac held him in suit to the 
loss of £400, entered on his fflebe-lands, and plundered him of 
cattle, &c, till restored by order of the Judges of Assize. The 
said Corma& and his party came again (in the rebellion), and 
plundered him of tithes, &c.f value XI 10 per annum. [MS. 
T.C.D. F. 2. 17.J 


1661. Hugh Dunbtbryille, a.m., appears as P. Eilbrogan. [V£.] 
Dunsteryille, in 1663, was also Archdeacon of Gloyne, q. ▼. 

1666. May 6. John Easion, a.m., P. Kilbrogan. [F.F.] He was 
also Chancellor of Boss, q. y. 

1669. Oct. 14. RioHARD Syno, P. Eilbrogan, per mortem Johis 
Eston. [V.B. D.E. 1669.] He was again instituted on 15th 
May, 1671, on receiving the Chancellorship of Ross and other 
benefices. [F.F.] In 1674 he became Archdeacon of Cork, 
q. y. 

1674. June 5. Georos Synoe, P. V. Eilbrogan, R. Y. Aghinagh, 
V. Aghabollig, and Eilcolman. FF.F.] 

1688. Mrs. Maria Bull, of Bandon, widow, bequeaths £-10 to 
the poor English Protestants of Bandon, ^nd to Eilbrogan 
parish church twelve pounds for a silver flagon, for the com- 
munion, if celebrated in both kinds. [Cork Wills.] 

George Synge (son of George, Bishop of Cloyne) was bom at 
Cork; and when sixteen years old, entered Pensioner, 
on 27th February, 1665. 

From 1663 to 1675, V. Inchigeelah and Eilmichael; from 
1671 to 1674, P. Lisclery and P. Inniscarra; from 1674 to 1692, 
P. Eilbrogan, R. V. Eilcoleman, Agabulloge, and Aghinagh. 
He was also, from 1681 to 1692, R. Templetrine. In 1682 he 
held also R« Agiapallin, in Meath. 

He married, in 1681, Mary (dan. of Thomas Hewytt, of 
Bandon bridge, gentleman); and he married, secondly, in 1687, 
Margaret Freke, of Templebryan, in Ross. 

In his will (dated 12th September, 1692, and proved 22nd 
of March following) he wishes to be buried near his first wife, 
in the chancel of Ealbrogan, and mentions his son George 
(afterwards R« Taxax, q. v.), and his daughter, Elisabeth, both 
minors, in 1 692. He mentions also his hrotiier, Wobdley, and his 
hrathery Lap. His widow, Margaret, married in 1695, Thomas 
Salmon, of Cork, gentleman. 

1692. December 7. Daniel Lord, a.m., P. R. V. Eilbrogan, per 
mortem Georgii Synge. [D.R.] 

1699. A good church in Bandon. Sacrament four times a 
year. FV.R D.R.] 

1700/1. " Friday, the 14th March, I went to Bandon. On 
Saturday morning, after prayer, I examined Mr. Mills and Mr. 
Christie, in Mr. Lord's church. On Sunday, the 16th of March, 
I preach't in the same church, and after sermon I ordained the 
aforesaid persons Deacons, and administered the holy sacra- 
ment. There were about 800 persons at church, of which 
number abont 40 received the holy sacrament On Monday, 
the 17th ditto, I examined the children of both the parishes m 
Bandon in the church catechism. I distributed amongst them 
4 Bibles, and 28 Common Prayer Books, and 100 of Acheson's 


" I returned to Corke on the said 17th of March, 1700/1. No 
Papists are suffered to live within the walls of Bandon. The 
Earl of Gorke, in his leases, has obliged all the tenants not to 
admit Papists." [Downes* Journal] 

Daniel Lord, son of Richard Lord, was bom in Dublin, and 
when fourteen years old entered T.O.D. on 3rd January, 1671, 
as a Pensioner, and graduated afterwards d. d. He was Curate of 
LiscarroU, Oloyne, in 1662. From 1681 to 1693, he was P. 
Eillaspugmullane. He was B. Qarryvoe from 1682 to 1683. 
From 1682 to 1704, H. V. Murragh and Desertserges. From 
1683 to 1704, R. Killowen, and from 1692 to 1704, P. Kil- 
brogan. He was Proctor Oleri Corcagen. to Oonyocation in 
1703. In his will, dated 25th Nov., 1704, and preyed 26th 
Dec., 1705, he is styled " Rey. Daniel Lord, i>.i>.. Minister in 
Bandon bridge,** and he desires burial '^in ye chancel of my own 
parish of Bandon bridge, as near the body of my daughter 
Frances as maybe.*' He mentions his wife Dorcas, his daughters 
Bridget and Dorcas, his eldest son, Daniel (to whom he leayes 
his lease of ^'ye 12th lot, on St. Stephen*s-green, Dublin, which 
he holds in fee from ye city of Dublin**), and his younger sons, 
Richard, Benjamin, William, Joseph, Edward, and John, who 
are all minors at the date of the will. [Cork Wills.] I think 
the Rey. John Lord, Y. Balljrmodan, was either his son or his 
1704. January 5. Solomon Folet, P. R. and Y. Kilbrogan, and K. 
and Y. Murragh. [F.F.] 

1726. Sept. 25* Cornelius Murphy recants in the parish 
church of Moragh, teste John Frier, Curate. [D.R] 

Solomon Foley (son of Samuel Foley, armiger,) was bom in 
Clonmell, co. Tip., and was a younger orother of Samuel Foley, 
Bishop of Down. He entered T.C.D. as Pensioner on 2nd 
April, 1679, being then sixteen years old. He was a Scholar 
in 1681. 

From 1692 to 1694 he was R. Kilmeen and Y. Drinagh; 
from 1692 to 1704, P. Kilnaglory ; from 1698 to 1704 he was 
R. Ardnegihy and Kilcully ; from 1704 to 1738 he was P. Kil- 
brogan. He seems to haye held the P. Dunsford, Down, from 
1694. He was Proctor Cleri, Cork, to Conyocation in 1703. 

He wishes (in his will, dated 12th Feb., and proyed 2nd of 
March, 1738) to be buried in the chancel of Kilbrogan, near 
his deceased wife. He mentions his daughter, Mrs. James 
Jackson, and their child, Susannah Jackison, and another 
daughter, Susannah, the wife of Rey. Robert CleUan, or 
1738/9. Feb. 26. William Jackson, a.b., P. R. and Y. Kilbrogan, 
one R. Aglish, and R. Y. Murragh, yacant by the death of Sol. 
Foley. [D.R.] In 1749 Jackson became r. Cahirlag, q. y. 
1739. May 4. William Robinson, a.m., P. R. and Y. EUbrogan, 


and B. V. Marragh. [E.F.] Without the one B. of Aglifih, 
which was not restored to Kilbrogan until 1746, vide Aglish. 

William Robinson (son of Bey. Thomas Bobinson) was bom 
at St. Michael's, Lancashire; and when fifteen years old, entered 
T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 14th June, 1693. 

From 1716 to 1739 he was B Tollagh, and from 1736 to 
1739, B. Creagh, in Boss. From 1739 to his death, in 1746, 
he was P. Kilbrogan. 

He married Anne Moorcroft, and by her had issae a son, 
Thomas Bobinson, who married Dorothy, dan. of Samuel Town- 
send, of Whitehall. 
1746. October 9. St. John Beownb, ll.d., P. Kilbrogan and B. V. 
Murragh. [F.F.] He was again collated on 3ni June, 1749, 
and a third time, on 21st April, 1750, on receiving other 
additional preferments. [D.B.J 

1746. January 27. Thomas Blenerhassett voluntarily re- 
nounces the one rectory of Aglish (to which he had, by mistake, 
been collated by the late Bp.) in favor of the Preb. of Kil- 
brogan, to whom it rightfully belongs. [D.RJ 

St. John Browne, a native of Cork (son of Edward Browne, 
^< Senatoris Oorca^iensis"), was educated at Middleton, under 
Mr. Chinnery, and when eighteen years old entered T.O.D. 
(Tutor, Dr. Gilbert) on 7th May, 1729. [Beg. T.O.D.] He 
graduated afterwards a.h. and ll.d. He was a younger brother 
of Jemmett Browne, Bishop of Cork, for whom see Deans of Boss. 

He was ordained Priest at Cork on 3rd Oct., 1736. 

He was licensed on 3rd August, 1737, to the curacy of Kil- 
lowen, near Kinsale, and on 3rd of April, 1738, to that of 
Bingrone, and on 28th Oct., 1742, to the curacy of Bincurran 
and Tazax. 

In 1746 he was made P. Donoghmore, Boss, and P. Drom- 
daleague, both which he resigned in October, 1746, for the P. 
Kilbrogan, which he held until his death in 1796. He also 
held, from 1749 to 1796, the B. Killowen, and from 1750 to 
1774, was Chancellor of Boss. He was also, from 1755 to 
1796, B. Innishannon and Leighmoney. 

He married in 1738 [M. B. dated July 20] Amelia St. George, 
of the parish of St. Multose, Kinsale, and by her had issue Be v. 
Thomas Adderly Browne (Chancellor of Boss, q. v.), Bev. St. 
John Browne, (b.a., and Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
who was ordained Deacon and Priest in Cork in 1770, and who 
was Curate of Bincurran in 1772, of Murragh in 1774, and in 
1774 removed to Canterbury diocese, and died Sp.), and Sir 
St. George Sackville Browne, K.aB., Lieut-General in the Army. 
The Bev. Dr. Browne, of Kilbrogan, married, secondly, on 16th 
Nov., 1776, Mrs. Elisabeth Hodder, at St. Nicholas', Cork. 
His will was dated 3rd October, 1791, and proved 28th Jan- 
oary, 1796 


1796. Januaiy 20. John Eennt, ll.d., P. R. and V. Kilbiogan. 

1807. Dr. Keuny is Vicar-QeneiaL He resides at Eilbrogan, 
and holds also, by faculty, Kinneigh and Danderrow. [Rep.] 

1811. The Bishop approves of a memorial to build, and on 
8th Dec., 1813, confirms a return of commission, which finds 
that Kenny had expended .£3,104 Ss. 6d.y and that the yearly 
value of iKilbrogan was £1,588 158. [D.R.] 

John Kenny, ll.!)., (son of John Kenny, P. Kilbrittain,) was 
brother to Rev. Edward Kenny, P. Inskenny. 

He was ordained Deacon on 24th May, and Priest on 4th of 
October, 1761, both by Bp. of Cork. 

He was, on 25th May, 1761, licensed to the curacy of Rath- 
clarin ; and on 2nd June, 1762, to that of Aglish, Moviddy, and 
Dunisky; and on 4th June, 1762, to that of Kilmurry, Temple- 
martin, and Cannaway. 

From 1762 to 1771 he was P. St. Michael's, Cork ; from 
1771 to 1796, Vic. Choral, Cork; and from 1796 to his death, 
in 1814, P. Kilbrogan. He was also, from 1763 to 1771, R. 
V, Kilcully ; from 1764 to 1769, R. Ringrone ; froiii 1768 to 
1769, R. Templemichael de Duagh, and V. Kinneigh; from 
1769 to 1793, R. Durrus ; from 1779 to 1814, R. Dunderrow; 
^m 1796 to 1801, P. Donoghmore, Cloyne ; and from 1801 to 
1814, v. Kinneigh. He was also Vicar-General of Cork and 
Ross from 1772. He published ''A Thanksgiving Sermon, 
preached at Bandon, on 16th Feb., 1797," 8vo. Cork, 1797. 

He married Mazy Herbert, of Muckrus, who died in 1803, 
and by her had issue, an eldest son. Rev. Edward Herbert 
Kenny, (R. Kilmeen, Ross, q. v.) ; Robert, second son, (who 
was Capt. R. N., and married a daughter of Colonel Kearney, 
and died Sp. in 1826) ; Rev. Thomas Kenny, (P. Donoghmore, 
Cloyne, q. v.) ; and Rev. Arthur Kenny, F.T.C.D., who died 
in JDrussels about 1856. He also left a daughter, Mary, who 
wrote '^ Letters on Prejudice," and died unmarried. 

The Rev. Dr. Kenny died on or about 25th, and was buried 
on 27th December, 1814, in the church-yard of Ballymartle. 
1815. January 14. Vebnet Lovett, P. K and V. Kilbrogan, and 
Rect. of Aglish. TF-F.] 

He resigned 4tn June, 1818, and became R Kilnagross, 
Ross, q. V. 
1818. June 13. Hosatio Townsend Newman, a.m., P. Kilbrogan, 
certified to be under £700. [D.R.] In 1842 he became Dean 
of Cork, q. v. 

1830. rrotestant population, 1,477. 

1833. Oct 14. The sehool-house at Carhue was licensed for 
divine service. [D.R.] 

1837. Kilbrogan : a rectory and vicarage, with cure ; 5 miles 
long by 3 broad, containing 7,255a. 1b. Op. ; gross popula- 

144 . KILBBOGAK. [cORK. 

tiou, 5,710 ; two cniates employed, at annual stipends of £75 
to each ; tithe composition, £650 ; 32 acres of glebe in Incum- 
bent's use, valued at 408. per acre, £64, subject to visitation 
fees and diocesan schoolmaster, £2 lOs. Kilbrogan glebe- 
house built in 1813, under the new acts, at the cost of X2,86l 
lOf. 9^d. Brit., whereof £1,384 12<. 3|^. was granted in way 
of loan, and £92 6& Ifc?. in that of gift, by the late Board of 
First Fruits, and the residue of £1,384 12^. 3|c2. was supplied 
out of the private funds of the builder, to whom the present 
Incumbent is third in succession; and having paid his prede- 
cessor. £1,107 Ids. lO^d, he will be entitled to receive £738 
9s, 2f (£. from his successor on account of the sum last named. Of 
the loan aforesaid there remained £659 Is. 4d chargeable on 
the benefice in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of 

Incumbent is constantly resident in the glebe-house. One 
church, situate in the town of Bandon, capable of accommo- 
dating 800 persons, built in 1625, but at what cost unknown; and 
enlarged in 1829 by means of a loan of £200, granted by the 
late' Board of First Fruits; of which loan there remained £176 
chargeable on the parish in 1832, repayable by annual instal- 
ments of £8. 

Divine service is celebrated thrice on the first Sunday in each 
month, and twice on all other Sundays, and once on every 
Wednesday evening ; and service is celebrated in a school-house 
twice on Sundays in summer, and once in winter, and on the 
principal festivals. The sacrament is administered in the church 
twice in each month, and in the school-house monthly. The 
benefice is a rectory. The P. Kilbrogan has also a revenue of 
£39 2s. arising from the composition rent of the rectorial tithes 
of Aglish parish, enjoyed as Prebendary, but no duties, save 
preaching in the cathedral about three or four times in the 
year. [rarl. Bep.] 
1842. April 9. Hokobabls Charles Brodbigk Bernard, a.m., P. 
Kilbrogan. [D.B.] 

1860. 0. B. Bernard, Incumbent. R. H. Loane and James 
0*Sullivan, Curates. The church and glebe-house in good order. 
32 stat. acres of glebe in Incumbent's use. Divine service 
thrice on the first Sunday in each month, and twice on all other 
Sundays. Service is held also on one day in the week,and on the 
usual holidays. Sacrament twice each month, and twice on 
the great festivals. The average of communicants at the 
monthly celebrations is 83. Over 200 generally receive on 
Christmas Day. 223 children are on the rolls of the schools, 
which are under the Church Education Society. The Protestant 
population is 1,038. The rentcharge of Kilbrogan is £487 10s.; 
of the B. Aglish, £29 6s: 6d. The land is worth £64. Total 
value of benefice, £580 16«. 6d, with residence* 


Charles Brodrick Bernard, of Balliol College, Oxford, a.m., 
(son of James, second EABLof Bandon), was born 4th January, 
1811. He was ordained Deacon on 28th of June, 1835, and 
Priest on 11th September, 1836, both at Cork. In 1835 he 
was licensed Cu»te of Desertserges. From 1840 to 1842, he 
was V. Kilmocamoge, and in 1842 became P. Kilbrogan. 

He married, in 1843, Jane-Qrace Preke, sister to the present 
LoBD Cabbxtbt, and has issue. 


1291. « Eccia de Kylcoan. Vmr." [Tax. P. Nic] 

1591. ** E. de Rilcoan Jaoobus Yebnam, presentat x nondum admis- 

sus ; respicitur in crast." [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 
1615. '^Kilcoane. Rector Thomas Wbsthobb, Minister legens et 

inserviens cune. Val. 4 li. per an. Ecclesia et cancella rui- 

nantur.'* He holds also a Vic. Chor. Clojne, and the Vicarage 

of Kilmahon, Cloyne. [R.V. R.I.A.] Westmore was also, in 

1615, R. Bretway, Cloyne, q. v. 
1627. March 20. Righabd Jesmtn is admitted R. V. Kilcoane, 

vacant per cessionem Thomsd Westmore. Inducted 26th May 

1628. [R.V.1634.] In 1 666 Jenny n was V.Rahan, Cloyne, q.r! 
1634. E. de Kilcoan Richard Jerman, R. and V. Predicator. 

Valet XII li. per an. Alderman Thomas Coppinffer, of Cork, is 

Patron. [R.V.1634.] 
1639. Frakois Fbbderingham appears as R. Kilcoan. <' Ecclia de 

Kilcoan : ffranciscus ffredringham, idem curatus, excusatur. 

Ecclia ruinata, desunt omnia. Richard Caldwell clericns par- 

ochialis." [VJB. D.R.] Frederingham was also V. Clonmel, 

Cloyne, q. v. 

1666. Samuel Bonnbb appears as R. Kilcoan ; ^' aegrotat." [V.B.] 
He was also P. St. Michaels, q. v. 

1667. " Vacat per mortem Bonnbe." [V.B.] 

1668. John Baily appears as P. St. Michael's, R. Kilcoan, Temple- 
usque, and R. V. InsulsB parvsB. [V.B. D.R.] He was instituted 
to these benefices on 11th July, 1669, per mortem Samuelis 
Bonner. [V.B. 1669.] Vide St. Michael's. 

1697. June 17. Valentinb Pebhoh, P. St. Michael's, R. Kilcoan, 
Templensque, Insula) pary», and Kilroan, per mortem John 
Bayly. m.R.] Vide St. Michael's. 

1699. Sermon once a fortnight at Mr. Mitchell's house. 
Sacrament four times a year. A church ought to be built either 
here or in some other of Mr. French's parishes. [V.B. D.R] 

In 1704 French took the P. Eallaspugmullane, and resigned 
St. Michael's. Since that time Kilcoan was held with Killas- 
pngmuUane, q. v. 



1291. <<Eccia de Eilcully nimr. Vicar, cap. dimid." [Tax. P. 

1591. *' E. de Kilcully spectat ad Abb. de Chore. Begina.*' [MS. 

T.C.D. E. 3. 14.1 
1615. *' B. de Kilcully impropr. Heres Johis Fitzgerald militis est 

rector. Vicaria usnrpatur per Rectoreni. Ecclesia et cancella 

bene rep&ntur. Nullus Curatus.'* [R.V. B.LA.] 
1634. ''E. de Kilcully. Rex est Rector. Johes Fitzgerald miles 

teuet banc vicariam. Nullus Curatus.'* [R.V. R.LA.] 
1639. '* Rex est Rector. Wm. Gilsland, Curatus. Ecclia ruinata, 

desunt omnia." [V.B. D.R.] 

1666. Ecelesia de Kilcully. Rector impropriator Edward Fitzgerald. 
Vicaria yaoat. [V.fe.] 

1667. July 31. Bbrhabdub PagkihgtoNi d.d., iustitutus fuit V. Kil- 
cully, in colL Epi. [V3. 1669.] In 1670 he is Rector also 
" ratione confiscationis ejusdem.'* [V.B.] He was Archdeacon 
of Cork, q. v. 

1674. May 27. Riohabd Sing is admitted to V. Kilcully, and also 

to the Archdeaconry of Cork, q. v. 
1688. The R. V. Kilcully are vacant by the death of Sing. rV.B.] 
1689 to 1695. BicHA&D Goodman appears as B. V. Kilcully. [V.B.J 

In 1718 he was P. Desertmore, q. v. 
1696. Nov. 3. Vacant. [V.B.] 

1696/7. Feb. 1. John Dbwey, a.b., V. de Kilcully cui B» de Kil- 
cully nnita est per Itras patentes Dni Begis. [D.B.] Dewey 

was B. Ardnegihy, q. v. 
1698. Sept. 19. Solomon Folet, B. V. Kilcully, and B. Ardnegihy, 

per mortem Dewey. [D.B.] In 1704 Foley became P. KU- 

brogan, q. v. 

1699. No churchwardens nor parish derk. The people go 

to Shandon. It belongs to the catechist in St. Finbarry'a. [Yjb. 

1704/5. January 5. John Pomesot, B. V. Kilcully, and B. Axdne- 

gihy. [F.F.] In 1717 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. Vr 

1717. Nov. 6. Vacant. [V.B.] 

1718. Nov. 6. Bartholomew Saltsb appears sa B. V. Kilcully. 
[V.B.] In 1720 ho became V. Bingrone, a. v. 

1720 to 1742. Biohaed Baldwyn appears as R. V . Kilcully. [V.B.] 

He was also P. Kilbrittain, q. v. 
1743. MarcK 30. John Batley, a.b., R. V. Kilcully, vacant by the 

death of Rev. Bichard Baldwyn. [D.B.] In 1755 Bayley 

became B. Inchigeelah, q. v. • 
1755. March 18. Samuel Hales, a.m., B. V. Kilcully. [F.F.] In 

1770 he became P. Kilbrittain, q. v. 
1762. June 11. Thomas Bbowne, a.b. (vice Hales resigned), £• V. 


Sjlcally. [D.R.] In 1763 he became P. Templebiyan, Boss, 
q. y. 

1763. January 28. John Ebnnt, R. Y. KilcuUy^ per resignation of 
Rev. Thos. Browne. [F.F.] In 1796 Kenny was P. Kilbro- 
gan, q. v. 

1771. Jauaa^ 1. Edwabd Weeks, a.b., R. V. Kilculiy, per resigna- 
tion of John Kenny. [D.R.] In 1791 Weeks was P. Kilbrit- 
tain, q, y. 

1773. May 1. John Madras, a.m., R. Y. Kilculiy, per resignation 
of Edward Weeks. [D. R.] 

John Madras (son of Madras, of Amsterdam), was or- 
dained in 1739 as Minister of the French Church in Cork 
city, and he held that post nntil his death in 1773. He was 
also Preceutor of Ross from 1745 to May, 1773. 

He married, firstly, Anne , by whom (whose will was 

dated 17o2, and proved 1754) he seems to have had no issue; 
and secondly, he married, in 1768, Alice (dau. of Henry Bald- 
win, of Curravody, county Cork, by Alice Warren), by whom 
he had issue, Rev. John Henry Madras (Y. Aglish, q. y.), and 
a daughter, Anne-Eliza, who married, in 1789, Robert Lonff- 
field Conner, esq. of Fort-Robert, and bore to him three dangh- 
ters, of whom Mary was wife of her cousin, Arthur, son of 
Roger Conner, esq. and Elizabeth was wife to Qeorge Roger 
O'Conner, brother to Arthur. The Rev. John Madras was 
buried at the French Church, in Cork. His will was dated 22nd 
April, 1769, and proved 26th May, 1774. 

1774. January 26. Charles Cooie, a.b., K Y. Kilculiy, per death 
of John Madras. [D.R.] In 1775 Coote became Vic. Cbor. 
Cork, q. y, 

1775. January 20. Achilles Daunt, a.m., R. Y. Kilculiy [F.F.], 
per cession of Chas. Coote. [D*R.] 

Achilles Daunt, bom in county Cork (son of Henry Daunt, 
generosi), was educated at Middleton, under Rev. George Chin- 
nery, and entered T.C.D. when fifteen years old, on 20th 
Oct. 1729. 

He was ordained Deacon on 8th October, 1738, and Priest 
on 19th December, 1742. 

In 1743 he was Curate of Tracton, and in 1751 of Bally- 
feard, Nohaval, and Kilmonoge, all which curacies, Tracton 
inclusive, he held until his death, in 1784. 

He married, in 1747, Frances French, of Moviddy. 

1784. Dec. 31. Henby Sandifobd, a.b., R. Y. Kilculiy, by death of 
Achilles Daunt. [D.R.] In 1790 Sandiford became Precen- 
tor of Cork, q. y. 

1785. June 6. Fbanois Obpen, A.B., R. Y. Kilculiy, by resignation 
of Sandiford. [D.R.] In 1786 Orpen became R. Dungonr- 
ney, Cloyne, q. y. 

1786. March 8. Edwabd Sajndizobd, a.b., R. Y. Kilcullyi by resig- 


148 KiLcuLLir. [cork. 

nation of Francis Orpen. [D.R.] On Mai€li,19,1787,Sandi. 
ford takes a second collation on receiving, in addition, the Y. 
Kilmaccabee, Ross, a. y. 

1793. August 2. Thomas Gregg, esq. is appointed Seques- 
trator, on the death of Sandiford. [B.R.] 

1793. Dec. 3. John William Bennett, A.a, R. V. Eiloullj. [F.P.] 
In 1799 he became abo Treasurer of Clojne, q. v. 

1810. May 19. Robert Hoaeb, a.b., R V. £.ilcdlj, vacant by the 
death of Bennett, and certified under £200 in value. [D.R.] 
1830. Protestant population, 25. 

1832. Kilcullj, a rectory and vicarage, with cure, 2 miles 
long by 1^ broad, containing l,7£iOA. Gross population, 447. 
No Curate employed. Tithe composition, XI 27 Ids. 8d, ; sub- 
ject to visitation fees, Ss. ; diocesan schoolmaster, 8«. 6d, No 
glebe-house. Incumbent, although non-resident within the 
benefice from inability to procure suitable accommodation, 
resides in the county of the city of Cork, within a mile and a- 
half of the parish, and considers £35 a year to be a reasonable 
sum for house rent No church. The benefice is a rectory. 
[ParL Rep.] 

Robert Scare was ordained Deacon at Cork on let Nov. 
1778, and Priest at Cloyne on 21st Sept 1781. He wajs 
Curate of Desertmore in 1781. He resigoed Eilcully in 1833, 
and died in 1839 or 1840, leaving his wife, Dorcas, sole execu- 
trix. He mentions in his will his nephews, William Barry 
Hoare, William Newenham Hoare, and Henry Hoare. 
1833. April 20. Nicholas Dunscombe, a.b., R. V. Kilcully, under 
£200 in value. [D.R.] 

1833. May 2. An apartment in Mrs. Ireton's is licensed for 
divine service. p).R.] 

Nicholas Dunscombe, bom circa 1775, was fifth son of Nicho- 
las Dunscombe, of Mount Desert, by Mary, only child of Thomas 
Parker, of Inchigaggin. He was ordained Deacon on 28th 
October, and Priest on 21st December, 1797, at Cork. 

He was, in 1798, Curate of Carrigrohane, and was from 
1833 to his death in 1838, R. Kilcully. He died Ist August, 
1838, unmarried. 

1838. August 5. Samuel Swajne Beamish, A.B., is appointed 
Sequestrator. On 12th Nov. 1838, the appointment of a Clerk 
to this benefice is suspended, because there was no divine ser- 
vice for three years ending 1st Feb. 1833 ; and £50 of the in- 
come is allocated to a Curate, the remainder being set apart to 
form a fund to build a church. [Board Minutes of Ecclesias- 
tical Commissioners.] 

1838. Nov. 20. S. S. Beamish is licensed to be Curate of 

1846. Dec. 19. H. J. O'Brien, ll.d., is appointed Curate. 

1849. September 10. A new church (built partly in conse- 


qnence of the exertions of Eev. Dr. CBrieo), is oonseoiated 
under the uame of St. Maiy. 

1852. August 11. The suspension of any appointment of a 
Clerk to Kilcully is reraoyed. 
1852. August 14. Henby James O'Bbien^ ll.d., is admitted R. Y. 
Eilcully, net annual value, £S5 lis. 5d. [D.BJ 

I860. The church of St. Mary's, Kilcully, is uothic in style, 
with vestry, porch, font of cut stone, open benches, &o., and 
accommodates eighty persons ; cost of erection, X700. The 
communion plate is of ^' pewter, silvered,'* supplied by Ecclesi- 
astical Commissioners. There is no glebe-house or land. 

The Incumbent of this small parish is also diocesan school- 
master, and resides in Cork. Divine service is performed in 
EilcuUy once every Sunday and on chief festivals. The 
sacrament is administered monthly ; average of communicants, 
12. There is no school. The rrotestant population of Eil- 
cully is 28. The rentcharge is £95 198. 9d. 

H. J. O'Brien was bom in Cork on 22nd May, 1812. He 
was educated by William Maginn, ll.d., and entered T.O.D. 
in 1826. He ^aduated a.b. in 1830, ll.b. in 1837, andLL.D. 
in 1839. 

He was ordained Deacon on 13th August, 1837, at Cork, and 
Priest in November of same year (on letters dimissory firom 
Cork), by Bishop Knox, of Limerick. 

In 1837 he was Curate of St. Mary Shandon ; in 1840, Assist* 
ant Curate of St. Luke's ; in 1844 he was Curate of Riloully ; 
and in 1852, R. V. Kilcully. In 1840 he was appointed by the 
Lord Lieutenant diocesan schoolmaster at Cork. 

He married, on 2nd July, 1834, Maria Elisabeth, only sur- 
viving daughter of George Shaw, esq. 


1291. « Eccia de KyllynneUth Vlllmr." [Tax. P. Nic.] 

1591. Eillanullie : Kector, D. Long. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] He 

was also Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 
1615. Edwabd Clbb&b, a.h., appears as Prebendary. ^^EiUanoUy 

Preb. residens. Edrus Clerk, a.m., minister et predicator. 

Val. £6 ISs. 4c?. Ecclesia et cancella in minis. Tenet etiam 

vicarias de Kynneagh et Murragh, val. 12 li. per annum.'' 

[R.V. R.LA.] Clerke was Dean of Cloyne, q. v, 
1623. Sepi 9. Bandoll Holland, P. Eillanullie cui Epusunivit et 

annexit R. Enockavilly et V. de Brynie. Installed 11th Sept. 

1623. [R.V. 1634.] 
1634* Bandolphus Holland P. de Eillanully, vaL 15 U. per 

annum. [lb.] 


1639. "Ecclia bene, desunt oraamenta." [V.B.] 

From 1623 to 1671 Holland appears as P. EiUanully. 

In 1642 Holland depones to loss of goods to amount of £109, 
and his living, worth, commnnibus annis, £135. [MS. T.C.D. 
F. 2. 16.] 

Randulphus Holland, a.m., was ordained Deacon and Priest 
by the Bishop of Cork on 2nd January, 1614. From 1615 to 
1620 he appears as R. Kilmeen, Ross ; from 1615 to 1629 V. 
Eilmichael ; from 1621 R. Knockavilly ; from 1622 V. Brinny ; 
and from 1623 P. KiUanully. 

Zachariah, fourth son of Key. Randolph Holland, was bom at 
Dnndaniel, county Cork, and became a Pensioner of T.C.D. in 
1641, when seventeen years old. Randolph, the father, waa 
appointed Chaplain to the Archbishop of Armagh on 15th 
July, 1628. A family of Hollands, among whom the name 
Randol occurs, was settled in the county Limerick. 
1672. April 2. Piebcb Btttleb adm. Preb. KillconnoUie als Eilla- 
nullie et ad R. de Knocknyvillie et V. de Brinnie. [F.F.] 

On 6th April, 1686, Pierce Butler became R. Clanbehy, Eil- 
more, Dromodecaher, and Kilmane-prior, in the diocese of 
Ardfert and Aghadoe. 
1685. May 2. Joshua Wabren, a.m., P. Kilianully, R. Knockavilly, 
and V. Brinny, per resignation of P. Butler. [D.R.] 

From 1687 to 1696 neither churchwarden nor parish clerk 
appears. [Y*^' D.R.] 

In 1694 Warren was cited to show cause why he should not 
be deprived ** propter pluralitatem beneficiorum." [Addenda to 
V.B. 1694.1 

Joshua Warren became P. of Rath, Eillaloe, on 27th Sept 
1697. He died in 1701. 

Two sons of Rev. Joshua Warren, named Stafford and 
Thomas, entered T.C.D. in 1700. They were bom in the 
county Meath. 
1696. August 25. Riohabd Goodman, a. b., P. Kilianully, R. Knock- 
avilly, and V. Brinny, per resignation of Warren. [D.R.] 

Goodman, in 1718, became P. Desertmore, q. v. 

1699. ** The walls of the church standing ; the Protestants 
go to Carrickgoline. Four plowlands in this parish." [V.B. 
1699. D.D.] 

"Saturday, Sept. 28, 1700. I saw the church of Kilianully ; 
'tis not far from the river Awne-buy. The walls are standing, 
built with stone and clay, uncovered. It is about 2 miles from 
Carrickoline Church. The bounds of the church-yard are hardly 
discernible. There is about an acre of glebe, belonging to the 
Incumbent, near the church. Mr. Burstian and Mr. Bayly live 
near the church.** 

**Ajl, 1702. Kilianully Church is ruinous, only the walls 


standing. There is a large stone altar at the east end, and a 
stone font is lying upon the ground. 

^^ The church-yard is not inclosed. The church stands on the 
north side of the river Bury, fiallinehury Church stands at 
two miles distance to the east of it The Prebend is worth to Mr. 
Qoodman about £18 per an. communibusannis." [Downes' Tour.] 

1718. June 23. Thomas Kussell, a.m., P. Eillanully. [P.P.] In 
1724 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. r. 

1720. Nov. 17. Russell leases the tithes, &c,, of Eillanully 
for MO a-year. [D.R] 

1719. July 21. Thomas Somertillb, a.m., P. Eillanully. [P.P.] 

He became, in 1732, R. Myros, Boss, q. r. 

1724/5. Peb. 16. Lewis Lacroix, P. Eillanully. [D.R] In 1726 
and 1728 Lacroix is admonished to reside on his prebend on 
pain of suspension. [D.K] 

He appears 1725 to 1737. [V.B. D.R.] 
Lacroix was ordained Deacon at Cork on 22nd December, 
1700, and from 1700 to 1724 was a Vicar Choral, Cork. 

1738 to 1741. John Hebbebt, a.m., appears as P. Eillanully. [V.B. 

This was probably John (son of Arthur Herbert), bom 
in county Eerry, at Castleisland, who entered T.C.D. aged 
seyenteen, on 3rd of June, 1716. He was ordained Deacon on 
11th August, 1723, and Priest on June 5, 1726. He was 
Treasurer of Ardfert from 1728 to 1741. He married in 1733 
Mary Qibbings, of St. Peter's. He died in 1741. 

1741. Dec. 8. Isaac Goldsmith, a.m., P. Eillanully, per mort. John 
Herbert [D.R.] Goldsmith was also Dean of Cloyne, q. r. 

1763. January 22. Edwabd Cottbell, a.m., P. EiUanully. |jP.P.] 
Edward (son of Alderman Francis) Cottrell, was bom in 
Cork, and when sixteen years old entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, 
on 2nd June, 1724. He graduated afterwards a.m. He was 
ordained Priest at Cork on 24th July, 1737. In 1737 he was 
Curate of Passage, and in 1 742 Curate of St. Pinbarry's. He 
was P. EillanuUy from 1763 to 1788. He died in 1788, leav- 
ing a son, Prancis-Edward, and a daughter, Mary. 

1788. Peb. 23. Riohabd Webb, a.b., P. Eillanully. [P.P.] In 
1788 he became P. Dromdaleague and R. Ringrone, q. r. 

1788. Dec. 2. Bbodbick Tuokey, a.b., P. Eillanully. [P.P.] He 
resigned on 9th October, 1794, for V. Drinagh, q. v, 

1795. April 2. James Stopfobd, a.m., P. Eillanully. [P.P.] In 
1797 he became P. EillaspugmuUane, q. y. 

1797. Sept 4. HENBr St. Elot, P. Eillanully. [P.P.] He 
held also along with this liying the P. Edermine, in Perns, 
from 1806 to his death in 1827. In his will he wishes to be 
buried at Prospect, near his late wife, and mentions his second 
wife, Susannah, dan. of John Nun, esq. of Gorey. He left to 
the poor of Gorey £5. 


1827. Nov. 1. RiGHABD RoTHE, A.B., P. EiUanally. Certified under 

£200. [D.R.] In 1829 tie became R V. Kilmichael, q. v. 
1829. Deo. 22. John Johnson, a.b., F. Eillannlly. Certified under 
£200. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population not returned. 

1833. April 17. The schoolhouse at Eillannlly was licensed 
for divine seryice. [D.R.] 

1837. Eillanully, a rectory, with cure, 3 miles long by 2^ 
broad, containing 3,500 acres. Gross population, 631. No 
Curate employed. Tithe composition, £170. 5 acres of glebe, 
valued at 30^. per acre, £7 10^. Subject to visitation fees, 1 It. 
Diocesan schoolmaster, 14«. 6d. No glebe-house. Incumbent 
ifl non-resident, from want of accommodation ; he resides in 
Carrigaline village, within a quarter of an honr^s ride of the 
benefice, and pays the sum of £31 10«. a-year for house-rent 
No church. Divine service is performed once on Sundays, and 
on the principal festivals, in a school-house, built by W. H. 
Newenham, of Coolmore, esq. The benefice is a rectory. The 
Prebendary has no separate revenue as such, nor any duties, 
except preaching in the cathedral in rotation with the other 
members of the chapter. [Pari. Rep.] 

John Johnson was ordained Deacon at Cork on 13th April, 
1823, and Priest at Cloyne on 2 1st December following. From 
1823 to 1829 he was P. C. of Templebredy, and from 1829 to 
his death on 11th June, 1837, was P. EilLa^nnlly. 

He married Catherine, sister of Rev. Henry Theophilus 
Moore H odder. 
1837. Aug. 24. Richard Llotd, a.b., P. Eillannlly. [F.P.] 

Richard (son of Richard Lloyd, esq. by Jane, dau. of Thomas 
Austen, esq. of Water&U, county Cork), was a grandson of Rev. 
Richard Lloyd, R. Rathcormack, and was bom at Rathcormack 
on 27th May, 1767. 

He was ordained Deacon on 1st August, 1790, at Cloyne, 
and Priest, at Cork, on 26th Sept 1790. From 1791 to 1837 
he was P. C. MarmuUane, and from 1837 to his death on 6th 
Feb. 1840, was P. Eillannlly. 

He married on 20th March, 1802, Mary, dau. of James- 
Franklin Morrison, of Cork, by Elisabeth (eldest dau. of Aroh- 
deaoon Michael Davies, of Cloyne), by whom he had issue, 
besides a daughter, Richard Lloyd, esq. of Passage West, who 
married, in 1836, Margaret^ dau. of Edward Enapp Piersy, 
1840. March 16. Robert Halbubd, a.b., P. Eillannlly. [D.R.] 

In 1855 he became P. Eilbrittain, q. v. 
1855. August 25. Thomas Townlt Macak, a.b., P. Eillanully. 
Certified annual value, £120 4^. Sd. pD.R.] In 1857 he 
•▼^ became Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 
1857. Sept 28. Richabd Lonofibld, a.b., P. Eillanully. Net 


value, £129 8«. 4(2. [D.K] In 1858 he became B. Mogeely, 
Cloyne, q. v. 
18d8. Nov. 16. Melianus Spread Campion, a.b., P. Killanollj. 
Net value, £117 11«. 10c?. p.R.] 

1860. No church. No glebe-house. About an acre of glebe 
let Divine service twice on all Sundays, and once on the 
usual holidays, in a licensed schoolhouse. Sacrament monthly, 
and at chief festivals ; average of communicants, 8. A few 
children attend a Church Education school. The Protestant 
population is 10. The rentcharge is £127 10«. The land is 
worth £2. Total value, £129 lOs, per annum, without resi- 

M. S. Campion (son of T. S. Campion, d.d., V. Ballynoe, 
Cloyne, q. v.), was born in the county Waterford, and when 
seventeen years old entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 6th Nov. 
1826. He was ordained Deacon on 11th January, 1835, at 
Cloyne, and was for some years Curate of Mogeely, in that 

He married Arabella Peard, bv whom he had issue an only 
. child, Thomas-Spread, who died at the age of six years, in 


1291. "Eccia de Kylasputmullan llllrar. Vicar capit dimid." 
[Tax P. Nic] 

1591. Thomas Gibbons is Prebendary, and Maurice MDermot is 
Curate. " Preb. Killaspugmnllane Thomas Gibbons. Suspend, 
fructus sequestr. D. Mauritius m'dermot curatus." [MS. 
T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] MDermot was also R. Marmullane, q. v. 

1615. Killaspugmullane, Prebenda residens Man asses Marshall, 
A.B., Minister and Preacher. Value £8. He holds also the 
Preb. of Kilmacdonagh, in Cloyne, worth £24. Two churches, 
in good repair, with books. [R.V. R.I.A.] He was Archdea- 
con of Cork, q. v. 

1619. October 23. Thomas Wat is instituted P. Eillaspugmullane 
cui prebendsB Epus univit V. de ScoU. Installed 4th Nov. 
1619. [R.V. 1634.] Vide Scull. 

1626. April 7. Richard Ashe, a.b., is admitted P. Eillaspugmul- 
lane, and installed 15th July, 1626. [R.V. 1634.] In 1661 
he was B. Killeagh, Cloyne, q. v. 

1634. P. Eillaspugmullane Richs. Ashe, Predicator. Valet 
XIX li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. April 8. Thomas Bankes, P. Eillaspugmullane. [F.F.] He 
was also V. Holy Trinity, q. v. 

}639. John Newton, P. Eillaspngmallane and V.Athnowen. [F.F.] 


1639. Nov. 4. John Newton appears. ^'Ecclesia bene. 
Desunt oraamenta et liber." [V.B. D.R.] 

In 1641 Newton was plundered by the rebels of bis goods 
and chattels, and of his church livings, worth together £50 
per an. [MS. T.G.D. F. 2. 17.] 
1663. Sept. 7. William Smith, d.d., P. KillaspugmuUane. [F.F.] 
Per mortem Richi, Ash (sic). fV.B. D.R. 1669.] 

Dr. Smith appears in the Visitation Books up to 1681. 

William Smith, from 1661 to 1662, was P. Subulter, Goyne ; 
and from 1661 to 1681 R. V. Rathcormack, Clojne, and P. 
Lulliaghmore, Kildare. From 1663 to 1681 he was P. Eillas- 
pugmullane, and also P. Modeligo, Lismore. From 1664 to 
1666 he was V. Ballyspillane, and from 1666 to 1681 P. Bally- 
hooly, Cloyne. He was also, from 1673 to 1681, Treasurer 
of Limerick. He died in 1681 the Incumbent of six liyings, 
in five different dioceses. 

In his will (dated 11th September, 1681, /r<w» Limerick\ 
Dr. Smith mentions his children, William, Edward, and Mary ; 
also his brother-in-law, Rev. John Norcot, of Ballygarret 
1681. May 3. Daniel Lobb, a.m., P. KillaspugmuUane. [F.F.] 

He appears 1682 to 1692. [V.B. D.R.] 

In 1692 he became P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 
1693/4. April 3. Christopher Sheaees, a.b., P. Killaspngmnllane, 
per cession of Daniel Lord ultimi incumbentis, and same day 
R. Ardnegihy. [D.R.] 

He appears 1694 to 1704, No7. 3. [V.B. D.R.] In the 
latter V. B. Mr. Valentine French is Curate, but there are no 
churchwardens. p).R.] 

^ Oct. 1, 1700. 1 saw Killshanaghan Church. It was built 
with stone and clay, and is altogether ruinous ; only the west 
end is standing, cover'd with ivy ; it was a yery small church. 
Elder trees grow within the church. It is on the left hand of 
the road from Cork to Rathcormock, about eight miles distant 
from Corke. The bounds of the church-yard are discernible. 
This parish, together with Eillvillane, and a particle in Cana- 
way, belongs to the Prebendary of KillaspugmuUane, worth 
altogether £30 per an. at least. The Earl of Barrimore has 
the most considerable estate in this parish. Will. Bible is the 
only Protestant in this parish, except one that came lately from 
Imokilly. James Barry is Popish Priest of KillaspugmuUane, 
viz. of Killshanaghan and Killvillane, and also of the parish of 
Kilcoan ; he has been here eight years at least ; he is also 
Priest of the parish of Ardnegihy. The Prebendary of KiUas- 
pugmullane has all the tythes of this parish j they are worth 
to him about £20 per an. The people of this parish go to 
church either to Rathcormack or Kacony. No glebe in this 

''Oct. 1700. I saw EillTolane Church; forsan the proper 


me is Killmullane or EillaspugmuUane. Eillvolane Church 
was built with stones and clay ; the stones are good square 
stone ; 'tis about 46 foot long and 17 foot broad ; half the walls 
are down. There is no glebe belonging to this parish. A 
ditch round a small church-yard. This church lies to the S.R 
of Templeusky Church; 'tis about two miles distant from 
Templeusky, and about two miles from Rathcony Church, to 
the north-east of Rathcony Church ; 'tis about a mile from Eil- 
coan Church to the north-west of Eilcoan Church. Part of this 
parish was formerly the Duke of York's estate ; now 'tis Mr. 
Thomas Brodrick's. Lord Barrimore has also an estate here. 
Mr. Will. Harding, Papist, John Dixon, and Thomas Harding^ 
live in this parish. The Prebendary of Killaspugmullane has 
all the tythes of this parish ; they are worth at least XIO 
per annum ; the people of this parish go to Rathcony ChurcL 
[Downes' Tour.] 

Christopher (son of Humphrey Sheares, of Cork), was bom 
at Cork, and when twenty years old entered T.C.D. as a Pen- 
sioner, on 2nd May, 1680. 

He held, for a short time, the R. Ardnegihy, which he vacated 
in 1694. From 1694 to 1704 he was P. Killaflpugmullane ; 
and from 1696 to 1704 he was also P. Ballymore, Armagh. He 
died in 1704. It appears by his father's will, dated and proved 
in 1703, that Christopher had a son, Henry, and two daugh- 
ters, Elisabeth and Dorothy. The father, Humphrey, made a 
bequest to the parish of Castlelyons, Cloyne, q. r. 

17(T4/5. Feb. 3. Valentine Feenoh, P. Killaspugmullane. [P.F.] 

In 1717 he became Dean of Ross, q. v. 

1731. July 4. On this Sunday Terence O'Brien renounces 

Popery in the parish church of Killaspugmullane. 
1732. Not. 8. No name appears. [V.B.] 

1732/3. Jan. 1. Jemmet Browne, a.m., vice French deceased, P. 
Killaspugmullane, et unam R. V. Cannaway, R. Kilcoane, Tem- 
pleusky, Ballydeloghie als Kilroan, and R. V. Insulse parvse. 
He is again admitted to same on 28th June, 1733. [D.R.] 

He appears 1733 to 1743, June 1. [V.B. D.R.] 

Browne was also Dean of Ross, q. v. 

1743. Nov. 11. Philip Sydney Smyth, fourth Viscount Strang- 
FORD, is presented to Preb. Killaspugmullane, R. Templeusque, 
Kilkoan, and Kilroan als Ballydeloghy, and one R. Cannaway. 
[Lib. Mun. and D.R.] 

In 1752 Lord Strang ford became Dean of Derry, which he 
resigned in 1769 for the Archdeaconry of Derry, which he 
held until his death, on 29th April, 1789. 

Lord Strangford was bom on 14th March, 1715, and 
entered T.C.D. as Nobilis on 13th Oct. 1733. He graduated 
afterwards as ll.d. 


He was elected in 1745 a member, and in 1760 President of 
the Moyallow Lo3ral Protestant Society* 

He married in 1741 Mary, dau. of Antony Jephson, of Mal- 
low Castle, if.p., and by her had issue an only son, Lionel, fifth 
Viscount Stbakgford, who took holy orders. 
1752. May 11. Edwabd Bbownb, a.m., P. Eillaspilgmnlhine, &c. as 
held by Lord Strangford. [B.K.] He was idso B. V. Mack- 
loneigh, and Archdeacon of Boss, q. y. 
1777. Dec. 15. Jekmet Browne, a.b., P. Eillaspugmollane, &e, 

Jemmet Browne (son of Edward, Archdeacon of Boss), mar- 
ried, in 1784, Frances (dan. of John Blennerhasset, by Fran- 
ces, dan. of Edward Herbert, of Muckruss), and by her had 
issue two sons, Jemmet and Bey. John ; besides three daugh- 
ters, one of whom, Frances, was wife to Key. Frances Fox, a 
nephew of Lobd Fabnham. The Bey. Jemmet Browne liyed 
at Biverstown, county Cork, and his will was dated 27th Oct. 
1786, and preyed 21st June, 1797. He died on 3rd March, 
1797. August 29. James Stopfobd, a.m., P. EillaspngmullaDe, dbc. 

James Stopford (son of Joseph Stopford, who was brother to 
Thomas, Bishop of Cork and Boss), was nephew to the first Earl 
of Courtown. 

He was ordained Deacon on let May, 1768, at St. Eeyin's, 
Dublin, by the Bishop of Cork ; and Priest on 11th September 
of same year, by the ^Bishop of Cork, at Cork. 

He was licensed to the Curacy of Innishannon on 26th May, 
1768, and remained there for seyeral years. From 1786 to 
1797 he was P. Killavery, in Meath ; and from 1795 to 1797 
held EillanuUy Prebend, in Cork. From 1797 to his death on 
27th September, 1823, he was P. KillaspugmuUane. He 
desires in his will to be buried in the tomb built by himself in 
the church-yard of Eilroan als Ballydelogher. He bequeathed 
twenty guineas to the poor of KillaspugmuUane. 
1823. Oct. 22. Edwabd St. Lawbamce, ll.d., P. KillaspugmuUane, 
&c. [F.F.] 

In 1825 he became Archdeacon of Boss, q. v. 

1830. Protestant population of Templeusque, 63 ; of Eil- 
coan, 26 ; of Ballydelohar, 73 ; of Ballinalty, 24 ; of Bally- 
yinny, 0. Total of union, 186. 

1838. Sept. 22. A new church, built at expense of Ecclesi- 
astical Commissioners, in the parish of Kilcoan, is licensed for 
diyine seryice. [D.B.] 

1837. Killaspuffmulfane union, 7 miles long by 4 broad, with 
cure, consisting of-— 1. Templeusque rectory, 5 miles long by 
1^ broad; 2. Kilcoane rectory, 3 miles long by Ij^ broad; 
3» Ballydelohar rectory, 1^ miles long by 1 broad ; 4. Ballin« 


alty rectory, 3 miles long by 2^ broad ; 5. Ballyvinny rectory, 
1^ long by 1 mile broaid. The union contains 21,755 acres. 
Gross population, 6,639. One Curate employed, at a stipend 
of £75 per annum. Titbe composition of Templeusque parish, 
£316 ; Kilcoane, £244 12«. 3|c?. ; BaUydelohar, £177 10*. 
16a. Ob. 31 Jp. (statute measure) of glebe in said parish, valued 
at £2 per plantation acre, £20. Tithe composition of Bally- 
nalty parish, £276 ISs. 5^. ; BaUyvinnjr, £92 Ss. Ifrf. Sub- 
ject to yisitation fees, about £1 10«. Diocesan schoolmaster, 
£1 5«. No glebe-house. Inctmbent is resident, and pays a 
sum of £40 per annum for house-rent. One church, situate in 
BaUydelohar parish, capable of accommodating 200 persons ; 
built in 1829, by means of a gift of £650, granted by the late 
Board of First Fruits. No charge on the parish in 1832, on 
account of the church. Divine service is celebrated twice on 
Sundays in summer, and once in winter, and on the principal 
festivals. The sacrament is administered twelve times in the 
year. The benefice is a rectory. The P. Eillaspugmullane has 
a separate revenue of £46 3«. Id, from the rectorial tithes of 
Cannaway, but no duties, save preaching occasionally in the 
the cathedral. [Pari. Rep.] 
1842. August 26. John Abraham Bolsteb, a.h. (vice St. Laurence, 
deceased), P. Killaspugmullane, the corps of which consists of 
B. Eilcoan and Ballynalty Rectory als Kilshanahan, with Bally- 
vinny Rectory, and the one R. of Cannaway. [D.R.] 

1851. August 5. The new church is consecrated, but no 
name of dedication is mentioned in the registry. [D.R.] 

1860. One church. No glebe-house. Incumbent resides in 
the adjoining parish. Divine service on all Sundays, &c. 
Sacrament monthly : average of communicants, 12. A Church 
Education school. The Protestant population is 57. The 
rentcharge of Eilcoan is £183 9s. 2d, ; of Ballynalty, £207 
13«. 9d, ; of Ballyvinny, £69 4s. 6d. -, of one K. Cannaway, 
£46 3«. 1^. Total rentcharge, £506 lOs. 6<f., without residence. 

J. A. Bolster graduated a.b. in 1826, and a.m. in 1837. He 
was ordained Deacon on 23rd December, 1827, and Priest on 
30th November, 1828, both at Cloyne. 

In 1829 he was licensed to the Curacy of Eillaspugmullane. 
From 1836 to 1842 was R. V. Inchinabacky. 

He is married, and has issue. 

158 snxowEir. [cork. 



1610 to 1682. Eillowen was held with Gbrrivoe, q. y. 

1682. August 23. Dahibl Lord, a.]c., is admitted B. Garrivoe et 
Killowen, and on 24th August, B. V. Murragh, and Y. Desert- 
serges. [F.F.] He resigned Qarriyoe in 1683, but retained Eill- 
owen until 1704. In 1683, Sept. 6, he was again admitted 
to KiUowen. [P.F.] *' Killowen is said to be part of Mur- 
ragh." [7.6.1699. D.DO Fwf^ Murragh. 

1705. July lo. BicHARD Goodman, B. KiUowen. |T.P.] He ap- 
pears 1705 to 1736, July 14. [V.B. D.B.] In 1718 he be- 
came P. Desertmore, q. r. 

1737. June 1. Vacant per mortem Bichi Goodman. [V.B. D.B.] 

1737/8. January 19. Thomas Barry, a.m., is instituted to B. Kil- 
cony, als Killowen. [D.B.] 

He appears 1738 to 1749. [V.B. D.B.]' 
Thomas Barry (brother to Sir Edward, the father of John, 
P. Desertmore), was son to Edward Barry, m.d., and was bom 
in Cork, and educated by Bev. Edmond MoUoy. When 
eighteen years old, he entered T.O.D. as a Pensioner, on 9th 
July, 1729, and in 1733 obtained a Scholarship. 

He was ordained Deacon on Ist of June, ana Priest on 27 th 
of July, 1735, by the Bishop of Cork. 

In 1735 he was made a Vicar Choral, and in 1737, B. Kill- 
owen, both which appointments he held at his death. He was 
killed by a fall from his horse on 19th May, 1749, and was 
buried on 20th of May, in the church-yard of St. Mary, 
Shandon. He held also, in 1742, the curacy of Killaspugmul- 

1749. June 2. St. John Browne, ll.d., B. Kilcony, als Killowen. 

E.P.] On presentation (of May 20, 1749) of Gerald, Lord 
j-on of KinsaJe. [D.B.J Browne was also P. Kilbrogan, 
q. y. He died in 1796. 
1796. June 4. William Noble, B. Killowen, and V. Holy Trinity. 
^.P.l He was presented to Killowen by John, Lord Kinsale. 
[D.B.] Vide the V. Holy Trinity for Noble. 
1799. July 5. Hon. Thomas ds Couroy, a.b., B. Killowen and Gar- 
rivoe [P.P.] ; to Killowen by resignation of Noble ; and to Gar- 
rivoe by resignation of Bichard Meade ; to both on presentation' 
of John, Lord Kinsale. [D.B.] Vide Gkirrivoe. 
1830. Protestant population, 18. 
1832. May 22. John Stewart, B. Killowen, on presentation of 
John Meade and John Newman Spiller, esqrs. trustees to late 
Lord Kinsale. [D.B.] Stewart resigned on 27th April, 1840, 
for Templetrine, q. v. 

1837. Killowen, i rectory, with cure, | of an Irish mile long 
by I broad, containing 1,260a. Gross population, 432. No 


Ourate employed. Tithe composition, £140 12«. 9d. No 
glebe-house. Incumbent is non-resident from inability of ob- 
taining accommodation ; he resides at Bandon, and pays the 
sum of X21 a year for house rent. No church. Divine ser- 
vice is celebrated once on all Sundays and on the great festi- 
vals in a private dwelling-house. The sacrament is admin- 
istered twelve times in the year. The benefice is a rectory. 
[Tarl. R^.] 
1840. October J 7. Richard Thomas Meade, a.b., B. Eillowen, 
(on presentation of the same patrons as those in 1832), dated 
5th October, 1840. [D.B.] Meade, in 1856, became B. 
Templetrine, q. v. 

1849. August 31. A new church and church-yard were con- 
secrated, the church under the name of St John. rD>B.l 
1856. July 9. John Pratt, R Killowen, on presentation of Lord 
Einsale, dated 14th June, 1856. [D.B.] His Lordship gave 
his turn of nomination to the Bishop. 

In 1858 Pratt became B. Eilnagross, Boss, q. v. 
1858. Sept. 6. Bobert William Delaoour, B. Killowen, on presen- 
tation of Lord Kinsale, dated 3rd August, 1858. The net 
value is X94 19«. 6d. [D.B.] 

1860. The church in order. A glebe-house and five acres 
of glebe in Bector's use. Bev. James Smith is Curate. Divine 
service twice on all Sundays, and on the usual holidays. Sa- 
crament monthly and at festivals; avei'a^e of communicants, 29. 
About 27 children attend a Church Education Society school. 
The Protestant population is 60. The rentcharge is £105 9s. 6d. 
The land is worth £5. Total value, £110 9s, 6d per an., 
with residence. 

B. W. Delacour (son of James Delacour, esq. of Mallow), was 
ordained in 1846. 

He married Eliza, dau. of Frederick Hyde, esq. of Holly- 
wood, county Kerry, and has issue. 


1591. Bectoria Sci Michaelis spectat ad prebend de Eilbrogan. 

Vic. ibm Dermicius Longe, Thesaurarlus. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.1 
1615. Bandolph Holland appears as Y. Eilmichael. " Eilmighell. 

Abbas de Autre rector. Bichus Boyle, miles, firmarius. Vica- 

riuB Bandol Holland, Studens in Collegio. Val. £6 13«. id, 

Ecclia repata. Cancella ruinata." [B.V. RLA.] Holland, 

in 1623, became P. Eillanully, q. v. 
1629. Sept. 9. Edward Clerke, a.m., is admitted V. Einneigh and 

Eilmichael, united by Bishop to Disanery of Cloyne. [B.V. 

1634.} For Clerke, vide Deans of Cloyne. 


1634. E. de Kilmichael spectat ad Abb. de Antro et Mourne. 
Oormack Donogh Carty, firmarius. VaL IV li. per an. Vic. 
ibm Edward Gierke. Val. IV li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. V. Edward Gierke. It is also marked vacant. Gurate, 
Richard Burden. ^'Ecclia non bene^ habent omamenta.'* 
[V.B. D.R.] 

1640. Oct. 2. Edward Woetu, V. de Kilmichael. [F.F.] In 
1644 he was Dean of Gork, q. v. 

1640 (circa). Thomas Heuset, V. Kilmichael and Kinneigh. [F.F.] 

1663. Sept 26. George Stnge, V. Kilmichael and Inchigula, pcur 
litteras patentes Regis, stndendi gratia, in coUatione EpL 
[V.B. D.R 1669.] 
In 1674 he became also P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 

1677. Samuel Syngb appears as V. Kilmichael and Inchigeelah. 
[V.B. D-R.] He is also P. Dromdaleagae, q. v. 

1679. June 10. Gobnelius Hignbtt, a.m., V. Kilmichael and Inchi- 
geelah, and P. Dromdaleague. [F.F.] In 1706 he was also 
Ghancellor of Ross, q. y. 

1699. Some few English there. No charch. Ought there 
not to be care taken that divine service be performed there 
sometimes 1 No churchwardens nor parish clerk. [V.B. 
1 699. D.jy,^ " On the north of Fanlobbus lye Kilmichael and 
Inchigeelah in a coarse country. The people are all Irish, ex- 
cept one or two families. No church nor divine service.*' 
[Downes' Tour.] 

1727/8. Feb. 1. Peter Waterhouse, R. and V. Kilmichael and 
Inchigeelah, per mort. Ilignett. He is again admitted 1st 
January, 1732. [D.R.] In 1730 he was also Precentor of 
Cork, q. v. 

1728. April 23. Edmund Barrett renounces Popery in the 
parish church of Kilmichael. [D.R.1 

1750. April 19. Patrick Elmslbt, a.m., K. and V. Kilmichael and 
Inchigeelah, per mort. Waterhouse. [D.RJ Vide Inchigeelah. 

1755. April 25. Thomas Browne, a.m., R. V. Kilmichael, per mor- 
tem Elmsley. [D.R.] 

In 1757 Browne became Precentor of Gork, <^ v. 

1757. November 5. Thomas Waterhouse, a.m., R, V. Kilmichael, 
per cession of Browne. [D.R.] 

In 1762 Waterhouse became Precentor of Gork, q. v. 

1762. Ma^ 13. Edward Kemny, a.b., R. V. Kilmichael, per cession 
of Waterhouse. [D.R.] Kenny was P. Inskenny, q^. v. 

1777. December 17. Thomas Brevitor, a.m., R. V. Kilmichael and 
Macloneigh. [F.F.] In 1784 he became R. Garrigaline, q. y. 
1778. August 15. Kilmichael and Macloneigh parishes are 
united for ever by the Lord Lieutenant and Privy Oonncil, with 
consent of the Archbishop of Gashel and of the £ishop of Gork, 
and on the petition of Brevitor, who states that there is but 
one church in the episcopal union of Kilmichael and Mac- 


loneighy in tbe parish of Eilniichael ; and no glebe-house in 
either. He states the yalue of Kilmichael to be £250, and of 
Bfadoneiffh to be £150^ and says he intends to build on Mac- 
loneigh glebe. [D.R.1 

1784. Dec. 4. The Bishop certifies for improyements on the 
glebe, £120 3$. Zd. Tbe yearly value of the benefice is £388. 
Brevitor's memorial to build was dated 17th July, 1778. He 
did not expend much on the house, as his successor had to build 
a new residence. 
1784. Feb. 18. Georob Saokyille Cotteb, a.m., B. Y. Kilmichael 
and Macloneigh. [D.R.] In 1797 he became B. Igtermur- 
ragh, Cloyne, q. v. 

In Feb. 1791, Cotter memorials for permission to build a 
new house on a different part of the glebe of Macloneigh. The 
Bishop certifies, on 3rd Feb. 1797, that Cotter expended on 
such house £509 17s. 4(f., that the glebe at Macloneigh is 
worth £80, and that the tithes of Kilmichael and Macloneigh 
are worth £350. [D.B.] 
1797. June 20. Bobebt Wabben, B. V. Kilmichael and Macloneigh. 


1799. January 11. Bobert Warren memorials for liberty to 
erect a bam and offices, and the Bishop approves same day. * In 
1803, 25th April, a commission to value issues, and the Bishop, 
on Sept. 23, 1805, certifies that Warren expended £697 3^. 6d. ; 
the yearly v^alue of the benefice being £700 per an. [D.B.] 

Bobert Warren (fourth son of the first baronet Sib Bobbbt 
Wabbek, of Warren's Court, county Cork), was ordained 
Deacon at Cloyne, by letters dimissory from Cork on 29th Sep- 
tember, 1786, and Priest at Cloyne, also on letters from Cork, 
on 1st August, 1790. 

On 28th October, 1791, he was licensed to the curacy of 
Aglish, &c., and horn 1797 to his death in 1829 was B. V. 
Kilmichael. In 1799 he seems to have held also the curacy 
of Magoumey. 

He married Margaret, dau. of Kingsmill Pennefather, icp. 
for Cashel, and by her had issue, Bev. Bobert (B. Cannaway, 
q. v.), and Bichard, M.D., who married Margaret, dau. of 
William Penne&ther. 
1829. December 2. Bighabd Jbpbson Bothb, a.b., B. V. Kilmichael 
and Macloneigh. [D.B.] 

1830. Protestant population, 107. 

1837. Oct. 2. Bothe memorials for liberty to renew the roof 
of the glebe-hoDse at Macloneigh, at cost of £232, which sum 
a commission retnrns as duly expended on 11th June, 1839. 

1837. Kilmichael union, 10 miles long by 6 broad, with 
curoy consisting of : — 1. Kilmichael, part of rectory and vicar- 
age, 6 miles long by 6 broad. 2. Macloneigh rectory^ 4 miles 


long by 3 broad. Thetinion contains 23,713a. Oroad popula- 
tion, 7,686. No Curate employed. Titbe composition of Kil- 
michael parish belonging to Incumbent, £692 6«. 2d, ; 7a. of 
glebe in said parish, valued at 25s. per acre, £8 Ids, Tithe 
composition of Macloneigh parish, £250; 48a. of glebe in said 
parish, valued at 25s. per acre, £60 ; subject to visitation fees, 
IBs, 4c{. ; diocesan schoolmaster, £1 2s. 9d* Eilmichael glebe- 
house built under the old Acts in 1784, at the cost of 
£111 7s. 7\d. Brit., the dwelling-house being then thatched. 
A new glebe-house erected on a new site in 1797, at a certi* 
fied charge of £470 12s, ll^d. Brit. ; and a further expenditure 
of £643 lOs, lid,, made under certificate of improvements in 
1805. The present Incumbent is third in succession from the 
original builder; and having paid his predecessor's execut-ors 
£889 I65. lid,, on account of the building and improvement 
charges, he will be entitled to receive about £553 Ids, lid. 
from his successor. Incumbent is resident in the glebe-house* 
The rectorial, or one-half of the tithes of 13,500 plan, acres in 
Eilmichael parish, compounded for £273 5s, Sd, are impro*- 
priate, and belong to the Duke of Devonshire ; the remaining 
half of these tithes, and the whole tithes of the rest of the 
parish belong to Incumbent. One church, in which there is 
divine service once on all Sundays, and on Christmas Day and 
Good Friday. The sacrament is administered monthly. [Pari. 

Bichard Jephson Rothe (son of George Abraham Rothe, by 
Salisbury, dan. of Lorenzo H. Jephson, esq. of county Tipperary ; 
which George- Abraham was eldest son of Richard Rothe, of 
Mountrath, county Kilkenny, by Catherine D' Alton ; which 
Richard, last named, was eldest son of Michael Rothe, esq. of 
Butler's Grove, who died circa 1746), was from 1827 to 1829, 
P. Eillanully, and from 1829 to his death on 26th April, 
1846, R. Eilmichael. 

He married on 18th October, 1830, Letitia (dau. of Thomas 
St. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork), who died in 1833, bequeathing 
to her husband her lands in East Carbury, county Cork. 
1846. May 23. Henry Fitzallen M'Clintock, R. V. Eilmichael 
and Macloneigh ; certified value, £713 I4t8, 5d, [D.R.] 

1846. July 25. A commission finds £155 190. lOd. to be 
the amount of dilapidations against Rothe's representatives. 

1860. One church and a glebe-house ; 48a. of glebe in 
Rector's use. Divine service once on Sundays and the usual 
holidays ; evening service in - the glebe-house. Sacrament 
monthly; average of communicants, 17. 11 children attend 
the parish school. The Protestant population is 46. The 
rentchargeof Eilmichaelis£519 4^. 7d,, of Macloneigh, £187 lOs. 
The glebe of Eilmichael is worth £8 15s., and that ef Mac- 


loneigh is worth £60. Total value of benefioe, £775 9<. 7d. 
with residence. 

H. F. M'Cliiitock (eldest son of the late Alexander ll'Clin- 
took, B. Glanbanahan, Boss, q. v.), was from 1835 to 1846> 
y. BaUymodan. 


1550. May 14. MoDbbmot O'Mulsiakb, of Kylmocowoge, Clerk, 
is pardoned. [Morrin. Pat. Rot. 4th £dw. VI.] 

1591. E. de Kilmochomog als Killmachnmocke spectat ad Ah. Scfi 
Catherine Waterford. Vicaria vacat. [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1612. 10th James I. Gibson Is presented to Y. Eilmaconnock, dioc. 
Cork. [Lib. Mun.] 

1615. B. Eilmacomoge spectat ad Eccliam KatherinsB Water- 
fordensis. Yicarius ibm Gawinus Gibson, minister legens et 
inserviens cursB. Valor 5 li. Ecclia in repatione, cancella 
rninata. [R.V. B.I.A.] 

1627. May 20. Marcus Pagett, V. de Kilmacomoge. [F.F.] He 
was afterwards Dean of Boss, q. y. 

1634. B. Kilmacomoge spectat ad monasterinm Stas Kath- 

erinse Waterford. Comes Corke firmarins. Val. 20 li. per an. 

Vicarius ibm Marcus Pagett. Val. 20 li. per an. [B.V. 1634.] 

1639. B. Kilmocamoge Bare de Esmond. Vicarios Marcus 

Pagett. Curatas Wm. Bibd. Ecclesia bene. [V.B. D.B.] 

16 — ? Thomas Babham, V. Kilmocamoge and Kilcroghaney and 
Durrus, q. v. 

1663. Sept. 22. Thomas Holmes, V. Kilmocamoge, V. Durrns, and 
Kilcrohane, yacant by death of Thomas Barham. [V.B. D.B. 

'' 1699. Kilmacomogne joins to Caharagh, about two miles 
before we come to Bantry, and lyes westward of Caharagh ; 
the church stood three miles to the north-east of Bantry ; 'tis 
ruinous ; there is a cabin built on purpose for a chapel in 
Bantry ; 75 plowlands and 8 gneeyes in the parish of Kilma- 
comoge ; about 150 persons usually at church in Bantry ; three 
Sundays in four Mr. Holmes preaches in Bantry ; the fourth 
Sunday he preaches in Captain Evanson's house, at Four- 
mile- water, in the parish of Durrows. Kilmacomoge being 3 
plowlands, belongs to the See of Corke, set for £12 ; well set ; 
and Innishbegclary, an island, set for £14, is worth about 
£35 per an. The 3 plowlands of Kilmacomoge are better 
land than the land about it, but 'tis small measure. The rec- 
tory of Kilmacomoge belongs to St. Catherine's Abby, of Water- 

" Kilchroghan lyes to the south-west of Bantry, about fiye 



miles, at the nearest, and about twelye miles at the furthest 
part distant from Bantrj ; no church, nor Protestants. Kil- 
croghan, 3 plowlands, belonging to the see of Oorke, worth at 
least £20 per an., is set to Sir Richard Hull for £5 per an. ; 
the land is better than the other land in that parish ; indif- 
ferent measure. The rectory of Kilcroghan belongs to St. 
Catherine's, Waterford, except the rectory of the 3 plowlands 
of Kilcroghan, which belongs to the Earl of Cork." 

^ Anno. 1699. Most part of the parish of Kilcroghan is the 
joynture of Mrs. Peyton ; the estate belongs to the Hulls for 
the most part. The greatest part of the barony of Bere and 
Bantry is the estate of the Eu'l of Anglesey ; Mr. Davys has 
an estate about Bantry and Whidy Island worth about £500 
per an., out of which he pays a chief ry to the Earl of Anglesey 
of £100 per an., and quit rent £150 per an. The parish of 
Burrows lyes close to the town of Bantry, to the south, and 
Kilcroghan to the south of Durrows, they both lye betwixt 
Bantry bay and Dunmanus bay. There was a chappel of ease 
in the parish of Durrows, near Bantry, before the year 1641. 
Bantiy bay runs about twenty miles up into the land. Bantry 
town stands within three miles of the highest part of the 
Bay. Mointer-Vary, in the parish of Kilcroghan, is the lowest 

foint on the east side of the mouth of the Bay, and Great 
sland opposite to it on the west. The Bay runs from the sea 
to the north-east. Barracks for one company of foot are 
building at Bantiy. Durrows and Kilcroghan are united pro 
hac vice to Kilmacomoge. Some Protestants in Durrows ; 
three Sundays in four Mr. Holmes preaches at Bantry, the fourth 
Sunday he preaches at Four-mile- water for the parish of Kil- 
croghan and the adjacent parts of Durrows. No divine service 
in any place westward of Bantry within less than twelve miles, 
in Kerry, at Glanerought. The ruins of an abbey lie within 
quarter of a mile of Bantir- Two little schools kept in Bantiy; 
31 plowlands in the parish of Durrows. The Earl of Oorke has 
the moiety of the tythes of 12 plowlands ; the Vicar has the 
remainder of all the tythes ; the Vicar's share is worth about 
£30 per annum ; 30 small plowlands in Kilcroghan parish ; 
the rectory belongs to the Abbey of St. Catherine's, Waterford, 
the estate of Sir Ellis Layton ; the lease of this, from the King, 
expired in the Earl of Elssex's time, and was then renewed by 
Sir Ellis Layton; only the rectory of the three plowlands of 
Kilcroghan belongs to the Earl of Corke." 

''The vicarage is worth about £16 per annum ; Bantiy bay 
runs from the sea to the north-east above 20 miles into the 
land; it branches itself into little creeks : on one of them 
stands Bantry or Oldtown ; on another, Newtown; on another, 
Ballilicky ; on another, the Snave. The bay is generally about 
a league broad. About a mile below Bantry are four or five 


little islands, as Horse Island, Hog Island, Cony Island, &c, 
Whidy Island is aboat 2 miles from Ban try, very good land ; 
about 1,000 English acres are set for about £80 per an. by 
Mr. Davys to Mr. Bemish ; frost seldom continues, nor snow- 
on tbis island ; the biggest ships may come on the west of 
Whidy with safety. Berehaven side of the bay is coarse rocky 
mountain, hardly passable ; there the cane apples, or Arbutus, 
grow on the sides of the most steep and rocky mountains. 
A river runs down a steep side of the hill ; springs generally 
on the tops of the hills, and bogs on the tops of the rocky 
mountains ; Pilchers were taken generally in this bay hereto- 
fore; few of late. Beds of escalops about the Horse Island, 
they are large. 


Plowlandfl. OneeTec 

. 75 8 
. 11 2 


. 10 6 


. 74 3 
. 9 9 


. 14 3 

" The whole charge on the barony of Bere and Bantry for the 
half year's land tax, £88 I9s. Ud. 

" Charge on the tythe, £8 19«. Ud. 

" Charge on the barony, deducting the tythe, £80. 

*' Each plowland pays, half-yearly, 8«. 2j^d. 

" In the parish of Kilmacomoge the Irish observe Macomoge's 
day as a festivall, and generally each parish observes a patron 
day ; and in the whole diocess of Corke generally the Irish 
observe St. Finbarry's day as a festivall. In the whole diocess 
of Eosse the Irish observe St. Faughnan's day as a festivall. 
The parish of Kilmacomoge is worth about £30 per an. to Mr. 

" The Bay of Bantry is a good harbour; ships of great burden^ 
of a thousand tuns, may come within Whidy Island ; no shal- 
lows nor hidden rocks in the bay. The French men-of-war, 
being ab'gve 20, came into the bay in 1689. The ships laden 
with ammunition, <&c., came up to the bay. The English and 
French men-of-war enga^^'d betwixt Great Island and Mointer- 
vary." [Downea' Tour.] 

From 1663 to 1769 Kilmocamoge was held with Durrus^ 
q. V. 
1769. March 14. John Eekvet, a.m., Y. Eilmocamoge, Durrus, and 
Eilcroghan. [F.F.] In 1796 he was P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 

In 1793, April 16, Eenney resigned Durrus, Eilcroghan, and 
in 1796 he resigned Eilmocamoge. 

1792. November 27. An order was made by the Lord Lieu- 
tenant and Privy Council to change the site of the church of 
Eilmocamoge and Durrus. [Lib. Mun.] 


1796, May 4. Chablbs Smith, a.b., V. Eilmooamoge. [P*^-] 

1814. July 9. Lord Ban try leases for ever to the vicar about 
20 plantation acres of the lands of Gappanology for a glebe, at 
the annual rent of XI 47 7b. 9d.; and on 3rd August, 1814, the 
Bishop receives a memorial and estimate for a house on said 
glebe, at Cost of £1,390 lOs. 9d. for house, and £639 lOi. 6d. for 
offices. On 27th Sept., 1816, the Bishop certifies the yearly 
value to be £1,200 12«. Qd., and Smith's expenditure to be 
£2,902; from which latter sum the loan of £1,500 from First 
Fruits being deducted, the charge on benefice is fixed at 
£901 63. [D.R.] 

1815. Oct. 23. Richard, Earl of Bantry, grants for ever two 
roods and thirteen perches of land in Bantry for a church-yard 
and site of new church. On 13th July, 1816, an order is ob- 
tained from Privy Council to change the site. 

Charles Smith was ordained Beacon on 24th August, 1784, 
at Cork, and Priest on 5th December, same year, at Cloyne. 

He was licensed to the curacy of Castlemartyr, on 22nd 
Nov., 1784, and held that curacy m 1786. 

From 1784 to 1796 he was R. V. Cannaway, and from 1796 
to his death in 1825, was V. Eilmocamoge. 

He married, firstly, Elisabeth Forsayeth ; and, secondly, in 
1790, Jaue Eenah, of Igtermurragh. He left issue John, his 
eldest son, and Rev. Godfrey C. 0. W. Smith, his youngest son 
(R. Kinneigh, q. v.), besides 3 daughters, Margaret, Ellen, and 
Alicia, wife of Rev. John Murphy, Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 

1825. March 10. Hbnbt Evans Sablieb, a.b., V. Eilmocamoge. 
[D.R.] In 1849 he became P. Ballyhay, Cloyne, q. v. 

1830. Protestant population, 948. 

1837. Eilmocomogue : a vicarage, with cure ; 14 miles long 
by 12 broad, containing 56,9 10a. ; gross population, 14,483 ; 
one Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 per annum ; tithe 
composition, £625 ; 10 acres of glebe let for £10 ; 32^ acres 
of glebe in Incumbent's occupation, rented at four guineas per 
acre, £135 9^., subject to visitation fees, 7s. 8d. ; diocesan 
schoolmaster, 18«* Eilmocomogue glebe-house built under the 
new Acts, in 1816, at a cost of £2,307 ISs, lOid. Brit., whereof 
£1,384 129, Sid, was granted in way of loan, and £92 6«. l|<f. 
in that of gift by the late Board of First Fruits, and the residue 
of £830 158, 4|J. was supplied out of the private funds of the 
builder, to whom the present Incumbent is next in succession; 
and having paid his predecessor's representatives the entire of 
the sum last named, he will be entitled to receive £623 1«. 6^d. 
from his successor on account thereof. Of the loan aforesaid 
there remained £817 9«« ^d, chargeable on the benefice in 1832, 
repayable by annual instalments of £45 9s.' 2d. Incumbent 
is constantly resident in the glebe-house. Exclusive of the 


monies aforesaid, the builder is reported to have expended 
£369 4a. 7^d. on the glebe-house, without having any charge 
on his successor for the repayment of any portion thereof. 
One church, capable of accommodating 500 persons, built in 
1818, at the cost of £1,938 9«. 2 jd Brit, whereof £1,384 
I2s. Sid. was granted in way of loan by the late Board of 
First Fruits, and the residue of £553 16s. lid, was raised by 
private subscriptions. Of the loan aforesaid there remained 
£1,023 lOs. 2d. chargeable on the parish in 1S32, repayable 
by annual instalments of £48 lis. 8d, Divine service is cele- 
brated in the church twice on all Sundays, and on the principal 
festivals, as also in a private house, four miles from the church, 
on Sunday mornings, and at the glebe-house on Sunday even- 
ings. Service is also performed in the church on all Thurs- 
days, and a lecture is delivered in a part of the parish remote 
from the church on every Wednesday evening. The sacrament 
is administered monthly, and on Christmas Day. The rectorial 
tithes of this parish, compounded for £561 15s., are impro- 
priate, and belong to the Earl of Dononghmore. [Pari. Rep.] 

1840. May 12. Hoir. Chablks Brodrick Bernard, a.m., V. Kil- 
mocamoge. [D.R.] In 1842 he became P. Kilbrogan, q. y. 

1842. July 2. John Murphy, a.b., V. Kilmocamoge. [D.R.] In 
1861 he became Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 

1860. The outside wall of the church requires repairs, and 
is very unsightly. The church was built about 1818. It is 
oblong, with tower, in which is a porch, and with vestry, but 
without transepts or spire. The interior was completely altered 
in 1859, and was fitted with benches. There is a gallery at 
the west end. A font of Bath stone (octangular, 3 feet 2 inches 
high, and 2 feet 2 inches at its greatest breadth) was given by 
the Earl of Bantby, who erected also at the east end astainea- 
glass memorial window, in memory of the late Countess of 
£antry, his deceased wife, to whom is inscribed a mural monu- 
ment on the north wall of the church. The west end window 
was also fitted with stained glass by the present Lord Bantry. 
There is a glebe-house and 32^ acres of glebe in Vicar's use. 
There are two other glebes, one of 8 the other of 4 acres, 
in remote parts of the parish, which are let to tenants. 
Divine service twice on all Sundays, kc Sacrament monthly, 
and at festi^'als ; average of communicants, 45 ; 66 children 
are on the rolls of the schools, which are aided by the Church 
Education Society. 

The Curate is Rev. A. B. Wilson. The Protestant popula- 
tion is 396. The rentcharge is £468 15«. There are 43 acres 
of land, worth £75 per an., but as the enormous rent of £135 
9«. has to be paid to Lord Bantry for 32-^ acres of the glebe, 
th Vioar saffers an annual loss of £60 9f. by their occupation. 


The Vicar also pays £15 yearly to the Curate of Qlengariffe, 
q. y. His income, after these outgoings, may be set down as 
X393y with residence. 
1861. January 17. Riohabd Ohablbs Fatjlkner, a.b., V. Kilmo- 
camoge. [B.K] 

Mr. Faulkner was ordained in 1847. From 1851 to 1861 
he was licensed Curate of Middleton. He was educated at 
Portora Royal School, Enniskillen. 

He married Mary (dan. of Abraham Chatterton, esq., of Cork, 
by Jane, dan. of Rev. Fitzgerald Tisdall, R. Eilmoe, q.T.), and 
has issue. 


1581. Sept. 4. Dbbhitius M'CoBMTJOK Macabtt, R. Eilmoe. ''Idem 
(Epus) contulit unam Rectorianim EccHsb St. Brandain de 
Eilmo, viz., Rectoriam in feodo Eoclesiastico dno dermitio 
M'Cormuck Macarty, presbitero, 4^ Septembris, 1581. Induc- 
tus est quasi in poem eodem die per Phil. Gold.'* [D.K] 

1591. CoBNELius O'SuLLivAN appears as V. de Eilmoe. "Rectoria 
de Eilmo spectat ad Colleg. de Youghell. Cornelius O'SuUivan, 
vicarius de Eilmo et vicarius de Skull et vicarius de Durrus, 
interdicitur donee probavit se promot. ad sacros ordines." [MS. 
T.C.D.E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Thomas Wat appears as Vicar. *' Eilmoe : Rector Collegium 
de Youghell. Vicarius ibm Thomas Way, Minister et predi- 
cator, iuserviens curse. Valor 8 li." [R.V. R.I.A.] 1634. 
Rectoria de Eilmoe in fundo spectat a<l Coll. de loughall. 
Val. yx^ li. per an. Rector in feodo Ecclesiastico est Thomas 
Way, predicator. Val. 20 li. per an. Comes. Corke est pa- 
tronus. [R.V. 1634.] Way is also V. Scull, q. v. 

1619. August 18. Dbbmititts O'Coghlan, V. de Eilmoe. [P.F.] 
But the date given in R. V. of 1634, is 3rd July, 1619, and 
inducted 29th November, 1619. 

1634. Vicarius de Eilmoe Dermot 0*Coughlan, predicator. 
Epus confert. Val. 20 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 0*Coughlan 
is still Vicar in 1639. "Ecclesia bene, desunt singula.*" 
[V.B. 1639.] 

Dermitins O'Coghlan, diaoonus, was ordained Priest by John, 
Bishop of Cork, on 6th December, 1618. 

Dermitins O'Coghlan, or Conghlan, is said to have been In- 
cumbent in 1641, when he was driven to England by the 
wars, and died in that kingdom. His son, Thadeus, was 
father of Dermitins Conghlan, whose relict, Sarah, aged about 
80, is mentioned in some law case of Rev, Pta.ul Limerick, R. 


Eilmoe, temp. 1723. [Nichols' Topographer, vol. II. pp. 344 

to 356.] 
1637. March 3. Geobob Hobsky is presented to Y. Kilmowe. [Lib. 

Man.] In 1638 he became Dean of Ross, ^v. 
1639. April 29. JotfN Stanhop is presented to n. EilmowCy dioc. 

Cork. [Lib. Mun.] 
1663^4. January 29. John Evelaye, Dean of St. Faghanan, Ross, 

is presented to the Rectory and Vicarage of Eilmo, dioc. Cork. 

[Lib. Mun.] He was instituted on 15th June, 1664. [F.F.] 

Vide Deans of Ross. 

1666. Eilmoe and Scull are vacant. [VJB. D.R.] 

1667. May 15. Hehby Pabb, R. Y. Eilmoe and Scull, per resigna- 
c6n Johis Eveleigh. Rectoria} sunt in presentatione Regis, 
vicariaa in collatione Episcopi. [Y.6. 1669, D.R.] On letters 
patent [Lib. Mun.] He became on same day R. Y. Creagh, 
in Ross. [F.F] Parr appears as R. and V. from 1667 to 
1674. [Y.B. D.R.] 

Parr was also Precentor of Ross, q. v. 
1674/5. April 23. John EvELBiaH, Yicar Eilmoe and Scull. [F.F.] 
He appears in 1675. [Y.B. D.R.] 

1675. June 30. William Hull, Rector de Eilmoe and Scull. [F.P.] 
On letters patent of June 3. [Lib. Mun.] He appears as 
Rector from 1675 to 1722. [Y.B. D.R.] 

Hull was Treasurer of Ross, (]. v. 

1676. May 26. John Gibson, Yicar de Eilmoe and Scull. [F.F.] 
He appears 1677 to 1691 as Yicar. [Y.B. D.R.] 

1692. Sept 6. Walteb Bbuce, a.m., Yicar Eilmoe and Scnll, per 
cess, of John Gibson. [D.R.] He appears 1692 to 1699 as 
Yicar. [Y.B. D.R.] Bruce was a Yicar Choral of Ross from 
1686 to 1688. 

1699. Feb. 13. John Yysb, Yicar Eilmoe and Scull, per mortem 
Walter Bruce. [D.R.] He appears as Yicar in 1704. [Y.B. 

John Yyse, literatus e Jesu Coll. Cambridge, was ordained 
Deacon at Cork on 20th September, 1696, and Priest at Cork 
on 20th March, 1697. From August, 1699, to the end of that 
year, he was a Yicar Choral of Cork. From 1699 to 1704 he 
was Y. Eilmoe and Scull. 

^ 1699. Skull parish, about 50 plowlands, the rectory being 
half the tythes ; the Yicar has the other half, and the glebe and 
bookmony. The fricaridge is worth about £40 per an. ; the 
rectory is worth about X32 per an. In this parish, aud in other 
parishes that lie on the sea, the Rector and Yicar agree as well 
as they can with the fishermen for the tythe of fish, sometimes 
40«. for a sain, and sometimes 5«. ; sometimes 10& per boat for 
hook fishing. Half the tyth is paid by those that come out of 
other parishes ; the other half is paid in the parish where the 
fishermen dwell." 


''1699. Eilmoe parish, 25 plowlands. The rectory beinf^ half 
the tjthes, is worth about £16 per an. ; the vicaridge being 
the other half of the tjthes, and * tlie glebe and bookmonj, is 
worth about £20 per an." 

''On Munday, the 3rd of June, 1700] I left Skibbareen, and 
went to Skull that night. I lodg't at Mr. Bruce*s house, at 
Berrineha, near Skull. Skull parish extends six miles east- 
ward from the church, and to the west about three miles. The 
church walls are standing, and good, made of stone and lime, 
84 foot long and 24 broad. It stands near the center of the 
parish. June 4th, 1700. An act of vestry was made for rais- 
ing 12«. off each plowland for the repairs of the parish church. 
In this parish are the ruins of a chappel, near Dunmanus Cas- 
tle, called Kilkanget. 84 plowlands are in this parish. 3 
Sundays in 4 divine service at Skull in a house ; the 4th Sun- 
day at a house in Kilmoe parish. The 1 2 plowlands of Skull 
belong to the Bishop of Gorke; they lie round the church. 
These lands extend a mile and a-half from the church, towards 
the north, and take in part of Mount Gabriel. These 12 
plowlands include Castle Islandj the Middle and West Calves, 
and Carthy s Island, all which are in the parish of Skull. 
These 1 2 plowlands are as good as any thereabouts, but they 
are small measure. 

" The bay that goes up to Ballidehob is called Loughtrasnah. 
John Prouce, a good old man, is the parish clerk of this parish 
and Kilmoe. There are about 4 Protestant families in this 
parish, and about 400 Papist families. Daniel Carthy is Popish 
Priest of the eastern part of this parish ; he has been here ever 
since before the late troubles. No glebe in this parish. No 
registry-book, nor Bible, nor Common Prayer-book. A silver 
chalice and plate, the gift of Mr. Hull, the Rector, are in the 
hands of Mr. Randolph Warner. The Bishop of Corke, Colo- 
nel Beecher, Earl of Castlehaven, Mr. Hull and the Earl of 
Corke have the lands of this parish j and Mr. Sullivan, a Pro- 
testant. Mr. Hull, Mr. Bennett, Dan O'Hea, Armiger How, 
and Anthony Allen, live in this parish. Mount Gabriel, in 
the parish of Skull, is a haunt of wolves ; there are no trees nor 
shelter, except rocks and bogs. It is the highest hill in those 
parts, only Hungry Hill and other hills in Beerhaven are higher. 
From the top of Mount Gabriel we saw Dunmanus bay, the 
lands of the town of Kilcroghan, beyond Dunmanus bay, and 
also Bantry bay, with the hills of iBeerhaven. We saw also 
from thence Ballineskellix Islands, in Kerry. Mr. Bennet sales 
he has heard that the Bishop of Corke has some estate there- 
abouts. On the Skelliz, the gannet, as big as a eoose, breeds. 
There is a small lough on the top of Mount GkiDrieL Prum 
the rocks of Derrinetra^h we saw Castle Island, belonging to 
the Bishop of Corke. It lies to the S. a mile from Bhore ; the 


tenant pays to Mr. Hull for it £8 per an. There is an old 
Irish castle on it. Beyond Castle Island lies Cartliy*s Island, 
and the Three Calves^ good land, belonging to the Bishop of 
Corke. From the same rocks we saw Hoi*se Island, belonging 
to the Countess of Castlehaven ; the West Inniskeanes, good 
land, belonging to the Bishop of Corke ; the East Inniskeanes 
and Hare Island, forfeited lately by Coppinger, and granted to 
Dr. Lesley; Cape Clear and Shirkin, belonging to Colonel 
Beecher ; Long Island, belonginjEj to the Earl of Corke ; and 
Goat Island, belonging to Mr. Hull. There is a high steep 
rock in the sea, called the Fastnet, which, with Cape Clear's 
western point and Crookhaven, make an equilateral triangle, 
each side three leagues. The shore on these parts is all rocky. 
TheO'Mahons had above 100 plowlands formerly in this coun- 

"Tuesday, June 3, 1700. After prayers in the church of 
Skull, I confirmed about 40 persons that came out of the 
parishes of Skull and Eilmoe. I disposed of about 14 Common 
Prayer-books, and 3d small Prayer-books, for Skull and Kilmoe. 
The Middle and West Calves are in the parish of Skull, and 
the East Calf and the two Skames are in the parish of Agha- 
down. Some people live upon the East and Middle Calf, but 
none on the West Calf, The church of Skull is uncovered ; 
the walls are standing, well built, with lime and stone. It is 
about 84 foot long and 24 foot broad.'* 

** At a vestry held in Skull Church on June 4, 1700, Thomas 
Bennett and John Sullivan were chosen churchwardens of 
Skull, they were then and there presented to the Bishop of 
Corke, and sworn before him. At the same vestry, 128, on 
each plowland in the parish of Skull was assest for the repairs 
of the Church of Skull. It was agreed that only 30 foot in 
length should be repaired. I promised £5 towards the repairs 
of Skull, and paid it. There are 84 plowlands in this parish. 
This parish is about 9 miles in length and 6 miles in breadth. 
3 Sundays in 4 there is divine service at Mr. Bennett's house in 
Skull, and the fourth Sunday Mr. Vyse preaches at Mr. Cogh- 
lan*s house, in the parish of Eilmoe. John Prouce, a good old 
man, is Clerk of this parish and Kilmoe. The parish of Skull 
extends 6 miles eastward from the church, it reaches to the 
west about 3 miles and a half from the church. In this parish 
are the ruins of a chappel near Dunmanus Castle, ealled Kil- 
kanget. The bay that goes up to Ballidehab is called Lough- 
trasnagh ; several islands, viz.. Castle Island, <fec., lie in this 
bay. Daniel Leahy, a convert, teaches school in this parish 
at Gortineroagh. This parish is worth to the Vicar about £50 
per an. No glebe-house in this parish ; no collections, but at 
the sacrament. They pay tythes of fish ; the tenth fish. As 
to those that are remote, the Minister generally agrees with 


tbem for so mach a boat. There is a Bible, but no Gommon 
Prayer-books. Sacrament three times iu the year." 

** On Thursday, the 6th of June, I went to Eilmoeand Crook- 
haven, and returned to .Skull the same night. 

'^ Eilmoe : the church is ruinous, the walls that are standing 
are bad, built with stone and clay. The church stands about 
a mile from Crookhaven, to the westward near the head of 
Barlycove bay. 8a. of glebe on the north of the church ; good 
land, set for £20 per an. There are the ruins of a vicarid^e 
house joining to ye church-yard. Crookhaven town lies on the 
south side of the haven ; there were formerly (viz. before 1641) 
200 houses there. It yielded £300 per an., rent. There are 
the ruins of a small fort on the east end of the town, built by 
the King. There are also the walls of an old castle about the 
middle of the town, which they say was formerly a prison. 
There are the ruins of a chappie at the west end of the town. 
One end of the chappie is dedicated to St. Mullagh, 'tis said 
some glebe belonged to this chappie. Missen Head lies tt> the 
south-west of Crookhaven town ; the Three Castle's Head lies to 
the north-west of Missen Head ; off of Crookhaven Head lies 
the rock, call'd the Aldern. Barlycove is an open bay to the 
south-west of Crookhaven. The church of Eilmoe is dedicated to 
St. Briana,alsBi*audon, whose festival is observed in this parish. 
About 9 Protestaut families in this parish. There are about 
200 papist families in this parish. The Earl of Corke, Bishop 
of Corke, Colonel Beecher, Mr. Hull, Mr. Arthur Hide, and 
Thadeus Coghlan, have the lands of this parish. Mr. Pierce 
Amot, Thadeus Coghlan, and Mr. Mahon, a late convert, and 
Thomas Dyer, the tide-waiter, live in this parish. Tiege 
Coghlan is Popish Priest of the parish of Eilmoe, and of the 
western part of the parish of Skull, he has been here for about 
eight years. On the hill near Castlemehaga, which lies on the 
north side of Crookhaven bay, grows the Arbutus ; I saw some 
of them, they grow out of the clefts of the rocks on the side of 
the rock looking to the south ; the mould was black, wash'd 
down from the hill into the clefts ; 1 suppose 'tis good rich 
earth. A young Irishman, a Papist, teaches school in this 
parish of Eilmoe, about the middle of it. This parish is 
very hilly and rocky. This parish is worth about £25 per 
an. to the Vicar. This parish has 42 plowlands in it, 'tis 
about 6 miles in length from east to west, and about 3 miles 
in breadth. 

*'The Rectories of Skull and Eilmoe are in the gift of the 
Crown, worth £60 per an. ; the vicaridges in the Bishop of 
Corkers gift, are worth £70 per an. These two rectories, aa 
'tis said, belong'd formerly to the Oolleffe of Youghal, the Lord 
Strafford wrested them out of the hands of the Earl of Corke. 

" Eilmoe parish. No hooka, nor any Registry of Eilmoe. 

OOBK.] KILMO£. • 17$ 

About 7 or 8a. of glebe on the north of the church, near it» 
'tis good land. There are about 9 Protestant families in this 
parish, and about 200 Papist families ; the Bishop of Corke's 
land about the church is yery good, *tis set to the terre-tenant 
for about 2«. per acre. Carrenmore, also Oarrenoglaven, be- 
longing to the Bishop of Corke, lies to the east of Missen Head. 
The ruins of a chappie are at Orookhaven, 'tis said there is some 
glebe belonging to it, but 'tis concealed." 

" Teige Coghlan is Papist Priest of Eilnioe, and the western 
part of the parish of Skull, he has been so for eight years. 
The Earl of Corke, Colonel Beecher, the Bishop of Cork, Mr. 
Hull, Mr. Hide, and Thadens Coghlan, a Protestant, have the 
lands of this parish. Mr. Pierce Arnot, Thadeus Coghlan, and 
Mr. Mahon, a late convert, and Thomas Dyer, the waiter, live 
in this parish. Before the 1641 wars there were 200 houses 
in Crookhaven. Crookhaven harbour is a very good one. 
The parish church of Kilmoe stands at the head of ^rlycove ; 
the walls standing are bad, built of stone and clay ; set for 
20s, per an." 

" The ruins of a vicaridge house within the north of the 
church joining to the church-yard; part of the chappel of 
Crookhaven is said to be older than the rest, and that it was 
dedicated to St MuUagah. The Church of Kilmoe was 
dedicated to St. Brianah, als Brandon, whose festival is kept 
in the parish of Kilmoe on the 16th of May. Barlycove is an 
open bay to the south-west of tirookhaven ; Missen Head is 
the western point of this bay; Three Castles Head lies to the 
north-west of Missen Head, in Kilmoe parish ; in all the 
CSuUivan's country they observe as a holiday St Biooane's 
Day." [Downes' Tour.] 

1705. Aug. 20. UsHEB Smith, Vicar of Kilmoe and Scull. [F.F.] 
In 171 1 Smith became Vicar Choral, Cork, q. v. 

1715 to 1718. Michael Philpot appears as Vicar of Kilmoe et 
Scull. [V.B. D.R.] 

In 1720 Philpot was R. Caheragh, and in 1727, P. Drom- 
daJeague, q. v. 

1720 to 1754. Paul Limerick appears as Vicar of Kilmoe et Scull. 
ry.B. D.R.] And from 1723 to 1754, as Rector and Vicar of 
Kilmoe and Scull. [V.B. D.R.] 

1724. January 23. The Bishop certifies that Limerick has 
expended £600 in building a glebe-house at Scull. [D.R.] 
An account of a suit concerning the Glebe of Kilmoe will be 
found in Nichols' Topographer and Qenealogist, vol. ii., pp. 

Paul Limerick (son of Paul Limerick), was bom in Deny, 
and entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 16th June, 1708. He ob- 
tained Scholarship in 1711. He appears as V. Killaconenagh, 
Ac, in Ross, in 1718, and as Vicar of Scull and Kilmoe from 

174 . KXBMOB. [OORlb 

1720 to 1755, being also Rector from 1723 to 1755. He died 
in March of 1755, and wbb buried at St. Mary Shandon, Cork, 
on 30th March, 1755. 

In his will, dated 25th March, 1755, he mentions two sonsi 
William (who had a son Panl), and Robert, besides four 
daughters, Bridget (wife of Benjamin Sullivan, ancestor of the 
O'SuLLivAN MoRB, and of SuLLiYANS, Babonets, of Thames 
Ditton, Surrey), Mary, Anne, and Mrs. White. 
1755. Kilmoe and Scull are both vacant fV-B. D.R.] 
1755. Sept. 4. Benjamin Prosser, R. Y. Kilmoe, per mortem Paul 
iiiraerick. [B.R.] On letters patent of 22nd July, to the 
Consolidated R. and V. of Crookhaven, als Kilmoe. [lAh. Mun.] 
From this time Scull was held separately. 
1762. Oct. 29. Richard Orfen, a.m., R. Y. Kilmoe, vacant by death 
of Prosser. [D.R.] Orpen resigned in October, 1764. 

Richard Orpen (eldest son of Rev. Thomas Orpen, of Kil- 
lowen, vide Orpen, of Glanerough, in Burke*s L. G.), was 
born in county Kerry, and when seventeen years old, entered 
T.O.D. as a Pensioner, on 14th of April, 1743. He obtained 
Scholarship in 1746, and graduated b.a. in 1747. 

In 1758, September 11, he was licensed to the curacy of 
Kilnaglory. From 1762 to 1764 he was R. V. Kilmoe, and from 
1764 to 1 770 he wasR. Yalentia, Dromod, Cahir,Killinane, Prior, 
and Glanbeagh, in the diocese of Ardfert. He died in 1770. 

He married, Mary (dau. of Mathew Hutchinson, and relict 
of James French), and by her had issue Richard-Thomas Orpen 
(of Lirias, High Sheriff of county Cork, who died unmarried), 
and several daughters. 
1765. June 11. Samuel Stone, a.m., R. Y. Kilmoe. [F.F.] On 
letters patent of April 11. [Lib. Mun.J 

Samuel Stone (son of Samuel Stone '' Ducis"), was bom in 
CO. Deriy, and when fourteen years old entered T.C.D. as 
Pensioner, on 17th September, 1737. He graduated a.ic., in 

From 1765 to 1769 he was R. Y. Kilmoe, and from 1769 to 
1799 was B. Culdaff, co. Donegal. He died in 1799, and 
mentions in his will his brother, Guy Stone, P. Kilroot, Connor 
dioc, who married, in 1760, Margaret Bryanton, and had issue 
four sons, Samuel, Richard, Guy, and William, besides a 
daughter, Anne. [U.O.] 
1769. August 4. Arthur Hyde, a.m., R. Y. Kilmoe, vacant by 
resignation of Stone. [D.R.] The Bishop collates for this 

In 1772 Hyde became R. St Anne, Shandon, q. v. 

He resigned Kilmoe in October, 1786. [Lib. Mun.] 
1787. March 30. Arthur Hyde, junior, a.b.,R. Y. Kilmoe. [P.P.] 
On letters patent of 17th March. [Lib. Mun.] In 1791 he 
was Precentor of Ross, q. v. 

COBS.] KHiMOB. 175 

1791. November 23. Fitzgbbali) Tisdall, A.Mn B. V. Eilmoe. 
[F.F.J The Bishop collated this turn. Tisdall resigned on 
23rd March, and took a second collation on 15th of April, 
1808. He resigned finally on 25th Aprils same year, for the 
Union of Eenmare, Eilmackeloge, Templenoe, Kilcroghan, &c., 
in Ardfert dioc. 

Fitzgerald Tisdall (son of Michael, Archdeacon of B.oss, q. v.), 
was Scholar T.O.D. in 1780. He was ordained Deacon, at 
Cork, on 1st Nov., 1785, and Priest^ at Oloyne, on 29th Sept.. 

From 1786 to 1791 he was Curate of Holy Trinity, Cork. 
From June to Nov. of 1 791 he was Vicar Choral of Cork, and 
from 1791 to 1808 R. V. Eilmoe. He exchanged Eilmoe for 
Eenmare, <ka, in Ardfert dioc; and in 1809, on the morning of 
Easter Day, was murdered at a place called Priest's Leap, near 
Eenmare, as he was returning homewards. He was a J. P. for 
Cork county, and at the time of the expected French invasion 
got up a yeomanry corps, at Crookhaven, of which he was 

He married in August^ 1788, Mary (dau. of William Jame- 
son, esq., by Hannah, dt^u. of Thomas Farren, esq.), and by her 
had issue Michael (in the Customs, nowof Bockhouse, Clifton)^ 
Fitzgerald, and George-Canning (who both died Sp.), and two 
daughters, Mary, the younger, relict of Mr. Devereux, and 
Jane, wife of Abraham Chatterton, of Cork, who had issue by 
her two sons, Hedges-Eyre, £arrister-at-law and q.o., and 
Abraham-Thomas, of Cork ; besides a daughter, Mary, wife of 
Bev. Bichard C. Faulkner, B. Eilmocamoge, q. v. 
1808. September 15. Stephen Dunleavy, a,m., B. V. Eilmoe. 
[F.F.J He resigned on 3rd Nov., 1818. In 1820 he was V. 
Urigare, Limerick. From 1799 to 1808 he had been B. Een- 
mare, Ardfert. In 1794 he was Chaplain of the Eerry 

He married Catherine, dau. of William Townsend Gun, esq., 
of Battoo, CO. Eerry, and by her had issue. George, and Diana^ 
and Mary-Frederica, wife of T. C. Ponsonby, esq. 
1818. Deo. 17. Francis Langford, a ji., B. V. Eilmoe. [D.BJ On 
letters patent, dated 20th November. In bis Majesty's gift for 
this turn. [Lib. Mun.] From 1795 to his death, on 9th Feb* 
ruary, 1842, he held, along with Eilmoe, the B. Eilcoman, 
Limerick diocese. 

1830. Protestant population, 630. 

1837. Eilmoe: a rectory, with cure^ 7 miles long by 3 
broad ; gross population, 6,889 ; one Curate employed, at a 
stipend of XI 00 per annum ; tithe composition, £500 ; 12a. 
Ob. 24p. of glebe, set for £8 8«., subject to visitation fees, and 
diocesan schoolmaster, £1 12«. ; no glebe^house ; Incumbent 
is eooajsionaUy resident within the benefice, but resides, for the 


most part, on his other benefice, in the county of Limerick. 
One church, capable of accommodating 300 persons, built np- 
wards of a century ago, by Bishop Browne, at his own expense ; 
no charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church ; 
divine service is celebrated on Sunday mornings, and on the 
principal festivals, in the church ; and on Sunday evenings, in 
the school-bouse ; the sacrament is administered monthly and 
at the festivals. The benefice is a rectory. [Pari. Rep. J 

Francis Langford died on 9th February, 1842, leaving issue 
by his wife Margaret Lucinda (dau. of Rev. Walter Stewart, 
by Agnes, dau. of Rev. Thomas Orpen), three sons, George- 
Walter (of Adare^ Francis, and John Thomas, besides two 
daughters, Charlotte, wife of John Limerick, esq., of Ardnance, 
CO. Cork, and Anna- Maria, wife of James 0*Callaghan, esq., of 
Rock Cottage, co. Cork. 

1842. Feb. 18. William Allen Fisheb, a.b., R. Y. Eilmoe. [D.R.] 

1843. July 26. St. Brendan's Chapel of Ease was formed 
into a district church. [D.R.] 

1860. W. A. Fisher, Incumbent; J. P. Myles, Curate. The 
church and chapel in good order ; no glebe-house ; the glebe is 
let for £9 per au. ; divine service twice on all Sundays, both 
in church and chapel, besides frequent services on ship-board 
in Crookhaven harbour ; sacrament monthly, and at festivals, 
in both churches ; the average number of communicants is 14 
at the parish church, 10 in the other ; there are four Church 
Education schools, at which about 94 children attend ; the 
Protestant population is 513 ; the rentcharge is £375, and the 
land is worth £9 ; total value, £384, without residence. There 
is also in Eilmoe parish a church, called Templenaboit, or the 
church of the poor, which was built in 1847 by the inhabitants 
of the district during the famine. The money sent to Mr. Fisher 
for relief of the destitute, instead of being distributed in alms 
gratuitously, was employed in giving labour, and procuring 
materials to erect this church. No horses were employed at' 
it, and all the work was done by hand. Besides the erection 
of a place of worship in a poor locality, occupied by Protestants, 
and distant about four Irish miles from Scull or Eilmoe churches, 
Mr. Fisher found also this benefit from his proceedings, namely, 
that while in the neighbouring districts the rates for relief of 
the poor were enormously high, in this district they were com- 
paratively little. Mr. E. H. Hopley is the Curate of Temple- 
naboit Church, in which there is divine service twice on all 
Sundays, besides an early service at 8 a.m. on Sundays in a 
licensed place of worship at Lissacha, a place in the same 
district. The sacrament is administered monthly, at Temple- 
naboit, and at festivals ; the average of communicants is 37. 
57 children are on the rolls of a Church Education schooL 


The protestaut population of this portion of Kiluioe parish is 

William Allen Fiuher (son of Joseph Devonshire Fisher, esq., 
by Margaret Allen, of Greenfield, near Kanturk), married, on 
14th Feb., 1844, Anna, youngest daughter of Bev. Thomas 
Carson, B. Kilmahon, Cloyne, and has issue three sons, Joseph 
DeTonshire, Thomas-Carson, and William- Allen- Waggett ; and 
two daughters, Eliza, and Margaret Allen. 


1591. £. de Kilmurry, Mobrigius MoDbbmott. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 
14.] He was also B. Templeusky, q. v. 

1615. Clonherkin als Kilmurry. Ecclesia et cancella penitus ruin- 
antur. Vicarius null us nee Curatus. [B.V. BJ.A.] 

1634. E. de Clonherkin als Kilmurry, spectat ad Ab. de Antro. 
Comes Cork firmarius. Gully Ceugh, ye farmour, hath ye book- 
money. Benjamin Hbabige, Curatus, habet £4: pro inservi- 
cionc cur89. [B.V. 1634.] Hearice was B. V. Lislee, Boss, q. ▼, 

1639. E. de Kilmurry, spectat ad Ab. de Antro. Curatus est 
Nathaniel Gtles. Ecclesia ruinata, desunt omamenta. [V.B. 
D.B. 1639.] In 1666 Giles was V. Clonmel, Cloyne, q. v. 

1667. Bector, Comes Cork ; Vicar, Thomas Mubrat. [V.B. P.B.] 

1669 and 1670. John Godfbby is Curate. [V.B.] He was P. 
Currograngemore, Boss, q. v. 

1671 to 1699. John Habbison is Curate. [V.B.] In 1689 he 
was V. Can na way, q. v. 

1700. March 17. Thomas Mills is appointed Curate. [D.B.] 

Mills was bom in Cork (son of John Mills ^' conario** )). 
When nineteen years old he obtained Sizarship in T.C.D. on 
6th July, 1694. 

He was ordained Deacon on 16th March, 1700, at Kilbrogan, 
and Priest, on 21st September, 1 701, at Cork, by the Bp. of Cork« 
On 2nd January, 1700, he was licensed to teach school iuBandon; 
and on 17th March following was licensed to th is care. He died 
between 17th February and the 3rd of March, 1720, leaving a 
few trifles to the Minister of Ballymodan, Mr.Bichard Goodman. 

1752. May 21. Samttbl Hales is licensed to be Curate, at a stipend 
of £10. [D.B.] In 1770 he was P. Kilbrittain, q. v. 

1762. June 4. John Kennby, the younger, a.b., is licensed as 
Curate, at £10. [D.B.] In 1796 he was P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 

No Curate seems to have been licensed for many years after 
Eenney vacated this curacy. The duties were performed by 
the clergymen of the neighbouring parishes, for a small — almost 
nominal — ^remuneration. The Duke of Devonshire was Bector 



1840. October 27. The lodge of Sir Augnstus Warren is 
licensed for divine service. [D.R.] 

1847, March 5. A new church, in Kilmurryparish, is licensed 
for service, and is consecrated under the name of St. Andrew, 
by the Bishop of Killaloe, on the 7th of Bee. following. [D.R.] 
1848. January 8. Edward (Jkorgb Jonbb is licensed to the curacy 
of Kilmurry, at £100 per an. [D.R.] He seems to have 
been Curate for some years previously. 

1860. One church; no glebe-house ; there are 14^ acres of 
glebe, of which 5 are in Curate's use. Divine service twice 
each Sunday, and also on the usual holidays; sacrament 
monthly, and at festivals; average of communicants, 18. No 
school. Protestant population, 85. The rectory is impropristo 
in the Duke of Devonshire. 


1291. *' Bccia de Kylneglory Illmr." [Tax. P. Nic] 
1591. ** Preb. sive Rector de Kilneglorie, Edmundxjs Bbenmauohb, 
Idem Yicarius ibm — non exhibuit chartas ordinum, — exhibuit 
titulos ad prebendam; allegat titnlos vioari» combustos. — 
privand. vicaria." [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] He does not ap- 
pear elsewhere. 
1613. Nov. 15. Richard Owen, P. Kilnaglory, R. Taxas, V. Kin- 
sale, and P. Donoghmore, Cloine. [R.V. 1634.] 

1615. Kilnaglorie : Richus Owen, a.m., minister et predi- 
•oator, ipse inservit cursB. Val. 4 li. Tenet etiam V. Kinsale, 
val. 10 li. et R. Taxax, val. 5 ii. Ecclesia rep&ta, cancella in 
ruinis. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1626. March 17. Rsv. Richard Owen, P. Kiluagloiy, gave 
£20 towards a library, for use of the cathedral. [Tuckey, 
Cork Rem.] 1634. P. Kilnaglory, Richard Owen. Value, 
80 H. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

Richard Owen, from 16 L3 to 1629 was V. Kinsale, and from 
1613 to 1634 was H. Taxax, P. Kilnaglory, and P. Donogh- 
more, in Oloyne. From 1625 to 1634 he was also R. £n- 
, onrran ; and from 1625 to 1631 was P. Donoghmore and Kil- 
te«ui, in Lismore diocese. 

In 1631, July 28, the Archbishop of Armagh gave him a 
dispensation to retain Kilnaglory, Donaghmore, Rincnrran, and 
Taxax, *' cum clausula perinde valere et permutationis.'' [R.V. 
1634/5. Feb. 11. Thomas Wbioht, P. Kilnaglory. [F.F.] He 
appears in V.B. 1639. ''Ecclesia bene, desunt calix," &c. 
[V\B. D.R.] 

Thomas Weight, a.m., was ordained Deaoon and Priest, by 


John, Bishop of Oxford, on 23rd October, 1619. He was 
probably brought over to Ireland by the Boyle family. 

In 1620 he beoaiue P. Kilmacdonogh, Cloyne (per cession of 
lloger Boyle), and in 1628 waa also Y. Bailymodan. In 1634 
he became, in addition, P. Kilnaglor^. He was also, from 1628 
to 1640, Eector of Aglishdrinagh, in Cloyne; and from 1628 
to 1630 Vicar of Aglishdrinagb. He appears for nearly all 
these livings in 1639. He was, in 1628, elected Dean of 
Cork, by the Chapter, but his appointment was set aside by 
the Crown. He was, in 1628, S.T.B. 

1661. Vacant. [V.B. D.R.] 

1662. July 28. Edward Bullbv, Preb. Eilnaglory. [F.F.] He 
appears in 1670. [V.B. D.B.] In 1662 he was V. Castle- 
niagner, Cloyne, and in 1667, B. Templeroan, Cloyne. He 
vacated these three livings in 1670. For a notice of the Bullen 
family, vide Donogmore, Cloyne, under Bev. Bichard BuUcn. 

1671. May 11. Bowland Davibs, Preb. Kihiaglory. [F.F.] He 
appears 1671 and 1672. [V.B. D.K] He waa afterwards 
Dean of Cork, q. v. 

1674. August 25. ^ Sub sequestracone," with Theo. Veasy's name 
in the margin. [V.B.] 

1675. No name appears. [VJB.] 

1676. April 5. Thbodobs Vbsbt, P. Kilnaglory. [F.F.] He ap- 
pears 1677 to 1681. [V.B. D.K] 

''16S1. The church and church-yard of Kilnaglory to be 
repaired, and thirty-eight pounds to be raised for that purpose, 
by distress, if need be." [Cork Presentments.] 

Theodore Vesey (son of Bev. Thomas Vesey) was born at 
Coleraine, where he received his education; and, at seventeen 
years of age he entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner, on 30th April, 
1658. He was a Scholar in 1660. 

From 1666 to 1669 he waa V. Clonmeen, Boskeen, and 
Eilshannig; and from 1666 to 1676 P. Cooline, in Cloyne. 
From 1669 to 1682 he waa V. Kinaale, and B. V. Binoarran. 
From 1670 to 1682 he was B. Tazax ; from 1675 to 1682, P. 
Lackeen, in Cloyne, and from 1676 to 1682 P. Kilnaglory. He 
died, in 1682, tlie incumbent of four livings. 

Theodore Vesey was brother to John Vesey (Dean of Cork, 
q. v.). Archbishop of Tnam, and ancestor of the Lords Dk Vesoi. 

Theodore waa married, and had a son, Theodore, bom at Kin- 
sale in 1672, who entered T. CD. in 1692. 
1682. Oct 10. Thomas Dbnt, ajc., P. Kilnaglory. [F.F.] He 
appears 1682 to 1687. fV.B. D.B.] 

Thomas Dent (son of Thomaa '^armiger'*) was bom in Lon- 
don, and entered T.C.D. aa Pensioner, on 2nd of April, 1670, 
at the early age of thirteen. He graduated a.i(., in 1682. 

In 1675 be appears aa P. Droghta, Clonfert From 1680 to 
168B he was Oomfee of Balliaaboy. In 1679 he waa a Vicar 



Choral of Cork. From 1681 to 1688 he was P. Island, V. 
Desert and Ardfield, in Boss; and from 1682 to 1688 he was 
P. Eilnaglory. In 1688 he resigned, or was deprived of ail 
his livings in Cork and Ross. 
1688. July 9. Nicholas Brady, a.m., P. Kilnaglory [F.F.], vacant 
per cessionem ThomsB Dent, et per deprivationem Thomas Deitt. 
[D.B.] Brady appears 1688 to 1691. In the latter year he 
is marked *' In Anglia." [V.B. D.R.] 

Of Dr. Nicholas Brady, whose name will be remembered as 
long as the present version of the Psalms remains in our Books 
of Common Prayer, some fuller account than usual will be ac- 
ceptable. He was descended from the noble and once power- 
ful family of 0*Grady, which boasts an equal antiquity and a 
common lineage with that of O'Brien from the ancient kings of 
Ireland. {^Vide Keating, voL ii. p. 401, ed. 1809, and 
O'Brien's Irish and English Dictionary, p. 514. Vide also the 
families of O'Grady and the Lords Incbiquin and Guillamors, 
in Burke's L. G. and Peerage.] The first of the O'Grady family 
who took the name of Brady seems to have been Sir Dekis 
O'Grady, aJs Brady, knight and chief of his name, or 
''nacion," to whom ^ng Henry VIII. granted by letters 
patent, dated 5th January, 1543, the following lands (which 
had previously belonged to the ancestors of Sir Denis), namely, 
the manors, lordships, towns, &c., of Thoymcreny (Tomgrauy), 
Finnagh, Eylkchulybeg, Killachulymore, Seamboycronayn, 
Killokenedy, Clony, Killchonmrian, Enockeim, Parchayne, and 
the moiety of Kiltulla. Sir Denis O'Grady, als Brady, died 
(circa 1569), in Limerick, in a house, called the '* Archdea- 
kan's Courte," belonging to himself, having had issue four sons, 
Edmond (d. Sp. 27th December, 1576), Donald (d. Sp.), John, 
and Hugh. 

The third son, John O'Grady, als Brady, was heir to his 
brothers Edmond and Donald, and surrendered to Queen Eliza* 
beth all his estates on 26th of July, 1582. Her Majesty re- 
granted to John O'Grady and to his brother, Hugh, with limi- 
tation to the heirs, not of John, but of Hugh Brady, the same 
estates which are described as the manors, lordships, (be, of 
Tomgraney, Ballyduff, Ballynock, Aghrim, Ithnatty, Bally- 
mollowin, Ballymarrane, Ashrymdowgin, Fassabeg, Fassagh- 
more, Tyronetby, Toare, Rathyny, Tullaghary, Ballycoin, 
Twilaghgory, Chrony, Finaghe, AilluckwiUibeg, Killuckwilli- 
more, Enockeyprighane, Killockenedy, Seambocthcronane, 
O'Grady's Island, alias Illan-rGradye, Kilsulla, Skarrifi*, in the 
county of Clare, aliter Thomond; also "nnum domum lapi- 
denm infra civitatem Limerici vulgariter vocatum le Aitsh- 
deaken's Courte," in the parish of St Michael's, Limerick, 
John O'Grady, by his wife, Katherine Bourke, had issue a son, 
Donogh O'Grady, of Fassaghmore, ancestor, according to Sir 

CORK.] KitNAGLOtlY. l8l 

William Betham, of several of the present fitmilies of O'Grady, 
in the connty Limerick, and elsewhere. 

Hugh O'Grady, alias Brady, fourth son of Sir Denis, was 
bom at Dunboyne, county Meath, and obtained by conre3rance 
from his brother, John, the lands of Tomgrany and Scariif, 
&c., mentioned in above patents. He was educated in Eng- 
land, and was Bector of St. Mary, Aldermary, London (vide 
Shirley's Letters in Illustration of the Church in Ireland, page 
188 ; London, Bivington, 1851) ; and from 1563 to 1584 was 
Bishop of Meath. He married, firstly, a widow (whose dau. 
married Geoffrey Pinchbeck (or Pichebek, Chief Registrar of 
the High Commission for Ecclesiastical Causes in Ireland, 
and a kinsman of Sib William Cecil, the first Lobd Bubqhlby), 
by whom he had no issue ; and secondly, Alice (dau. of Bight 
Hon. Sib Bobebt Weston, Lord Chancellor of Ireland), by 
whom he left issue at his death, on 13th Feb. 1584/5, three 
sons, Lucas, Nicholas, and Gerald, besides a dau. Elisabeth. 
His relict, Alice, in 1585, married Sir Jeffery Fenton, Secre- 
tary of State in Ireland, and bore to him Sib Wiluam Fenton 
and Alice, wife of the first Eabl of Cobe, who erected to her 
memory the huge monument in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Of 
the Bishop's children, Elisabeth died unmarried, and was 
buried in St. Patrick's; Gerald, the youngest son, was a 
" student of Trinitie Colledge," and died Sp. having previously 
married Joane (dau. of William Conway, of Dublin, who was 
buried at St. Patrick's, in 1633), who married, after Gerald's 
death, Mathew Trott, esq., of London. Lucas or Luke, the 
Bishop's eldest son, as one of the Chieftains of the County of 
Clare, signed the treaty between Queen Elizabeth and the 
Lords of that county on 17th August, 1585 ; and was, I think, 
in 1591, though a layman, B. Bruhenny, Cloyne, q. v. He 
married Agnes Evans, by whom he had a son, Luke, born at 
Bosscarbery, in 1623, and a dau. Alice, wife of Laurance 
Clayton, of Mallow, brother to Sib Banpoll Clayton. The 
last-named Luke was heir to the property of Tomgrany and 
Baheens, county Clare, which remained in that branch of the 
Brady family until sold in the Incumbered Estates Court to the 
present proprietor, Mr. Mercian d. 

The Bishop's second son, Nicholas, was appointed Escheator 
of Connaught, in 1606, no doubt through the interest of the first 
Eabl of Cobk, who had married, in 1603, his half-sister, Alice 
Fenton. That Earl appears, from papers now in the possession 
of Lord Inchiquin, to have been joint proprietor with the 
Bradys of their Clare estates, and in the Down Survey of 1641, 
was owner of ten denominations of land in that county, includ- 
ing Scariff and Fassaghmore, while Mr. Brady was owner of 
eleven, among which were Tomgraney and Baheens. Nicholas 
Brady was probably brought by the same nobleman to Bandon 


(which was re-bailt or re-edified bj the Earl, in 1641), where 
he acquired a property in the town and neighbourhood, which 
^mained in the family until recent times. He afterwards re- 
moved to England, and died, leaying a son, Major Nicholas 
Brady, of Richmond, in Surrey, and of Bandon, county Cork, 
who married Martha, the dau. and heiress of Luke Qemon, esq. 
of Cork ("a Judge of singular meekness and probity,** who 
was Second Justice of the Presidency Ooort of Munster, 1618 
to 1660), by whom he hod issue, besides an elder son, whose 
descendants have been long settled in England, Nicholas 
Brady, the P. Kilnaglory, 

The foregoing statement of the descent of Dr. Brady from 
Sir Denis O'Grady, chief of his name, has been taken from the 
family pedigree, certified by Sir Wm. Betham, and verified by 
reference to the will of Bishop Hugh Brady, and by dooaments 
in the Ulster Office, t&c. The following account is taken fit>m the 
second edition of Vol. II. of the ^' Biographia Britannica," en- 
larged by Dr. Andrew Eippis, fol., London, 1780, with some 
slight alterations and additions from the family papers, now 
in the possession of Antonio Brady, esq., of Stranord, near 
London : — 

Nicholas Brady, born at Bandon, co. Cork, on SSth of 
October, 1659, was educated for a time by Dr. Tindall, of Cork; 
and when twelve years old, was removed to Westminster School, 
then under the care of the celebrated Dr. Busby. Brady was 
much thought of by his master, and was elected King's Scholar 
at Westminster; and from thence was sent to Oxford as a 
Student of Ohristchurch. After continuing there four years 
he went to Dublin, where his father then resided, and com- 
menced B.A., and in the following year, 1688, graduated a.m. 
His degree of D.I). was afterwards presented to him on account 
of his uncommon merit, and brought over to him to England 
by Dr. Pratt, then Travelling Fellow, and subsequently Provost 
of that University. 

He was ordained Priest, at Cork, on 28tli September, 1687, 
by Bishop Whetenhall, to whom he was Chaplain. In 1688 
he was appointed P. Kilnaglory, R. Kilmeen, V. Driuagh, and 
y. Castroventia, in the diocese of Ross, all which he resigned 
in 1692. He was, in 1690, Minister of St. Catherino-Cree, 
and Lecturer ef St Michaers, Wood-street, Loudon. He was 
afterwards Minister of Richmond, in Surrey, to which post he 
was invited by the gentlemen of that place in conseqnence of 
the high esteem they had conceived for him during a retreat 
which he had made thither while he was translating the Psalms. 
The vicarage of the Holy Trinity of Stratford-upon-Avon was 
given to him by the great EaUi of DoBssr, and the rectory of 
Clapham, by Damjs Rbbbooa (relict of Sir Richard) Atkins, 
Baronet, on 21st February, 170^/6. He died Rector of Clap- 


ham, and Minister of Richmond, on 22nd of May, 1726| and 
was buried at Richmond on the 26th of May. Dr. Thomas 
Stackhouse, author of the " History of the Bible/' preached his 
funeral sermon. 

Dr. Brady was a eealous promoter of the hite happy Revo- 
lution, and an eminent sufferer for it. In 1690, when the 
troubles broke out in Ireland, by his interest with King James' 
general, MacOarty, he thrice prevented the burning of Bandon 
town, after three several orders given by that Prince to destroy 
it. The same year, having been deputed by the people of 
Bandon, he went over to England to petition the Parliament 
for a redress of some grievances they had suffered while King 
James was in Ireland. 

Dr. Brady was Chaplain to the Princess of Wales, to King 
William and Queen Mary, and to Queen Anne ; also, to the 
Duke of Ormond's troop of Horse Guards. 

Dr. Brady had the character of being a person of most 
obliging, sweet, affable temper, a polite gentleman, an excellent 
preacher, and a good poet, disqualifications would undoubtedly 
have raised him, it was said, to some of the greatest dignities 
in the church, if the singular humanity and benevolence of his 
disposition would have suffered him to have run in with the 
violence of either prevailing party. 

He published, in conjunction with Mr. Tate, Poet Laureate, 
the well-known version of the Psalms, which first appeared in 
1698. Of the numerous and various editions of this work 
a collection has been made, at great expense, by Mr. James 
Lenox, of New York. The opinions of learned men as to the 
merits of the versification, and also as to the share Dr. Brady 
had in the composition of the several pieces, are nearly as 
various as the different editions. 

He published also : — 

1. The Rape, or the Innocent Impostors ; a tragedy. [An- 
onymous.] 4to. London, 1692. 

2. A Sermon, preached at Whitehall, London, before the 
King and Queen, on October 23, 1692. 4to. London, 1693. 

3. A Sermon on Matthew xvi. 26. 4to. London, 1693. 

4. A Sermon, preached at the Funeral of Thomas Shadweil, 
esq., on Revelation xiv., part of verse 13. 4to. London, 
1693. Shad well was successor to Dryden in the office of Poet 
Laureate, and was succeeded in that office by Tate, the ooUeague 
of Brady in the versification of the Psalms. 

5. A Funeral Sermon, on Eccles. vii. 2. 4to. London, 1694. 

6. A Sermon before the Incorporated Society of Apothecaries 
of London. 4to. London, 1695. 

7. A Sermon on occasion of the late horrid Plot. 4to» 
London, 1696. 

8. Church Music Vindicated, a Sermon on St. Cecilia's Day, 


preached in St. Bride's Church, London. 4io. London, 

9. A Sermon on the Death of King William. 4to. London, 

10. Sermons : 3 volames. Svo. London, vol. i., 1704 ; vol. 
ii., 1706; Tol. iii., 1713. 

11. A Thanksgiving Sermon for the Victory of Blenheim. 
4to. London, 1705. 

12. A Thanksgiving Sermon on the Union of England and 
Scotland. 8vo. London, 1707. 

13. A Sermon on Aots viii. 14-17, on the Antiquity and 
Usefulness of Episcopal Confirmation. 4to. London, 1708. 

14. A Thanksgiving Sermon, on Nahum i. 15. Svo. Lon- 
don, 1713. 

15. The .Slneid of Virgil, in Verse, 4 vols. Svo. 1726. 

16. Sermons; three additional volumes, published after his 
death by his eldest Son. 8vo. Ijondon, 1730. 

17. A Sermon, on Psalm cxviii. 23, 24. 4to. London, 1738. 

The Rev. Nicholas Brady married, on the 29th June, 1690, 
Letitia (daughter of Edward Synge, Bishop of Cork, as 
Sir Wm. Betham has stated, or if the account of William 
Brady, of Sydenham, be preferred, she was Letitia, grand- 
daughter of that Bishop, and daughter of Richard Synge, who 
died Archdeacon of Cork in 1688, bequeathing to his daughter 
Letitia £500). Dr. Brady had issue by this lady four sons and 
four daughters. 

Nicholas, the eldest, R. Tooting, Surrey, and ll.b., was bap- 
tized at St. Catherine-Cree Church, on 23rd March, 1692/3, and 
died on 11th December, 1768, and was buried at Clapbam. 
He was married to Martha, dau. of William Lethulier, esq., 
of Clapliam ; and had issue an only son, William Brady, esq., 
of Sydenham, who married Susannah Le Keux, and died Sp. 
on 12th Sept., 1773. George, the second son of Dr. Brady, 
was bom on 26th July, 1705 ; the third son has not been found 
in any registry ; the fourth, Thomas, was baptized on 23rd Sep- 
tember, 1707, at Richmond. Of the four daughters, Elisabetn, 
Letitia, Mary, and Martha, the last died unmarried, and the 
others married respectively Mr. Morgan, Mr. Woodhouse (a 
Quaker), and a Mr. Baton. 

Dr. Brady's fourth son, Thomab, with whose issue we are 
now concerned, married Eleanor, dau. of Rev. Dr. Cheyne, of 
Olapham, believed to have been of the family of the Cheynes, 
Lords Newhavbn ; and by her had issue (besides a daughter 
Letitia, wife of John Collins, esq., of Woolmers, Herts), a 
son, Nicholas William, born nt Richmond in 1734, who was 
precluded from a learned profession by an impediment in his 
speech, and was therefore brought up to business. He came to 
Ireland in 1761, nnd established himself in Dublin, having 

OORK.] KiLNAGLOftY. 185 

previoasly nmrried, on 4tb Nov., 1758, at St. Clement Danes 
Chnrch, in London^ Dorothea Oreighton, of Penrith, Cnmber- 
land. He died on 18th May, 1808, learing issue inter alios 
Francis Tempest Brady, his eldest son, who died on 11th April, 
1821, leaving issue Sir Nicholas William Brady, eldest son 
(Alderman, and Lord Mayor of Dublin, who was knighted by 
King George IV.) ; Maziere Brady, second son (now Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland), and Rer. Francis Tempest Brady, Chan- 
cellor of Lismore, for whom vide Eilworth, in C]o3me. He had 
also six daughters, Mary, Eliza, Letitia-Synge, Mary Anne 
(who all died unmarried), Charlotte (wife of John MoUan, esq., 
M.D., of Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin), and Dorothea (wife of 
Rev. David-Carlisle Courtenay, Rector of Glenarm, in the 
diocese of Connor). 

The second son, Mazibsb Baadt, Lobd Chavobllob of Ireland, 
married, firstly, Eliza-Anne, dau. of Beaver Buchanan, esq., of 
Dublin ; and, secondly, on 15th Dec, 1860, Mary, dau. of Rt. 
Hon. John Hatchell. Chancellor Brady has issue by his first 
wife, who died 15th June, 1858, 1. Francis-William Brady, q.o. 
(who married on 7th Nov., 1847, Emily-Elisabeth, youngest 
dan. of Dr. Kyle, Bishop of Cork, and has issue a son Maziere- 
Kyle, born 25th March, 1849, and a daughter Marion-Eleanor); 
2. Maziere-John Brady, esq., (who, by his wife Elisabeth, 
youngest dan. of Rev. Robert Longfield, V. Clonfert, Cloyne,q. v. 
has issue Robert-Maziere, Emily-Augusta-Mary, and Maude- 
Cherry- Elisabeth) ; 3. Eleanor (wife of Rev. Benjamin Hale 
Fnckle, Rector of draffham, Ely) ; 4. Charlotte ; and 5. Eliza. 

1692. Sept. 23. Solomon Folbt, a.m., P. Kilnaglory, and Y. Dri- 
nagh, and R. Kilmeen, per cession of Nicholas Brady. [D.R.] 

1699. The church not yet repaired, but an assessment was 
made for the repairs. At present the Protestants go to Inn is- 
karrow. The repairs ought to be hastened. [V.B. 1699. D.D.") 

In 1704/5 Foley became P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 

1704/5. January 5. Thomas Debham, P. Kilnaglory. [F.F.] 

1704. Feb. 8. David Thyrry, junior, renounces Popery in 
the parish church of Kilnaglory. [D.R.] 

Thomas Derham, in 1699, on 2nd March, was licensed to the 
Curacy of the Holy Trinity, Cork. In 1699 he was Vicar 
Choral, Cork, and Rector of Creagh, in Ross. In 1701 he was 
R. Killeagh, Cloyne, and in 1704 became P. Kilnaglory. He 
held all those preferments to his death in 1705. He was 
Proctor "Cleri Rossen,** to Convocation in 1704. He took 
degrees in T.C.D. in 1701 and 1704. 
He married Mary Vaughan, of Golden Qrove, county Tip- 

Erary. [M. B. Dec. 22, 1704.] She afterwards married the 
iverend Mr. Prince, Vicar of Uffington, Berks, and by him 
had a clanghter, wife to the Archbishop (Laurence) of Cashel. 


• « 

1705/6. Maroh 6. Gbxdixi Oootb, a.m., P. Eilnagloiy. [F.F.J 

He appears 1706 to 1730, JiAj 28 ; but in another V.B. of 
1730, this prebend is marked vacant. [V.B. D.K] 

Chidley Ooote (grandson of the first Baronet, vide Barke) 
was bom in the county Boscommony being son of Chidley 
Ooote '' Ducis,** by Catherine Sandys. 

He entered T.C.D. as Pensioner on 1st March, 1693, being 
then sixteen years old, and graduated afterwards A.M. and d.d. 

He was ordained Deacon on 16th September, 1699, and 
Priest on dth April, 1701/2, both at Cork. 

From 1705 to 1730 he was P. Eilnaglory ; and from 1709 
held also the P. Effin, Limerick. He was Proctor '^ Cleri Agha- 
doe" to Convocation in 1704. He died in 1730, leaving by 
his wife, Jane Evans, sister of the first Lord Cablbbbt, a 
numerous family ; Charles, his third son, was Dean of Eilfe- 
nora, and had issue (by his wife, Catherine Bathurst) Charles 
Henry (the father of Eybb, Lobd Castlbooote), and a daugh- 
ter, Grace, wife of Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich. 

1730/1. January 21. John Eennky, a.m., P. Eilnaglory, per mor- 
tem Coote. [D.R] In 1751 he was P. Eilbrittain, q. v. 
He appears 1731 to 1736. [V.B. D.R.] 
1737. July 9. ChbistophbbDonnellan,b.d., P. Eilnaglory. [P.F.] 
la 1 745, June 1 , he took a second collation to P. Eilnaglory and 
R. V. Athnowen. [D.R.] He was also P. Inniscarra, Cloyne, q. v. 

1751. March 28. Thomas White, a.m., P. Eilnaglory and R. V. 
Athnowen, consolidated this year. [D.R.] 

Thomas White (grandson to William White, who married 
Anne, dau. of Thomas Bowles), was the second son of Swithin 
White, by Anne, dau. of Alderman William Ballard, of Cork. 

He was bom at Mallow in 1700, and when eighteen years 
old entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner, on 27th April, 1718, and 
subsequently took the degree of a.m. 

He was ordained Deacon on 25th September, 1726, and 
Priest on 28th May, 1727, both at Cork. 

From June, 1727, to the end of that year, he was a Vicar 
Choral of Cork. From the beginning of 1728 to 1742 he was 
R. Rathcooney ; from 1742 to 1751 he was P. Eilbrittain ; and 
from 1751 to 1777, when he died, he was P. Eilnaglory. 

He married, in August, 1728, Mary Farthing, then of the 
parish of St. Dominick, and by her had issue a son, Richard, 
who died in 1730. 

The Rev. Thomas White was buried on 17th August, 1777, 
in the church-yard of St. Nicholas, Cork. 
1777. August 23. Robbb* Austbn, i>.d., P. Eilnaglory, and R. V. 
Athnowen. [P.P.] 

In 1765 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 



1785. April 25. James Pratt, a.x., P. Kilna^loiy, and B. Y. Ath* 
nowen. [P.P.] 

1807. Hareh 12. The Bishop approves of Pratt's memorial 
to build at Athnowen ; and on 2lBt Mov« 1809, he oertifies that 
Pratt has expended in erectingaglebe-honse£961 18«. 7^., the 
Talne of Athnowen being £490 7& per an. [D.R.] 

James Pratt (son of Eobert Pratt, esq., Portrleve of Castle- 
martyr, by Sarah, dau. of Richard Williams, esq.), was a Scho- 
lar of T.Ci.D. in 1766, and afterwards took Uie degree of a.b. 
and A.M . 

He was ordained Deacon on 18th of December, 1768, and 
Priest on 17th February, 1771, both at Ooyne. Prom 1768 
to 1782 he was Curate of Igtermurragh, Dnngourney, &e. 
From 1782 to 1785 he was Chancellor of Cork, and £rom 1785 
to 1824 he was P. Kilnagloiy, which preferment he resigned 
on 18th October, 1824. 

He married, in 1775, Anne Bugge, of Eilcredan ; and men- 
tions in his will (dated 7th Nor. 1825, and proved Ist Dec. 
1627), Robert (P. Desertmore, q. v.) ; Henry, married to Sarah 
Fitton ; Richard ; John, who married Mrs. Frances Hawkes ; 
James ; and Sarali. 
1824. Oct 19. William Habvby, a.m., P. Kilnaglory. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 55. 

1837. Athnowen union, 7 miles long by 5 broad, with cure, 
consisting of Athnowen rectory and vicarage, and Kilnaglory 
rectory, containing 8,554a. Ir. 10|p. Gross population, 3,075. 
One Curate, employed at a stipend of j£75 per annum. Com- 
position for the tithes of Athnowen parish, £425 ; of Kilna- 
glory parish, £325. 14 acres of glebe in Incumbent's use, 
valued at dOs, per acre* £21. Subject to diocesan school- 
master, £1 2s, 6d. Athnowen glebe-house, built under the 
old Acts in 1810, at a certified cost of £980 is. IQd. British, 
whereof £92 6s. IM was granted as gift by the late Board of 
First Fruits, and the residue of £887 18s. 8^d, was supplied 
out of the private funds of the builder, to whom the present 
Incumbent is next in succession ; and having paid his prede- 
cessor the whole of the sum last named, he will be entitled to 
receive £665 19«. from his successor on account thereof. In- 
cumbent is usually resident in the glebe-house. One church, 
capable of accommodating 100 persons; but when built, or at 
what cost unknown. No charge on the union in 1832 on 
account of the church. Divine service is celebrated once on 
all Sundays, and on the principal festivals. The sacrament is 
administered monthly, and on the principal festivals. The 
benefices cnustituting this union are rectories, but a portion of 
tithes in Kilnaglory parish is received by an Ecclesiastical 
Incumbent. The Prebendary of Kilnaglory has also a sepa* 
rate revenue, arising from rent of houses, to the amount of 


£5 lOs. 9d,i bat no duties, oave preaching occasional! j in Cork 
Cathedral. [Pari. Rep.] 

William Harvey was ordained Deacon at Olojne on 8th of 
October, 1809, and Priest at Cork on 23rd Sept. 1810. From 
1810 to 1824 he was R. V. Wallstown, Cloyne ; and from 1824 
to his death, on 27th August, 1839, he was P. Eilnaglory. He 
also held, from 1815 to 1818, the V. Killaconenagh, in Ross ; 
and from 1818 to 1824 the P. Desertmore, Cork. 

He left issue two daughters, Elisabeth and Constance-Alice. 
1839. Nov. 26. Thomas Duke Moobe, a.m., P. Kilnaglory, and 
R. y • St. Mary's, als Athnowen ; certified under £600 in annual 
value. [D.R] 

1846. Dec. 28. A commission reports that Moore expended 
£140 in improvements on the glebe-house j and that the net 
annual value of the benefice is £340 lis. 6cL [D.R.] 

Thomas Duke Moore was son of William John Moore, and 
grandson of William Duke Moore, of Summer-hill and Buck- 
ingham-street, Dublin. 

From 1833 to 1839 he was V. Aghadowne ; and from 1839 
to his death, on 17th September, 1847, he was P. Kilnaglory. 

He married Alicia-Dorothea, dau. of Samuel Kyle, Bishop 
of Cork, and left issue five daughters, Alicia-Dorothea^ Annette, 
Elisabeth, Frances-Mary, and Emily-Elisabeth. 
1847. Nov. 27. Edmund Lombabd, a.m., P. Kilnaglory, and R. V. 
St. Mary's, als Athnowen. [D.R.] 

1860. E. Lombard, Rector ; H. Wilmot, Curate. The church 
and glebe-house in good order. 20 acres of glebe in Rector's 
use. Divine service once on all Suiidays and usual holidays, 
and evening service during the summer months. The sacra- 
ment monthly ; average of communicants, 42. About 12 
children attend a Church Education school. The Protestant 
population is 107. The rentcharge of Athnowen is £318 lbs.; 
of Kilnaglory, £243 Ids* The land is worth £21, and the 
houses belonging to the Prebendary of Kilnaglory are worth 
£5 10«. 9d Total value, £589 Os. 9d. with residence. 

Edmond Lombard (eldest son of Rev. John Lombard, R. V. 
Kilshanniff, Cloyne, q. v.), was ordained Deacon at Cloyne on 
18th October, 1821, and Priest, also at Cloyne, on 14th April, 
1822. From 1836 to 1847 he was R. V. Monamimy, Cloyne. 

He married, in 1836, Elisabeth, dau. of John Longfield, esq. 
of Longueville, county Cork. 



1591. CoBHBLius DoNATi appears as Vicar of KioDeigb. '^ Reotoria 
do Kindghe. Precent. et vicarii Chorales sunt rectore^. Vic. 
ibm Comelitts donati. Exbibiti sunt tituli, Dominus deli- 
beravit super iisdem.** [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Edward Olerke, a.m., appears as V. Einneigb. ^'Vicarii 
Chorales ot Precentor sunt rectores. Vicarius Edrus Clerke, 
A.M., minister et predicator. Val. 9 li. per an. Ecclesia et can- 
cella bene repantur cum libris." [E.V. B.I.A.] Clerke was 
also Dean of Uloyne, q. v. 

1634. R. de Keneagh spectat ad Vic. Chorales et Precentor. 
Cork. Vicar, Edward Clerke. Val. 20 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 
Clerke is still Vicar in 1 639. '^ Ecclesia bene et ornata, Curatus, 
Richard ." [V.B. 1639. D.R.] 

1640. Thomas Hsnset, V. Kilmichael, and Einneigb. [F.F.] 

16 — 1 Nicholas Wintbrburne, V. Kinneigh. 

He was afterwards Treasurer of Ross, q. v. 

1664. January 7. Robert Golborns, V. Kinneagh, per depriva- 

tionem Nicholai Winterbume, clerici, per Convocationem 

apud Dublin, ob non confinnitatem. [V.B. D.R. 1669.] On 

the same day he became V. Fanlobbish, and R. Ballymoney, q. v. 

He appears 16C6 to 1672. [V.B. D.R.] 

1674. May 2. Isaac Mansfibld, V. Kinneigh, Fanlobbus, and R. 
Ballymoney. [F.F.] He was also P. Inskenny, q. v. 
He appears 1674 to 1688. [V.B. D.R.] 
1682. '^The church of Eineigh to be repaired.** [County 
Cork Grand Jury Presentments.] 

1689. The vicarage is vacant. [V.B.] 

1690 and 1691. Mr. John Fortune appearsas V. Einneigh. [VJB.] 
He became, in 1695, V. Glanbarrahan, Ross, q. v. 

1692. April 11. Andrew Symes, a.b., V. Einneigb, per mortem 
Mansfield. Pp^R*] ^ 1^95 he resigned, but in 1718 appears 
again as V. Sinneigh. 

1695. Dec. 23. John Patbiokson, a.m., V. Einneigh per cessionem 
Andrew Symes. [D.R.] He appears 1695 to 1717. [V.B. 
D.R.] He was also Precentor of Cloyne, q. v. 

1699. A sermon once a fortnight at ^nneigh, by Mr. Pat- 
rickson. The church not in good repair. [V.B. 1699. D J).] 
*' 1699. About i^ve miles to the west of Baiidon, on the north 
side of the river, adjoining to the parish of Murragh, begins 
the parish of Eineigh. Near the river is Inniskean, a little 
market town, in the parish of Eineigh. The parish church of 
Eineigh stands three miles from Inniskean, to the north-west. 
Inniskean is the Earl of Corke's Estate. 

'' Eineigh : 30 plowlands in this pafieh. Half the t3rthes of 
14 plowl^ds belong to the Chantor, half the other 16 to the 


Yioars Choral. Eineigb Church is out of repair. Divine 
service once a fortnight at Inniskeau, by Mr. Patrickson. 

" Mundaj, May 27, 1700. I went to Kineigh ; the parish 
church stands three miles distant from Ballimonjto the N.K.W. 
The west end of the church is cover'd, but the wall-plates give 
way ; the partition betwixt that part of the chnrcn which is 
cover*d and the east end, which is uncovered, is not plaister'd. A 
bigh round tower stands in the S. W. comer of the church-yard. 
A door was in the north side of the church, and, it is thought, 
opened into a vestry. 'Tis supposed this church was formerly 
a cathedral. The church-yard, being an aore^ is well incWd 
with a stone wall. About 30 acres of glebe lie round the church 
of Kineigh. The country about Eineigb is indifferent coarse. 
Mr. Woods, and Mr. Ware, and Mr. Woodly live in this parish. 
Towards the north, at about a mile distance from the church of 
Kineigh, begins the parish of Inchigeulah. There is no church 
northward of Kineigh Church nearer than Macromp, which is 
seven miles distant. Kineigh Church ought to be kept in re- 
pair, and divine service, at least, continued once a fortnight. 
Kineigh parish is worth to the Incumbent about fifty pounds per 
an. The lands of this parish belong chiefly to the Lord of 
Corke*s brother. The country about Kineigh is indifferent 
coarse. But few Protestants live to the north of Kineigh. A 
stone is in the S.W. corner of the Church of Kineigh, counted 
very sacred, which the Irish solemnly swear upon. This 
church is accounted amongst the Irish very sacred. The Vicars 
house, built with stone and thatch't, is standing, and there are 
the ruins of a bam and stable. There is a tradition amongst 
the Irish that formerly in the church-\*ard there was a well 
that had great medicinal vertues, and that the concourse of 
people being very chargeable to the inhabitants, they stop't 
it up. Half a plowland of Kineigh, lying near the church to 
the west, belongs to the Bishop of Corke, and contains about 
60 English acres, indifferent coarse land. ' The Vicar of Kineigh 
has bfJf the tithes of Kineigh. The Chanter of Corke has one 
rectory, and the Vicars Choral another. These two rectories 
are nearly equal in value.*' [Downes* Tour.] 

1718. Nov. 6. Mr. Andrew Stmbs appears as V. Ainneigh. [V.B.] 
He was also Precentor of Ross, q. v. 

1720. Sakxtsl Broomb appears as V. ICinneigb. [V.R D.B.] And 
he took a second collation on 15th Feb., 1/31, on becoming 
Chancellor of Cork, q. y. 

1768. Sept. 19. John E.xnnst, a.m., V. Kinneigh, per mortem 
Broome. [D^B^] In 1796 he became P. Kilbrogan, q. ▼. 

1769. March 4. Mxohabl Txsdall, a.m., V. Kinneigh. [F.F.] In 
1781 he became Archdeacon of Ross, q. v. 

1781. June 8. Strphbn Baggs, a.m , V. Kinneigh. [F.F.] In 1782 
he became R. V. Hyros, Boss, q. y. 



1782. April 1. Msadb Swift, a.m., V. Einnei^h. [F.P.] He 
took afterwards the name of Dennis, and m 1796 became a 
Vicar Ohoral of Cork, q. r, 

1794. September 3. Armiger Sealy, Cnrate, and Edward 
Wood and Alexander Nxcholls, Churchwardens, petition the 
Bishop to consecrate the new chnrch, built near the fonndation 
of the old chnrch by the Commissioners of First Fruits; and it 
is accordingly consecrated same day, under the name of Christ 
Church. [D.R.] 

1796. January 7. Thomas Kknnet, a.b., V. Kinneigh. [P.P.] In 
1801 he became P. Donoghmore, Cloyne, q. v. 

1799. Sept 1. Eenney memorials for permission to build a 
glebe-house; and the Bishop approves on 15th Nov., 1800. 
[D.R.] The house was built, but no charge for it was ever 
made on his successors. 

1801. Nor. 4. John Kennby, ll.d., Y. Kinneigh. [P.P.] He was 
also P. Kilbrogan, q. y. 

1815. March 10. Abraham Hamilton, a.m., V. Kinneigh, vacant 
by death of Kenney, and certified under £d00 per annum in 
value. [B.R.] 

1830. The Protestant population is 392. 

1837. Kinneigh : a vicarage, with cure, 10 miles long by 6 
broad, containing 13,o39a. 2b. Gross population, 5,708. 
Two Curates employed, at stipends to the senior of £69 4«. 7^. 
Brit., and to the junior of £75 Brit, per annum. Composition 
for vicarial tithes, £450 ; 45^a. of glebe, valued at 20«. per 
acre, £45 lOs, ; subject to visitotion fees, lis, ; diocesan school- 
master, £1 11^. Kinneigh glebe-house, built in 1798, under 
the old Acts, but at what cost unknown, as it was defrayed out 
of the private funds of the builder, without subjecting his suc- 
cessor to any charge on account of the house, which is reported 
to be unfit for residence, having been originally intended for 
offices. Incumbent is non-resident ; he resides occasionally on 
his other benefice, but more generally at Florence Court, being 
domestic chaplain to the &rl of Enniskillen. One church, 
capable of accommodating 120 persons, built in 1790, at an ex- 
pense of £461 lOs. 9^d. Brit., granted as gift by the late Board 
of First Fruits. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account 
of the church. Divine service is celebrated once on all Sun- 
days and on the principal festivals. The saerament is admin- 
istered monthly and on the three great festivals. The rectorial, 
consisting of one moiety of the tithes, compounded for £450, 
are appropriate, and divisible in equal moieties between the 
Chanter and the Vicars Choral of the Cathedral Churoh of St 
Finbarr's, Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

Abraham Hamilton, from 1801 to 1815, was E. Olonmaoy, 
Deny; from 1815 to 9th February, 1847, B. Kinneigh; and 


from 1822 to 1856, Rector of the Uuion of Manorhamilton, in 
Kilmoie diocese. 

He died on 16th December, 1861, at S, Rathind-sqaarey 
Dublin, and desired to be buried in the vault of his faniilj at 
Drumholm, county Donegal. 
1847. Feb. 18. Godfbet Clarke Ohablbs William Smith, a.b.» Y. 
Kinneigh ; certified net value, £305 IBs, [D.R.] 

1 847. May 24. The old glebe-house and offices are condemned ; 
and on 3l8t July, 1849, the Bishop certifies that Smith has 
expended £1,100 in erecting a new glebe-house, &e.y and that 
the certified yearly value, exclusive of poor rates, is £400 per 
an. [D.R.] 

1856. August 27. A new church, on new site, is consecrated 
under name of St. Bartholomew. rD.R.] 

1860. G. Smith, Vicar; James Clarke, Curate. The church 
in order. The glebe-house is in good order, and the glebe 
is in Incumbent's use. Divine service twice on all Sundajns 
during summer in the church, and once in winter, and on the 
usual holidays. Evening service during the winter months is 
held in the school-house. Sacrament monthly ; average of 
communicants, 30 ; and on festivals, average 68. 72 children 
are on the rolls of two Church Education schools. The Pro- 
* testant population is 341. The rentcharge is £337 IQs, The 
land is worth £45 10s, Total value, £383 per annum, with 

G. C. C. W. Smith (youngest son of Rev. Charles Smith, Y. 
Kilmocamoge, q. v.), was ordained Priest at Cioyne on 10th 
June, 1827. 

On 19th May, 1830, he was licensed to the curacy of Kil- 
mecn. He is married, and has issne. 


1291. " Eccia de Kesaly Illmr." [Tax. P. Nic] 

1377. Philip Barby, Yicar of the Church of Kinsale, is mentioned. 
[Tuckey, C. R., p. 27.1 

1383. January 28. The King committed to John Horsington, 
Proctor of the house of Saints Peter and Paul, Bath, the cus- 
tody of the profits of the Rectories of Kinsale, S. John Evan, in 
the fairghj near Cork, and of Legan (Castlelyons), in county of 
Cork. [Tuckey, p. 30.] 

1406. John X^uoent is presented to Y. Kinsale. [Pat. Rot Hen. 

1412. Richard Pelltn is presented to Y. Kinsale. [C.R.O. 13 
Hen. lY.] 


1446. January 3. '' Dominus Henry GLikSSAME, Vicar de Eynsale," 
is witness to a deed. [Sarsfield and Tyrry MSS.] He is also 
a witness to a deed in 1447* [MSS. penes E. Caulfield.] 

1488 to 1498. DoMiNUB Philip Copeveb, son and heir of Richard 
Gopener, is Vicar of Kynsale. [Sarsfield and Tyrry MSS.] 

1528. October 28. '^ Dominus Jacobus Cubbt vicarius, et Domimus 
Walter Yono, Rector de Kinsale," are witnesses to a deed of 
above date. [MSS. penes R. Caulfield.] 

1545. Dec. 7. Thomas Barnardb is presented to V. Kinsale, '' upon 
the backe of Yoghull,*' in the diocese of Limerick, in the pre- 
sentation of the Crown, "pleno jure.*' [Morrin's Pat. and 
Close Rolls, p. 110.1 

He was B«ctor of Old Ronse, Ferns dioc. from 1541, January 
2, to 10th Nov. 1545. [Pat. Rot. Morrin, vol. i. pp. 83 and 
110.] On Ist August, 1558, he was presented by Crown to V. 
Ballyneste]Iock,in the diocese of Kildare. [Morrin, vol. i. p. 402.] 

1552. May 12. Richard Barrett, Chaplain,is presented to V. Kyn- 
sale, in the diocese of Cork. [Pat. Rot. Morrin, vol. i. p. 282.] 
1557/8. January 20. Geoffry Ghdway, Burgess of Kinsale^ 
makes his will, in which he directs his body to be buried in 
the chapel of the B. V. Mary, in the parish church of Einsale, 
which he had erected. He bequeaths, among other legacies, 
40(£. to Thomas Gerode. [Pat. Rot. Morrin, vol. i. p. 445.] 

1558. Oct 31. Thomas Gerrod is presented to the Rectory of St. 
Milock of Eynsale, in the diocese of Cork. [Morrin, vol. i. 
p. 402.] 

Ho was also R. Ringrone. He died in 1571. 

15—1 Stephen Serret, Vicar of Einsale, died in 1571. 

1571. Sept. 27. David Roche, ^^Scolar," is instituted ^'ad vicariam 
Eccliffi Sancti Ayultose de Eynshall nunc vacantem de jure et 
de facto per mortem dni Stephani Serret ultimi incumbentis 
ibidem." The mandate to induct is signed by Magister Patri- 
cias Roche, Archdeacon of Cork and Cloyne, and Magister 
Andrew Skiddie, Armiger, the Commissaries of Dominus Rich- 
ard Dixon, the Bishop, who is absent. The induction is made 
by Engenius dali, the deputy of the Archdeacon. The record 
of this institution is written on a mere rag of paper, and is 
nearly destroyed. There is mention of a dispensation ''in 
defectu cBtatis** and for non-residence, in this document. [First 
Book of Cork Reg.] 

1579. July 20. Dominus Johannes Egerton, a Presbyter of the 
diocese of Dublin, is collated to the Vicarage perpetual of the 
parish church of St Multose, Einsale. [D.iLj 

1591 . '* Rectoria de Einsale spectat ad Prior Bath. Johannes Nash, 

V. de Einsale et V.delnishonan citatus.'* [MS. T.C.D. £. 3. 14.] 

In another part of same MS. Robert dturton, the Dean of 

Boss, is Vicar. 

1613. Nov. 15. Richard Owen is admitted P. Eilnaglory, B. 


1 94 KINSALB. [cORlt. 

Taxaz, and V. Kinaale. and ?• Donoughmore. Cloyne. rB.V* 

16lo. Einsale, residens. Rex est Bector. Dominick Boch, 
finnarin% tenet Speotat ad Abb. de Batb in Anglia. Val. 
5 li. per annum. Ecclesia repata^ cancella in repatione. Vica- 
rius Richardos Owen ipse inservit curse, parvl valoris. [R.T. 
R.I.A.] Owen was also Jf . Eilnaglory, q. v. 

1629. Sept. 6. Johh JoHNsoNy V. Einsale. [F.F.] He was ool- 

lated on 16th Oct. and inducted 2l8t Oct. 1629. JR-V. 1634.] 

1634. R. de Kinsale Rex est Rector. Val A li. per an. 

Vicarius John Johnson, Predicator. VaL X li. per an. Epos 

confert (TLV. 1634.] 

John Johnson, a.m.| was ordained Deacon and Priest by Lan- 
celot; Abp. of Dublin, on 24th June, 1622. From 1 627 to 1634 
et seq. he was R. Y. Aghina^h, Cloyne; from 1629 to 1637 he 
was v. Einsale. From 1634 to 1637 he held R. Taxax. He 
was presented to V. Eillerj and Eallenumery, Ardagh, in 1629, 
and also in 1639 to Y. Athenry, Tuam. [Lib. Hun.] From 
1632 to 1637 he also held V. Moviddv. 

1637. October 13. Jonas Stewbll, Yicar de Einsale. ^.F.] He 
appears in 1639. "Ecclesia bene et omata.** [V.B. 1639. 
D.IL] He appears up to 1668 in the Yisitation Books. [D.R.] 
SteweU, or Stawell, was also Archdeacon of Ross, q. v. 

1669. July 23. Thbodobb Ysbbt, R. Y. Einsale, and R. Y. Rincur- 
ran, vacant per mortem Jonse Stowell. [T.B. 1669. D.R.] In 
1676 Yesey was P. Eilnafflory, q. v. 

The Eing is patron of the rectory, and the Bishop of the 
vicarage. fY.B. 1670.] In 1674 "Yesey est in Anglia.* 

1682. Sept. 11. RioHAKD Lapp, a.m., Y. Einsale. [F.F.] He 
appears 1682 to 1685. [YJB. D.R.] In 1688 he became 
Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1686. June 11. John Tom, a.m., Y. Einsale^ per cession of Lapp. 
[D.R.1 He appears 1686 to 1717. IT.B.D.R.] In 1693 he 
was auK> P. Desertmore^ q. t. 

When James II. landed in Einsale, " the Yicar of Einsale 
was among those who went to pay their duty ; he was pre- 
sented by the Bishop of Ohester, and was not ungraciously 
received.^ [Macaulay, Hist. Eng. iii. p. 170.] 

^ 1699. At Einsale Uie water is about 200 yards broad. On 
the west side of the river is the old fort, on the top of the hill ;' 
it is now nefflected. There is a small block-house at the point 
of the same hill, with about seven embrasures, near high-water 
mark, and a litde store-house in it^ but no guns* The new fort 
is about a quarter of a mile below the block-house, on the east 
side of the river. It has five bastions of stone — those two that 
look towards the month of the harbour, with the curtine be- 
twixt them have many embrasures, with guns planted in 

CORK.] KIN8ALE. 195 

them. There are ' two tires of guna below the south curtine 
that faces the mouth of the harhoar ; the west curtine that 
looks across the water has one tire of guns below it. There 
are about 14.0 guns in all; 200 are designed. Several of the 
guQS are off the carriages, and the carriages are laid up. There 
is a hill on the east of the fort, within 200 yards ; it overlooks 
the fort. One of the bastions which looks towards the land is 
oall'd the cittadell, and is enclosed on the inward side towards 
the fort. The channel runs within 100 yards of the new fort. 
There is a sort of a barr a little below the new fort, so that 
first and second rate ships can't well pass, unless it be at high 
water. The old head of Einsale is the extreme point of land 
on the west side of the water. Pallisados, at the foot of the 
walls of the new fort, towards the land, were made in King 
Jameses time ; palllsados on the counterscarp were made about 
the year 1694. The walls of the fort that face towards the 
land were not well made, the inside being nothing but rubbish, 
viz., the walls towards the land. The English, in 1691, at- 
tack*d the fort on the east side ; they beat down the N.E. bas- 
tion from a battery plant'd on the side of the hill, at about 200 
yards distance. Lord Marleburrough, after thirteen days' 
siege, had it surrendered to him by Sr. Ch. Cotter." [Downes' 

1718 to 1729. Kov. 6. EafMANUBL Hunqebford appears as Vicar of 
Einsale. JTV.B. D.R.] He was also P. St. Michael's, q. v. 

1720. Thurston Haddock, esq. of Kinsale, leaves £5 to the 
Protestant poor of Einsale. [D'RJ 

1^30. Sepi 14. John Jephson, a.b., v. St. Multose, Einsale, per 
mortem naturalem Emanuelis Hungerford. [D.B.] In 1735 
Jephson became Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 

1736. July 5. Samubl Woodrooffe, a.m., V. Einsale, per cession 
of Jephson. [D.R.] 

Woodrooffe oecame, in 1762, Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1741. March 26. William Reabbb, a.m., Y. Einsale. [D.B.] In 
1745 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1745. April 4. Perot Meade, a.m., T. Einsale. [F.F.] 

Percy Meade (son of Dominick, Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v.), 
was bom in county Tipperary, and educated in l)ublin by Dr. 
Sheridan. When seventeen years old he entered T.C.i). as 
Pensioner, on 3rd January, 1727. He subsequently graduated 
A.B. and A.M. In 1734 he was Curate of Einsale, and in 1736 
of Ballymartle and Dunderrow. From 1741 to 1745 he was 
V. Ballymodan. 

He married Elisabeth (dau. of Henry Tonson, of Spanish 
Island, eounty Cork, by Elisabeth, dau. of Sir Bichard Hull), 
relict of Major John Beading, who died in 1727. He had 
issue one daughter, Elisabeth, wife of John Bye, esq., of Bye 
Court, county Cork. 



1747. August 26. Bartok Pabkinsok, b^d.^ V* Kinsale, per mortem 
Percy Meade. [D.R.] 

B. Parkinson (son of Ricliard Parkinson generosi)^ was bom 
in Lancashire, and when nineteen jears old entered T.C.D. as 
Pensioner on 26th May, 1724. He became a Scholar in 1728, 
and afterwards took the degrees of a.b. a.m. and d.d. He was 
licensed to the Curacy of St. Petei^s, Oork, on 5th October, 
1734, and in same year was appointed Surrogate. 

Dr. Parkinson was twice married; by his first wife he 
had (I think) no issue. He married^ secondly, Ellen, dan. 
of Michael Gould, esq., of Jamesbrook, and had issue by her a 
son, Thomas, who died in 1746 ; and two daughters, Jane and 
Sarah. Dr. Parkinson died in 1758, and in his will desired to 
be buried with his children, six foot de^ in the north-east 
comer of St. Peter's church-yard, in Cork. His daughter, Sarah, 
was the administrator to his will ; and Jane was wife to William 
Hill, esq., of Cloyne, father of Henry Hill, esq., of Cork, archi- 
1758. Sept. 14. Riohabd Farmer, a.m., V. Einsale, per mortem 
Parkinson. [D.B.] In 1762 he became P. Dromdaleagne, 
q. V. 
1762. Dec. 11. Matthias SpKBin, am., V. Einsale. [F.F.] 

1767. In this year Lord de Clifford endows a classical school 
at Kiiisale with £50 per annum, and also a large house, which 
was formerly the residence of Mr. Southwell, his ancestor. 
[D.R] The school prennscs thus granted were estimated in 
1858 as worth £41 2<. per annum, and the income from land 
was £27 13<. lOd. The state of the school generally was un- 
satisfactory. [Pari. Rep.] 

Matthias Spread was son of William Spread, esq. who, in 
1702, obtained a conveyance from the Trustees of Forfeited 
Estates of half a plowland, 131a. 2b. 16p. of the town and 
lands of Ballycaneen, in the North Liberties of Cork, at a rent 
of Ss, lOd, Matthias was bom at Ballycaneen ; and when 
eighteen years old entered T.C.D. on 20th May, 1727, and 
became a Scholar in 1729. 

He was nominated in 1734 to Sathcormack Curacy. In 
1749, Sept 18, he was licensed to be Lecturer at St. Anne 
Shandon ; and in 1752 was licensed to the Curacy of St Panrs. 
He held from 1762 Einsale, and from 1769 the V. Ballyfeard 
in addition, until his death in 1771. 

He married, firstly, in 1738, Elisabeth Fitzgerald, of St 
Peter's, who died in 1749, in the end of May. He married, 
secondly, in January, 1750, Elisabeth Boiteau, widow, of the 
parish of St. Paul. 

He left issue surriving by his second wife, Edward (V. Ahem, 
Cloyne, q. y.) ; and John, his youngest son, besides a daughter, 
Lucy-Ann, wife of a Mr. Wood. 

Cork.] kiNSALft 197 

1771. Feb, 19. Thomas Addkrlt Beownb, lla, V. Kinsale, per mor- 
tem Spread. [D. R.] He became, in 1 774, Chancellor of Ross, q. v. 
1780. Deo. 4. William Noblb, a.b., V. Kinsale, per cession of 
Browne. [D.R.] In 1 796 he became V. Holy Trinity, Cork, q. v, 
1796. June 6. Henet Jonks, a.b., V. Kinsale. [F.r.] He be- 
came, in 1805, y. Lislee, Ross, q. y. 
1799. July 27. Samuel Beamish, a.b., V. Kinsale. [P.F.] 

1807. Beamish is non-resident. [Rep.] 

1811. The Bishop approves of a memorial to build a glebe- 
honse at Kinsale ; and in September, 1812, he certifies for an 
outlay of £866 1«. lO^d. (portion of which was advanced by First 
Fruits) ; and that the yearly value of Kinsale is £175. [D.R.] 

Samnel Beamish, uf Monnt Beamish, county Cork, was 
ordained Deacon on 16th October, 1774, and Priest on 24th 
August, 1777. He was licensed to the Curacy of Templebryan, 
in Ross, on 30th August, 1775. He held Kinsale firom 1799 
to 1826, when he resigned in favour of his son. 

He married Mary (dan. of Joshua Hamilton, by Manr, dau. 
of Sir Richard Cox, of Dunmanway), by whom he had issue, 
inter alws, Mary, wife of Rev. R. F. Webb, of Caheragh ; and 
Henry Hamilton Beamish, R. Taxax, q. v. 
1826. April 4. Henbt Hamilton Beamish, a.b., Y. Kinsale; cer- 
tified under £200 per annum in value. [D.R.] In 1829 he 
became R. Taxax, q. v. 

1830. The Protestant population was 1,070. 
1832. July 6. James Thomas Bbownb, a.b., V. Kinsale, vacant by 
resignation of Beamish. [D.R.] 

1837. Kinsale, a vicarage, with cure, 1^ miles long by i 
broad, containing 550 acres. Gross population, 6,897. No 
Curate employed. Minister's money, £80. Composition for 
vicarial tithes, £16 lis. Sd. Three acres of glebe, worth £7. 
Pew rents, £12 ; surplice fees, £7. Subject to 17j. 4:d. visita- 
tion fees; and £2 5s. for diocesan schoolmaster. The glebe- 
house was built under the old Acts, in 1811, at cost of £784 
12^. 3id, British, whereof £461 lOs. 9|d was a gift, and 
£323 U. e^d. a loan from First Fruits. Of the loan, £101 
was chargeable on the benefice in 1832, repayable by annual 
instalments of £5 Ids. Exclusive of the monies aforesaid, it 
is reported that the builder expended £184 I2s. 3d, British, 
and the present Vicar £50, British, on the premises, without 
having any charge on their successors. Incumbent is resident 
in the glebe-house. 

One church, capable of accommodating 1,200 persons, but so 
ancient that the date and cost of erection are unknown. No 
charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. Divine 
service twice on all Sundays, besides a third service on the 
first Sunday in every month ; service also twice a week, and 
on principal festivals. Tho sacrament is administered twice 

198 KIK8ALE. {cork. 

each month from Easter to October, and on OhristouuB Day, 
Easter Day, Whit Sunday, and once a month daring remainder 
of year. The rectorial tithes, consisting of one moiety, are 
compounded for £16 11«. 3<f. They are impropriate, and 
belong to Thomas Cuthbert Kearney, esq. 

James Thomas Browne (son of Heniy Brownci esq. of Ballin- 
Yoher, near Farrahy, by Isabella, dau. of William Ghilwey, esq., 
of Mallow), was born at Mallow on 15th July, 1803, and gra- 
duated A.B. T.O.D in 1826, m.a. in 1832, and in 1841 became ^ 
▲.M. of Oambridge. Ho was ordained Deacon on 10th June, and 
Priest 23rd Dec. 1827, both at Cloyne. He was Curate of 
Rahan, Cloyne, in 1827, and of Kinsale in 1828. From 1832 to 
1838 he was V. Kinsale, which he resigned on 10th Dec. 1838. 
He was Incumbent of St Edmund^s, Northampton, in 1846. 

He married, in November, 1834, Martha, dau. of John 

Abbott, esq. of Cork, by whom he had issue two sons. He 

married, secondly, Sarah Elisabeth, dau. of (General Qreen- 

street, H.E.I. C, and has issue dye sons and four daughters. 

1838. Dec. 20. William Kobert Meadb, a.b., Y. Kinsale. [D.B.] 

W; B. Meade (eldest son of Robert Meade, Bector of Bally- 
money), was ordained Deacon at Cloyne on 29th Sept 1819, 
and rriest at Cork on 20th May, 1821, on letters aimissory 
from Cloyne. From 1826 to 1839 he was R Templemicluiel 
de Dnagh ; and from 1839 to his deatli, on 21st of May, 1852^ 
he was Y. Kinsale. 

He married Margaret, dau. of Richard Lewis, esq., by whom 
he had no issue. 
1852. June 2. Bichard GRAyss Mbredtth, a.b., Y. Kinsale; cer- 
tified yearly value, £128 4«. 8d. [D.R.] He obtained, on 
10th Oct. 1853, XI 32 9s, lOd, dilapidations, against his prede- 
cessor. [D.B.] In 1861 he became B. Knockavilly, q. v. 
1856. Dec. 31. John Wright Hopkins, a.b., Y. Kinsale ; certified 
yearly net value, £89 I2s. Id. [D.B.] 

1860. St Multose, Kinsale. The church, &c.^ in good order. 
The glebe-house is in good renair. Two acres of glebe let 
Divine service twice on all Sundays, and once on Wednesdays 
and festivals. Sacrament monthly. The average of commu- 
nicants is from 90 to 150. 21 boys, 19 girls, and 25 infants 
attend the schools, which are supported by subscriptions, and 
managed by trustees. The Protestant population is 700. The 
net annual income of Kinsale is returned as £82^ with residence. 
The rentcharge is £12. The land is worth £4. £55 U. lOd. 
is paid as Minister*s money, and the remainder is from other 
sources. Since the vacancy of Taxax parish (1863) a union of 
that small parish to Kinsale has been under the consideration of 
the Privy Council. 

J. W. Hopkins was ordained Priest at Cork on 3rd June 
1849. He is married, and has issue. 




1291. " Eccia de Onocbile Xmr." [Tax, P. Nic] 

1591. Rmetions Fun appears as Rector of EnookairiUj. ^E. de 

Gnocknoyilly, Ruricas flin^ inomnbens respicttur in prox. pro 

titulis." [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] In another part of same 

Tisitation book, Roger Flynn, ^ rector de EnocknoyiUe^' is de^ 

prived " propter acceptacionem rectorisd de Kilboynan.^ Flynn 

was also V. Eilbrogan. 
1615. Edward Bbbohbb appears as R. Enockavillj, and P. Eil- 

brittain, q. v. ^' Enockerillj Rectoria integ. Edwardns Becher, 

studii mtia, inservit curfle. Yal. 10 li." [RV. 1615.] 
1617. March 16. John Bbadishb, P. Eilbrittain, and R. V. Enocka- 

villy, on letters patent of Feb. 27. [F.F. and Lib. Mun.] Vide 

1621. April 5. Randal Holland^ Enockenyyilljals Enocka- 

▼eely. in Ooll. Bpi. [V.B. 1669.] In 1623 he became P. 

EillanuUy, q. v. 

1634. Enockavilly is rained at 35 li. per an. *' Oomes de 

Muskerry, patronns." [R-V. 1634.] In 1639 " Ecolia bene, 

desunt ornamenta." [ v .B. D.R] 

1622 to 1810. Enockavilly was held in uniou with Brinny, q. t. 

1810. August 21. William Lewis BsAUFOET, A.M., was admitted R. 
Enockavilly, and R. V. Brinny. He resigned Brinny in 1836, 
but retained Enockayilly till his death in 1849. He was also, 
from 1814, P. Cahirlag, q. v. 

For the population in 1830, and for the statistics of the 
parish in 1832, wis Brinny. 

. 1832. Nov. 8. W. L. Beaufort gives to Joseph Qarde 13a. 
2b. 30p. English statute measure, of the glebe lands of Enocka- 
villy, in exchange for 19 acres English statute measure, of the 
lands of Raheen, which, lying near the site of the old rained 
church of Enockavilly, are more suitable for any new church 
or glebe-house which may hereafter be built. [D.R.] 

1834. April 14. An apartment in the house of Abraham 
Havnes, £a.rmer, at Lissgrovin, is licensed for divine service. 

1844. May 14. A new church on new site (built by Eccle- 
siastical Commissioners) is consecrated under the name of St. 
James. [D.R.] 
1850. Januarv 3. William Johnson, a.b., R. Enockavilly, pes 
mortem Beaufort ; certified value, £458 8«. QcL [D.R.] In 
1861 Johnson became Chancellor of Cloyne, q. y. 

1860. The church in order ; no glebe-house ; 45^ acres of 
glebe set to a fifirmer ; Rector resides at Innishannon ; divine 
service once on all Sundays and usual holidays in the church, 

200 KN*OCKaVILLV. — LfilGhMONEir. [coftK. 

and evening service during summer in a licensed schoolbonsc. 
Sacrament montlily ; average of communicants, 19 ; and at chief 
festivals, average '2S, 9 children are on the rolls of a Church 
Education school. The Protestant population is 68. The rent- 
charge is £468 10«. ; the land is worth £43 10«. ; the total 
value is £512 per annum, without residence. 
1861. January 28. Richard Geaybs Mbbedttr, a.b., R. Enocka* 
viliy. [D.R] 

n. G. Meredjth (son of Thomas Meredyth, d»i>., f.t.c.d., by 
Eliza, dau. of Dean Richard Graves), is a desoendaut of John 
Meredyth, who died in 1594, and who, with his brother Richard, 
Bp. of Leighlin, was buried in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. 

He was a SchoUr, T.C.D. in 1829, and was ordained Deacon 
on 13th August, 1837, and Priest on 24th Feb., 1838, both at 
Cork. He was some time Chaplain of the Foundling Hospital, 
Cork. In 1845 he was Curate of Rincurran. From 1852 to 
1856 he wasY. Kinsale, and from 1856 to 1851 P. Timoleague, 

He married, in 1841, Maria, dau. of Thomas Johnston, esq., 
of Fort Johnston, county Monaghan, by Martha, dau. of Rev. 
Dr. Hingston, Vicar-General of Cloyne. His only son, Thomas 
Richard E. Meredyth, was accidentally killed by a gun-shot 
wound^ at Fort Johnston, on 24th August, 1862, at the early 
age of eighteen. 


1291. « Eccia de Lachmoin Vmr." [Tax. P. Nic.] 

1591.'' T HOM AS Woods, Rector de Shanbally, and Vicari us Ecclesiar urn 
respective de Rosbery Tisbery et Leighmony Corkagen. dioces., 
deprivatus beneficiis respective propter defectum sacromm 
ordinumet pluralitatem beneficiorum.** [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 
In another MS. of same year Thomas Leioh is Rector and 
Vicar de Leighmoney — " presentat — ^non admiss — Duo respex.** 
Leigh appears as R. Rincurran. Woode was also P. St. 
Michael's, q. v. 

1615. " Leighmoney residens. Rector et Vicarius, Johannes Honi- 
CHURCH, minister et predicator. Val. 3 li. per an. Ecdesia et 
cancella in ruinis. Tenet etiam R. Templemichael de Dowagh.** 
[R.V. RLA.] 

1617. June 10. Stephen Vbighnino, R. and V. Leighmony [F.F.] 
He was also P. Currograngemore, Ross, q. v. 

1634. Leighmony, R. and V. Stephen Yeighning, predicator. 
Richard Rochfils.Johnpatronus. Valet20]i.peran. [&¥. 1634.1 

1639. Thomas Botle appears as R. Leighmoney. *' Ecclia ruinata. 
[V.B 1639 ] He was, in 1629, V. Ardfield, and in 1630, V. 

COBK.] tlilGttMONKV. 201 

Timplea<;uc, in R088. He resigned in 1G33 the R. V. Kilsil- 
iaghy in Ross. In 1632 he was V. Olundrobid, Cloyne. The 
most of above livings he vacated before 1639. 

166 — 9 John Butleb, B. Leighmoney, vide Kilbrittain. 

1666. Vacant, [V.B.] 

1667 to 1796. Leighmonej was held with Innishannon, q. v. 

1796. March 3. On the death of Rev. Dr. St. John Browne, 
the Rev. Peter Foley is appointed Sequestrator of Leighmoney. 

1796. May 11. James Kearney, esq.» of Qarretstown, with- 
draws his presentation of a Clerk to Leighmoney, having seen a 
paper which induces him to think himself mistaken with re- 
spect to his right of presentation to this benefice. [I^*R*1 
1796. Oct. 12. John Kingston, a.b., R. V. Leighmoney. [F.F.] 
1799. April 17. Josbph Wbioht, a.m., R. V. Leighmoney, vacant 
by death of Kingston. [D.R.] He was also V. Aghadowne, 
iU>ss, q. V. 

1806. Wright resides at Aghadowne. [Pari. Rep.] 
1812. March 27. Albxandsb Kennebt, a.b., R. V. Leighmoney, 
vice Wright, who resigned on 2l8t March. [D.R.] 

Alexander Kennedy was ordained Deacon on 29th of Sep- 
tember, 1 786, and Priest on 9th December, 1787, both at Cloyne, 
on letters dimissory from Cork. 

From 1789 to 1826 he seems to have been Curate of the 
Holy Trinity, Cork. 

From 1806 to 1812 he was P. Donoghmore, Ross, and from 
1812 to 2l8t September, 1818, he was a. V. Leighmoney. He 
then resigned. 

He married, on 20th June, 1789, Saiah O'Callaghan, who 
died on 24th January, 1817. 
1818. Oct 9. Henrt Tusophilus Hoddeb, a.b.,R. V. Leighmoney, 
certified under £200. [D.R.] In 1826 he became Precentor 
of Cork, q. v. 
1826. March 30. John Fobsateth, a.b., R. V. Leighmoney, certified 
under £200. [D.R.] 

John Forsayeth was ordained Priest at Cloyne on 29th Sep- 
tember, 1786. 

He seems to have been Curate of St. Peter's, Cork, from 1783 
to 1826. He held Leighmoney from 1826 to his death in 182a 
He taught a school in Henry-street, Cork, for many years. 

He was, in 1805, October 7, appointed Thresher's Lecturer, 
in Cork. 

He was buried at St Nicholas, Cork, on 16th of September, 
1828. Sept. 20. John Nash Wbioht, a.b., R. V. Leighmoney, 
certified under £200. [D.R.] 

1829. Sept. 29. Wright memorials for liberty to reside at 

202 UIOHHONBT. [cork. 

Orea^he, faying XIO per an. for the oooasional duUes of this 
parish to ]E&y. Robert Halbtird. The total valne of Leigh- 
monej is £110. He is licensed aocordinglj for three years 
non-residence, on 2nd March, 1830. [D'R-J 

1830. Protestant population, 97. 

1830. July 18. The present parish register begins. 
. 1833. In mjf an apartment^ in the house of the steward of 
Captain Herricl^ at Shippool, is licensed for divine service. 

1837. Leighmoney : a rectory and vicarage, with cure, two 
miles long by one broad, containing 2,736a. ; gross population, 
855 ; one Curate employed for the occasional duties, at a stipend 
of £10 per annum ; tithe composition, £110 Os. b^d., subject 
to diocesan schoolmaster, 3^. 9d. ; no glebe-house ; Incumbent 
is non-resident ; by permission of the Diocesan, he resides in 
the parish of Creagh ; no church ; divine service is performed 
once on all Sundays, in a school-house, with the Bishop's per- 
mission, and on dhristmas Day And G-ood Friday ; the sacrar 
ment is administered monthly, and on the festivals ; the bene- 
fice is a rectoiy. [Tarl. Rep,] 

John Nash "Wright (eldest son of Rev. Joseph Wright, V. Agha- 
downe, Ross, q. v.,) was ordained Deacon, at Cork, on 1st Jan- 
uary, 1802, and Priest, at Cloyne, on 12th December, 1802, on 
letters dimissory from Cork, for the curacy of Tullagh and 
Creagh, in Ross. In 1806 he was Curate of Tullagh only, and 
afterwards he again became Curate of Creagh. Leighmoney 
being distant from his residence, and his health becoming 
impaired, he resigned it on 8th January, 1841. He received an 
address and testimonial of regard from the parishioners of 
Creagh on retiring from that curacy. 

He married, on 22nd June, 1819, Horatio-Nelson (dau. of 
Thomas Stocken Triphook, esq., of Baliinadee, by his wife, 
Charlotte Yokes). He had issue by her nine sons (Joseph, 
Thomas, John, Thomas-Triphook, William, Robert, Richard, 
William, and Henry) ; and four daughters, Horatio-Jane, 
Maria-Bophia, Elisabeth-Margaret, and Charlotte-Helena. 
1841. January 19. John Heade, a.b., R. V. Leighmoney. [D.R.] 

1860. The church has been in ruins from time immemorial. 
No glebe-house ; no glebe. Divine service once on Sundays^ 
and on festivals, in a licensed school-house. Sacrament monthly; 
average of communicants, 9. Incumbent resides in his own 
house, within a short distance of the parish. 6 children attend 
a Church Education school. Protestant population, 34. The 
value of the benefice is £82, arising from rentcharge. 

John Heade, eldest son of John Meade, Collector of Customs 
at Einsale (who was son of Rev. William Meade, Rector of 
Rincurran), by Alice, dau. of Rev. Chamber Corker, P. Cahirlag^ 
was bom 26th July, 1792, and was educated at Revi Dr. 


CogUaD^s school, at OlaDmire. He obtained two olaancal pre- 
miums in T.C.D., where he graduated a.b. in 1813. 

He was ordained Deacon on 24th Pec.^ 1815^ at Cork, and 
Priest^ in January, 1819, also at Cork. 

He was, in 1815, Curate of Templemichael ; in 1818, of 
Ballymartle; and in 1833, of Leighmonej. 

ne married, on 26th July, 1816, Sarah, dan. of George Wood, 
esa., and has issue three sons, John, Bichard-WillTam, and 
Edward-Southwell j and two daughters, Eliza and Alice-Corker. 
The Rev. John Meade is the possessor of the &mily estate of 


1291. Ecclesia de Lystlerith is rated at 8 marks. [Tax. P. Nic] 

1332. This Prebend was founded by John de Ballyooningham, 
Bishop of Cork. It was anciently named Sanctas BrigidsB de 
Lisly Clerigy. One Meagb, or CHide, anciently presented to 
it Taxed in &. B. at £3. Proxy, 6«. 9d. [Smith's Cork, vol {. 
p. 64.] 

1502. The adyowson of St. Nicholas de Lysinclery is given to the 
church of the Holy Trinity, Cork, for the angmentation of divine 
service, by James Myagh, the Patron. I give the deed entire. 
*' Sciant presentee et futuri ouod Ego Jacobus Ifyagh, civis 
oi vitatis Cork, verus patronus ^Icclesisd prebendalis oti. Nicholai 
de • Lysinclery Cork, dioc., dedi, ke. in pnram et perpetuam 
elemosinam EcclesisD prebendali Stte Trini tatis infra muros Cork, 
duas acras terrsd cum pertinentiis in tenemento de Lysinclery 
unacnm advocatioue juris patronatus dictse EcclesiaQ Lysinclery 
— Habendum, dso. dictie ecclesisd in augmentationem divini 
cultus in eadem ecclesia in perpetuum de eapitalibus dominis 
feodi per servicia inde debeta, &c, ita quod tocies quocies con- 
tinget rectoriam Sancti Nicholai vacasse, quod quataor legales 
homines de probioribus dictoD ecdesiaB, paroohianis nomine 
ipsius ecclesisd unnm dignum presbyterum ant clerionm ad rec- 
toriam prefatam presentabunt, in eadem ecclesia deservire,, &c. 
In cujus rei testimonium sigiilum meum cum sigillo maioratus 
Cork oi vitatis officii presentibas duxi apponendum. Datum 
apud Cork X die Octobris Anno Dni. milessimo quingenteesimo 
secnndo* Testibns Edmnndo Goull, maiore Ck>rk^«*Oeorgio 
Uocfae, bQrgense-<^I>no Hanrtcio Whitt, Eicardo Sydda et aliis.** 
[Caulfield MSS.] 

1591. BoQEB Skyddt appears as Prebendary, and Thomas Woom as 
Vicar of lisclery. Skiddy is also ^ R. partienla de Lieeomaih'' 
[MS. T.C.D. E. 3. U.] In another pari of this visitation book. 

204 llSCLfiRY. [eOAK. 

Skiddj is called " Rector de lesclerie et Rector Scti niclili de 
lisolery." Of Thomas Wood, it is noted, "nihil exhib— privat 

comit. casiod. mar." This means, I suppose, that Mr. 

Wood had neither orders nor titles to produce, and that he was 
deprived and given into custody for some misconduct. 
1615. June 2. Ma&cus Paqbtt, P. Lisclerj, R. Ballymartle, and V. 
Ballyfeard. [F.F.] He was afterwards Dean of Ross, a. v. 

1615. "Liscleary Prebenda; non-residens. Rector Mark 
Paget, minister et predicator. Val. 20 marcarum. Ecdesia 
et cancella in minis. Vicarius Nicholas Bright, minister et 
predicator.'' [R.V. R.LA.] 

Nicholas Bright was ordained Deacon and Priest by John, 
Bishop of Gloucester, in 1600. From 1611 to 1614, Bright 
was R. Rathclarin, and from 1611 to 1615, R. Ballymartle. 
From 1615 to 1617 he was V. Lisclery. In 1615 he is found 
also as Treasurer of Eillaloe, and Vic. Choral of Limerick ; and 
on 17th October, 1629, he is admitted V. DrumclifTe, als Gror- 
math, in Rillaloe. 

Bishop Ryder gives Bright the character of "a minister and 
preacher, a man of good conversation." 
1617. July 19. Richard Sutton was admitted Vicar of Lisclery, 

and r, St. Michael's, q. y. 
IQ — ) Nicholas Hall, Preb. and Vicar of Lisclery. In 1619 he 

became Treasurer of Robs, q. v. 
1626. Oct. 20. Charles Oolbwbll, Preb. Lisclery, per cessiouem 
Nicholai Hall. [R.V. 1634.] 

1634. P. Lisclery, Charles Cold well, Predicator. VaL 15 li. 
per an. Vicarius Nicholas Hall. Val. XII. li. per an. [R.V. 

Charles Coldwell, literatus, was ordained Deacon on 3l8t of 
March, 1625, and Priest on 28th of June, 1626, both by 
Michael, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore. 

In 1626 he was P. Lisclery, and R. Bohillane and Eilmahon, 
in Cloyne; in 1628 he was ^icar Choral, Cloyue ; and in 1631 
he was also V. Ballygourney, Cloyne. He held most of these 
livings in 1634. 
1634. Feb. 1. Johankbs Bihns, V. Lisclery. [F.F.] He was, in 
1641, Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. 

In 1639, Charles Coldwell appears as P. and John Binns, 
as V. Lisclery — '^ficclesia bene, desunt omamenta." [V.B. 
1640, circa. Brian Roch was admitted V. Lisclery. [F.F.] 

From 1637 to 1640, or 1639, Roch was R. Ardnegihy, and 
V. Ballyvoumey, Cloyne. 

1661. Lisclery is vacant [V.B.] 

1662. July 24. Roobrus Botls admissns ad Proebendam de Lisne* 
cleane et ad vicariam ejusdem. [F.F.] 

In a few months Boyle became j)ean of Cork, q. v. 


1663. May 1. Pbtbb Manbib, P. and T. Lisolery, als Lesley-Cler- 
rigge, and R. Ardnegihy, and V. Cannawaj, [F.F.I 

Peter Manby, besides his preferment in Cork^ neld from 
1660 to 1661, a minor canoniy in St. Patrick's, Dublin, and 
from 1666 to 1670 was Chancellor of St. Patrick's. In 1670 
he became First Canon of Kildare, and in 1672, Dean of Derry. 

1681. Dec. 19. John Graham informs the Archbishop of 
Canterbury that the Archbishop of Dublin " dyed thi9 day ;** 
and recommends the translation to Dublin of the Bishop of Kil- 
more and Ardagh, and that either Dean Manbie of Derry, or 
Dean Bladen of Dublin, be made Bishop of Eilmore, &c, 
[fiawlinson MSS. Oxon.] 

In 1688 Manbie was made an Alderman of Derry, and on 21st 
July, 1688, James II. granted him a dispensation to hold his 
deanery, notwithstanding his professing the Roman Catholic 
religion. After the battle of the Boyne he went to France; 
and died in London, 1697. Vide Cotton for a list of his works. 

1666. Vacant. [V.B. D.K] 

1667. John Vbasib appears as P. and V. Lisclery. [V.B. D.R.] 
On 3rd September, 1667, he was made Dean of Cork, q. v. 

1668. Vacant [V.B. D.R.] 

1669. Oct. 26. Thomas Wilcox, P. and V. Lisclery, per resignation 
of John Veasy. [V.B. 1669.] Wilcox appears at the visita- 
tion of 1670, and in 1671 became P. Brigowne, Cloyne, q. v. 

1671. May. 15. Qeobge Sing is admitted to P. V. Lisclery, als Lis- 
leyclerigge, V. Inchigeelah, V. Kilmichael, and P. umiscarra, 
and V. Mathea, in Cloyne. [F.F.] In 1674 he became P. 
Kilbrogan, q. y. He appears in 1671 and 1672, as P. and V. 
Lisclery. [V.B. D.R] 
1674. June 5. Samubl Sing, P. and V. Lisclery, and P. Iniscarra, 
Cloyne. [F.F.] In 1677 he became P. Dromdaleague, q. v. 
He appears in 1674 and 1675. In the former year he is 
marked as '' in Anglia, studendi gratia." [V.B. D.K] 
1676. Oct. 26. Rowland Davies, P. v. Lisclery, P. Inniscarra, and 
V. Grenagh. [P.P.] In 1710 he was Dean of Cork, q. v. 
He appears 1677 to 1706. [V.B. D.R] 
"The Protestants go to Carrickgoline." [V.B. 1699. D.D.] 
1706. Feb. 11. Philip Townsekd, a.m., P. and V. Lisclery. [F.F.J 
He was also V. Holy Trinity, q. v. He appears 1709 to 
1734. [V.B. D.R.] 
1735. August 23. Botlb Dayikb, a.m., P. and V. Lisclery, per mor- 
tem Phil. Townsend, [D.R.] 

Boyle Dayies, the second son of the Dean of Cork, was bom 
*'at Blarney Oustle, 29th dale of December, 1683, at four min- 
utes past eleven of the clock, afternoon." His godfathers were 
Capt John FoUiott and Alderman Thomas Kitchinghara ; his 
godmothers were Mrs. Margaret Singe and Mrs, Elisabeth 

206 uscLSAr. [cork. 

Hd dntered T.C.D. aa Pensioner on Uth Feb. 1698, being 
then sixteen years old. He beoame a Scbolar in 1701, and 
flnbseqaently flpradaaied A.1C. 

He was P. Inskennj from 1710 to 1735, and from 1735 to 
1763 was P. Lisdery. He also held from 1721 to 1763 the 
Kectory of Carrigaline. In 1 7 1 3 he appears as Curate of Christ- 
church, Cork. He died on Wednesday, January 19, 1763. 
The freedom of the city of Cork was giren to him by special 
grace on 23rd September, 1710. 

Boyle Davies was author of A Sermon preached at St. Peter's 
Church, in the city of Corke, on the 29th day of September, 
being the anniversary of the surrender of that city to the yic- 
torious arms of the great and glorious King William, of blessed 
memory, in the late happy revolution of these kingdoms in the 
year of our Lord 1690, and published at the special request of 
the loyal Coinporation of that' city, by the Reverend Boyle 
Davies, M.A., Corke. Printed by George Bennett, and are to 
be sold at his shop, 1720." 

He married, firstly, in May, 1709, Mary Bond, of Christ- 
church, Cork, widow (she was dau. of Richard Travers, by 
Elisabeth, or Eleanor, dau. of Jonas Stawell, Archdeacon of 
Ross), and by her had issue four sons and six daughters, all of 
whom died young, or unmarried, save Hary, who was wife to 
W. Thomas Spiers, esq. 


who died Sp. (vide Index), a third son, Richard (born 1781, 
died Sp. in 1755), and a fourth, Robert, m.d., who was bom on 
17th November, 1735, and died 5th September, 1789. This 
Robert married at Dublin, on 14th March, 1763, Jane, only 
dau. of Yen. Christopher Isaac, Archdeacon of Emly, and by her 
had issue (besides two sons, who died unmarried), Rev fioyle 
Davies (vide Index), and an only dau. Mary Jane, who mamed 
in 1795, her cousiui Rowland Morrison, of Tivoli House, county 
1763. January 22. IbaaO QoLdsmitr, a.m.| P. and V. Lisdery. 
[F.F.] He was also Dean of Cork, q. y. 

1769. May 12. Sakusl HaubS. a.m., P. and V. Lisdery, vtc4 Oold- 
smith, deceased* [P.F.] In 1770 Hales became P. KObrit- 
tain, q. t. 

1770. Dec. 28. Righabd Pioott, b.i).^ P. and V. Lisdery. [P.P.] 
In 1774 he became V. Holy Tnnity, q. v. 

1774, August 5. Ro«BM Avbtb^, d.d., F. and V. Lisclery. [P.P.] 
He resigned for P. Eilnaglory in 1777, August 23, and on 26th 
August, was appointed Sequestrator of Lisclery durim? its 
Vacancy. [D.S^j Ho was afterwards Archdeacon of Cork, 
q. y. 


CORiL.] LISCIiiBBT. 207 

1777. Oct 7. William Wallbb^ a.b*, P. and V. LiBclery. [P.P.] 

He 'vras second son of Samuel Waller^ esq. of Newport, oonnty 

Tipperary, the brother of Sir Robert Waller. mO.] He 

died in 1823, being al^o B^tor of Maryboro', Leignlin. 

1823. April 19. John Fobtssoub, a.m., P. B. and V. Lisclety. [D.R] 

1824. The inhabitantfl of Barnahelj and the eafitern part of 
Lisclery are ordered to resort to the new chnrch of Oarrigoline. 

1830. Protestant population is 89. 

1833. May* 16. A edated house on the lands of Dromgorrihy 
in this parish was licensed for divine service. [D.R.] 

John Portescue was Chancellor of Cork from 1790 to 1823, 
and from 1823 to his death in August, 1833, he was P. Lisclery. 
1834. Feb. 22. John Bustbkd, a.b., P. and V. Lisclery, net value, 
£116 13«. 4(/., arising from the rectorial tithes of Lisclery, 
which form the corps of the Prebend. The revenues of the 
vicarage amounting to £93 6<. 8c?. for the vicarial tithes, are 
now appropriated by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, the 
vicarage being suspended. [D.K] 

1837« Lisclery : a vicarage, with cure, 4^ miles long by 3 
broad, containing 6,738a. 2b. 1}p. Gross population, 2,804. 
One Curate employed for the occasional duties of this parish, 
at a stipend of £10 per annum. Composition for vicarial 
tithes, £93 6«. 8cL No glebe-honse. Incumbent is non-resi- 
dent ; he resides in the city of Cork, No church. The rec- 
torial tithes of this benefice, compounded for £116 13«. 4(^., are 
appropriated to Lisclery prebend. N.B.-^The vicarage is sus« 
peiided. [ParL Bep.] 

1860. There is neither church nor licensed place of worship, 
nor divine service, nor glebe-house, nor school, nor parish clerk, 
nor register in this parish. The Incumbent is non-resident. 
The Protestant population is 32. The rentcharge is £87 10^. 
arising from the rectorial tithes. 

John Bufiteed was ordained Deacon on 10th of May, 1799, 
at Douglas, by the Bishop of Cork, and Priest on 1st Sept. 
1799, at Cloyne, on letters dimistory from Cork On 13th 
July> 1799, he was licensed to be Curate of Douglas, which 
core he still holds along with this prebend. 



1291. " Eooia de Insula XLs. vicar, capit dimid.** [Tax. P. Nic] 

15 — 9 Philip Sarsfield, Rector of Sti. Lappani de insula. He 
died circa 1582. 

1582. July 5. Dominiok Sabsfield is admitted ''ad reotoiriam 
simplicem ecclisa parochialis Scti Lappani de insula parva als 
Inishvicneyl Corcagen. dioc. vacantem per mortem Philifpi 
Sabbfibld ultimi incumbentis." [^•^1 

He was inducted on July 9, 1582. This admission was on 
the presentation of the parishioners of the Holy Trinity, Cork, 
of which I give the copy entire. 

" Reverendo in Ghristo patri ac domino Matheo, Corcagen. 
et Clonen. £po, aut vicariis generalibus Corcagen : parochiani 
Ecclisd SctsD Trini talis, Cork, veri patroni rectoriae simplicis 
ecclesite Set! Lappani de insula parva Corcagen. dioces. Saltenu 
Ad rectoriam prefatam jam de jure et de facto per mortem 
Philippi Sarsfield ultimi ibidem incumbentis vacantem, et ad 
nostram presentationem spectantem : Dilectum nobis in 
Christo Dominicum Sarsfield clericum indole et natalibus pro« 
bum presentamus et presentatum fore volumus per presentes. 
Yestram paternitateni in Domino obsecrantes quatenus pfatum 
Dominicum, sic per nos presentatum et divino cultui in p&ta 
nostra »de Sctie Trinitatis frugi et utilem futurum, ad pdictam 
Rectoriam simplicem vestra auctoritate admittatis et admis- 
sum facia tis. In hnjus presentationis testimonium sigilla nostra 
opposuimus et nomina subscripsimus. Dat CorcagisB quinto 
Junii, 1582. Patrick Galwey, Maior; James Creagh, bailiff; 
Adam Goole, bailiff; Andrew Skiddy, recorder ; William Tirry, 
James Hora, chnrchwarden ; Philip Martell, £dmond Tirnr* 
Cliristopher Galwey, Thomas Sarsfield, Morris Roch, David 
Tirry fitz Oliver, Robert Tirry Scoolemaster, Thomas fitz John, 
Charles Field, Patrick Gold, John Miaghe, ffranncis Martell, 
Gerald Gold, James Roch, John ffaygan, John Skiddy, Patrick 
Tyrry, John Skiddy, Dominick Meaghe, Ricd. Pounch, William 
Goole fitz Walter, John pounch fitz Patrick, Piers Gold, 
Robert Coppinger, James Close, Dominick Gold, George Roch, 
Rd. Downy, John Verdon, David Nash, John Morroghe, 
Rd. Roch, James Morrogh.'' [Cork Registry.] 

1591. Alexander Mbagh or Mead is Rector, and David Tibbt is 
Vicar. " Rector insule pve. als Rector Sci lupani de insula, 
Alexander Meagh, respicitur in crast. idem Rector de Inishonan 
et contumax [deiiberand] pro ejus amocOe nisi venii. Yicarins 
ibm David Tirry, interdicitur ut supra.'* (Vide Cahirlag). 
[M.S. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1614. May 6. Israel Tatlob is presented ** ad Rectoriam Insula 
parv»" and R. V« Rathclarin. [lab. Mun.] He was admitted 


on 6th of April, 1615, and inducted on 27th April, 1615, as R. 

InsulsB parvsB et R. Y. Rathc]arin,6x presentatione Reffis Jacobi, 

dat. 6th March. [R. V. 1 634.] He was Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1615. Thomas Boubden (V. Kilbonane, q. v.) appears as Vicar, And 

Tatlob as Eector of Little Island. '^Rector, Israel Taylor, 

minister et predicator. Yah 7 li. Yicarius, Thomas Bourden, 

minister legens. Yal. 3 li. Ecdla et cancella bene repantur 

cum libris.'^ [R.Y. R.LA.] 

1634. R. de Insula parra; Israel Taylor, Rector. Rex est 

patronos. Yal. X li. per an. Yicarius, Thomas Bourden. 

Epus patronus. Yal. 5 li. per an. [R.Y. 1634.] 
1639. Richard Bennett (Yicar Choral, Cork, q. v.) appears as Vicar^ 

with Taylor still as Rector Insula? parvic. Ecclesia bene, desnut 

omamenta.'* [Y.B.] 
16 — 1 Samuel Bohneb, R. Y. Insnlas parrte. He was also P. St. 

Michaers, q. v. 

1667. P. R. and Y. Insula) parvee, vacant per mortem Samuelis 
Bonner. [Y.B. D.R.] 

1668. John Baylet appears as R. Y. Insoke parvaB, aud as R. Eil- 
coan and Templeusky. [Y.B. D.R.] On 11th Jaly, 1669, he 
is instituted to R. Y. fnsulss parrse, per mortem Samnelis Bonner. 
[Y.B. 1669.] He was also P. St. Michael's q. y. 

1697. June 17. Valentine French, P. St. MichaePs, R. Kilooan, 
Templeusky, Kilroane, and R. Y. Insulie parvaB. [F.F.] In 
1704 French became P. Eillaspugmullane, and in 1717 Dean of 
Ross, q. V. 

1699. Insula parva. ''No churchwardens; 2plowlands; one 
Protestant family — Alderman Rogers* ; diviqe service and ser- 
mon once a fortnight ; sacrament four times a year.*' [Y.B. 
1699. D.D.] 

''Oct 1700. I saw the church' in Little Island, built with 
stones and lime, in good repair ; there is a pulpit and desks, 
but no seats ; a tomb in the church, belonging to the Courthy*8 
fiimily ; the church is about 40 feet long and 20 broad ; the 
ohurch-yard inclosed by a good stone wall ; no glebe in this 
parish. 2 plowlands and a half in this parish ; the lands belong 
to Major Clayton and the Solicitor-General, Brodrick. No 
inhabitants in this parish but Captain Wakeham and a dozen 
of Irish families. All the tythes of this parish belong to the 
Incumbent; they are worth about £12 per an. Mr. French 

S reaches here once a fortnight, the other Sunday he does no 
uty in all his parishes. William Dooly is Popish Priest of this 
parish and Cahirlag, &o. ; he lives in Carricktoghill ; he has 
been many years in these parts." [Downes' Tour.] 
1732. January 1. Jexicet Browne, a.m., P. KillaspugmuUane et 
unam R. Y. Cannaway, R. Kilcoan, Templeusky, Kilroau et 
R. Y. InsulsB parvffi, per mortem Yal. French. [D.R.] He 
Fas, in 1733, Dean of Ross, q. r. 



1743. Nov. 5. Arthub Echlin is presented by Crown to B. V. 

Little Island, yacant bj promotion of J emmet Browne to 

the Bishoprick of Killaloe. [Lib. Man. and D.R.] 

Arthur, son of Rev. John Echlin, was bom in Antrim ; and on 

1 8th March, 1724, entered T.G.D., being then nineteen years old. 
From 1743 to 1752, when he died, he was R. V. Little Island. 

Either this, or another Arthnr Eohlin, was licensed to the 

curacy of St. Peter's, Cork, on 5th September, 1751. 
1T52. Feb. 19. Thomas Bbowne, a.b., R. Y. Little Island, vacant 

by death of Arthnr Echlin. [D.R.] Browne became Treasurer 

of Ross, and Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1762. May 13. Sauubl Hales, a.m., R. Y. Little Island, vacant by 

death of Thomas Browne. [D.R.] In 1770 he waa P. Kil- 

brittaiu, q. v. 
176d. May 12. Chaubre Corkee is instituted to R. Y. Little 

Island. He was also P. Cahirlag and R. Rathcony. FD-R*] 
From 1769 to present time the R. Y. of the Little buuid 

were held in union with Cahirlag Prebend, q. y. 


159}. DsBMiTius LoNO (Treasurer of Cork, q. v.), is Y. Madoneigh* 

" R. de Cloineighe ; Thesaur. et hospit. Mome sunt Reotores. 

Yic. ibm Dermicius Long." [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] 
1615. John Brook (Treasurer of Cork, q. v.), appears as Yiear. 

''Clonegh. Moume et Thesaurarius Rector. Yicarius JohSs 

Brock. Curatus Willmus Healy, minister legens.** [R.Y. R.I. A.] 

Healy was also Chancellor of Cork, q. y. 

1618. Jan. 20. John Brock, the Treasurer, receives the Y. 

Macloneigh, et Y. beatao Mariao de Shandon united to the 

Trewurership. [R.Y. 1634.] 

1634. Una R. de Cloneigh spectat ad Abb. de Mome. Cor- 

mack Donogh Carty firmarius. Brock Curatus. Yal. 7 li. per 

an. Altera R. spectat ad Thtfsaurarium. Yic. ibm Jonfls 

Brock. Yal. 7 li. per annum. rR.Y. 1634.] 
1637. Jan. 3. Robert Eeupe, Y. Macloneigh and Moviddy. [F.F.] 

He appears in Y.B. 1639 as '< ezcusetur." [D.R.] 
1640. Feb. 12. William Beardb, R MacCloneagh and Moviddy. 


1666. Vacant. [Y.B. D.R.] 

1667 and 1668. John Webb appears as Y. Macloneigh. [Y3.] 

He was also Chancellor of Cloyne, q. v. 
1669. October 29. Richard Beowvb, Y. Macloneigh, Maoromp, and 

Ballyvourney, vacant per desertionem Johb Webb. [Y.B. 

1669.] For Browne, vide Macroom, Cloyne. *' Reotoria una 

de Macloneigh est partioula Thesaur.'* [lb.] 


1694. In a list of churchwardens at the end of a y.B. of 
this date, is mentioned the churchwarden of Macloneigh 
" Robert Powell vulneratus a latronibus." 

1699. " Two Protestant families ; they go to Macromp, in 
Cloyne diocese." [V.B. 1699.1 

" Oct. 15. 1700. I saw Mackloueigh Church, near the river 
Lee, on the soath side of it ; the walls built with stone and 
lime, are standing ancoTcr'd, about 60 foot long ; the bounds 
of the church-jard are discernible, 'tis uncertain whether the 
inward or outward ditch. About 40 English acres of glebe 
lying round the church, belong to the Vicar ; 'tis good land. 
No house near the church. Barry Swiney is Priest of this 
parish, and of Kilmichael. This church lies near the Lee, on 
the south side of the rirer ; the town of Maclony is a mile dis- 
tant towards the north-west. There are eight and a-half plow^ 
lands in this parish ; all the lands were the estate of the Earl 
of Clancarty ; for the most part good land ; the Powels and 
about six families more of Protestants are in this parish. A 
prcmortion of the tythes of two plowlands in this parisli, viz.* 
of Eillbarry and Eillnaghrouna^h, belongs to the Treasurer of 
St. Pinbarry's; and 'tis said the proportion is half the said 
tythes. The monastery of Mourne Abby or Preceptory had 
the rest of the rectory ; 'tis now enjoy'd by the Vicar, according 
to Xing Charles the Second's grant by the Act of Settlement. 
Farrenavaragan being half a plowland, containing at least 
eighty English acres, belongs to the Bishop of Corke. It lies 
contiguous to the glebe of Macloneigh ; 'tis very good land, set 
by Mr. Warren, the Bishop's tenant, to Mr. Browne, for £9 per 
an. ; it lies near the river Lee ; half ye tithes of the lands of 
Coolcour and Slevins, lying on the north of the river Lee, be- 
longs to the vicarage of Macloneigh. No churchwardens in this 
parish ; there are generally no churchwardens in the parishes 
where the churches are out of repair ; I left with Mr. Browne 
7 " Tillotson's Sermons" and 12 small Prayer-books. No school- 
master here, nor in Kilmichael, nor Inchigeelah, &c. Some 
people fancy that this was formerly a Bishop's see, but I could 
find no reason for any such belief." 

''Oct. 15. 1700. I saw Kilmichael Church, built with stone 
and lime, about 50 foot long, besides the west end which is 
divided by a wall ; it looks like a house ; the walls of the 
church are standing uncovered ; the bounds of the church-3rard 
are discernible ; it lies south-west of Macloneigh, at two miles 
distance. Abont 6 English acres of glebe lie round the church,' 
belonging to the Incumbent. About 24 plowlands in this 
parish; a great part of it indifferent good land. The Earls of 
Cork and Clancarfy have the lands of this parish. Mr. Edward 
Jermin and about 7 femilies of Protestants more live in this 
pavisb ; this parish is worth at least £40 per an. to the Incnm- 



beiit. The Earl of Corke, a8 Impropriator, has half the tithes 
of this parish. The Vicar has the other half. This church 
seems fittest to be rebuilt, on account of its situation being 
nearest the centre of those parishes, whose churches are ru- 
inous." [Downes' Tour.] 
1712 to 1749. John Moorb appears for '* Altera R. V. Macloneigh.** 
[V.B.] He was Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 

1749. June 2. Patrick Elmblbt, a.m., R. V. Madoneigh. jT.F.J 
Vacant by death of John Moore. [D.B.] In 1750 Elmsley 
became R. V. Inchigeelah, q. v. 

1750. May 14. Edward Browne, a.b., K V. Macloneigh. [F.F.] 
He was also Archdeacon of Boss, q. v. 

1777. Dec. 17. Thomas Brbtitor, B. V. Macloneigh and Kilmichael. 
[F.F.] In 1784 he became B. Carrigaline, ^. v. 

1778. August 16. Order of Council for uniting the parishes 
of Macloneigh and Kilmichael. [Lib. Mun. Vol. II. p. 176.] 
From this date Macloneigh has been held with Kilmichael, q. t. 


1591. ''£. de murmullan. Maurioius M^ermott, incumbens. idem 
B. de Kilmorey." [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.1 He is also Curate 
of KillaspugmuUane and Bathcoony, and B. Templeusky, q. y. 

1615. July 20. John Twtnbrooks, B. de Mamiullane and B. V. 
Titeskin, Cloyne. [F.F.] 

1615. Johannes Twinebroke, a.b., Bector. Val. 4 li. 
Ecclesia et cancella ruinata. [B.V. B.I.A.] Vide Kilteekin,. 
in Cloyne. 

1618. Dec. 15. Siraoh Gilsland, B. Marmullane. [F.F.] Gils- 
land was, in 1639, B. Murragh, q. v. 

1634. Bector de Marmullane, Siracke Gilsland, Predicator. 
Val. Is. per annum. [B.V. 1634.] 

1636. Feb. 3. Thomas Bennet, Beet, integ. de Marmullane. [F.F.] 
He was, in 1639, a Vicar Choral, Cork, q. v. 

1637. June 3. Bobert Crewb^ B. de Marmullan. [F.F.] He 
appears in 1639. '^Ecclia ruinata, desunt omnia.'* [V.B. 
1639.] Crewe, or Cnies, was, in 1635, appointed Vicar Cnoial, 
Cork. He is mentioned as the terror of the rebels, in the letter 
of Urban Vigors, vide Marshallstown, Cloyne. 

1669. Quatuor yicarii chorales sunt Rectores de Marmullane. 
pticadchor. [V.B. 1669.] 

1687 to 1696. No churchwardens nor parish clerk. In latter 
year ''plurima illicita in ibi perpetrantur.** In 1698 PhiL 
Bernard is churchwarden. In 1699. spect. ad Chor. [V.B. P.B.] 

** Oct. 1700. 1 saw Killmuny church, als MurmuUane. The 

CORK.] MAHMlTltAKl!. 21.^ 

The walls are almost quite down ; tliev were built with f«tone 
and clay; the bounds of the church-yard ai-e discernihle j the 
church is about four miles from Corke, not far from the river, 
within less than a mile of the Passage, on the same side. 
About three English acres of glebe lying round the church be- 
long to the church of St. Finbarry^s, set to the Terrt tenant for 
about 40<. per an. ; the whole parish is but oue plowland ; 
there is but one constable for this parish and Monkstown ; all 
the tithes of this parish were set this year for about £8, by 
Gapt. Hayes ; they belong to the oeconomy of St. Barry^s, but 
the Vicars Choral pay 20th parts to the King for it Mr. 
Burstead lives in this parish, and three or four Protestants 
more; the lands of this parish belong, forty acres, to John 
Parsons, and forty acres to Roch, of Dunderrow, and forty acres 
to Konan ; the people go to Carrickoline to church, or St. 
Barry's ; this parish, time out of mind, is supposed to be united 
to the parish of St. Barry's." [Downes* Tour.] 

1733. April 29. Mrs. Mary Bonayne recants in parish church 
of Marmullane teste Thomas Somerville, and on 23rd Dec. 
Edwd. Rouayne tim^tYtfr, teste Edmond MoUoy, Min ister. [D. R. J 

1737. Edward Oottrell is nominated Curate of Marmullane 
by the Dean and Chapter. [D.R.] Ho was afterwards P. 
Killanully, q. v. 

In 1775, May 19. Thomas Magiun is licensed as parish clerk 
and schoolmaster of Marmullane, on the nomination of Edward 
Oottrell, Curate. [D.R.] 

1785. Sept. 15. The Dean and Chapter lease the tithes and 
Ecclesiastical dues of Marmullane to Rev. Jonathan Bruce, to 
hold them as long as he shall continue Curate of the same. 
[D.B.] Bruce waa afterwards Curate of Kilbolane, Cloyne, 
q. V. 

1788. Oct. 22. The Dean and Chapter lease to Rev. John 
Townsend the tithes and due of Marmullane, to hold as long 
as he shall continue Curate of the same. [D.R.] 

John Townsend (eldest son of John Townsend, of Court- 
masherry, who was married to Elisabeth, dau. of Colonel Red- 
dish, and who was the second son of John Townsend and Cath- 
erine Barry, vide Scull, 1780-1793, the Rev. R. Tottnsetid) 
was ordained Deacon on 23rd April, 1775, and Priest on 5th 
May, 1776, both at Cork. 

In 1776 he was Curate of Island, Ross, and from 1788 to 
1791 was Curate of Marmullane. 

He married Martha, dau. of Carre Williams, esq., of Ash- 
grove, county Cork, and had issue a daughter, Martha, who 
was wife to Carre-Columbine Williams, esq., of Cork. 
1791. Oct. 28. Richard Lloyd, a.b.. is admitted Perpetual Curate 
of Marmullane, under Dean aud Cha])ter, [F.F.] lie is to 


have the great and small tithes, and all dues, &c, [D.B.] He 
became, in 1837, P. Eillanully, q. y. 

1812. August 21. The Dean and Chapter endow the Curate 
of Harmullane with the glebe, 6a. 3fi. 23p., and with all great 
and small tithes, and erect it into a perpetual curacy. The 
Bishop confirms the same in September, 1812. [D.R.J 

1814. May 10. Richard Lloyd obtains a certificate of haying, 
since 14th June, 1813, spent £539 7«. (part of which was 
adyanced by the Board of First Fruits) in building a new glebe- 
house at Marmullane. [D.B*] 

1830. Protestant population, 221. 

1837. Marmullane : a perpetual cure, with spiritual duties 
annexed, erected within the parish of the same name, appro- 
priated to the Dean and Chapter ; 1 mile long by | broad, 
containing i65A. ; gross population, 1,459. No assistant Curate 
employed. Tithe composition, £69 ; 7 statute acres of glebe, 
yalued at 35s, per acre, £12 5s, Marmullane glebe-house 
built in 1814, under the new Acts, at the cost of £461 lOs. 9id. 
Brit., whereof £415 7s. S^d, was granted in way of gift, 
and £46 3s. Id. in that of loan, by the late Board of First 
Fruits, of which loan there remained £12 ISs. 5^d. chargeable 
on the benefice in 1832, repayable by annual instalments 
of ISs. 5^d, Incumbent is resident in the glebe-bouse for 
seyen months in the year; but owing to the exposed situation 
of it, he resides in another house in the parish during the rest 
of the year, and pays the sum of £36 ISs. 5d. for the rent of 
said house. One church, capable of accommodating 250 persons^ 
but so old that the date and cost of its erection are unknown ; 
in 1808 the eastern end of it was taken down, enlarged, and 
rebuilt, at an expense of £185 15^. 4|d Brit, whereof £93 
9s. 2^d. was subscribed by the parishioners, and £92 6& 1 j<^. 
contributed by the Dean and Chapter of Cork ; no charge on 
the parish in 1832 on account of the church. Diyine seryice is 
celebrated twice on Sundays in summer, and once in winter, 
and on the principal festiyals ; a service and lectnre haye also 
been deliyered once a week during the summer months within 
the last year or two ; the sacrament is administered monthly, 
and on the great festiyals. The Curate is endowed with the 
tithes of this parish, which is appropriated to the Dean and 
Chapter of Cork. ^r. Rep.] 
1837. William Cotter Williamson is P. C. Marmullane. He be- 
came, in 1860, Precentor of Cloyne, q. y. 

1837. Noy. 7. A commission finds £57 19«. 7d dilapidations 
against Richard Lloyd, late Incumbent. [D.R.] 
1842. William Tottenham Dat, P. C. Marmullane. He became, 

in 1861, R. Rathclaren, q. y. 
1850. Thomas Townelt Maoan, P. C. Marmullane. He became, 
in 1857, Treasurer of Cork, q. y. 


1854. BovALD MaoDonnbll, F. G. Mannullane. 

1854. Feb. 10. He obtains £37 9s, Sd, dilapidations against 
Ills predecessor, Macan. [D.K.] 

Eonald MacDonuell, younger brother of the Dean of Cashel, 
is the sixth son of the Provost of T.C.D., by Jane, dau. of Dean 
Richard Graves, of Ardagh. The Provost (Kichard MacDonnell) 
is son of Robert MacDonnell, by Susannah Nugent, of county 
Waterford, and grandson of Richard MacDonnell, by Miss 

Ronald MacDonnell was educated at Portora Royal School, 
and was a Scholar of T.C.D. in 1844, and First Senior Modera- 
tor in Ethics and Logics in 1845. He was ordained Priest, at 
Cork, on 3rd June, 1849, for the curacy of AgabuUoge, in 
Oloyne, and from 1854 to 1857 was P. C. Marmullane. In 
1857 he was promoted by the Crown to the incumbency of 
Monkfltown, Dublin. 

He married Jane, dau. of Edward Rotheram, esq., of Oross- 
dmm, and has issue. 
1857. Thomas T. Hallaban, P. C. MatmuUane. 

He Was ordained in 1854. 

1860. The church and glebe-house in good order j 64 acres 
of glebe in Incumbent*s use. Divine service twice on all Sun- 
days, and once on the usual holidays, and on ail Wednesdays 
thronghout the year. Sacrament monthly, and at chief festivals; 
average of communicants, 62. 46 children are on the rolls of 
a Church Education school ; the permanent Protestant popu- 
lation is 311. The rentcharge is £51 15«. ; the land is worth 
£22, and there is an augmentation of £Z5 ; total yalue, 
£108 15i., with residence. 


This ancient parish seems never to have had any Inoambent 
from the dissolution of the abbey to which it belonged until 
1835. There is little notice of it in the diocesan records, 
except what here follows : — 

'^Oct. 1700. I saw Monkstown Church ; the walls, built with 
lime and sand, are standing ; the timber of the roof is op, and 
some slates on it ; the timber is beginning to deeay. There is 
no siffu of the bounds of the church-yard. There are two tombs 
on the south side of the church belonging to the family of 
Archdeacons^ who were the antient proprietors of Monkstown. 
There are three plowlands in this parish, the lands of which 
belong to the Lord Primate Boyle. Mr. (kllaghan, Protestant, 
liyes at Monkstown, in a good square oaBtle, with flankers. This 
diuzoh wa« repaired when Mr. Hodder liyed at Monkstowoi 


above twenty years ago. Monkstowu is near the barbour of 
Cork, over against the Cove. From Monkstown we see the 
Island of Halleboling, Spike Island, &c. There is no tythe 
paid, nor allowance made to any clergyman oat of this parish; 
'tis pretended by the inhabitants ^tis tythe-free; the tythes are 
set together with tiie lands to the tenants. The people of this 
and the adjacent parishes go to Carickoline Church — vii., those 
of Barnehely and Kilmurry. No glebe in this parish. The 
lands of this parish belonged to the Abby of St. Catherine's, of 
Waterford. Colonel Hanks had these lands in Cromwell's 
time. Hanks was supposed to be concerned in the murther of 
King Charles I. ; he sold them to Primate Boyle before the 
Court of Claims, who made good Hunks his title in the Court 
of Claims. He gave about £400 for it to Hunks. The same 
person is Popish Priest of this parish and Carickoline, Kil- 
murry, and Templebredy, and Bamahely, and Ringskiddy. 
Tis fdledg'd in these parts that Abby lands pay no tythe. The 
tythes of this parish have been set n>rmerly for above X20 per 
an. ; they are now worth £20 per an. John Archdeacon, be- 
fore 1641, was paid no tythe out of these lands.** [Downes* 

1830. Protestant population, 241. 

1831. June 20. Daniel and Qerard Callaghan, esquires, of 
Cork (being tenants to Lords Longford and De Vesci), grant, at 
nominal rent of one peppercorn, one rood of land at Monkstown 
for a church ; and on 28th July, the Earl of Longford and Vis- 
count De Vesci lease the same land for ever, at same rent of 
one peppercorn. [D.R.] 

1831. July 28. Thomas, Earl of Longford, and John, Vis- 
count De Vesci (being appointed patrons to nominate a Vicar, 
either jointly or alternately), grant £50 per annum for ever 
out of the lands of Monkstown (of which they are tenants in 
common) as an endowment for Monkstown. [b.B.] 

1833. January 10. A building, intended for a parish church, 
is licensed for divine service. [D.R.] 

1833. Sept. 6. Arthur Georgs Ha&psr Holldygswobtr, A.M., is 
licensed to officiate in the building in Monkstown not yet con- 
secrated ; and on 13th August, 1835, he is instituted to the 
Vicarage of Monkstown, on presentation of Lord De Vesci. 

A. G. H. Hollingsworth was ordained Priest at Cloyne on 
15th of Feb. 1829. He married, in 1825, Miss Margaret 
Mountford, of Cove. 

He resigned Monkstown on 11th January, 1836, and is now 
Vicar of Stowmarket, in Suffolk, England. 

1836. Feb. 26. Albxampbb Stuart, a.m.^ Viciir, on presentation of 


Lord De Vesci. [D.R.] In 1842 Stuart hccnme Archdeacon 
of Ross, q. Y. 

1837. Monkstown, a vicarage, with cure, 3^ miles long by 
2 broad, containing 2,504a. 1b. If p. Gross population, 2,199. 
No Curate employed. From stipend payable by Impropriator, 
£50; pew rents, X4 7s. 6c/.; surplice fees^ £1 Is, 3 acres of 
glebe, valued at £5 per acre, £15, Augmentation allowance, 
payable by Ecclesiastical Commissioners out of Boulter's Fund, 
£25. Monkstown glebe-house is reported to be almost unfit 
for residence, being very old, and in very bad repair. Incum- 
bent does not state when it was built, at what cost, or from 
what funds supplied, but adds, " that no nioney has been ex- 
pended on it as such, having been only lately made a glebe- 
honse." Incumbent is usually resident in the glebe-house. 
One church, capable of accommodating 270 persons, built in 
1832, at the cost of about £1,500, British, raised by subscrip- 
tions. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the 
church. Divine service is celebrated twice on Sundays from 
May to November, and once during the remainder of the year, 
and on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Ash Wednesday, and 
Good Friday. The sacrament is administered monthly, and on 
the festivals. The tithes of this parish, compounded for £90, 
are wholly impropriate, and belong to Lord De Vesci ; but it 
is reported that they have never been demanded or paid as 
such. The glebe is subject to a rent of £25. [Pari. Rep.] 

1839. August 3. Thomas Gibbings, a.m., Y. Monkstown, on presen- 
tation of Lord De Vesci, dated 19th June, 1839. [D.B.] In 
1851 Gibbings became Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. 

1851. March 21. George Hazlbwood, V. Monkstown, on presenta* 
tion of Lord De Vesci, dated 14th March, 1851. £63 IBs. 4^. 
certified value. [D.R.] 

1860. G. Hazlewood, Incumbent; J. J. Sargent, Curate. 
The church in good order. No glebe-house or land. Divine 
service twice on all Sundays, and once on the usual holidays. 
Sacrament monthly, and at festivals ; average of communicants, 
46. There is also divine service at Glenbrook, in a licensed 
place of worship, twice on all Sundays, and once on holidays, 
the same as at the church. Sacrament at Glenbrook monthly, 
and at festivals ; average of communicants, 10. 19 children 
are on the rolls of a Church Education school. The Protestant 
population is 600. 



1II91. Nicholas 0*Fltnn is Vicar of Moviddy, but in another copy 
of the visitation book of same year William O'Fot appears. 
" Willmas o*foy, als o'ffeehy, interdioitar donee prob. se esse 
ad ozdines sac. prom.*' [MS. T.G.D. E. 3. U.] 

1615. William Healt (Chancellor of Cork, q. y.), appears as Vicar 
of Moviddy. " Rect. imp. spectat ad Mourne. Vicarius Wil- 
liam Healy, minister legens. Valor 4 li. Ecclia rep&ta, can- 
cella ruinosa. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1632. Jnne 5. John Johnson, a.m., V. Moviddy, per deprivation of 
William Healy. Inducted 6th August. [R.V. 1634.] 

1634. R. de Moviddy spectat ad Ab. de Mome. Cormack 
Donogh Carty firmarios. Val. 16 li. per an. V. John Johnson 
sed sub lite. Epus confert. VaJ. 8 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 
Johnson was V. Einsale, q. v. 

1637. January 3. Robbbt Ebmpb, V. Moviddy and Mackcloneigh. 

1639. Rectoria spectat ad Ab. de Mome. Vio. Robert 
Eempe excusatur. [V.B. D.R.] 

1640. Feb. 12. William Bsasdb, R. Moviddy and Mackcloneigh. 


1663 to 1833. Moviddy was held with Aglish, q. v. 

1830. The Protestant population of Moviddy was 85. 

1833. April 19. Humb Babihoton, R. V. Moviddy; certified under 
X600 in value. [D.R.] 

In April, 1833, a commission finds £150 2<. id, dibpi- 
dations a^inst St. Lawrence. 1835. Feb. 19. Bishop certi- 
fies that ^abington (since 13th July, 1833) hath expended 
£242 7i. lOd, in repairs and improvements, according to me- 
morials, &c. 1854. March 21. He obtains a certificate for 
£167 19«. 10^. improvements, the net yearly valuation being 
£459 15s. id., not calculating poor rates. [D.R.] 

1837. Moviddy, a rectory and vicarage, with cure^ 3 miles 
long by 4^ broad, containing 9,562a. 1b. 5^p. Gross popula- 
tion, 2,718. No Curate employed. Tithe compositioni £570 
ISi. lOd, 82 acres of glebe, valued at 15s. per acre, £61 10s. 
Subject to visitation fees, 9s. Diocesan schoolmaster, 17i. Bd. 
Moviddy glebe-house built under the old Acts, at the cost of 
£349 19s. British^ supplied out of the private funds of the 
builder, to whom the present Incumbent is second in succes- 
sion ; and having paid his predecessor £262 9s. 3e{., and since 
expended £242 7s. lOc^. on improvements, he will be entitled 
to receive from his successor £356 15s. 4^ J. on account of the 
bnilding and improvement charges. Incumbent is resident in 


the glebe-house. One ohorcfa, oapable of accommodating 120 
persons ; but when built, at what cost, or from what funds sup- 
plied, not stated. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account 
of the church. Divine service is celebrated once on Sundays, 
and on the principal festivals. The sacrament is administered 
monthly. The benefice is a rectory. [Pari. Rep.] 

1860. The church and glebe-house in order. 74 acres of 
glebe in Vicar's use. Divine service once on all Sundays, and 
on usual holidays, and on Sunday evenings during summer. 
Sacrament monthly ; average of communicants, 9. No school. 
The Protestant population is 47. The annual value is £428 
from rentcharge, and £55 from land. Total, £483, with resi- 

H. Babington was ordained in 1827 ; and in 1836 married 
Esther, dau. of Richard Neville Nettles, esq., of NettleviUe, 
county Cork. He has issue. [Burke's L. G.J 


IMl. DanirIi O'Hbnnbhak appears as Vicar of Murragh. ''Reetoria 
de Maraughe als moraghe spectat ad ab. myne per nsorpati- 
onem. Vic. ibm per ijos. annos Daniel O'Hennehan, idem 
Rector de Kilmine ; obtinuit utrasque per licent." FMS. T.O.D. 
E. 3. 14.] 
1615. Edward Clerks (Dean of Cloyne, q. v.), is Vicar of Murragh. 
*' Mayrath (residens) Rector Edrus Clerk, minister et predicator. 
Valor 4 li. Ecclesia et cancella repftntur cum libris." fRV. 
1624. Nov. 24. Siraoh Gilbland, R. Murraghe, quam reot. et rect. 
de MarmuUane Epus unvit. Induotns fuit, 30th Nov. 1624. 
[R.V. 1634.] 

1634. R. de Morraghe, Siracke Gilsland, predicator. Val. 
12 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. Gilsland appears. ** Ecclesia bene, deest coop€rterum." 
[V.B. 1639.] . 

In 1642, Oct. 22. Gilsland depones to loss of £48, besides 
his Rectory of Morrath. [MS. T.C.D. P. 2. 15.] 

Syracns Gilsland, Uteratus, was ordained Deacon on 26th of 
June, 1616, and Priest on 9th Feb. 1618, both by the Bishop 
of Waterford and Lismore. 

From 1618 to 1636 he was R. MarmuUane. In 1624 he 
became a Vicar Choral of Cloyne, and also R. Murragh. In 
1618 he took a degree in T.C.D. 
1661. April 2. Barnabas HoNETOHirROH, R. V. Murragh, per mor- 
tem Sirach Gilsland. [V-E D.R. 1669.} He appean 1661 
loieSl. [V.B.D.B.] 

220 MCRRAGH. [cork. 

Barnabas Honovcliurch was ordained Deacon and Priest on 
]8tli ])ec. 1633, by RicLard, BisLop of Cork. 

From 1G33 to 1G67 he was R. V. Kilsillagh, in Rons, and 
from 1666 to Iiis death in 1682 waa Vicar of Desertserges. 
He also held .from 1637 to 1682 the R. Garrivoe and Killowen, 
and from 1661 to 1682 was R. V. Murragh. He appears also 
in 1639 as Curate of Eilbrittain and Ringrone. In his will 
(dated 30th May, 1682, and proved on Ist of March following) 
he mentions his son. Roger. He desired to be buried in Mur- 
ragh parish. 
1682. August 22. Daniel Lord, A.M.y R. V. Murragh and V. Desert- 
serges. [P.F.] He appears 1682 to 1704. [V.B. D.R.1 

1699. Church in repair. Sermon once a fortnight. fV.B. 
1699. D.D.] 

*' 1699. Murragh lyes higher up the river Bandon ; a church 
near the river, at the south-west comer of the parish ; about 
80 persons at church on Sunday. The walls and roof of the 
church in pretty good repair ; a pulpit and communion table ; 
no scats but one ; not fiag'd ; the church-yard inclosed ; about 
30 acres of glebe near the church ; good land. Over against 
Murragh, on the south side of the river Bandon, lyes the parish 
of Desert ; the church is about half an English mile from the 
church of Murragh ; the church walls and roof in pretty good 
repair ; a pulpit and several seats ; a communion table. A 
good church-yard, but not inclosed ; about 60 acres of glebe 
joining to the church-yard ; half the glebe is claimed by the 
Vicars Choral ; Mr. Lord pays them 30«. per an. for it ; about 
80 persons at church on Sundays. 'Tis supposed the Earl of 
Corke has, in his possession, several acres belonging to the glebe. 
Mr. Synge, the Curate, lives at a pretty good house, within a 
quarter of a mile of the Church of Desert. Garrivoe, a rectory 
in Desert parish, beinff half the tythes of 14 plowlands, is a 
sinecure, in the gift, it is said of the Lord of Kincnle. Killowen 
is a rectory, sinecure, in Murragh parish.'* 

'* Tuesday, May 28, 1700. I view'd Murragh and Desert, and 
returned to Ballimony. Murragh parish lyes on the north side 
of the river Bandon ; the church is in good repair, it stands 
near the river ; the ohurch-yard is fenc't. Divine service here 
once a fortnight, and once a fortnight at Desert, performed by 
Mr. Synge, Curate to Mr. Lord. John Lamb is Parish Clerk 
to both parishes. There are two churchwardens in this parish. 
The Clerk teaches school. 17 plowlands in this parish. The 
sacrament administered four times a year in this church ; cate- 
chizing in part of the summer. Daniel Hurley, a quiet man, 
Popish Priest, serves this and three or four contiguous parishes ; 
he has been here since before the late troubles. There are 
more Protestants than Papists in this parish. There are about 
100 Protestant families here ; about twenty of the<*e families 

CORK.] 3fURRAGH. 221 

are Disseuters ; they go to Bandon. There was a registry 
bought lately ; a Bible and two Common Prayer-books, Linnen, 
a silver chalice and paten, and pewter flagon and plate. About 
40 acres of glebe round the church ; very good land, set for 
about £5 or £6 per annum. The rectory is worth to Mr. Lord 
about £70 per annum. They pay tythes of potatoes in this 
parish, and in all this country. Few poor here belonging to 
this parish. The Earl of Oorke has almost all this parish ; 
Captain Bernard, Thomas Ware, live in this parish. Desert- 
suigis parish lyes on the south side of the river Bandon ; it 
reaches to within two miles of Bandon. The church is in good 
repair. Divine service once a fortnight by Mr. Synge, Curate 
to Mr. Lord. The sacrament four times in ye year. Mr. 
Synge has £30 per an. for serving this cure, and the cure of 
Murrogh, besides the English Bookmoney. Two churchwar- 
dens in this parish. The Protestants are ecmal to the Papists 
in number ; there are about 150 families of Protestants in this 
parish. The Clerk teaches school for this parish and Murragh. 
No Popish schoolmasters in this parish ; 30 plowlands in this 
parish. There is a registry lately bought ; a Bible and Com- 
mon Prayer-books lately bought A rate made for linnen, <fec., 
for the communion. About GO acres of glebe, good land, 
round the church, worth about £10 per an. Half the tythes 
of this parish belong to Mr. Lord, the Vicar, the other half 
belongs to the Vicars Choral of Corke, and to Mr. He wit, as 
Rector of one part of this parish ; the Vicars Choral have also 
half the glebe. Dennis Mahony is Popish Priest of this parish. 
Mr. Henry Boyle, brother to the Earl of Corke, Mr. Gookin, 
Counsellor Bernard, Sir Richard Cox, Purser Atkins, Mr. 
Richard Beamish, Mr. Wade, Mr. John Beamish, Alderman 
Love, of Corke, have most of the lands in this parish. Major 
Herbert Love, Mr. Charles Gookin, Mr. Richard Beamish, live 
in this parish. 

" Tuesday, the 28th May, 1700. I went to see the churches 
of Murragh and Desert. Murragh Church is on the north of the 
Bandon river, near the river ; it is in repair, only the east 
end and some part of the south side hangs over ; 'tis built, as 
the other churches generally are, with stone and clay, slated ; 
there is a pulpit, desk, and one pew. A good church-yard, 
fenc't ; 'tis undermined by the river ; part of it is worn away. 
This parish is worth about £70 or £80 per an. to the Incumbent 
The glebe lies round the church, containing about 30 acres. 
There was formerly a vicarage«house within the church-yard. 
There are Common Prayer-books, but they borrowed the Bible 
from Desert. Two churchwardens. The lands of this parish 
belong almost intirely to the Earl of Cork. Captain Bernard 
lives m this parish ; some Dissenters live in this parish. Mr. 
Lord, the Incambent, allows £30 per annum, and the obven- 


tions of the Protestants to Mr. Sjnge, for eerying the cures of 
this parish and Desert. Divine service here once a fortnight, 
and Mr. Synge preaches at Desert once a fortnight. Desert 
Chnrch in ffood repair, well fnmish't with seats, a very good 
roof. A taDle-oloth, pewter flagon and sliver cup that serves 
both Murragh and Desert. There is a Bible, but Common 
Prayer-books are wanting. The church-yard fenc*t; about 
100 acres of glebe round the church, part of it is boggy ; here- 
tofore the glebe was set for £8 per annum. Two churchwar- 
dens. This parish is worth about £60 per an. to the Incum- 
bent. Tbe Incumbent has half the tythes of this parish ; the 
other half is enjoyed partly by the Vicars Choral of Corke, and 
partly by Mr. Hewit, who had his rectory by the presentation 
of the Lord of Kinsale. Divine service here once a fortnight." 
[Downes* Tour,] 

1692 to 1796. Murragh was held with Eilbrogan, q. v. 

1796. May 7. Ambrose Hicket, a.b., R. V. Murragh. [F.F.] 

1808. Order of Council for changing site of Murragh Cnurcb. 
[Lib. Man.] 

In January, 1808, a commission finds that Hickey had ex- 
pended (after memorial, &c.) £1,905 13«, S^d. in building a 
glebe-house and ofllces, and that the yearly value of Murragh 
was, for three years last past^ over £900 per an. And in 1809, 
January 12, the Bishop certifies for £1,055, expended by 
Hickey, over and above £850 advanced to him by First Fruits. 

1811. April 18. Murragh new church was consecrated by 
name of St. Patrick. It was built on about three roods Eng. 
Stat, meas., of the lands of Farrenthomas, granted by Thomas 
Ware, esq. 

1812. June 15. Hickey makes another application to build 
offices, &0. (the value of Murragh having increased), which is 
granted by the Bishop, who, in 1813, Oct 15, issues a commis- 
sion to value, which reports on June 2, 1814, that Hickey 
spent £69 2<. 7d, " in erecting a range of offices fit to contain 
oars, carts, straw, and sheep," and that the yearly value of 
Murragh is £1,150. The Bishop certifies for these amounts on 
12th Oct. 1814. [D.R.] 

Ambrose Hickey was a Scholar of T.C.D. in 1770, and after- 
wards took the decree of n.n. 

He waa ordained Deacon on 16th May, 1773, at Kildare, and 
Priest on 5th April, 1774, at Cork. 

From 1775 to 1780 he was Curate of Innishannon. From 
1780 to 1784 he was P. Donoghmore, in Ross« From 1784 to 
1796 he was B. Ballymoney, and from 1796 to his death in 
1826 he was K. Murragh. 

Ha married Jane, dan. of Falkiner Herridc, esq., of Ship^ 


pool, by Sarah, dau. of Thomas Bonefield, esq., of Oork, and 
had issue two sons, William, Rector of MalranKin, Ferns, but 
better known as " Martin Dojle,** and Ambrose, Inoumbeni of 
Ballinaboj, q. y. He left, also, three daughters, Elisa, wife of 
Rev. Anthony Edwards, Jane, and Anne. 
1826. July 7. Robert Einosbobough St. Lawbbnob, a.ic., R. Y. 
Murragh, certified nnder £600 per an. [D.R.] In 1824 he 
was made Treasurer of Ross, q. v. 

1830. The Protestant population is 374. 

1837. Murragh : a rectory and vicarage, with cure ; 3 miles 
long by I broad, containing 8,000a. 2b. 2p. ; gross population, 
3,270; one Curate employed at an annual stipend of £75 
Brit ; tithe composition, £851 ; 37a. Or. 16p. of glebe, valued 
at 18«. per acre, £33 Is. 9^d.y subject to diocesan schoolmaster, 
£1 6s, Sd. Murragh glebe-house built in 1808, under the new 
Acto, at the cost of £1,850 15s. ^d. Brit, whereof £784 
I2s* 3f(f. was granted in way of loan, and £92 6«. Ifd in that 
of gift, by the late Board of First Fruits, and the residue, of 
£973 16$, lid, was supplied out of the private funds of the 
builder, as well as a further sum of £63 16«. 2je2. under certi- 
ficate of improvements ; the present Incumbent is next in 
succession to the builder, and having paid his predecessor 
£1,037 13^. l^d., he will be entitled to receive £657 13& 10^ 
from his successor on account of the building and improvement 
charges; of the loan aforesaid there remained £84 17<. lid. 
chargeable on the benefice in 1832, repayable by annual instal- 
ments of £5 U. Sd, Incumbent is usually resident One 
church, capable of accommodating 300 persons, built in 1810, 
at the cost of £507 13s, lO^d. Brit., granted in way of loan 
by the late Board of First Fruits, of which loan there remained 
£107 16i. Id. chargeable on the benefice in 1832, repayable 
by annual instalments of £5 lis. 6d, ; divine service is cele- 
brated once on Sundays, and on the principal festivals ; the 
sacrament is administered monthly, and on Christmas Day ; 
the benefice is a rectory. [Pari. Rep.] 

1860. R.StLawrence, Rector; Thomas Bennett,Curate. The 
church and glebe-house in order ;- part of the glebe is let, and 
some is in the Curate's occupation. The Rector is non-resident. 
Divine service twice in summer on Sundays, and once in winter, 
and on the usual holidays ; evening service in winter at the 
glebe-house. Sacrament monthly, and at festivals ; average of 
communicants, 25. 52 children are on the rolls of a Church 
Education school. The Protestant population is 223. The 
present rentcharge is given as £514, and the land is worth 
£33 ; total value, £547, with residence^ 



1291. ''Ecolesia de Neoffal" is rated at 5 marks,— '' Ecolesia de 

Eylmonoff," at 4 marks. [Tax. P. Nic/ 
1591. Nofllall et E. de EilmoDoge spectant ad Archidiacona- 

tarn. Particula de Belagh est p'cella. Coratos Johes Cboxin. 

[MS. T.C.D. B. 3. 14.] Cromin waa also V. Ballyfeard. 
1615. Nofial; Archidiaconns Rector et Vicar. Caratus, Hugo Pkb- 

OBYALL (Dean of Ross, q. v.) minister et predicator. Ecclesia 

et cancella ruinantnr. Kilmafaavock consimiliter est ut Nofial 

per omnia nisi quod ecclesia hio repata est et cancella est in 

mina. [E,Y. R.I.A.] 
1634. E. de Neofial ad Arcbid. Kilraonoge similiter. [R.y. 1634.] 
1639. £• de Neoffoll ad Archid. Ecclia reparat, habent omaraenta. 

Ouratas, John Fulham. Particula de Belagh estp'cella. E. de 

Eilmonoge ad Archid. Ecclesia bene. Ouratus, John Fulham. 

[V.B. 1639.] 
1669. Spectant ad Archidiaconatum. [Y.B. D.R.] 
1687 to 1699. Nohoval ad Archid. Eilmonoge similiter at Nohoval. 


1699. Nohoval : divine service and sermon once a fortnight 

in the church, which was lately repaired. The Protestants of 

Eilmonoge go to Nohoval. [V.B. 1699. D.D.] 

*' 1704. June. Nohoval church in good repair, and furnish t 

with seats. The late Bishop of Cork (Edward Wetenhall) 

contributed to the repair of it when he had the Archdeaconry 

of Cork. Divine service here (at Nohoval) once a fortnight, 

and once a fortnight at Tracton, by Mr. Ogilby." [Dive 

Downes' Tour.] 
1720. February 2. Rakdol Roberts was licensed to be Curate of 

Nohoval and Eilmonoge. [D.R.] He became, in 1724, a 

Vicar Choral, Cork, q. v. 

1726. A cup and paten were '^ Presented to Nohoval Church, 

by Elisabeth Pomeroy, 1726." 

1745 is the earliest date of an ancient parish register, now 

the private property of a gentleman, whose ancestor was 

formerly Curate. It ends Sept. 15, 1784. 
1751. September 5. Acrillbs Daunt, a.m., is licensed to be Curate 

of Nohoval and Eilmonoge, at £20. [D.R.] He became, in 

1775, R. V.Eilcully, q.v. 
1784. Nov. 18. Robert Fobsatbth, a.b., is licensed to be Curate of 

Nohoval and Eilmonoge, at £25. [D.R.] 
1785. The present parish register begins. 
Robert Forsayeth (son of Samuel, and nephew of John, 

Archdeacon of Cork, q. v.), was a Scholar of T.C.D. in 1780, 

and was ordained Deacon on 25th January, 1783, at Cork, and 

Priest, at Cloyne, on 5th December, 1784. 
He was licensed, in Jannary, 1783, to be Curate of St. 


Peter's, at £40; and in 1784 was Curate of Ballyfeard, at £10, 

and also of Tracton. He was also a Yioar Choral of Cashel 

from 1782 to 1791. He became, in 1798, R. Eilfithmore, Cashel. 
He married Miss Jane Evans, of Cashel, by whom he had 

issue, besides eight children (all now deceased), Richard-Martin 

Forsayeth, m.d., Templemore. 
1802. September. William Dwteb, a.b., was licensed Curate of 

Nohoval and Eilmonoge, at £60. [D.R.] He was also R. 

Templeroan, Goyne, q. v. 
1808. Jane 22. Blanet Mitcbbll was licensed to be Curate of 

Nohoval and Kilmonoge, at £75. pD.R.] 
1810. September 23. Anthony Simkins, a.b., was licensed as Curate 

of Nohoval &c. [D.R.] 

1812. Anthony Edwards, a.b., was licensed Curate of Nohoval, &c., 
at £75. [D.R.] 

1813. October 2. John Hbnrt Madras was admitted Curate of 
Nohoval, &c. [D.R.] In 1833 he became Y. Aglish, q. v. 

1815. March 1. The deed of endowment was signed, by 
which (under the Act 11th and 12th Geo. III., chap. 16) 
Nohoval was erected into a perpetual cure, with spiritual duties 
annexed, comprising the parishes of Nohoval and Kilmonoge. 
This perpetual cure was endowed with all the glebe of Nohoval, 
and the entire tithes, great and small, of the plowland of 
Nohoval, and the snb-denominations of Curravah, containing 

2 gpeeves; Ballvhorkin, 1 gneeve; and Ballinreenarrig, 2 
gneeves. fD.R.J 

1816. Feo. 21. Madras memorials tobuild ; and on 8th August, 
1817, he obtains a certificate of having laid out £624 is, on a 

house, rp*^] 

1830. Protestant popuktion, 151. 

1832. Nohoval, P. C, comprises the parishes of Nohoval, 

3 miles long by H broad^ and Kilmanogue, 4 miles long by 
1^ broad, appropriated to the archdeaconry, containing 5,462 a. 
2e. 15p. ; gross population, 2,477 ; tithe composition, £75 ; 
augmentation allowance, out of Boulter's fund, £23 2«. ; 2a. 
2b. 7p. of glebe, valued at 36<. per acre, £4 lis. Id* Nohoval 
glebe-house built in 1816, under the new Acts, at the cost 
of £461 10«. 9^(£. Brit., granted by the late Board of First 
Fruits, viz., £415 Is. ^d. in way of gift, and £46 3«. Id. in 
that of loan ; there remained £24 chargeable on the benefice 
in 1832, repayable by annual instalments of £1 10& Exclu- 
sive of moneys aforesaid, Incumbent reports that he has ex- 
pended £114 12«. \ld. on the house, without having any 
eharge on his successor. One church, situate in Nohoval 
village, built more than a century, but at what cost unknown. 
No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. 
Divine service is celebrated once on Sundays, and on Christmas 
pay and Good Friday ; the sacrament is administered twelve 


timea in the year ; tlio benefices comprised within this per- 
petual care are rectories. [Pari. Eep.j 
18S3. April 6. William Robimsoh Towkbbnd, a.b., P. 0. Nohoval, 
Kilmonoge, and Donisky. [D.R.]- lo 1837 he became R. Y. 
Aghadda, Cloyne, q. v. 

1833. April, 25. Townsend obtains £64 Us. id. dilapida- 
tions against Madras. [D.R*] 
1S37. August 10. Gbarles Robbbt Adamb, a.m., P. C. Nohoval. 

[D.R.] In 1826 he was R. V. Garrigdownan, Gloyne, q. v. 
1844. Feb. 13. Johb Oboil Roqbbs, P. 0. Nohoyal and Kilmonoga, 
vacant by death of Rev. C. Adams. [D.R.] 

1848. A font and bell were given to the ehareh by thd 
Archdeacon ; cost of both, .£10. 

I860. Incumbent, 8. M. Kyle ; Curate, Rev. J. 0. Rogers ; 
the glebe-house is in good repair ; a quarter of an acre of land 
ii in the occupation of the Curate. Divine service on Sundari 
and festivals ; the sacrament is administered monthly ; tne 
Averse of communicants is 14. 32 children are on the rolls 
of a Church Education Society school ; average attendance, 18. 
¥ke Protestant population is 105. The annual value is £90 7s.; 
Arising, from tithe £66 os. ; from Boulter's fund, £23 28. ; and 
Jtl 1 from land. 

J. C. Rogers (son of Rev. George William Rogers, Rector of 
The Rowers, Ossory, who was son of George Rogers, the Chan- 
eellor of Dromore, who was son of Thomas Rogers, esq., of 
Lisbum) was educated at home and at Delgany, county Wick- 
lew. He became an a.b., T.O.D., in 1839. 

He was ordained Deacon at Limerick in 1840, and Priest, 
at Cork, on 19th Sept., 1841. 

In 1840 he was Curate of Carrignavar ; in 1842, of Kilbo- 
Itoe j and in 1844, of Nohoval 

He married, in 1859, Louisa Russel, granddaughter of the late 
Q^neral Arnold, and has issue one son, Cecil-George* William. 


1291. '' Eceia de Rathlaryn Illlmr.*' " Eecia de Boiyon (Burrin f) 

Vmmr." [Tax.P. Nic] 
1591. '^B. vacat. sequestra! Vicar, Maubicivb O^Conttb." [MS. 

T.O.D. B. 3. 14.] 
1611. May 29. Nicholas Bbboht, or Beight, is presented to the 

R^tory of Mortelstown and Rathelarin. [Lib. Mnii*} He 

appears in 1615 as Y. Liselety, q. v. 
1614. ^y 0. IsBABL Taylor is presented ad R. Y. Rathdarin et 

B. de Insula parrs. [Lib. Mun.] He was institoted on 6 th 

Aprili 1615^ ex presentatione Regis Jaoobi dal. 6th March, 


1615, and ludacted into Rathclarin on 18th April, and intd R. 
InsulsB parvs on 27th April, l61o. [B-V. 1634.] 

1615. Rathclarin (Garatus residens) Israel Taylor, Rector. 
Henry Stone, minister et predicator, curatus. Burrin (resi- 
dens) R. ignotus. Vicarius ibm idem Taylor. [R.V. R.I.A.] 
Stone was also V. Inohigeelah, q. v. 

1626. June 30. John Newman is presented to R. Rathclarin, dioc. 
Cork, and R. Y. Lislee, dioc. Rosse, by the Crown, with clause 
of union, pro hac vice tantuin. [Lib. Man.] In 1634 he was 
presented to the Vicarages of Kildrura and Garfinagh, dioc. 
Ardfert. [Lib. Mun.] 

1634. IsBABL Tatlob appears again as R. de Rathclarin et particula 
de Burrin. Idem est Vicarius. Val. 50 li. per an. [R.V. 
1634.] Taylor was also Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1639. Israel Taylor appears as R. Rathclaren cum particula 
Burren. '' Ecclesia bene, desunt ornamenta. Curatus Abthub 
Vahub monitns ad extrahend. litteras licentiu?." [V.B. 1639.1 

1662. Feb. 6. Henry Paeb, V. Ballymodan, R. V. Rathclarin, and 
Y. Temple O'Quinlan, in Ross. [F.F.] In 1666 he appears 

1664. June 10. Richardus Clebkb institutus R. V. Rathokren, per 
desertionem Henrici Parr in coll. Epi. [V.B. 1669.] He ap- 
pears again in 166S. 

1666. Henry Parr appears as R. V. Rathclarin "excusat." [V.B. 
D.B.] Parr was Precentor of Ross, q. v. 

1667. Vacant by resignation. [V.B. D.R.] 

1668. May 23. Richabd Clebke, R. V. Rathclarin. [F.F.] 

He appears as Rector 1668 to 1685, and as Vicar from 1668 
to 1671. [V.B. D.R] Clerke was Precentor of Cork, q. v. 
1671. June 1. Petbb Hewitt, Vicar oi Rathclarin. [F.P.j « 

He appears as Vicar 1672 to 1675. [V.B. D.R.] In 1710 
he was Precentor of Ross, q. v. 
1675/6. Feb. 26. Hnoo Jenkins, V. Ballymodan, Rathclarin, Can- 
naway, and R. Arduegihy. [F.F.] 

In 1680 he resigned, but in 1681 appears again. 

1680. July 28. John Tom, a.m., is admitted Vicar of Ballymodan, 
Rathclarin, and Cannaway. [F.FJ He appears in 1680 as 
Vicar. [V.B. D.R.] In 1694 Tom was P. Desertmore, 
q. V. 

1681 . July 30. Hugo Jenkins, a.m., is admitted Vi6ar of Rathclarin 
and of Ballymodan, q. v. He appears 1681 to 1685. [V.B. 

1685. March 24. Richard Lapp, a.ii., R. et V. Rathclarin, racant 
per mortem Richi Clarke et privaoonem Hugo Jenkins. [D.R.] 
Lapp appears 1686 to 1691 as R. and V. [V.B. D.Rr] In 
1688 he was aJso Archdeacon of Cork, q. r. 

1691. Nov. 3. At this visitation there is this reAiark, but 
crossed out — "D. Epus tenet in commendam.** [V.B.] 



1691. Dec. 29. Edward Synqb, a-x., is admitted Bector of Rath^ 
clarin, per mortem Richi Lapp. [D.K] 

Synge waa Eectof* of Batbclariu to 1714. Ue was also P. 
Holy Trinity, q. v. 

1692. April 22. Richard Goodmak, a.b., is admitted Vicar of 
Ballymodan, and V. Ratbclarin, per mort. Lapp. [D.R.] 

He appears 1692 to 1695 as Vicar. [V.B. D.R.J In 1718 
Goodman was P. Desertmore, q. v* 

1696. Vicarage vacant. [V.B.] 

1696. Feb. 22. Theopsilub Wraooe, a.m., is admitted Vicar of 
Ratbclarin, per cession of Goodman. [D.R.1 

1699. Ratbclarin cburcb in repair. Divine service once a 
fortnight. [V.B. 1699. D.D.] 

Tbeopbilus Wragge was ordained Priest on 16tb of April, 
1685, in Capella apud Bisbopsconrt, Cork. From 1687 to 
1696 be was Curate of Brinny and Killanully, <S:c. ; and from 
1696 to bis death in 1701, be was Vicar of Ratbclarin. His 
name was sometimes spelt '' Ragg." 

1701. March 31. John Moorb, jun., is admitted Vicar of Ratb- 
clarin, per mortem Theophili Wragge. [D.R.] Moore was 
also P. Kilbrittain. He became, in 1711, Treasurer of Cork, 
q. V. 

1714 to 1831. Ratbclaren was held with Kilbrittain, q. v. 

1830. The Protestant population of Ratbclarin is 140. 

1831. Sept. 2. Samubl Moorb Ktle, a.m., R. V. Ratbclarin ; certi- 
fied under £600. [D.R.] 

In 1833 Kyle became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1833. July 12. Thomas Waggett, a.m., R. V. Ratbclarin. [p.R.] 
1837. Ratbclarin, a rectory, with cure, 3i miles long by 2^ 
broad, containing 5,728 acres. Gross population, 2,775. The 
yearly income is, from composition, £650 ; 24 acres of glebe,, 
valued at 30«. per acre, £36. Subject to visitation fees, 18«. ; 
and diocesan schoolmaster, 10«. Gd. Ratbclarin glebe-house, 
built under the old Acts in 1794, at the cost of £82S 8s. 0{d. 
British, whereof £92 6s. 1|</. was granted as gift by the late 
Board of First Fruits, and the residue of £736 Is, lO^d. was 
supplied out of the private funds of the builder, to whom the 
present Incumbent is third in succession ; and having paid his 
predecessor £368 Os. lid. be will be entitled to receive 
£184 Os. 5^. from his successor, on account thereof. Incom* 
bent is resident in the glebe-house. One church, capable of 
accommodating nearly 200 persons, built about the year 1650, 
but at what cost unknown. No charge on the parish in 1832 
on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated twice 
on Sundays in summer, and once in winter, and on the prin- 
cipal festivals. The sacrament is administered monthly, and 
on the festivals. The benefice is a rectory. [Parliamentary 

CORK.] rathclarin; 229 

1844. Nov. 15. The annual value is certified to be £d 17 10<. 

1860. The church and glebe- house are both in want of 
repair. 24 acres of glebe are in Rector's use. Divine service 
in the church twice on all Sundays in summer months, and 
once in winter and on the usual holidays. Evening service 
during winter months is held in the glebe-house. &icrament 
monthly; average of communicants, 16. 26 children are on 
the rolls of the Church Education school; the average in attend- 
ance is 17. The Protestant population is 139. The rent- 
charge is £413 78. 3d. The land is worth £18. Total value, 
£431 78. Zd.f with residence. 

Thomas Waggett (second son of Alderman Thomas Waggett, 
of Cork, by Eliza Sealy), was bom in 1790. 

He was ordained Deacon on 14th November, 1813, and 
Priest on 3l6t July, 1814, both at Cork. He was Curate of 
St. Peter's in 1815, and of St. Paul's in 1822. In January of 
1833 he became P. Timoleague, in Ross; and in July of same 
year was removed to Rathclarin, where he continued until his 
death on 8th May, 1861. 

He married Belinda Saunders, and by her had issue, inter 
alios, a son Thomas, now settled near Bandon. 

The family of Waggett was formerly settled at Spittle, near 
Buttevant, where Robert Waggett lived, who married Anne, 
dau. of Christopher Crofts, of Buttevant. Robert Waggett died 
1681. The late Recorder Waggett was son of Christopher, 
elder brother to Alderman Thomas Waggett The male line of 
this branch is now extinct The representatives in the female 
line are the Very Rev. Thomas Carson, Dean of Kilmore; and 
Nicholas Dunscombe, esq., of King Williamstown House, county 
1861. May 31. William Tottenham Day, a.m., R.y. Rathckrin, 

W. T. Day (fourth son of Richard Day, of Youghal), was 
ordained Deacon at Cork on 13th August, 1837, and Priest, the 
same year, at Limerick, on letters dimissory from Cork* From 
1837 to 1842 he was P. C. Templebrady; from 1842 to 1850 
P. C. MarmuUane; and from 1850 to 1861 Y. Kilkerranmore, 

He married Alicia, third dau. of Rev. J. Quarry, R. St. Mary, 
Shandon, and has issue five children. 




1291. " Eocia de Rathcona Vlllmr." [Tax. P. Nic] 

1591. '* Rectoria Integra de Rathcony. Hugh Lanqlby, laicas, te- 

nuit aez menses." [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14. J " Maubioius 

M'Debmot, Cur. per dim id. anni, monits ad recipiend. ordines 

infra annum et ad certificand. postea.*' [R.y. 1591. M.R.E.A.] 

M'Dermot was R. Templeuskj, q. y. 
1615. Ratbconie (residens) Rector integer Johanmbs Gold (P. St. 

Michael's, q. v.), minister legens; ipse inservit curse. VaJ. 9 li. 

Ecclesia et cancella ruinate; but the Rector is bound to repair 

within a fixed time. [R.Y. R.LA.] 

1618. March 5. Gboboe Stukely, R. de Rathcooney. [F.P.] 
1628. Sept 3. Joseph Fowles, P. St. Michaers, als. Shanbally, et 

R. Rathconye united by Bishop. [R.V. 1634.] 

1634. E. de Rathcony Joseph us ffowles. Valet 26 li. per an. 

[R.V. 1634.] Fowles was also Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. 

1637. July 27. Geobgius Kelly, adm. ad Rectoriam iutegram de 

Rathconye et ad P. St. Michaers, q. v. 

He appears in 1639, with William Gilsland as Curate, 

^' bene omnia.*' [V.B. 1639. D.R.] Gilsland was aldo Curate 

of St. Michael's. 
16 — ? Hezeghiah Holland, R. Rathconey, and K V. Shandon. 

He does not appear, save in the following extract from the 

Visitation Book of 1 669. 

1661. April 26. Thomas Goodman, K. de Rathcony, and R. V. 
Shandon, per mortem Hezechise Holland. [V.B. 1669. D.R.] 
He appears 1661 to 1680. [V.B. D.R.] In 1675 he became 
also Precentor of Ross, q. v. 

^' 1676. July 27. We find and present that the parish church 
of Rathcony was, at the assizes held in Corke, the 29th day 
of May, 1675, presented to be out of repair, and that the same 
ought and should be repaired, and made up by the parishioners 
of said parish; and forasmuch as Templemichael parish, being 
four plowlands and a-half, in the barony of Barry more, was 
always reputed to be joyn'd with the said parish of Rathcony, 
viz., the parish of Rathcony and Templemichael; the inhabi- 
tants of the said four plowlands and a-half of Templemichael 
shall and ought to contribute towards the building and repair- 
ing and erecting the said church of Rathcony; and that, with 
the approbation of the Reverend Father in God, Edward, Lord 
Bishop of Oorke, Cloyne, and Ross, the same be built as apper- 
taineth; and that the overseers named in the said presentment, 
with Edward Ghdlway, gent, joined with them, shall equally 
and indifierently applet, levy, and collect, with the Bishop s 
approbation and consent, within the said two parishes, what 


money, not exceeding £36 sterling, shall or will build or finish 
the said church." [Cork Grand Jury Presentments.] 
1681. May 3. Walter Nealb is admitted '*ad Bectoriani de Rath- 
cony." [F-F.] He appears 1681 to 1685. [V.B. D.R.] In 
1686 he became Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1686. June 3. Richard Mallory, a.m., R. Rathcouy, per resigna- 
tion of Walter Neale. FD.R.] He appears 1686. [V.B.] 
MalJory was also P. Holy Trinity, q. v. 

1686 Dec. 4. Dominic Meade, a.b., R. Rathcony, per cession 
of Malloiy. [D.R.] He appears 1687 to 1692. [V.B.] He 
was also Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 

1692. Feb. 7. Valestinb French, a.m., R. Rathcony, per resigna- 
tion of Dominic Meade. [D.R.] In 1718 French became 
Dean of Ross, q. v. 
1697. June 28. Cornblius Hignbtt, a-x., R. Rathcony, per resig- 
nation of Valentine French. [D.R.] Ue appears 1698 to 
1726, Hovember 3. [V.B. D.R.] Uignett was also Chan- 
cellor of Ross, q. V. 

1699. Sermon once a fortnight. [V.B. 1699. D.D.] 
'* 1700. Oct. 1. I saw Rathcony Church, built with stone 
and clay ; 'tis in good repair, and nw a good roof, and is well 
furnished with seats and pulpit The communion table is 
rayrd in, and the walls are plaistered on the inside. There are 
Common Prayer-books and a Bible, and a silver chalice and 
pewter flagon. The old seats were destroVd in the time of the 
kite troubles. There have been new ones built since. Captain 
Si Leger^s &ther got this church repaired about twenty years 
ago by a presentment at the assizes. About 9 plowkndB are 
in this parish ; the lands are the estates of Mr. Eyans, Captain 
St. Leger, and Counsellor Gkilway, who has a tomb in the 
church. Captain St. Leger, Colonel Rogers, Herbert Loye, 
Hye in this parish, and Coppinger, a Papist, and Captain 
Finch, Protestant. The church-yard is fenct, but a gate is 
wanting. Colonel Rogers and Will. Kemp are churchwar- 
dens. No English school ; there would be above twenty 
scholars there. The church is about two miles from Corke. 
Cornelius Curtin is Popish Priest of this parish and Temple- 
usky, and Ballidelougher and Rathcony. He has been here 
at lea«t eight years. This parish is an intire rectory ; 'tis 
worth about j£40 per an. to the Incumbent Mr. Hignet 
preaches here once a fortnight. About 7 English acres of 
I glebe near the church, westward of the church, belong to the 

1 Incumbent, and are set for 30«. or 40^. per an." [Downes' 

, 1727. Nov. 8. No name appears. [V.B. D.R.] 

f 1727/8. January 22. Thomas White, a.m., was collated to Bath- 

s cony, yaoant per mortem Comelii Hignett He was inducted 


on 25th January. [D.R.] In 1751 White became P. Kilna- 
glory, q. ▼. 

1734. April 7. A certificate is issued of the recantation of 
Anstace Cahill, in the parish church of Bathcony. [D.R.] 
1742. March 24. John Burgh, a.m., is admitted to the entire Rec- 
tory of Rathcouy, vacant by resignation of White. [D.R.] 

In 1745 Burgh became P. Gahirlag. And from that time to 
the present the R. V. Bathcony has been united with the P. 
Cahirlag, q. y. 


1291. "Eccia de Rincorran, IXmr." [Tax. P. Nic] 

1531. Edmund db Barry, Rector de Rynchorran, is witness to a deed, 
dated, ^m mouasterio Beatce Marie de Kynsale feria yi. post 
festum Sti. Brandani Ao. Di. 1531.*' [Browne's MSS.] 

1591. R. de Rincurran, vacat per resignat Thom^ Leiqh. Vic. 
ibm D. Long. [MS. T.O.D. E. 3. 14.] Long was Treasurer 
of Oork, q. y. Xeigh appears also as R. V. Leighmoney. 

1615. Rector, Hugo PBRCEyAL, a.m., minister et predicator, ipse 
inseryit curse. Ecdia ruinosa spatiosa nunc in repacoe. Nulla 
cancella ibm per vigenti annos elapses sed Rector contribuit 
cum parochianis in repacoe Ecclesiie. [R.V. R.I. A.] Perceyal 
was Dean of Ross, q. y. 

1625. Feb. 23. Richard Owen is presented by Grown to R. Y. 
Rincurran and R. Tazax. [Lib. Mun.] He was inducted lOtb 
April, 1626; and on 29th May, 1627, was admitted and insti- 
tuted by James, Archbishop of Armagh, " ad R. and V» Rin- 
curran quas Carolns Rez per literas patentes dat. apud. 
Dublin, 23rd Feb. annoregni prime uniyit. [R.V. 1634.] He 
appears again in 1630. 

1630. July 10. Thomas Barham Is presented to P. Donoghmore, 
Gloyne, and R. V. Rincurran, in Cork, with clause of union pro 
hac yice to Y. Durrus-Kilchrohan, in said Barham s possession. 
[Lib. Mun.] He was admitted and instituted on 9th August, 
1633, by James, Abp. of Armagh, and was again admitted to 
Rincurran, on 24th Aug. 1633. [R.V. 1634.] Barham was 
V. Durrus, q. y. 

1630. Sept. 17. RioHARD Owen, R. and V. Ringcurran. [P.F.] 

1734. R de Rincurran, Richard Owen. Rex est patronus 
durante minoritute Gould minoris. Vic. ibm Richard Owen. 
Val 10 li. per an. Nullus, Curatus. [R.V. 1634.] 
Owen WHS also P. Kilnaglory, q. y. 

1634. July 19. Robert Milner is presented to R. V. Rincumin. 
[Lib. Mun.] 

Milner is R. V. Rincurran in 1639. " Ecclesia bene, deest 
pulpitus." [R.V. D.R.] 


16GG to 1668. Jonas Stawbll appears as R. Rinoarran. [V.B. 

D.R.] He was also V. Kinsale, and Archdeacott of Ross, q. v. 

1 660. July 23. Thuodore Veasie, Y. Kinsale, and R. V. Rincurran 

als Ryconran, both vacant per mortem Jonte Stawell. [V.B. 

1669. J He appears 1669 to 1681. [V.B. JD.R.] 

In 1676 Vesey became P. Eilnaglory, q. v. 
1682. Sept. 26. Thomas Meade, a.h., R. V. Rincurran, and R. 
Taxax. [F.F] On letters patent of August 30. [Lib. Mun.] 
In 1693 he was also P. Inslcenny, q. v. He appears 1682 to 
1709. [V.B. D.R] 

1699. The Protestants go to Kinsale, and the Fort [V.B. 
1699. D.D.] 
1709. June 9. Jonathan Smedley is presented to R. V. Rincurran. 
[Lib. Mun.] He appears to 1720. [V.B.] In 1720 he be- 
came R. Ringrone, q. v. 

1717. Galfrid anglice Jofrev Wild bequeaths to the poor £5. 
[Cork Wills.] 
1720. November 3. William Crosse is presented to R V. Rin- 
curran. [Lib. Mun.] He was also Dean of Lismore. 

Crosse does not appear in any visitation book; and in that of 
Nov. 3, 1721, the name of Smedley appears with '^ vacant'* 
added. [D.R.] From this it would seem that Crosse was 
never instituted. 

William Crosse was, from 1719 to 1720, Dean of Ferns, and 
from 1720 to 1722, Dean of Lismore and R. Rincurran. In 
1722 he became Rector of St Mary's, Dublin; and in 1723, 
Dean of Leighlin; which two latter appointments he held until 
his death in 1749. 

He had issue by his wife Anne 1 inter alios Margaret, 

born 1726, died 1727 ; William, born 1728, and buried in 
1729 ; and Phineas, baptized 6th of June, 1736. 

Dean Crosse was buried at St. Mary's, Dublin, on 12th of 
November, 1749. [Par. Reg. of St. Mary's.] 
1722. August 2. John Francis, Dean of Lismore, is presented to 
R. V. Rincurran. [Lib. Mun.] 

He appears 1722 to 1724, Nov. 3. [V.B. D.R] 

John Francis was, from 1665 to 1705, P. St Michael's, 
Dublin; and from 1705 to 1722, Rector of St Mary's, Dublin ; 
and from 1722 to 1724 Dean of Lismore, and R V. Rin- 
curran. He was also, in 1693, appointed to V. Talpestown, 
R. Ballymartin and Ballywalter, in Down and Connor, and to 
V. Attannagh, Agharney, <&c., Ossory; and in 1694 to R. 
Catherlogh and Eillesheeu, Leighlin ; he was, from 1695 to 
1723, Dean of Leighlin. 

He left issue by his wife Anne, three sons, Richard, Philip, 
and Tench ; and a daughter, Mary, wife of Joshua Baggs, esq. 
His will was dated 25th of September, 1724, and proved 25th 
of January following. His son Philip was the Translator of 


Horace, and his grandson, Sir Philip, was the reputed Author 
of JnnioflC 
1724. Jalj 2. Thomas Sheridan, a.u., is presented to R. V. Rin- 
carran. [Lib. Man.] He was instituted 19th July, 1724, per 
mort. John Francis. [D.R.] 

He appears 1725 to 1729. (T.B. D.R.] 

Thomas Sheridan, the son of ratrick Sheridan, a gentleman 
who possessed a small estate near Eilmore, in Oavan, was a near 
relative of Patrick Sheridan, Bishop of Oloyne, and of William 
Sheridan, his brother, Bishop of Kilmore. By the help of the 
last-named prelate, Thomas Sheridan, when twenty years of 
age, was enabled to enter T.C.D. as a Pensioner, on 18th Oct, 
1707. He subsequently attained the degree of d.d. in that 

Having entered into holy orders, he became a schoolmaster; 
and was so much esteemed in that capacity as to have some- 
times made £1,000 in a year by his school. He was soon 
distinguished by the friendship of the celebrated Swift; and his 
correspondence with the great Dean of St. Patrick's forms 
almost the entire of one of the volumes of Swift's Miscellanies. 
By the Bean's interest Sheridan was appointed Chaplain to the 
Lord Lieutenant, and in 1724 R. V. Rincurran, which he ex- 
changed in 1 730 for the V. Dunboyne and Kilbride, in Meath 
diocese. The latter preferment he exchanged also in 1734 for 
the Mastership of the Royal School at Cavan. He lost in 
money, however, by his successive changes; and after disposing 
of the Cavan school for about £400, he fell into bad health, 
and died on 10th Sept., 1738, aged about 51 years. 

His character is given at some length by another friend of 
Swift, the fifth Eael of Cokk, who describes Sheridan as a man 
well versed in books and in the Greek and Latin languages, 
but ignorant of the value of money, careless, and improvident. 
His fortunes at' the Castle of Dublin were marred by his negli- 
gence in preaching at Cork, on the 1st of August, the anni- 
versary of King George's accession, on the text, '* Sufficient 
unto the day is the evil thereof." He lost, by this unlucky 
sermon, his post of Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant, Lobd 
Cabtbebt, who, although accustomed to the petulance of Swift, 
never pardoned Sheridan's ill-timed, if not unintentional, joke 
upon his Sovereign. 

Dr. Sheridan remained, says Lord Cork, despite his disgrace 
at the Viceregal Court, ** a punster, a quibbler, a fiddler, and 
a wit. Not a day passed without a reous, an anagram, or a 
madrigal. His pen and his fiddlestick were in continual 

Tet, though thus unfortunate in life, and deemed worthy of 
no hiffher promotion than a Cork living or a Oavan school, 
Mieii&i was fortunate in transmitting th« gtniiu h« nn- 

ooBX.] BnrciTBiuN. 835 

doubtedlj posseeaed in a high deme to his desoendants. He 
left issue by his wife, Elisabeth McFadden, a lady #f worth and 
talent^ two sons, Richard and Thomas, and four daughters, 
Anne, Elisabeth, Meliora, and Esther. His son Thomas became 
a famous actor, philologist, and lexicographer, and was father 
(by his wife, Frances, a granddaughter of Sib Oliybk Chambsb- 
laine), of the celebrated statesman, dramatist, and orator, 
RiGBABD Brinslbt Shbridan, as also of an elder son, Charles 
Francis Sheridan, Secretary-at-War in Ireland, and author of 
"The History of the Revolution in Sweden in 1772." 

R. 6. Sheridan, the statesman, was twice married — ^fiirst, to 
Elisabeth- Anne, dau. of Thomas Linley, and afterwards to 
Esther-Jane Ogle, dau. of the Dean of Winchester. His son 
by the first marriage, Thomas Sheridan, married Caroline 
Henrietta, dau. of Colonel Callender, and left issue, inter alios, 
Richard Briusley Sheridan, of Frampton- court, county Dorset ; 
Charles-Kinnaird Sheridan, Attach^ to the Embassy at Paris ; 
Helen-Selina, wife of the fourth, and mother of the fifth Lord 
DuFFEBiN and Claneboy ; Caroline-Elisabeth-Sarali, wife of 
Hon. G. C. Norton ; and Jane Georgina, wife of Edward 
AnoLPHUB, Duke of Sohebbbt. 
1730. Oct. 16. John Jbphbon, a.b., R. V. Rincurran, per cession 
of Sheridan, on letters patent of 1 4th September. [D.R. and 
Lib. Mun.] In 1735 he was also Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 

He appears 1730 to 1742, June 9, but in latter year with 
his name crossed out. [V.B. D.R.] In 1742, June, Rev. 
William Reader, V. Einsale, is appointed Sequestrator of Rin- 
curran and Taxax, on the death of John Jephson. [D.R.] 

1742. Ang. 13. Dr. Jemmett Browne (Dean of Ross, q. v.) is 
admitted R. V. Rincurran and Taxax. [D.R.] 

1743. November 5. Rioharb Taylor is presented to R. V. Rin- 
curran and R. Taxax. [Lib. Mun.] 

1743. March 30. An act of Council was passed for remoying 
the site of the parish church of Rincurran. [Lib. Mun.] 

Richard, son of Berkeley Taylor, was bom in Cork, and 
when seventeen years old entered T.C.D as Pensioner, on 29th 
July, 1723. 

The Reverend Richard Taylor, of Einsale, made his will on 
24th of October, 1764, leaving his gold watch and seals, and 
gold-headed cane to '* John (ifill, doctor in physick, and now 
Sovereign of Kinsale." He gives the residue of his estate to 
his niece, Sarah Westropp. This will was proved on 29th 
Nov., 1765. On the 25th of November, 1764, was " buried at 
Cove, the Rev. Mr. Taylor, of Einsale, passenger to Bristol, 
who died on board." [Cork Wills and Par. Register of Cove.] 
1766. March 18. Richard Godlst, a. u.,R. V. Rincurran and Taxax. 
[F.F.] On letters patent of February the 7tb. [Lib. Mun.] 
Vacant by death of Richard Taylor. [D.R.] Herangn«ikl76^ 


1767, July 3. William Meadb, ll.b., R. V. Rincnrran and Tazax, 
on letters patent of May 14, vacant by reeignation of Richard 
Godley. [D.R.] 

William Meade, foarth son of Dean William Meade, wtta 
born in county Cork in 1728, and entered T.C.D. on 5th June, 
1745, being then seventeen years old. He graduated b,a. in 
1749, and was afterwards ll.b. 

He was ordained Deacon on 6th October, and Priest on 8th 
of December, 1754. 

He was licensed to the curacy of Eilmoe and Scull on 7th 
Oct., 1754, and on 9th of August, 1756, to that of St. Nichokks, 
in Cork. He got letters dimissory to Clogher Diocese, on 3rd 
of January, 1763, and became Rector of Derryyullan, Clogher. 
He was Rector of Rincnrran and Taxax from 1767 to 1769. 

He married, in 1759, Martha, dan. of Colonel Richard 
Bourne, of Burren, by whom he had issue (besides two daugh- 
ters, Martha and Helena, who both died unmarried), four sons, 
of whom the youngest, Robert, was Rector of Ballyrooney, q. v., 
and Richard, the eldest, was R. Ballymartle, q. v. William, 
tlie second son, was m.d., and married Catherine, dau. of Hewitt 
Poole, of Mayfield, and died Sp. John, the third son, was bom 
in 1767. H!e was Collector of Customs at Kinsale, and suc- 
ceeded to the estates of Balliutubber. He married Alice, dau. 
of Chambre Corker, P. Cahirlag, q. v., and by her liad issue 
four sons, John, R. Leighmoney, q. v. ; William, R. Inchina* 
backy, Cloyne, q. v, ; Richard (of Kildare-street, Dublin, who 
married Catherine, dau. of W. Stephens, esq., and had issue at 
his death, in 1861, three sons and two daughters); and Edward, 
died unmarried. 

1770. Feb. 14. Edward Day, ll.d., R. V. Rincnrran and Taxax, on 
letters patent of 28th October, 1769, vacant by death of Wm. 
Meade. [D. R.] He was also Prebendary of the Holy Tri nity, q. v. 

1772. January 14. Dayxd Cope, a.m., R. V. Rincnrran and Taxax, 
per resignation of Edward Day. fD.R.] On letters patent of 
October 3, 1771. [Lib. Mun.] Cope does not appear else- 
where in Cork or Ciojme. 

1788. Oct. 16. Thomas Adderlbt Browne, ll.b., R. Y. Rincnrran 
and Taxax, per resignation of Cope. [D.R.] On letters 
patent of December 30. [Lib. Mun.J Browne was also Chan- 
cellor of Ross, q. V. 

1793. Earliest date in present vestry books. 
1795 is the date on the plates at present used in Rincnrran 
parish for collecting alms. 

1798 July 6. Arthur John Preston, a.r., R. Y. Rincnrran and 
Taxax, per death of T. A. Browne. [D.R.] On letters patent 
of June 18. [Lib. Mun.] 

1807. Preston resides partly on his other benefice in Kil- 
daro. [Rep.] 


Artlmr John Preston was second son of Rey. Nathaniel 
Preston, by Alice Dillon, and was grandson of Nathaniel Pres- 
ton, of Swainstown, county Meath. 

He was from 1793 to 1809, Second Canon of Eildare, and 
from 1809 to 1844, Dean of Limerick. He held also from 
1798 to 1809 the R. Rincurran ; and from 1808 to 1809 the 
Deanenr of Kildare ; and from 1809 to 1833 the P. Lulliagh- 
more, Aildare. 

He married, in 1794, Aram inta- Anne, dan. of William Beres- 
ford, third son of Marcus, Earl of Tyrone, and by her had 
isflue, inter alioSj Arthur John, who succeeded his father in the 
P. LuUiaghmore, Kildare; and William-Richard, Lieut-Col. 45th 
Regt. Dean Preston married secondly, Isabella Shepherd, and 
had issue a dau^ter, Elisabeth. 
1809. August 15. Theophilus Blakblt, a.m., R. Y. Rincurran 
and Taxax. [F.F.] On letters patent of August 3. [Lib. Mun.l 

Theophilus Blakely was from 1807 to 1809, R. Lyons, and 
V. Kill, Kildare ; from 1809 to 1811, R. Rincurran ; and from 
1811 to 1824, Dean of Connor, and R. Islandmagee. Trom 
1824 to 1839 he was Dean of Achonry ; and from 1839 to 1855, 
Dean of Down. He married Emily-Catherine, dau. of Edward 
Ball, esq., by Catherine Cuthbert, and by her had issue six 
children, all now dead. The Dean married secondly, Mary- 
William, dau. of John Stewart, esq., and by her had issue a 
son, Alexander Theophilus, Captain Royal Artillery, and two 
daughters, Mary, wife of Robert Spankie, esq., and Isabella- 
Chalmers. The Dean died on 1st December, 1855* 
1811. Sept. 21. TnoMAS Graves, a.m., R. V. Rincurran and Taxax, 
on letters patent of May 24. [D.R.] 

Thomas Graves was eldest brother of the celebrated Richard 
Graves, Dean of Ardagh, and was the eldest son of Rev. James 
Graves, Vicar of KilBnane and Darragh, Rector of Ballingarry, 
. Dunmoylan, and Castlerobert, and finally K Croom and Adare, 
in Limerick diocese, who married Jane, dau. of Rev. Thomas 
Ryder, P. Brigowne, Cloyne. 

Thomas was bom in 1745 ; was educated at Kilkenny, and 
became a Scholar of T.C.D. in 1763. 

He was from 1771 to 1828, R. Ballymacelligott and Noho- 
val-Kerry, in Ardfert. He held therewith, from 1784 to 1802, 
the Deanery of Ardfert ; from 1802 to 1811, the Deanery of 
Connor, and Rectory of Islandmagee; and from 1811 to 1828, 
the Rectory of Rincurran. 

Rev. Thomas Graves was author of a " Sermon before the 
Association for Discountenancing Vice," preached on 12th June, 
1800. 8vo. Dub. 1801. * 

He was a n^an of great literary acquirements, and to his 
mode of instructing his younger brother was due, in a great 
measure, that brother's success in college. Several portions of 



hiB correspondence are preserved in a very interesting memoir 
of Dean Richard Graves, prefixed to the edition of the Dean's 
works published by his son, the P. Brigowne, Glojne. 

Thomas Graves married Anne, dan. of John Danleavie, esq , 
and by her had issue, James William (Lieut-Col. 18th Royal 
Irish), his eldest son ; and John-Crosbie Greaves, his second 
son ; and two other sons, who were in the army. 

His second son, John-Crosbie, was a barrister, Commissioner 
of Bankrupts, and for many years Magistrate of the Head 
Office of Police in Dublin. He married a dau. of Rev. C. Per- 
ceval, R. Bruhenny, and had issue four sons, besides a dau., mar- 
ried to Von Ranke, the Prussian Historian. 

John, the eldest, is Inspector of Poor Laws, and resides at 
Cheltenham ; James Perceval, the second son, is dead ; Robert 
Perceval, the third, is in holy orders; and the fourth son, 
Charles, is f.t.o.d., President of the Royal Irish Academy, and 
Dean of the Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle. 

Thomas Graves, Rector of Rincurran, lived to the age of 
eighty-three, and was able to officiate in his church a few days 
previous to his death. He died in November, 1828, and was 
buried, according to his wish, in the grave-yard of St. Catherine's, 
in the parish of Rincui ran, near his wife. He left bequests to 
the poor of Rincurran and of Ballymacelligott parishes. 
1829. January 15. John Bagwell Cbbagh, a.m., R. V. Rincurran. 

1834. Protestant population, 291. 

1837. Rincurran : a rectory and vicarage, with cure, 7 miles 
long by 1^ broad in its greatest breadth ; but in many parts 
not half a quarter in breadth, contain iug 5,1 86a. Sr. 28p. 
Gross population, 3,758. No Curate employed. Tithe com- 
position, £461 lOs, 9cL ; 3a. of glebe, valued at £5 ; subject to 
visitation fees, £1 3«. 6d, ; diocesan schoolmaster, £2 bs. No 
glebe-hottse. Incumbent is resident, and pays the sum of 
£ii a-year for honse rent. One church, capable of accommo- 
dating 150 persons, built many years since, but at what cost^ 
unknown. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the 
church. Divine service is celebrated once on Sundays and on 
the principal festivals. The sacrament is administered monthly. 
The benefice is a rectory. [Pari Rep.] 

J. B. Creagh (son of Arthur Gethin Creagh, of Laurentinum, 
by Isabella Bagwell, and grandson of Michael Creagh, esq., of 
Liscarroll, county Cork), was born on 26th Dec, 1772, and was 
ordained Deacon on 24th of August, 1800, at Cloyne. 

From 1802 to 1813 he was licensed Curate of JDoneraile and 
Templeroan. He was, in 1814, V. Carrigamleary, and in 1829, 
R. v. Ringcurran, both of which parishes he held until his 
death, at Einsale, on 13th of February, 1846. 

He married; in 1797, Gertrude, dan. of John Miller, esq., 


and by her had issue seven sons and five danghters, for whom 
vide Burke's L G— article Obbagh, of Ballyandbbw. 
1846. August 8. Benjamin Mobbis, R. V. Rincurran; certified 
annual value, £312 12a 3|(i. nO.R.] 

Benjamin Morris was son of William Morris, by Mary, dau. 
of Shapland Carew, of Castleboro', and was grandson of William 
Morris, of Waterford, esq. [U.O.] 

He was ordained Deacon at Cloyne on 14th September, 
1817, and for many years was Curate in the diocese of Ossory. 
He died, shortly after his admission to Rincurran, at Attanagh 
Glebe, in Ossory, leaving issue by his wife, Elisabeth (dau. and 
co-heiress of Maurice Nugent 0*Conor, esq., of Mountpleasant, 
in Queen's county), three children, William, of Mountpleasant, 
Maurice O'Conor, and Marie-Catherine. 
1846. Dec. 17. Ralph Sadleib, R. V. Rincurran, on letters patent 
of 3rd of December. [D.R.] 

Ralph Sadleir (son of Thomas Sadleir, eldest brother of the 
late Provost of T.C.D., vide Burke's L. G.), entered T.C.D. on 
22nd Oct 1832, and graduated b.a. in 1837, and d.d. in 1852. 

He was ordained Deacon on 25th April, 1 838, by the Bishop of 
Elphin, and Priest on 23rd Dec. 1838, by the Archbishop of 
Dublin. He was licensed to St. Mark's Curacy, Dublin, on 
18th Jan. 1838, and to that of St. Anne's, Dublin, on 26th 
Dec. 1840. From 1846 to 1848 he was R. Rincurran, and on 
4th November, 1848, he became P. Castleknock, Dublin. 

He married Letitifr-Sarah-Georgina, dau. of the late Provost 
Sadleir, and has issue one child, Franc. 
1848. Dec. 28. Andbew Noble Brbdin, a.m., R. V. Rincurran. 
n[>.R.] He resigned on 12th of August, 1851, exchanging for 
the Rectory of Taney, diocese of Dublin, which he held until 
1857, when he became P. Dunlavin, Dublin. In 1858 he be- 
came R. Clonbulloge, Kildare, where he shortly afterwards died. 
1851. Sept 5. William Hbnby Stanford, R. V. Rincurran, on 
letters patent of 12th of August ; certified value, X312 16$. Id. 


W. H. Stanford (son of William Stanford, of Cavan, a de- 
scendant of Bishop Bedel, of Eilmore; and brother to C. S. 
Stanford, R. St Thomas, Dublin), was Curate of Slane, dioc. 
Meath, of some parish in England, and of Taney, dioc. Dublin, 
before he came to Rincurran. He died on 22nd Feb. 1856, 
leaving three sons and two daughters. 
1856. Sept. 18. Achilles Daunt, a.b., R. V. Rincurran, on letters 
patent of 26th of March, 1856. Annual value, £316 18«. Zd. 


1860. A. Daunt, Rector ; John Cooke, Curate. The church 
in order. No glebe-house. 4 acres of glebe let Divine 
service thrice on adl Sundays, and on chief festivals, and on 
every alteni*to Tiiiesdiky. Saonment mmMj, and at festivals ; 


average of coiumanicantey 70. 59 children attend a Charch 
£dacation school. The Protestant popnhition is 260. The 
rentcharge is £346 3<. The land is worth £4. Total annoal 
value, £350 3<. per an. without residence. 

Achilles Daunt (grandson of Isaac Heard, late m.p. for Kin- 
sale), was a Scholar, T.CJ). in 1852, and graduated a.b. in 
1856. He was ordained in 1855. 

He married on 24th February, 1863, Catherine Mary, eldest 
dau. of the late Rev. John Leslie, B. Rilcredan, Cloyne. 


1291. " Eccia de Ruion Xmr." [Tax P. Nic] 

1542. PoMiNUs Walter Yono, Rector de Rinron, is mentioned in a 
deed concerning the advowson of Inishannon, dated Oct 15, 
1542. [Browne MSS.l 

\o — f Thomas Geiioi). R. Kingrone. He died in 1571. He was, 
from 1558 to 1571, yicu.r of Einsale also. 

^ In dei noie amen. Visis cognitis et intellectis meritis cir- 
cumstanciis causa) controvercio) sen contentionis motsB inter 
Reverendum patrem Ricardum Cork et Clonem Episcopum ex 
una parte, allegantem Ecclesiam de Corrowraine CorK dioc. 
simpliciter et mere sute esse collacois, et superiorem consilium 
et comitateni villse de Einsale, quibus non competit jus patro- 
natus EcclisB parochial is de Rinrone, parte ex altera, allegantes 
dictam Eccliam de Corrowraine capellam et parcellam ease 
ejusdem Eccliro de Rinrone et ita esse et fuisse et longissimi 
temporis prescriptionem de quo alitor non existet memoria 
hominnm. Verum quia, &c., allegationem superioris, &e,, de 
Kinsale fundatam esse de jure et fuisse veram idcirco nos Ma- 
gister Pat. Roche, Archd. Cork et Clon. ac Leonardur Palmer 
generos. general Commissarii seu officiales ouriarum et causa- 
rum eoclesiasticarum, &C., declaramus dictam Eccliam de 
Corrowraine esse et fuisse capellam ad Eccliam de Rinrone 
spectantem, <fec. 12 die October, 1570. — (Signed), pATRiciua, 
Archidiaconus, Leo Palmer.*' [Browne MSS. fol. 16.] 

1571. January 20. Thomas Brogklet is presented to the Rectory 
of Ringrone by the Sovereign, Council, and Burgesses of Kin- 
sale. ^ Reverendis magistris decano et capitulo EcolisB Corck, 
seu vicariis generalibus pro dispositione Juris vel per capitu- 
Inm sede vacante deputatis, — nos Robertus Miaohb, Superior 
villffi de Kinaall, Consilium, Burgenses et coitas ejusdem otltim. 
Cum ad nos jus presentandi idoneam personam ad rectoriam 
ecclias parochialis de Rynerone nunc ad p'sens de jure et de 
facto per mortem Dni Thom» Gerod ultimi inibi incumbentis 
TRcantem speotare dignoscitur, vr^s discretionibus dileotum 

COEK.] RIirOROMB* 241 

nobis in christo dnam Thomam Brocklej yioarinm ejasdem 
patamns. Rogantes quatenus ipsam ad eandem Beotoriam 
admittent ac cetera qute in hac p*te vro incumbent officio fetoere 
dignemini^ cum omni farore, vel a Tobis fieri expectamns. 
Datnm apud Ejnsale vicessimo die Januarii, Ac. 1571. Snb 
teetimonio nri communis sigilli. Registered tbe xzvij of Feb- 
marie." [First Book of Cork Registry, fol. 15 J 

1580. Maj 14. Albzandek Mbaohb, the Kector of Kinrone, is also 
admitted Rector of Tnnishannon, q. v. 

1591. RoBSBT Stubton (Dean of Ross, q. v,), appears as R. V. 
Riuffrone ''cum capella Killorem — Ecclia de Borrowrane capella 
. de Kinerone Anexa." [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Riurone Rector (non residens) Johannes Irish (R. V. Rath- 
cormack, Cloyne, q. v.), minister et predicator. Hbnrt HussBTy 
A.M., minister et predicator est Vicarins. Tenet etiam R. de 
Templetrine et Eillanedy (Ballinadee). Yal. 16 li. Ecclesia 
et cancella de Ringrone bene repantur cum libris et aliis neoes- 
sariis. Val. 30 li. per an. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1626. June 22. Heligias Hussey, a.m., is admitted Vicar de Ring- 
rone, and Treasurer of Gork^ q. v. 

[1628. John Jef7Bat was presented, but not, I think, ad- 
luitted, to the Parsonage of Ringrone and Ballinadee, q. r.] 

1634. R. de Riurone, John Irish. The Earl of Cork had the 
presentation from tbe Lord Courcey, and did present the said 
Irish unto the said benefice, and did agree with hjm uppon tiie 
said presentation that the said Irish should have IV li, per an. 
for serving the cure, and the Earl of Cork 55 li. per. an. It is 
leased by the Earl of Cork to Hesiah Hu88ey,.of Bandotibridge, 
for 60 li. per an. Vicar ibm. Hilshias Hnssey. Val. 25 li. 
per an. Epus confert. [KV. 1634.] 

1634. August 31. Thomas Fuller, or Fulwab, is admitted Rector de 

Ringrone. [ F.F.] In 1 639 he was also Chancellor of Cork, q. v. 

1634. December 22. Fuller is presented to Vicarage of 

Ringrone, with clause of union pro hac vice tantum to the 

Rectory of Ringrone now held by him. [Lib. Mun.] 

Snller appears in V. B. of 1639, with Barnabas Honnyehurch 
as Curate. " Ecclia bene et ornata." [V.B. D.B.] 

In 1641 Fuller became Bishop of Ardfert, retaining Ring- 
rone in commeudam ; and in 1661 he was made Archbishop of 

1661. August 31. Thomas Uaoket is appointed R. V. Ringrone and 
Dean of Cork, q. v. 

166-1 Samuel Hinde, or Findb, R. V. Ringrone. 

1665. August 20. William Pobtman, d.d., is instituted R. V. Rin- 
roan, per desertionem Samuelis Hinde (ffinde f ), on presentation 
of the Sovereign and Burgesses of Kinsale, to the Rectory, 
Vicaria in coll. Epi. [V.K 1669.] Portman was also R. 
Punderrow, q. ▼. He appears at the visitation of 1675. 

i^i^ ftnroBOXB. [cons. 

1675/6, January 22. Fbter Hewitt, B> Y. Ringrone, and Ohan- 
oellor of Cork. [F.F.] In 1710 he became Precentor of Cork, 
q. V. 

Feb. 8, 1676. Thomas Ward is presented to Rectory of 
Ringrone. [Lib. Mun.] But he does not appear in the yisita- 
tion books. He was afterwards Dean of Connor. 

1780. May 26. Jonathan Smedley, a.m., is admitted Rector de 
Rinffrone, per mortem Petri Hewitt, on presentation of Gkrald, 
Lord Kinsale, dated 30th April, 1720. lD.R.] Jonathan, son 
of John Smedley, was bom In Dublin, and entered T.C.D. as 
Pensioner on 18th September, 1689, when eighteen years old. 

From 1709 to 1720 he was R. Riucurran; and in 1720 waa 
appointed R. Ringrone, which he held for a very short time. 
From 1718 to 1724 he was Dean of KiUala; and from 1724 to 
1727 Dean of Clogher. In 1723 he was also appointed V. 
Enockmark, Meath. 

The following account of his works, &c., is extracted from 

He published the following pieces : — 

1. A Sermon on the Queen's Accession. 8yo. London, 1714. 

2. A Sermon on the Anniversary of the Irish Massacre. 
4to. London, 1715. 

3. A Sermon on January 30. 8yo. London, 1716. 

4. A Sermon on the Birthday of the Prince of Wales. 4to. 
London, 1716. 

0. Eight Sermons on several subjects. 8vo. 1719. 

9. Poems. 8vo. 1721. 

7, A Specimen of an Universal View of all the eminent 
Writers on Holy Scripture. Polio. 1728. 

Of his " Specimen,** d^c, " being a Collection of the Disserta* 
tions, Explications, and Opinions of Learned Men in all ages 
eonceming the difficult passages and obscure texts of the Bible,** 
Mr. T. H. Home observes, that it contains only the first chap- 
ter of Genesis. The work which it announced was never pub- 
lished. There is an engraved portrait of Dean Smedlev. Eku'ly 
in 1728 he proceeded to Fort St. George, in the East Indies, on 
a clerical mission. See a notice of him in " Swifi*s Works,** 
by Sir W. Scott, vol. xiv. 

The full title of Dean Smedley*s Sermon, No. 2, is—'' A 
Sermon to the Protestants of Ireland residing in LondoDi 
preached at the Church of St. James, on October 23, the day 
of the Rebellion in 1641. By Jonathan Smedley, a.m., Rector 
of Rincurrane, in Ireland.** It is dedicated to Mrs. Elizabeth 
Hales, of Putney, and the author subscribes himself ''your 
dutiful son.** 

1720 to 1729. Emanuel Hvngbbvobd appears as Rector. [V.B. 
D.R.] Hungerford was also P. St Miohaera, q. t. 



1720 to 1727. BabtholoxbwSaltbb appears aa^rMar. [V.B.D.B.] 

B. Salter was born at Yoaglial, and was son of John Baiter, 
gentleman. He entered T.G.D. when twenty -one years old, 
on 9th June, 1702. 

He was ordained Priest at Cloyne on 19 th Dec. 1714. In 
1717 he was Curate and Lecturer at Holy Trinity, Cork. 
Prom 1718 to 1720 he was R. V. Kilcully ; and from 1720 to 
his death, in 1727, was Vicar of Hingrone. He was also, on 
Ist Dec. 1720, licensed to be Curate of Templetrine. 
1728. Oct. 7. John Kenny, a.m., Vicar, per mortem B. Salter. 

[D.R.] In 1751 he was P. Kilbrittain, q. v. 
1730. May 30. William Meabb was admitted Rector, per mortem 
Emanuel is Hungerford, on presentation of Soyereign and Bur- 
gesses of Kinsale. [D.R.] In 1730 the rectory and vicarage 
were consolidated by the Archbishop of Cashel. [D.R,] 

1737. April 7. St. John Browne, a.m., is licensed to be 
Curate of Ringrone, on nomination of William Meade, who 
promises him the vicarial part of the parish as fully as it was 
enjoyed by John Kenny, the late Vicar thereof. [D.R.] 
Meade was also Dean of Cork, q. v. 
1764. April 10. John Kenny, the younger, R. Ringrooe, vaoant by 
death of William Meade, in coll. Epi for this turn. [D.R.] I^ 
was, in 1796, P. Kilbrogan, q, v. 
1769. March 3. Thomas Keeffe, a.b., to consolidated R. and V. 
Ringrone, vacant by death of William Meade, last Incumbent^ 
on presentation of Sovereign, Burgesses, and Commonalty of 
the town of Kinsale, by their instrument, dated 2l6t March, 
1764, which the Bishop hath hitherto deferred to accept, on 
account of a suit to this time subsisting relative to the right of 
presentation, which presentation belongs of right for this turn 
to said Sovereign, &c. [D.R.] In 1768 titles were made out 
for Mr. Keeffe to Ringrone ; but Mr. Kenny and he not agree- 
ing, they were never granted. [D.R.] 

Thomas Keeffe (son of John Keeffe, who married Jane, dau. 
of Jonas Stawell, grandson of the Archdeacon of Ross), entered 
T.C.D. as Pensioner on 8th Feb. 1732. He was ordained Priest 
at Cork on 19th Dec. 1742. He was licensed on 23rd Sept. 
1742, to the Curacy of Ballymartle, Dunderrow, and CuUen ; 
and on Feb. 11, 1746, to the Curacy of Ringrone. On 17th 
May, 1755, he was licensed to the Curacy of Killowen. From 
1769 to his death in 1788, he was R. Y. Ringrone. 

He married, in Dea 1741, Miss Mary Travers, of Kinsale. 
1788. Oct. 18. Riohabd Wbbb, a.b., R. V. Ringrone, per mortem 
Keeffe. [D.R.] 

1830. Protestant population, 136. 

1832. Ringrone, a rectory and vicarage, with cure, 7 miles 
lonff by 5 broad, containing 10,000 acres. GroM population, 
4,813. One Curate employed, at a stipend of £76 per annum. 


244 RIMORO^^E. [cork. 

l^itLe composition, £750. Three roods of glebe, valued at £1. 
Subject to visitation fees, £3 ; diocesan schoolmaater, IBs. 
No glebe-house. Incumbent, although non-resident in the 
benefice, resides within a quarter of a mile of it, in the town of 
Kinsale, and pays £60 a-year for house-rent. One chnroh, 
capable of accommodating 160 persons, built about the year 
1780, by subscription and assessment, but at what cost un- 
known. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the 
church. Divine service is celebrated once on Sundays, and on 
the principal festivals. The sacrament is administered monthly, 
and on the festivals. The benefice is a rectory. An alternate 
turn of presentation to this benefice belongs to the Diocesan, 
and to either Lord De Olifibrd or Lord Kinsale. [1^1' Rep.] 

Richard Webb (eldest son of George Webb, of Trumpington, 
county OambridKe, vide B. L. G.), was bom 11th May, 1705. 
He was ordained Deacon on 1st Nov. 1778, and Priest on 19th 
Nov. 1780, both at Cork. On 5th Nov. 1784, he was licensed 
to the Curacy of St. Nicholas, Cork. From 1788, Feb., to 
Dec. 1788, he was P. Killanully. From 1788 to 1818 he was 
P. Dromdaleague and R. Oaheragh ; and from 1788 to his death 
on 6th Feb. 1836 he was R. V. Ringrone. 

He married, in 1793, £liza, dau. of Francis Browne, of Kin* 
sale ; and left issue two sons, Richard-Francis (R. OUieragh, 
q. v.), and John (R. Dunderrow, q. v.) 
1836. May 26. The Honourablb Anneslbt Gore, a.b., R. Y. 
Ringrone, on presentation (dated 6th May) of John Meade, 
John Newman, William Russell, and Sophia, Baroness De Clif- 
ford. [D.R.] 

A. Gore was nephew of the third, and brother to the fourth 
Earl of Arran. He was fourth Canon of Kildare, from 1834 to 
1840, and R. Ringrone from 1836 to 1840. He resigned on 
3rd November in that year. 
1840. Nov. 18. Joshua Bkowkb Rydbb, a.b., R. V. Ringrone, in 
coll. Epi pro hac vice. [D.R.] 

1844. May 9. A new church, built by Ecclesiastical Com- 
missioners, on new site, is consecrated under the name of St. 
James ; also a church-yard is consecrated. [D.R.] 

J. B. Ryder was the eldest sou of Rev. John Ryder, Chan- 
cellor of Cloyne, q. v. He was ordained Deacon on 8th Oct. 
1809, and Priest on 30th Oct. 1811. From 1840 to his death, 
on 20th June, 1855, he was R. Y. Ringrone. 

He married, on Slst Nov. 1812, at the Foundling Hospital, 
Cork, Lucinda, dau. of Michael Wood, esq., of Cork. By her 
(who died on 24th January, 186n he had issue, inter altoe^ 
Margaret-Wood, bom 1813 ; and Michael- Wood, bom in 
1855. August 6. William Newman, a.b., R. V. Ringrone, on pre- 
sentation, dated 2nd August, of Elisabeth H. Meade, wi<K>w, 


and exeeatrix of the will of John Meade, Captain, r.k. the last 
finrviving trustee, Ac. Certified annual value, £504 ISs. 3</. 

1860. William Newman, Rector, and Qeorge C. Nasli, 
Curate. The church in order. No glebe-house. The glebe 
(} of an acre) is let Kector lives in Kinsale. Service once 
on Sundays and holidays at the church, and on Sunday even- 
ings at Coolmain school-house. Sacrament monthly and at 
festivals ; average of communicants, 1 1 . There are two Church 
Education schools, one at Oldcourt, at which an average of 6 
children attend ; another at Coolmain, where the average at- 
tendance is 18. The Protestant population is 130. The rent- 
charge is £562 10«. per an. The land is worth £\. Total 
value, £563 10«. per an. withotU residence. 

William (son of James Newman, esq.), was bom in London, 
and when twenty-one years old entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, 
on 4th Nov. 1833. 

He was ordained Deacon at Cork on 19th Sept. 1841. In 
1842 he became R. Garry voe, and in 1855 B. Ringrone. He 
holds both benefices. 

He is married, and has issue. 


1581. July 4. '^Yicariam Eccliae parochialis Stse Marie de Scoll, 
Corcagen. dioc., contulit Epus dno Joanni Bbethnaqhb pres- 
bitero, cui quidem vicarie Rectoriarum ejusdem Eccliap unacum 
ob tenuitatem univit, 4 Julii, 1581. Archidiaconus sigillum 
suum apposuit quinto die ejusdem mensis, Julii. Phil.Goldeus 
Registrarius." [Dioc. Reg.] Vide Kilbonane. 

1591. " Rectoria de Scholl Coll de Youghell. Vic. ibm Cornblius 
Swillivak" {pt O'Sullivan). [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 

Cornelius 0*Sulli van, Vicar de Durrus, propter acceptacionem 
vicariaB de Kilmoe et SkoU deprivatus circiter 1591. [lb.] 

1615. Scooll. Rector Coll de Youghell. Vicarius, Thomas Wat, 
idem V. de Kilmoe. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1634. R. de Scoole spectat ad Coil de Youghall. Val. 30 It. 
per an. Comes Cork, patronus. It is alledged by the Dean 
and Chapter of Cork that it belongeth to them. Vie. ibm 
Thomas Way, val. 30 li. per an. Epus Confert. [R.V. 
1634.] On 3rd July, 1634, Thomas Way is presented to V. 
Skull and Caherngh. [Lib. Mun.] 

In 1642 Thomas Way, of Scull, depones to loss of £1,252, 
besides the benefit of his R. and V. of Scnll, and V. Caheragh^ 
worth, communibus annis, £250. [MS. T.C.D. F. 2. 15.] 

S46 80ULL. [CO&K. 

Thomaa Way, " de Kinsale/' was ordained Deacon and Priest 
by William, Bishop of Cork, on 27th Oct 1605. 

He appears as V. Scull from 1615 to 1640. From 1619 to 
1626 he was P. KillaspugmuUane, and from 1620 to 1630 P. 
Dromdaleagae, and from 1623 to 1640 was Y.Gaheragh. 

1637. July 25, William Burlby, Rector de Scull. [P.P.] In 
1639 Burley appears as Rector, and Way as Vicar of ScoU. 
" Ecclesia bene, desunt omnia." [V.B. 1639. D.R.] 

William Burley was, from 1625 to 1630, V. Bruhenny and 
Inchinabacky, Cloyne ; and from 1630 to 1666? P. Tipper, 
Dublin, and V. Cahir. He was also, from 1634 to 1640, Dean 
of Clonmacnoise ; and from 1640 to 1666, Dean of Emly. 
From 1630 to 1640 he was R. Scull. 

1640/1. January 28. Fbanois Oockman, Rector de Scull. [F.F.] 
On letters patent of November 27, 1640. [Lib. Mun.] Cock- 
man was A.M. in 1645. In that year, on Sept. 1, he was 
instituted to the P. Tassagart, St. Patrick's, Dublin, of which 
cathedral he had been a Minor Canon. He died in 1646. 
[MS. in Consistorial Office, Dublin.] 

16 — ? John Eyelbioh, R. V. Scull and Kilmoe, q. v. He was, in 
1661, Dean of Ross. 

1666. The rectory and yicarageare both>'acant. L^'^-] 

1667 to 1755. Skull was held with Kilmoe, q. v. 

1755. July 16. Geobgb Russell, R. V. Scull, vacant by death of 
Paul Limerick. [D.R.] On letters patent of July o, from the 
Crown. [Lib. Mun.l 

On 29th March, 1 y57, Russell (having paid Wm. Limerick; 
the executor of his predecessor, X400,) obtains a certificate of 
dilapidations against Limerick for £54 lOs. lOd. [D.R.] 

George Russell, a.b., of Oxford, was ordained Priest on 6th 
Oct. 1754. He was licensed to the curacy of St. Nicholas, 
Cork, on 7th Oct. 1754, and from 1755 to 1767 was K V. 
Scull. He died in 1766 or 1767. 

1767. Feb. 21. John Chetwood, a.b., R. and V. Scull, vacant by 
death of Russell, and in the Bishop's collation for this turn. 
[D.R.] In 1790 he became P. Cahirlag, q. v. 

1760. Jane 26. Andrew Do wnes is presented to R. Y. Scull, vacant 
by resignation of Chetwode. [Lib. Mun.] 

In 1762 Downes is R. V. Tullagh and Creagh, Ross, q. v. 

1760. Nov. 1. RiOHARD ToWNSBND, A.M., R. V. Scull, now vacant 
by the resignation of Andrew Downes, late Incumbent. [D.R.] 
Richard Townsend was the eldest son of John Townsend, 
who was the fourth son of Brvan, the ' second son and heir of 
Colonel Richard Townsend, of Castle Townsend. Tiie mother 
of the Rev. Richard Townsend was Catherine, dau. of Colonel 
James Barry, of Lisnegar, Rathcormaok, by his wife Susannah, 
who was the only daughter of John (the eldest sou of Colonel 

coBft.] scuit. 4|47 

Richard Townsend) by his Wife, Ladt Oathxrikb Babbt. [ Vide 
V. Holy Trinity, Bev. PhUip Town9endJ\ 

Richard Townsend was ordained Priest, at Cork, on 29th 
April, 1753. 

In 1752 he was Curate of Donoghmore, Cloyne ; and in 1753, 
of Dromdaleague. 

From 1759 to 1780 he was R. V. Myros, Ross; and from 
1780 to 1793, R. Y. Scull. He was also, from 1764 to 1793, 
y. Rathbarry, Ross. He held, also, from 1764 to 1780, the 
Vs. Eilmaccabee and Eilfaughnabeg ; and from 1768 to 1780, 
was P. Currograngemore, Ross. 

He married Susannah, daughter of Colonel Alexander Qay ; 
and died. May 17, 1793, without issue. 

Through the above Lady Catherine Barry, daughter of 
Richard, second Eabl of Babrtxobe, the descendants of John 
Townsend, fourth son of Bryan Townsend, trace descent from 
Lord Barrymore 8 maternal grandfather, Richard Boyle, the 

freat Eabl of Cobb, and lay claim to the extinct de Barri peerage, 
ee Caulfield's note on Diary of Rowland Daries, Dean of Cork, 
p. 95 ; Camden Society, London, 1857. 

1793. August 2. The Rev. Philip French, of Scull, was 
appointed Sequestrator. [D.R.] 
1794. Feb. 24. John Whetham, R. V. Scull. [F.F.] On letters 
patent of Dec. 19, 1793. [Lib. Mun.] 

Whetham was Dean of Lismore and Archdeacon of Cork, 
q. V. In June, 1794, he resigned Scull. 
1794. July 12. Antony Tbail, a.m., R. and V. Scull. [F.F.] 

In 1795 the Bishop approves of Trail's memonal for leave 
to expend £101 16«. 2d, on the glebe-house, and £314 12«. 6(f. 
on the offices of Scull. In 1799 the Bishop certifies for an 
outlay of £416 8«. 8d as duly expended, and returns the 
yearly value of Scull as £500. In 1801 a further expen- 
diture of £26 11«. 6d. is certified, the value of the benefice 
being stated as £600 per an. [D.R.] 

1807. Trail resides in Connor diocese. [Rep.] 

Anthony Trail (nephew to James Trail, Bishop of Down and 
Connor) was son of Rev. Robert Trail by Jean Dow, and 
grandson of Mr. Trail, who married Miss Haldane. 

Prom 1777 to 1781 he was P. St. Andrew's, Down ; and from 
1782 to 1831, was Archdeacon of Connor. He held, also, from 
1794 to 1830, the R Y. Scnll, which he then resigned in favour 
of his son. 

He married Agnes, dau. of WiUiam-Watts Gayer, ll.d., Gerk 
of the Irish House of Lords; and by her had two sons, William 
(now of 3, Ely-place, Dublin), and Robert (who succeeded his 
father in his Cork living). Antony Trail died in 1831. 
1830. November 29. Bobbbt Tbail, a.m., B. 7. Scull, on letters 
patent, from the Crown, of 22nd Nov. 1630. [D.B.] 

248 SCUIX. [OOHK. 

1830. Protestant population, 1,898. 

1836. Sept 2. A school-house in townland of Lisacabee b 
licensed for divine service. 

1837. Skull : a rectory and vicarage, with cure, 16 miles 
long by 6 broad, containing 49,873a. Or. 12p.; gross population, 
1 5,252. Two Curates employed, one for the eastern, and the 
other for the western divisions of the parish, at annual stipends 
to each of £80 Brit. Tithe composition, JB850. 63 acres of 
glebe, valued at £100. Subject to visitation fees, 17^ ; diocesan 
schoolmaster £1 10<. Skull glebe-house in excellent order, 
built in 1721, and repaired during the late incumbency at an 
expense of £408 18<. 6|<2. Brit Incumbent is next in suc- 
cession to the improver ; and haviuj? paid his predecessor 
£306 13«. 9^<f., and since expended about £35 Brit, he will 
be entitled to receive £230 lAs. 3^d. from his successor on 
account of the improvement charges. Incumbent is resident 
in the glebe-house. Exclusive of the moneys aforesaid, the im- 
prover, who was the fiither of the present incumbent, is reported 
to have expended £1,437 4«. 7^. Briton the premises, without 
having any charge on his successor for the repayment of any 
portion thereof. One church, and a chapel of ease in this 
parish, distant 4^ miles from each other, the former capable of 
accommodating 250, and the latter 180 persons. The church, 
situate at Skull, built in 1721, but at what cost, or from what 
funds, unknown. The chapel of ease, situate near Ballydehob 
village, in the eastern division of the parish, built in 1829, by 
means of a gift of £650 Brit, granted by the late Board of 
First Fruits. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of 
either the church or chapel of ease. D'l vine service is celebrated 
once on Sundays in the church and chapel of ease respectively, 
and on Sunday evenings in school-houses, one at a distance of 
four miles from the parish church. Four private weekly services 
are also celebrated for the benefit of the scattered population of 
this parish, and a week-day service has also been latterly per- 
formed in the church and chapel. The sacrament is adminis- 
tered twelve times in the year in each. The benefice is a 
rectory. [Pari. Bep.] 

In 1847, £152 2«. was certified to have been expended by 
Bobert Trail on the glebe-house, [D.R.] 

Robert Trail (son of his predecessor) married Anne, sister to 
Sir Edmund Hayes, of Drumboe Castle, county Donegal, and 
by her had three sons and five daughters. His exertions in 
his parish, during the famine years, for the spiritual and tem- 
poral welfare of his flock were injurious to his health, and he 
died on 21st April, 1847. He wrote a Translation of Josephns' 
Holy War, which was published after his death. 
1847. May 3. John Triphook, a.b., R. V. Scull. [D.R,] 

1847. July 9. A commission finds £218 dilapidations against 

CORK.] SCULL. 249 

Trail's executors. In 1849, Feb. 17^ the annual value of Skull 
is certified to be £637 lOs. [D.R.] 

1854. Sept. 3. Anew church, on new site, is consecrated nnder 
the name of the Holy Trinity. [D.R.] 

1857. June 16. £342 6«. 9d, is certified for improvements 
at Scull, the net yearly value being £574 6«. 7d. [B.R.] 

1860. J. Triphooky Rector ; Richard Hayes, Curate. The 
parish church is in good order. There is also a chapel of ease 
at Ballydehob. The glebe-house in order. 63 acres of glebe, 
of which one-half is in the Rector's use, the other is let. Divine 
service twice on all Sundays in both church and chapel, and 
once during summer, at 10 a.m., on Sundays, at Lesheeneen. 
Sacrament 12 times yearly at the church, average of commu- 
nicants, 35; and also at the chapel, average 33. There are two 
Church Education schools, at one of which 69, and at the 
other 98, children are on the rolls. The Protestant population 
of one division of the parish is 515, of the other 735. The 
total Protestant population is 1,240. The rentcharge is £637 
15s. per an., with residence. 

John Triphook (whose father was bom in London, and 
settled in Ireland circa 1788, and whose mother was Miss 
Trophina Yokes, of Limerick) was bom on 10th Sept, 1796, 
and after graduating in Dublin University, was ordained 
Deacon on 19th May, 1822, for Castlehaven curacy, and Priest, 
on 13th April, 1823, both at Cork. 

In 1825 he was Curate of Tullagh. 

From 1829 to 1841 he was V. Ardfield ; and from 1841 to 

1847, he was V. Drinagh. 

He married, firstly, in December 1 824, Maria, dan. of Rev. 
Joseph Wright, V. Aghadowne, &c., and by her had issue two 
sons, Thomas-Dawson and Joseph-Robert ; and one daughter, 
Jane-Anne. Mr. Triphook married, secondly, on 1st Dec., 

1848, Jane-Ellesmere, dau. of John Noble, esq., of Lisnaskea, 
county Fermanagh. 

Joseph-Robert Triphook, the second son of Rev. John Triphook, 
entered T.C.D. in 1848, and graduated a.b. in 1853. He was 
ordained Deacon, at Cork, on 18th Dec, 1853, for the curacy 
of Aughrim, in county Galway. He was transferred to the 
curacy of Nena^h in Oct. 1854; and in 1859 became Precentor 
of Eillaloe, and Rector of Latteragh. He married, on 3rd 
August, 1854, his cousin, Elisabeth-Margaret-Sophia Triphook, 
and by her had issue, surviving, three sons, John-Crampton 
(born 18th May, 1856), Robert Dawson (born 24th April, 1859), 
and Victor-Albert (born 28th August, 1861); and three daugh- 
ters, Annie-Elisabeth, Josephine- Jane, and Charlotte-Maria. 



*' The church of St. Aone was begun to be built^ upon the 
old foundation where St. Mary, Shandon, Btood, anno 1722, and 
ia to be made a distinct parish on the demise or removal of the 
present Incumbent. It was erected by a subscription, and is a 
rery neat plain church. The steeple is of hewn stone, 120 feet 
high, with a handsome spire, fifty feet more, erected the last 
summer ; also a musical ring of bells, chimes, and clock ; 
which building being on an eminence, is a great ornament to 
the city. It was designed after the model of St. Mary's, in 
Limerick." [Smith's Cork, vol. i. p. 376.] 
1772. Abthitr Htdb, a.m., is admitted to the B«ctory of St. Anne*8» 
vacant by the death of Dr. George Tisdall, and on the presen- 
tation of Arthur Hyde, esq., of Castlehyde, the patron for this 
turn. [D.R.] 

1772. The present parish register begins. 

1785. May 26. Lord Muskerry sells his perpetual advowson 
or right of alternately presenting to St. Mary's, St. Anne's, and 
Si. Paul's, for £600, to Richard Longfield, of Gastlemary. [D.B.] 

Arthur Hyde (son of Gkorge Hyde, who was son of Arthur 
Hyde, of Castlehyde, by his second wife, Mary, dau. of Colonel 
George Evans), was born in county Cork, and when sixteen 
years old entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner, on 26th September, 
1744, and graduated a.b. in 1748. 

He was ordained Deacon on 23rd June, and Priest on 9th 
July, 1751. On 24th June, 1751, he was licensed to the 
Cnracy of Clonfert ; and on 29th June, 1753, to that of Castle- 
martyr. From 1754 to 1793 he was B. Litter ; from 1761 to 
1769 R. Culdaff, Derry; from 1769 to 1787 R. V. Kilmoe; and 
from 1772 to 1805, when he died, R. Y. Shandon. 

He married, on 14th October, 1756, Anne, only dau. of 
Benjamin Green, esq., by Alicia, dau. of Arthur Bernard, esq., 
of Palace-Anne, county Cork. By her he had issue Rev. 
Arthur Hyde (Precentor of Ross from 1791 to 1815, q. v.) ; 
and five daughters, Alice, Ann (died 1760), Sophia, Mary- 
Elisabeth, and Ann (bom 1766). 
1805. April 22. Warhak Leader, a.b., R. St. Anne's, Shandon, on 
the presentation of William Leader, of Cork, esq., patron for 
this turn. [D.R.] 

1813. John Symson, of Cork, leaves by his will, dated on 2nd 
March, «ei,000 for the poor of St. Anne's. He died in 1816. 
. 1817. June 3. Alderman John Forster died, leaving ^0 to 
the poor of this parish. Mr. Rogerson abo left £100. 

Warham Leader (third son of William Leader, esq., of Cork, 
Barrister-at-Law, and of Mount Leader, county Cork, by his 
wife, Margaret, dau. of Warham St. Leger, esq., of Heyward's 



Hill, county Cork), was ordained Deacon on Ist Sept., 1799, and 
Priest on 24th August, 1800, both at Cloyne. He was, from 
1805 to his death on 26th October, 1818, Bector of St. Anne, 

He married, on 10th October, 1817, at Gore, Henrietta, 
roungest dan. of Eobert Atkins, esq., of Firgrove, near Mallow, 
mt had no issue. His relict, Henrietta, married Rey. Mathew 
Moore, Rector of Gahirconlisb, Limerick. 

Rev. Warham Leader was brother to the late Nioholas 
Philpot Lbadx&, esq., m.p. for Kilkenny ; and was uncle to 
Nicholas Philpot Lsadsb, now k.p. for Cork county. 
1818. Noy. 5. Richard Lonqfibld Connbb, a.b., K St Anne's, 
Shandon, on presentation of Colonel Richard Longfield, of 
Castlemary, patron for this turn. [D.R.] 

1824. Oct. 26. The tithe composition of St. Anne, Shandon, 
as fixed for twenty-one years, is to be £260 Ba. 9cU The 
ayerage price of oats for seyen years, ending 1st Noy., 1821, 
was 15& per barrel [D.R.] 

1834. The Protestant popuhition was 3,551. 

In April, 1834, R. L. Conner, a.11., gets three years' licence 
for non-residence, which licence was renewed from time to 
time on the ground of ill- health. [D.R.} 

1834. August 25. Thomas Johnson, shipbroker, sells, for 
X40, the site of a new chapel of ease, which was licensed for 
diyine seryice on 30th June, 1837, and consecrated by the 
name of St. Luke on 21st October, 1837. [D.R.] 

1837. St. Anne's, Shandon, a rectory, with cure, 3 miles long 
by 1^ broad, containing 2,777 acres. Gross population, 23,350. 
iVo Curates employed, at an annual stipend to each of £75, 
British. Tithe composition, £240 3& Sd. Minister's money, 
£325. Surplice fees, £73. Rents of houses, £52 12«. 4c/. 
Subject to yisitation fees, 6«. 8c^.j diocesan schoolmaster, 16<. 7d. 
No glebe-house. Incumbent is non-resident, by permission, in 
consequence of ill-health ; he resides near Innishannon, in the 
county of Cork. One church, capable of accommodating 700 
persons, built more than a century, but at what cost unknown. 
No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. 
Diyine seryice is celebrated in the church twice on Sundays, 
and on eyery Wednesday and Friday. The sacrament is admin- 
istered monthly, and on the great festiyals. The benefice is a 
rectory. [Pft". Rep.] 

1860. A. L. Conner, Rector ; John Lee and W. M. Woolsey 
are the Curates. The church in order. No glebe or glebe-house. 
The Rector resides at Innishannon. Diyine seryice twice on 
all Sundays, and once on the chief holidays, and on all Wednes- 
days and Fridays throughout the year. Sacrament twice a 
month ; ayerage of communicants, 52 ; also on the chief festi- 
yals ; ayerage 124. 30 boys are on the rolls of the Green Coat 



school ; average attendaDce, 20. Another school) for girls, has 
26 on roU, and an average attendance of 19. A third school, 
for infants, has 28 on roll, and an average attendance of 20. 
The Protestant population is ahout 1,100. There la also a 
chapel of ease in this parish called St Luke's. Protestant 
population of this district is 1,846. The Be v. R. F. Clarke is 
Chaplain; and Rev. Justin MKllarthy is Assistant Chaplain. 
Divine service is celebrated in this chapel twice on all Sundays, 
and once on holidays, and on Thursday evenings. Sacrament 
twice a month ; average of communicants, 75 ; and at Christmas 
and Easter, average, 140. There are 3 schools in St. Luke's 
district, at which there is an average attendance of 27 boys, 
18 girls, and 60 infants. The rentoharge of St> Anne's is 
£180 2s. 6d, The minister's money, paid by the Ecclesiastical 
Commissioners, is £610 lis. Id. The totol income is £790 
17«. 1^., exclusive of surplice fees, &c 

R. L. Conner, grandson of Roger Conner, esq., of Conner- 
ville, by Ann, only sister of Visoount Lonouevillb, was second 
son of William Conner, Lieut.-Col. Cork Militia, by Mary, dau. 
of Thomas Qrant, esq., of Kilmurry ; and was born in Toughal 
in 178d. 

He was ordained Deacon at Cork on 6th Dec., 1807, and 
Priest, at Cloyne, on 8th October, 1809. He was for some 
time Curate of Clondulane, in Cloyne ; and from 1818 to pre- 
sent time has held the R. St. Anne, Shandon. 

He married, on 30th Sept., 1817, at St. Paul's, Cork, Frances- 
Gertrude, second dau. of William Honner, esq., of Round Hill, 
county Cork, and has issue, now surviving, seven children. 
His second son. Rev. Richard Mountiford Conner, born 7th 
July, 1823, after a distinguished undergraduate career, obtained 
a Fellowship in T.C.D. in 1851. 


'^In a MS., wrote by Robert Travers, register, anno 1628 
(transcribed from an ancient roll), p. 10, are these words : — 
Concessio Richardi episcop. Corcagiensis, prebendariis ecclesia? 
Cathedralis, Corke, ut propter dxilitatem nullum habeant 
vicarium, sed preebiterum anualem qui parochianiis suis de- 
serviat. Dat. Crast, annuntiat. B. M. 1278.-»Note, according 
to Sir J. Ware, Robert MacDonogh was Bishop of Cork at this 
time ; but his name was Richard, as appears from this MS. And 
in the same page is as follows : — Concessio Magistri hospitalis 
de morn ejusdom tenons prebend de Moyallo. Dat. dieascen- 


iioiiis Beat. Virginis, anno 1298. — In the same MS. p. 10 : — • 
De proprietatibus Vicariorum eccleeise Oathedralis. Ooncessio 
iisdeni Vicariis ficictaper Walteram episcopum, Philip deoanum, 
et capitulam Oorcagise, 204 pedum terrse in longitudine jacent. 
inter ecclesiam predictam ex parte orientali, et curiam episoopi 
ex parte occidental!, in latitnd. 200 pedum, inter yiam regiam 
ex parte Australi, et viam quse ducit ad curiam predict, ex 
parte Aquilon. Dat. Grastino pnrificationis anno 1328. Appro- 
priatio YicariaB de Corbally per Johanem episcop., GenJdinum 
decanum, et Capitulum Corcagi. iisdem Vicariis &cta. Dat. 
o Novembris, 1348. Quob appropriatio predict, confirmata 
fuit per Edwardum re^em anno regni sui 22^ per suas litteras 

Satentes. Teste Waiter do Bermingham justic. Hibemiie. 
ollatio iisdem fact, per Milonem episcop. Corcagiens. eccles. 
parochialis de Desertserges, 3^ Junii^ 1431. Concessio ecclesiie 
beat. Marias de Narde iisdem Vicariis facta per Jordan um 
episcop. Oorcagiensis. Dat. 2? Septemb., 1441. Concessio 
ecdesiiB Kilroan iisdem, per eundem episcop. anno 1447. 
Donatio ecclesise parochialis de Drynagh et particulsB de 
Drnmlag. in parochia de Desertserges, fecta iisdem Vicariis, 
per Eobertum Goggan, anno 1437, et confirmat. per eundem 
episcop. anno 1456. Donatio iisdem Vicariis facta per Edmnnd 
Riddelort, rectoria? Fanlobbis et Kineagh, confirmata per 
Jordanum episcopum Gorcag. et Gloniensis an. 1477. Legatio 
iisdem Vicar, per Will. Nogle terrarnm nuncupatar. Glasdow, 
alias Glasduff, Boirnecarty, Ynerynybrenig, &c. There were 
anciently only two Vicars Ghoral in this cathedral, as appears 
from an inquisition taken anno 1370, and the same is observed 
in the instrument relating to Gahirlag, p. 25 of the same MS.*' 
[Smith's Gork, roL 1, p. 64, Ac] 

1591. The four Vicars Ghoral are Philip Gold (Archdeacon of Gork, 
q. y.; he died 1612) ; Edmund Gobballt, John Mabtell (died 
1610) ; and Riohabd Skiddt. [MS. T.G.D. B. 3. 14.1 For 
Martell, vide Ghancellors of Gork. Gorbally was R. Dunderrow, 
q. ▼. Skiddy was P. Inskenny, q. v. 

1610. Feb. 20. John Bbook (per mortem John Martell) is admitted 
Fourth Vicar GhoraL Installed 23rd February, 1610. [R.V. 
1634.] In 1615 he was Treasurer of Gork, q. v. 

1615. Eoclesia Gathedralis in bene statu, bene reparata, omata libris 
et omnibus necessariis. In this year three of the Vicars are 
Dignitaries, riz., Dean Gbobob Lbb; the Archdeacon Mighabl 
Botlb -f and the Treasurer, John Bbook. '^ Quartns vicarius 
choralis eoclesisB est Thomas Llotd, a.h., minister etpredicatiir, 
(val. 12 11.) Gapellanns Domini Presidentis. Tenet etiam 
vicariam de ffiddowne in Diocesi Ossoriensi Valor, riginti octo 
Libramm." The valne of each Vicar Ghomlship is 12 li. 
[R.V. R.LA.] 
Boyle was Aicbdeaeon of Cork and Gloyne, Dean of Lismore, 


254 ST. FmAB (yiOARs ohobal). [cobk. 

iic. He beoame Bishop of Waterford in 1619, bat held thia 
Vicarage Choral until bis death, in 1635. 

1615. " Eillonay spect. ad Yicarios Chorales EcclisB Corca- 
giensia Nulla Eoclia. Cancella ruinata ; sed Deoanus et vie 
chorales admoniti providere ouratum et cancellam repftre ; et 
Episcopus admonetur con venire parochianos ad rep&nduni 
Eccliam." [tLV. KI.A.] 

1617. " Theeeconde daie of Aprill, 1617, William, by God's 
providence, Bishop of Cork, Cloine, and Rossc. To the inhabi- 
tants of Gill abbey, and of and upon the abbeys of St. Augus- 
tine and St. Dominicke, the waste churches and chappells of 
St John the Baptist, St Nicholas, St Stephen, St Bridgit, and 
of and upon the lands and within the p*cints of the saide abbeys, 
churches, chappells, and of, upon, and within everie of the 
same without the south gate of the cittie of Corke, and to everie 
of the said inhabitants greeting in our Lord God everlasting. 
Enowe ye that I have (by my ordinary power soe far ffoorth as 
the lawes and statutes of the land will suffer and p'mitt) 
ordained and appointed, and by these p*sents doe ordaine and 
appointe the vicars choralls of the cathedrall church of St 
ffinbarry bye Cork aforesaide, vicars of the p*rishe churches of 
the same nowe being, and their successors, of the said inhabi- 
tants and of evrie of them, to have the charge and cure of soules, 
being places adjacent and p'sons, and the nexte dwellers neare 
to the said p*rishe church of St ffinbarries aforesaid, and no 
other p'per and peculiar p'rishe church or churches, other than 
of the abbeys and dissolved religious houses belonginge to the 
same. Willing and requiring by these p'ntes the said inhabi- 
tants to resorte from tyme to tyme, and at all tymes here- 
after upon Sundaies and holidaies appointed in the church of 
England and Irelande to the said p'rishe church of St ffinbar- 
ries; and to pay to the viccars, p*rish clerke and sexton of the 
same, and to noe other, such ryghts and duties, as for weddings 
xxtnings and burialls, and other such spirituall and ecclesias- 
ticall services, are or shalbe due and payable. In witness 
whereof I have to these p'ntes set my hand and episcopal! 
seale. Given at Bishop's courtc tho daie and yeare above 
written. " William Corke, Cloine, Ross." 

1626. Rev. Richard Owen, P. Kilnaglory, gave £20 to the 
Cathedral Library. 
1638. Oct 28. Edward Johks was admitted a Vicar Choral, and 
installed 12th Nov., 162a [R. V. 1634.] He was stiU a Vicar 
Choral in 1641. [MS. T.C.D. F. 2. 16.] 

Johns was, in 1640, R. Aglishdrinagh, Cloyne, o. v. 
1631. Feb. 25. John Bynns,, is admitted vicar Choral, and 
installed 27th Feb. 1631. [R.V. 1634.] He was, in 1640, 
Treasurer of Cloyoe, q. v. 


1634. Edward JohiiB, John firook, Miobael Bojie, and John 

Binns, appear aa Yio. Chor. [KY. 1634.] 
1634/5. Feb. 10. Nioholas Hall is admitted a Vicar Choral 

[F.F.] He was also Archdeacon of Ross, a. y. 
1635. April 9. Robert Grubs was admitted a Yicar Choral [F.F.] 

He became, in 1637, Rector of Marmallane, q. t. 
1639. Nicholas Hall (vide supra), Edward Johns (vide supra), 

Thomas Bbnnktt (Rector of Marmullane, 1636 to 1637), and 

Robert Batlby (who is also Curate of Si Peter's), are the 

Yicars Choral [V.B. 1639.] 
1641. April 27. Richard Bbnnbtt was admitted a Yicar Choral 

[F.F.] He was also Yicar of the Little Island in 1639. He 

took a degree in T.C.D. in 1641. 

In 1641 the Yicars depose to loss of church-rents, to amount, 

per annum, of £90 lO*., during the rebellion. MS. T.C.D. 

F. 2. 16.] 

1651. Mr. Richard French left XI per an. to poor of St. 

1661. Samttbl Bonner has the four places. [Y.B. D.R] In 1662 

he became P. St. Michael's, q. v. He died in 1666 or 1667. 
1666 to 1668. The four places are vacant. [D.R. Y.B.] 
1669. John Harrison (Y. Eilcaskin, Ross) j John Batlt (P. St. 

Michael's); William Lotb (organist in 1685); and John Wbbb 

(P. Inskenny, and Chancellor of Clojue), are the Yicars Choral. 

[Y3. 1669. J 
Harrison appears 1669 to 1682, and Bajly 1669 to 1672. 

[Y.B. D.R.] 

In 1670 only Harrison and Bayly appear: ''alii yacant." 

[Y.B. D.R.] 

1672. On a salver, weighing 26 oz. 19dwts., is this inscrip- 
tion, " Deo sacratum Eccles. et Cathedral. St. Finbarry's, Cor- 

cag. 1672. Hie est Panis qui de c<b1o descendit Qui manducat 

hunc panem vivet in astemum." 

1674. John Tindall (he appears 1674 to 1686), William Soroogs 
(R. Kilnemartery, Cloyne, q. v.), who appears as Yic Chor. 
Cork, 1674 to 1680, SIathew Romibr, and John Harrison 
are the Yicars Choral. [Y.B. 1674. D.R.] In 1677 Romier's 
place is marked vacant. [Y.B. D.R.] 

1675. August 31. A visitation book of this date has the following 
notice of the tower of St. Finbarry's : — *' Epus admonuit Dec- 
anum et Cap. ad tegend, et vitecis (sic) daudend. tunrim." &c. 

1679. Thomas Dbnt appears as a Yicar Choral. [Y.B. D.R.] In 
1680 he was licensed to the cure uf Ballinaboy. In 1682 he 
became P. Kilnaglory, q. v. 

1680. John Obibbith appears as a Yicar Choral. [Y.B. D.R] In 
1684 he appears as R. Y. Kilsillagh, in Ross. In 1685 he be- 
eame a Minor Canon and Yioar Choral of St. Patriok*|i> Pub- 


Vm. He appears as Vic. Chor. Cork, 1680 to 1685. [V.B.] 
On 4th Dec. 1685, he was suspended at the visitation. [Ad- 
denda to V.B. 1685.] 

1681. Edwabd Hindb {vice Scroggsl), appears as Vicar Choral. 

1682. RiOHABD QooDMAN (vice Hinde), appears as a Vicar Choral 
from 1682 to 1691. [V.B.] In 1718 he became P. Desert- 
more, q. V. 

An assault committed on the person of this clergyman gave 
occnpation to the Ecclesiastical Court of Cork about this time. 
The following is a specimen of the entries relative to the case : 

" Negotium injectiois manunm violentarum in Bichum Good- 
man, Yic. Chor. : per Robtum Rogers, Alderman. Corcag. 
Civit." [Court Book of 1683. D.R.] 
1683 to 1691. Thomas Goodman (vice Harrison), appears as Vicar 
Choral. [V.B.] In 1719 he was R. Templetrine, q. v, 

1683. Mr. William Smart left £8 per an., and his widow £4 
per an. to the poor of St. Finbariy. 

In 1684, the Goodmans are a4lmoni8hed to discharge their 
duties as Vicars Choral, and to attend on every Sunday and 
holiday in the cathedral. Richard is called to answer articles 
for having celebrated a marriage without banns or licence, and 
both Richard and Thomas are desired not to preach withoai 
licence. [Addenda to V.B. 1684.] 

The following documents, extracted from the Visitation 
Books of 1684 and 1685, attest the zeal of Bishop Edward 
Synge to maintain the daily choral service in the cathedra], 
which seems to have been grossly neglected by the officials in 
ancient and modem times : — 

'' November 20, 1684. Acta habita, d^c. Quo die : Quoad 

obsequia et quotidiana ministeria vicariorum Choralinm organ- 
istaa et ceterorum membrorum Chori ecclisd Cathed. St. fin- 
barry Corcagiensis, Dnus Epus ordinacones et decreta sua sub- 
scripta sermone Anglican o perspicue intelligenda, servanda, 
observanda, apparenda et ab ipsis respective perimplenda et 
obtemperanda registrari et insinuari niandavit, quorum tenor 
sequitur et est talis. Whereas, both by the general complaint 
of people, and by our owne observacion it appeareth to ns, that 
the publiq service of God is grossly neglected by the Vicars 
Chonill of the Cathedral Church of St. ffinbaries, Corke, and 
through their example (or as wee have reason to beelieve 
through the advice and approvement of some of them) by the 
organist, and others of the quire, contrary to orders made and 
provided in our primary visitacion, in the year 1679, as allsoe 
to other orders of the same import in ye visitacion of the yeare 
1680, both given under our hand and scale* Wee, therefore, 
for the effectual reformacion thereof, doe order, decree, and in- 
joyne as foUoweth : — ffirst^ that all the fewer Vicars Chonll, 


the organist, and all members of tbe quire, doe from this daj 
forwaid attend every Lord's Day att the canonicall hours, 
morning and evening, all (saving the organist) in their sur- 
plices, and from and after the first Sunday in Advent next en- 
sninffy dayly, and every day in the weeke, att the same canoni- 
oall hoars, morning and evening, and in the same habitt then 
and there to perform the service of the church, in the best 
melodies that they can, according to cathedrall use. Secondly, 
that they all take care to behave themselves with such serious- 
nesse, gravity, and devotion in all parts of their oflSce, as be- 
comes the worship of God, especially that they avoyde laugh- 
ing, talking, and even need^esse whispering to one another in 
service time, as allsoe all indecent postures and gestures of 
body. Thirdly, that if any of the Vicars Ghorall and other 
members of the quire being present att service shall willfully 
forbear to sing, chant, or answer in their course, such their 
willfull silence shall bee interpreted and punished as totall ab- 
sence for that weeke. Provided nevertheless that if the Deane 
of the said cathedrall shall perceive or knoweany of the Vicars 
Ghorall to bee diligent in their studyes, and iraproveing them- 
selves in theologicall learning, it shall and may oe free for him 
att his pleasure to dispense with the absence of such two of 
them upon ordinary days of the weeke, or upon any p*ticu1ar 
incident occasion, as he sees fitt, yet soe that there bee always 
two of the said Vicarrs morning and evening ever in constant 
attendance. And in case one of the said two, whose course of 
attendance it is, should bee through sickness or business en- 
forced to bee absent, he shall provide some other of his brethren 
to attend in his roome. All these orders and injunctions wee 
decree and require to bee observed by the said Vicars Ghorall, 
organist, and other quire men, as they will answeare the ne- 
glect of God*8 service, and bringing it into contempt with the 
people, before God*s Tribunall att the last day ; and in the 
meaue while before us att our next visitation sub poena juris 
et contemptus, and before the Deane ordinarily under such 
mulcts, fines or punishments as have beene usuall or are 
canonicall in this case. 

'' Given under our hand and scale mannnall this 20th day of 
November, pendente visitacione Ghori, Anno Dnl 1684. — 
E. Corke (seal) Rosse.'^ 

A dispute having arisen among the Vicars Ghoral concern- 
ing the payment of the organist, the following decree is pro- 
nounced by the Bishop on ^/>th November, 1684 : — 

*' Whereas upon full hearing what the Vicars Ghoral have to 
say in defence of their owne claims, and after several admoni- 
tions that if they had any further evidences to justify their 
claims they should produce them, as likewise upon due exam- 
ination of all such records, old visitation books, and all other 



papers relating hereto, wbioh have come to my hands^ there 
appears no evidence or color of eyidence .that the small tithes 

'^ of St. ffinbarries did of old belong to the Vicars Chorall of said 

] church, but rather that they were (as is alleadged by the Rev- 
erend Dr. Arthur Pomeroy, Deane of the said church), cast in 
amongst other things by the said Deane and Chapter for the 
encouragement of the said Vicars, and towards the maintein- 
ing of an organist. And whereas we have se6ne an order or 

\ determination made by the most Ker. Father in God, Thomas, 
Lord Archbishop of Cashell, in his triennial visitation, Ano. Dni. 
1676, that the Vicars Chorall injoying such means as therein 
specified, and p'ticularly the small tithes of St. finbarie's not 
' reserved to the oeconomy, the organist of the said church should 
6i\joy the full beuefitt, that is, as wee conceive, his share or full 
dividend of the said means, wee do therefore order and reqtiire 
that the Vicars Chorall observe the said determinacion of ye 
most Eev, the Archbishop of Cashell, and that they forthwith 
pay unto ye p'sent organist such arrears of salary as are to him 
due, and fqr the future, at ye usuall times of paiment, do (tma 
time to time pay him his share or part as it becomes duo, and 
that they oertifie their obedience to this our order, under the 
hand of the said organist, by Christmas Day next ensuing, 

* under the pain of sequestracion of all their benefices till such 
time as the said organist shall be satisfied and paid such arrears 
as are, by the a^ustment of the said Deane, now due to him." 

, [Addenda to V.B. 16840 

" The addresse of the Bishop and Clergy of Cork and Rosse to 
Einff James ye Seoond. 
"To the King's Most Excellent Majestic. 
" The most humble address of the ^Bishop and Clergy of the 

' Diocesses of Corke and Boss, in Ireland.'* 

^' Though wee have already, most of us, in the addresse made 
by the body of our countye, and by severall corporacions there- 
in, given such demonstracions of our zeale towarde your sacred 
Miyestle, as wee have had opportunity for, as well oy word as 
by example, according to our bounden Duty exciting and ani- 
mating our neighbours lo the vowes and practice of all fkith 
and AUegianoe, yett considering the clergy of these three 
nations can never pay sufficient Thankes and duty to yonr 
Majestic for your most graciouse promise to protect and main- 
tain our Bebgion as by law established, — Wee most humbly 
crave leave, afresh and apart by ourselves, to present our vowes 
to GK>d and your Majestic, that as our lives are not deare to ns 
in comparison of our Religion and Loyaltye, soe wee will liot 
iayle, though with the perill of our lives (God being our help- 

. er), according to oar uttmost power by the strictist tyes of oar 
Religion (which abhorrs all Resistance or unfaithfulness to 
Princes), to secure to yonr Majestic both our owne and bur 


people^s Loyaltie and obedience, and wee will inoefejsfiintly im- 
portane the Throne of Grace io preserve your Majestie's sacred 
person from all violence, tt^aoherj, or any evill accidents, till- 
it please Him by whom Kings reign,- that in a good old afi;e 
yon exchange your crowne. Dated at Oorke, Mar. 16^ 1684^. 
De^ne of Gorke. E. Corke, Rosse. 

Ohanter, &e. D. of Boase." 

[Second Book of Cork Registry, fol. 65,'] 

/' 1685. Deo. 4. William Love, the organist, is ordered to 
attend dayly. Love is satisfied to resign if he be paid what is 
doe to him. 

"1685. Dec. 15. In Chapter-honse — at visitation of Dean, 
and Chapter, and Qnire — present only Walter Neale, Thesaur., 
Row. Davies, P. Lisclery, and Henry Ryder, P. Holy Trinity. 
The Bishop decreed as follows : — 

'^ ' Whereas the service of God is not a little slighted and 
neglected by the common sort of people, as may be conseive<) 
by reason of the very seldom attendance of them, whom in duty 
it concerns to attend itt, to the very great scandall of our 
Church and itts Constitution amongsts its adversaries, ffor the 
more effectuall Redress hereof as farr as in us lies, wee order, 
decree, and enjoyne as folio weth : — 

** ' 1. That all Dignitaries and Prebendaries, when they come 
to preach their Tunis in Course, doe, from and after the ffeast 
of ye Nativity of our Lord next ensueing, reside and attend att 
aud during divine service in their Surplices and habitts be- 
longing to their degrees, att the least three days of the weeke 
into which their course falls, att morning and evening prayer 
in the Quire of Saint ffinbarrie*s. And that for this purpose 
those of them who have manse houses, provide and reserve to 
themselves Lodgeings in their manshouses. 

^* ' 2. That the orders and Rules of the attendance of the 
Vicars and members of the Quire affixt up in the vestry being 
now by reason of Interlinaeons very untertaynd be writt over 
again fairly, and made in all things to agree with the orders 
delivered to the Quire in my Visitacion of the year 1664, and 
Reinforced this p*sent Visitacion. 

" ^ 3. That the Organist attend ordinarily att morning and 

. evening prayers every day from and after the ffeast of St. 

Thomas the Apostle next ensueing, then and there to discharge 

his duty for the more regular p'forming the chorall service and 

improveing of the Quire. 

^ * 4. That the Vixger alsoe attend, as the Organist is before 
required, ordinarily every day for the keeping better order in 
the Church. 

" ^ All these orders Wee decree and Enjoyne to be observed 

respectively by those whom they concern, under paine of 

' admonicioH for the ffirst, and^uspencion for the seoond offebce. 



Given under my hand and Episoopall Seale this fifteenth day 
of December, Ac. Di. 1685;'* [Addenda to V3. of 1685.] 

1686 to 1695. AiiEXANDSR Oglebt (ince Griffith) appears as Vicar 
Choral. J'V.B.] He was not admitted until 23rd Janoaryy 
1694. His appointment was by the Dean, and the Bishop dis- 
puted it. In 1693 he became P. 0. Ballinaboy, q. v. He was 
suspended from his Vicar Choralship on 11th January; 1694. 
[Addenda to V.B. 1694.] 

1686. Thomas Goodman seems to have resisted the efforts 
of the Bishop to improve the choral service, as all the Vicars 
Choral, hiU especially Thomas Ooodman^ and the choristers, are 
again admonished to attend the daily choral service, — " con- 
stauter et quotidie attendere choro Cathedralis et in ibi can- 
tare.** Goodman's absence from the holy communion is also 
censured. [Addenda V.B. 1686.] 

1687. William Denny (vice Tyndall) appears as a Vicar Choral 
[V.B.] In 1688 he became V. Whitechurch, Clojrne, q. v. 

1688. '' The Bishop admonisht the Vicars Choral to attend 
the dayly service of the church at the usual times,** &c* ''Item, 
Mr. William Denny, a Prebendal Vicar Choral of ye Cathedral 
Church of St. FiubarrVs, Cork, being duely cited to appear 
and undergoe this visitation, Mr. Denny*s Vicar's place (is 
decreed) vacant.** [Addenda V.B. 1688.1 

1688 to 1693. Andrew Stmmbs {vice Denny) appears as a Vicar 

Choral. [V.B.] In 1718 he became Precentor of Ross, q. v. 

** Declaratio recognito et Protestatio Dni Edwi. Corcagen. 

et Bossen. Epi circa acta and gesta Arthuri Pomeroy, Decani 


" ' Whereas, I, Edward, Lord Bp. of Cork and Rosse, was 
yesterevening, in ye &ceof ye congregation in ye church of St. 
ffinbarry, near Cork, besioes other abuses and oppositions 
given me, contrary to all canons, law, and good order, chaiged 
with injustice and wrong, with having p*varicated in my 
opinions and practices, with disobedience of divers of his 
Majesty's proclamations and comnmnds, and haply with several 
like enormities which I could not take notice of or doe not 
remember, for ye clearing thereof of my selfe from all these 
injuet imputations, although my innocency is sufficiently 
known to all my brethren of ye chapter who are in or about 
ye citty, all who, except my accuser, are ready to attest it, yet 
to ye end noe scruple may sticke with ye people in whose 
hearing I was accused, or anywise blast my ministry towanls 
them or others, I have thought fitt publiokly to deohure: — In 
general!, yt blessed be God, in whose feare I speake it, I have, 
through his grace, lived in ye faithful discharge of my duty 
with all good conscience, and setting aside my infirmityes, am 
free from these or any other like vile offences. I never, yt 
I doe remember, willingly and deliberately invaded ye right of 

CO&ft.] St. PtKfiAB (vtCABS CHOBAt). 26 1 

any p*8on in my life ; and where, ihrougli passion or ignorance, 
* I baye done any verbal wrong or otherwise injured any» I still 
made as snddaine and as ample a satis&cion as I oonld ; nor 
doth (I thanke Qod) my conscience at p'sent accuse me of 
allowing my selfe either in doing wrong, or in ye practice of 
any knowne sin, or neglect of any knowne Christian duty. 
And in particular as to jrt act of mine wherein I was charged 
with wrong and injustice, I do ayow it was just and good my 
right and duty to doe, namely, to finish my visitacion, which 
because ye principall day for it fell on ye Lord's Day, a time 
unfitt for any businesse (if it may be deferred) but devotion, 
I adjourned till munday, and ye one of ye principall p*8ons 
whose assistance wee needed to redress some things amiss 
willfully absenting himself, I was forced to adjoume it ye 
seconde time, hoping I might obtaine ye said p'sons p'sence, 
which by law and his canonicall oath he was bound unto, which 
I say I was in going about, was both my right and duty, as all 
clergymen, who will not be willfully blinde, doe plainly see and 
acknowledge ; nor did I intend any violence or rigour, but all 
candor and brotherly love in my proceedings, as my brethren, to 
whom Icommunicatodmyintentionsbeforehand, knew and know. 
As to ye charge of prevaricating in my opinions and practices, 
I confess I know not well what that means; but not to indulge ye 
temptation of reflecting upon any other^ I answer as to ye 
matters I suspect designed by ye accuser, namely, ye strict 
pressing all parts of ye churche liturgie as at p'sent it stands. 
I have conferred with ye most learnt men I could meet with, 
I have read, studied, and prayed, I have determined nothing 
rashly, I have been candid in declaring my judgement before 
my subscription and since, both in private and publick* My 
opinion, as to such points as I suspect meant, was in print, and 
dedicated to your two primates, yt now are of England and 
Ireland, before I was made a Bishop ; it hath been publisht again 
on another occasion since ; what is enjoined by our church I 
have proved to be lawful, what I conceived more excellent I 
frankly declared ; in ye mean time I never practiced contrary, 
either to what by ye law, Eccllcall, antient, and moderne, I 
might doe, or to what in conscience I approved, though for 
peace sake and obedience, which I wish all may affect as much 
as I doe, I have denied myselfe some satisfiftction; and as to ye 
expedience of some things, I have sacrificed my private senti- 
ments to such constitucions as I have been informed by some of 
ye principall Authors ye necessity of times would p'mitty 
though I have now lived to see those very reasons, which were 
other mens as well as mine, generally p'vail amongst ye most 
Iwmed in ye English church, and this I need not be ashamed 
Howe to owne ; but in all this, I say, noe man reasonably oai| 
MBnae there is any thing of pVarioacion/ 

262 .6t. FiMBAB (vicABa ohohal). Iookk. 

^ As io ye laet point I can rec^^lle^t charged upon' wi^, of dis- 
obeying his Majesties prodamation, though thoy may be taxed 
"thereof who make illegall assemblies of persons inoapaoited for 
flueh purposes as they oalled them to, yet I, in visiting legally 
ye elergy,' can be noe more supposed to act agt those prochlr 
maoions yn ye ciyill magistrates by calling peoplo to courts of 
justice or cirill govemt, or ye parochiall ministers for assem- 
bling ye people togeather to ye worship of Qod, to both which 
EpiscopaU visitaoions have a singular conducency. Baving 
now shewne how unjuate this charge was, I might expose it 
alsoe as most irregular, and proceed immediately to censure ; 
but instead thereof I onely add, yt as to all p'sonall afironls 
and injuries done me in ye whole action, I, from my heart, in- 
tirely forgive, and humbly beg Gkni, through Jesus Christ, 
through whom alone I hope for mercy, to forgive ye author of 
them all ; and as to ye wrong done to ye order in which Qod hath 
been pleased to place me^ and to ye EpiscopaU power and 
jurisdiction, I deferre ye righting of that to more fiivourable, I 
mean more peaceable times, which Qod hasten, when I believe 
a nationall Synod, if any such sitt in our age will noe more 
approve .... [The rest of this line is lorn, j 
a diocesan Synod can be now had doth ; and in ye meantime 1 
further declare myselfe to be in p'fect charity with all and every 
of my breathren, my accuser not excepted, and in a word, with 
all ye world ; and I give notice yt as being soel intend ye next 
Lord*& Day, in ye next p'rish church where ye Lord's Supper, 
according to our use, is celebrated, if I can gett thither, if not, 
in my own chappell, to receive ye wholy comunion, where I 
envite any peaceable, well-disposed Christians to meet me, and 
. soe conclude with pt of ye Angell's hymei not in ye words of a 
oertaine bad translation, peace be to men of good will, but 
peace on earth, peace be to all men, peace be to men yt have 
good will, and as to those who doe not, God give ym a good 
will yt they may have peace, goodwill to mankinde« 

'^ Lecta, reoognita et probata fnit haec declar&o recognitio et 
protestatio a nobis in Ecclla Cathedrali St ffinbarry corcag. die 
Jovis octavo scilicet die mensis Nov. Ano DnL 16b9. — 
Enans. Corcagiensis et Rossensis.*' [D.E.] 

1692 to 1696. Valbntinb Frbnoh (vice one of the Goodmans) ap- 
pears as Vicar Choral. [V.B.J He was not admitted until 
29th Dea 1694. [D.ILJ His appointment was probably in 
dispute between the Dean and Bishop. In 1692 there were 
but three Vicars, Ogleby, French, and Symea. 
French became, in 17 J 7, Dean of Boss, q. ¥• 

1694 to 1697. John Dbwbt (vice Symes), appears aa Vicar Chorul. 
[V.B. D.B.] At the visitation of 1694 Dewey was ord^ved to 
take out a proper licence within a mouthy on pain of eu(^en- 
sion. [Addenda to V.B. 1694.] And, accordingly, hil was 

• .... ' ■ 


fonnally admitted on )lth Jannary^ 1694/5. [I).R.] Dewey 
became, in 1696, R. Ajrdnegihj, q. y. 

In 1694 and 1695 tbere are but three Ticars, Oglebj, 
French, and Dewey. In 1696 only two (French and Dewey), 
appear. rV.B. D.R.] 

1695. April 25. The Bishop canses the following memoran- 
dum to be inserted in the registry : — ^ Hia Orace of Oadiel 
claymes the right of VisitiDg the first year of his accession, but 
waives it (out of favour to the clergy, and by reason of the late 
calamities, and because they were so lately visited by his pre- 
decessor), until the three years should be compleate." [D.ILj 
1698. Bbkjamin Wall^ John Vise, and Edmund Mollot, are the 
Vicars Ohoral, the fourth vicarage being vacant. [V3.] Of 
Wall there is no further mention, except that in 169f his name 
is to a marriage bond, as Benjamin Wall, of St. Finliarrys, 
Clerk. Yyse was admitted on 2nd August, 1699, [F.r.] 
and in February of 1699/700 became Y. Kilmoe and Scull, 
vacating his Vicarage ChoraL Molloy was admitted on 6th 
Sept. 1 698 [F.F.] per mortem John Dewey, and continued a 
Vicar Choral until his death in 1735. [V.B.] Molloy was 
for many years P. C. Ballinaboy. 

'^ Abstract of the decision of William, Archbishop of Cashel, 
touching the right of presentiug to the Vicarages Choral, 
now disputed by Dean Pomeroy against the Bishop of Cork. 
The Bishop of Cork's claim is, that some of his predecessors 
founded and endowed the College of Vicars Choral out of epis- 
copal lands. 

^ This foundation is proved by the Vicar's hall and houses 
(the ruins stHl to be seen) and lands called Vicar's lands or 
acres, all, both houses and lands, being encompassed by the 
Bishop's land. 

''Also, by a grant of certain proffitts to Vicars Choral, made 
by Dominick, Sbhop of Cork, 1554. This original grant now 
to be seen and read by me {i.e,^ by the Archbishop.) 

'' The Archbishop of Cashel refers to Sir James Ware De Prsa- 
sulibns Hibemize, p. 168, who says of Walter le Bede (trans- 
lated from Cork to Cashel, 1330) * Cum adhuc EpQs esset Cor- 
cag. Vicariis ibm habitaconem eomodam assignavit.' He 
refers also to the same author, de Archiqns Casnt et Tuam, pub- 
lished 1626. Ware, noted in mar^n, says he had this Ex 
Archivis Corcag. eccliaa. The Bishop also quoted R. V. 1634, 
out of Prerogative Office, by which it appeared that Brook, 
Johns, and Binns, were admitted and instituted by the Bishop, 
with mandate to ye Dean to instaU. The Bishop also urged 
that Michael Boyle, the first Bishop after the Restoration, 
exercised, his right without contest; and that Dean Roger 
Boyle, afterwards Bishop of Clogher, acted merely as his com- 
niflsary mlappoiniing to the Vicarages Choral. 

S64 I^T. nStAXL (VlCAftd OtfOftAt). [cOftlt. 

^Bean Pomeroy alleges per eontra that| ainoe hia ^ 

Bean, be lias collated to the Vicarages Choral, and by his own 
right appointed William Scroggs, Maihias Eenion, John Tin- 
di3, Edward Hine, Thomas Dent, Thomas Goodman, Alexander 
Ogilby, William Denny, and John Dewey; but the Bishop 
contested these appointments, and several of these persons took 
out fresh titles froni the Bishop. 

^ Dean P. also alleges that the Dean is Ordinary of the Oathe- 
dral, and therefore colhites ; but the Archbishop of Oashel says 
he might also on those grounds claim to appoint thePrebendariea. 
^^Dean Pomeroy also alleges that Dean Fitzgerald (father to 
the present Bishop of Olonfert), before ye warrs, npon a con- 
test, carried the disposal of the Vicarages Choral from the Bishop 
of Cork ; but the Archbishop says that he spoke to the Bishop 
of Clonferty who recollects nothing about it ; and that even if it 
were true that the then Bishop, by reason of infirmities, or 
that Bishop Synge (when the gout had rend^^ him incapable 
of government) permitted the Dean to do as he pleased, yet 
that this could weigh little against prescription and long pos- 

^' On the whole, the Archbishop of Cashel decides that the 
Bishops of Cork, as founders^ &c., have the right of collation. 
March 26. 1698." [D.R.] 
1699. Hbnby Oouoh and Thomas Debham, besides Vtsb and 
HoLLOT, are the Yiears. [V.B.] Gough appears 1699 to 1711. 
He became afterwards P. Templebryan, Koss, q. v. Derham 
was admitted 1699, July 22, and continued a Vicar Choral until 
his death in 1705. [D.B.^ He held Creagh, in Boss, and Kil- 
leagh, in Cloyne, along with this Vicarage Choral, for many 
years, and died P. Eilnaglory, q. v. 

'* 1700. The parish of St. Barry*s contains sixteen plowlands. 
All the tythes of com of the sixteen plowlands in this parisb 
belong to the oMsonomy of St. Banys. All the rest of the 
tithes of these sixteen plowhinds belongs to the Vicars Choral 
of St Barry's. The Dean and Chapter receive the o^conomy 
part, and are supposed to be the Incumbents. No church 
oelonffs to this parish, except the Cathedral of St. Barry's. No 

flebe oelongs to this parish, only the manses, belonging to the 
)ean, Dignitaxys, and Prebendarys, which are redcon'd part 
of this parish. The Prebendarys' and Dignitarys' gardens pay 
the small tythes to the Vicars, but the Dean's garden does not 
miy tithe. Bishopscourt, and the marshes belonging to tlie 
Bishop, are reckon'd as part of this parish. No tythe is paid 
out of Bishopsoonrt, nor out of the nearest marsh ; but the 
other marshes, even while they were in the Bishop's oocnpation, 
in Bishop Michael Boyle's time, paid tyUie. This parish ex* 
tends to the western stone bridge, and 9o rans bv the west end 

gt ^9 Bionp toxif uf tq ih^Agaot tbenitro; ffomUmco t9 

OOEIt.3 8f. HNBAR (inCABS CttOBAL). 265 

QaUow*8 Green and tbe spittle lands, and to KiQindrikidownagh 
lands, belonging to St. Dominick's Abby* Here some small 
fields, and a small street, which are in uiis parish, are not in 
the manner of St. Barry*s, but in the city* All the rest of this 
parish, together with severall other lands in sereral other 
purishes, belongs to the manner of St, Barry's. The tyth be- 
longing to the oeconomy in this parish is worth about £40 per 
an. The tyth belonging to the Vicars Choral in this parish 
is worth about £30 per an. There was one mass-house in this 
parish — ^'tis now ruinous. No meeting-house in this parisli* 
In St. Bany*8pari8h 'tis thought there are two Papists for one 
Protestant. There are not aboTe four or ^ye fiimilies of 
Dissenting Protestants in this and the united parlehes. The 
parishes of St. John, Binmahon, St. Stephen's, St. NicboUis, and 
St Mary de Narde (where the King's stoue fort stands) have 
been united time out of mind to this parish. Sii^ shillings and 
- eight pence was paid heretofore to the Bishop of Corke out of 
the spittle lands of St. Stephen's. Bishop Synge received it 
from John Fouraores, paiable on Easter Munday. When Bishop 
Michael Boyle was here he liv'd in the city ; the Bishop and 
Mayor used to go to St Barry's Church together, but when 
they came to the middle of the eastern stone bridge, the Bishop 
took the right hand of the Mayor, and the sword and other 
ensigns were left in Alderman h ield's house, at the foot of the 
bridge, till they returned from church. Captain Hayes saies 
he hem seen this twenty times done. St Dominick's Abby, 
Red Abby, or St. Augustine's Abby, and Gill Abby, are in the 
south suburbs of Corke's, and within the union of St Barry's. 
The inhabitants come to St Barry's Church, but they pay no 
tithes, neither out of the sites of tbe Abby, nor out of the lands 
belonging to them. The lands of the parish of St Barry belong 
chiefly to the Bishop of Cork, the Earl of Cork, Dean Davys, 
Ignatius Qold (lately forfeited to the King), Captain Travers, 
Mr. Pigott, Alderman Charters, and Mr. Webber. Mr. Piggot, 
Alderman Chartres, Lieutenant Parker, and Collector Trench, 
live in this parish. Mr. Synge, Ac, in the verge of the cathe- 
dral. There is a particular constable for the verge, chosen at 
the Court Leet of the Manor ; there are two other constables in 
the manner, chosen at the Quarter Sessions in the city. There 
is an alms-house in this union in St Nicholas parish, near 
Soutbgate : a house, but no maintenance. Colman Sarsfield 
is Popish Priest of this and the united parishes. He has been 
here about four or five years. He has a mass-house near Bed 
Abby. He was bred at Bordeaux, in France, in the Irish 
seminary, which is a small college, governed by a superior and 

Ktfeety subject to the visitation of the Archbishop of Bordeaux* 
e Frendi King albws £200 per an* for tbe jmpport of the 

^^ er. FiKBAB (ticARs GHoiuL). |eoB£ 

scholars^ clergymen, or deeigned for dergymen. Thery are 
generaHy poor, and the college receires generally £W0 per 
an« (besideB the Eing*s allowance) from priyate Deneftictors. 
These soholais nsnally go to the Jesuifs College to be in- 
simcted in philosophy and divinity. Sarsfield^ the Priest of 
this parish, saies mass twice ereiy Sunday morning, and the 
rest of the Priests in Ireland, by order from the Pope, hare the 
privilege of saying two masses in one day, by reason of the 
great extent of most parishes or unions. There are no church- 
wardens in any of the nnited parishes of St. Nicholas, ^fec 
The churchwardens of St. Bany^s serve for all the united 
parishes, and have done so time out of mind.'' [Downes* 
1700. Nov. 16. Lkwib Laoboix (per cess, of John Yyse) is ad- 
mitted Vicar Ohoral. [D.R.] In 1724 he resigned, and be- 
came P. KillanuUy, q. v* 

'< 1702. One Smart, by his will, left £8 ner an., and his 
wife left by her will £A per an. to the English poor of the 
parish of St. Barry's, to be disposed of by the Dean and church- 
wardens j this £12 for ever yearly is to be paid out of lands in 
the barony of Permoy. One Qylbert l^ft 20«. yearly to the 
poor of St. Barry's; 'tis payable by old Captain Hayes." 
LDownes' Tour.] 

1704. July 9. William Supple recants in the cathedral. 

'' 1704. St. Dominick's Abby, in the south suburbs of Corke, 
belong'd to the Dominicans. Half a plowland, call'd Killinrin- 
downvy and the lands and houses, and mills near the Abby, be- 
longed to this Abby. One Gold had the propriety of this Abby 
formerly ; now it is the estate of Captain Cross. Tbis Abby is 
supposed to be in St Barry's parish." [Downes* Tour.] 

^^Patribus Dominicanis in Suburbio'Corkagiensi circa an. 
1229 coBuobium construxit Philip Barry, a quo oriffinem 
trahit comes de Barrimore." [Bruodini propugnaculum (%ithol. 

^ 1704. Gill Abbv, in the south suburbs of Corke, belonged 
to the Canons regular of the Order of St. Augustin. It was 
formerly called Monasterium de antro St. Finbarri. Gilhft 
JBda O'Mugin, Abbot of this Abby, was Bishop of Corke about 
1 1 72. The half plowland of Gill Abby, and the half plo wbnd 
of BaUygaggen, belong to this Abby. The Earl of Corke's 
marshes aire part of the half plowland of Gill Abby. This 
Abby, with the lands belonging to it, are the estate of the Earl 
of Gorkot This Abby is said to be in St. Barry's parish. The 
25ih of September, yearly, is observed as a festival in the 
diocese of Corke, as dedicated to St. Finbarry." 

^1706. Aprils. WiUkmWalsh,a}sBury,noemfM:Ato^(;m;ite4, 
i living, in BaiidonHrtxeety in St BtarfB, aaiee thai he is 81 'years 


old ; thai he heretofore receiyed the Bishop'srent forBishop Boyle 
and Bishop Synge^ He received £7 p^ aDDom oheifry out of 
Tnogh Canaway, in the barony of Mnskerry, from the Longs, 
who were proprietors of the estates both all Boyle*s time and 
all Synge*B time. He received £7 per.annnm cheifry out of 
the twelve plowlands of BallivoTny, in the barony of Mnskerry^ 
from the Hierligby's, all Boyle's time and all 8ynge*8 time. 
Out of Rnockiliahine, near Timoleague, he received 40«. from 
James Barry, the proprietor. From one Thomas Bateman, a 
Mugletonian, he received £3 per annum cheifiry for BaUidnan, 
near Ologhnikilty, all Boyle's and Synge's time. He sales his 
grandfiather paid 13<. per annum cheifry for the Bishop's 
defence, to secure his estate from Esq. Barret, for Ourribaghagh, 
in the barony of Barretts, in the parish of Inniskarra. This 
was paid to Bishop Lion. This estate came to Friar TJlick [or 
Alick] Barret, who died twelve years ago. Upon his death, 
Ponrdon, Coulthrnst, and others, got possession of it. Leenagh, 
nine acres beyond the Lough near Oorke, was a common be- 
longing to St. Barry's. It was incWd about twelve years ago. 
He receiVd from Biahop Synge 10 li. per annnm fn»n Sir 
Peter Courthop for the stone fort. Courthop was governor 
of the fort. Captain Folliot was captain-lieutenant in the 
fort. Formerly where the fort stands there stood the church 
of Templecroghenigh, or Holy Cross. The church-yard of 
this church was where the Bandon road goes betwixt tbe fort 
and the barracks. The Bandon road at that time went through 
the place where the barracks are built John Gerald's houses 
are built on the old church-yard." [Downes' Tour.] 

1706. April 22. Pibroe Goold, a.m. (vice Derham), is admitted a 
Vicar Choral. [F.F.] In 1711 he resigned, and became P. 
Kilbrittain, q. v. 

1711. June 1. UssHEB Smyth, a.b. (vice Gough), is admitted a 
Vicar Choral [F.F. Cotton.] 

Ussher Smyth was bom in county Cork, and was son of 
Francis Smyth, of Baihcoursey, county Cork, esq., by Maria, 
dan. of Beverly Ussher, by Jane, dau. of Sir Percy Smyth, of 
Ballinatray. Mj.O.] . 

He entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, »iat 18, on 2nd Feb. 1698, 
and become a Scholar in 1702. 

From 1705 to 1711 he was V. Eilmoe, and from 1711 to 
1712 was a Vicar Choral of Cork. 

1711. July 31. John Kbvnst, a.m. (vke Godd), is admitted a Vicar 
Choral [F.F. Cotton.] In Feb. 1711/2, he became P. St. 
Michael's, q. v. 

1711/12. April 2. Riohabd Davibs, am. (vtc« Kenney), is admitted 
a Vicar Choral. [F.F.] 

Bichard Dayiea (a near relative of Dean Rowland Daviea), 
was from 1671 to i684, V. Clonfert, B. Knockt^mple^ i^d Y. 

268 &t. FINBAB (nCABS CHOBAl). [CORX. 

Tntlileose, in Clojme. He was also in 1671 a Tie. Choral of 
Olojne. From 1697 to 1711 he appears as Onrate of Toughal, 
and from 1711 to 1712 he was Vicar Choral of Cork. He was 
buried in St Finbarry's church-yard, on 5th August^ 1712, 
aged eighty-two. 

1712. October 1. William Cbohb, a.m. (vice Davies), is admitted* 
Vicar Choral. [F.P.] 

1712. October 7. Riohabd Baldwin, a.m. (vice Smyth), is admitted 
a Vicar Choral [F.F.] He appears to 1719, and In 1720 be- 
came P. Kilbrittain, q. v. 

1716/17. March 21. Nicholas Skolpibld (vice Crone, deceased), ia 
admitted a Vicar Choral. [F.F.] In 1717 he became V. 
Cannaway, and in 1737, V. Kilcaskin, Ross, q. v. 

1717. August 13. Samuel Bbomb, a.m. (vice SkoliSeld), is admitted 
a Vicar ChoraL [F.F.I In 1718 he became P. Currogrange- 
more, Ross, and in 1731, Chancellor of Cork, a. v. 

1719. September 29. William Ellis, a.m., is admitted a Vicar 
Choral, per resignation of S. Brome. [D.R.] And on same 
day he was licensed to the Curacy of Carrigrohane. He re- 
signed the Vicarage Choral in 1723, and became P. Island, Ross, 
q. V. 

1720 to 1747. William Fulton {vice Baldwin), appears as a Vicar 
Choral. [V.B.] In 1 735 he was also V. Qarrycloyne, Cloyne, q. v. 
On the 4th June, 1720, Lacroix was admonished by tlie 
Bishop for neglecting to attend ye service some days this 
week, and was threatened with further proceedings at next 
visitation. [V.B. D.R.! 

1720. Dean Davies left £10 to the Protestant poor of St. 

1723. Edward Wetenhall left £100, and Mr. Samuel Lngg 
left £25 to the poor of St Finbarry's. 

1724. July 14. Jbmmett Bbownb, a.b. {vice Ellis), is admitted Vicar 
Choral. [F.F.] He was at this time Treasurer of Ross, and 
in Feb. 1 724/5, he resigned this Vicarage Choral, and became 
Precentor of Cork. He was afterwards Dean of Ross, q. v. 

1724/5. Feb. 15. Ralph Davbnpobt, a.m. {vice Jemmett Browne), 
is admitted a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] 

In 1724 Archdeacon Pomeroy bequeathed to the Bishop of 
Cork, £100 for building and supporting a charity school at St. 

Ralph Davenport was son of Charles Davenport, and was 
born at Innishannon, countv Cork. When eighteen years old 
he entered T.C.D. as Pensioner on 7th June, 1707, and ob- 
tained a Scholarship in 1711. 

In 1725 he was Curate of Holy Trinity, Cork, nnd from 
1724 to his death in 1727 was a Vicar Choral of Cork. 

1724/5. March 8. Rabdolph Robbbts, a.m. {vice LacioiX| 
U »dmitted a Vicar Choral [D.R.] 


Roberts was Vicar Choral from 1724 to hia death in 1753. 
He held in 1720 the Curaoj of Nohoval and Kilmonoge, and 
in 1729 that of Gannaway* 

He was ordained Deacon on 20th Sept. 1719, and Priest on 
12th June, 1720, both at Cork. He was a grandson of Rev- 
Thomas Roberts, Chancellor of Cork. 

1727. Jane 16. Thomas White, a.m. (per mort Davenport), is ad- 
mitted Vicar Choral [D.R.] He became in 1751, P. Kilna- 
glory, q. v. 

1727/8. Feb. 1. Pbtbb Watbbhouse, a.m. (per resignation of White), 
is admitted a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] In 1732 he became Pre- 
centor of Cork, q. v. 

In 1730 Mrs. Shearman bequeathed £10 per an. to the 
school at St. Finbarr's ; (Latin to be taught) ; the master to be 
appointed by the Bishop. 

1732/3. Feb. 16. Pjetbb Bbistow, a.m. (vice Waterhouse), is adrnitte 
a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] In 1741 he became also R. St. Paul's, 
q. V. 

In 1733 Emanuel O'Hea, and in 1734 Alexander McCarthy 

and John Barrett, recant in St. Finbarry's Cathedral. [D.R.J 

Dean Carlton left^ in 1735, £100 to the Poor of St. Finbarry's. 

173d. August 1. Thomas Babbt, a«b. (per mortem Molloy), is ad- 
mitted Vicar Choral. [D.B.] In 1747 he became also R. 
Rillowen) q. v. 

1747/8. January 4. John Thomas Atkins, a.m. (per mortem Fulton), 
is admitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] He was also R, Ardne- 
gihy, q. v. 

1749. May 29. Edwabd Beownb, a.b. (per mortem Barry), is ad- 
mitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] In the same year he was made 
Archdeacon of Ross, q. v. 

1750. March 28. Thomas Millbbd, a.m. (vice Browne), is admitted 
a Vicar Choral [D.R.] He resigned on 1st April, 17dl, and 
became V« Dnrrus, q. v. 

1751. June 3. Thomas Bbownb, a.b. (vice Millerd), is admitted 
Vicar Choral. [D^R.] He resigned in 1757, on becoming 
Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1751. Mrs. Eliza Farthing leaves JEIOO to the poor of this 

1752. Oct 31. The four Vicars Choral (as some of them have 
cure of souls in different parishes, or through their infirmities 
cannot without great difficulty attend to their duty in the 
cathedral} and in order that the service on them incumbent 
may regularly be performed in case of their necessary absence), 
petition the bishop to allow one Reader to attend such service 
in their behalf, for which each is willing to allow £10 each by 
the year ; and they present Richard Pigott, A.B., for his Lord- 
ship s licence, as such Reader. Pigott is accordingly licensed 
** to do the whole dnty belonging to said Vicars Choral^*' at a 


27D ST. FmBAB (ytokiBLs choaal). [cork. 

. stipend of ^0 p«r aDnam, on 14th Nor. 1752. [D.R.] Pi^ott^ 
who had been ordained Beacon on 24th Maj^ 1752, by the 
Archbishop of Dublin, at St. Patrick's, was, in 1774, V. Holy 
Trinity, q. v. 
1753. October 12. John Weixok, a.b. (per mortem Roberts), it ad- 
mitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] 

John Wrixon, bom at Glen field, county Cork, was the son 
of Henry Wrixon, esq., and entered T.O.D. as a Pensioner, on 
3rd Feb., 1730, aged seventeen. 

He was licensed on 17th Jane, 1747, to the cnracy of^ 
Glonmeen and Roskcen, and in 1751, May 7, to that of Killas- 
pugmnllane. From 1756 to 1760 he appears as Curate of 
Baliinaboy. He continued Vic. Chor. Cork, until his death in 

He married Catherine, sister of Rev. Thomas White, P. Eil- 
naglory. nDuns.] 
1757. Nov. 7. jBdward Eknnet, a.b. (vice Thomas Browne) is 
admitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] He resigned in 1761, and 
became P.^Inskenny, q. v. 
1761. May 8. Righabd flaorr, b.]>., (rice Edward Eenney). [J^-R-] 
He resigned on becoming P* Lisclery in Dec., 1770. He was 
afterwards V. Holy Trinity, q. v. 

Emanuel Pigott, esq., leaves £100 to the poor in 1762. 

1764. April 30. Cablbton Babbt, a.m., {vice Wrixon) is admitted 
Vicar Choral. [P.F.] 

He .was a son of Edward Barry, h.b^ (and was either son or 
brother of Edward Barry, m.d., who was created a Baronet 
in 1775). He was bom in Cork, and entered T.C.D. as Pen- 
sioner, on 10th July, 1737, at the age of fifteen. [Reg. 

He held this vicarage choral until his death in February, 
1768» He was buried at St. Andrew's, Dublin. 

1765. January 6. Thoicas Bbbvitob, a.m., (vice John Thomas 
Atkin) is admitted a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] He resigtaed 
in 1768. He was R. Carrigaline, q. v. 

1765. Mr. James French leaves £5 a year to the poor of this 
1768. Feb. 12. William Jephson, a.b., (per mortem Carleton Barry) 
is admitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] He resigned in 1774, on 
becoming Archdeacon of Cork. He was, in 1773, Precentor 
of Ross, q. T. 

1768. August 2. BsLLnroHAM Swan, a.m., (vice Brevitor) is admitted 
a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] In 1769 he received the V. Deftert- 
seiges, q. t. 

1769. Itoroh 17. OBOBoa Bbbkelbt, a.m., (per mortem Bristewe) 
is admitted % Vioar Choral. [D.R.1 

George Berkeley (son of Rev- Robert Berkeley, Tireasurer of 
.. XTloyne, and nephew to George, Bishop of Cloyne) wasoidabed 

COiBK.] 9T. f INBAR (VICABS <«0BAL). 271 

Deaooiiy on 9ih July, 1768, at Cloyne, and PHeat, on 26th . 
Aogost^ 1769, at Cork. 

He was licensed on 23rd May, 1759, to beOorateof Middieton. 

From 1766 to 1789 he was E. Y. WLitephnreh, Cloyne ; and 
from 1769 to 1804, a Vicar Choral of Cork. From 1777 to 
1801 he was B. Y. Carrigrohanebeg, in Clojne ; and from 
1784 to 1804, Precentor of Killala. He was also B. V. Nath- 
lash and Eildorrer7 from 1789 to his deatli in 1804. 

He married at Midleton, on 12th of Feb., 1772, Mrs. Ursula 
Browne, of Coolcower« and bj her had issue five sons^ Bicfaard, 
and Bobert (twins), GJoorge, Joshua, and Sackville-Haaiiltou. 
He also had a daughter, Anne. 

Of his five sons, Bichard (by his wife Sarah Atkins), had two 
sons, George, in holy orders, and Bobert, Q.O., who married 
Clara De Moleyns, and has issue. The three next all died 
unmarried; and the fourth, Sackville-Hamilton, became a 
General in the Army ; and by his wife, Elisabeth Mnrray, had 
ten children, viz., Comberraere-George-William, Joshua, Sack- 
yille-Hamilton, Bobert, and James; Anne, Mary, and Louisa 
(daughters), and two other children, who died young. 
1771. January 1. John Eevnbt, a.m., (vice Pigott) is f^mitted a 
Yicar ChoraL [D*B.] In 1796 he became P. Eilbrogan, q. v. 
1775. January 14. Chablbs Coote, a.b., (vice Jephson) is admitted 
Vicar Choral. p).B.] In 1778 he resigned. 

This Charles Coote was probably third son of Bobert Coote, 
esq., of Ashhill^ county Limerick, by Anne, dau. of Bartho- 
lomew Purdon, esq. 

In 1774 he was Curate of Castlemagner and of Ballycbgh, 
in Cloyne. From 1774 to 1775 he was B. V. Kilciilly, and 
from 1775 to 1778 he was Vicar Choral, Cork. 

'^ Isaac, by Divine Providence, Lord Bishop of Cork and Boss, 
To our beloved John Maginn, greeting. We hereby give and 

frant to you the office of Schoolmaster of the parish of St* 
inbarry, Cork, in our diocese of Cork, with foil power and 
authority to teach and instruct children in the English tongue, 
writing and arithmetick, and other lawful and honest docu- 
ments, allowed and approved of by the laws and statutes of 
this Kingdom, within the said parish ; and we appoint you 
Schoolmaster in said parish during our will and pleasure, with 
all wages, stipends, salaries, and all other profits and emolu- 
ments of the office of a Schoolmaster in the said parish, payable 
under the will of Mary Shearman, late of the city of Udrk, 
widow, deceased, or otherwise however. You having first ti&en 
all the oaths required by law in this behalf to be taken, and 
subscribed the declaratipn, oath of abjuration, and two first 
cations. In testimony whereof we have caused our Episcopal 
/ Seale to be thereunto affixed. Dated 28th September, 1777. 
Thos. Gregg, Dep. Beg." [D.B] 

272 ST. FINBAB (vicars CltOllAL). [cORK. 

1778. Feb. 7. Michael Tisdall,, (vice Coote) is admitted & 
Vicar Choral. [D.R.J In 1781 he resigned, and became 
Archdeacon of Ross, q. y. 

1778. Mr. W. Smith, organist, leaves £200 to the poor. 

1781. Nov. 24. John Drvbt, a.h., (vice Tisdall) is admittea a Vicar 
Choral. [D.R.] 

John Drury was, from 1758 to 1771, P. Stagonil ; and from 
1771 to 1791, P. Kilmactalway, Dublin. He was, also, frt>m 
1775 to 1791, Chancellor of Kildare. From 1780 to 1781, he 
was also P. Currograngemore, Boss ; and from 1781 to 1791, 
a Vicar Choral of Cork. He also held, from 1787 to 1789, the 
P. St Michael's, Dublin ; and from 1789 to 1791, was P. St 
John's, Dublin. He died in 1791. 

1791. June 3. FiTzasBALB Tisdall, a.b., {viee Drury, deceased) is 
admitted a Vicar Choral. [D.B.] He resigned in 1791. He 
became R. V. Kilnioe, q. v. 

1791. Dec. 22. Arthur Htdb, junior, a.r, (viee F. Tisdall) is 
admitted Vicar Choral. [F.F.] And same day Precentor of 
Ross, q. V. 

1796. April 16. Mrade Dennis, a.b., (vice John Kenney) is admitted 
a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] He resigned in 1809. 

Meade Swift^ als Dennis, was, from 1782 to 1796, V. Kin- 
neigh ; from 1796 to 1809, Vicar Choral, Cork ; and from 1809 
to his death in 1841, Rector of the Union of Lynn, Moylisoar, 
and Carrig, in Meath. 

He was the son of Thomas Swift, esq., of Lynn, county 
Westmeatb, by the only sister of Lord Chief Baboh Dbrr is, 
who was created Barok Traoton in 1780. His uncle dying 
without issue in 1782, Meade Swift took the name and arms 
of Dennis. He married Delia Sophia, daughter of Morley 
Saunders, esq., of Saunders Grove, county Wicklow, by whom 
he had Thomas Stratford Dennis, esq., of Fort-Granite ; Rot. 
Meade Paul Dennis ; John Dennis, ]|.d. ; James- Aldborough 
Dennis ; and Bev. Morley Dennis ; besides five daughters. 

1799. Feb. 27. John Chbtwood, a.m., (rice Swan) is admitted Vicar 
Choral. TD.R.] Along with this vicarage choral he held, 
until his death in 1814, the P. Cahirlag, q. v* 

1804. January 28. Joshua Bbekblkt, a.b., (vice George Berkeley) 
is admitted Vicar ChoraL [D.B.] In 1824 he became also 
V. Holy Trinity, q. v. 

1805. Bishop Stopford bequeathed £100 to the Dean of 
Cork, the interest only to be applied to the benefit of the poor 
of St. Finbarry's. Also, he gives, by his will, 100 spinning 
wheels, at 7<. each, to 100 of the poorest women, as the Dean 
or the Curate may appoint. He also left all his books to the 
library of St. Finbarry*a 

1809. December 7. Bobbbt Evaks, a.b., (vice Meade Dennis) is 
admitted a Vicar Choral. [D.B.] 


In 1781 Robert Evans became R. Lynn, Moyliscar, and 
Oarrig, in Meath diocese, vice George Evans, resigned. He 
held that Union until 1809, when he became, by exchange, a 
Vicar Choral of Cork. He died in 1831. 
1814. May 17. John Hevrt Goulimsbubt, a.b. (nice Chctwood), is 
admitted to a vicarage choral, certi6ed value under £300 per 
an. [D.K.] He always resided in the town of Boyle, in the 
diocese of Elphin, where he held another benefice. 

J. H. Gonldsbury was a Scholar, T.C.D., in 1765. 

He was, from 1785 to 1819, B. Tighbohine, Elphin ; and 
from 1819 ()) to 1825 (1) R. Ardcarne, Elphin ; and from 1825 
to 1831, P. Oran, Elphin. He was, also, from 1814 to 1831, 
a Vicar Choral of Cork. 

He died on 30th August, 1831, aged eighty-five, in the town 
of Boyle, where he had resided for 61 years. A tablet to his 
memory is in Boyle Church. 
1816. March 9. Homorablb Geobob de la Poer Beresford (trice 
Arthur Hyde) is admitted, to a Vicarage Choral, certified under 
£300 per an. in value. [D.R.] Beresford was also P. Inn is- 
carra, Cloyne, q. v. He resigned in 1826. 

1825. May 4. Thomas St. Lawrence (vice Joshua Berkeley), is 
admitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] He was also P. Currogrange- 
more, Ross, q. v. He died in 1833. 

1826. July 13. John Warburton, a.m. (vice G. Beresford), is ad- 
mitted Vicar Choral. [D.R.] 

John Warburton (son of Charles Warburton, or Mongan, 
Bishop of Cloyne) was, from 1811 to 1816, Precentor of Ard- 

He holds to the present time (1862), from 1825 a Vicarage 
Choral in Cloyne ; firom 1 826 a Vicarage Choral in Cork ; from 
1818 the Precentorship of Limerick ; from 1814 the R. Kill and 
Lyons, Kildare; and from 1829 the R. Drumclifi^e, Killaloe. 

He is married, and has issue. 
1831. April 16. Samuel Gbobob Roobrs, a.b. (vice Evans), is ad- 
mitted a Vicar Choral on letters patent of March 9, sede 
vacanle. [D.R.] In 1839 Rogers became also R. V. Nath- 
lash, Cloyne, q. v. 
1831. Sept. 9. Samuel Moore Etlb, a.b. (vice Gonldsbury), is ad- 
mitted a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] In 1833 Kyle became also 
Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1832. The four Vicars Chorals have amongst them an aver- 
age gross income of £1,558 11«. 6</. calculated on an average 
of three years, ending 1st November, 1831, exclusive of two- 
thirds of the tithes of Corbally parish, valued at the annual 
sum of £67 9$. ScL ; no part of which was received during those 
three years. Their income arises from one-third of composition 
rent of St. Finbarry's, £300 ; from part of Desertserges parish, 
£315 ; of Fanlobbus, £373 13«. Id. ; from portions of tithes of 



Einneigh, £225 ; of Drinagh, £220 ; and of Eilroan, £70. 
And from rents of houses and lauds reserved by lease, £5 A 
18«. 5d. They pay as outgoings £75 to the Reader or Curate 
of St. Finbarry; and £168 to the Choir, and to their Syndic, 
£77 18«. 6d. ; and to their Runner, £6 6s, ; they also pay £10 
for the occasional duties of Kilroan parish. Their net annual 
income is £305 G<. 9d, for each Vicar Choral. [Pari. Rep.] 
1833. March 15. Thomas Henry Torbbns, a.b. (vice Thonms St 
Lawrence), is admitted a Vicar Choral. [D.R.] 

T. H. Torrens (eldest son of the Venerable John Torrens, 
Archdeacon of Dublin), was ordained in 1827. 

He was, from 1832 to 1858, R. Carnal way, Eildare; and 
from 1833 to 1858, Vicar Choral of Cork. He died on 29th 
Nov., 1858, having had issue by his wife. Miss Richardson, of 
Somerset, near Coleraine, one son, who has since died. 

1834. The Protestant population of St. Finbarry's is 1,826. 

1842. Feb. 2. The appointment of Vicars Choral was sus- 
pended by an Order in Council. 

1860. The Dean and Chapter are the Incumbents of the 
parish of St. Finbarry. Frederick Dobbin is Curate ; and 
Isaac Morgan Reeves is Reader and Catechist The cathedral 
church is an unsightly edifice, and there is nothing within its 
walls to compensate for the deformity of its exterior. The 
choral service is neglected, and there is no daily service. 
Divine service is performed twice on Sundays, and once on the 
usual holidays, and also on all Wednesdays and Fridays ; but the 
choir do not attend except on Sundays and Christmas Day. 
The sacrament is administered monthly; average of communi- 
cants, 51 ; and at Christmas and Easter ; average 119. The 
children of the parish are instructed by the clergyman on one 
day of the week, as are also the school children. 32 boys 
(with an average attendance of 27) ; 27 girls (average attend- 
ance, 23) ; and 68 infants are on the rolls of the schools, which 
are supported by a small endowment, the collections at the 
cathedral on Sunday evenings, and by voluntary contributions. 
The Protestant population, inclusive of Frank field district, is 
about 1,000. 

At Frankfield (a chapel within this parish, served by ihe 
Curate and the Catechist of the cathedral alternately), there is 
divine service ou all Sunday mornings. Sacrament monthly ; 
average of communicants, 11 ; and at Christmas and Easter; 
average, 29. 17 children attend a Church Education school. 
The Protestant population of the district (including the Dean's 
household) is 124. 

At St. Michaers (Blackrock), a Chapel of Ease to St. Fin* 
barry*6, there is also divine service twice on all Sundays, and 
once on the usual holidays, and on Wednesdays in Lent. Sa- 
crament monthly and on festivals ; average of communicants, 


45. About 40 children attend a Cburch Education school. 
The Protestant population of this district is 640. 

1863. A sum of money has been subscribed for the erection 
of a new cathedral on the old site. The plans have been 
chosen, and there is a fair prospect that Cork will soon possess 
a decent cathedral church, in which, it is to be hoped, the 
choral service will be used daily throughout the year. 


"Juxta Oorkagiam monaohis Benedictinis sub titulo Sti 
Johannis EvangelistaB monasterium fundavit Johannes Rex 
Angliao et Dominus Hibernian.** [Bruodini propugnac. Cathol. 

1591. E. Sci Johis Evangeliste spectat ad Prior Bothon. imp. 
[MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] 

1615. Scti Johannis Evangelista} Hectoria spectat ad Priorem de 
Bath j nulla Ecclia, nulla cancella, nullus curatus. rSLY. 

1634. E. Sti Johis EvangelistsB. Rex est Rector. John Gratrix 
de Cork generosus tenet banc rectoriam. Nullus curatus. 
Valet 14 li. per an. [R.V. 1634.] 

1639. St. John's. Thomas Robbrts, Curatus. Ecclesia ruinata, 
desunt omnia. [V.B. 1639. D.K] Mr. Thomas Roberts also ap- 
pears as lay Proxy for St. John's, and pays Ills. fees. [V.B.J 

Roberts was presented to the rectory of St. John of Jeru- 
salem circ4i 1636, by King Charles I., wlio ;(ave him a lease 
for 61 years, by patent dated '2th\ July, 163^, of lands called 
Wasterfield and Terenure, als Ballinure, part of the late dis- 
solved priory of St. John of Jerusalem. [Betham MSS.] 

Roberts was afterwards Chancellor of Cork, q. v.. He died 
in 1664. 

1664. July 12. John Pabby, d.d., is presented to the rectory of St. 
John of Jerusalem. [Lib. Mun.] He was son of Edward 
Parry, Bishop of Eillaloe. John Parry was, in 1660, Treasurer 
of Christ Church, Dublin ; in 1666, Dean of Christ Church ; 
and in 1672 Bishop of Ossory. 

1666. May 21. Edwabd Sing is presented to the rectory of St. 
John of Jerusalem. [Lib. Mun.] 

In 1667, St. John's is said to belong to Grany, and Edward 
Sing appears for it at visitation. If this Edward Synge waa 
the same person who was afterwards Abp. of Tuam, he must 
have been a mere child when he obtained his. patent. 

1675. May 20. Rowland Davies is presented to the rectory of St. 
John of Jerusalem. [Lib. Mun.] In 1709 Davies was Dean 
of Cork, q. V. 

T 2 

276 ST. JOHN. [coaK. 

1679. Dec. 15, By letters patent of this date the rectory of St 
John of Jerusalem is granted to the Bishop of Cork, to main- 
tain a Priest Vicar Choral in the Cathedral of St. Finharry, 
Cork. [Lib. Mun.] 

The patent states the reason of this grant as follows: — 
"Cabolus sVdus dei graAugF, Scot', Franc', et Hibn' rex fidei 
defensor et cet — omnibus ad quos p'sentes lr§ nre p'venint saltm. 
Cum intelligim' quod incole paroch' Sanct' Johis p'p' civit' n'ram 
Corcag' et jacent* in com' d'ce Civit' in regno n'ro Hib'ni» ex 
homin' memoria dependebant et adhuc depend' sup' Eccllam 
Cathedral' Sanct' Fynbarry, Corkagen' p' oibus pastoral' officiis 
et inde fruuntur eis :— Et inforroat' quod a felice restaunicde 
n'ra dca Ecclia Cathedral' destitut' fuit omni Choral* servic' ex 
inopia opportunar' dotation' :— Ac etiam intelligent' diet' rector' 
Sci Johls jam vacant' esse et ad n'ram donacou et lib&m dispo- 
sioOem n'ram (p'plenum jus et patronatu' n'rum) spectan' et 
p'tin' :— -SoiATis igitur quod nos, de gr& n'ra spiali ac ex certa 
8Cla et mere motn n'ris, de et cum assensu et consensu p'dilect* 
et p'q'mfidel' consanguinei et conciliar n'ri Jacobi Due' Ormon' 
loc' ten' n'ri genal' et genal Gubnator' n'ri regni n'ri Hibnise, 
necnon s'c'd'm tenor' et effect* quar'd'm I'rar' n'rar' manu n'ra 
p'pria signat' dat' sub signeto n'ro apud cur' n'ram de Whitehall 
vicessimo septimo die Oitobr' anno r'ni n'ri tricessimo prime 
aunoq' d'ni millimo sexcentessimo septuagessimo none, et nunc 
in rotul* Cur' n're Cancellar' in d'c'o r'no n'ro Hibnise irrot'Iat', 
Dbdims concessim's et contulim's, ac p' p'sentes dam's Bil'c'o 
nobis in XrO reverend' in Xro p'ri Edr6 Corkagen' et Rossen' 
EpO, et succ'suis Epis Corkagen', d'c'am integram rector' Sanct' 
Johls p*pe Corkag' unacum oibus et oiod' terr' tenement' debit' 
p'fie' decim' commodit' jurisdicion' et emolum't quibuscunque 
tam sp'ual q'm temporal' dee integr' rector' Sanct' Johls p'pe 
Corkag' quoquomodo spectan' et p'tinen,' — habehd* et tenend* 
d'cam integr' rector' Sci Johls p'pe Corkag* cum o'ibus suis jur* 
membr' et p'tin' universis p'&t Edro Corkagen' et Rossen' £p6 et 
success' suis Corkagen' Epis inp'petuum p' et ad usum et susten- 
tacoem unius saoeidot' Vicar' Choral' qui lib'os parochie Sci 
Johls p'd' in medio Ecclie Cathedral' Sanct' Fynbarry Corka- 
gen' secund' leges Ecclie Angl' catechisabit ; ac etiam p' sus- 
tentacoe unius laici Vicar* Choral' et tot Cantor' aut chorisl' 
quousque reddit' diet' rector' extend' ; et q'mlibet eor' quotidie in 
d'co Cathedral' aut Chor' Sanct' Fynbarry secund' choral' usum 
Ecclise Hibnie officiar'. Beddend inde nobis hered' et suoo* 
n'ris sclt ad manus Vicethesaurar' sive gen'al receptor' n'ri 
hered' et succ' n'ror' d'c'i r'ni n'ri Hib'nie p' tempore existente 
ad recept' Scrii n'ri hered' et succ' n'ror' d'ci rni nri Hib'nie tot' 
et tal' redit' reservacon' et offic' <|uot jam p' ead' solut' sunt 
solvend' ad festa Pasche et Sancti Michlis Arch'i p' equal porcon* 
aonuatim ab et immediate post diet' integr' rector' Sd Johls 

eveniet in possess* dVi Edrl Corkag' et Rossen* Ep aut suc- 
cessor^ suor* Corkagen' Epor* pyiso semp' et finniter injungend* 
mandam's qaod p'fat Edrus Gorkag* et Kossen' Eptis irrolidabit 
vel irrotnlsui caaeabit lias Tras n'ras patent' in alta cur^ n'ra 
Cancellar* in d'co r'no Hibnise infra sex menses p'xim' post dat* 
har^ I'rar' n'rar* patent'. Eo quod, &c., aliqno statute et cet. 
In cujns rei testimoniu' bas I'ras n'ras fieri fecim's patent* 
Teste p'fat ioc' ten' n'ro Gen'ali et Gen'ali Gub'natore dci i^ni 
n'ri Hibnie apud Dublin, decimo quinto die Decembr' anno 
r'ni n'ri tricessimo primo. 

'^ Irrot' yicessimo die Decembr^ anno R' R' Caroli S'c'di trices* 
simo primo." 

I also give a translation of the foregoing : — 

Charles the Second, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, 
France, and Ireland, King, defender of the &ith, and soforth. 
To all to whom these, our present letters, shall come, greeting. 

Whereas, We understand that the inhabitants of the parish 
of St. John, near our city of Cork, and lying in the county of 
the said city, in our Kingdom of Ireland, were since the 
memory of man dependent, and still are dependent, upon the 
Cathedral Church of St. Finbarry, of Cork, for all pastoral 
offices, and thence enjoy them ; and being informed that from 
our happy restoration the said Cathediul Church has been des- 
titute of all choral service, from want of a fitting endowment; 
and, moreover, understanding that the said rectory of St. John 
is now vacant, and appertain in? and belonging to our gift and 
free disposition (by our full right and patronage). 

Know ye, therefore, that We, of our especial grace, certain 
knowledge, and mere motion, by and with the assent and con- 
sent of our well-beloved and faithful cousin and counsellor, 
James, Duke of Ormond, our Lieutenant-General and General 
Governor of our Kingdom of Ireland, and also according to the 
term and effect of certain letters signed with our own hand, and 
sealed with our seal, at our Court of Whitehall, the twenty- 
seventh day of October, in the thirty-first year of our reign, 
and in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and 
seventy-nine, and now enrolled in the Rolls of our Chancery of 
our said Kingdom of Ireland, We have given, granted, and 
conferred, and by these presents We do give, grant, and confer 
on our well-beloved in Christ, our rev. father in Christ, 
Edward, Bishop of Cork and Ross, and his successors. Bishops 
of Cork, the said entire rectory of St. John, near Cork, together 
with all and all kind of land, tenements, debts, profits, tithes, 
commodities, jurisdictions, and emoluments whatsoever, as well 
spiritual as temporal, to the said entire rectory of St. John, near 
Cork, in any manner appertaining and belonging. 

To have and to hold the said entire rectory of Si John, near 

278 ST. JOHN. [cork. 

Cork, with all its rightSi members, and appurtenances whatso- 
eyer, to the said Edward, Bishop of Cork and Ross, and his 
successors, Bishops of Cork, for ever, for and to the use and 
support of one Priest Vicar Choral, who shall catechise the 
children of tbe Parish of St. John aforesaid in the midst of 
the Cathedral Church of St. Finbany, of Cork, according to 
the laws of the Church of England. And, moreover, for tbe 
support of one lay Vicar Choral, and so many singers or chor- 
isters as the rents of the said rectory extend to, and that every 
of them shall daily officiate in the said cathedral or choir of 
Saint Finbarry, according to the choral usage of the Church 
of Ireland. 

B.etuming thereout to us, our heirs and successors, to wit, at 
the hands of our Vice-Treasurer or General Receiver of us, our 
heirs and successors of our said Kingdom of Ireland for the 
time being, at the receipt of the Exchequer of us, our heirs and 
successors of our said Kingdom of Ireland, so much and such 
rents, reservations, and offices as now are paid for the same. 
To be paid at tbe feasts of Easter and Saint Michael the Arch- 
angel, by equal portions, yearly, from and immediately after 
the said entire rectory shall come into the possession of Edward, 
Bishop of Cork and Ross, or his successors, Bishops of Cork. 

Provided always, and firmly enjoining, We command that 
the said Edward, Bishop of Cork and Ross, shall enrol, or cause 
to be enrolled, these our letters patent in our High Court of 
Chancery in our said Kingdom of Ireland, within six months 
next after the date of these our letters patent, although, and so- 
forth. Any statute, and soforth. 

In witness whereof We have caused these our letters to be 
made patent. Witnessour said Lieutenaut-General and General 
Governor of our said Kingdom of Ireland, at Dublin, the 
fifteenth day of December, in the thirty-first year of our reign. 

Enrolled on the twenty-first day of December, in the thirty- 
firat year of the reign of King Charles the Second. 

"1700. St. John's Church stood to the east of Red Abby ; 
it is ruinous, and has been so for eighty years. Several par- 
cels of glebe, some in the north suburbs of Corke, belong to 
this parish, and all the tithes of this parish, which was for- 
merly the possession of the priory of St. John of Jerusalem. 
They were lately given by the King for the maintenance of 
the quire of St Barry's. There was formerly a house near 
the church, where they entertained the Knights of St. John of 
Jerusalem, in their travels. Mr. Thomas Roberts heretofore 
hetd iliis priory by lease from the Crown during his life, after 
him Mr. Parry, and then Mr. Edward Synge, enjoy'd it during 
Mr. Parry's life. Upon Parry's death Dr. WetenhaU, Bishop 
of Corke, got the King's patent appropriating it to the quire, 

CORK.] ST. JOHN. 279 


paying the former rent reseryed. The glebe and tjthes are 

worth about . The people of this pariah go to St. Barry's 

Church. The parish has been supposed to be united to St. 
Barry's^ ever since the dissolution of the priory. The church- 
wardens of St. Barry's serve for this and the adjacent parishes, 
and also for the three Abbys in the south suburbs." 

" An. 1702. A little beyond Bed Abby, to the east, stood 
St. John's Church, the side walls are standing, but the gable 
ends are down. They bury sometimes in the church ; but 
there are no signs of the bounds of the church-yard, as there 
are gardens all round the church. Betwixt Bed Abby and St. 
John's Church is the mass-house, a long cabin, that will con- 
tain about 400 persons. St John's Church and parish be- 
longed to the knights of St. John of Jerusalem. Upon the 
dissolution of that order it came to the Crown, and was leased 
from the Crown in Charles the First'a time. The lease being 
expired, Mr. Boberts (Clerk) got a presentation of it from the 
Crown, and it has been ever since in the possession of the church. 
About the year 1664, Mr. Edward Synge had the intire rec- 
tory of St. John of Jerusalem. About the year 1694, Mr. 
Bowland Davys got a presentation of it from the Crown, as 
being vacant ; but Bishop Synge compounded with Mr. Davys, 
and gave him some other livings, and kept St. John's for his 
son. Upon Bishop Synge's death. Bishop Wetenbal coming to 
the see got a patent from the Crown, appropriating the parish 
of St. John's to the use of the quire of St. Pinbarry's. 

" 1704. Bed Abby, in the south suburbs of Corke, belong'd to 
the monks of St. Augustine. Some gardens and houses near the 
Abby belong'd to it, and a small piece of ground and mill, 
call'd Ballivracks, near Douglas, belonged to the Abby. This 
Abby, with the lands, <&c., belonging to it, is the estate of my 
Lord Primate Boyle. The lands of this and the other Abbys 
pay no tithes. This Abby is said to be in St. John's parish." 
[Downes' Tour.] 

" Non procul a Corcagia ordini eremitorum Sti Augustini, 
regnante Edwardo prime, ccBuobium fundavit Debmitius 
Caethjeus Yulgo Macarthseus fuscus." [Bruodini propugna- 
culuni CatholicsR yeritatis.] 

1860. Without reference to the chapter books of the cathe- 
dral, which have not latterly been accessible to inquirers, it is 
impossible to trace the uses to which the revenues of St. John 
have been applied. It may, however, be fairly presumed that 
they have been appropriated always to the maintenance of the 
Choir, or of the Curate, or Beader, at the cathedral. The pre- 
sent Beader, Bev. I. M. Beeves, was appointed by the Bishop 
of Cork, in 1850, to the Vicarage of St. John of Jerusalem ; 
but it does not appear that he is either the Priest Vicar 
Choral, whose duty was to catechise in medio eccledce, or the 

280 ST. JOHK. — ST. MAftT, SHANBOH. [OO&K. 

k^ Vicar Choral, who was to attend daily to the ehoral aer- 
vice in the cathedral, under the patent of Ohasles II. 

Isaac Morgan Beeves (eldest son of T. S. Reeves, esq., nde 
Carebagh, Rev. James S» Reeves) was educated at T.C.D^ 
where he obtained a Senior Moderatorship in Ethics and Logics 
in 1841. He graduated b.a. in 1842, and m-a. in 1853. 

He was ordained Deacon at Kilkenny, by the Bishop of 
Ossory, on Slst Dec. 1844, and Priest at Oavan, by the Bishop 
of Kilmore, on letters dimissory from Cork. 

In 1844 he was Curate of Douglas, in the parish of Carrigsr 
line, to which he was licensed on 29tli May, 1 847. His licence 
was transferred from Carrigaline to the Holy Trinity on 3nl 
July, 1850. He was, in the latter year, appointed by tha 
Dean of Cork to the curacy of St Finbar's, and at the same 
time to the Vicarage of St. John of Jerusalem by the Bishop. 
In February, 1 858, having resigned the curacy of St Finbar*8, 
he was appointed by the Bishop to be also Reader in the 

He married Anna-Maria-Toke (dau. of Rev. Heniy Bonchier 
Wrey, R. Tawstock, Devon, and granddaughter of Sir Bou- 
CHiBB Wrbt), by whom he has issue a daughter, Helen- Wrey, 
bom 26th October, 1860. 


1291. "Eccia de Sandona Vllmr. Vicar capit dimid.** [Tax. P. 

1462. In a charter of this date, of King Edward IV., the chnn^es 
of St Mary Shandon, and St. Catherine, are named. [Mason's 
Parochial Survey.] 

St. Mary, Shandon, R. and V. " Heredes Domini de Rupe- 
fort** present to the Rectory ; the Bishop colhites to the Vicar- 
age. [Clarendon MSS. No. 36, Brit. Mos.] 

1523. Sept 4. "Dominus WillQs Oflioyn, presbyter parochi- 
alis 8. KateriniB** is a witness to a deed. [Sarsfield MSS.] 

1536. In this year Dominiok Tibbbt, Rector of Shandon, beoune 
Bishop of Cork and of Cloyne. [Tuckey, p. 47.] In a letter 
from the King to the Mayor and citizens, d;c., of Cork, and to 
the officers and subjects at Bandon, it is stated that by reiison of 
the tenuity of the bishoprick, Tirrey had the vicarage of Cork 
(St Mary, Shandon), and the parsonage and vicarage of Ban- 
don (Ballymodan), granted to him in commendam. June 11, 
18th Hen. VIII. [Pat Rot.] 

1582. March 14. 1>ominu8 Donaldub Dovati t Coroorbb is pre- 
sented to V. Maris de Shandon — ** decimo quarto die ejusdem 
mensis (Martis 1582), dnns donaldus donati y Conofher, pres« 

Celtic.] St. MABY, SfiAKDOK. 281 

biter per honorabilem viram Qeraldnm comitem Eildarie cOm- 
endatns et presentatos ad vicariam p'petuam Ecdesi® beatiB 
Marie de Snandon ; admissos est per enpradictam Epnm ad 
dictam yicariam et inductus est quasi in poem per magistrum 
Philippum Goldeum archidiaconam Oorcagen. P* Goldeus 
Registrarius.** [D.R.] 

1583. April 30. Maubicius Dbbmicii t Dalt is admitted Rector of 
St Mary, Shandon. ^'Rectoria simplex EccliiB parochialia 
beatu3 Marise de Shandon juxta civitatem Corkagen. dioc. Cor- 
kagen. concessa est dno Mauricio dermicii j daly p'bitero, qai 
quidem dOs Mauricius institutos est per presentationem honor- 
abilis Tiri dni Barrymore dec&n. noie vicecomitis de Battivant^ 
admissione decani et capituli, et indaotns per Archidiaconum 
nltimo die Aprilis, Ao. Di, 1583. Phil Gold. R." [D.R.I 

1591. Rector Ecclesias MarisB de Shandon Philip Martbll. Vica- 
riua ejusdem Edmund Nblsov, laicas. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. H.] 
In another part Johes Martell is Rector, and Edmond Nelson 
10 marked "dispens— ejus amoc5e per ijosannos — laicus obtint 
per 2o8 annos. And in the list of persons cited before the 
royal commission is Daniel M'Donooh, Vicar de Shandon, and 
Vicar de Walestown. 

1591. ''E See Catherine spectat ad ab. de Chore. Vas. 
RiCHABD Skiddtb, Cur." [R.V. 1591.] 

1615. Jane 19. William Thomas is presented to R. V. Shandon, 
and P. Cahirlag, q. v. [Lib. Man.] He was instituted on 
12th July, 1615. [P.F.] 

1615. Shandon (residens) K et V. William Thomas, minister 
et predicator. Ecclesia bene repftta, cancella in repfttione. 
Ipse inservit curse. [R.V. R.I.A.] 

1615. October 29. Johnbonnbs Fbnton, adm. Rector de Shandon. 

1616. April 17. John Bbocb, Vicar de Shandon. [P.P.] He is 
still Vicar in 1634. He was also Treasurer of Cork, q. v. 

1617. July 17. The Sequestration of R. Shandon, dioc. Cork, 
was granted to John Qratrix, of Cork, generotiuB, [liS. Prerog- 
ative Court, Dublin.] 

1617. Not. 29. The Sequestration of the Prebend or Rectory 
of Shandon, dioc Cork, was granted to Edmund Murfy, of 
Cork. [lb.] 
1617/8. Januaiy 23. John Hull, Rector de Shandon. [P.P.] 
He was also Precentor of Cloyne, q. r. 

1617. William J Bishop of Cork, Cloine, and Rosse, orders the 
inhabitants of St. Prancis, commonly called Shandon Abby^ 
St. Cattalin, als St. Catherine, and of all places without the 
north gate of the cittie of Cork to ''resorte, from tjone to 
tyme, and at all times hereafter,** upon Sundays and holidaiea 
appointed in the church of England and Ireland, to the parishe 
church of St Maij, Shandon, and to pay to the Vicar, Parisli 


Olerk, and Sexton of the same, and to noe other^ such ijghta 
and duties as for weddings, cfaristnings, and bnrialls, and other 
such spiritnall and ecclesiastical services are or shalbe payable. 
The V icar of St. Mary, Shandon, is by this Act ordained to 
have the charge and cure of souls and persons within the pre- 
cincts of St Francis, St. Catherine, Gill Abby, &e. His sac- 
cessors to have the like charge, &c» [D.B.] 

1627. A cup of silver now in use bears the following legend : 


THOMAS HYET." A Small paten accompanies this cup, withont 
1628. April 12. James Trebenmick, Eector de Shandon (T.F.], to 
which the Bishop united the R. V. Kilgulane, and Y.liogeely, 
Cloine. pLV. 1634.1 

1634. K de Shandon, James Tredennick, predicator. YaL 
XII li. per an. Comes Barrimore^ patronus. Yicarins de 
Shandon, John Brocke, predicator. Yal. XII li. per an. 
Comes Kildare, patronns. [R.V. 1634.] E. de Sta Eathe- 
rina, Bex est Bector. Johes Fitzgerald, miles, tenet banc eccliam. 


In 1666 "St. Catherine prope Shandon, Edward Fitzgerald 
est impropriator,** and in 1667 "spectat ad Shandon rationecon- 
fiscationis ejusdem et per litteras patentes regis.*' [Y.B. D.B.] 

James Tredennick, " Clicus, divini verbi predicator,'* was 
ordained Deacon and Priest by William (Lyon), Bishop of 

In 1615 he appears as Y. Grenagh, B. Y. Marshalstown and 
Kilgulane, in Cloyne. In 1628 he is B. Shandon ; in 1629 Y. 
Mogeely, in Cloyne ; and in 1634 Y. Cannaway. 
1637. ^urch 10. Bichard Geadinoh, Vicar de Shandon, and on 
21 St July, 1638, Rector de Shandon. [F.F.] 

1639. B. and Y. de Shandon, Bichus Geadinch compt per 
procuratorem Thomam Banks, Ecclesia bene et omata. George 
Kelly, the Curate, is to take out a faculty. St. Catherine, par- 
ticula de Shandon. [Y.B. D.B.l 

Geadinch, on 20th April, 1639, was admitted Y. Stradbally, 
in county Waterford. [F.F.] 
16 — ? Hezeohiah Holland, B. Y. Shandon, and B. Bathcoony. 
He does not appear save in the following entry from the visi- 
tation book of 1669. 
1661. April 26. Thomas Goodman, B. and Y. de Shandon, prope 
Cork, and B. Bathcoony, per mortem Hezechia9 Holland. 
Comitcs Kildare and Barrimore, patroni. [Y.B. 1669. D.B.] 
Goodman appears in 1680, as B. Y. Shandon, and in 1670 he 
is also B. St. Catherine, per letters patent of the King. [V.B. 
D.B,] In 1675 he was also Precentor of Boss, q. v. 

1666. Sept 28. A grant is made, under the Act of Settle- 


ment to Goodman and his successors, Ministers of Sbandon, of 
^* a front house and housteade, a backside, and garden," at a 
rent of XI 29. 6(2. 
1681. May 20. Walter Neale, R. and V. Shandon. [P.F.] He 
appears 1681 to 1706. [Y.B. D.R.] He was also Treasurer, 
and subsequently Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1688. A cup and paten of silver both bear this legend : — 
" The Guift of £llin Taylor to the Church of St. Mary, Shandon, 

1690, circcu The old parish church, near Shandon Castle, 
was demolished by the Irish. 

1693. The site of the present church, part of the forfeited 
estate of Ignatius Goold, Merchant, was granted by Viscount 
Sidney, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; and in 1696 the church 
was built, and ready for erection of pews, <kc. [Vestry Book.] 

1693. Over the west door of this church, on a stone^ is this 
inscription, in gold letters : — '* Ad Edificandum Templum 
Hoc Quantulum est Agri Donum Parochise Sanctas Marise de 
Shandon Dedit Nobilissimus Dominus Henricus Vicecomes 
Sydney Hybernite Prorex. An. Domini MDCXCIII. Cujus 
Memorise in -Sternum floreat.'' [Smith's, Cork, vol. i. p. 375.] 

" 1700. St. Francis' Abby, in the north suburbs of Cork, 
belonged to the Franciscans. Half a plowland near the Abby, 
and several other parcels of land in the country, belong to this 
Abby. This Abby, with the lands belonging to it, is the 
estate of the £arl of Orrery. This Abby is said to be in Shan- 
don parish." 

** May, 1700. St. Francis's Abby is on the north side of the 
Lee, in the north suburbs of Cork. The site of it contains a 
few gardens on the side of the hill near the Abby. It is the 
estate of the Lord Orrery, and before the late troubles was 
held and inhabited by Mr. Eogers, Thomas Cooke, and others. 
In King James's time, a new chappel was built by the Friars 
on part of the Abby, but not where the former chappel stood. 
Some Friars lived there. In the time of the siege, the Abby, 
with the rest of the suburbs, was burnt A good strong steeple 
remains standing. The chappel that was lately built, having 
been burnt with the Abby, was repaired by Mr. Morrison, a 
merchant, and is now used by him as a warehouse." 

" 1702. The hospital in Shandon parish. — One Stephen 
Skiddy long since settled twenty-four pounds per annum (pay- 
able by the Company of Vintners in London, out of certain 
houses in that city) upon the Mayor and Corporation of Corke, 
to be bestowed by them upon ten poor people, which they 
accordingly did. The said annuity of 24 li. per an. was duly 
paid to the year 1644 ; and what was farther due to the year 
1660, Sir Eobert Coppinger, the last Papist Mayor, got into his 
bands, and never accounted for it. 

284 St. MABt, S^AKDOy. [ooftK. 

^From the year 1660, or soon after, the said annaity was paid 
into the hands of Christopher Bye, Alderman of we city of 
Oorke, a third part being for some years defalkt on account of 
the fire of London. The said Alderman Rye, npon his account 
with the city a little before his death, appeared to have dis- 
bursed about eighty pounds of this said mony (so receired by 
him) for the use of the Corporation, and to have besides re- 
maining in his hands 114 li., for which he ofier'd his bond, 
which, by neglect, was never taken. And the said Rye's 
executors having no assets remaining, and his heir deriving 
under a settlement, the said 114 li. is irrecoverably lost. 
From the death of Alderman Rye the said annuity was received 
by Robert Rogers, Alderman of the said city of Corke, who, 
out of it, has rebuilt the said house for the said ten poor people 
(which was fallen down), and fairly accounted with the city. 
From the time that the said house has been rebuilt, the said 
money, as it comes in, is applied to the use intended by the 

^' An. 1702. This hospital is sufficient for the reception of 
twenty poor people. There are in it at present, of old men and 
women, sixteen. Eight of these have tenpence weekly, besides 
their lodgings, the other eight have nothing besides lodging.** 

** In Shandon parish is Bretridges Hospital, joyniug to the 
fore-mentioned hospital. Captain Bretridge, about the year 
1678, by will, settled some lands in the barony of Duhallo, for 
the maintenance of seven poor Protestants of the Church of 
England. Each of them to have eighteen pence a week and 
twenty shillings apiece on St Simon's and St. Jude's day, 
yearly, for clothing. And if there be any overplus, it is to be 
laid out in putting out as apprentices poor boys of the city of 
Corke. The lands were heretofore set for 36 li. per annum. 

"An. 1702. There are now but five poor men in the hospital, 
the rent of the lands not being sufficient fur the whole number. 
The Mayor, Recorder, and Sheriffs of Corke, are governors of 
the hospital. Mr. Hartstonge, the grandson of Capt. Bretridge, 
is to nominate the poor men during his life, afterwards the 
Mayor and Sheriff of Corke, and the Minister of Shandon, are 
to nominate them." FDownes' Tour.] 
1706/7. April 5. Hknry Maule, R. V. St. Mary, Shandon. [F.F.I 

1707. He repaired the parsonage of St. Mary, Shandon, and 
obtained a certificate for an outlay thereon of £150. [D.R.] 

1711. Maule copies the old register. In 1716 he gives up 
certain buildings for use of the charity schools. [Par. Reg.] 

1713. A large alms-basin, weighing 22 oz. 9 dwts., is in- 
scribed ** Deo DD Prenobilis Viri Robertas Comes de Kildare 
et Jacobus Comes de Barrlmore altematim Patroni Eoclena 
Stie Mariro de Shandon in Civitat Corcag. et in psum Ecole«« 
ftwdiot. 7Decembris,1713," 

OOBX.] ST. MART, 8HAND0V. 285 

1713. Two large flagons, weighing respectively 72 oz. 
12 dwte., and 71 oz. 11 dwts., are inscribed ''Deo dd Rector 
et Parochiani Ecclesiie StaB Mariie de Sbandon in Civitat Corcag. 
et in usum Eccles. prsedict 24 Decembris, 1713.*' 

1715. A large silver cup, weighing 23 oz., bears the mono- 
gram LH.S., surrounded by a nimbus or glory, and is inscribed 
''Deo DD Et in usum Eccles. Paroch. St£e Marias de Sbandon 
in Civitat. Corcagiens. et Diocaesi praedict. April 26, An. Dom. 
1715. Quid retribnam Domino.** A paten, weighing 12oz. 
5 dwts., has the same inscription and date; and a larger paten 
or alms-basin, weighing about 26 oz., has the same inscription 
and date. 

1720. Dr. Manle, in a petition to the Primate, states that he 
18 Rector of St. Mary, Sbandon, worth £300 ; of Mourne Abbey, 
worth £90 ; and also was lately presented to ye deanery of 
Gloyne, worth £60 per an., which he can*t hold without a 
faculty. He states al^o that there is constant service in St 
Mary Sbandon, and in Mourne Abbey, by his Curates ; and 
that he has built both a church and a parsonage at Mourne 
Abbey, at his own expense ; and that the Churches of St. 
Mary, Sbandon, and Mourne Abbey, are " but about ten miles** 
distant from ye corps of ye deanery of Cloyne. On 21st June, 
1720, the Primate consults the Bishop of Cork, who affirms 
the above statement of Maule to be true, and recommends the 
issuing of a faculty for Maule to hold the three livings, which 
is thereupon granted. [D.R.] 

1720. George Simpson, of Cork, gentleman, gives by will 
(dated 30th July, 1719, and proved 4th Feb., 1720) £3 unto ye 
poore children of ye charity schoole of St. Mary, Shandon. [D.R.] 

1723. Sept 7. An order in Council was passed for dividing 
the parish of St Mary, Shandon, and erecting a new parish of 
StPkul. [D.R.] 

1724. An almshouse was built and endowed by Abraham 
Morris, esq., for four poor men and four poor women, Pro- 

Maule was also Dean of Cloyne, q. v. 

1726. Sept 24. Jambs Ward is appointed by the Crown R. V. St 
Mary, Shandon, and Dean of Cloyne, q. v. He was instituted 
on 3rd of January, 1726/7. [D.k] 

1736. Nov. 20. Gboboe Tisdall, a.m., is admitted on the presen- 
tation of the Earl of Kildare, dated 11th Nov., to the R. V. St 
Mary, Shandon, and R. St Catherine, prope Shandon, vacant 
by aeath of James Ward. [D.R.] 

1737. Daniel Thresher, merchant, of Cork, by will bearing 
date 9 th January, 1737, bequeathed to ye Mayor, Sheriffs, and 
Common Council of Cork for the time being, £250, to be laid out 
in lands in fee-simple, the rent and profits to be paid to such 
clergyman as the Bishop of Cork for the time being may appoint^ 


who shall, every first Sunday in the month, read morning 
seryioe, and preach a sermon (in the parish chnrch of St. 
Mary*8, Shandon, or in any other church in Cork city the 
Bishop may select) at an early hour, so as not to interfere with 
other services, but to be convenient for servants and others who 
can't attend the usual service; and who also shall catechise, after 
evening service, the children, and instruct the adults who attend 
in the principles of religion. [D.R.] 

In 1738, Oct. 27, an order in Council divides the parish of St. 
Mary, Shandon, and erects a new parish of St. Anne. [Lib. Man. j 

In 1750, Dr. Tisdall is suspended for one month, for having 
shut out from his church the Rev. Mathias Spread, a lecturer, 
appointed by the Bishop. [V.B. D.R.] 

1758. September 11. Michael Tisdall is appointed Thresher's 
lecturer. [JD.R.] 

1770. Nov. 30. Richard,EarlofBarrymore, sells for £1,500, 
the next presentation to St. Mary, Shandon, and St. Anne, 
Shandon, unto Arthur Hyde, of Castlehyde, esq. [D.R.*] 

George Tisdall, the first of his family who came to Cork from 
Louth, was born in Dublin in 1706, and was son of William 
Tisdall, esq., of Mount Tisdall, county Meath, by Frances, dau. 
of Hon. Robert Fitzgerald, and sister of the 19th Eabl of 
KiLDARE. He entered T.C.D. on 12th June, 1722, when seven- 
teen years old, and was afterwards d.d. He held the R. St 
Mary, Shandon, from 1736 to 1772. 

Ue married, on 17th March, 1727, Frances, dan. of George 
Canning, esq., of Garvagh, county Derry, and bad issue Rev. 
Michael Tisdall, Archdeacon of Rohh, q. v. ; a daughter, Lettiee 
(born 1741), and other children. 
1772. May 25. Richakd Gibbings, a.b., U. V. St. Mnrv, Shandon, 
and R. St. Catherine, near Shandon. [t'.F.] 

1785. August 24. Robert, Duke of Lein^ter, .^ells the next 
presentation to St. Mary, Shandon, to George M'Carty Portis, 
of Belfast, who, on 5th Dec, 1787, assigns the same to Waddell 
Cunningham, John Alexander, Valentine Jones, and Christopher 
Salmon, of Belfast. They sell it to John and Robert Leislie, 
who act in behalf of Rev. John Leslie, of Dublin. The 
Leslies, in 1790 (Dec. 8), sell it to Thomas Lloyd, of Prospect, 
county Limerick, for £750; who, in 1805, December 21, sells 
it to Sampson Stawell, of Eilbrittain, for £1,200. 

Biohard Gibbings, bom 15th Feb., 1746, was eldest surviv- 
ing son of Bartholomew Gibbings, by Elisabeth, eldest dau. of 
Venerable Richard Wight, Archdeacon of Limerick. Bartho- 
lomew was son of Thomas Gibbings, by Anne, dau. of Robert 
Oonran ; and Thomas was son of Captain John Gibbings, of 
Gibbings Grove, who died 23rd Dec, 1678, aged fifty-five. 

Richard Gibbings was licensed to the curacy of Clonfert, 
Cloyne, on 11th July, 1771, and to the curacy of St Mary, 


Shandon, on 26th Feb., 1 772. He was R. V. St. Mary, 
Shandon, from 1772 to 1807, when he resigned. 

He married, firstly, on 23rd Sept., 1773, Alice, dan. of Arthur 
Hyde, of Castlehyae, m.p. for Cork connty, and by her had no 
issue. He married, secondly, Catherine, dau. of John Odell, 
High Sheriff for connty Limerick, and sister to Colonel William 
Odell, M.P. for Limerick county, and for some years a Lord of 
the Treasury. By this lady he had (besides Thomas, Treasurer 
of Cloyne, q. v.) an eldest son, Bartholomew, of Gibbings* 
Grove, county Cork. 

Rev. Richard Gibbings died on March 5, 1812, at his seat, 
Gibbings Grove. 
1807. January 7. Johk Quarry, a.b., R. V. St Maiy, Shandon, and 
R. St Catherine, near Shandon, on presentation of Sampson 
Stawell, vice Gibbings, resigned. [D.R.] 

1819. The Protestant population waA 1,190 ; the Roman 
Catholic, 11,718. [Mason.] 

1824. Feb. 17. It is ordered that the inhabitants of St 
Catherine resort to St Mary, Shandon, until a church be 
built in St. Catherine, or this order be revoked. It is stated 
that the parish or district of St Catherine has been for a great 
length of years held with the parish of St Mary, but no record 
has been found in the registry of the parish of St. Cathe- 
rine having been united by Bishop or charter to St Mary's, or 
any other parish. [D.R.] 

1830. The Protestant population is 1,666. 

1832. St Mary*i?, Shandon, union : 2 Irish miles long, by 1^ 
broad, with cure, cou.sisting of: — 1. St Mary'j*, Shandon, 
rectory and vicarage. 2. St. Catherine, near Shandon, rectory. 
The union routain?^ 2,246a. 2r. 33r. GroMi< population of both 
parishes, 16,018. Ono Curate employed, at a stipend of £75 
per annum. Tithe composition of 8t. Mary, bhaudon, £25 ; 
Minister's money, £86 lis. 2^d,; rents of hou8e8,£95 10«. 9^; 
surplice fees, £'22 17«. 2d. ; subject to visitation fees, £1 ; dio- 
cesan schoolmaster, 95. No glebe-house for the residence of 
Incumbent. Incumbent is resident^ and pays the sum of £42 
a-year for house rent One church, capable of accommodating 
1,000 persons, built by means of parochial assessment, in 1693, 
but at what cost unknown. No charge on the parish in 1832 
on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated thrice 
on the first and fourth Sundays in each month, and twice on 
all other Sundays ; and service and a lecture are delivered on 
every Tuesday and Thursday. The sacrament is administered 
twice in each month, and on the great festivals. The benefices 
constituting this union are rectories ; but the denomination of 
the union called St Catherine's is reported to be the estate 
of the Earl of Cork, who claims entire exemption from tithes, 
or any payment to the Rector on account thereof, as Impro- 


priator. Tbe Incumbent is &lso Chaplain of tbe gaol of the 
city of Cork. [Pari. Rep.] 

John Quany was ordained Deacon on 10th May, 1799, mt 
Douglas, Cork, and Priest on Ist September, 1799, at Clojne^ 
on letters dimissory from Cork. 

He was licensed on 7th Oct 1805, to the curacy of St Mary, 
Shandon, and from 1807 to his death on 1st June, 1837, was 
R. V. St Mary, Shandon. 

He married, on 20th August, 1807, at St Nicholas* church. 
Miss Mary Busteed, and by her left issue, Bey. John, eldest 
son (Y. (^trachore^ Cloyne, q. v.), Michael, Jephson-Busteed, 
and three daughters, Mary, Martha, and Alicia. 

The Bey. John Quarry, ll.d., was buried at St Mary, Shan- 
don, on 5th June, 1837, aged sixty. He was author of a sta- 
tistical account of this parish in Mason's Parochial Surrey of 
1837. July 18. William Chadwicke Nelman, ll.d., R. V. St Mary, 
Shandon, and R. St. Catherine, on the presentation of Rey* 
Robert Longfield, dated 8th July, 1837. [D.RJ 

1838. Feb. 24. Dr. Neligan was appointed Threshei^s Lec- 
turer. [D.R.1 

1860. W. C. Neligan, Rector ; R. P. Foley and T. H. Gol- 
lock. Curates. The churcli in order. No glebe-house. No 
glebe. Diyine service twice each Sunday and once on all 
church holidays, and on all Wednesdays and Fridays. Sacra- 
ment twice a month ; average of communicants, 43 ; and at 
Christmas and Easter, average 108. Tbe schools are maintained 
by Moses Deane's endowment (£60 per annum), and by volun- 
tary contributions ; 52 boys, 31 girl?, and 49 in&nts are on the 
rolls. The average attendance is 34 boys, 20 |;irls, and 31 
infants. The Protestant population is about £1,500. The 
sum paid by the Commissioners as Minister's money is now 
(1863), £270 15& 5d.i the tithe is £18 15s.; the rents of 
houses amount to £95 10s. 9d. The total value is £385 Is. 2d^ 
without residence. The next presentation to this benefice will 
rest with his Grace the Duke of Leinster. 

W. C. Neligan (son of Rev. Frederick Neligan, Rector of 
KilmastuUii^ Cashel dioc. and grandson of Rev. Lawrence Neli- 
gan, Rector of Golden, Cashel diocese), entered T.C.D. in 1821, 
and graduated a.b. in 1828, a.m. in 1832, and iiL.n. in 1836. 
He was ordained Deacon at Cloyne on 1st June, 1828, and 
Priest at Eillaloe in September of same year. He was licensed 
on 3 Ist July, 1830, as Chaplain of the Cork Episcopal Mari- 
ners* Church. He was licensed to the Curacy of St Peter's on 
9tb July, 1833. 

He married, on 3rd Dec. 1839, Rachel, second dau. of Henry 
Lon^eld, esq., of Waterloo and Seaoourt, county Cork. He 
has issue two daughters, Elisabeth, and Mary-Longfield. 



1291. "Eccia de Sanbally Illmr. vicar capit dimid;' [Tax. P. Nic] 
1326. According to aa ancient roll, tbia church was made prebendal 

in 1326, by Philip, Bishop of Cork. [Smith's Cork, vol. i. p. 

1591. ^'E. de Shanbally als. Shenavallie Thomas Wood incumbens 

interdicitur defectu ordinam et titulorum; vacat per ijosannos." 

[MS. T.C.D. B. 3. 14.] In same MS. D. Lono, the Treasurer, 

and Prebendary of Kiilanully, appears as Rector of St MichaeFs. 
Thomas Wood, in 1591, appears as R. Shanbally, V. Rosbery, 

Tisbery, and Leighmoney, and as B. Ardnegihy. 
1615. John Gold appears as P. Shanbally ; — " Preb' de Shanbally, 

John Gold. Valor 3 li." [R.V. R.I.A.] He wm also R. 

Rathcony, and V. Eilcoe, Ross. 
1617. July 19. Richard Sutton is admitted Rector of St. Michael's 

and Vicar de Lisclery. [P.F.] 
1628. Sept. 3. Joseph Fowlbs is admitted P. St. Michael's als. 

Shanballie, and R. Rathconye, united by Bishop. rR.V. 


1634. E. de Shanbally als. St. Michael's Josephus Fowles, 

predicator. Val. 4 li. per annum. [R.V. 1634. J 

Fowles was also Treasurer of Cloyne, q. v. He died in 

1637. July 27. George Krlly is admitted Preb. St. Michael's, and 

R. Rathcony. [F.F.] He appears in 1639 with Mr. Gilsland 

as Curate. "Ecclesia rninata, desunt omnia." [V.B. 1639. 

D.R.] Kelly was also, in 1639, Curate of Shandon. 

He married, in August, 1640, Elisabeth Lanyon, '^widdowe." 

[Cork M.B.] 

On May 16, 1642, *' George Kellie" depones to losses in respect 

of his church livings, the Rectory of Rathcony and Prebend of 

St Michael's, both worth communibus annis three score and 

five pounds. [M.S. T.C.D. F. 2. 15.1 
1662. July 28. Samuel BowHEB, A.M., P. St. Michael's. [F.F.] He 

was also R. V. Insnlaa parva), V. Ballydeloghy and Kilcoan. 

In 1662 there was a bond for marriage, signed on 13th Octo- 
ber, 1662, between Samuel Bonner, of St. Finbarrie's, Clearke, 

and Catherine Needum, of the south suburbs of Cork, widow. 

[Cork M.B.] In the Visitation Book of March 15, 1666, 

Samuel Bonner is marked ^ SBgrotat." 

1667. Vacant by death of Samuel Bonnek. [V.B. D.R.] 

1668. John Batlie appears as P. St. Michael's. [V.B.] On 11th 
July, 1669, he is instituted to P. Shanbally als. St Michael, R. 
Templeusky, R. Kilcoan, and R V. InsulsB parvao, all vacant 
by death of Samuel Bonner. [V.B. 1669.] He was also 
Vicar Choral, Cork, in 1669. 



Iq 1685 Bayley was suspended, iic, ^for dc^ appearing at 
ye 4 last visitations." [V.B. ]>.R.} 

John (son of John Bayley), was horn in Cork, and was edu- 
cated at Hardford West, county Pemhroke. He entered T.C.D. 
on 21st Octoher, 1664, was elected Scholar in 1665, and gra- 
duated A.B. in 1669. This John Bayley was prohahly of the 
same fiEunily as John Bayly, who, in 1643, gave a parchment , 

register to the parish of the Holy Trinity, q. v. 
1697. June 17. Yalentinb Frbnoh is admitted P. St. Michael's, R. 

Kilcoan, Templeusky, Bally delonghie als. Kilroan, and R. V, j 

Little Island, per mortem John l^iley. [D.R.] French ap- * 

pears from 1698 to 1704. [V.B. D.R.J In 1705 French hecame 
P. Eillaspugmullane, and in 1718 Dean of Ross, q. v. 

Oct. 1700. '' I saw St. Michael's Church, huilt with stone, and 
clay, and lime ; the walls are half of them down ; it is about 
50 foot long ; a partition, with an arch, runs through the mid- 
dle of it; a ditch about the church-yard. 'Tis said by the 
country people this church was never made use of for divine ser- 
vice, and that it was a place for the clergy to meet in. There 
is no sign of any graves either in the church or church-yard. 
In the church, on the sides of the altar, are niches for holy 
water, &c. There are four plowlands in this parish. Mr. 
Thomas Brodrick and Mr. Evans have the lands of this parish. 
Mr. Atkins and Mr. Murphy are all the Protestants that live in 
this parish. The people of this parish go to Rathcony church. 
The Prebendary of St. Michael has all the tythes of this 
parish, worth about £12 per annnm. No glebe in this parish.** 

'' Kilcoan Church als. Knock ra was built with stone and clay. 
The walls are half down; 'tis about 2 miles distant from Mr. 
Mitchell's house, to the south-east of the house. The church- 
yard is unfenc't, and the way to the church is stopt up. I 
ordered it to be immediately open'd. The church is about a 
mile from Kilvolane church, to the east of Kilvolane. The 
bounds of this diocese is within a mile of this church, towards 
the east. Gold, Murragh (Papist), have estates in this parish, 
and also Sir St. John Brodrick. Mr. Mitchell, Protestant, at 
Barnetstown, als. 5 mile house, and Mr. Gold, Papist, live in 
this parish; and several other Protestants live here also. They 
go to Racony church. No glebe found. Eight plowlands in 
this parish. This parish is commonly called Knockra^ from a 
village of that name in this parish, where Gold, the principal 
person of this parish, lives. All the tythes of this parish 
belong to the Incumbent ; they are worth about £40 per an. 
Mr. French did, since the late troubles, preach once a month in 
Mr. Mitchel's house, in this parish ; but he has not for this last 
year and a half preacht there." [Downes' Tour.] 
1705. July 23. Hsnbt Habbibon, Preb. St. Michael's. p.F.] He 
was son of Rev. Henry Harrison, V. Castlelyons, Cioyne, q. v. 

CQBX.] 8T. MICHAEL. 291 

He entered T.O.D. on 3rd May, 1698, when eeventeen years 
old, and was a Scholar in 1702. He died in 1711. 
1711/12. Feb. 15. John Ebkitet, a.m., P. St. Michael's. [F.F. 

John Kenney, son of Edward Eenney, was bom at Kinsale, 
and when nineteen years old entered T.O.D. as Pension er, on 
l£fth Jane, 1690, and became Scholar in 1695. 

In 1699, Feb. 24, he was licensed to the Onracy of St. 
Peter's. In 1711 he was P. St. Michael's, and Vicar Choral of 
Cork. He died in 1712. 
1712. Dec. 19. Andrew Stmmbs, P. St Michael. [F.F] In 1718 

he became Precentor of BpOss, q. v. 
1715. Nov. 3. Mb. Andbbw Stmes' name is crossed ont. [V.B. 

1715. Nov. 4. Emmanuel HuNasBFOBD, a.m., P. Si Michael's. 

E. Hnngerford (son of Colonel Richard Hnngerford, of the 
Island, Inchidonie, county Cork, by Mary, dan. of Sir Ema- 
nuel Moore, hart.), was born in county Cork, and when eighteen 
years old entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 18th January, 1699. 

He was a Surrogate. In 1715 he was P. St. Michael's; in 
1717 Y. Einsale ; and in 1720 E. Ringrone. He held all these 
liyings till his death, in 1729 or 1730. 

He left issue three sons, Thomas, Richard, and John ; and a 
dan. Mary. His will was dated 18th March, 1729, and proved 
7th April, 1730. 
1730. May 6. John Thomas Atkin, a.m., P. St. Michael's, per mor- 
tem Emanuelis Huugerford. [B.R.] In 1745 he became R. 
Ardnegihy, q. v. 
1745. May 10. Akthttb Satebs, a.b., P. St. Michael's. [F.F.] He 
appears at visitations from 1745 to 1759, May 23. [V.B. D.R.] 

A. Sayers (son of Edward, Chanoellor of Cloyne, q. v.), was 
bom at Doneraile, county Cork, and when nineteen years old 
entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 19th June, 1718. 

He was ordained Priest at Cloyne on 23rd Sept. 1728. In 
1727 he was nominated to the Curacy of Doneraile. In 1730 
he became Rector of Templeroan, Cloyne ; and in 1745 was P. 
St Michael's, Cork, both of which livings he held until his 
death, in 1759. 

He married Miss Martha Lindsay, of St. Andrew's, Dublin. 
[M.L. 15th Oct. 1728.] He left issue, a son, Edward, m.d., 
who married Elisabeth, eldest dan. of William Lvsaght, esq., 
of Mount North, county Corky and by her had issue sevenl 
1759. August 6. RiOHABD Bbabb, a.m., P. St Michael's, per morr 

tem Sayers. [D.R.] In 1768 he was P. Eilbrittain, q. t. 
1762. May 13. John Rennet, jun., a.b., P. St Michael's, per resig- 
nation of Beaie. [D.R.] Ib 1796 he was P. Kilbrogan, q. v. 


292 ST. MICHAEL. [C0BK« 

1771* Januanr 1. Bobbbt Mbadb, a.v., P. St. Midiaers^ per resig- 
nation of Kenney. [B.ILl 

R. Meade (second son of William, Dean of Cork), was bora 
in Cork, and when seventeen years old entered T.C.I). on 12th 
Nov. 1739, and graduated a.m. in 1747. 

He was ordained Deacon on 21st December, 1748, and Priest 
on 2nd April, 1749, both at Oloyne. 

He was licensed to the Garacy of Inniscarra, Cloyne, on 
22nd Dec. 1748. From 1752 to 1779 he was R. Danderrow ; 
and from 1771 to 1779 he held also the P. St. Michael's. 

He married, in 1753, Charlotte, dan. of J. Nesbitt, esq., m.d., 
and by her left issne two daughters, Helena (wife of Rev. 
Horace Townsend, K Carrigaline, q. v.), and Joanna. 

His will was dated 9th Feb. and proved 16th Feb. 1779. 
1779. Feb. 15. Isaac Mank, P. St. Michael's, per mortem Robert 
Meade. [D.R] Mann being in ill-health, is permitted to 
defer reading his assent* and consent until his health be re- 
stored, or until 12th May, 1779. [D.R.] He died in a short 

1779. June 7. Joseph Wbight, a.b., P. St Michael's, per mortem 
Mann. [D.R.] In 1780 Wright became V. Aghadowne, 
Ross, q. V. 

1780. Nov. 2. HoBATio Towksend, a.b., P. St. Michael's. [F.F.] 
In 1803 he became R Carrigaline, q. v. 

1803. Nov. 2. Edwabd Mitchell Cableton, P. St. Michael's. 
[F.F.] The Bishop's mandate to institute is dated 17th Octo- 
ber, 1803. [D.R.] In 1825 Carle ton became R. V. Carrigro- 
hanebeg, Cloyne, q. v. 

1807. Carleton resides in adjoining parish. [Rep.] 
1825. June 16. Fbancis Jones, a.m., P. St Michael's; certified 
under £100 per annum in value. He is again collated on 15th 
Dec. 1826, when it is certified under £200 per annum in value, 
[D.R.] In 1833 Jones became V. Castrachore, Cloyne, q. v. 

1830. Protestant population, 8. 

1832. St. Michael, a rectory, with cure, 3 miles long by } 
broad, containing 1,995a. 2b. Gross population, 529. One 
Curate employed for the occasional duties, at a stipend of £10 
per annum. Tithe composition, £129 9^. 0}d. Subject to 
diocesan schoolmaster, 5«. No glebe-house. Incumbent is 
non-resident; he resides at Macroom, on his other benefice. 
No church. The benefice is a rectory. There is no separate 
revenue belonging to this Prebendary. [Pari. Rep.] 

1833. July 23. William Rtdeb, a.&, P. St. Michael's. |1).R.] In 
1834 he became Archdeacon of Cloyne, q. v. 

1834. May 9. William Collins, a.b., P. St Michael's ; certified 
under £200 in value. [D.R.] 

1860. No church. No glebe. No divine service. The In- 
cumbent is non-resident He serves the Cnracy of Mc^geeeha, 

CORK.] ST. MICHABL.— ST. NlCfiOtlS, CXtAKC^ttOtt^. Sd3 

Cloyne. Mr. George Keybuni) Curate of fto adjoining parish, 
periomiB the occasional duties. There are no registries. The 
Protestant population is 7* The rentcharge is X97 2^. 8ds 

William Collins was ordained Deacon at Cork on 31st July, 
1814, and Priest at Gloyne on 15 th Oct. 1815. 

On 28th September, 1816, he was licensed to the Caracj of 
Eilmahon ; in 1820, January 18, to that of Eilleagh ; and in 
1826 to that of Carrigtowil, Clcnrne. 

In 1834 he became P. St Michael's; and in 1840 B. V. 

Eilcummer, Cloyne, both which he held until his death in 

I860. He was Duried at Carrigtowill on 11th June, 1860. 

1860. August 28. Horaob Townsbnd Fleming, a. m., P. St Michael's, 

vacant by death of Collins. Net value, ^£96 I7s. lid. [D.K.] 

H. T. Fleming was a Scholar, T.C.D. in 1846. He was 
licensed to the Curacy of Rathcony on 28th Dec. 1852. 

He married, on 12th Feb. 1863, Emma Catherine, dau. of the 
late Richard Eothwell, esq., d.l., of Rockfield, county Meath. 

ST. NICHOLAS, Chakokllobs. 

Notices of St Bridget (the ancient corps of the Chancellor- 
ship), of St. John, St. Stephen, St. Mary de Narde, St. Domi- 
nick, and St Magdalene, are given under this parish of St 

^The Church of Narde was anciently possessed by Gill- 
Abbey. Anno 1270, the parish of Narde wajs granted to 
Reginald, Bishop of Cork, by Prince Edward, then Lord of 
Ireland, by donation from his £i.ther, King Henry III., for the 
relief and amendment of tJve state of the Church of Oork, as the 
record saith ; as also the Chapel of St Peter, at Cork, to hold 
in frank almoigne. Dated 20th of May, that vear. But a.d. 
1299, King Edward I. recovered against Robert, Bishop of 
Cork, by writ of right of advowson, the patronages of the same 
churches, viz., St Mary, of Narde, in the suburbs of Cork ; the 
Church of Kilmanock, NochynvaU, and that of St Peter's, of 
Dungarvan, in the suburbs of that city. The Bishop's defence 
as to the advowson of St. Mary, of Narde, Kilmanock, and St. 
Peter's, was through the above-named grant But judgment 
waa given against him, because King Edward, when he made 
the grant, had no right to the said advowson, his father. King 
Henry, being then alive, and the Prince having at that time 
nothing in Ireland but by his father's gift, which shows that 
the Prince was no other than a Viceroy or Lord Lieutenant 
As to the Church of NochynvaU, judgment was given a^inst 
the Bishop by de&ult." [Smith's Cork, voL i. p. ^5^ dccj 
1337. D* — appears as Chancellor. [Placita Com, Banei Hib.] 


1370. Philip Oall is Chancellor. [Cod. Clar. 46.] 

1402. MioHABL Kbnbfbg is Chancellor. [Rot Pat. 3. Hen. IV.] 

1552, Thomas Walshb is named as Chancellor in this year. [Cop- 

piuger. MSS. Cork.] 
1571. JoHBS Mabtbll. ''Institntns ad Oanoellar. 1571 ordinatos 
anno 1581." He appears as Chancellor in 1591, with this 
remark, *' delib. sup. dispensis. Itiis."; (which is, I suppose, a 
contraction for ^'deliberandum super dispensation is litteris 
ordinum." St. Bridget, in this year, is thus noticed : ^ E. See 
Brigide spectat ad Cancellarium." In another part of same 
MSS. it is styled, "Prebend See brigide." [MS. T.CJ). 
B. 3. 14.1 

John Martell appears in 1591 as Y. Olonmell and Temple- 
robin, in Cloyne, and as Vicar Choral of Cork. He died 1610. 
1581. Alderman William Ghdwey, of Cork, died in this year, 
seized of the adrowsons of Eilgoban and St. Nicholas, Cork. 
He left Edmund, his son and heir. [Ferguson MSS. Vol. 
ii. p. 226.] 

1588. August 13. John fitz James Barrett, Prior of St 
Stephen's, by Corcke, signs an indenture. The Prior is a marks- 
man. [Roche MSS. Brit. Museum.] 

1591. " Rector Ecclisd Scti Nicholai Pat Corbally ps" i.e. pre- 
sena In another part it is marked '' Vacat" [MS. T.C.D. 3. 14.] 
" E. bte marie de Nard spectat ad yicar chorales." In another 
part it is marked, *^ Capella libera.** [lb.] 
1610. Feb. 10. William Healihy was instituted Chancellor. In- 
staUed 16th Feb., 1610. [R.V. 1634.] 

1615. Cancellarius EcclesisB Willmus Healy, minister legens, 
residens. Valor 4 li. Tenet etiam vicariam de Clondrought 
in dioc. Clonensi, vicariam de Mocrone in eadem dioc et 
vicariam de Moviddie in dioc. Corkag. que tres vicarisD nou 
extendunt valorem 10 li. See Brigitte, Prebenda est can- 
cellarii, curse inserviens cancellarius. Cancella bene cum libris, 
&C. Ecclesia ruinata. [R«V. KLA.] 

1615. St. Nicholas. KuUi inhabitantes. [lb.] St. Mary 
de Narde spectat ad vioarios chorales, parochiani confluunt ad 
Ecdesiam Cathedralem. [lb.] 

William Healy, or Healihy, from 1609 was V. Maoroom, in 
Goyne, and V. Cannaway, Cork ; from 1610 he was Chancellor 
of Cork ; and from 1611 V. Athnowen ; from 1618 he was V. 
Clondrohid, in Cloyne. From 1615 to 1632 he was V. Moviddy. 
In 1615 he was also Curate of Madoneigh. In 1632 Healy 
was deprived or resigned. 
1682. June 5. Mabous Paobtt, a.h., is admitted Chancellor, and on 
18th June he was installed. The chancellorship is nevertheless 
marked "" Sub lite." '< E. Sto Bridgit spectat ad Cancellar.** 
[R.V. 1634.] 
Pagett was afterwards Dean of Boss, q. r. 


1634 KStuNieholaiyaoat VicecomeaKUtDallockpaironiu. 
Valet 18 li. per an. 14$. XXieo paid to the Bpp. [R.Y. 1634.] 

1634 Eoclesia BeatsB Maries de Narde demoiitnr ad edifica- 
conem uovi mnnimenti de Oorke. [lb.] 
1639. Thomas Fitlwab appears as Chancellor — StBridgitt ad'Oan- 
cellar. bene. [V.B. 1639. D.R.] Proxies for St. Bridget^ U. 
[Addenda to \.B. 1639.] B. M. de Narde demoiitnr. [lb.] 

1639. In this year Thomas BoBSBTs 18 Rector of St Nicholas* 
'' Ecolesia ruinata." [V.B. 1639. D.R.] In 1661 he is also 
Chancellor of Cork. 

Thomas Fuller, or Fulwar, in 1633^ resigned B. Ardcannj, 
in Limerick. From 1634 to 1641 he was P. Killinemer, Cfloyne, 
and from 1634 to 1665, B. Bingrone. He was Curate of Eil- 
lowney under the Vicars Choral in 1639. From 1639 to 1660 
he was Chancellor of Cork. From 1641 to 1660 he was Bishop 
of Ardfert^ with this chancellorship and B. V. lUngrone in com- 
mendam; and from 1660 to 1667 was Archbishop of Cashel. 
He died, aged seyentj-four, on 31st March, 1667, and was 
buried at St. John's, Cashel. 
1661. Thomas Robsbts appears as Chancellor. [V.B. D.B*] 

Thomas Boberts (bom 1599, died 1664) was the first of the 
hmilj of Boberts, of Glastonbury, who settled in Ireland. 
[Betham MSS.] 

In 1636 he was granted by Charles I. the rectory of St. John 
of Jerusalem. 

From 1637 to 1640 he was P. Coole, Cloyne ; from 1639 to 
1664 he was Bector of St Nicholas. From 1640 to 1661 he 
was P. Inskenny, and from 1641 to 1664 P. Donoghmore, 
Cloyne. From 1661 he was also Chancellor of Cork, and from 
1663 Vicar of Whitechurch, Cloyne, until his death in 1664. 

Boberts was twice married. By his first wife, Elisabeth, he 
had one son, Francis, bom in 1642, who entered T.C.D. as a 
Fellow Commoner when nineteen years old, on 6th July, 1661, 
and who was a j.p. for Cork county in 1666. To Francis 
Boberts the lands of Britfieldstown, in that county, were granted 
under the Act of Settlement. The Chancellor married, secondly, 
Dorothy, daughter of Bichard Boyle^ Archbishop of Tuam, by 
whom he h»d three sons. She had been preyiously married to 
Capt. Greenfield Halse, and also to Henry Turner. A member 
of this family was, in 1809, created a Baronet The Chancellor 
died in 1664. [Fisher.] Michael and William Boberts, both 
Fellows ot Trinity College, Dublin, are descendants of Chan- 
cellor Boberts. 
1664. July 15. Hbhbt Pabb was admitted Gancellarlus, per mortem 
Thomse Boberts, in coll. Epi. [V.B. 1669. D.B.J Bectoria 
StsB BrigittflB prope Cork, est particulaet membrum Caneellari- 
atns, Cork. [V.B. 1669. D.B.] Pbrr appears 1664 to 1674. 
[V.B. TXK] He was also Pxeoentor <tf Boss» q. ▼. 

296 &t. KtCtt6LAd, CllAlCc£LLOftfi. [cORK. 

1666 to 1670. St. Nicholas is marked vacant In 1670, 
*' Rector St. Nicholai vacat pauper, in collatione Epl." [Y.B. 
D.B.] In 1669, "Kector St Nicholai prope Cork, spectat ad 
Vic. Choral." [V.B. 1669.] 

1669. The four Vicar Choral, *' sunt reotores Stas Mari» de 
Narde/' [V.B. 1669.] 
1675. Vacant [V.B. D.R.] 

1675. January 22. Pbteb Hbwbt was admitted Chancellor of Cork, 

/ and Rector of Ringrone. [F.F.] He appears from 1675 to 

1709. [V.B. D.R.] In 1710 he became Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1699. St. Bridget ad Cancell. St NichoUs ad chorum. 
St Mary de Nard ad Vicarios Chorales spectat. [V.B.] 

<< 1699. The Blew Boy's Hospital! at Corke, was founded by 
William Worth, esq. — Abstact of the deed. Indenture between 
Will. Worth, esq., and the Mayor and Constables of the Staple 
of the City of Corke. The said Mayor and Constables to have 
possession of the lands, &c., all the Spittle lands, St Stephen's 
Chaget flast and West Baliinaght. They paying 20 li. yearly 
for S)ur scholars in Dublin College. The rest in trust for a 
schoolmaster, and poor boys to be taught to read, write, and 
arithmetic. The Mayor and Common Council of the city of 
Corke are to be Governors of the said hospital, and to choose 
the master and poor boys, all of ye Protestant religion, as by 
law established. The poor bovs to have blew coats and caps, 
with other clothing, meat and drink and lodging. The Mayor 
and Common Council to make rules for the government of 
the hospital. The schoolmaster and poor boys to continue 
during the pleasure of the Mayor and Common Council. Leases 
in the south liberties to be made for twenty*one yeares of ex- 
piration, on paying half a years rent for fine. The rest only 
for twenty-one years in possession for the full rent The 
Mayor and Constables of the staple are to set the leases, with 
the consent of the Mayor and Common Council of the city of 
Corke. The aforesaid 20 li. per an. to be paid to four scholars 
in Dublin College, equally divided amongst them, the natives 
of the city and county of the city of Corke, and for want of 
them the natives of the county of Corke, for want of them the 
natives of any other county in Ireland alwaies to be preferr'd, 
all which natives and none other shall be named and chosen 
by the Bishop of Cork and his successors, the Mayor of Corke 
and his successors for the time being, William Worth, esq., and 
his heirs, and the Provost of the said college and successors, or 
any two or three of them, whereof the said Will. Worth and his 
heirs shall be al waies one. The schoolmaster to have 25 li. per an. 
salary for teaching the poor boys [and to have 10 li. per an. for 
each poor boy's diet, clothing, i&c.] — [and 5 li. per an. to the 
Receiver or Steward] — [The boys not to be admitted before 
eight years old, not to stay after fonrteen]. And that then or 


sooaer sooh boys shall be pat apprentices to such trades, and 
for so long time as the Mayor and Common Council shall' think 
fity which boys shall, at sach time, have one suit of decent ap- 
parel, with other necessaries provided out of the rents of the 
premises. And if the expences of the boys, &c., exceed the 
income, the Mayor and Council may lessen the number of 

*' 1700. St Bridget's Church stood where the fort called the 
Cat is now built, on the south side of the Cat. There is no 
appearance of the ruins of the church. The ruins did appear 
before the last war. This parish contains the place where the 
barracks are built, and the houses on the south and east of the 
barracks to the Spittle lands and St. Nicholas parish. The 
plowlands Maglin and part of Curriheen, near Eerrigrohan, pay 
all their tythes to the Chancellor of St. Barry, as belonging to 
this parish, of which the ChanoeUor has the intire rectory. No 
glebe in this parish. The whole tythe of this parish is worth 
about £8 per an., and belongs to the Chancellor of St Barry's. 
The people of this parish go to St. Barry's. The Lord Bomney has 
an old estate in this parish, and Counsellor WelsL More than 
half of the people in this parish are conforming Protestants." 

*^ St Nicholais Church stood to the west of Red Abby ; it has 
been ruinous time out of mind. It is supposed to lie united 
to St Barry's. The church-yard is inclosed, but there is a 
way through it. Some houses, viz., Piper's holding, &e,^ near 
the chnrch-yard, belong to this parish. The houses, glebe, and 
all the tythes of this parish belonged formerly to the priory of 
St John of Jerusalem, now to the quire of St. Barry'&" 

^' St Mary's de Narde Church stood in the place where the 
King's stone fort now stands, the ruins of it do not remain. 
The stone fort was built in Queen Elizabeth's time, and was 
raised higher by Cromwell. The west side of the street com- 
ing from the south bridge and up to the mitre, and also the 
north side of the fort belong to this parish. There is no dis- 
tinct Constable in this parish, nor in St. Nicholas. There are 
two Constables for St Nicholas, St. John's, <&c., in the south 
suburbs, within the city jursdictions. No glebe belongs to 
this parish, nor tythes, except the tythes of some gardens, 
which are worth little or nothing. The tythe belongs to the 
Vicars Choral of St Barry's. There is no valuation of the 
houses in this parish, nor in St Nicholas, nor the adjacent 

garishes, for l^e support of the Ministers. No churchwardens 

^' St Stephen's Church stood where the new hospital is now 
building. No ruins of the church appear. This parish con« 
tained half a plowland. This half plowland belonged to the 
Lepers' Old Hospital of St Stephen's. This plowland was set 
lately for X150 per an. The tythe of these lands belong'd 


alao to the hospital, it wm set for JCIO per aa« Three plow- 
lands on the north side of the river Lee, called Ballineboght^ 
helong'd to this hospital. These lands are in Shandon parish, 
and are worth abont £120 per an. Several honses are built 
in this parish of St Stephen's ; the people^go to St. BarrVs. 
This parish is said to be united to St. Biutj as the oUier 
parishes are. The Bishop of Corke formerly received six shil- 
lings and eight pence yearly out of these lands, or tythes, 
either as a chiefrv or as prozeys. John Foreacres paid it to 
Bishop Synge. There was formerly a prior of St Stephen's.** 
'U702. St. Nicholas Church stood above Mr. Morrison's 
house, in the street going to Bed Abby. The walls are stand- 
ing, and there is a good church-yard belonging to it, on the 
south side of the church. In the street going to the Bed Abby 
is an almshouse, buUt by the &ther of Mr. Bonan, <^ Bonans- 
court, and bv him settled on such poor as his heir shall place 
in it. The heir is to repair it Tt is a good stone hoose^ four 
rooms on a floor ; twelve in all ; there are abont twenty persons 
in it at present, of which three are men, the rest women. 
Before Mr. Bonan was restored to his estate, and since the late 
troubles, a Protestant had the disposal of the house, under, as 
I suppose, the Lord Bomney, who fill'd it with Protestant 
poor ; but Mr. Bonan being restored to his estate about two 
years ago, he has ever since, as the Protestants died, fill'd their 
places with Popish poor. There are now about six Protestants, 
widows ; and fourteen Papists, in the house* The poor have 
no allowance, except their house-room, except those Protest- 
ants in it that are on the church-book in St Barry's, who have 
seldom above twelve pence apiece per week, and about Is. 6d. 
per quarter out of Smart's legacy." 

'' 1702. St Stephen's Church stood where North's Blew-ooat 
Hospital now stands. The south side of the Hospital-court 
wall stands upon the foundation of the north side of the church. 
There is no sign of a church-yard." [Downes' Tour.] 

1710. Sept. 20. John Pombbot, a.m., Chancellor of Cork. [F.F.] 
In 1717 he became Archdeacon of Cork, q. v. 

1717. August 30. GiLBS Etbb was admitted Chancellor of Cork. 
[F.F.J He was also Archdeacon of Boss, q. v. 

" 1720. The church of St Nicholas, pursuant to the Act of 
Parliament for the union and division of parishes, was begun to 
be erected on the 19th of January, 1720, a church being wanted 
in the south part of the city by the increase of the f^testant 
inhabitants. This work was chiefly promoted by Bishop 
Brown, and by the joint and cheerifal contribution of other 
well-disposed persons, by whose assistance it was completed in 
1723, and the first sermon preached therein on the 1st of Sep- 
tember, by Archdeacon Bvre. It is a small, neat ohorch ; has 
a pretty ^edlery on the Wt end, and is well pewed. The altar- 


piece and pnlpit are well carved, and adorned with fluted 
oolnmns of the Corinthian order. The Incumhent is supported 
hj a Yolnntary snbscription of the inhabitants. Here is early 
serrice and sacrament every fourth Sunday of the month.'* 
[Smith's Cork, vol 1. p. 380.J 

1721. The earliest register of St. Nicholas begins. 
1730. Nov. I. SamubIi Bbomb, a.m., Chancellor of Cork. [D.B.] 
He was collated, secondly, on 15th February, 1731/2, to the 
Chancellorship, with Einneigh Vicarage. [D^B*.] 

1752. August 3. The union of St. Nicholas was formed (in 
pursuance of an Act of Parliament, 25th George II.), by the 
Bishop of Cork, and approved by Archbishop of Oashel, on 
2l8t October, and by Dean and Chapter, 25th August, 1752. 

The Act (25th Geo. 11. chapter 23, sections 10 and 11), 

recites, " that St. Nicholas parish, in Cork, is so small, and so 

intermixed with other small parishes, that there is no provision 

for a minister, that the church is in danger of ruin, and that 

there is no church whatever for those other parishes ; it is 

enacted, that the Bishop of Cork, with approbation of the 

Archbishop, and with the consent of the Dean and Chapter, 

and majority of the adjacent parishioners of the south suburbs 

of Cork, may, at vestry in St. Nicholas Church, unite such 

parishes to St. Nicholas parish for ever ; the inhabitants to be 

liable to such taxes, &c., as those of the old parish of St. Nicholas 

have been liable to. The said united parish shall be the corps 

of the Chancellorship of St. Finbarry's, as the parish of St. 

Bridget's was before ; and the Chancellor of St. Finbarry's shall 

be Rector of said union* [Statutes of Ireland.] 

1757. Feb. 15. Rev. Si Brome received ^100, legacy of 
Serjeant John Stokes, which was funded for use of the poor. 
[Vestry Book.] 

Samuel Brome (son of Thomas Brome), was bom in Derry, 
and when seventeen years old entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner, 
on 9th July, 1706. 

Brome, &om 1717 to 1718, was a Vicar Choral of Cork ; and 
from 1718 to 1768 held the P. Currograngemore, in Rosa He 
also held, from 1718 to 1720, R. Caheragh ; and from 1718 to 
1740 R. Ballymoney ; and from 1719 to 1740 the R. Eilmeen, 
in Ross. From 1730 to 1768 he was Chancellor of Cork ; and 
from 1731 to 1768 V. Kinueigh. From 1740 to 1768 he held 
also the union of Aglish, Eilbonane, and Moviddy. 

He died on 17th July, 1768, and was buried at the Cathedral 
of Cork. 
1768. July 20. Robert Austeh, a.m.. Chancellor of the Cathedral 
of St. Finbarry, and R. St. Nicholas, St. Bridget, St. John of 
Jerusalem, St. Stephen, St Mary de Narde, and St. Dominick. 
[F.F.] In 1785 Austen was Ajchdeacon of Ooi^ q. v. 

300 8t. KICHOLAB, CBlKCBLtOftd. [CORK 

1774. August 13. Albxanbbb LAHiLLiEBBy A.H.^ Chancellor of 
Oork. [F.F.] Id 1796 he was Archdeacoa of Cork, q. y. 

1782. Nov. 28. James Pbatt, a.b., Ohanoellor of Cork. [F«F.] In 
1785 hfi became P. Eilnaglory, q. r. 

1785. June 6. Henrt Sandifobd, a.b., Chancellor of Cork. [F.F.] 
In 1790 he became Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1790. April 12. John Fobtbsgub, A.B., Chancellor of Cork. [F.F.] 
In 1823 he became P. Lisderj, q. v. 

1823. October 10. Hbnbt Theophilus Moobb Hoddbr, a.m.. Chan- 
cellor ; certified under £200 in yalue. [D.R.] In 1826 Hod- 
der became Precentor of Cork, q. v. 

1826. April 6. John Newman Lombabd, a.m., Chancellor. [D.B.] 
He was also P. Kilmaclenine, Cloyne, q. t. 

1830. The Protestant population of the union is 2,321. 
1832. St. Nicholas union, 1 mile long by 1-^ broad, with cure, 
consisting of — 1. St. Nicholas rectory, in part ; 2. St. Bridget 
rectory ; 3. St. John rectory ; 4. St. Stephen rectory ; 5. St. 
Mary rectory ; 6. St Dominick rectory ; 7. St. Maglene rec- 
tory. Gross population of union, 17,374. One Curate em- 
ployed, at an annual stipend of £75, with a share of contin- 
gent fees, and an addition of JB30 per annum, supplied by volun- 
tary contribution. Within the last year a second Curate has 
been appointed, with the special charge of the House of Indus- 
try, which is within this parish, at a salary of X7o, British, per 
annum, supplied by voluntary contributions. Tithe composi- 
tion of part of St. Nicholas parish, £57 14«. ; of St. Maglene 
rectory, £21. Minister's money, £210. Surplice fees, £24. 
Subject to diocesan schoolmaster, 10«. Sd. No glebe-house. 
Incumbent is resident ; and pays a sum of £60 per annum for 
house-rent. One church, capable of accommodating 800 per- 
sons, built in 1723, but at what cost, or what funds supplied, 
unknown. No charge on the union in 1832 on account of the 
church. Divine service is celebrated thrice on the first Sun- 
day in each month, and twice on all other Sundays, and on the 
principal festivals ; and one service on every Friday, and on 
all Thursday evenings. The sacrament is administered twice 
in each month, and on the principal festivals. A portion of 
the rectorial tithes of St Nicholas parish, forming part of this 
union, and compounded for £108 0^. lOd., is impropriate; and 
belongs, to the amount of £62 4^. 9(f., to the Messrs. Meade ; 
to the amount of £4 Ids. 9d, to Mr. Benjamin Deeble ; and the 
residue of £40 16«. 4(f. to the lessees of Spital lands Corpora- 
tion. The Chancellor has also a separate revenue of £6 14«. 9^, 
rent of tenements reserved by lease, and also fines for renewal 
to the average annual value of £2 is, [ParL Rep.] 

1836. Nov. 30. The House of Industry was licensed for 
divine service on application of the Minister and parishioners 
of St Nichoks. [D.R.] 


1838. March 3. William Hall^ a.m., Chancellor, certified under 

£300 in yalne. [D.B.] In 1849 HaU waa E. V. Eilshannig, 

Cloyne, q. ▼. 

1840. July 8. The Free Church in St. Nicholas parish was 

licensed for diyine seryice. [D.R.] 
1841. Dec. 3. William Cottbb Williamson, a.m., Chancellor. 

[D.B.] lu 1860 he became Precentor of Cloyne, q. y. 
1846. May 2. John Nun Woodrooffb, aji.. Chancellor. Certified 

annual yalne, £206 3«. Sd. [D.B.] In 1850 he became P. 

Cahirlag, q. y. 

1847. Feb. 24. A faculty is granted for taking down, and 

rebuilding, on old site, the old Church of St Nicholas, the 

parishioners having lodged £500. fl^.R.] 
1850. January 25. Richard Walton Mabmion, a.m., Chancellor. 

[D.B.] In 1862 he became R. Eilroeen, Ross, q. y. 

In 1850. March 21. The new Church of St. Nichoks was 

consecrated . [D. R.] 

1853. May 21. John Conollt, ab., Chancellor. Certified annual 
yaloe, ^91 Us. [D.R.] In Dec 1853, ConoUy became V. 
Holy Trinity, Cork, q. y. 

1 854. January 1 9. Nicholas Coi/thurbt Dunsoombe, ab.. Chancellor. 
Certified annual value, £361 8$. O^d. [D.R.] In 1862 Duns- 
combe became R. Macroom, Cloyne, q. y. 

1856. April 18. The licence for diyine seryice was trans- 
ferred from the Mission School-house, Coyenstreet, to the large 
upper room, in Buckingham-house, No. 1, White-street, in St. 
Nicholas parish. [D.R.] 
1858. January 5. George Wbbsteb, am.. Chancellor. Certified 
annual value, £283 19& Id. [D.R.] 

1859. July. The organ formerly in use in Christchurch 
Cathedral, Dublin, is now purchased for £450, and erected at 
the western end of St. Nicholas Church. 

1860. G. Webster, Incumbent; Caleb Clifford, and John 
Nicholson, Curate& The church is in good order. No glebe 
or glebe-house. A house in St. Finban^^s parish is reported 
to belong to the Chancellor, but it is claimed by the Ecclesias- 
tical Commissioners. Divine seryice thrice on all Sundays, 
twice on all Wednesdays, and once on all Fridays, &c., through- 
out the year. [In 1863 there was a choral service on Sundays 
and on Wednesday evenings, and service every day throughout 
the year. All these services are well attended.] The holy 
communion is administered twice each month ; average of com- 
municants, 109 ; and twice at Christmas and Easter, average 
193. [In 1863, the holy communion is celebrated on every 
Sunday.] The schools are supported by Moses Deane's be- 
quest, the National Board of Education, and by yoluntary con- 
tributions. 69 boys, 94 girls, and 96 infants, are on the rolls. 
The average attendance is 44, 60, and 58 respectively. The 


ohildreD are instraotod on every day, from 10 to 11 A.K., by 
the Incnmbent and one of the Curates. The Protestant popa- 
lation, exolnsiye of the inmates of the poorhonse and the 
Befnge, is abont 1,900. The amount of minister's money now 
(1863) paid by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to the Rector 
of St. Nicholas is £358 IBs. lOd. The tithes of St Nicholas 
(£43 5s, 6d,\ of St. Magdalene (£15 I5s.\ and rents of 
nouses, &o., ^a, make the gross value amount to about £47d 
per annum. 

There is also in this parish a licensed place of worship, 
called the Free Church, of which the Rev. H. C. Finny, and Rev. 
Robert William Forrest are Chaplains. Divine service twice 
on all Sundays, and on the usual holidays, and on a week- 
day. Sacrament monthly ; average of communicants^ 146 j 
and at Christmas and Easter, avenge 168. No school. No 
district is assigned to this chapeL 

George Webster (son of Michael Webster, esq.) was bom in 
Dublin, and when sixteen years old matriculated as a Pensioner 
in T.C.D., on drd May, 1847. He graduated a.b. in 1852, and 
A.]f. in 1856. 

He was ordained Deacon, at Dublin, on 25th Sept., 1853, 
and Priest, at Killaloe, in September, 1854. He was, in 1853, 
Curate of Castlemacadam, county Wicklowj in 1854 junior, 
and in 1856 senior Curate of Donnybrook, Dublin. In 1857 
he was appointed domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Cork, and 
Preacher and Librarian at Cork Cathedral 

He married, on 7th May, 1859, Gertrude- Adeline, the only 
daughter of the late William St John Smyth, Chancellor of 
Down, R. Ballymoney, and private Chaplain to Bishop Mant 
He has issue by her, two sons, Reginald-Godfrey-Michael, 
and Geoige- Arthur, and a daughter, Blanch-Eveline. 

Mrs. Webster died on 21st Nov., 1862, and was buried in the 
vaults of St Nicholas' Church, where a stained glass window 
(for which already £100 has been subscribed) will be placed 
to perpetuate her memory. 

Mr. Webster is domestic Chaplain to Dr. Fitsgerald, Bishop 
of Killaloe. 

He has published— -1. Notes of Lectures on the New Testa- 
ment. 8vo. Parker and Bourne, London. 2. Witness of 
the Spirit. 3. Amusements — A Lecture, &o, 4. The Import- 
ance of Studying the Evidences of Christianity. 5. Why are 
Sponsors appointed! 6. Spiritual Organizations. 7. The 
Scripture Doctrine of Election. 8. The Scripture Doctrine of 
Lnputed Righteousness. 0. The Scripture Doctrine of the 
Sovereignty of God. 10. The Scripture Doctrine of Peraeve- 
lanoe. 11. The Scripture Doctrine of Sober-mindedness. 12. 
The Scripture Doctrine of Regeneration. Almost all the 
above works were published by Metsrs. Hodgeii and Smith, 


Dublin.^ The last six are tracts, which haye had an extensiye 
circulation, and to which about twenty answers were pub- 
lished by yarious writers. 

1862. The yariance between the gross and net yalue of this 
benefice, as set down in the Irish Church Directory, requires ex- 
planation. The apparent yalue of St. Nicholas in 1862 was 
£432 4«. 4d.f arising from £3d8 18«. 8d. minister's money, 
£63 08. 8d. rents and rentcharges, and £10 surplice fees. Ria 
actual payments to two Curates and for house-rent were 
£204 8». His apparent income would, therefore, be thedifierence 
between £432 4«. id. and £204 8«., namely, £237 16^. 4d 
Instead of this the actual income of the Chancellor was much 
more, in consequence of a clause in the recent Act of Parlia- 
ment, by which the Ecclesiastical Commissiouersare obliged to 
pay, in addition, to the Incumbents of all parishes receiying 
minister's money, an allowance of 25 per cent, on all the items 
of necessary expenditure, such as house-rents, stipends to 
Curates, &c., &e. 

For instance, in 1862, the Chancellor receiyed as follows:— 
Minister's money, . . £358 18 8 

Bents and rentcharges, . . 63 5 8 
Surplice fees, . . 10 

Allowance of 25 percent on £211 

15ff. Id, necessary expenditure, 52 18 8 

Total income, . £485 3 

His expenditure in same year 

For stipend of two Curates, at £75 
per an. (income tax deducted), £144 

House rent, .... 

Income tax on minister's money, 

Income tax on allowance of 25 per 
cent, .... 

Poor-rate and income tax on rents 
and rentcharges. 

Expenses of collection of rents, &o., 

44 8 
13 9 


1 19 


8 12 
B 9 


Total expenditure, . £233 18 7 

Total income, . . £485 3 

Total expenditure, « 233 18 7 

Net yalue in 1862, . 251 4 5 

The Chancellor is also Chaplain of the poorhonse, for which 
he receiyes £60 per annum. 


His real income in 1862 from all sooroes, after the aboye 
expenditure, waa £311 4«. 5<L 

It is to be remarked, that in all parishes receiving minister's 
money a Garate whose stipend is £100 per annum costs the 
Rector but £75 per an. ; or a Curate at £75 costs the Bector but 
£56 5«. It is also to be noted that the true value of any benefice 
-which is entitled to minister's money varies with the poor-rate, 
or income tax, or as often as any change takes place in the 
items of necessary expenditure, or in the number of Curates 

The income of the chancellorship may in future years be 
increajsed by an addition of nearly £300 per annum, if there be 
no renewals granted to the present tenants of their holdings. 
The previous Chancellors took fines, and renewed leases at a 
merely nominal rent. 


1726. Sept. 19. EdwabD SaHpson, a.h., is presented to the Rectory 
of St. Paul, in the city of Cork, vacant by promotion of Dr. 
Henry Maule, the last Incumbent. He was instituted 3rd 
Oct. 1726. [Lib. Mun. and D.R.] 

*' The church of St. Paul was built by a subscription of the 
parishioners ; the ground on which it stands was granted by 
the Corporation to the late Bishop Brown, May 14, 1723 ; 
and divine service was, for the first time, celebrated therein by 
the Rev. Edward Sampson, October the 9th, 1726. By an Act 
for the union and division of parishes, &c.^ the East Marsh, 
belonging to St. Mary, Shandon^ and Dunscomb's Marsh, in 
the parish of Christ Church, were, by the consent of the respec- 
tive Incumbents, made one entire parish, called the parish of 
St. Paul, which, by a valuation on houses, affords a suitable 
maintenance for an Incumbent." [Smith's Cork, vol i. p. 380.] 

Edward Sampson, son of Richard Sampson, was bom in 
Cork, and when seventeen years old entered T.C.D. as Pen* 
sioner, on 2l8t June, 1702. 

He was, from 1726 to 1727, Rector of St Paul's, Cork, and 
also Vicar Dunboyne and Kilbride, in Meath. He resigned 
both these livings, and in 1728 became Archdeacon of Aghadoe. 

He married Clotilda-Barbara, dau. of •— — Lisle, esq., and 
by her left issue, at his death in 1734, a son, Edward; and 
three daughters, Barbara (who married Heniy Pilkington, esq., 
of Tore), Alice, and Anne. [U.O.] 

1727. July 27. Geobgb Sandfobd, a.m., R. St. Paul's, vacant by 
resignation of Sampson, and on presentation of the Earl of 
Kildare, dated 3rd July, 1727. [D.R.] 


COBX.] ST. PAUL. 305 

George, son of HeDrv Sandford, was bora in Dublin ; and 
when sixteen years old entered LCD. as Pensioner, on 9th 
July, 1716. rerhaps this is the same George Sandford who 
was, in 1749, made Dean of Ardfert. 
1733. Jane 9. John Hebbbbt, a.m., R. St. Panl's, vacant by resig- 
nation of Sandford, and on presentation of the Earl of Barry- 
more, dated 22nd May, 1733. [D.B.] Herbert was also P. 
Eillanullj, q. y. 
1741. August 15. Pbtbb Bustow, a.m., is presented to B. St. 
Paul's, vacant by death of Herbert, by the Earl of Kildare, the 
patron. [D.R.] 

Peter Bristow (son of Roger Bristow), was born in county 
Antrim, and when eighteen years old entered T.C.D. as Pen- 
sioner, on 12th May, 1719. He graduated a.v. in 1761. 

In 1732 he was a Vicar Choral of Cork ; in 1741 B. St. 
Paul's ; in 1751 V. Ballyfeard ; and in 1761 R. V. Agabulloge, 
Cloyne, all which he retained until his death, which took place 
in January, 1769, at Bath. 

He was author of a comedy, '' The Harlequins.** London. 
8vo. 1753. 
1769. May 6. Samubl Meabb, a.b., R. St. PauFs, vacant by death 
of Bristow. Richard, Earl of Barrymore, patron. [D.R.] 

Samuel, son of Samuel Meade, "generosi,** was bora in Cork, 
and when eighteen years old became a Pensioner of T.C.D., on 
7th Dec 1739. He was a Scholar in 1743. 

From 1761 to 1768 he was Curate of St. Peter*s, Cork. In 
1769 he became IL St. Paul's ; in 1777 Sacrist of Clonfert and 
Archdeacon of Kilmacduagh ; and in 1784 R. Eilnemarteiy, 
Cloyne. He held all these livings until his death in 1788. 

He married Abigail Cope, sister of Walter Cope, Bishop of 
Ferns. In the marriage licence, dated 29th April, 1758, he is 
• described as '* Rev. Samuel Meade, of Tuam." By her he left 
a daughter, Arabella Sarah Abigail, wife of Nicholas Archdall, 
of Springfield, near Leaslip, who afterwards inherited the for- 
tune of his wife's uncle, the Bishop, and took the arms of Cope. 
tVide CoPB of Dbumv illt, in BurWs L. G.l The Rev. Sunuel 
[eade married, secondly, in 1769, Grace Townsend, of Clon- 
drohid [Cloyne Mar. Bonds], but by her had no issue. In 
his will (dated 1st Oct 1784, and proved at Cork, 1788), he 
desires to be buried near his first wife, in the &mily vanity 
near the chancel of Christchnrch, Cork. He bequeaths to the 

?oor of St. Barry's X3 ; to the poor of Christchurch and St. 
^ul's, £3 each ; and to Walter Cope, Bishop of Feras, he leaves 
his Opiate corkscrew,'* given to him in 1755 by his kinsman, 
Robert Maynard, esq., who died at his table (in the town of 
Hammersmith, near London) in the presence of several gentle- 
men, ^ he at the same time desiring me to get my crest put on 
it close to his own.** 

90$ 9T. PAiri.. [0Q»& 

AiwbdeAomi Meade was buried m 17ih May, 1788, at Ohrist- 
ehoiek, Cork. 
178d. Marek 18. Thomas Bitchavah, the Tounger, a.b., B. St 
PauFs. [F.F.] Vacant by death of Meade, and on iNresenta- 
tion of Thomas Buchanaa, the elder, el Tipf)erary, ia the conntj 
Tipp^^rj. He was admitted by the Deiein aad Chapter of St. 
Fiabarrj, as Guardians of Spiritiialities, 9ede iMocaUe. [D.R.] 

Thomas BucbaDan, junior, was a Scholar of T.O.D. in 1784. 

On 16th of October, 1788, being presented to the Bectory of 
St. Paul's, he received letters dimissory for Priest's orders to 
any other Bishop. [B.R. Cork.] 

Me married, ob 15th April, 1790, Anne Allen, at Ohrist- 
ohurch, Cork, aad by her haid issue. He died on 1st Hay, 1 794. 
1794. October 9. Ojsobge Ssalt, ll.d., B. St. PauPs, on presenta- 
tion of Bight Honourable Biehard Longfield. [D.B.} 

1807. Dr. Sealy resides in Cork, and holds Inohigeelafa by 
faculty. [Bep.] 

1817. April 22. The thanks <^ the parish are yoted by ves- 
try to Wiathrop Baldwin, es()., of Bath (the maternal uncle of 
Bev. Dr. Sealy), for his gift of £200 towards a new roof for the 
ehureh. On 2l8t Dec. 1817, the ehuieh was reepened fer 
divine service. [Par. Vestry Book.} 

1830. Protestant population, 936. 

1837. St. Paul, a rectory, with cure, not o&eniizth of a mile 
long, not one-fourteenth broad. Gross population, 4,845. Two 
Curates employed, at annual stipends — to the senior, of 
X69 is. 7^ i and to the junior, of X50, British. Income from 
Minister's money, £250. Small dues, £\ 6. Subject to visita- 
tion fees, 14s. Sd, Diocesan schoolmaster, 11«. No glebe- 
house. Incumbent is non-re^ent» being incapacitated from 
officiating in eonseqneace ei advanced age ; he resides at Bath. 
One church, capalJe of aoeommodating 600 persons, buiU in 
1726, bat at what cost unknown. No diaige om the parish in 
1832 on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated 
twice on Sundays, and on the prinoipal festivals ; and a short 
service on all Wednesdays and Fridays. The sacrament is 
administered nooDthly, The beaefioe is a rectory. [ParL Bep.] 

George Sealy (sou of George Sealy» esq., of Bandoa, by Anne, 
dau. of Bev. Biehard Baldwin, P. Kilbrittain), was ordained 
Deacon by the Bishop of Waterford aad Lkmere, and after- 
wards was ordained Priest by the Bishop af Cork, on 4th 
March, 1781. 

He was licensed to the Curacy of Kilbrittain and Bathclaren 
ea 24th March, 1780. 

He was Y. Inchigeelah from 1791 to 1838 ; and B. St. Paul's 
from 1794 te 1838. He died 29tb of May, 183a, aad was 
boried near his wife, ia the Abbey. Church, Bath. 

He married, in 1791, Alicia^ dan. ef AatofHjF JJaaSb ^-» l>ut 



bj h%t htA B0 ifBse. He took the same of BAirVirnp oft suo- 
eeedinf to the properly of bis maternftl wM^e, Wintln^ Bald- 
win, esq., of Bath. 
1838. July 26, Francis Db MovrvoaBNCi Sv. Gboume, a.b., R. St. 
PaalX 01^ pwwo ntation of bis Grace the Dake of Leisetep. 

1860. The ehnich in erdevr Ko glebe. Ko glebe-bouee. 
Incombent residea at Bkiekroek, by reason of ill-health. Pivine 
service twice on all Sundays, Ae. Saerament Bieii^ly ; aver- 
agfe of ceminuBieaftts, 54 ; also at Ohnsonas and Easier ; aver- 
age, 74. 30 boys, 20 girls^ and 50 in&ats (the average atteud- 
-anee b^ng respeelirely 25, 16, and 40^ are on the roUs of the 
tehoohi^ which are maiatained by volnntary eoniributtoneb The 
Proteatanl popakition is under 500l The yeaidy inoome is 
£251 7s. 2d. from minister's meiiey, aad one'/mtrtkofanyneceS' 
mry expenditure, 

Francie^ son of Thomas BHgh Si Geor|re (who was sen of 
Sir Riehard St. George, bart, of Woodmll), by Hannah, dan. 
of Sir Hercules Langriabe, was born in Dublin, and when six- 
teoD years old entered T.O.D. on 22»l Oetober, 1827. He 
ie named, and has issue. 

ST. PETER, Abchdeaoons. 

1117. Jaanary 1. On fhie day died Patrick M'Gabtht, Archdeacon 
ol Cork. [Cod. Cfer. and MS. T.CD. P. 1, 18.} 

1180. RBQ>arALi> appears as Archdeacon. [Cod. Olar. and MS. T.C.D. 
F. 1. 18.1 He oonf rmed under his seal the donation of the 
chnrch oi Si Nessan^ made by the Bishop and Chapter to the 
Monks ol Si Thomas Abbey, jDab. [Eing^s CoDections. j 

1235. Ib this year GubBBwr, Arehdeacon of Cork, beeane Bishop of 
OorL He died 1238. [Ware.] 

12Mk RmutaIiBTO Orm appears as Archdeacon. [MS. T.CXD. F. 1. 


Im 1270^ Pnnee Edward granted to Reginald, Bishop of 
€ork and his soecessors, the right o# patronage and advewson 
of Nard and Eilmehannock and of the chapel of St. Peter's, at 
Cork. May 20^ date el grant which was resumed after the 
Pnnee eawe to the throne. [Rot. Pai 54. Hen. III.] 

121^1. '^Jftrdie& Areh<id. Cofcag. Cs.— Eecia do Di»nbol^ Tllmr. 
— Secia hi Petri Xllmv. [Tax. P. Ifie.] 

1323. (16th Edward II.) John appears as Archdeacon ef Cork. 
[Roi Com. Bane. Turre B^ma.J 

1337. J>^ is the initiat el the name of the Arehdeacon. [Placita 
Com. Banei. Bib.] 

1S46. WiauAii BvwosfB^ JItriideaeeft el Oerk, wae a rejal Oom- 



missioner for collectiDg a Bubsidy, granted Uiis year by the 
Parliament held at KUkenny. The Archbishop of Oashel 
(Kelly) excommnnicated him, and all others concerned in col- 
lecting this snbsidy. [Ware.] 

1365 to 1370. Nicholas de Baebt is Archdeacon. [MS. T.C.D. 
P. 1. 18.] 

1375 to 1385. Rob. Rooh is Archdeacon. [MS. T.C.D. P. 1. 18.] 

1407. October 15. Walteb Galle was appointed by the Crown 
Archdeacon. [Rot. Cane] 

1408. John Rebe, appointed Archdeacon by the Pope, is confirmed 
by the King on March 18. [Rot. Pat. 10. Hen. IV.] 

1430. tliOHAED SouBLAQ is Archdeacon. *^ On the death of Bishop 
Milo Pitzjohn, in 1430, the custody of the See of Cork was 
committed to Nicholas, Bishop of Ardfert» and Richard Scnrlag, 
Archdeacon of Cork." [Tuckey, p. 298.] Scorlag is Archdeacon 
in 1431. [MS. T.C.D. P. 1. 18.] 

1437. John Bbasyll, Archdeacon of Cork, appears in a mandate, 
signed 6th August, 1437, concerning the admission of a Clerk 
to Templensky. [Caulfield MSS.] 

1471. Peb. 6. On this day Diontsius Heblet, Archdeacon of Cork, 
is pardoned by the King for all offences committed against the 
Crown. [Rot. Pat. 1 1 Henry VIl.] He appears as Arch- 
deacon in 1495. [MS. T.C.D. P. 1. 18.] In 1496 DoncOus 
Hyerlachy^ LL.B., Archdeacon of Cork, witnesses a deed. [Sars- 
field MSS.] 

1500. '' Babbt Mobe was slain by his own kinsman [or brother], 
David Barbt, Archdeacon of Cork and Cloyne. David was 
slain by Thomas Barry and Muinter O'Cailaghan. The Earl 
of Desmond disinterred the body of David in twenty days, 
and afterwards bnmed it. [Annals of Ireland.] 

1544. Geobqe Rooue, Archdeacon, appears. [Rot. rat.] 

August 3. 36^ Hen. VIII. Pardon is granted by the King 
to George Roche, Archdeacon of Cork, Rector of the Pree 
Chapel there. [Morrin.] 

George Roche was third son of Morris Roche, who mortoaged 
Mitchelstown to Philip Barry. [Roche MSS. Brit Mus.J 

1555 to 1582. Patrick Rooue, Archdeacon, appears. [Dioc. Reg.l 
In 1554 he was Vicar-General of Cork and Ross. [Sarsfiela 

Before the appointment of Bishop Skiddy, in 1557, to the 
See of Cork, the clergy and inhabitants of Kinsale petition 
Queen Mary for the appointment of Patrick Roche, Archdeacon 
of Cork, to the Bishoprick of Cork. [MS. Cotton, Titus B. XI. 

1565. July 3. Dominns P^tricins Roche, Archdeacon of Cork, 
is a witness to a deed. [Browne MSS.] Patrick Roche ap- 
pears also in 1571 as Archdeacon of Cork and Cloyne. [D.R.] 
Archdeacon Patrick Roche was third son of ^mund, who 


was third son of Richard Roche, by his second wife, Ellys 
Yonge, of Kinsale. The last-named Richard Roche was eldest 
son of John, the eldest son of Morris Roche, who mortgaged 
Mitchelstown to Philip Barry. [Roche MSS. Brit. Mus.1 
1582. Philip Goitldb is Archdeacon of Cork. [Dioc. Reg.J He 
was Vicar-General of Cork and Cloyne. He appears again in 
1585. Sept. 9. Thomas Wethebhbab is appointed by letters patent 
Archdeacon of Cork and Cloyne. [Cotton.] Ue was Warden 
of Toughal from 1587 to 1591, and on 20th July, 1589, was 
appointed Bishop of Waterford and Lismore. He died in 1592. 
1591. Philip Gold appears as Archdeacon of Cork and Cloyne. 
[MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.] In this visitation the Archdeacon 
takes rank next to the Dean. The remark ^ del. sup* dispens,'* 
follows his name, in allusion to his holding other benefices. 
** E. Scl Petri spectat ad Archlnum.** In another part of same 
Visitation Book Gold is mentioned as Archdeacon, and Will- 
HITS Field as '' Rector ecdesite parochialis S. Petri, Cork, ci- 
tatus." [MSS. T.C.D. R 3. U.J In 1591, B. de Dunesky 
spectat ad Archinum. [lb.] E. de Dunbolloig spectat ad Ab. 
de Chore. Regina. [Ib.J 

1594. April 16. '* Richard Skydde, now Chapelaine of oar 
lady chapell in the church of St. Peter V' is mentioned in a 
deed made by the churchwardens of St. Peter's. [Roche MSS. 
Brit Ma&] 

1606. Feb. 6. Philipp Gould, esquier. Archdeacon of Cork, 
John Goule, Minister and Frish Priest of the church of St 
Peter's, in Corck, and others, made an indenture. [Roche MSS. 
Brit. MusJ 

1609. Philip Gould, Archdeacon, grants a tombe in St 
Peter's. [Roche MSS. Brit Mus.] 

Pbilip Gold or Gould was P. Kilbrittain from 1579 to 1591, 
and appears as Archdeacon of Cork from 1582 to 1585, and 
also from 1591 to 1612 ; and from 1583 to 1612 as Archdeacon 
of Cloyne. In 1587 he was also a Vicar Choral of Cork, and 
he held likewise the P. Glanworth, Cloyne, from 1591 to 1612. 

Archdeacon Philip Gold was married to Helena, sister to 
Patrick Sarsfield, as appears by a curious document now among 
the Roche MSS. in the Brit. Museum, wbich purports to be a 
certificate from John Copinger, Priest, s.t.b., formerly of Ac- 
quitain, who acts by virtue of a faculty from '' Reverendissimo 
patre Christophero Hollenodio, Soo. Jes. in Hib." Copinger 
grants a dispensation to Dr. Philip Goulde and Helena Sars- 
field, who after many years intermarriage find that they were 
consanguineous in third and fourth degree. This dispensation 
or certificate was granted by Copinger, " non plus in feiyorem 
Helensd qn» semper in Catholica filde perseverabit sed et in 


&Yorem Philippi qui licet boneficia ecclesiutica ab haieticia 
obtenta possioeat et teneat, tam pro viribus catkoiicam ildem 
fovebat et catholicis abique fovebat et fjeivit^ qui juxta saeram 
seripturam boni et honeeti viri omen et nomen obtinet^ qui 
potuit &cere malum et son fecit^** &c. 

Archdeacon Gold was also custodian of the church f^ate of 
St. Finbanys, as Vicar Choral ; and on 8th September, 1587, 
signs an acknowledgment of having received ^ of mj brethorae^ 
thother three Yicars of the said St. Barry's, one old s^iser of 
silver, not gilt, two challices, with their pattenes, duble gilt, 
and one pix, duble gilt, all belonging to the said church, and 
oomjttea to my kepioge to thuse of the same, and taken for 
that p'pose oute of the hands of Sir Roger Skiddy, Preste, now 
Warden of Youghal, who had the kepinge of the same afore 
me the said Philip." On the 9th January. 1612, Mrs. Ellen 
Oold, the Archdeacon's widow, gives up the aiM>ve plate to some 
person whose name is illegible, who idso signs a paper stating 
that he has received them to the use of the cathedral church. 
[Roche MSS. Brit. Mus.] 

Mrs. Ellen Gold, the widow, also gives up in due form to 
John Travers, the Rep^istrar, 'Hhe booke of laste wills and tes- 
taments, containing m it thirty-four leaves and seaven lines, 
wrytten" on the 9th January, 1612, in presence of her brother 
Patrick Sarsfield, and others. [Cork Reg.] 

1618. January 7. Miohabl Botlb, p.d., is admitted Archdeacon of 
Cork and Cloyne. [Cotton.] 

1615. Archidiaconus Ecclesiso (non-residens) Michael Boyle 
antea Decanus Lismorensis, TheoL Doc, minister et predioator, 
valoris 16 li. Tenet etiam locum vicarii choralis ad vaL duo- 
decem Itbrarum et prebendam in dioc. Clonensi val. 40 li., 
vocatam Glanor. [RV. R.LA.] Sti Petri pxebendaest Archi- 
diaconi. Curatus Johannes Gold, minister legens. [lb.] 
Donisky spectat ad Archid. JNulla Ecclesia^ nulla cancella, 
nullum servitium. [lb.] Prebenda de DonboUuge vacat et 
usurpatur per heredem Johis Fitzgerald. Vicaria vacat et 
usorpatur. Ecclesia et cancella bene teguntur stramine, sed 
nuUus curatus. [lb.] 

1615/6. January 17. Manassbs Mabshall, Archdeacon of Cork 
[F.F.] and of Ross. In 1615 he appears as P. Killaspug- 
niuUane and P. Eilmacdonogh, Cloyne. 

1625. March 7. Edward Finch is appointed Archdeacon of Cork 
and Cloyne. [Lib. Mun.] 

1627. A small silver cup, originally gilt, is inscribed with 
this legend, " This cup was made for the Church of St Peter, 
in Cork, in the year 1627. Richard Cooke^ and William Potter, 

1634. MiOHAEL BoYLB, D.D., appears as Archdeacon. [R-V. 1634.1 
Rectoria Scti Petri spectat ad ArchidiaoOn, [RV. 1634.J 


B. de Daanlcj similiter. [IK] E. do DunbuUog Rex est 
Rector. JohSs Fitzgerald miles tenet yieariani. Bnllus 
Ouratos. [lb.] 

Michael Bojle^ DwD., of Oxford (soo of Miohael Bojie, of 
London, nerebant, and cousin of the great "Rasl of Ck>mK) was 
ednoaied at Merchant Tailors' school, and became a Fellow of 
St. John's College, Oxford. 

He appears to have held from 1613 to 1635 the two Aroh- 
deaeonnes of Cork and Goyne, and from 1613 to 1637 the P. 
Glaaworth. He was Dean of Lismore from 1614 to 1631, and 
Bishop of Waterford and Lismore from 1619 to 1635 ; beheld 
also from 1623 to 1635 the Treasorership of Wateift>rd, and 
from 1615 to 1635 was a Vie. Chor., Cork. 

He married Dorothy, dan. of George Fish, of Sootk^hill, 
Bedfordshire, and relict of Dr. Oondail, Bishop of Linooln. He 
married, Sndly, Christian, dau. of Thomas Bellott^ of Chester, 
and left uo issue by either of his wires. 

He died at Waterford, on 29th December, 1685, and was 
baried at that cathedral. [U.O.] 
1636/7. April 23. William Stbskb, Bishop of Ardfert, was admitted 
to the Archdeaconry of Cork and Cloyne. [F.F.] 

William Steere, i>.d., was, from 1612 to 1615, Treasnrer of 
Ardfert, and from 1618 to 1627 Dean of Ardfert. From 1628 
to 1637 he was Bishop of Ardfert, and from 1636 to 1637 
Archdeacon of Cork and Cloyna 

''The Right Reverend Father in Qod, William Stean, kte 
Lord Bishop of Ardfert and Aghadoe, in the county of Kerry, 
was second sonne of William Stears, Pkirson, of Bamesby, by 
London, in Kent, in the Kingdom of England. He tooke to wi& 
EUinor, daughter of Randall Mayn warring, sonne of John Mayn- 
warring, second sonne of Sir Randall Mayn warring, of Peever, 
in Cheshire^ in the said Kingdome of England, Knight^ and relict 
of William Gnnn, of Limerick, Parson, by whome the said 
Lord Bishop had no issue. The said Lord &shop departed this 
mortal life at Ardfert, the 21st of Jannary, 1637, and was 
interred in the Cathedral Chnroh of Ardfert aforesaid. The 
truth of the premises is testified by the subscription of the said 
Ellinor, relict and executrix of the said Lord Bishop, whoe hath 
returned this certificat into my office, to be there recorded. 
Taken by me, Thomas Preston, esquire, Uluester King of Arms, 
the 23rd of May, 1638." [Funeral Entries, Ulster Office, 
vol. 7, p. 284.] 
1639. The Archdeaconry is yacant**— ^' Ecclesia Sti Petri spectat 
ad Archidiac. vacat — ruinata—desunt omamenta — ^Curatus, 
Robertus Baly, compt." [Y.B. 1639. D.R.] E. de Dnnesky 
spectat ad Archinum. [lb.1 Ecclesia de Donbollig Doms. 
Johfo Fitsgerald. Cnratns, Thomas Swift. Beolesia ruinata 
desnni omnia. [lb.] 

ftl2 fl¥. PEtEll, AtlCHt>£ACoKS. [OOfiK. 

164L August 17. Mabtih Tivlt is presented to the aichdeaeonry 
of Cork. [Lib. Mun.] 

In 1640 the name of tbe Arobdeacon of Stafford, diocese of 
Lichfield, was Martin Tinlej. [Le Neve's Fasti.] 

Martin Tynly was, in 1638, Treasurer of Dromore ; in 1640 
Archdeacon of Stafford, dioc. Lichfield, and in 1641 Arch- 
deacon of Cork. Li 1642 he was Vicar of Paulswalden, 

He married, Frances, daughter of Bazill Smith, who was 
Qlerk of the parish of St Andrew, Holborn, in London. He 
had issue by her, Martin, born in 1638, died same year; 
Frances, bom at Lisneygarvey, county Antrim, where her 
£Either was Parson ; Elizabeth, also born at Lisneygaryy, in 1641, 
and buried at Marresbie Church, in Cumberland, near White- 
hayen, on 4th January, 1641 ; and Anne, bom 9th December, 
1642, at Paulswalden, Herts, where her father was Vicar. To 
Archdeacon Tinly, in 1645, on 21st March, was bora another 
son, Martin, "bom at Bazill Smith's house, in St. Andrew's 
Court, against the church." 

The Archdeacon's death and burial is thus recorded: — 
^ Martin Tynly, Clarke, sometime Archdeacon of Stafford, and 
late Archdeacon of Corke, died in Bazill Smith's house, his 
father-in-law, Clk of this parish, 31st Jan., buried 2nd Feb., 
1646." [Extracts from the parish Register of St. Andrew, 
Holborn, furnished by Archdeacon Cotton.] 
1662. July 5. Bbrnabd Packington, d.d., Archdeiu;on of Cork 
[P.F.J per mortem Martini Tinley. [D.R.] 

K Sti Petri Corke pticula et membrum Archidiaconatns 
Corkag. [V.B. 1669.] Rectoria de DunbuUog similiter. [lb.] 
B. de Dunusque similiter. [lb.] 

1666. Sept 28. A grant is made under the Act of Settle- 
ment to Packington and his successors, ministers of St. Peter's, 
of ** a back house, and another back house and garden to the 
wall in Dominick Terry's lane, in Cork, at 19<. 6d. rent. 
[Records of Ireland.] 

Bernard Packington, a.m., resigned on 9th Nov., 1660, his 
yicarage of Cheswicke, in county of Middlesex, and diocese of 
London. [MS. Consistorial Office, Dublin.] In 1661 he was 
a D.D. and rt. Brahenny, in Cloyne ; in 1662 Archdeacon of 
Cork ; in 1663 V. Aglish, Eilbonane, and Moyiddy; in 1664 
V. Whitechurch, Cloyne, and in 1667 V. KilcuUy. He held 
all these livings (except Bruhenny) until his death in 1674. 

He married Rebecca Exham, and by her left issue two sons, 
William (Lieut, in the Army), and Bernard, besides a daughter, 
who married Lieut. Tbeophilus Carey, and bore to him Richard, 
Susannah, and Elisabeth Carey. 

Dr. Packington, in his will, '^professes to dye a true sonne 
of the Church of England, according to the primitiye constita- 

eOBK.j ST. PETEB, ARCfiDfiACOliS. 31$. 

tion, snitable to the precepts of Christ and his holy Apostles.** 
He wishes to be bnried in St Peter's Church, '' within the 
rayle, in a tombe there, on the south side of the coinmuuion 
table." He gives £5 towards the enlarging of the quire and 
ohappell of St. Finbarries, and £5 towards hanging up the bells 
in the steeple now begun at St. fSnbarries. He gives also ten 
shillings worth of br^d to the prisoners in the north-cast of 
Cork, and ten shillings to those in the south-east of Cork. 

The Archdeacon died in May, 1674, and was buried at St. 
Peter's. His relict, Rebecca, makes her will, and dies in 1683. 
She mentions her nephews, John Exham, in Leighlinbridge, in 
the county of Catherlogh, gentleman, and Nathaniel Exham, his 
brother; also other nephews, John, of Charleville, and Joseph, 
of Cork, sons to her brother Henry, deceased. She was buried 
near her husband, in St. Peter's. 

The arms of Packington are, " part per chevron, in base three 
garbs, in chief three mullets (spur rowels), the crest a garb." 
I)r. Packington was probably a near relative of Sib John 
Packikoton, Baronet, who fought at the battle of Worcester, 
on the side of King Cbablbs XL 
1674. May 27. Riohabd Syngb is admitted Archdeacon of Cork, 
and Vicar of Moviddy, Kilbonane, Aglish, Kilcullie, and Y. 
Whitechurch, in Cloyne diocese. [F.F.] 

Richard Synge, son of George, Bishop of Cloyne, was born 
in Dublin, in 1646, and was educated at Cloyne, by Mr. Goffe. 
He entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 9th June, 1662, being then 
sixteen y^rs old. He was nephew to Edward Synge, who 
was Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross 1663 to 1679. 

From 1669 to 1674 he was P. Kilbrogan, Cork, and R. Y. 
Aghinagh, Eilcoleman, and Agabulloge, in Cloyne. From 
1671 to 1674 he was also Chancellor of Ross. From 1674 to 
his death in 1688 he was Archdeacon of Cork, and Vicar of 
the five parishes mentioned above in his titles to the arch- 

He was, on 4th March, 1680, appointed to the commission 
of the peace for Cork county. 

He married Elisabeth, whom I suppose to have been Miss 
Elisabeth Clarke (relict of William O'Connor, esq.), who is 
mentioned in Burke's L. G., edition of 1840, vol. ii., p. 1346, 
as having been married in 1671 to Rev. Richard Synge— there 
said, erroneously (I think) to be a son of Bishop Edward Synge. 
Richard Synge, however, in his will (dated 1686) calls his wife 
Eliaabeth, the dear companion of his yoiUft, and leaves to her for 
her life his house and lands near Bridgnorth, county Salop, and 
his house, in Bandon, then leased to his brother George, P. 
Kilbrogan, q. v. After his wife's death he leaves the said pro- 
perty to his son Richard, to whom he leaves £30 per an. for 
his maintenance at College. 


He mentimM aho his aon-in-laWy Rer. William BetiBj, Y. 
Wliiiecfaareh^ Oloyney q.r., and his daaghter Leiitia, to whom hm 
leares^GOO, and who was afterwards wue to Dr. Nicholas Brady^ 
P. Kilnaglory , q. ▼. Archdeaoon Synge's son, Richard, is, I think, 
the same person who, on 23rd Sept, 1694, was ordained Deacon 
at Cork, althoni^h a literate, and who was, on 20th Maxch, 
1696, ordained Priest at Cork. 
1688. October 31. Riohabd Lapf, a.v., Arehdeaeon. (T.F.] The 
corps of the Archdeaconry in 1686 was ''E. Eilmonoge, Dunisky, 
Naoffoild, et Vic. Donbmlog sea deoimas quatnor caimcai de 
Garrinayarr in parochia de Dunbnllog ex antique nnitaa nna 
cum Rect. de Dunbullog per Itras patentes Dni Regis eidem 
yicarisB sen decimis de Oarranayarr." N.B. This yicarage of 
Dunbullog was not in Y.B., but was inserted in the title, by 
order of the Bishop, who found it elsewhere. [D.R.] 

Lapp appears as Archdeacon from 1688 to 1690. [V.B. 

Richard Lapp, son of Thomas Lapp, *' Mercatoris,** was bom 
at Bandon, and entered T.C.D. as a Pensioner, on 1 Sth May, 
1674, being then sixteen years old. [T.G.R.] 

He was, from 1682 to 1686, V. Kinsale; from 1685 to 1690 
P. Templebryan, and Y. Templequinlan, in Ross, and R. Y. 
Rathclarin. . He was, from 1687 to 1688, Treasurer of Oork ; 
and from 1688 to 1690 Archdeacon of Oork. 
169 1 to 1696. The Archdeaconiy was held in eommendam by Bishop 
£dwabd Wetbnhall. [Y.B. D.R.] ^ 

Before 1691 there is no mention of churchwardens or parish 
clerk for St. Peter's. In 1694 two churchwardens appear ; and 
in 1695 Mr. Daniel Smith is Ourate, succeeded by Oomelius 
Hignet, in 1696, who ''non extraxit litteras curatice," rY.B. 
D.R. 1691-1696.] 
1697. April 23. John Wetbnhall is admitted Archdeacon, per 
eessionem et desertionem R^ndi in Ohristo Patris Edwardi £pi 
Oorkag. &c. ultimi incumbentis yacant. pD.R.] On 14th 
August he received also the Yicarages of Moyiddy, Eilbonane, 
and Aglish. 

1699. Dunbullog spectat ad Archid. No churchwardens 
nor parish clerk. TY.B. D.R] In 1704 Jac Kean estclericus 
parochialis de Dunbullog. [ V.B.] Dunbullog, in 1699, has 
no churchwarden, no parish clerk, and but one Protestant, who 
goes to Moviddy. [V.B. D.R.] 

^Oct. 1700. I saw Dunbullog church, which was built with 
stone and lime. The walls are standing for the most part ; the 
church is about 60 foot long ; a partition wall runs through the 
middle of it, without any arch. There is a church-yard, about 
an acre, with a ditch about it. About 3 English acres of glebe, 
on the east side of the church, belongs to the Archdeacon. The 
ditch which bounds the glebe on tiie notA Mb ie broken 



. J 

» , 


^ down. ^Hm greatest part of this parish lies myrth of the 
efaareii. Aboat Ato plowlands are In this parish ; the tythes 
are wofth about £23 per an. To the east of I>unbuilog church 
Is the ehorch of St Michael, at al>oot half a mile's distance. 
About a mile to the east of St. Michaers church is the church 
of Templeuskj. Sir St. John Brodriok and Mr. Piggot have 
the greatest part of this parish. Redmond Barry (Papist), 
Thomas May, and — ^ Smith, Protestants, lire in this parish, 
in which there are no more Protestants. The people of this 
parish go to Corke to church. Peter Murrogh is Popish Priest 
of this parish, and EilcuUy, &c. He was tried at the assizes 
at Corke, about 1698, as being Yicar-General of the diooess of 
Oorke. He pleaded that the Popish Bishop had some time 
ago displac'd him, and so he was acquitted. All the tythes of 
this parish belong to the Archdeaconry of Corke.** [iDownes* 

*' 1702. In St. Petei^s parish there is an alms-house (in St. 
Petei^s-lane, near the steeple), which was rebuilt not long 
since, when Mr. Browne, the town clerke, was churchwarden of 
If St. Peter^s, at the ezpence of 40 or 50 pounds, which he laid 

* out for the parish, and afterwards forgave it, with the interest. 

There are 4 rooms in it, sufficient for 8 people. There are now 
in it but 6, viz., 2 men and 4 women, who receive I2d. per week 
from the ohurohwardens of St. Peter's. Besides the weekly 
oi^leetions in the church, there is £4 per annum paid out of 2 
new house% not far from the church, being the gift of Captain 
Bretridge, and also the interest of £40, at the rate of 8 per 
cent., charged by Mr. Browne, town clerk, on some houses on the 
ilast Marsh (he having received the said £40 from the parish), 
for the relief of the poor of the parish of St. Peter's. Captain 
Bretridge gave also 20<. yearly for a sermon on St. Simon's and 
St. Jude's Day in St. Peter's church, out of the above said 
houses. The £40 above mentioned was given by Alderman 
Newenham to the parish for the poor. The Minister of St. 
Peter's has a house in a lane, on the east side of the street, in 
Christchurch parish, but not far from St. Peter's church. This 
house was assigned to the Minister according to the Act of 
Settlement. 'Tis divided into 2 tenements, one of which is 
held by Dr. Barry at nine pounds per annum rent. The south 
side of the house hangs over. The timber in the upper part, I 
fear, is decaying. A weaver lives in the other tenement ; 'tis 
less than Dr. Barry's. The weaver paies £12 per annum. The 
Archdeacon is obliged by his lease to repair the houses for the 

'* In St. Peter's parish, in a lane, near the wall, is a meeting- 
house of the Presbyterians. It is a large room ; the seats and 
. galleries will hold aboot 400 people. In the sama pariah, in 
another lane, near the water, is the Qoaker'a matting^lioase^ a 

did St. ^ET^ft, IftCfiBEACOltd. [COAK. 

neat room; the benches and galleries will hold about 200 
people. Adjoining to it is a large room, where a Quaker 
teaches school at present In the meeting-house is a long 
seat, next the wall, raised a step or two above the floor, where 
the speakers preach.*' 

" The house of the Minister of Christchurch is in Watergate- 
lane, in St. Peter's parish, over against Christchurch. It was 
exchanged for another house in Christchurch parish, assign'd 
to him according to the Act of Settlement. There is a little 
garden plot behind the house. The walls and main timber are 
pretty souud and good, but the window frames, and some of 
the timber in the back front, are decajing. This house is set 
by Mr. Synge to one person for £12 per annum. The tenant 
sets it for about £16 per annum. Mr. Synge keeps it in re- 
pair. There are at present 7 families in the house. The ol